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November 2017

The headline of our daily newspaper screamed out, “Almost half of

youth miss school because of anxiety, study finds”. (Waterloo Region

Record, Nov. 14) Anxiety, defined as distress or uneasiness, a state

of apprehension, fear or worry, is a common malady of our world, and

according to this article, a major concern among our youth. According

to the study commissioned by Children’s Mental Health Ontario, 46%

of those between the ages of 18-34 had missed school due to issues

related to anxiety, and 40% had sought mental health help.

I find these stats concerning. What can you as a parent, friend, or we

as educators, do to counteract these stats? Is Niagara Christian Collegiate

making an impact in reducing the level of anxiety in our youth?

I believe we are! I distinctly recall a comment of a student many years

ago as we approached the mailing of mid-semester reports. “My parents

are going to kill me when they see my marks”, he exclaimed fearfully.

Whether correctly or incorrectly, he believed that for 2-3 months

his parents had been unaware of his effort and work, and now the truth

was laid bare. But that no longer is the case as the use of Edsby provides

for regular communication and updates with parents, and therefore

anxiety is reduced for both parent and student. The use of school

uniforms has reduced the anxiety and competition in regard to clothes

worn. However, the greatest contribution that NCC can make in the

life of a student as it pertains to reducing anxiety is in support through

relationship, relationships with others and with God. I see faculty caring,

loving, and teaching with great respect, creating safe places for

students to grow, struggle and learn. I see Grade 6-8 students confidently

joining the choir with High School students, because they were

affirmed by the Director and were standing with a friend. I have seen

a young lady with average athletic skill try out for a team, and with

the encouragement and support of teammates and coach, turn that

experience into a wonderful memory. However, the greatest joy for me

is seeing a young person beginning, or growing in, their relationship

with their Heavenly Father. What a difference that relationship of love

makes in the reduction of anxiety. Max Lucado in his book “Anxious

for Nothing” (Thomas Nelson, 2017) writes this, “Isolation creates a

downward cycle of fret (worry). Choose instead to be the person who

clutches the presence of God with both hands.” And that awareness of

the presence of God often comes through those we walk with.

Life can challenge us and at times overwhelm, resulting in anxiety and

fear. Reach out in relationship to others and to God. You will see and

experience the difference. [“Do not be anxious about anything…..” Philippians

4: 4-9. Check it out!]

Enjoy and be encouraged as you read the following stories of student

activities and experiences here at NCC.

Mr. Clare Lebold, Principal


If your son or daughter attends NCC, you will find enclosed a report

card for the first part of the year. For our middle school students, this

report highlights achievement up to the end of the first term. For our

secondary students, enclosed is a mid-term report for semester one.

Parents, as you read through these reports please contact the school if

you have any questions or concerns. I trust that

nothing noted in the reports will be a surprise for

you as you have the opportunity to keep up with

your son or daughter’s standing via our online

portal Edsby. If you are having issues connecting

to Edsby, please contact the school.


● December 7 - Swim Zone 3-4 Championships

● December 8 - International Day

● December 14 - Christmas Social

● December 20 - Classes conclude

● January 8 - Classes resume

EDSBY LOGIN - www.niagaracc.edsby.com


We would like to congratulate those students who achieved an

average of over 80% and have been recognized on the Academic

Honour Roll and those students who achieved an average over

90%, and have been recognized on the President’s Honour Roll.

We commend them on their effort and distinguished

use of their gifts and abilities.

MUSIC notes


We have a HUGE choir this year!

We recently finished our first workshop

with master vocalist Melissa

Shriner, who taught us about

“Singlish” and how to shape

our vowels.

Our NCC choir did a great job performing

In Flanders Fields at the

Remembrance Day ceremony.

My students will also perform at the

Hotel Dieu Shaver Christmas tree

lighting taking place in St. Catharines,

and officiated by the mayor.

On December 10, the choir will be

leading the Christmas service at

Trinity Life Church in Sherkston.

Concert Band

The concert band gave a wonderful

performance of O Canada at our

Remembrance Day ceremony.

The band students also marched in

the Fort Erie Santa Clause Parade

on November 18th.

We are pleased to have Jared

Knechtel (Trumpet) and Erika

Rempel (French Horn), (both new

staff to NCC) helping with this ensemble.

Both are experts on their


Julie Broomer

Music Teacher

On December 12, at 7:00 pm,

NCC students will present a

celebration of Christmas.

Emmanuel, God With Us will be

an evening of music and drama

featuring our talented students.

You are invited! Parents, family,

friends and neighbours, join us

at Riverside Chapel, located here

on NCC’s campus, for an evening

of joyful celebration!


On November 4, the NCC Arts Council participated in the Fort

Erie Arts Council’s 13th annual Red Ribbon Art Gala.

This prestigious event was held at the Fort Erie Leisureplex

Banquet Hall, and featured live music by David Ian Andrea and

The Max Hillier Band. Beautiful pieces of the art by local artists

were on display and available for purchase. This is the Fort Erie

Arts Councils’ signature event and main fundraiser of the year.

Mrs. Laurie Blue, NCC’s art teacher, is a member of the Fort

Erie Arts Council and is a professional artist herself. Five years

ago, Mrs. Blue persuaded the FEAC to open this opportunity to

students and it has become a very exciting annual event for her

art students ever since.

The Red Ribbon Art Gala has enjoyed great success, and this

year was no different with several hundred guests in attendance.

Attendees enjoyed viewing local artists work as well as our students’

work. NCC students rose to the occasion to help serve

delicious appetizers, run the silent auction and the coat check,

and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to interact with the community.

Students also volunteered by serving food or drinks,

and helping out wherever needed.

We are very proud of our

students - and Mrs. Laurie Blue!

Check out their works of art.


This year, we embark on a journey into the truth of

Jesus Christ and what He offers us.

Every day, our culture tells us how we should be

living. We grow up in a world that tells us how

to spend our money, what to wear, who to have

relationships with, what we should be striving towards,

and how to be successful. This is a message

of independence, self-importance, and pride.

We struggle with our own independence and realize

that even though we are so digitally connected, we have

never felt so alone. We struggle having to create importance

for ourselves, to build up our own name, and to somehow

convince the people around us that we are valuable.

There is another message out there! Jesus calls us to

Our class motto this year is “Step by Step”.

Throughout term one I have challenged each

of the students in Middle School to make a

commitment to take each challenge they face

“Step by Step”. Creating goals and reflecting

on God’s purpose for our lives is something

that sets us apart as a school, something that

I am proud of, and something that will benefit

the lives of our students as they navigate the world around



PBL - To highlight our recent PBL project students

took on the roles of influential Canadians and presented

monologues during a Wax Museum. Real world application

is a focus of 21st century learning. Our goal is

to provide our students with opportunities to affectively

communicate, collaborate, and critical think through

curricular content in meaningful ways. Mr. Haughton,

Middle School Lead Teacher

ART - In art we have been focusing on landscapes

and perspective. Learning how to effectively understand aerial

perspective and break a drawing down into foreground, middle

ground, and background. The students have been introduced to

chalk pastel and have learned how to properly use this medium.

Mrs. Blue, Art Teacher

FRENCH - In Middle School French students have been practicing

their oral communication skills daily during our Prof du

Jour and Marchez et Parlez at the beginning of class. Students

have worked on reviewing and building vocabulary and grammar

structure through various written and oral projects such

as creating and sharing Mes Devinettes riddles booklet, and

performing speeches on La meilleure saison. This month students

will demonstrate their oral skills by putting on a fashion

show, discuss health issues by role-playing a doctor and patient,

along with creating posters on good nutrition for a healthy body, all

en français! Mme Trombley, French Teacher


Our middle school students are joining in with our high

school students in performing in the Santa Claus parade

in Fort Erie, and at the tree lighting ceremony in

St. Catharines. Our music classes are split right now

between preparing for our Emmanuel - God With Us

Christmas presentation and reviewing music theory in

preparation for our upcoming band unit.

Mrs. Broomer, Music Teacher

be a part of His family. What does it mean to live together in

the “city on a hill”, and live out the life that Jesus calls us to?

In chapel, we want to work out exactly that. Each month

will focus on a “key” to the city, a topic that Jesus talks

about very differently than our culture. Things like family,

relationships, and identity will be discussed. Please be in

prayer for our chapel program! Pray that God will be honoured

through our work, and that His message

will be spoken clearly.

Also, congratulations to Emma Winger, a

grade 9 student who won our logo design

contest this year! Great work Emma!



Tim Durksen, Chapel Program Director


MATH - In Middle School math we are making

our way through the Jump Math program in

grades 6-8. We find ourselves wrapping up and

remembering fondly our time with fractions and

look forward to our Measurement Unit ahead!

Our grade 6 class exercised their entrepreneurial

spirits through running their own store

in class and exploring money, profits, and even

some customer service. Even with a late-arriving teacher, (I’m

happy to have finally arrived!) the middle school spirits are high

and they bring great enthusiasm to math class.

Mr. Appleyard, Math Teacher


For the last few years, NCC middle school has been

supporting the WOW Missions (Working with Orphans

and Widows) Christmas program.

WOW Christmas gives children in Zambia and Uganda

the opportunity to participate in a classroom while

supporting the local

economy. Basically, a $25 donation will send a student to school with

a uniform and supplies, but the unique thing about this ministry is

that the $25 is spent in the local economy. It’s mothers and widows

in these countries that will be paid to make the uniforms for these

students. Even though our donations go to support students, the

money goes much further.

This December, students will present an Awareness Fair to our

local school community to raise money for this organization. We

want our middle school students to become global citizens and

think about what goes on outside of their little corner of the world.

Please check out the link to a blog that was posted by the WOW

organization about a cool project that our middle school did last

year, and a video link to learn more about WOW Christmas.

Blog: http://www.wowmission.com/5671-2/

WOW Christmas Video:



Niagara Christian Collegiate’s athletic teams enjoyed another strong

fall season, this year being led by the Cross Country team who qualified

all its runners for the SOSSA championships this past October in

Dundas, Ontario.


In one of the strongest seasons in the

history of NCC Cross Country, this

year’s team, led by Head Coach Mr.

Z and Grade 11 runner Neil Wangler,

put NCC’s Cross Country on the map.

Wangler, a 7th place finisher at the

Zone Championship level, was joined

by Junior runners Josiah Forde (11th)

and Anthony Malone (13th) and Senior

Girls runner, Maggie Ren (15th)

in top 20 overall finishers. The senior

boy’s team finished in second place at

the zone 3 championships, its highest

ever finish. As they say, the cupboard is still stocked for

Coach Z to build on this year’s great success.


For the second straight season, the NAVS competed in the NRHSAA

Division 2 league. Losing many of its key starters from last year to

graduation, Coach Dieleman and the Lady Navs knew it was going

to be a different season from the undefeated league and playoff run

a year ago. The NAVS, full of young talent, needed a quick start and

did just that by winning two of the first three games and losing by just

one shot in the third. Finishing 3-3 on the season and losing early in

the playoffs on an off day, the NAVS earned lots of league respect.

And with a majority of players returning, the coaching staff will be

looking to build on this year’s success next year.


The NCC tennis team

closed its fall schedule by

qualifying four athletes

for the SOSSA championships

and nearly winning

the main draw Zone Championship

in both the senior

and junior men’s doubles

flights. The senior doubles

team of Ryan Ku and Christian

Rodriguez were joined by singles

players Jose Barbosa and David Lai

and Ladies doubles Rita Barbosa and

Coco Wu. While the junior doubles team of

Anthony Molon and Takeshi Yamaguchi were joined by

junior ladies doubles partners Nicole Sider and Samira Mohammadi.

I want to personally wish all of our Fall senior athletes well and thank

them for all their accomplishments and time given to make our teams

the best they can be. Proud to be a NAV.

NAVS fans can follow all the latest happenings and stay up to date

with the winter sports season on the official website of Nav athletics at


James Kryger, Director of Athletics


Last year’s league and tournament champions, the boy’s volleyball

team, led by Senior serving ace Christian Rodriguez, made it to the

NRHSAA playoffs for the 2nd year in a row after finishing 5-2 on the

season and ending with a 3-0 unbeaten run. The NAVS finished in

second place overall, and standout setter Caleb Fretz was awarded

player of the game on multiple occasions highlighting his laser point

skill set. A slip-up in the playoffs meant Coach Winger and the guys

had no way of defending last year’s crown. With a majority of the

starting lineup returning in 2018, the NAV setters will be ready to go

to prove that 2016 was no lucky year.


Students in grades 9-12 have a fantastic

opportunity to participate in our NCC

Missions trip to Granada, Nicaragua in

March, 2018.

The missions base, located at El Puente

in Granada, will house our NCC

team. While there, our students will

work with El Puente’s staff in planning

out the week’s activities. https://thebridgegranada.org

Students will be serving at the brand

new Granda Christian Education Center,

Granada’s first Christian school,

as well as helping out in the City Dump ministry, and at the Hogar de

Niñas (girls orphanage). They’ll assist local churches in running VBS

and feeding programs, do some street evangelism, and help out with

local young-life initiatives.

Side trips include a visit to Masaya Volcano National Park and Monkey

Island, swimming in Lake Apoyo, and market shopping. These recreational

activities will round out a full and exciting week.

Students will enjoy a cultural and ministry experience of a lifetime! If you

would like to support our students and donate, please contact

Mr. Kryger: jkryger@niagaracc.com

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