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Complications With Cenforce

What is the main purpose of Cenforce


• Cenforce tablets are meant for managing the

erection of a male who is facing erection

difficulties during their intimacy sessions. A

person could reside on Cenforce tablets with a

trust as this medicine does give you desired

sensual acts with your moves and harder

penile. Sildenafil Citrate is the active moiety

present in the Cenforce medicine.

When the need to take Cenforce

medicine is coming up?

• When a person is sensually active, his body

produces nitric oxide in his genitals that

further releases cGMP component. This cGMP

is essential for the flow of blood towards the

penile section giving it enough pressure to

hold the erection. An enzyme PDE5 inhibits

the action of cGMP and brings down the

blood flow giving a soft erection throughout

the activity.

How Cenforce acts upon the failed


• Upon taking Sildenafil tablets, the activity of

the PDE5 enzyme is suppressed giving a

decrease in the concentration of cGMP

component. Sildenafil Citrate also gives an

enhancement in the cGMP component and

helps in the increased blood flow towards the

penile section. This blood flow provides

enough pressure to the penile so that it could

maintain the erection for longer time.

What is the appropriate dosing

regimen for Cenforce?

• Number of tablet in a single day: Only one tablet

• Time for intake of tablet: At least 50 to 60

minutes before sensual act

• Minimum time to get the effect: 30 minutes

• Maximum time up to which effect remains: 5 to 6


• Route of administration: Orally with plenty of


• Food intake: No such alternate effect if observed

when taken with food or without food

What could be the opposing factors

along with Cenforce tablets?

Following are some of the rare to rare

contradictory conditions in which a male is not

supposed to take Cenforce tablets:

• Allergic to any of the component

• Already depending on nitrate drugs

• Having liver of kidney dysfunction

• Suffering from penile deformity issue or

retinitis pigmentosa

What are some precautionary tips to

be kept in mind with Cenforce


Anyone if wants to use Cenforce medicine; he should

make sure he follows the following tips:

• No alcohol consumption during the medication period

• No allowance to be used in the person below the age

of 18 years

• No heavy meal before or after the intake of Cenforce


• No activity that needs proper attention should be done

just after the intake of Cenforce medicine

• Elder patients should be more cautious during the


What can be the possible undesirable

outcomes along with Cenforce


• Following are some countable side effects with Cenforce


• Dizziness, drowsiness

• Nausea, vomiting, headache

• Mood swings

• Muscle cramps

• Stomach discomfort

• Swelling of hands or feet

• Blurring of vision

• Painful erection

• Loss of libido and loss of concentration

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