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South New South Wales Grey Nomads


Pr. Brett Townend with Ruby

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We came from north, south, east and west

To the place to be – AAV – the best.

So why did we come from all around?

To Grey Nomads camp we all were abound.

There is something very special about the AAV.

It’s peaceful here, no hassles – a place we like to be.

There are kangaroos and wombats, abundant bird life too.

We feel close to our Creator here – isn’t that so true.

For five years now the camp has run.

Here we can relax, make friends, have fun.

But more than that we have come to meet

Our Lord and Saviour and sit at His feet.

Each of these years from Victoria came Pauline and Janettie,

And Keith and Lyn come from a way off in South Australia.

And let’s not forget Margaret and Errol from Victoria came,

But to drive all this way, their kids think they’re insane.

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Gavin is our leader, he has Robyn by his side.

Mike and Doris lend support, they’re not here for the ride.

There’s Jeremy and Calvin, both part of this great team.

Thank you, South New South Wales, for helping us live the dream!

The mornings start with worship and a healthy living plan

Challenging and guiding us is Jeremy, a godly man.

Once breakfast’s done, we exercise – getting fit is fun.

To live to one hundred and twenty – or is it one twenty-one?

Rhelmae Hebbard second from the left

To gain some better fitness, we exercise and walk.

We do step-ups and marching – not much time to talk.

There’s bending and stretching to warm up, non-stop.

“Do it till you feel the stretch, or you hear something go pop!”

Steve has us digging deeply each day into God’s Word.

Read Isaiah 53 – experience the arm of the Lord.

God remembers Lot and Rachel, as well as us and the thief.

He offers living water, take a drink and get relief.

Lunch time is yum-time, thanks to Terry the chef.

All good food he serves us – nothing is usually left.

Avril cooks too, makes dessert that’s a dream.

Each meal they are helped by the AAV team.

There’s jigsaws and puzzles and dominoes to play.

Boggle words and Frisbee golf all help fill in the day.

Some go and play tennis, ride or jog down the lane.

While others play snooker, their co-ordination to retain.

We met Ruby, a dark horse, down by the field,

Brett begins training, Ruby doesn’t want to yield.

He persisted, she’s learning, he didn’t want to gloat,

She’s a smart horse and before long she walks into that float.

Lessons on patience and stubborness

Many lessons from the horse, we can learn about our Lord.

Be willing to learn, feel His gentle pull, fully trusting in His Word.

Now horses forgive, but don’t forget, our God does both of these.

The trainer is patient, her will she submits, she really wants to please.

Debbie’s flower ministry takes her all around the world.

Floral displays in cathedrals and shopping centres swirled.

She had us making bouquets and a dainty centre piece.

Giving flowers brings joy to others and helps their worries cease

Dinner times are good times, not only just to eat.

Meet friends, make new ones; maybe have a treat.

There’s salads and savouries and soup in the pot.

Umm – Pizza, chips, veges. Maybe I’ll have the lot.

Lessons on patience and stubborness

Grey Nomads | 2017

Every evening and at meetings we sing songs of praise

With Shari, Sherilee and Steve, our voices gladly raise.

Take my Hand Precious Lord for There is None Like You.

And there’s 10,000 reasons for us to worship You too.

Each evening, time to ponder lessons from the horse.

Brett’s theme – A Teachable Spirit – from the Bible, of course.

From the Psalms, we read together of the Father’s love and care.

We find strength, contentment, confidence in a message we can share.

“Upon a life I did not live,

Upon a death, I did not die.

Another’s life. Another’s death.

I stake my whole eternity.”

The weather has been kind to us, we’ve seen the sun most days.

Thursday was for downtime, we went off in various ways.

Some headed off to Canberra, some headed to the snow.

Others just went driving, some shopped, bought things to show.

On Friday night, our meeting room became a restaurant.

A 3-course banquet, good friends, what more could one want?

Two candles lit for Sabbath, God gave a day of rest

Delight in Christ, His love and power, and Sabbath will be the best.

Steve spoke to us in Sabbath School about God’s call to keep

We need to be like shepherds, feed the lambs, care for the sheep

We give our all to Jesus, “Do you love Me more than these?”

We need to help the marginalized. Find ways to help them. Please.

Brett shared that God has saved us, for a purpose we are designed.

He’s lifted us out of the slimy pit, from the mud and mire and grime.

We’re thankful He has planted our feet on rock and very firm ground.

He wants us to rejoice and sing, and always in Him be found.

Now MV’s all those years ago bring memories, oh so dear.

Today we reminisced a bit, sang songs and choruses that cheer.

We shared out favourite verses and what they meant to us.

Then off to South America sharing Mike’s trip – that was a plus!

We’ve all been well looked after by the friendly AAV staff.

Our thanks to Stan, Bron, Russ and Shirl, for sharing with us a laugh.

Nothing was too much trouble; they’ve gone the extra mile.

And as we share our memories we’ll tell of AAV with a smile.

Tonight, the concert signals the end of a great time here.

We hope you all are planning November 4-10 next year.

May God go with each one of you and keep you in His care.

And should we not meet here again, let’s meet in heaven, way up there.

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Conference News

Pastoral Moves

We would like to inform you about a number of

changes to pastoral placements in the SNSW

Conference effective from January 2018.

Call to Tasmania

Pastor Rajko Celic who has been ministering in the

Canberra district for the last five years has accepted a

call to the Tasmanian Conference. Rajko and his wife

Elize who has been working at our Primary School

(CCS) in Canberra will be moving to Tasmania right after

Big Camp 2018. We want to thank the couple for

their commitment and loyalty towards the SNSW Conference.

We know that they will be missed by those

whom they ministered to. As a Conference, we wish

them God’s richest blessings for the future.

Call to the SNSW Conference

In October, our Board of Directors placed a call for

Toby Clare to join the ministry team as Ministerial Intern

in the Albury/Wodonga District. Toby is currently

completing his Graduate Diploma in Theology and

Ministry at Avondale College. He is moving to SNSW

Conference from the Far North Coast of NSW.

Originally from Shepparton, Toby has spent most of his

life in North NSW, having grown up around Port Macquarie.

He moved to the Lismore area after high school,

where he worked in the automotive industry and the

public service, during which time he felt called to fulltime

ministry. God opened the doors for him to attend

the ARISE program in 2014, and this was followed by

a season of bible working for the NNSW Conference.

During this period of time he worked as

Toby Clare

outreach coordinator for the ARISE program and was

part of a church planting team that planted The Vine

- Tweed Heads Church, where he is still ministering.

Toby is very much looking forward to the opportunity

to minister at the opposite end of NSW and is excited to

be a part of a new team sharing the good news about

Jesus. Toby will commence work in January 2018.

New Director for Youth/Children’s and Family Ministries

Rick Hergenhan has accepted a call to be

the Director for youth, children’s and family

ministries in the South New South Wales

Conference. Rick has been involved in full

time ministry for 8 years, 2 years as a church

pastor in Newcastle and 6 years in the youth

department in NNSW conference. He is married

to Libby and they have three children,

Giles, Heidi and Hayden.

Rick grew up in the SNSW conference and is

looking forward to once again live near his

parents, family and friends. He is passionate

to see young people make a commitment

to following Jesus and living it out wherever

God has planted them. Rick says: “I am looking

forward to being in SNSW and meeting

you all in the new year.”

We welcome Rick and his family to our

Conference. May God richly bless you.

Rick with wife Libby and three children; Giles, Heidi and Hayden

Other Departments and Ministries

ADRA Projects Coordinator: Sarina Taituave Religious Liberty Director: Mike Faber

ATSIM Coordinator: Julie Nagle Single’s Ministries Coordinator: Christine Sosnovsky

Communication Director: Mike Faber Women’s Ministries Coordinator: Wendy Hergenhan

Education Director: Jean Carter Ministerial Association Secretary: To be advised

Education Associate Director: Julia Heise Personal Ministries Director: To be advised

Health Director:



Partners in Ministries Coordinator:

To be advised

Men’s Ministries Coordinators:

Phil Yates &

Ben Gillett

Sabbath School Director:

To be advised

Changes in pastoral districts:

- Canberra National/Queanbeyan:

Orlando Berry will replace Rajko Celic & work in

the team with Justin Lawman and Phil Yates in the

Canberra District.

- Goulburn:

Owen Ellis will replace Orlando Berry in Goulburn

and will continue his ministry at Bowral.

- Dubbo/Cobar:

Ben Galindo will replace Bogdan Petrovic in Dubbo

and Jimmy Watanabe in Cobar.

- Albury/Wodonga:

Tony Moala will replace Ben Galindo in Albury/

Wodonga and Toby Clare will be added to the team

as Ministerial Intern. Andrew McCrostie will remain

as Chaplain and Associate Pastor.

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Stewardship Director

- Southern Illawarra/Nowra/Ulladulla:

Bogdan Petrovic will replace Tony Moala.

- Tumut/Tumbarumba/Corryong:

Jeremy Taituave will lead this district.

- Cootamundra/Temora:

Tharren Hutchinson will care for these two churches and

will continue his ministry at Wagga Wagga.

The other districts remain unchanged.

May God richly bless all those who will move into a new

district. May you and your families have a smooth transition

and a hearty welcome by our church members.

- Pr. Mike Faber

President/Ministerial Association Secretary

To be advised

Conference News

Bible School in SNSW Conference

In the June edition of our Imprint magazine we informed you about

the plans to establish a bible school within the SNSW Conference.

During 2016, the conference leadership was approached by two

business men who have a dream to establish a bible school within

our conference with the intend to train people in the bible, evangelism,

health, prayer, media & technology. The aim is to equip church

members to better service for God and to even offer opportunities

to do full time bible work within our conference and in other areas.

The business concept of the company sponsoring the bible school

will allow the students to have their tuition and course fees covered

and to receive financial sponsorship for full time bible work.

The SNSW Conference is excited about this opportunity and fully

supports the program.

At present, it is envisaged that the bible school will start operating

mid 2018 with its first 12 students.

If this is something that you would like to consider then please contact

the President of the SNSW Conference in order to receive more

information and to have your interest registered.

- Pr. Mike Faber


Conference News

Old house with planned extension

Tonga Mission | Update

Over the last couple of months, we have been reporting about our plans to support Tonga Mission our partner

Conference to rebuild two pastor’s houses on the island of Vava’u. Thanks to your generosity we were able to

raise almost $30,000 from our Conference. Another $10,000 was donated by the Trans Pacific Union Mission.

This enabled the first team from Albury to fly out and lay the foundation for the extension of a one bedroom house

that is inhabited by a pastor and his wife and their three children.

The team, Graham Sinclair, Brenton Hore and Darryn Nixon under the leadership of Wally Hromis arrived in Tonga

late September. At first things did not go as smooth as expected. To their surprise the money had not arrived as there

was a problem with the transfer of the funds. How could they purchase building material with no money? But as always

God sorted things out and soon the funds were in the Tonga Mission bank account.

This was not the only issue they had to deal with. The connecting flight from the main island to Vava’u proved to be

a challenge as shortly before landing they were told that the plane had to return due to a fault in the hydraulic of the

landing gear. Instructions were given to prepare for an emergency landing as the pilot could not assure that the landing

gear would open. “Thank you, God” that the plane safely touched the ground and that three hours later after the

needed repairs they were on their way again to approach Vava’u island this time with no further problems.

The local church members gave them a hearty welcome and soon the work began to lay the foundation for the extension

of the small, run down pastor’s house. Everything had to be done manually with hard labour in the absence

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South New South Wales

Adventist Singles Network

Join us for the:

SNSW Big Camp

January 5 - 13, 2018

Foundation is complete

Applications are now open!

Visit the SNSW Conference

website to register:

of the fancy machinery we are used to in Australia. Supported

by a number of local volunteers they were able to complete

the first stage of the building project within the time

they had allocated.

We want to thank the team for dedicating their time, energy

and finances to support our sister conference.

At present a local company is building the walls of the house

and early next year a second team from our Conference under

the leadership of Phil Hampton from Bathurst Church

will put the roof on.

Once the first house is completed we would like to rebuild a

second pastors house in Vava’u.

Please continue to give generously and help us support our

partner mission in Tonga. Donations can be made online

or by placing the money in your tithe envelope having it

marked for Tonga Mission.

- Mike Faber


The many local help-

throughout the week we are

meeting at the Big Tent Cafe

after the evening


a picnic planned for later in

the week.

ALL Camp Applications close

December 1, 2017

Contact Christine Sosnovsky

for more information:

Around the Churches


Fundraising for Tonga Mission

On August 5, the Albury church held a

trivia night which brought together

over 70 people to raise funds for the Tonga

mission project whilst socialising and putting

their trivia knowledge to the test.

Naomi Oberson and a team of dedicated

volunteers helped organise the event as

well as prepare hot food and drinks in the

‘Tonga Mission Café’.

Stephen Kilgour did an amazing job collating

and presenting the trivia questions.

In between rounds, Joel Ferry lead out in

some fun activities and Greg Eames did

a fantastic job auctioneering the kindly

donated goods. Money was even raised

through an impromptu collection following

an entertaining story by Steve Greenham.

A grand total of $3540.30 was raised which will help our pastors in Tonga live in more habitable homes. A massive

thank you goes to all the donors and volunteers who made the night a great success

- Chris Oberson

Broken Hill


On Sabbath the 23rd of September 2017

Christine Flowers was baptised at the

Broken Hill Church. Christine first came into

contact with the Adventist Church by bringing

her grandchildren to the morning play

group that is run by church members one

day a week in the church hall.

Later she found her home in the church

and became a regular attendee. The Head

Elder John Harris began bible studies and

prepared Christine for baptism. After her

baptism, Christine was anointed as she

was beginning treatment for an aggressive

cancer that week.

Please keep Christine in your prayers.

Fundraising for the Tonga Mission Project

- Jim Tonkin

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A special prayer for Christine Flowers

Central Tablelands

Pathfinder service

There were no adults up the front of

Orange church on September 2.

Pathfinders from the Central Tablelands Pathfinders

club were responsible for the whole

service, including leading the singing, playing

the piano, and telling the children’s story.

We even had a Pathfinder take the sermon!

It was fantastic to see our young people using

their gifts for God.

- Kylie Pulling and Megan Jones


Womens Ministries

On Sabbath, September 23, the Griffith

Women’s Ministries ran a special Sabbath

School and Divine service for the church

where the church members were encouraged

to invite their non-Christian friends and those

from other denominations. We had about a

dozen women working together and representing

the Cook Islander, Samoan, Fijian and

Australian communities. They wore matching

outfits (Islander style), sang special items,

preached the message, and covered all other


Comments on the day were as follows: “When

you started to sing, I felt the Holy Spirit enter

the room”, “The Holy Spirit was in that building

today”, and “It was great to see all the cultures

represented and working together!”

Central Tablelands Pathfinders leading out in worship

Griffith Womens Ministries

There were a number of visitors who attended, but the most amazing were two Tongan ladies. One of them had

been paid to make the pulatasis (Samoan outfits) and her friend had invited her to the service. She kindly declined

the offer. However, the outfit for one lady named Taki ended up needing resizing 3 times. The Tongan lady was apologising

profusely, when on Sabbath morning she was still finishing the outfit. Taki was very patient, and told her not to

worry, but that it was beautiful! She then said as she was leaving, “I’d like to ask you one thing.”

“Sure, replied the Tongan lady, “Anything.”

“Please can you come to church with us.”

Well, that lady found one of her friends, and together they came to Sabbath School and the church service, and were

welcomed, thanked, and I believe truly blessed! We all were! God is working in Griffith, and we can’t wait to see

where Women’s Ministries goes from here!

- Donna Tonkin



On Sabbath, 30 September the Narrandera

Church was packed with people coming

from as far as South Australia and Queensland.

The oldest daughter of Nick and Ellen Praestiin

was being baptised.

Ebony after studies, has made a very strong

stand for Christ. With her baptism there are

now four generations of Seventh-day Adventists

attending Narrandera Church.

L to R: Pr Thompson, Ebony, Pr. Richardson, Gertruda, Pr. Tonkin

Especially recognised on the day were the two previous pastors who served in Narrandera, Pr. John Tompson and

Pr. Colin Richardson who each had made a very positive impact on Ebony’s Christian walk.

Also baptised on the day was Gertruda Kearines. She was baptised by Pr. John Tompson. Gertruda’s first introduction

to the church was through the Search DVD’s. She then had studies with Margaret Jones a long-time member of Narrandera.

Gertruda has been coming to the church for a number of years and has been part of our church family all

that time. The joy on Gertruda’s face was expressed in one word she said as she came up from under the water “Yes!”

- Adam Tonkin

New Online Adventist Book Centre Website

A new Adventist Book Centre webstore,, has recently been launched to service

Australia. Initiated by North New South Wales and Greater Sydney conference ABCs, Victoria conference’s ABC is

now also assisting the webstore’s continual development too.

“Our intention is to create an online store that makes it easy for people around Australia who can’t access a physical

ABC store to be able to easily find, preview and purchase resources,” says the webstore coordinator, Scott Wegener.

“The goal is not only to have a broad, easy to navigate range of items but also have comprehensive product previews

so people can accurately judge if an item is suitable without the need to hold it in their hands.”

Soon to be added product previews will

include initiatives such as video ‘flickthroughs’

of pictorially rich books, first

page previews of chapter books, video

trailers and reviews of DVDs, CD sound

track demos, board game video demonstrations

and more.

“We have a lot of content and details to

add yet and we’re still getting some of our

footings right, but we’re working hard toward

the exciting vision we have for the

webstore. Having a few conferences pooling

their resources into this one webstore

means we can achieve great things over

the long term”.

SNSW conference orders will be serviced

by the ABC staff in Sydney. You can check

out the webstore now at:

On Parade


Lighting Fire

Font Gate

long time ago at a property not that far away the galactic forces of good and evil did battle over the lives of our

A pathfinders in a quest to gain their allegiance for all time.

The 2017 Pathfinder Camporee saw a Star Wars themed exploration of the book of Daniel with guest presenter Alex

Green challenging our Pathfinders to make a stand for Jesus, and they did! Over 60 Pathfinders and 40 staff attended

the camporee held at Micalong Station, the property of Kevin and Loretta Apps, a long-standing location for camporees.

Our generous hosts made sure everything was ready for the Pathfinders to arrive, and the team of District Directors

planned and prepared a range of activities which the various clubs practiced up for prior to arrival. A nightly

drama written by Amy Lomas prepared the Pathfinders for the message that Alex Green presented.

Thirty pathfinders stood for baptism including the whole of the Narromine Pathfinder club. Pathfinders were building

catapults, zip lines and lighting fires. Canberra Pathfinder club built a huge entrance gate to their camp which lifted

up mechanically as guests entered! This ministry event would not have been possible without a large number of passionate

volunteers the list of which is too long to mention. However, I am confident that one day in God’s Kingdom

they will be approached by a crowd of young people who will turn to them and say, I am here because of you.

Please consider how you can support your local Pathfinder club and get involved with this powerful, life changing


- Hayden Petersen

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Youth Rally Theme Jamison challenging the Youth Social evening at Jump Inflatables

North West Youth Rally

On October 7, over 80 children of the Living King

(thanks for reminding us Jay) met in Molong for

our regional youth rally. The theme of the day was

‘Brave’. It was a time of fellowship, food and fun but

most importantly everyone went back to their hometowns

feeling brave knowing God is by their side.

The young people from Bathurst and Orange churches

were actively involved in every aspect of organising this

event. It was a very successful day with people coming

from as far away as Griffith, Narromine, Oberon, Canberra

and Albury.

The Central Tablelands youth worship team did a great

job of leading everyone in singing, and the catering

team kept everyone well fed.Our speaker, Jameson

Pulelisi (Jay) presented an excellent message, and his

relaxed and genuine delivery was well received.

After closing Sabbath, our day continued at Jump Inflatables,

which brought out the inner child in almost

everyone (we’ll get you on that bouncy castle next time

Pastor Ray). Highlights were the inflatable obstacle

course and giant slide, not to mention a friendly game

of footy on the side.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in making

this such an enjoyable day.

- Megan Jones & Kylie Pulling

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