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generous meal portions. We thoroughly enjoyed the

tropical Balinese layout which adds value to our

experience of being on a tropical island.

In the morning, we woke up with the gentle sounds

of the waves lapping the beach. Immediately we headed

towards the crystal clear waters for a morning swim

followed by a nice stroll through the tropical walk ways

admiring the foliage of hibiscus, coconut trees and

tropical ferns making our way back to the restaurant for


After breakfast we decided to take a tour on a boat

made with a glass bottom window for viewing. We

cruised over numerous coral reefs to view the most

beautiful fish we’ve ever seen. Of varied species which

are native to the Southern Great Barrier including parrot

fish, bat fish, clown fish, grouper and many more,

fortunately it was a sunny day which gave us opportunity

to view the variety of colours of different corals which are

also native to the reef.

Upon returning we decided to take a delightful stroll

through the tropic forest on our way back to our

beachfront cabin which we had a well-earned rest before

going to dinner.

Dinner at the GKI bar & bistro was absolutely

delightful. I had a beautiful dish of ‘pasta caprice’

concoction of smoked salmon, broccoli & macadamia

nuts, pan-fried with garlic sauce. My daughter Joy chose

the Atlantic grilled salmon complimented with sweet

potato mash & Asian greens. Both meals were quite

substantial and flavoursome. What made it enjoyable

was dining under the cabana overlooking the water

giving us beautiful views with a mixture of sensational

colours of pinks and purples as the sunsets across the


After waking up the next morning we decided to

stroll through the lush tropical gardens the island has to

offer admiring the variety of bird wildlife making our way

for breakfast at GKI restaurant. I had the savoury mince

and scrambled eggs and Joy decided to have the

continental breakfast which consists of a variety of

tropical fruits and yogurts with a choice of cereal.

We then headed to the GKI Adventures shed where

guests can hire water sports equipment ranging from jet

skis, kayaks, snorkels, wakeboarding, knee boarding plus

many more. We decided to play it safe so we took the

offer of hiring the snorkelling equipment for the day then

made our way to Monkey Beach, where we discovered

corals, and variety of tropical fish and sea cucumbers.

Joy managed to see a number of small stingrays whilst

snorkelling in the warm waters along the rocky edge of

monkey beach.

After drying off from our snorkelling adventure we

made our way back to our cabin to rest and get ready for

dinner then headed for the GKI restaurant. I had the

salmon dish again and Joy had a beautiful prawn dish

which was excellent, then retired for the night.

The next day was a classic as I had read my flight back

to Brisbane wrong and the only way we could get back

on time to make my flight was to ask the GKI Hideaway

team for a way back so I could get my connecting flight

so they came up with the idea of jet skis.

So off we went luggage and all both Joy and I flying

across the water on the back of jet skis back to Rosslyn

Bay and met by little Jonnies transport which was lined

up by Amie at GKI Adventures and made the flight on


In summing up the Great Keppel Island Hideaway

both Joy and myself had a wonderful time and would

recommend the Great Keppel Island Hideaway to


COMMANDO NEWS ~ Edition 11 I September 2017 25

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