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Season's greetings to one and all, this issue brings the heart back home with the Classics. Doyenne of Insurance Winnie Tay shares her life lessons and try some gift wrapping tips in our Dark & Decadent section. Joyeux Noelle~!


THE HOME HIGHCLERE CASTLE, HAMPSHIRE HIGHCLERE CASTLE, HAMPSHIRE If you have ever watched the British period drama Downton Abbey, then you will undoubtedly recognise Highclere Castle. The splendid Renaissance Revival-style stately home is the main filming location for the highly successful TV series. Highclere Castle is the seat of the Earl of Carnarvon and is still privately owned by the Herbert Family, the same family which funded the expedition to discover Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. In spite of its recent fame, you still won’t see Highclere Castle referred to in many top lists of stately homes to visit in the United Kingdom due to its recent troubled past. As recently as 2009, the beautiful historic estate was in a desperate condition with most of the rooms being completely uninhabitable due to damp and general disrepair. Few members of the public ever visited Highclere Castle during these troubled times and even the family moved out to live in the nearby village of the same name. However, the TV hit has helped to save the home, and its £11 million refurbishment is now well underway. Visitor numbers have increased dramatically since 2011 when the estate was reopened to the public. Visitors taking a tour of the house who have watched Downton Abbey will instantly recognise the main drawing room and several other rooms. Visitors may also see the Egyptian exhibition and stroll around 1000 acres of parkland and landscaped gardens. Highclere is currently open for around two months of the year, including the summer and Easter holidays and various other public holidays. TM | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 42

LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD! Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to lighting up their homes. ADVERTORIAL During the last decade or so, consumer trends in the utilisation of decorative lights have evolved because of the sophistication of design and the growth of numerous manufacturers with plenty of innovative design ideas. Furthermore, the mushrooming of interior decorators who provide professional advice has opened up a whole new perspective in the decorative lighting industry. As for the choice of lighting, the following is usually considered: 1. The house built up; whether it is a mansion, a bungalow, a linked unit or a condominium. 2. The concept; classic, contemporary or modern. 3. The colour scheme. 4. The allocated budget Seng Hup Lighting And Décor at Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya is among the pioneers in the decorative lighting industry, having been in the business for more than five decades. A vast showroom and a selection of lights sourced from around the world ensures a comprehensive range of products designed to satisfy even the most discerning consumer. Lights can be classified into the following categories: 1. Chandeliers namely Crystal Chandeliers 2. Multi pendants 3. Single Pendants 4. Wall Fittings 5. Recessed and surface mounted down lights. 6. Exterior Lights. Chandeliers are often sourced for banquet halls, bungalows and places of worship which are generally decorated with crystals. These crystals come in many forms, colours and sizes. A crystal chandelier creates a dazzling colour spectrum providing ultimate grandeur in the area where it’s installed. Some of the more popular crystals used are Swarovski Strass, Bohemian and Asfour. Multi Pendants are simplified versions of chandeliers requiring lesser maintenance. They come in an assortment of designs, sizes and finishings with shades made of sandblasted glass, stained glass and alabaster. Single pendants are generally fitted at the dining room or at patios to enhance the beauty of the area. Wall fittings are generally used at the staircase landing and in areas where a wall light is needed. There are also spot and picture light versions to act as wall flushes and to light up your priced picture frames. They can be single armed or multi armed. Recessed or down lights are commonly powered by LED these days. They come in three coloured tones namely Warm White, Cool White and Daylight. The choice of colour is mainly up to the consumer. Exterior lights come in many colours and finishings namely Stainless Steel, Cast Aluminium and Resin. They are usually mounted as wall lights, buried lights, pillar lights and pendant lights. LED strips can also be utilised as wall flushers for the exterior. Visit Seng Hup Lighting And Décor to feast your eyes on our collection and also new arrival of chandeliers, Tiffany lighting and Moroccan Concept lighting. SPECIAL FOR TROPICANA PRIVILEGE CARD MEMBERS & TROPICANA HOME OWNERS: 55% discount on Chandeliers! Promotion valid from: 1st Nov 2017 until 31st JAN 2018 only.

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