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An advertising special section of The Florida Times-Union

An advertising special section of The Florida Times-Union

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T2

2019 Guide to

Private Schools

The 2019 Guide to Private Schools aims to shine

a spotlight on some of the private and independent

schools available on the First Coast. These institutions

provide a variety of options for parents wanting

an educational environment in which their child can

truly thrive.

According to the Florida Department of Education's

Annual Report for 2017-2018, of the 3,203,281 statewide

total PK-12 student enrollment in the 2017-18

school year, 370,166 (11.6%) were private school

students, and 2,833,115 (88.4%) were public school


• Compared with the 2016-17 school year, the total

number of private schools in 2017-18 dropped

by 13 schools but the total PK-12 enrollment

increased by 1,845 students.

• Of the 370,166 students enrolled in Florida private

schools in 2017-18, 12.3% were enrolled in

prekindergarten, 7.7% in kindergarten, 34.9%

in grades 1-5, 20.7% in grades 6-8, and 24.5% in

grades 9-12.

• Twenty-three (23) school districts had 10% or

more of their total PK-12 students enrolled in

private schools in 2017-18.

• Eighty-one percent (81%) of personnel employed

in private schools were classroom teachers and

19% were school administrators.

Table of contents

Bishop Kenny High School..........................................................................................................13

The Bolles School.......................................................................................................................... 5

Christ's Church Academy............................................................................................18

Diocese of St. Augustine.......................................................................................21

Episcopal School of Jacksonville.............................................................................9

Greenwood School.....................................................................................................22

Old Plank Christian Academy.................................................................................................15

Providence School..........................................................................................................7

Riverside Presbyterian Day School..................................................................................................11

San Jose Episcopal Day School.............................................................................19

St. Johns Country Day School.................................................................................................14

St. Joseph Academy........................................................................................................17

St. Mark’s Episcopal School............................................................................................12

Trinity Christian Academy....................................................................................................10

A comprehensive directory of private and independent

schools throughout the state, searchable by

district, can be found on the Florida School Choice

website at




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The 2019 Guide to Private Schools was produced

by The Florida Times-Union's Specialty Publications

department and contributors, with assistance from

the featured schools.

Content coordinator: Anne Hammock

Writer: Jean Sealey

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T3 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T4


The foundation for a successful life

Courage. Integrity.


These are the foundational

qualities of the

Bolles experience. These

themes help cultivate

empathetic students with

an "All Things Possible"

approach to life, a passion

for service and an awareness

of global community.

“Throughout my experience

in independent

school education, I have

learned that most schools

have great strengths in a

singular sphere: They may

be strong in sports but not

in academics, for example;

they can be leaders in an

arts education, but weak

in their athletic pursuits;

or they may emphasize

academics but offer scant

opportunity for servant

leadership. This is not

the case at Bolles,” said

Bolles President and

Head of School Tyler

Hodges. “Our academic,

arts, athletics and service

offerings are equally as

robust. This is a tremendous

blessing — and

profound responsibility

for an anchor institution

in Northeast Florida.”

The Bolles School is

home to approximately

1,600 day and boarding

students in grades Pre-K

through 12. Founded

in 1933, Bolles features

four diverse and coeducational

campuses: the

Lower School Whitehurst

and Ponte Vedra Beach

Campuses, the Middle

School Bartram Campus

and the Upper School San

Jose Campus.

The Resident Life

program can accommodate

more than 90 male

and female students from

around the world. This

year, students are from six

The fine and performing arts are essential to the Bolles experience, with opportunities available for students to hone strengths

in multiple mediums. Shown is a drawing class on the San Jose Campus. [PHOTOS BY MARK KRANCER/THE BOLLES SCHOOL]

Students on both Bolles lower school campuses, including

these future engineers from the Lower School Ponte Vedra

Beach Campus, utilize classroom robotics resources as

part of their science lessons and can compete on school

robotics teams, as well.

U.S. states and 26 different

nations. These students

help create a unique

international educational

environment for themselves

and their peers

— both boarding and day


Bolles offers a comprehensive

fine and

performing arts program

with courses in drama,

dance, visual arts, chorus,

music and band. Among

middle and upper school

students, 80 percent

It’s all smiles on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus,

where students make new discoveries in art, music,

academics, service and athletics on a campus all their own.

Teacher John Ezzell (left) helped these eighth-grade students

design their own catapults during a recent science lesson.

enrolled in fine and performing

arts classes this

year, while 100 percent

of lower school students

are involved in art, music

and theater instruction.

Bolles hosts more than 40

on-campus and gallery

receptions each academic


Academically, Bolles

offers courses in five

languages (including

Chinese and Japanese) and

22 Advanced Placement

Courses. A global context

Bolles Office of Admission

(904) 256-5030



is paramount to the Bolles

experience. In addition

to on-campus activities

and language study, Bolles

offers exchange programs

with schools in Spain,

Japan, China and France,

and academic and service

travel opportunities to

Italy, Guatemala and the

Florida Keys. The School’s

athletic successes are

known worldwide with

61 sports teams at the

middle, JV and varsity

levels. Most students, 90

percent, participate in one

or more sports at Bolles. A

total of 59 Bolles students

or former students

have participated in the

Olympics over the years,

and 13 Olympic athletes

from Bolles have won 20


Students from the Class

of 2018 qualified for more

than $5.1 million in meritbased

scholarships and

the 190 graduates were

accepted to 207 different

colleges. Bolles students

understand that pursuing

excellence through

courage, integrity and

compassion is not only

the school motto, but the

foundation for a successful


T5 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T6


Challenging academics, strong Christian community

Located just a few

short miles from

Jacksonville's beautiful

beaches, Providence

School is a Christian, private

college preparatory

school serving more than

1,400 students in grades

PreK-12. Since opening

in 1997, Providence has

developed into one of the

premier private schools

in Florida. Continued

growth in academics,

athletics and fine arts

have elevated Providence

students to the highest

level of achievement.

While tuition remains

lower than other college

preparatory schools

in the area, Providence

continues to provide an

excellent education at an

affordable price.

It is one of the few

schools in the area where

you can find a seamless

preschool through

12th-grade education

that incorporates rigorous

college preparatory

academics, an awardwinning

fine arts program

and a competitive FHSAA

athletic program in a

Christian environment.

More than 29 honors

classes, 17 Advanced

Placement courses, two

dual enrollment courses

and two foreign languages

are offered at Providence.

Beginning in preschool,

technology is used as

an innovative teaching

tool, designed to enhance

the classroom experience

and equip students

for success in today’s

technology-driven world.

Access to technology

and STEM gives our

students greater opportunities

to learn, engage,

communicate and

develop skills that will

prepare them for work,

life and citizenship.

Providence School offers a seamless preschool through 12th-grade education that

incorporates rigorous college preparatory academics, an award-winning fine arts program

and a competitive FHSAA athletic program in a Christian environment. [PHOTOS COURTESY


Technology is used as an innovative teaching tool, designed to enhance the classroom

experience and equip students for success.

From preschool to

advanced physics, our

faculty integrate Biblical

truth into the lives and

education of our students.

Every student

participates in weekly

chapel and daily Bible

classes as part of their

schedule. Spiritual

growth is emphasized

on campus through

our student-led chapel


With 10 state championships

and more than

32 FHSAA appearances,

Providence School’s

tradition of athletic leadership

is going strong.

Providence has 42 boys'

and girls’ athletic teams,

with one of the strongest

athletic programs in

North Florida, designed

to enhance the overall

educational experience.

Every year, Providence

seniors commit to play at

the college level and some

have excelled to professional


Fine arts courses offer

students the opportunity

to explore and nurture

their God-given talents,

and to share these

gifts in significant ways.

Every year Providence

hosts several performance

events including

choral concerts, band

performances, dance

recitals and theatrical


Providence students

have performed at some

of the most prestigious

theaters in America

including the Biltmore

Estate, Disney World

and Carnegie Hall.

Artwork from students

who have competed

in various contests is

displayed throughout the

city and on permanent

display at the Capitol in

Washington, DC.

Our distinguished

alumni are doctors,

lawyers, politicians, artists,

scientists, actors,

professional athletes and


They have attended

schools like Princeton,

Georgetown, Duke,

Temple, West Point and

the U.S. Naval Academy.

They share a common

spirit which exemplifies

academic excellence,

unique talents and gifts

and a passion to fulfill

God’s plan for their lives.

Providence School

2701 Hodges Blvd.,


(904) 223-5370

Fast facts

1,424 students

65-acre campus near the


Fully accredited

15:1 student-teacher ratio

Daily Bible classes, weekly


87% of students scored

higher than national


850 families representing

more than 140 churches

Class of 2018 facts

$19.8 million offered in college


100% college acceptance

85% earned merit-based


102 graduates attending 40

colleges, universities and

service academies

“From the first day I

entered the halls of

Providence, I could

sense an intangible

feeling of love and


Haley Muldrow - University

of North Florida, Class of


T7 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T8


Preparing students for next step in life

Located on the banks

of the St. Johns

River, Episcopal

School of Jacksonville is a

renowned co-educational

institution serving grades

6-12. The school historically

sends 100 percent

of its graduates to top

colleges and universities

across the country.

An Episcopal education

rests on Four Pillars

— Academics, Athletics,

Fine Arts and Spiritual

Life — which collectively

build a solid foundation

for students’ lives beyond


Episcopal embraces

a learner-centered

approach to education

in which students are

actively engaged in the

learning process.

A hallmark of the

school’s learner-centered

environment is

the Harkness Method,

a method of teaching in

which students are seated

around a large table,

empowering them to direct

the discussion, rather than

the traditional classroom

where the teacher lectures

and students take notes.

The Harkness Method

requires all students to

share the responsibility for

the discussion and requires

them to be prepared to


Episcopal teachers, all

of whom are experts in

their field of study, utilize

the Harkness Method and

other learner-centered

pedagogy to foster students’

ability to think

critically, work collaboratively

and cultivate

ownership of their ideas

within the group.

To further prepare

students for their next step

in life, Episcopal college

A hallmark of academics at Episcopal School of Jacksonville is the Harkness Method, a method of teaching in which

students are seated around a large table, empowering them to direct the discussion. [PHOTOS BY LAURA EVANS/EPISCOPAL


counselors work one-onone

with students from

ninth grade until graduation.

Counselors maintain

personal contacts with

admissions offices across

the country, host seminars

for parents and work

diligently to find students’

best college fit.

Episcopal’s athletics

program recently benefited

from $17 million in capital

improvements, which

included a new 1,000-seat

football stadium, a new

aquatic center, 10 USTA

tennis courts and a baseball

training facility. This

capital campaign also completed

the development of

the 28-acre Knight Sports

Campus, which features

sports fields, a lacrosse

wall, cross country trail and

field house.

The school’s new and

renovated athletic facilities

now match the excellence

of its athletic programs

and the caliber of its

coaches, most of whom

played at the collegiate

The centerpiece of

Episcopal School of

Jacksonville’s fine

arts program is the

Munnerlyn Center for

Worship and Fine Arts,

where students not

only get to perform,

but may also learn the


technical aspects of

creating a show.

and/or professional level.

Episcopal fields more than

60 teams and has a no-cut

middle school sports

policy, allowing every

student the opportunity to

benefit from the learning

opportunities provided by

team sports.

The centerpiece of

Episcopal School of

Jacksonville’s third pillar,

its fine arts program, is

the Munnerlyn Center for

Worship and Fine Arts.

Student-made paintings,

sculptures and

Episcopal School of


4455 Atlantic Blvd.,


(904) 396-5751

projects are displayed in

the entrance gallery. The

Munnerlyn Center has

a 700-seat auditorium

facing a state-of-the-art

stage complete with a fly

system and orchestra pit.

Students not only get to

perform, but may also

learn the behind-thescenes

technical aspects

of creating a show.

The visual arts complex

holds digital photography

labs, painting and drawing

studios, as well as a

ceramics lab.

The Fine Arts faculty

at Episcopal is comprised

of professional artists

who are passionate about

fostering an appreciation

for the arts, further developing

artistic skills and

uncovering hidden artistic

talents in our students.

Episcopal’s fourth

Pillar, Spiritual Life,

encourages students to

deepen their commitment

to their community and

their faith through weekly

chapel services and a

broad array of opportunities

to serve others.

Episcopal welcomes

students, faculty and

staff from all or no faith

traditions, with the belief

that engaging with one’s

faith and understanding

the perspective of others

enriches all other aspects

of learning.

T9 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T10


Guiding students academically,

spiritually and socially

Trinity Christian

Academy is a fully

accredited private

school serving students

from K3 through 12th

grade. For more than 50

years, Trinity Christian

Academy has provided

Jacksonville families with

a caring and safe environment

for their children

to achieve a high-quality

education that builds their

character and prepares

them for life.

Through academic

excellence, caring teachers

and enriching programs,

Trinity Christian Academy

offers an innovative

learning community

that advances students

in body, mind and spirit.

Our diverse student body,

college prep classes and

award-winning fine arts

and athletics programs

help students discover

their passions while gaining

the academic and

biblical foundation they

need to succeed in school

and life.

The lower division

consists of K3 through

6th grade, with highly

qualified, certified teachers

providing a strong

foundation for education,

spirituality and life

skills development. The

program is enhanced

by S.T.E.A.M., chapel,

music, physical education,

Spanish, technology,

athletics and the library.

The upper division

encompasses 7th through

12th grade. Teachers

are well equipped in

instructing their students

academically, spiritually

and socially, with the

primary academic purpose

of preparing students for


Trinity has the largest

dual enrollment program

in Northeast Florida. This

program was created

with the goal of allowing

students to make great

strides toward earning an

AA degree while in high


Trinity's class of graduating

seniors is awarded

nearly $2 million annually

in scholarships to

universities and colleges

Trinity Christian


800 Hammond Blvd.,


(904) 596-2337

throughout America.

A thorough guidance

counseling program helps

students stay on track and

learn about scholarship


Trinity boasts a long list

of successful graduates,

which include state politicians,

community leaders,

musicians, military

personnel, professional

athletes, physicians,

lawyers, educators and

doctoral researchers.

Better, safer, happier,

brighter. That’s Trinity.

For admissions questions

or to schedule a

tour, visit

or contact Erika Davis,

Admissions Director, at

(904) 596-2337.

Trinity Christian Academy features a diverse student body, college prep classes and awardwinning

fine arts and athletics programs to help students discover their passions while

gaining the academic and biblical foundation. [PHOTO COURTESY TRINITY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY]


Nurturing mind, body and spirit

For 70 years,


Presbyterian Day

School has had a passion

for foundational childhood

education that uniquely

lays the building blocks for

a lifetime of learning. Our

mission is to educate the

mind, nurture the spirit

and foster the development

of the whole child.

Our dynamic educational

program reflects this commitment

and is designed

to build knowledgeable,

well-rounded and critical

thinking individuals who

respect the differences of

others in preparation for

life in a global community.

We provide a childcentered


environment for PreK-3

through sixth-grade students

that is dedicated to

imagination and wonder.

Our talented faculty shares

a challenging academic

program, designed to

unwrap the joy of learning

through discovery and

reflection. Our students

learn to value and respect

the unique qualities inherent

within themselves.

Our teaching and

learning community

understands that a quality

education cannot come

exclusively from the

transition of facts from

teachers to students, but

must be comprised of an

integrated and interactive

approach, where

instruction focuses on the

attainment of knowledge

through discovery and

reflection. To achieve this,

we employ various methods

of instruction in order

to cultivate the intellect

while developing ideas and

skills required for lifelong

learning and citizenship.

Our students thrive

when they are presented

with meaningful, engaging

lessons that challenge

them to question, explore,

analyze and present

their newly acquired


At RPDS, we believe

children's educational

experiences should be

memorable, rewarding


Presbyterian Day


830 Oak St., Jacksonville

(904) 353-3459

and point them in the

direction of their dreams.

We invite you to visit our

campus and discover the

advantage of a Riverside

education. See firsthand

how your child can grow

in knowledge, faith and

experience as he or she

joyfully engages with other

students and faculty.

We will host a Lunch

& Learn event on

Wednesday, Feb. 6, at

11:30 a.m. Enjoy lunch and

a panel discussion with

our early learning team to

explore our developmental

approach to education. To

RSVP or learn more, visit

T11 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Riverside Presbyterian Day School provides a child-centered learning environment for

PreK-3 through sixth-grade students that is dedicated to imagination and wonder. [PHOTO


Sunday, January 27, 2019 T12


Inspiring learners, creating leaders

St. Mark’s Episcopal

Day School’s purposeful

approach to

learning provides children

of all faiths, age 1

through sixth grade, the

opportunity to discover

their unique gifts while

acquiring a deep academic



As an elementary

school, we focus on

preparing our students

for the future while also

savoring the wonder,

magic and innocence of


We maintain an ideal

balance of challenge,

nurture, structure and

choice: one that fosters

belonging, acceptance

The faculty at St. Marks creates stimulating classrooms where

students can explore, ask questions, take intellectual risks and



and community; emphasizes

achievement and

progress through hard

work and effort; and

stimulates, inspires and

engages young minds and


Top early learning


Our unique playbased

program provides

a safe environment for

1- and 2-year-olds to

develop and attempt new

things. Accredited by the

National Association for

the Education of Young

Children, it provides the

highest quality education

available for young learners.

Hands-on approach

Children learn best

through fascinating

experiences. Our talented

faculty create stimulating,

supportive classrooms

where students can

explore, ask questions,

take intellectual risks and

work collaboratively.

Students are exposed to a

wide variety of subjects,

including engineering and

design, music, art, world

languages, daily physical

education and service


Enriching activities

A robust after-school

program offers a wide

range of activities for all

ages and interests. We

field four competitive team

sports in third through

sixth grades, including

basketball, volleyball, flag

football and soccer. Other

after-school activities

include dance, tumbling,

chess, karate, cooking,

Spanish and much more

Learn and lead

As students mature, they

develop the trademark

qualities that St. Mark’s

students are known for:

confidence, passion, strong

character and resilience.

Graduates transition fully

prepared to succeed in

St. Mark's Episcopal

Day School

4114 Oxford Ave.,


(904) 388-2632

middle school, high school

and beyond.

Beautiful learning


St. Mark’s is blessed

with a beautiful campus.

Whether it is a science

class learning about root

systems in our gardens,

or a one-on-one reading

session under the shade of

a canopy oak, our students

spend time throughout the

day outside. Nothing compares

to meeting our faculty

and watching our students

learn and play. Call today to

schedule your personal tour.


An education with meaning, purpose and service

Bishop Kenny High

School is a four-year

Catholic, collegeprep

high school with

a diverse population of

1,200 students. In addition

to traditional academic

courses, a wide variety of

AP, STEM, honors, elective

and fine arts offerings are


Strategic academic

planning and continued

investment in technology

ensure that Bishop Kenny

students graduate with the

STEM skills necessary for

success in a digital world. A

dedicated team of teachers,

coaches, and counselors

work together to ensure

that Bishop Kenny seniors

are eligible for acceptance

to the college or university

Bishop Kenny High School Principal Todd Orlando (at left)

and SGA Advisor Scott Sberna (at right) are pictured with

members of the school’s student council, which raised

more than $10,000 for relief efforts following Hurricane


of their choice.

Safety first

The safety and security

of students is our primary

responsibility. In addition

to the daily presence of an

off-duty JSO officer and

policy of limiting perimeter

access to campus during

the school day, a monitored

system of 109 surveillance

cameras and regularly

scheduled drills for weather

and other emergencies is in



Equally important to

Bishop Kenny’s academic

program is the continued

faith formation of its

students. Helping young

people develop a strong

faith-life, a moral compass,

a social conscience, and

the desire to live lives that

include service to those

in need — all are foundational

to the Bishop Kenny


Athletics and


Athletics and extracurricular

activities round

out the school day for

most students. The Bishop

Kenny Crusaders have

a reputation for being

competitive athletes that

demonstrate leadership

and good-sportsmanship.

More than half of Bishop

Kenny students participate

on one or more of 36

varsity, JV and freshman

athletic teams. Nearly all

students participate in at

least one of 40 academic or

service clubs.


Since 1952, Bishop Kenny

students have been trained

to lead lives of meaning,

purpose and service. Each

year hundreds of legacy

families make Bishop

Kenny their choice because

they know the experience

lasts a lifetime.

Bishop Kenny

High School

1055 Kingman Ave.,


(904) 398-7545

Class of 2018


99% enrolled in college and

earned $12.49 million in

college scholarships

292 graduates earned 449


59% earned a Florida Bright

Futures Scholarship

Students consistently score

well above national and state

scores on the SAT and ACT

Step-Up for Students,

AAA, McKay and Gardiner

Scholarships accepted

T13 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T14


College prep, redefined

Since 1953, St. Johns

Country Day School

has been helping

First Coast families raise

children who are inquisitive,

creative, inspired

and inspiring. With its

amazing faculty, first-rate

academics, robust visual

and performing arts,

exciting trip opportunities

and championship athletics

programs, St. Johns

is perfectly positioned

to help you prepare your

child not just for college,

but for life.


Rigorous coursework

combined with the

Character Foundations

personal development

course and rich fellowship

and intern programs

give St. Johns students

ample opportunity

to stretch, learn and

grow. Fellowships allow

students to conduct

deep-dive explorations

of particular topics

through customized,

self-directed courses

of study that integrate

academics, interactive

projects, online studies,

career internships

and service. St. Johns is

also one of only a handful

of local schools to offer

The College Board’s AP

Capstone program — an

innovative diploma program

that helps students

develop the skills that

matter most for college

success: research,

collaboration and



St. Johns’ robust visual

and performing arts programs

encourage students

to explore the arts and

cultivate creativity and

growth among students of

all skill levels. Last year,

35 student-artists were

recognized for 64 artworks

in the prestigious annual

Scholastic Art & Writing

Awards competition.

Band, choral and handbell

programs couple with

dance and the dramatic

arts to ensure that the

school’s beautiful 600 seat

Performing Arts Center

has a robust schedule of



St. Johns students

excel both in and out of

Rigorous coursework combined with the Character

Foundations personal development course and rich

fellowship and intern programs give St. Johns students

ample opportunity to stretch, learn and grow. [PHOTO


the classroom, as its top

notch athletics program

proves. It’s hard to miss

the Spartans in the sports

news as the school’s Girls

Varsity Soccer team has

been the state champs for

seven straight years now

and local press regularly

lauds the school’s soccer,

baseball, softball, basketball,

cross country and

other teams. The school’s

location (just off Doctors

Lake) facilitates its rowing

program and the championship

swimming pool,

track and two gymnasiums

— plus soccer, football,

baseball and softball fields

St. Johns Country

Day School

3100 Doctors Lake Drive,

Orange Park

(904) 264-9572

— round out the athletics


Visit today

Come learn more about

this beautiful school and

community and how it

can help your family. St.

Johns Country Day School

serves children from age

3 through Grade 12 on 26

beautiful acres in easily

accessible Orange Park.

Call or click today to

schedule a personal tour: or (904)

264-9572. Applications for

the 2019-2020 school year

now being accepted.


Caring teachers, excellent Christian curriculum


succeeding” is


how Principal

Gary Griffis describes a

new student at Old Plank

Christian Academy.

“It is amazing to watch

a new student who is

nervous about attending

a new school find a place

of success and friendship

at our awesome school.”

Griffis also said, “One

of our goals is to create a

positive atmosphere and

climate where students

can quickly adjust, acclimate

and succeed.”

The motto, “Where

Students Succeed with

Excellence,” permeates

the OPCA family. The

students at Old Plank

Christian Academy

know that success is

At Old Plank Christian Academy, the teacher-to-student

ratio is 18:1 and the school offers a curriculum from pre-K



the only option. OPCA

highly encourages family

involvement in the school.

“Parent involvement

is one of the keys to

extraordinary student

success," said Griffis.

"Parent involvement is


According to the Rev.

Larry McGinley, pastor

of Old Plank Road Baptist

Church, the primary goal

of OPCA is to teach students

to live a successful

Christian life by learning

and applying the principles

of the Bible.

“Our ministry is to lead

people of all ages to faith

in Jesus Christ and disciple

them,” McGinley said.

Secondly, the academy

is committed to cultivating

success spiritually,

academically and socially

through caring, degreed

teachers and excellent

Christian curriculum.

The teacher-to-student

ratio is 18-to-1 and

the school offers a curriculum

from pre-K (age

3) to 12th grade.

OPCA Elementary

students are challenged

with creative teaching

methods using the ABEKA

curriculum. They also

enjoy enrichment, computer,

library and recess.

The Old Plank Christian

Academy Middle and

High Schools offer rigorous

academic courses

designed for college preparatory

study. Electives

include computer, sign

language, band, chorus,

weightlifting, home

economics, physical education

and others.

The OPCA Defenders

have a wide variety of

varsity and JV athletics.

Football, volleyball,

basketball, soccer, cross

country, baseball and girls

softball are all played competitively

(winning many

Old Plank Christian


8964 Old Plank Road,


(904) 783-6942

district and state titles).

Old Plank Christian

Academy is accredited

through the Florida

Coalition of Christian

Private Schools

Accreditation, Inc. The

FCCPSA proudly maintains

an accreditation

partnership agreement

AdvancED/SACS. Old

Plank Christian Academy

is also accredited by the

National Association

of Private Schools, and

graduates are readily

accepted into accredited

colleges and universities.

T15 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T16


Faith-based approach to education

St. Joseph Academy’s

faith-based approach

to education meets

and frequently exceeds

expectations for an academically

exceptional education

that equips students to live

their Christian beliefs in a

world often beset with injustice,

weak compassion and

rampant overindulgence.

A four-year college

preparatory school, St.

Joseph Academy in St.

Augustine was established

in 1866, making it the oldest

continuously operating

Catholic high school

in Florida. It is accredited

by the National Catholic

Education Association, the

Florida Catholic Conference

and the Florida High School

Athletic Association.

The curriculum at St. Joseph’s typically includes four credits

of theology, English, math and science; three credits of social

studies and foreign language; and one credit each of physical

education and the practical or performing arts. [PHOTO COURTESY


The school’s small class

size gives students the

advantage of a highly desirable


ratio of 14-to-1. The 23

faculty professionals have

an average of 13.5 years of

experience, and 60 percent

have advanced degrees.

The curriculum at St.

Joseph’s typically includes

four credits of theology,

English, math and science;

three credits of social studies

and foreign language; and

one credit each of physical

education and the practical

or performing arts. Four

credits of electives complete

the required 28 credits for

graduation. Honors courses

in English, science, social

science, math, foreign

language and drama and

advanced placement courses

in calculus, statistics, studio

art, psychology, American

government and world history

allow students to pursue

a variety of interests and

career choices.

These factors combine

to give the 2018 St. Joseph

Academy graduating class

the distinction of seeing

100 percent of its graduates

enrolling in a higher education

program for the 18th

consecutive year.

Built on a solid foundation

of Catholic principles and

faith traditions, St. Joseph

Academy is dedicated to

developing well-rounded

graduates equipped to meet

the challenges of today’s

world at home, in the

workplace and in the global

community while following

Christ. A close-knit nurturing

environment exists in

the classroom, on the athletic

field, extracurricular

activities and through every

aspect of school life.

The school’s vision is that

graduates will be morally

responsible adults “with

a well-developed commitment

to social justice,

St. Joseph Academy

155 FL-207, St. Augustine

(904) 824-0431

an enhanced faith in Jesus

Christ and ready to face the

21st Century historically

grounded by a rigorous educational


The decision-making

process at St. Joseph

Academy seeks to provide

an equal opportunity for

each student to become

a knowledgeable, selfdirected,


Christian, able to face the

challenges of the future with

faith, hope and love.”

To learn more about St.

Joseph Academy, visit the

school website or contact

Patrick Keane at patrick. to

schedule a personal tour.

T17 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T18


Superior scholarship in a Christian atmosphere




Sportsmanship. At

Christ’s Church Academy

these words are a banner

of daily importance as

students and staff strive to

amplify Christ-honoring

choices in their lives.

When choosing a private

school in Jacksonville,

academic and extracurricular

offerings are of the

utmost importance for

scholastic success, but

the true value of Christ’s

Church Academy is that

the school offers all of

these programs within a

Christian, family focused


Christ’s Church

Academy offers a kindergarten

through 12th-grade

Christ’s Church Academy incorporates a full college

preparatory program that offers AP and honors classes

as well as dual enrollment opportunities. [PHOTO COURTESY


education incorporating

a superior academic

curriculum, state ranked

athletics program, and

award-winning fine

arts program all within

a nurturing Christian


Located on a quaint

9-acre campus in the

Mandarin neighborhood

of Jacksonville, Christ’s

Church Academy has

more than 31 regular

classrooms, four music

rooms, two computer

labs, two art suites, an

expansive media center,

and cafeteria dining area.

CCA holds chapel services

and events in its

campus auditorium, but

also has a full gymnasium,

a high school courtyard,

two playground areas, a

fenced recreational area

and a 10-acre athletic

complex that includes

baseball, softball, and

football fields.

Boasting full accreditation

from four national

and state organizations,

and a 100 percent college

acceptance rate for

students, CCA proudly

incorporates a full college

preparatory program

that offers AP and honors

classes as well as dual

enrollment opportunities.

Christ’s Church

Academy alumni have

gone on to become engineers,

nurses, doctors,

missionaries, teachers

and have pursued a

variety of other exciting


Students and staff

share a common mission,

which magnifies Christ in

all that they strive for and

seeks to fulfill God’s plan

for their lives in scholarship

and leadership.

Choosing Christ’s

Church Academy means

choosing academic excellence,

an award-winning

fine arts programs,

state-ranked athletics

Christ's Church


10850 Old St. Augustine

Road, Jacksonville

(904) 268-8667

teams and an atmosphere

focused on community

service and Christian


Faculty and staff strive

to build foundational

mentoring relationships

with students through

Bible courses, discipleship

groups, weekly chapel

services, and community

service projects.

CCA invests in students

so that they will strive to

invest in the community

around them, aspire to

succeed in daily life and

endeavor for greatness

beyond graduation.


Preparing young people for the next step

At every level, San

Jose Episcopal

Day School

(SJEDS) provides a

nurturing and supportive

environment, embraces

the differences inherent

in a diverse community,

and embodies the inclusive

Episcopal tradition of

respect for the beliefs of


We focus on the needs

of each individual student

and prepare young people

not only for the next step in

their academic careers but

also for success and satisfaction

in all areas of their

lives. By being responsive

to each student’s needs,

our students are able to

grow in faith, character,

and service to others in our

family-like community.

At SJEDS, each individual child is known and nurtured to help discover the passions that will

set the course for a rewarding life. [PHOTO COURTESY SAN JOSE EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL]

As a child grows and

develops, classes are

structured to promote creativity,


and critical thinking.

Beginning in the earliest

grades, we work to instill

the characteristics that will

serve a child well throughout

the school years and


By encouraging curiosity

and exploration with confidence,

we create learners

for life. Our teachers

provide a warm and loving,

yet academically challenging

environment in which

students thrive.

With small class sizes

and more autonomy in the

classroom, teachers are

able to construct unique

learning experiences and

help each student reach

their fullest potential by

igniting and engaging their

desire to learn.

From the beginning of

the admission process to

the day of graduation, we

become acquainted with

the individuality of each

student — who they are and

who they want to become.

At SJEDS, each individual

child is known and nurtured

San Jose Episcopal

Day School

7423 San Jose Blvd.,


(904) 733-0352

to help discover the passions

that will set the course

for a rewarding life. We are

an active partner with parents,

empowering them to

further participate in their

child’s education.

We understand that

parents have many choices

when selecting a school for

their child. An education at

SJEDS is an investment in a

brighter future with a community

of support for your

child. For more information

or to schedule a personal

tour, contact Teresa Hall,

director of admission, at

(904) 733-0352 or thall@

T19 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T20


A centuries-old pursuit of truth and wisdom

The doors to

Catholic Schools in

Northeast Florida

are indeed wide open.

Wide open to learning.

Wide open to service.

Wide open to leadership.

Wide open to building

the foundations for a life

of happiness and success

through knowledge and

faith. Wide open to students

and families who

want to join a centuriesold

pursuit of truth and


The eight early learning

centers, 24 Catholic

grade schools and five

Catholic high schools

throughout Northeast

Florida give daily witness

to these principles.

Our schools feature

rigorous academics. Our

classrooms are filled with

committed and passionate

teachers. The teachers

demand excellence, hard

work and creative thinking.

They also have the

freedom and training to

recognize the best way

each student learns.

Excellence in athletics

and extracurricular activities

is a rich tradition

in our Catholic schools.

Hard work and sportsmanship

are taught on

playing fields throughout

the Diocese.

A wide variety of sports

in the elementary and

middle schools include

basketball, soccer, volleyball,


softball, golf and flag

football. At the high

school level a variety of

sports include football,

baseball, swimming,

wrestling and lacrosse.

Our Catholic schools in

North Florida are places

for free and striving

exploration of the arts.

Our schools offer a variety

of programs in fine

The success of Catholic school graduates in virtually every walk of life in Northeast Florida illustrates the abundant spirit

of learning, service and leadership taught by the Diocese of St. Augustine. [PHOTOS COURTESY DIOCESE OF ST. AUGUSTINE]

art, music and theater

that tap into the essence

of the human experience

at a young age and teach

children the wonders of

human creativity and


Whether in the classroom,

playing field or

studio, there are no

boundaries to the search

for excellence and truth.

We are free to teach the

full canon of Western

Civilization and there are

no limits on our inquiry

into the origins of the

universe and the potential

of God’s people. This

freedom means that

Christ is recognized in all

things and compassion,

ethics and the dignity of

every human being are the

true curriculum.

Catholic schools

naturally produce leaders.

By living lives of faith,

rigorous pursuit of the

truth and a strong sense of

service, children naturally

learn to lead and understand

that only by serving

can one be a great leader.

You don’t have to take

our word for any of this.

A simple visit to the

Catholic schools of the

Diocese of St. Augustine

demonstrates that this

spirit of learning, service

and leadership is


The success of Catholic

school graduates in virtually

every walk of life in

Northeast Florida is also

powerful evidence.

Our schools have produced

eminent leaders in

North Florida in business,

law, medicine and


The consistent theme

of the lives of these

leaders is marked by lessons

learned in Catholic

schools. Their commitment

to faith and

reason, service to others

and a core understanding

of what it means to

do the right thing, were

learned at an early age

and are exhibited in their

lives of service to the


The excellent education

Catholic schools offer

quite literally spans the

universe and it’s open to

all in Northeast Florida.

Any family that wants

their child to pursue

truth and beauty in an

atmosphere of academic

excellence, intellectual

curiosity and service to

others, will find the doors

of our schools open wide.

Catholic Schools

Week -- Jan. 27 to

Feb. 2

National Catholic Schools

Week 2019 will be observed

in dioceses around the

country from Jan. 27 to Feb.

2, including the Diocese

of St. Augustine. This

year’s theme, “Catholic

Schools: Learn. Serve.

Lead. Succeed.,” focuses

on the important spiritual,

academic and societal

contributions provided by

a Catholic education firmly

rooted in the truth of the


In celebration of Catholic

Schools Week, all schools

in the Diocese of St.

Augustine welcome you

to visit and learn more

about the benefits of a

Catholic education. An

open house will be held in

each of the schools within

the 17-county region of the

diocese on Wednesday, Jan.

30, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

To find a school near you,

visit ChooseCatholicSchool.

com or call the Office of

the Superintendent at (904)


The Diocese of St.

Augustine is comprised

of eight early learning

centers, 24 Catholic grade

schools and five Catholic

high schools throughout

Northeast Florida.

T21 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T22


A different way of teaching, a better way of learning

Greenwood School

is a unique school

for students in 6th

through 12th grades who

are challenged by learning

differences and/or need

a smaller academic environment.


highly-trained faculty

guides students in a rigorous

academic curriculum that

is enhanced and supplemented

by the abundant

natural resources of the

Greenwood School campus,

which includes 10 acres

of protected wetlands for

environmental, conservation

and wildlife studies and

research partnerships, as

well as outdoor classroom

areas that provide inspiring

settings for a wide variety

of academic pursuits and

overall wellness benefits to

Greenwood students benefit from interscholastic athletics,


staff and students.

In addition, Greenwood

facilities include indoor

and outdoor fine arts

facilities for chorus, band,

drama, art and dance, a

fully equipped gymnasium

and technology-integrated


Encouraging growth

The foundation of

Greenwood School

programs is our specialized

instruction, which

includes the expert use of

research-proven practices

beneficial to all students,

but especially to students

with specific learning

differences. We provide

strategies, support and

accommodations to create

learning opportunities

that effectively address

the individual needs of

students and enable them

to experience success with

a challenging, collegeand



Approximately twothirds

of Greenwood’s

graduates continue on to

colleges, universities, trade

and technical schools, as

well as career-path apprenticeship


Average class sizes of

12 students or less enable

Greenwood to provide the

most appropriate balance of

challenge and support for all

students; we are recognized

experts in the education

of students with a variety

of challenges, including

ADHD, auditory and/or

visual processing delays,

autism spectrum disorders,

dyscalculia, dysgraphia,

dyslexia, executive functioning

difficulties, general

anxieties, twice-exceptional/gifted

students and

other differences.

Inspiring opportunities

Core classes are supplemented

by enrichment

courses: art, band, coding,

drama, graphic design,

history electives, physical

education, science electives,

sociology and many

other options. In addition

to academics, Greenwood

students benefit from

interscholastic athletics,

Greenwood School

9920 Regency Square Blvd.,


(904) 726-5000

National Honor Society,

Student Council and a variety

of other extracurricular

activities and clubs, such

as archery, chess, ecology/zoology,

fencing and


The Greenwood Way

Discussion, modeling

and mentoring of positive

character and social responsibility

are an important

part of a well-rounded,

prepared-for-life graduate;

that’s why Greenwood

School’s learning environment

is one of mutual

respect, kindness and

accountability — in and out

of the classroom.

T23 Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019 T24

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