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Viva Brighton Issue #58 December 2017

Get Christmas wrapped up

Get Christmas wrapped up at Sheffield Park & Garden For a relaxed Christmas shopping experience, free parking and a refreshing tearoom, we have it all covered this December. Visit mid-week to enjoy the tranquility of the garden and see the decorated trees sparkle outdoors. Please note: admission fee not applicable for shop & tearoom. #nationaltrust Check online for more details at © National Trust 2017. The National Trust is an independent registered charity, number 205846. Photography © National Trust Images\Jo Grange

PHOTOGRAPHY .................................... Lisa Wolfe and Peter Chrisp Christmas crackers Christmas in Hawaii, 1986 The first Christmas photo that we did was in 1986. It was ‘Christmas in Hawaii’. Lots of people dress up for Christmas cards. They dress up their kids, their dog, themselves, so Peter and I thought we would too and I guess we just didn’t stop. We started fairly modestly, with a little set and bits of costume, and our ambition grew as the years went by. The more we kept doing them, the more people would ask ‘what’s the next one?’ So, now we feel that we can’t stop and we do enjoy it. In the beginning they all had hand-drawn stamps and hand-written messages from the characters to add context to the photographs. It’s all shot in our house with painted backdrops. After Hawaii, we did outer space and then deep-sea diving. Peter is a writer, but he’s also a very good maker, and I’m a painter with a huge dressing up box. They used to be taken on an SLR camera using the self-timer. Peter had to run backwards and forwards and we’d never know if any of them were any good. Now, with a digital camera, we get less sweaty… it was always very sweaty, running around dressed as aliens. We don’t think too long about them. We just make a decision, knock it up and do it. It’s a rare one where we are wearing proper costumes rather than something homemade. They are nearly all fantasy characters except one year when Peter dressed up as Toulouse-Lautrec, and one slight aberration in 2006 when we got married in New York. We found a giant rabbit costume in the apartment where we were staying, so we made one of our witnesses dress up in it took lots of shots on the streets of the city. Whilst they’re great fun, what you’re seeing is a portrait of a partnership; of a life together. I look back and think ‘I was actually quite pretty’, and ‘look at our hair!’ You can see our changing dynamic going through the years and there’s a poignancy about it too. Peter hates me saying this, but at some point, who knows when, it will end. People keep asking ‘when is the book coming out?’ and I’m hoping to do an exhibition of them all one day. For now I’m making a calendar with twelve of the images and this month I’ll be showing them in the Artists Open Houses, upstairs at The Stanley Road Store. As told by Lisa Wolfe to Lizzie Lower Lisa will be at The Stanley Road Store (25 Stanley Road) on Sundays only until the 17th of December. 11am–6pm. ....33....

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