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Krait’s Farewell

A Special Operations ‘Vice’ found in Trigg in Perth in September 2017 by Jim Truscott

A Never Before Told Story


Horrie Young, Ex Leading Telegraphist RAN, MV Krait, Operation Jaywick 1943

October 18, 1943 saw MW Krait tied up to her

mentor, USS Chanticleer and her crew eagerly waiting

to partake of her ablutions, meals and other comforts.

We were kitted out in US Navy clothing from our own

navy caps and were starting to feel reasonably normal

once more. Lyons and Davidson had departed for

Melbourne to deliver their respective official reports

while Bob Page flown to NSW to be with his future

wife, Roma. Taffy had taken off for Perth to be

hospitalised for treatment to his injured ankle.

The remainder of the crew together with Lieut. Ted

Carse were placed ashore at Potshot to await further

orders. Lieut. Davidson returned after a couple of

weeks and advised us that we would be required to sail

Krait to Darwin and on arrival handed her over to the

Lugger Maintenance Group who were servicing other

SRD bases.

On arrival at Darwin we proceeded to unload her

stores and on completion took up residence in a camp

in a nearby crocodile-infested swamp. We could hear

them barking all night long so there were no night visits

to the toilet.

I was one of the last to leave the ship and after

Davidson’s comment that we could take everything off

the ship except her chronometer and her compass cast

around for something to remind me of Jaywick. It was

at this point I just happened to notice a small vice fitted

to the after engine-room hatchway. I chose to remove

it as it was no longer required for use by our party and

it seemed to be a useful and worthwhile reminder of

Operation Jaywick. I have since passed it onto my

eldest son Brian who was born on the departure date

of Krait’s now famous voyage, and so that is how one

small vice has survived the rigours of World War II,

The Special Operations

‘Vice’ at Brian Young’s

house at Trigg.

View of operational folboat,

17’ 6“ long, 2’ 6” wide,

capacity about 700 lbs,

weapons, stores, explosives,

limpet magnetic mines.

Lieut Ted Carse, MID,


Weapons on the deck of the Krait.

Poppa Falls about 5 miles

from the target area.

Islands very close to Singapore Harbour (10

miles) used by canoeists to launch their attack

against Japanese shipping in the


Left: The Krait approaches

Singapore about 17 miles away.

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