November 17

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the magazine<br />

Peebles Old Parish<br />

Church of Scotland<br />

with<br />

Eddleston Parish<br />

Church of Scotland<br />

<strong>November</strong> 20<strong>17</strong>

Daily<br />

Worship<br />

in Peebles Old Parish,10am<br />

Daily Worship Leaders Nov/Dec<br />

Mon. 6th Frances Carrol Matt 13:36‐43 <strong>November</strong><br />

Tues. 7th Lorrain Mahon Matt 13:44‐52<br />

Wed. 8th Tom Fairbairn Matt 13:53‐58<br />

Thurs.9th Janette Cameron Matt 14:1‐12<br />

Fri. 10th Calum Macdougall Matt 14:13‐21<br />

Sat. 11th Janet Macdougall Matt 14:22‐36<br />

Mon. 13th Geoff Goldstraw Matt 15:1‐20<br />

Tues. 14th Isabelle Coghill Matt 15:21‐28<br />

Wed. 15th Mary Wight Matt 15:29‐39<br />

Thurs.16th Alistair Robertson Matt 16:1‐12<br />

Fri. <strong>17</strong>th Lily Swinney Matt 16:13‐20<br />

Sat. 18th Pauline Copeland Matt 16:21‐28<br />

Mon. 20th Marjorie Renton Matt <strong>17</strong>:1‐13<br />

Tues. 21st Tom Mills Matt <strong>17</strong>:14‐21<br />

Wed. 22nd Wilma Barrett Matt <strong>17</strong>:22‐27<br />

Thurs. 23rd Cathy Davidson Matt 18:1‐9<br />

Fri. 24th Frances Carrol Matt 18:10‐20<br />

Sat. 25th Rachel Forsyth Matt 18:21‐35<br />

Mon.27th Janette Cameron 1 Pet 1:1‐12<br />

Tues. 28th Elizabeth Parker 1 Pet 1:13‐25<br />

Wed.29th Geoff Goldstraw 1 Pet 2:1‐10<br />

Thur.30th Isabelle Coghill 1 Pet 2:11‐25<br />

Fri. 1st Janette Cameron 1 Pet 3:13‐4‐6 December<br />

Sat. 2nd Elizabeth Parker 1 Pet 4:7‐19<br />

Mon. 4th Geoff Goldstraw Mic 4:1‐5<br />

Tues. 5th Isabelle Coghill Mic 4:6‐13<br />

Wed. 6th Alistair Robertson Mic 5:1‐5a<br />

Thur.7th Lily Swinney Hos 6:1‐6<br />

Fri. 8th Marjorie Renton Jer 1:4‐10<br />

Sat. 9th Janet Macdougall Ezek 36:24‐28<br />

From early in their history, the church has developed forms of daily worship.<br />

At the Reformation, the people were encouraged to join in daily worship in<br />

their parish churches, and the 1564 book of Common Order made provision<br />

for daily services<br />

Please see the notice in the What we’re up to pages

Pastoral letter<br />

<strong>November</strong> 20<strong>17</strong><br />

As we enter the final two months of the year so we come to the Worship<br />

Season in our Year of Renewal.<br />

Generations that learned the Shorter Catechism knew well that our “chief end<br />

is to glorify God and enjoy Him for ever”, a reminder, as if we needed it, that<br />

the primary purpose of the Church is to worship and glorify God. All that we<br />

seek to be and all that we seek to do results from that fundamental reason<br />

for our being: the worship of God.<br />

Different denominations and even different congregations within broad<br />

denominations like our own Presbyterian tradition have their own particular<br />

styles of worship and that surely is a good thing because liturgy and form are,<br />

to some extent, shaped by cultural influences. We grow to be comfortable<br />

with what is familiar to us. Equally, however, it is good to be exposed to a<br />

different st yle from t ime t o t ime. Language, movement ,<br />

music, colour and the use of silence can all have<br />

important roles in aiding our devotions and when we<br />

encounter a strand or strands that seem alien to us we<br />

can come to a deeper understanding of our own liturgy.<br />

Through the months of <strong>November</strong> and December we<br />

observe notable season in our worship: All Saints,<br />

Remembrance and of course Advent. No attempt<br />

whatsoever will be made to detract from the dignity and<br />

tradition that are inherent in our marking of those seasons but from now until<br />

the end of the year varying approaches, complexions and patterns will be<br />

introduced in an attempt to enrich our appreciation of both the form and<br />

purpose of worship.<br />

If some of those forthcoming innovations unsettle you then part of the<br />

purpose will have been achieved because worship, whether in private or in<br />

Church, should not provide us with a cosy comfort zone from which we are<br />

reluctant to move. In our glorification and enjoyment of God we ought<br />

constantly to experience God’s presence nudging us, pushing and sometimes<br />

dragging us into unknown and unfamiliar territory.<br />

I hope our Worship Season can be an enriching<br />

experience for all of us.<br />

With all my love,<br />


News from<br />

Peebles & Eddleston<br />

What we’re up to.<br />

A Bite and a Blether<br />

Come along to the Village Hall on a Wednesday from 11.30am - 1.00pm and enjoy<br />

meeting and chatting with friends, neighbours and making new friends. A bacon<br />

roll or vegetarian alternative, tea, coffee and home baking is available for a<br />

donation of £2.50. A warm welcome awaits.<br />

Christmas Fair<br />

2nd December 20<strong>17</strong> 10 am – 12 noon –<br />

MacFarlane Hall<br />

We’ll have all the usual stalls including<br />

home baking, crafts, gifts, books etc.<br />

and so donations for any stall or offers of<br />

help will be gratefully received.<br />

Come along for coffee or tea and a chat<br />

with the opportunity to buy some<br />

Christmas gifts.<br />

Stop Press!<br />

Do you remember Anne Derrick's first book 'What were we like?!' ? Well, due to<br />

popular demand, it is going to be reprinted and will be on sale at Whitie's very<br />

soon. Watch this space and the local press for details. Price £5 in aid of church<br />

funds.<br />

Stained Glass and Humble Bricks<br />

A collection of poetry inspired by a lifetime of<br />

public service<br />

Introduction<br />

Haisley Moore will re-introduce you to Hannibal<br />

whose "elephants flattened the Alps," and have you<br />

drinking a toast to the JCB which produced the new<br />

housing estate ... "A Labour of love with a<br />

shuddering shove".<br />

You will find yourself sympathising with Julius<br />

Caesar who "Came, saw, and was conned"; you will<br />

admire t he Post man… "Modern ghost of the Penny Post… the ubiquitous one

who will not quit". You'll find yourself alongside the runner "Pounding oxygen<br />

from the reluctant earth", and the OAP, bewildered in a modern Supermarket;<br />

you will re-live the tension of the first flight with the Wright Brothers then<br />

head straight for the Moon with Neil Armstrong, and you'll end up applauding<br />

the prize-winning plucky Utopia, who at the Apocalypse "Gives Pandora's Box one<br />

God-almighty shove". Whoever else you meet in these pages, you'll bump into<br />

yourself and will get help to unravel your regrets, "Knots in the thread of time…<br />

tightly tied”, and you will be amused at yourself with your "affection bursting<br />

in a spray of laughter”. Whether you are a stained-glass work of art that has<br />

"Been tempered in High Street heat", or a humble brick "With feet of clay and<br />

heart of gold" that holds civilisation together, come inside and meet yourself<br />

and these other wonderful people.<br />

Frances Carrol (Tel 721296 ) & Isobelle Coghill ( Tel 723346 ) have agreed to be<br />

local agents! This Christmas Stocking Poetry Book sells for £5, Sales proceeds will<br />

go to the proposed Renovation Fund in each Congregation.<br />

Wanted<br />

Once again I am having a stall at the Christmas Coffee Morning on Sat Dec 2nd.<br />

I am looking for NEW items, anything really that you don't have a use for and<br />

someone else might buy.<br />

Please bring along any Sunday and give to Eddie or bring along on Friday 1st<br />

between 10 and 12 or call if you need items collected. 0<strong>17</strong>2<strong>17</strong>22860.<br />

Have a clear out before Christmas

Fabric Committee Report<br />

Proposed Renovation to Church property for<br />

consideration of the Kirk Session & Congregation<br />

T. Allister Jamieson DA(Edin) RIAS RIBA (rt)<br />

Fabric Convener<br />

Observations.<br />

We are conscious at this time that the Old Parish Church has existed for 130 years<br />

since opening in 1887, 109 years after the previous Church on the same Castle Hill<br />

site, and 132 years since the foundation stone was laid by Lord Elcho, Earl of<br />

Wemyss & March on 9 th September 1885 We commend these Congregations and<br />

Kirk Sessions for their exemplary stewardship of the Church property over the<br />

years, especially for their astute attention to the conservation of the property and<br />

fabric in particular, without which we would not be in such a relatively privileged<br />

situation as we are today. Also we should take this opportunity to pay tribute to<br />

the Architect, Mr. William Young, the Contractor, Mr. Alexander White, including<br />

their magnificent skilled workforce of masons, carpenters and slaters etc. who<br />

collectively provided admirable, well-constructed and finished buildings to the<br />

highest standards, another reason we are yet fortunate today. Finally, our<br />

appreciation to our Heritors, Lord Elcho, 8 th Earl of Wemyss & March, Sir John Hay,<br />

Bart, several prominent members of the Congregation, The Burgh and others who<br />

provided the means to enable the New Church to become established due to their<br />

stunning support and donations.<br />

The proposed Renovation project is<br />

considered a major development for<br />

the Congregation and Kirk Session,<br />

which will take time to fully<br />

materialise, as most will acknowledge,<br />

however, enlightened and professional<br />

determination to enhance the<br />

wellbeing and future direction of the<br />

Old Parish could establish the required<br />

Renovation and Vision 20<strong>17</strong> works,<br />

earlier rather than later.<br />

Subject to the Consultants final<br />

proposals and cost analysis, and the<br />

Congregation / Kirk Session granting<br />

approval to proceed with any selected<br />

Renovation programme, the Church<br />

Fundraising Committee shall be<br />

charged to raise and secure the<br />

required renovation costs, through<br />

application to all National and local<br />

Trusts, our Fabric Fund, Congregation<br />

and Community donations, and<br />

Peebles Old Parish Church<br />

Proposed Renovation to Church<br />

Property for consideration of the<br />

Kirk Session & Congregation<br />

September 20<strong>17</strong>

assistance from the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland and our<br />

Presbytery.<br />

We look forward to obtaining the opinions of as many Congregation members as<br />

possible, large or small, for or against, in order to achieve comprehensive and<br />

inclusive proposals, determined by Congregation on the way forward for the Old<br />

Parish Church of Peebles.<br />

Peebles Old Parish Church Fabric Committee<br />

Over the last year, and especially at each Kirk Session meeting, the Fabric<br />

Committee have reported, presented and suggested that within the Church<br />

property there are several major elements concerning in particular, the Church<br />

Interior, and the Church Hall Roof, which, due mainly to wear and tear over the<br />

years, that are now in need of general repair, renovation or depending on the<br />

Fabric condition and or alternative opinion, replacement may in some cases be an<br />

appropriate Fabric option.<br />

In the February & April 20<strong>17</strong> editions of the Church Magazine a number of the<br />

major Fabric elements were presented, combined with the additional suggestions<br />

to help improve our Church’s function, based on our Year of Renewal 20<strong>17</strong> Vision,<br />

for the Congregation and the Kirk Session to consider and provide opinion,<br />

individually or collectively, in order we can address the issues raised and develop<br />

intent for the future extended life and benefit of the Church property, Church’s<br />

progression and that of the Congregation.<br />

We record the previous stated Fabric and functional elements presented hereunder<br />

for review.<br />

Church Interior.<br />

1. Renovation of the Chancel Oak panelling, including the Oak furnishings<br />

2. Existing Marble and exposed Timber floor finish, consider refurbishment and<br />

or replacement with alternative materials<br />

3. Existing Church timber Pews, renovation including Pew cushions. Possible<br />

reconfiguration of some Pews and introduction of individual seats, all in<br />

mat c hing c omplement ary mat erials.<br />

4. Reconsideration of all interior Church Lighting, to provide general and task<br />

appropriate lighting, functionally adjustable and economic.<br />

5. Adjustments to church heating system, dependent upon any new<br />

configuration of the Church interior.<br />

6. Exposed Church roof woodwork, examine and renovate.<br />

7. Existing interior Church Masonry, clean and renovate<br />

8. Provide Regulation a Fire Detection Alarm system for the Church and<br />

incorporate Gallery stairs Fire safety requirements, including emergency<br />

lighting and fire doors/handrails, etc.<br />

New functional areas proposed within the Church interior.<br />

1. Create a Welcome Area and information point for visitors.<br />

2. Create a bookstall & Gift commercial outlet.<br />

3. Create a Display/exhibition area, local Church /Burgh history, etc.

4 Create informal meeting space/coffee service/disabled toilet.<br />

5. Create a Quiet Prayer area in the sanctuary of the Church.<br />

6. Depending or options selected, adjustments to the Vestibule glazed screen.<br />

Vestibule area and Main entrance doors should be considered<br />

Church Hall roof waterproofing<br />

1 A new Architectural Design study should be carried out and implemented to<br />

ascertain a preferred permanent economic waterproof solution for the Church<br />

Hall roof<br />

Conclusions.<br />

To incorporate all or some of the suggested new functional areas and the potential<br />

reconfiguration of the interior seating arrangements etc. the existing Church<br />

accommodation plans require to be professionally design studied, as an<br />

precursor, we have suggested 4 diagrammatic sketch examples for use in<br />

considering potential concept solutions.<br />

The Church of Scotland has over the years granted approval for several similar<br />

Church renovations, to improve functional conditions, maintain and conserve<br />

the fabric and provide extended and flexible religious service. Some examples<br />

are available for review, some of them may well be known already to<br />

members of t he Congregat ion.<br />

Subsequent to the Congregation and Kirk Session‘s consideration of all the above<br />

information, we suggest all feedback from this consultation will be collated by<br />

the Fabric Committee and a final Design brief prepared, which, after approval<br />

of the Kirk Session, shall be issued to Architectural Conservation qualified<br />

Design Consultants, a selected number of whom have already acknowledged<br />

an interest in assisting the Old Parish Church in a limited Design Competition.<br />

In due course they shall provide their individual competition regulated Design<br />

proposals and costed analysis, all under the auspices of the General Trustees<br />

of the Church of Scotland and our Presbytery.<br />

All and any Congregation/Kirk Session member's opinion or advice on the<br />

Church renovations should be responded to by 8th <strong>November</strong> 20<strong>17</strong> to the<br />

Fabric Committee, in order to collate results prior to Kirk Session<br />

meeting in mid-<strong>November</strong> 20<strong>17</strong><br />

All congregation members are recommended to visit any recently renovated<br />

Churches, to view the premises and where possible, obtain the opinions of their<br />

congregation members and understand the benefits and achievements of their<br />


Peeblesshire Youth Trust<br />

Appeal Christmas 20<strong>17</strong><br />

As festive preparations appear to be commencing all around us, Peeblesshire Youth<br />

Trust (PYT) is once again planning the delivery of 70-80 Christmas food hampers to<br />

families with young children in the local community who are struggling in various<br />

ways as the festive period approaches.<br />

Each year, we rely upon the generosity of local businesses, churches, organisations<br />

and individuals to donate non-perishable goods or funds to fill our hampers and I<br />

am writing this letter to check if Peebles Old Parish Church, might be able to very<br />

generously support us by providing goods for our Hampers as they have in the<br />

past.<br />

To give you some idea of our fundraising requirements, each hamper, which<br />

generally contains essential foods, treats, and toiletries, usually contains<br />

approximately £50-£60 worth of goods. As a result we need to find ca. £4000-<br />

£4500 of goods in kind or funds to help us to achieve our goal. Therefore together<br />

with donations we receive from the local Foodbank, any support we receive from<br />

local churches, businesses and organisations across Peeblesshire will go a long way<br />

to bringing some much needed festive cheer to families nominated to receive our<br />

hampers by Social Services, Health Services, local schools and the Citizens Advice<br />

Bureau.<br />

I appreciate that the church is likely to be supporting all sorts of good causes and<br />

fundraising initiatives over the Festive Period and may have to focus on other<br />

priorities this year. However if this is not the case and the congregation is in a<br />

position to support us we would be delighted if they might consider collecting some<br />

crackers, oatcakes or biscuits for cheese, for inclusion in this year’s hampers by<br />

way of a treat for nominated families.<br />

My contact details are at the foot of this email and, as I'm keen to allocate<br />

individual hamper items on our core list at the earliest opportunity and to collect<br />

these during the first week of December, I would be really grateful if you could call<br />

me or drop me a note at your earliest convenience to confirm details of any<br />

support you may be able to provide.<br />

I look forward to hearing further from you in due course and, in closing, take this<br />

opportunity to thank you for any consideration given to the above request.<br />

Grace Mitchell<br />

A link to our website where you will find details of PYT:-<br />


Friends of the<br />

Old Parish Church<br />

http://www.friendsofpeeblesold.org.uk/<br />

We are now under way with our project to set up a new organisation called Friends of<br />

Peebles Old<br />

The plan is that it will be an independent charity which would exist for the primary<br />

purpose of raising funds for the maintenance of the church.<br />

Where can I find out more?<br />

Have a look at the landing page for our website at:<br />

http://www.friendsofpeeblesold.org.uk/ This is simply a<br />

home page that will be filled out as we get underway. Willie<br />

Nicoll is looking after the build of the website and there are<br />

more pages to come. We’ll also be posting on the TOPCOP<br />

and Peeblesshire W4 Facebook pages from time to time. If<br />

you have any suggestions or would be willing to assist then<br />

contact Willie on 01896 833508.<br />

Who can become a Friend?<br />

Anyone, anywhere who has an interest in preserving the Old<br />

Parish Church of Peebles and its heritage. You just have to<br />

think about how the building helps you if you live in and<br />

around Peebles. You might be part of one of the groups that<br />

meet within its walls, you could look on as it becomes part of<br />

the spectacle of our Beltane week, you might have it in a<br />

favourite view or photograph of Peebles, You could just find<br />

the clock handy as you drive past or you might even have<br />

been inside it!<br />

What are Friends for?<br />

They will support the maintenance and improvement of the<br />

fabric of the church. Like many churches, Peebles Old has a<br />

continual need for regular repairs and conservation work.<br />

Friends will help to contribute towards the costs of<br />

preserving the fabric, repairs, replacement of major items and help with the maintenance<br />

costs of fixtures of special interest. In recent years it’s true that fewer folk need the<br />

building as a church however it’s our duty to ensure that it survives for future generations<br />

in the town as they might need it more than us.<br />

The Friends of Peebles Old will be an independent charity. It will not be under the control<br />

of the Kirk Session.<br />

Our next steps<br />

We now have a small group running to take this idea forward and we’ll need more effort<br />

to help us administer the charity so if you’d like to be involved there’s still time so<br />

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the steering Committee or knows of<br />

someone who might be interested should contact Ronald Ireland Tel. 720592 or<br />

Willie Nicoll Tel. 01896 833508

Songs of Praise Remembered<br />

Anne Derrick<br />

(The Editor knew someone would remember<br />

…many thanks again Anne)<br />

It was 1984<br />

Those of us who remember this event will<br />

also recollect that it wasn’t just Songs of<br />

Praise. Two other services were recorded<br />

over the same period, with all the extra<br />

rehearsals required. Hence the expression<br />

‘A month of Sundays’, which I can assure<br />

you was what it felt like! I kept a copy of<br />

the choir’s schedule in my scrapbook and<br />

here it is:<br />

The other two<br />

services were an<br />

Advent service<br />

and a Service for<br />

the Last Sunday of<br />

the Year. Since<br />

that was recorded<br />

in <strong>November</strong>, we<br />

had to pretend it<br />

was the last<br />

Sunday of the<br />

year.<br />

The hymns chosen<br />

for the Songs of<br />

Praise service<br />

were O come O<br />

come Emmanuel,<br />

The Lord will come and not be slow, Jesus calls us o’er the tumult, Far round the<br />

World (sung by a children’s choir from the High School), Mine eyes have seen the<br />

glory, Behold the Mountain of the Lord, I to the hills will lift mine eyes, Before the<br />

day draws near its ending.<br />

You were given all the hymns printed in a little booklet which you were not<br />

supposed to keep – somehow I did – and in which you were exhorted to ‘watch the<br />

conductor, stand and sit quickly and quietly and ignore the cameras’.<br />

After all that, it’s no wonder it’s etched firmly in the memory of those who were<br />

there! Great stuff – and we were all 33 years younger then too!

Every three months, an assortment of clergy and ecumenically minded lay reps<br />

gather deep in the catacombs of the Old Parish church. We meet in the hope of<br />

finding ways to deepen fellowship among Peebles churchgoers and to serve the<br />

local community practically, socially and spiritually. The fruits of our discussions<br />

have included the Big Sunday Festival, joint services at Easter, and the 24-hour<br />

prayer event held back in January. We have many other ideas, however, that are<br />

currently waiting to be brought to life. The hope is that by improving<br />

communication through updates in church magazines and notice sheets we can find<br />

individuals with the vision and commitment to do just that. We need you! So,<br />

please do contact clergy or your church rep if you would like to be involved in any<br />

of the following ways of living out Jesus’ command to ‘love one another’.<br />

Christmas tableau: We hope to have a ‘moving nativity scene’ at the Christmas<br />

Lights Switch-on this year. We need ‘actors’ to dress up as Mary, Joseph, kings and<br />

shepherds and walk among the shoppers, reminding us of what the fuss is all<br />

about!<br />

Ecumenical prayer: Prayer is central to our faith, and we hope to offer occasional<br />

prayer meetings hosted by the various churches on a rota basis. The launch is<br />

planned for the Week of Christian Unity in January 2018. If you are drawn to<br />

prayer, please get in touch.<br />

Diary of events for the elderly: Many churches put on events for the elderly.<br />

Charlotte Hamilton is compiling a diary of these events, which will then be<br />

publicised throughout the town. Suggestions welcome.<br />

International friendship event: We would like to show the local community that<br />

all are welcome in Peebles, so have been wondering about hosting some sort of<br />

social event (a ceilidh or meal, perhaps) for residents from beyond the UK. Party<br />

planners needed!<br />

Easter Passion Play: We occasionally bring up the possibility of putting on a<br />

Passion Play in Peebles (on the High Street or at Cross Kirk). A potential director is<br />

needed to assess whether this is viable.<br />

Lay contacts<br />

Baptist church: Lindsey Gray (lindsey@spinningfish.net; 0<strong>17</strong>21 729101)<br />

Old Parish church: Janette Cameron (jinty40@btinternet.com) and Isabelle<br />

Coghill<br />

Quakers: Helen Holt (helenholt.peebles@gmail.com)<br />

St Andrew’s Leckie Memorial church: Sue Thurston<br />

(eucharisteo@btinternet.com; 07811 978124) and Nancy Hutchinson<br />

(nancy.hutchinson@btinternet.com; 07512 859861)<br />

St Joseph’s: Charlotte Hamilton (charlotte.dhamilton@yahoo.co.uk)<br />

St Peter’s: Sylvia Butler<br />

For more information on the PCT, visit www.peebleschurchestogether.org.uk

Sleep in the Park – a mass sleep-out to<br />

end homelessness in Scotland. For Good<br />

Rt. Revd Dr Derek Browning<br />

Dear Friends<br />

Saturday 9 th December 20<strong>17</strong><br />

Social Bite, a proactive charity working around Scotland with and for homeless<br />

people, is organising the world's largest ever sleep-out and are hoping to attract<br />

9,000 people to Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens. The charity hopes that by<br />

raising funds and working together, the people of Scotland will create such an<br />

impetus that homelessness will be eradicated over a five-year period. The aim is<br />

not only to find provision for housing, but also to provide rehabilitation, job<br />

opportunities and support that will help people get back on their feet and find their<br />

place within society. The hope is that the many charities who work in these areas<br />

might also link up to provide ongoing support and care.<br />

The vision is to make Scotland an example for the whole world to follow. We know<br />

we are a small country, but we are also a nation of innovators, explorers, and<br />

philanthropists. We are a small country with a big and generous heart.<br />

At Christmas time there are many legitimate calls upon our time and our<br />

generosity. There are so many worthwhile charities and causes to support. But<br />

there is for Christians something compelling about the reality of homelessness that<br />

lies near the heart of the Christmas story. The homeless Christ-child, the refugee<br />

Holy Family.<br />

Social Bite have gathered together a range of amazing people to the sleep-out.<br />

John Cleese, Deacon Blue, Rob Brydon, Sir Bob Geldof, Liam Gallagher and Amy<br />

Macdonald who will be present on the night.<br />

You might not be able to take part yourself, a cold winter night in a park in<br />

December won't be possible for everyone. But you might know someone in your<br />

Church or workplace, a child or grandchild, a student friend or someone in a<br />

uniformed organisation, school, or a company who might be able to get involved<br />

individually or as a group. The challenge is for each individual to raise a minimum<br />

of £100 towards the cause. 2,000 people have already signed up. There's still some<br />

way to go to reach 9,000 people.<br />

Find out more at www.SleepInThePark.co.uk or register<br />

at www.SleepInThePark.co.uk/register.<br />

You can also watch this short video: https://drive.google.com/a/capitalevents.co.uk/file/d/0B8k2l12zCl89d2JmVVlNVEZVRjg/view?usp=drive_web<br />

I am praying for 1,000 connected to the Church of Scotland will sign up. Will you<br />

join in?<br />

Rt Revd Dr Derek Browning<br />

Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Words of Wisdom<br />

Things Cut Off, Things Cut Back<br />

‘So (you) will produce even more fruit.’ John 15:2 NLT<br />

Jesus said the vine dresser ‘cuts off every branch… that doesn’t produce fruit,<br />

and he prunes (cuts back) the branches that do bear fruit so they…produce<br />

even more.’ Notice two things:<br />

1. God cuts some things off. ‘What kind of things?’ Things you’re comfortable<br />

with but that stand in the way of your progress. Things He hasn’t chosen<br />

for you. Things that will bring you trouble. Things that refuse to change.<br />

Things that have served their purpose.<br />

2. God cuts some things<br />

back. A fruit tree that’s just been<br />

pruned certainly doesn’t look its best.<br />

And when God starts cutting back<br />

certain things in your life in order to<br />

redirect your energies, for a while<br />

you may not look so good either.<br />

Sometimes this means letting go of<br />

things you thought would always be<br />

there, or reprioritising your life,<br />

making do with less for a while, or<br />

not being able to explain to your<br />

loved ones why you’re going through the pruning process. But life-giving<br />

sap flowing into a barren branch with no potential for fruitfulness is a<br />

waste! And so is time, attention, and energy taken from first things and<br />

given to second and third things.<br />

Understand this: God knows what needs to be cut off in your life, and He<br />

knows what needs cut back. And although you may not understand what<br />

He’s doing, pray: ‘Send whoever You will and take away whoever You will.<br />

I’ll praise You when they come and I’ll praise You when they go, because<br />

Your approval is my reward and Your purpose is my reason to live.’<br />

This is reproduced with kind permission from United Christian Broadcasters (UCB)<br />

Word for Today. Copies can be obtained from them at<br />

UCB Operations Centre, Westport Road, Stoke on<br />

Trent, ST6 4JF They can be reached on 0845 6040401<br />

or at www.ucb.co.uk



<strong>November</strong> 5 Tom Fairbairn Joshua 3:7-<strong>17</strong><br />

St Matthew 23:1-12<br />

12 Remembrance Sunday Joshua 24:1-3a and 14-25<br />

St Matthew 25:1-13<br />

19 Janette Cameron Judges 4:1-7<br />

St Matthew 25:14-30<br />

26 Readings for Eddleston Ephesians 1:15-23<br />

St Matthew 25:31-46<br />

26 Peebles – Service to mark 130th Anniversary of the<br />

present church building.<br />

December 3 Ronald Ireland Isaiah 64:1-9<br />

St Mark 13:24-37<br />

DUTIES<br />

10 Margaret Ireland Isaiah 40:1-11<br />

St Mark 1:1-8<br />

<strong>17</strong> Isabelle Coghill Isaiah 61:1-4 and 8-11<br />

St John 1:6-8 and 19-28<br />

24 Frances Carrol 2 Samuel 7:1-11 and 16<br />

St Luke 1:26-38<br />

31 Elspeth Knowles Isaiah 61:10-62:3<br />

St Luke 2:22-40<br />

<strong>November</strong> Janette Cameron Drew Lowe<br />

December Frances Carrol Allister Jamieson<br />

Fiona Fleming<br />

Elizabeth Parker<br />

Please note: Elders unable to undertake any of the above duties are asked to<br />

arrange for a substitute and let either of the Session Clerks or Ruth Kerr know.<br />

Duty elders should be in place by 9.30am. On the first Sunday of the month,<br />

when there is an evening service, one of the duty elders should be in place for<br />

5.30pm.<br />


<strong>November</strong> Ruby Buchan Archie Cameron<br />


<strong>November</strong> 5 Fiona Taylor (am)<br />

Kirsty Davidson (pm)<br />

12 Mary Hudson<br />

19 Kenny Davidson<br />

26 Anne Derrick


<strong>November</strong><br />

Sunday 5th 11.45am Worship4All –Twenty-second after Pentecost<br />

Sunday 12th 10.50am Service for Remembrance Sunday<br />

Sunday 19th 11.45am Morning Worship Twenty-Fourth after Pentecost<br />

Sunday 26th 10am Morning Worship – Christ the King<br />

December<br />

Sunday 3rd 11.45am Morning Worship – First Sunday in Advent<br />


<strong>November</strong><br />

Sunday 5th 10am<br />

6pm<br />

Morning Worship – Twenty-second after Pentecost<br />

Monthly Evening Service<br />

Sunday 12th 10am Remembrance Sunday – Short Service<br />

followed by Service at the County War Memorial<br />

Sunday 19th 10am BREAKFAST CHURCH in the MacFarlane Hall<br />

(Breakfast from 9.30am)<br />

Sunday 26th 10am Service to mark 130th Anniversary of the Present<br />

Building followed by Soup and Sandwich Lunch<br />

December<br />

Sunday 3rd<br />


10am<br />

6pm<br />

Morning Worship – First Sunday in Advent<br />

Monthly Evening Service<br />



Sunday 8th October Fergus James, son of Kirstie Cowe and Scott Raeburn,<br />

1 Crookston Cottages, Peebles<br />

DEATH<br />

11th October Mrs Joanne Mellors, 1 Halyrude Court, Peebles<br />


Rev Haisley Moore and Mrs Jill Moore, 1/2 Dovecot Court,<br />

Dovecot Road, Peebles by Certificates of Transference

Flower Calendar<br />

Convenor: Janet Macdougall 720568<br />

Novem<br />

5 Donors<br />

12<br />

Arranger<br />

Distributor<br />

Arranger<br />

19 Donors<br />

Arranger<br />

Distibutor<br />

26 Donors<br />

Arranger<br />

Distributor<br />

Mrs K Ritchie<br />

Mrs Mason<br />

Janet Macdougall<br />

Janet Macdougall<br />

Remembrance Sunday<br />

Stephanie Porter<br />

Mrs E Douglas,<br />

Mrs C Davidson<br />

Mrs E Diggins<br />

Caroline Lazenby<br />

Sally Thorburn<br />

Mr J. & Mrs E. Fairless<br />

Patty Watson<br />

Marianne Ewart<br />

De<br />

3 Donor<br />

Arranger<br />

Distributor<br />

Mrs Nancy Forsyth<br />

Elizabeth Douglas<br />

Janet Macdougall<br />

10 Christmas Flowers<br />

<strong>17</strong> Christmas Flowers<br />

24 Christmas Flowers<br />

31 Christmas Flowers<br />


Eddleston<br />

Total Offerings for October 20<strong>17</strong> £731.61<br />

Total Offerings for October 2016 £739.35<br />

Total offerings for the first 10 months of 20<strong>17</strong> £6,334.94<br />

Total offerings for the first 10 months of 2016 £6,939.45<br />

Decrease in giving over 2016 £604.51<br />

<strong>November</strong> has been a busy month so apologies that some items have been<br />

held over to the December edition.<br />

Even the joke page has had to go this month!

A very warm welcome to<br />

Our Organisations<br />

You’ll receive a warm welcome at any of our groups, whose details are given<br />

below. For further information about each organisation, please see our website<br />

www.topcop.org.uk<br />

Group Where and when we meet Contact<br />

All children welcome.<br />

Monica Aikman<br />

MacFarlane Hall Sundays in term time 0<strong>17</strong>21 729041<br />

at 10.00am<br />

The Ten o’<br />

Clock Club<br />

Choir<br />

SHARE<br />

Girls’<br />

Brigade<br />

Flower<br />

Committee<br />

Bellringers’<br />

Group<br />

Guild of<br />

Friendship<br />

Traidcraft<br />

Song School<br />

Thursdays 7.30-9.00pm (not July and<br />

August)<br />

We meet in the MacFarlane Hall, once a<br />

month at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon.<br />

Dates will be announced.<br />

MacFarlane Hall<br />

Wednesdays in school terms<br />

Explorers (P1 – P3) 6.00-7.00pm<br />

Juniors and Brigaders 7.00-8.15pm<br />

Meets once a year as a whole group,<br />

Members take their turn at arranging the<br />

flowers in church each week and at major<br />

religious festivals.<br />

Members take their turn on the Sunday<br />

Bell ringing rota and ring on other<br />

community occasions if they wish.<br />

Members meet together twice a year. The<br />

Guild visits housebound members of the<br />

congregation. The number of homes and<br />

frequency of visits is flexible and can<br />

easily be arranged to suit the availability<br />

of the Visitor<br />

Members take turns at the purpose-built<br />

cupboard selling Fairtrade goods after<br />

morning worship each Sunday<br />

‘Green Team’ Help to provide ideas for each of us to<br />

better care for God’s creation.<br />

Toddlers’ MacFarlane Hall<br />

Group Tuesdays in school terms. 9.30-11.00am<br />

Bacon Rolls<br />


Friday mornings. Join a team taking your<br />

turn preparing and serving Bacon Rolls.<br />

Each team is ‘on’ once every 6 weeks.<br />

Great fun!<br />

Sarah Brown<br />

(Director of Music)<br />

07597 394059<br />

Cathy Davidson<br />

01896 830419<br />

Catriona Steven<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 723669<br />

Janet Macdougall<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 720568<br />

Anne Derrick<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 721075<br />

Elizabeth Fairless<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 720344<br />

Dorothy Russel<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 720583<br />

Please speak to the<br />

Minister or Session<br />

Clerks<br />

Janette Cameron<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 722528

Who’s Who at Peebles & Eddleston<br />

Minister:<br />

Rev. Calum Macdougall<br />

The Manse, 7 Clement Gunn Square<br />

Peebles EH45 8LW<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 720568<br />

calum@topcop.org.uk<br />

Joint Session Clerk:<br />

sessionclerk@topcop.org.uk<br />

Ordained Local Minister:<br />

Rev. Pamela Strachan<br />

Glenhighton, Broughton<br />

ML12 6JF<br />

01899 830423<br />

Joint Session Clerk:<br />

sessionclerk@topcop.org.uk<br />

Organist & Choir<br />

Leader:<br />

Sarah Brown<br />

16a Cross Street, Peebles<br />

07597394059<br />

music@topcop.org.uk<br />

Church Administrator:<br />

Ruth Kerr<br />

07845122356<br />

admin@topcop.org.uk<br />

Beadle:<br />

Edward Knowles<br />

56 Eliot’s Park, Peebles.<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 722860<br />

Roll Keeper Data Officer:<br />

Alison Duncan<br />

House: 721033<br />

Mobile: 07707 00<strong>17</strong>95<br />

Eco Church Coordinator<br />

Peebles:<br />

Could this be you?<br />

Eddleston Treasurer:<br />

Archie Smellie<br />

Hattonknowe, Eddleston.<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 730282<br />

Bellringers Team<br />

Leader:<br />

Anne Derrick<br />

Edderston Road, Peebles<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 721075<br />

Eddleston Session Clerk,<br />

Organist & Choir<br />

Director: Lorraine<br />

Mulholland<br />

Millbank, Eddleston.<br />

0<strong>17</strong>21 730332<br />

Lorajazz@aol.com<br />

Registered charities (Peebles) SC013316 (Eddleston) SC010081

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