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Welcome to your local magazine

Dear neighbours

When I first started E9 Magazine (as LoveEast

was), I remember one of my interviewees saying

"what will you do when you run out of celebrities

to interview?" I guess he thought people would

only be interested in reading about famous

people. I told him... "that's not what the magazine

is about" and that East London, more than any

other part of the country, was so full of interesting

people that "celebrities" weren't on my radar.

I haven't changed my mind about that. In the

three years since the magazine was born, we

have featured the most interesting and inspiring

people. Some were famous, some not. The

important thing is that we got the chance to shout

about the great work they do.

This edition is no different. Lemn Sissay, MBE,

is probably known to you. He could be called a

celebrity by some, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't

want to be described that way. He is an inspiring

and amazing human being who is making a

huge contribution to community life... and not

only with his poetry. I'm grateful that he's part

of this edition. Find out all about his wonderful

Christmas Dinner initiative on p6.

We also have some pages devoted to shopping

and you don't have to go far to do it. East

London's makers and independent businesses

are the best places to shop for gifts, so keep it

local if you can.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!




Christmas Dinner

with the dazzling and

magnetic Lemn Sissay


Before the YBAs: the

trailblazing East End



Sophie Thompson,

the brains and talent

behind Hackney Arts


Shop local for your

Xmas gifts. Why

wouldn't you?


Festive food, and the

best of wine guides

from Vinarius

Julie Daniels

T: 020 3808 9174


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East life

Photo: Hamish Brown

The Lemn


life began then, but it was only

earlier this year, shortly before

his 50th birthday, that his social

services files were released to

him. The Report was read to

him live on stage at The Old Vic

theatre in June.

“There are things that I’ve done

that I’m proud of, but of all the

things I’ve done, The Report was

the piece, the sweet spot, the

ultimate in stage performance.

I was here but not here,

absolutely present and NOT.”

The Report did much to shine

a light on the failings of the UK

care system. To many, Lemn is

a beacon of hope, a powerful

advocate and role model.

“It’s an honour to be a role

model but I don’t set out to be

that. To not carry the shame of

children’s homes – that’s a very

deliberate thing,” he says.

Lemn Sissay tells Angie Gough about

his Christmas Dinner initiative

That feeling of shame is thrown

into sharp relief at Christmas,

a reminder to care leavers of

everything they never had. For

a young person in care, Lemn

has written that “the onset of

Christmas is like playing pass

the parcel to the tune of Jingle

Bells and knowing there’s

nothing in the box”.

For years before I met him, I’d

spot poet Lemn Sissay in his

gold bicycle helmet, coat tails

flying, zipping through Hackney

on his bike. When he agreed to

become an Artskickers judge

and I got to meet him in person,

nothing could’ve prepared

me for the “Lemn effect”. He’s

dazzling and magnetic, one of

those people who inspires you

to be a better person.

Lemn’s story is both tragic and


redemptive, heartbreakingly

documented in his poetry, plays

and broadcast work.

Born in Wigan, baby Lemn

was placed in care against

the wishes of his Ethiopian

mother. His adoptive parents

put him back into care at the

age of 12 and Lemn was then

in and out of homes until finally

being ejected from the system,

alone and penniless, at 17. His

search for the truth about his

Christmas Day is the worst

day of the year," he says.

"Everyone disappears into their

own dysfunctional families.

Mum drops the sprouts on the

floor, Auntie Alex drinks too

much, Uncle Gerry is ill, but still

smoking… it’s all about STORIES,

the compounding of memories

of Christmases gone before.

Christmas for care leavers –

there is no story. You feel the

nothingness very sorely on

Christmas Day.”

East life

In 2013, Lemn held the first

Christmas Dinner for care

leavers in Manchester, with 45

guests and a core team of 12


The following year, it happened

in Hackney, where 70 guests

sat for dinner and a proper

Christmas knees-up laid on by

local volunteers.

Photo: Jessica Lishak

This year, with the support of

generous sponsors including

the Co Op and a contingency

fund administered by the Lemn

Sissay Foundation, dinners are

planned on Christmas Day in

Leeds, Liverpool, Oxford and


“We’re lighting up the country

like a Christmas tree," says

Lemn. “The dinners are creating

positive, powerful, memories

of love and community and

abundance, memories to look

back and build on."

It’s no surprise to Lemn that the

Christmas Dinner took off the

way it did in Hackney, his home

for 15 years and counting.

With support from the

borough’s can-do creative

population, the commitment of

Hackney’s care leaving services

and a large dose of the “Lemn

effect”, this year will be another

memorable Christmas for

everyone involved.

Follow @TheArtsCrusader on

Twitter and Instagram

Lemn and some of his work: the Old Trafford Community mural

Lemn's Hackney loves

*Its radical past and the fact

that Hackney elected the

country’s first black female MP,

Diane Abbott.

*Palm 2 corner shop in

Clapton – when a supermarket

chain opened next door to

him, owner Abdul stepped

up, his deli flourished and so

did Clapton. He’s a symbol of

what Hackney is all about. You

can become friends with your


*Bread and Butter café on

Kingsland Road does the best

breakfasts and there’s no park

in London to beat Victoria Park.

*Its people – so many people

who just get on and make stuff


What you can do to

support the Hackney

Christmas Dinner:

DONATE what you can

on Crowdfunder at

BUY a gift using the

Hackney Christmas Dinner

Amazon gift list

FOLLOW @xmas_dinner

on Twitter and Facebook

(HackXmas) for all the


For referrals and

guest queries, email



Christmas books

Read all

about it

The Lower Clapton Tales

Published by Hackney Historic

Buildings Trust and written by

Carolyn Clark, who also

co-wrote The Shoreditch Tales,

The Lower Clapton Tales is a

fascinating look at life in and

around Lower Clapton in the

20th century, as told by people

born and bred or living in the

area for a long time.

You don’t have to look far for

some local Christmas reading,

discovers LoveEast

It is lavishly illustrated with

contemporary photographs and

material. More than 50 local

people contributed their stories

and photos, never made public

before, to create this book.

Living memories are woven

with historical accounts to tell

sometimes humorous,

sometimes moving, and often

surprising stories of life in

Lower Clapton.

The book contains over 120

photos, map and illustrations

from Victorian times to the

modern day.

As well as making a great

gift this Christmas, the book

is a useful publication for

those wanting an interesting

perspective on the history of


It will rekindle memories for

people who have known the

area for a long time and would

be a great way to find out about

Lower Clapton for newcomers.

Secret Whitechapel

Find out about the hidden

history of Whitechapel. Where

can you find the infamous

message by Jack the Ripper

that has continually perplexed

historians and led to much

debate over the years? Or

where is the natural oasis in

the middle of Whitechapel?

These and many other secrets

are revealed in this new book

by Louis Berk and Rachel

Kolsky. £14.99 from local book

shops, Kindle, iBooks and Kobo.

Available from local retailers and

online, priced at £9.95.

Photo: Bellerby Globemakers


East London makers

Art & crafts

Not just any old window display, above; tie-dye magic, below; Lizzie and one of her piñatas, right

From tie-dying and piñatas, to magical window displays,

Christine Preisig meets multi-talented maker Lizzie King

Every day Lizzie King goes to her studio in De

Beauvoir and makes things.

“For ages I didn’t know what to call myself.

Now I just say, ‘I make things’,” Lizzie

explains, listing all her different

occupations. She is a prop-maker,

artist, tie-dye enthusiast, teacher,

knitter, sign-maker, jewellery

designer and published author.

For a long time Lizzie felt she

had to specialise and focus

on one thing. But the different

strands started to come together and

combining them under one roof felt right.

“It happened quite organically, without thinking

of a business plan. I just get distracted by many

things,” she says.

After graduating with a fine art degree in

sculpture from Brighton University, she assisted

a set designer for three years. Then she began to

work for her own clients, choosing projects

that she felt connected to. Teaching art

projects at primary schools helped

her support herself during those


Lizzie’s first big breakthrough

came with an appearance on

Channel 4's Sunday Brunch, where

she demonstrated how to make

piñatas. That led to a wave of piñata

commissions and more workshops,

and demand for her colourful, scaly paper

creations has been strong ever since.

The same can be said about her tie-dye


East London makers

workshops, which she runs all over the country

under the name “Get Rich or Tie-Dyeing”.

Earlier this year she published a book with 15

easy-to-follow and fun tie-dye projects making her

London’s foremost tie-dye expert.

Another one of Lizzie’s passions is window

drawings. The bold large-scale illustrations

that grace whole shop fronts or café entrances

combine images from the ancient world with

tropical vibes and loose hand-written signage.

The windows convey a bright and happy mood,

especially in these darker days of the year. The

Christmas window drawings she is working on at

the moment make her excited for Christmas.

“In set design you do all the Christmas shoots in

summer and it feels strange wrapping presents

when it’s hot," she says. "So I really like doing the

windows when it is actually Christmas time. It

makes me feel very festive”.

As a prop-maker she creates decorative objects

for events, adverts and window displays. Her

favourite materials are cardboard and Posca


Sometimes she struggles at first when given a

brief, like one time when she was asked to knit a

dial phone. She's not scared just to try things out

though and her not-so-technical approach often

comes in handy in such situations.

Recently she has got into ceramics and makes

objects like bookends or candlesticks. “It’s like

drawing in 3D,” she explains.

Will she adopt more things as she goes along?

“Most probably!” Lizzy laughs.

Watch this space:, Instagram: @lizzie_kingdom.

Her book Tie & Dye is available on Amazon and at

her webshop.



Fund to deliver anti-bullying workshops to schools

throughout Hackney and Tower Hamlets. They

will incorporate drama, singing and dance to

encourage communication, teamwork and selfconfidence

among primary and secondary school


Stage is set to beat the bullies

It's known that bullying and poor mental health

are problems among children, with one in

two kids admitting to being bullied* and one

in ten children suffering from a mental health

problem**. These are worrying statistics, and

something that Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film

School is working towards changing.

The award-winning school has just won a £10,000

grant from The National Lottery and Big Lottery

Principal Anna Fiorentini launched the initiative

after seeing the overwhelmingly positive effect her

school’s classes had on her students’ confidence,

self-esteem and wellbeing. "Lack of confidence

and self-esteem can hinder a child's progression,

especially if it is caused by being bullied or feeling

inadequate compared to their peers," she says.

"These anti-bullying workshops will go some way

to helping young people understand what is and

isn't acceptable behaviour." LoveEast

*The Annual Bullying Survey

** Youth Mental Health First Aid programme: what you need to know,

National Association of Headteachers

To find out more or to visit a local branch of Anna Fiortentini

Theatre & Film School, email or

call 020 7682 1403.

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right Accountant

We can guide you in the

right direction

Our first consultation is free, allowing us to explain what we can do for you.

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PROFESSIONAL. FRIENDLY. HELPFUL. We offer a full range of services to “pick and mix”.

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It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep


Alan Patient & Co

Chartered Accountants • Registered Auditors

9 The Shrubberies, George Lane, South Woodford, London E18 1BD • Tel: 020 8532 9843 Alan Patient & Co @alanpatientco Alan Patient & Co



Haringey Council have loan

funding available at great

rates for businesses looking to

expand or move to Tottenham.

Businesses that want to

grow and create high quality


To find out more visit

or email


East End Vernacular

LoveEast is proud to

collaborate with Spitalfields

Life to present the final part

of an exclusive preview of

East End Vernacular

East End


In this final selection from the newly-published

book East End Vernacular: Artists who painted

London’s East End streets in the 20th century, The

Gentle Author introduces the work of Pearl Binder,

Alfred Daniels and Dan Jones.

tptp A scene by Pearl Binder

tptp The Gramophone Man

by Alfred Daniels


East End Vernacular

tptp Brick Lane by Dan Jones

Pearl Binder came from Salford and stayed in

the last hayloft in Whitechapel for six years in the

thirties, capturing the world she discovered in

atmospheric lithographs which were published as

illustrations to The Real East End by Thomas Burke

in 1932.

Dan Jones is Pearl Binder’s son. He has lived in

Cable Street since 1967 and has painted a series

of large-scale pictures illustrating public events in

the East End over recent decades. This painting

shows an anti-fascist march in 1977.

Alfred Daniels was born in Bow in 1924 and,

although his family moved to Chiswick in 1945,

he continued to paint East End scenes from

memory throughout his

life. This man wheeling

a gramophone through

Petticoat Lane was one of

his favourite subjects.

Copies of East End

Vernacular can

be ordered from


com for £25


Hackne Arts

Star of the community

tptp Hackney Arts' stargazing event at Netil360

Hackney Arts was founded in 2016 by Artskicker

and social entrepreneur Sophie Thompson.

With over ten years of experience in arts and

entertainment and a passion for social change,

Sophie set off on a mission to use Hackney's

thriving arts scene to encourage creative

exploration and to build a community where

everyone is welcome.

How long have you lived in Hackney?

I’ve lived here since 2014, and very quickly felt

at home. It’s such a vibrant, diverse area, full of

creative people and artistic spaces.

Where did the idea for Hackney Arts come from?

I’ve always gone to events and galleries and

felt the benefits of that. I wanted to share that

positive impact with as many people in my

community as possible, so with a startup grant

from Unltd, I put on a series of workshops led by

local artists, using a share of income to provide

free places.

How important is social impact in what you do?

It drives everything we do. The type of classes

and short courses we do are all about giving

people access. We’re affordable. Everything is

Angie Gough meets

Hackney Arts founder

Sophie Thompson

beginner level. It’s all about having a go, with no

background required. We support local artists

who lead the workshops and give them a platform

to share their work. We’re also working with

Spitafields Crypt Trust, supporting addicts with

recovery and rehabilitation and I’m very excited to

be planning events with a refugee drop-in centre

in Dalston.

Most fun of all the workshops you’ve done?

I took a group to visit artist Nelly Ben Hayoun in

her studio in one of the trains on top of Village

Underground in Shoreditch. She has worked

with everyone from NASA to the European Space

Agency, and we got to speak to her about how

she makes really ambitious projects happen.

What do you see as the positive impact from

people doing a workshop or class?

There’s a very definite personal uplift that people


Hackney Arts

get – not just in terms of learning a new skill,

but in having time to create and get away from

everything. Having fun, with no judgement, it’s

good for people. Often in London we can be

disconnected from each other. We offer a way to

meet and connect with new people.

What’s coming up for Christmas?

Oooh… well, when it comes to Christmas, we’ve

definitely got you covered… We’ve got a Wax Ring

Workshop with Emma Aitchison at the Geffrye

Museum on 2 December. Then on 6 December

we’re Wreath Making with florist Lizzie Thorne

at Proud East. And you can Make Your Own

Herbal Christmas Presents on 16 December with

Hackney Herbal.

For full interview and festive updates, follow

@theartscrusader on Twitter and Instagram

tptp Sophie at the floristry workshop by That Flower Shop


77A Lauriston Road, E9 7HA

020 8986 9595 or 07979 751972





Words and pictures

from Lower Clapton’s

fascinating past

©Estate of Abram Games

Beautiful and useful stoneware pots

made in Caroline's Hackney workshop.

Commissions undertaken

Available NOW from local

bookshops and online


The Old Church

Peter Landers

Pull up

a pew

LoveEast meets Deborah

Coughlin of The Old Church

in Stoke Newington

What’s your story, Deborah?

I spent the past decade moving from

hitting a cowbell and a synth in an alsoran

indie band to creating shows for the

Almeida, ICA, Southbank and National

Portrait Gallery – while simultaneously

writing and broadcastng about the

things I care about – particularly

uncovering unheard women's

voices – for newspapers and radio.

What do you love about East


I live near Victoria Park now, but fell

in love with East London in 2000

when I first moved to Clapton. In that

time I've lived in and ran a gallery

in a warehouse in Hackney Wick,

slept above an arts pub, programmed

in Whitechapel, and even managed the odd

normal house in Tower Hamlets. Even when other

places like Iceland or the US beckoned, I’ve felt

so connected to East London I haven't wanted to


Tell us about The Old Church

The Old Church is a multi-arts centre in the heart

of Stoke Newington. It's got partnerships

with an incredible array of local groups and

artists from the area, and far beyond. It's

beautiful and bursting with history.

What inspired you to take on the job of

artistic director?

What an amazing opportunity! My

predecessor, Rachel, and the brilliant

board at The Old Church (TOC)

have got this beautiful venue into

such a great shape, so it's bursting

with potential for brilliant things. It's

genuinely loved by the community,

artists and visitors. As someone who

wants to platform incredible work for

a broad audience, and who wants to

work with local people to address social


The Old Church

issues we're facing in East London, I would have

been a fool to turn it down.

What’s coming up?

I'm in my planning stage right now. What I want

to do is reach out to groups who don't already

have a relationship with TOC. To work with our

community to make sure we have a community

and arts programme that addresses local

concerns. And to platform challenging, highquality


What is your greatest ambition for TOC?

That everyone in Stoke Newington feels welcome.

That TOC is a destination for culture lovers.

And that we can help tackle the big challenges we

all face in our community with creativity, openness

and kindness.

What’s been your best day since taking the job?

I loved our THINK IN. We didn't know how many

people answered the call-out to come and help

us work up ideas for the future of TOC but we had

a full house! People who had been involved with

TOC for decades and people who had never been

through the door before, all exemplifying the

wealth of experitise and experience that resides

in Stoke Newington. It was fascinating and fun.

How can people help?

We want people to get involved. We want ideas.

Emails telling us what you want to do here. And

we need support – from volunteers donating time,

to people and businesses who want to donate to

our development.

Inside the multi-arts centre

What’s On:

There's loads over the next few months


Friday, 1 December: Baba Yaga's Hut Presents:

Jozef Van Wissem

Wednesday, 6 December: Blow the Fuse

presents Gaelynn Lea; @theoldchurchn16 on

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The Old Church, Stoke Newington Church

Street, London, N16 9ES



Have yourself

a Merry London


When Halloween and Bonfire Night are over,

then it’s OK to mention the C word. Where are

you spending it, what are you eating, does Father

Christmas still exist in your house, and how do we

stop the cat attacking the tree?

My childhood Christmases were spent in my

parents’ rural house, with long muddy walks

before lunch to knacker out the dog and get some

calories in the bank. We’ll be doing the same this

year, hoping to knacker out two pre-schoolers,

and ensure they doze in front of the telly in the

afternoon, surely a Christmas highlight all round.

But we will be doing it in London.

I won’t hear a thing against Christmas in the

city. London is at its best over bank holidays,

half-terms but especially at Christmas. The city

empties out. Normally bulging Tube trains have

seats available. Jam-packed bars turn into places

where you don’t queue to get a drink and you can

nab the table by the fire.

My toddlers get first dibs on the swings in Victoria

Park. The roads are quieter. The stress levels can’t

help but drop, and the Christmas cheer excites

Bell from Bow loves the city

over the festive period

the toddlers and gives tired parents an excuse for

a drink and a mince pie in the pub.

London is exciting when it’s full and bustling, but

it’s so much easier to navigate, particularly when

armed with a scooter or a balance bike, when

there are less people around.

And it’s a chance to invite relatives to stay, show

them Wanstead Flats glittering with frost, and walk

the canals with your breath forming clouds.

And then to be first in line for the sales and to

enjoy the empty theatres. It’s a gift that comes just

once a year – a quiet London. Merry Christmas.

Celine blogs on parenting, East London and

everything in between at

Instagram and Twitter: bell_from_bow

Facebook: BellfromBow



Urban Makers East

LoveEast is proud to be the media partner for Urban Makers East, a

collaboration of talented designer-makers. They're hosting a fabulous

pop-up shop at FountLondon, Hackney and a Christmas Market on 9 &

10 December featuring over 100 designer makers and workshops.

Amy Grimes

Hello Marilu

FV Ceramics

Clare Spindler

Glow and See

Kodes Accessories


Urban Makers East

Christmas Market Workshops – please see the Urban Makers East website to book

Heron Hawker

Make a Christmas Terrarium

Saturday 9 Dec 2 – 4pm

I Make Knots

Make an arm-knitted throw

Sunday 10 Dec 11.30 – 4.30pm


Make your own

face mask with

natural ingredients

Saturday 9 Dec 11.30 – 1pm

Urban Makers Pop-up Shop

Until 23 December

Fount London, Westgate Street,

Hackney, E8 3RN

Urban Makers Christmas


9 and 10 December

11am - 5pm

Mile End Ecology Pavilion,

Grove Road, E3 5TW


Christmas gifts

Rachel Gale

Tags image: Erlend Johansen







organic cotton

baby grows...

the perfect baby

gift. £26 each

Urban Makers


A festive pop-up shop full of unique gifts

by independent designer makers

FountLondon, Hackney E8 3RN

Open Tuesday - Sunday

until 23 December 2017

Christmas Makers Market / 9 and 10 December / Ecology Pavilion Mile End Park E3 5TW


Christmas gifts

Hounds of Bow


A selection of

Christmas treats

and meals from

Lily's Kitchen, Pet

Bakery, Green &

Wilds and Pooch &

Mutt. Prices from

£1.29 to £4.95

A winner at

SNAP HQ, this

large chunky

T-rex makes the

perfect present.

Approx 35cm

tall, £24.95

Christmas pet toys:

347 Roman Road, E3 5QR, 020 3685 0508, Insta @houndsofbow

Pet London,

Bungee Balls Elvin

& Santa £12.99

Rosewood Cupid

& Comet Miles

Monkey £4.99

Simply Fido

Stuffless Penguin


A stylish set of

six cork backed

wooden coasters.

Arrange and


for pleasing




465 Roman Road, E3 5LX, 020 8617 8944, Insta: @snapstorelondon

Branch on the Park

Anti-clockwise from near left:

Deepa flower necklace with Garnet &

18ct gold plate £75

2ct grey Diamond Courtesan ring 18ct

gold £2,200

Small Lily Long Leaf earrings, 18ct gold

plate with assorted gemstones £65

Tsavorite garnet Courtesan ring set in

18ct gold with a silver band (top), £650

Star Sapphire Courtesan ring set in

18ct gold with silver band (bottom),


All of the jewellery is handmade in our

gorgeous East London shop. Prices start

from £10.

227 Victoria Park Road, E9 7HD, 0208 533 7977, Insta @branchonthepark


Local businesses


Jay Gandesha

020 8477 0023

Aerial Imagery

Dominic Ischt

07452 778 808


Paul Henry

020 8532 2448


Derek Lindsey

020 8491 8396



Clive Lewis

07957 243 403


Steve Pankhurst

07939 045 538


Darrell James

020 8911 8889



Andrea Harris

020 8530 9958



Marc Preston

07899 067 580

Whether you're a business looking

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East Londoner who is searching for

reliable, trustworthy services, look

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Network. Here are just a few of the

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"Networking is a great way to learn about local businesses. We

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Kyri Neo

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Gemma Leppard

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this group helps in having others to bounce ideas off, as well

as having a supportive team around you as you develop your


Our 7.15am start allows time for the full meeting agenda,

while still leaving plenty of time for us to get to our respective

workplaces. The meetings are lively and fun, and leave you

buzzing and ready to seize the day."

Why not come along and see for

yourself? We meet on Thursday

mornings at Wanstead Golf Club,

Overton Drive, London E11 2LW. See

the website below for details.


Rosie Safo

07958 933 059




Will Fisher

020 8928 1777

Digital Marketing

Jav Choudhary

020 7118 0786


Stefan Lloyd

07951 272 082



Jason Green

020 8529 5994

IT Services

Matthew Bell

020 8983 8665


Stephen Silver

020 7636 9094

HR Consultant

Lynn Schofield

07983 510 405


Lucy Howe

07770 666 429


Tower Hamlets Mums

Mum's the word

LoveEast discovers a great new

resource for local parents

the Tower Hamlets Mums

membership card.

It offers discounts and unique

special offers with local partner

stores and venues across Tower

Hamlets. From kids’ ballet to

pasta at Bacaro, there’s a great

array of savings to be made.

A free online guide for

mums, dads and families,

filled with all things baby

and child-related taking

place in and around Tower

Hamlets has been launched at

It has a great what’s-on

calendar listing local events by

day so parents can see where

they can take the kids if they

just need to get out of the

house in a hurry.


Locals can sign up to regular

free newsletters filled with

special offers, competitions,

events and news.

Regular collaborators range

from Shoreditch Town Hall to

Stratford Circus and Half Moon

Theatre in Limehouse – and

many, many more.

In addition, local parents

can now take advantage of

a fantastic new resource,

And (shhhh…) it’s not just for

Tower Hamlets residents… the

free membership card is on

offer to surrounding boroughs

including Hackney, Greenwich

and Newham, too.

Jo Aspin, founder of the website,

said: “I’ve lived in Tower Hamlets

all my life and I know the area

like the back of my hand but

having a baby was new territory

for me.

"I have quickly discovered

a whole new side to the

borough and have a newfound

community that I was unaware

existed pre-children. There

are so many fantastic things

happening locally in Tower

Hamlets, from regular free

cultural events to new shops

and restaurants opening

monthly. Tower Hamlets Mums

has its ear to the ground and a

buggy on the streets to make

sure that families need never

miss a local happening again.”

Follow Tower Hamlets Mums on

Twitter @towerhamletsmum

Like Tower Hamlets Mums on

Facebook at


Sign up for your free

membership card and start

saving in the borough at


There’s nothing funny about being

frozen this Christmas.

Why wait until the worst happens?

Get your boiler serviced now.

Avoid the ice princess, don’t let it go until

January 2018.

Contact Jason:

07775 338 984

0203 468 2322

“... they have definitely outperformed

our expectations and we believe that

with their help we have built a truly

unique house.”

T. W.

Book your initial consultation


Business Focus

It won’t be news to many that

childcare in London is expensive

– in fact 39 per cent more

expensive than outside of the


As well as the cost, it’s often

inflexible and hard to secure,

and as a result many artists,

entrepreneurs, creatives and

freelancers are struggling

to continue their work while

not giving up being hands-on


V22 has provided an answer

by creating a space for artists,

freelancers and entrepreneurs

who are parents to work

alongside a crèche facility for

their children.

The crèche has dedicated access

to the lovely Dalston Eastern

Curve Garden and the use of

local facilities like the CLR James


As well as self-contained studios

and fixed desks, V22 offer sharer

desks which can be rented per

three-hour crèche session. They




Art organisation V22 has opened its

first workspace crèche in their studio

building in Dalston, writes Katie Tysoe

ask that parents use the crèche

facility at least twice a week so

that children can get to know

each other, settle in to the new

environment and fully enjoy the

learning and play activities on


“It’s really important for

freelancers with young children

to have a space where they

can get some work done, but

that also provides a fun and

enriching environment for their

little ones,” says parent, Jo.

“I hope other workspaces take

inspiration from what V22 is

doing so that more freelancers

can access this sort of service.”

“It’s my son’s first experience

away from parental care and

the crèche has been wonderful,

says Tara, another parent. “I’m

nearby if he needs me, but I

can also get on with my work

knowing that he is safe and

happy and being cared for.”

In partnership with parents

and carers, V22 is building an

environment that celebrates

the importance of play with

child-centred routines through

creative parenting and an ethos

of co-caring.

There does not have to be a

choice between being great

parents and great makers.

For more information, visit






Johnt Altman, Mitch Dalton

TUESDAY, Film composer 2 MAY sax (£7) & guitar


Alan TUESDAY, Barnes, 12 DEC Bruce Adams

John Etheridge, Art Themen

TUESDAY, Famous “Softmachine” 9 MAY (£7) guitar


Jay TUESDAY, Phelps 9 JAN

Steve Williamson, Gary

TUESDAY, Crosby, Great 16 MAY Blue (£8) Note sax



Trinity Students Big Band

Just turn up and pay at the door

Gaetano Partipoli,

Just turn up and pay at the door

Jonathan Gee

TUESDAY, 23 MAY (£6)

Italian sax, piano

Entry fee £6 – £8


Byron TUESDAY, Wallen 23 JAN

Duncan Eagles & Steve

TUESDAY, Fishwick, 30 sax MAY and (£6) trumpet


Tuesdays, 8.30pm –11pm

led quintet

Simon Spillet

Tuesdays, 8.30pm –11pm

Leytonstone & District Ex-Servicemen's Club


Leytonstone 2 Harvey & Road, District Leytonstone, Ex-Servicemen's E11 3DBClub

Clark Tracey Quintet

Top drummer

2 Harvey (behind Road, Leytonstone, the Red Lion) E11 3DB


(behind the Red Lion)






Your safety is

our concern

Specialising in alarms, CCTV, consertina grilles

and safes, we are the most comprehensive

lock-based service available

Empire Security, 8-20 Well Street, E9 7PX

020 8986 7921


What to do


We have probably the best panto in the world

here in East London (oh yes we do!), and this

year there's rags to riches Cinderella played in

Hackney Empire's unique style; wonderful Wilton's

Music Hall's Mother Goose, written and starting

Roy Hudd, and let your hair down with Theatre

Royal Stratford East's Rapunzel. There's also Puss

in Boots at Hoxton Hall... but book early! Get your

tickets here:,,

Secret Santa

Come to The Ministry of Christmas, Santa’s

secret hideaway at the Ragged School Museum.

Visitors of all ages will get a magical opportunity

to not only help the Elves but, in traditional

surroundings, packed with fun and activities, they

will also get to meet the real Father Christmas.

Gardens and parks

The Festival of Light at Dalston Eastern Curve

Garden continues to bring light and cheer to the

darkness of winter. All sorts of lantern activities

until 22 December, when the garden closes for


Try your hand at some natural festive wreathmaking

at Tower Hamlets Cemetery park on Sunday

11 December, or clear out the post-Christmas

cobwebs with a guided walk on New Year's Day.


Junior Wildlife Club decorations workshop in

Victoria Park, 2 December, 10.30am-12.30pm, FREE

(meet at V&A building); plus Family Festive Day

at Vicky Park, 16 December (again, meet at V&A


Follow us on

Join Cbeebies actor Samantha Seager

(Bobby, Me Too!) and her team

for fun filled, interactive drama

and storytelling sessions

for 2-5 year olds at one of our

classes in Stoke Newington,

Clapton or Victoria Park

Has your little

one got the

acting bug?

Book your


taster class



for our timetable and venues

and to book a free taster class

Music and Drama

The Snowman with live brass band. Redbridge Brass

is bringing Raymond Briggs's classic animated film

to life this Christmas with a live brass band playing

the soundtrack. A choice of three screenings,

doors open at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm on Saturday,

9 December at St Gabriel’s Church, Aldersbrook

Road, Wanstead, London E12. Contact telephone:

07786 553 684

Baby Music Class in the Straw Bale building at

Hackney City Farm. 10-10.45am and 11-11.45am.

Diddy Bugs. Try Hackney Forge on a Wednesday

morning. Cbeebies actress Samantha Seager runs

acting classes for little tots.


The Museum of Childhood is buzzing this

Christmas. Visit the Sounds of Christmas Display

and pick up a special audio trail to guide you to a

series of objects which will spark your imagination

through sound. Join in at Sing-A-Long Saturdays –

interactive singing sessions featuring festive classics

and songs about the toys. Let off some steam at


with the kids

Make Some Noise Days. Join musicians, artists and

performers for an audio walk, interactive shows

and instrument-making.

This is your last chance to visit the Geffrye

Museum before it closes for a refurb. Take the

little ones along to the Christmas Past exhibition

and introduce them to Christmas as it used to be.



Get creative at the Glow of Good Cheer workshop

at the William Morris Gallery (free)



Disco babies at Shoreditch Town Hall is great fun

and suitable for 0-6-year-olds.

After-school dance at Yoga Nest, Old Ford Road,

4pm every Monday.

Try some ballet and contemporary dance

classes with the East London Dance School

at the Chisenhale Dance Space in Bow.


Every Sunday there are drop-in children's pottery

sessions at Hackney City Farm. There's no need to

book, just turn up ready to get messy.11am-1pm

and 2-4pm. £5. Goldsmith's Row, E2.

Get messy, get creative at Wonderland Ceramics,

Please check times/availability online or via the

websites or phone numbers provided.

Wonderland Ceramics

Time to be Creative

237 Victoria Park


E9 7HD

Ph 020 8985 1214

Fitness, strength

& flexibility

Personal training with Michelle Crawford

Children welcome if you can't get childcare

Fighting Fit Studio, 15 Bow Wharf, E3 5SN

07805 612127

Ceramic Café,

Pottery Painting,

unique gifts, Children's

Birthday Parties, team

building, and lots of fun

Price is £39 per day. Discount for 5 to 9 days (£37

a day),

or £35 a day if booking 10 days.


Eating out

Wanstead Tap & Mora

Mora's fried anchovies, left, and fish stew, right. Below, Iain Sinclair discusses his new book at The Wanstead Tap

Susan Birtwistle visits two

neighbourhood hotspots

Some say that Forest Gate, Wanstead Flats and

Leytonstone are the only bit of real East End left.

Iain Sinclair came this way to chat about his new

book, The Last London.

He was talking at The Wanstead

Tap, a community hotspot

tucked away under a railway

arch next to some car-repair

garages. A café and a craft beer

shop to either sup there or take

home, I can vouch that they

also do a good G&T.

They also have a performance space and as well

as Iain Sinclair, their events page lists evenings

with Martin Ware (founder of The Human League

and Heaven 17) and Robin Ince from the Infinite

Monkey Cage.

The charismatic Dan Clapton dreamt up this place

with a Tony Wilson vision of "build it and they will

come". He’s right, the 100 or so craft beers and

his little black book of contacts makes this one of

the most interesting places in London right now.

It doesn’t do food in the evening so we went to

another local hotspot for sustenance, Mora in

Leytonstone. It was opened last year by friends

Carlo and Luca, who grew up together in Sardinia.

The exceptional quality of the food keeps this

place heaving with locals. They cook and serve

with such love and care I found it life-affirming, as

well as delicious.

We ate like royalty:

beautiful smoked tuna

carpaccio, the freshest

fried anchovies, a delicious

seafood stew and fresh

homemade pappardelle

with wild boar ragu. All of it

a knockout.

London is never static but throwing up two

neighborhood places of this quality within a

10-minute walk of each other, in one of its least

pretentious areas, can only be an exciting thing.

The Wanstead Tap, 352 Winchelsea Road, E7 0AQ.

Mora, 487 High Road, E11 4PG. From £7 a starter

up to £19 for a main.


Still £35, buy yourself or your loved one the

gift of health and wellbeing this xmas.

Closed From Dec 23rd

And Reopen On The 2nd Jan

Wishing You A Merry Xmas

And Happy New Year, LFFS
















fitness - spin - personal training

FIND OUT MORE AT: / @londonfieldsfit

Eating in

Festive hummus dip trilogy,

with miso crackers

Diana Warrings suggests an easy snack for when

people arrive bearing Christmas presents

In preparation for the Christmas

party season, these three

delicious protein-rich hummus

dips with linseed crackers will

make your life easier when

entertaining guests.

They bring not only colour but

lots of good fibre, vitamins and

minerals to the dining table.

This trio would of course also

be a great companion for

celebrating into the new year.


For the miso crackers, mix

all the dry ingredients, then

add the water and stir in the

crushed garlic and ginger until

well combined. Leave to soak

for three hours or overnight.

Thinly spread the thickened

mix onto a baking paper-lined

baking tray. Bake at 90-100C for

40-60 minutes until crisp. The

thinner the mix is spread out,

the quicker it will bake.

Once baked, leave to cool

before cutting into squares and

storing in an air-tight jar. They

will keep for up to two weeks.

For the beetroot hummus,

pre-heat the oven to 180C. Mix

the spices with the coconut

oil and set aside. Next wash

the beetroot, peel, cut into

small chunks, place into an

oven dish and rub with the

oil-spice mix until well covered.

Bake for 45-60 minutes, until

nice and tender. Leave to cool


Place all ingredients in a food

processor and blend until

smooth. Season to taste and

garnish with a drizzle of olive oil

and some sesame seeds.

Place all the classic hummus

ingredients in a food processor

and blend until smooth. Season

to taste and garnish with a

drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle

of Cayenne pepper.

For the pea and mint hummus:

blanch the peas to defrost

them, leave to cool completely,

then place all ingredients,

bar the mint leaves, in a food

processor and blend until

smooth. Finally add 1 tbsp of

mint leaves, blitz once or twice,

season to taste. Garnish with a

drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of

sea salt and some fresh mint


Serve with the crackers and

seasonal crudités of your


Diana Warrings is a qualified

nutritional therapist cooking

delicious and healthy food, shared


Classic hummus

350g chickpeas (canned)

1-2 clove of garlic

2 tbsp (30g) tahini

2-3 tbsp (30-45ml) of water

5 tbsp (75ml) of cold pressed

extra virgin olive oil, some

extra to garnish

1-2 tsp cumin

2 -3 tbsp (30-45ml) of

freshly squeezed lemon juice

salt, pepper,cayenne pepper

Roast beetroot

200g roast beetroot

Spice mix for roasting: half tsp

ground ginger, half tsp turmeric,

a pinch of ground star anise, a

pinch of ground cardamom, half

tsp chili powder

1 tbsp coconut oil

150g chickpeas (canned)

1-2 clove of garlic

2 tbsp (30g) tahini

2 tbsp (30ml) of water

5 tbsp (75ml) of cold pressed

extra virgin olive oil, some

extra to garnish

2 -3 tbsp (30-45ml) of

freshly squeezed lemon juice

freshly ground pepper, 1 pinch

of sea salt and if you like heat

a bit of chilli

white or black sesame seeds to



Eating in

Pea and mint

300g garden peas (frozen)

150g chickpeas (canned)

1-2 clove of garlic

1 (15g) tbsp tahini

2 tbsp (30ml) of water

5 tbsp (75ml) of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil,

2 -3 tbsp (30-45ml) of lemon juice freshly

ground pepper, 1 pinch of sea salt

2 tbsp fresh mint leaves, some extra for garnish

Miso crackers

Makes around 20-25

175g of linseeds

25g of white sesame seeds

1 tbsp (15g) of brown rice miso paste

2.5cm of organic ginger, crushed

1 tsp of chilli flakes

1-2 cloves of garlic (crushed)

330ml water

Tresa Fitness

Fun & effective personal training

in a park or your home

07925 454 819

Free trial & 15% discount

on 10 sessions


Eating in

Chocolate cake

For the icing

300g unsalted butter, softened

200g 70% chocolate

600g sifted icing sugar

100g cocoa powder

¼ tsp salt

100-120ml of whole milk


Carefully melt the chocolate in a microwave oven

in 30-second bursts, being careful not to burn. Set

aside to cool.

If you’re not into the traditional

festive cake made with dried fruits,

LoveEast has a happy alternative

Cream butter and sugars for 5-10 min until fluffy

and light in colour. Sift flour, cocoa powder, bicarb

and salt together and set aside. Mix vanilla into

buttermilk and set aside. Add eggs one at a time

and beat for 1min between each addition. Stop

and scrape down the bowl and mix again until

pillowy and well incorporated.

Add one-third of the dry ingredients on a slow

speed and mix until just incorporated. Add

half the buttermilk and mix just until the milk

is incorporated. Stop and scrape down and

add another third of the flour followed by the

buttermilk. Once the final batch of flour is

incorporated scrape down one final time and

ensure the batter is one constant colour all the

way through. Scoop into baking pans and bake for

24 min at 300F.

Cream the softened butter in a mixer for at least

five minutes on medium to high. (Butter should

be soft enough for your finger to leave a slight

indent if you push but not be sloppy).

Turn your mixer to low and add in the cocoa

powder and beat again for two min on medium.

Stop and scrape down thoroughly.

Add half of the sifted icing sugar and start mixing

on low until the icing sugar incorporates and then

turn up to medium for three minutes. Stop and

scrape down thoroughly.

Add the remaining icing sugar and half of the

milk/ sour cream and beat slowly until mixed well.

Add salt and turn up mixer to medium and beat

again for two minutes.

Turn mixer to low and add remaining milk and

turn up to medium for one minute. Finally, add

cooled melted chocolate on low speed and beat

on low speed for one minute.

Pipe and decorate to your own style, or as picture.

225g light brown sugar, 200g caster sugar

175g unsalted butter, 3 large eggs

275g plain flour, 100g Valrhona cocoa powder

350ml buttermilk, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 and a half teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

Half teaspoon salt

Recipe by


London East

Residential lettings & property management

Why pay more?


5% fees fully managed

No hidden charges.

Residential lettings &

property management | 0800 8409644

creative thinking and communication by design

Good design is

good business.

We work with companies of all sizes....

from startups to start-overs to deliver them more customers.

Websites, Marketing collateral, Advertising, Identities & Branding.

Let us breathe life into your business

For a free design consultation or website review



The wine guide


and wine

Eugenio Ciccarelli has

suggestions for whatever

you're cooking this year

Enlighten your spirit for Christmas with a

selection of authentic wines carefully chosen

and directly imported by Vinarius for your festive

foods, presents and parties.


Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene

Brut. Sommariva, £15.95

Who said that Prosecco cannot be a serious

drink? This is the driest style of Prosecco that

comes from the best area in the north-east

of Italy. A delicious aroma of citrus fruit, white

flowers and fresh herbs with hints of bread

crust. Dry, elegant and clean on the palate which

makes it an excellent choice as aperitif and to

accompany many simple or complex fish dishes,

white meat or vegetables. Try it with sushi or, as

is custom in its area of origin, throughout the

entire meal…amazing!


Blanc d’Amour 2016. Chateau Bizard, £14.95

A blend of four grape varieties (Viogner, Grenache

Blanc, Marsanne and Roussanne) from a

producer in Côtes du Rhône in France. The wine

has a really nice aroma of white peaches, lychees

and acacia flowers with an ample but balanced

palate and a very fresh finish. Splendid as an

aperitif or to match dishes with crab, shellfish or

smoked salmon but also with grilled chicken or

creamy goat cheeses.

Medium-bodied red

Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2014. Baccinetti, £17.95

Rosso is the little brother of the more famous

Brunello di Montalcino. Made with 100 per cent

Sangiovese grapes from the best area in Tuscany,

the wine is unfiltered, cheeky and unrepentant.

It shows a nice crimson colour with a red fruit

nose and hints of leather. The palate is fresh and

lingering with red cherries and raspberries, a

firm tannin and a pleasant, clean finish. Particular

suited to turkey with cranberry sauce, duck, lamb

curry, pasta ragu and medium-to-strong cheeses.

Full-bodied red

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC 2012,

David Sterza. £35.95

One of Italy’s most famous and prestigious wines,

especially those from the Classico vineyards

that are considered the best expression of

the appellation. Made with Corvina grape, it is

powerful and elegant and shows a very complex

nose with ripe red and dark fruits, vanilla and a

touch of cloves. Very rich but fresh on the palate

with aromas of plum jam, cocoa and liquorice

toward the end. The finish is dry which makes it

ideal for strong cheeses, roast beef, venison or to

be used as “Vino da Meditazione” after the meal.

Vinarius is a wine merchant and enoteca located

at 536 Roman Road, E3. It regularly organises

tasting events, and Christmas is no exception.

On 19 December, Vinarius is organising its

Christmas Charity Wine Tasting and all the

proceeds will be donated to the MS Society.

Check the website for more information or to

book a place:



Scott Whitehead Trees

Tree removal • Crown lifting,

reduction, thinning

• Hedge trimming

• Fully insured

020 8530 4159 / 07795 903216

Servisolutions Ltd

Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

Communal Areas

Bars and Pubs

Gyms and Clubs



Deep cleans

Lettings assistance

0800 242 5486

competitive . reliable . responsible . secure


History Hangout Christmas quiz

Big LoveEast

history quiz

of the year


Stephen Selby sets the

questions in the Christmas

History Hangout quiz


1. What is the name of the river that flows under

Hackney Central railway bridge?

2. Who built Sutton House?

3. Lord Beaconsfield attended his first school in St

Thomas's Square. What was his real name?

4. What hospital was founded near Victoria

Park because of the fresh air in Hackney 150

years ago?

5. What year was the disaster at Bethnal Green

Tube station?

6. Why was St John-at Hackney Church built

and consecrated in1798?

7. What was the name of the station next to

Liverpool Street, whose trains went to Dalston?

8. Why did King Alfred split and dam up the

River Lea?

9. Why were the gas works built near the canal on

Andrews Road?

10. Why did the London Tube trains never

have a station in Hackney.

11. What was the original name of Broadway

Market in the 19th Century?

12. What was the name of Elizabeth 1st's

favourite admirers who owned the original

Wanstead House?

13. What was the Roman name for Kingsland


History Hangout Christmas quiz

Road and where did it lead to?

14. What was the largest shipping dock in Tower Hamlets

during Victorian times?


15. Which war was Hackney's General Booth associated with,

and where were his first headquarters?


Prof Tomas Malinowski



1. Hackney Brook

2. Sir Ralph Sadler in 1535

3. Benjamin Disraeli

4.The London Chest Hospital

5. March 1943

6. Because St Augustine's

(C.1275) became one of the

most fashionable churches outside the City,

and was far too small

7. Broad Street

8. To beach the Viking fleet at

Ware, successfully preventing them from

attacking London

9. Gas holders were sunk into the many

deep ponds on Cambridge Heath

10. Because the wealthy landowners

wouldn't allow it.

11. Duncan Place

12. Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester 1532-


13. Ermine Street which headed due north

to Lincoln.

14. The London Docks.

15. The War Cry, the Salvation Army's

newspaper. His first HQ was in Mare Street.



Feel like


Who would like it?

If you want to work out in a fun

setting – not in a gym – while

moving to music, then my class

is the answer. It appeals to all

ranges of fitness abilities, from

novices to those returning to

fitness and the super-fit who

want to get breathless. Ages

of my participants range from

teenagers to a 75-year-old.

What makes your class different

from others?

My experience as a professional

dancer and dance troupe leader

means that I’m able to help

participants of all abilities enjoy

a workout that is appropriate

for them.

I know how to make it

challenging but not impossible.

I have an ear for music and the

movements that match a tune. I

keep things simple and fun.

Roger Love, a local personal trainer,

talks to Zumba teacher Zoe Evans

What makes you most proud?

Seeing the smiles (and sweat!)

on people’s faces from the

start to the end of my classes.

It’s particularly pleasing when

participants remember a

routine and really let themselves

go and enjoy the moment.

Who are you & what do you do?

I teach Zumba with Zoe. I’m

a classically trained dancer

from London Studio Centre. I

danced professionally around

the globe for 20 years and even

performed the can-can in Paris.

I have been running classes

across London for nearly a


When & where is your class?

10am on Saturdays, at

Frampton Park Baptist Church’s

sports hall, in Frampton Park

Road, E9.

So what’s it like?

Fun, friendly and calorieburning.

What goes on in it?

We start with a warm-up to

music and then raise and lower

the heart rate while dancing to a

fantastic mix of addictive tunes,

before stretching for the cool


We are a social bunch and meet

for coffee after class.

What's the most memorable

moment from your classes?

Hearing the success stories of

my participants and seeing the

before and after pictures from

some of them.

I was also choked when they

threw parties in my class to

celebrate my marriage and the

birth of my children.

Roger Love is a personal trainer based in Netil House, E8,


What's on in December & January


Weekly (ex 25 Dec)

Pilates, 7-8am, £1,

Pause studio, Francis

Road, Leyton

Blues jam, 8.30pm,

Luna Lounge,


4 Dec

Open garden ,11am-

4pm, FREE, Church

Lane Community

Garden, Harold Road,


11 Dec

Open workshop, 10am-

5pm, £35, School

of Stuff, Shacklewell

Lane, use bench

space and tools and

do whatever you like

25 Dec

Feasting and fun, 1pm,

£85, Hoi Polloi

1 Jan

Guided walk,

2-3.30pm, £3, Tower

Hamlets Cemetery


15 Jan

Beginners dance

class, 12-4pm, £5,

Shoreditch Town Hall,

plus tea dance





Afternoon ballet,

Hackney Forge, Vicky

Park, 07550 722693

Be Nice Club, Stour

Space. An evening

of food and live

performances, pay

what you can

Open-level yoga,

8-9.30pm, £11,

Hackney Forge

Pub quiz, Cat & Mutton,

Broadway Market

Baby massage and

yoga, 11.15am, £12,

Quaker Meeting

House, thehealthworks.

5 Dec

Embroidery workshop,

7pm, £40. Denim, 7th

floor of Ace Hotel,


5 (-23) Dec

The Tin Drum, 2.30pm

& 7.30pm, from £12,

Shoreditch Town Hall,

production (ages 14+)

19 Dec Charity Wine

Tasting at Vinarius.

Proceeds to be

donated to MS Society.


29 Nov-20 Dec

Christmas Wednesdays,

late-night shopping,

Colombia Road Market

6 Dec

Festive tea dance, 12-

3pm, for over-50s, Vicky

Park, 020 7364 4504

6 Dec

Make a Christmas

Wreath, 7-9pm at Proud


Chase The Moon,

7-8.30pm, £18, 5k &10k.

Neon night run Olympic


Crap Film Club: Turkish

Star Wars, 7pm, £5, The

Book Club, Shoreditch

6, 7, 8 Dec

Christmas lunches, FREE,

Leyton, Walthamstow

and Chingford, for

over-65s, walthamforest.

13 (-28) Dec

Puss In Boots, 11am,

2pm, 5pm, £12/family

ticket £49, Hoxton Hall

20 Dec

Ensemble Perpetuo:

Childhood Revisited, 6.30-

8pm, £12pp, an evening

of music, Museum of


31 Jan

Moonbow plays, 7.30pm,

Birthdays, Dalston

31 Jan

Naff Drag New Year 9pm-

3am, £15 adv, or £20


Weekly .

Sing Tower Hamlets,

7.30-9.30pm, £10/ £85

per term, community

choir, open to everyone,

St Paul's Shadwell

7 Dec

Christmas Colour,

6.30-9.30pm, £10pp,

listen and rest evening,

Museum of Childhood,

Light Up A Life, 7pm,

St Joseph's Hospice,

Mare St, remembrance


Rockaoke, 8.30pm,

£14, London Stadium,

Late night shopping,

Chatsworth Road

7, 14, 21 Dec

Breadmaking class,

11.30-5.30p, £150 for

one day, e5 Bakehouse,

14 Dec

Creative Kids: Glow

Of Good Cheer, 10-

11.30am & 1-2.30pm,

FREE, workshop,

William Morris Gallery,

Crafty Fox Xmas Market

4-9pm, Geffrye Museum

11 Jan

Creative Kids: May Morris

Embroidery, 10am-

11.30am & 1-2.30pm,


Continued on next page...


What's on in December & January


1 Dec

Papillon, 8pm, £7.50,

acoustic violin-guitar

duo, St. Margarets

House, 21 Old Ford


Baby Discoverer/Little

Explorer, 10am-

12pm, £9,.Lloyd

Park Community

Room, lisabosher@

1 (-13) Dec

Robin Hood and

The Outlaws of

Waltham Forest, 2pm

(weekends) & 7-9pm,

£10 (children £7), Ye

Olde Rose and Crown,

Hoe Street


1 (-22) Dec


Christmas dining,

7-11.30pm, £55, The

North Star, Homerton

High Street

1 (-31) Dec

Cinderella, various

times am & pm, from

£10, Hackney Empire

1 Dec (-6 Jan)

The Box Of Delights,

7.30pm (and some

2.30pm), £20, Wilton's

Music Hall

1 Dec

Present donations

collection, present

donations at Starlight

Children's Ward,


Homerton Hospital,

with members of

Hoxton Hall panto cast

8 Dec

Judge Jules, 9pm, £18,

London Stadium,

8 Dec

Hackney Wick Choir

Fridays at 4-5pm,

Trowbridge Centre

15 Dec

Dancing in Dalston, 7pm,

FREE, last day to catch

the first solo exhibition

by The Spyglass Project

22 Dec

Dancing in the Dark

Christmas special, 8pm-

1am, £5 adv, Moth Club



Christmas Shopping, at

Well Street market, E9

2 Dec, Christmas Fair

& Christingle Service,

1-4pm, St Mary's Bow,

230 Bow Road, E3

VoodooDolls Rockin'

Christmas Bauble, 8pm-

1am, £10, The Red Lion,


2 (-3) Dec

Sweeney Todd, 2pm

& 7.30pm, £18, last

weekend, Shoreditch

Town Hall

Hackney flea market,

from 11am, Church

Sereet, Stoke


Hannah Taylor

Last chance to visit Geffrye Museum before if closes for refurbishment.

Christmas Past exhibition: 400 years of Seasonal Traditions in English

Homes, Free. Until 7 January.


2 Dec

Junior Wildlife Club:

Decorations Workshop,


FREE, Vicky Park (meet

at V&A building)

Norman Jay MBE, 8pm-

2am, Mirth Marvel &

Maud, mirthmarvel

9 Dec

Wanstead Makers

Market, 10am-4pm,

Christchurch Hall,

Wanstead, E11

9 Dec

Winter Market, 11am-

4pm, £2, St Margarets

House, 21 Old Ford Rd

DIY art, 11am-6pm,

FREE, Rich Mix, Bethnal

Green Road

What's on in December & January


9 (-10) Dec

Christmas market, 11-

5pm, Ecology Pavilion,

Mile End Park,

more than 50 local


taking part


9 Dec

Goldie Lookin' Chain,

7.30-11pm, £16, Oslo

Hackney, oslohackney.


Adult workshop:

Printmaking, 10.30am-

3pm, £45, Wlliam

Morris Gallery,

16 Dec

Family festive day, 12-

3pm, FREE, Vicky Park,

with Santa's grotto.

Meet at the V&A


Roman Road Xmas

Fair, 11am-4pm,

Roman Road, E3.

Winter knees-up,

£1, St Joseph's

Hospice, Mare Street,

Xmas Herbal Gifts,

2-4.30pm. Make your

own at Proud East

6 Jan - 24 Mar

Kids' rugby, Victoria

Park, 01252 794150

6, 7 Jan

A Christmas Carol,

Lauriston School. xxxx



3 Dec

Fungus Foray,

1-2.30pm, £10-12,

hunt for weird and

wonderful fungi, Tower

Hamlets Cemetery


A Shot of Christmas

Spirit, 7.30-10pm,

£10, WF Community

Hub, Orford Road,



Local makers market,

11am-4pm, FREE,

Stour Space, Hackney


Santa Run, Vicky Park,

5k or 10k, for St.

Joseph's Hospice, stjh.

10 Dec

Independent ceramics

market, 11am-6pm,

FREE, Rich Mix,

Bethnal Green Road

E17 Designers

Christmas market,

2.30-5.30pm, FREE,

Waltham Forest

Community Hub,

Orford Road

17 Dec

Winter tree walk,


FREE, Vicky Park, 020

7364 4504

Chatsworth Road

Market, Christmas fun

The Big Christmas Wind

Orchestra, Spitalfields

Christmas Market

Natural festive wreath

making, 11am-1.30pm,

£10-12, Tower

Hamlets Cemetery


17 Dec

Carol Service, 6pm, St

Mary's Bow, 230 Bow

Rd, E3

31 Dec

The Blitz Party New

Year's Eve Special,

8pm, from £55,

Village Underground,


7 Jan

Adult workshop: Art

Embroidery, 11am-

5pm, £55, William

Morris Gallery,

The Big London Flea

Market, 11am-6pm,

Epic, Stoke Newington


21 Jan

Peep Show Quiz,

8-11pm, £25 per team

(up to 5), Moth Club

Memoryscape History

Walk, 10.30am-

12.30pm, FREE, Vicky

Park, 020 7364 4504

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Culture corner

Picture: V&A Museum

Festive fun at the Museum

of Childhood

Sounds of Christmas Display Pick up a special

audio trail to guide you around the Museum,

to a series of objects which will spark your

imagination through sound.

Sing-A-Long Saturdays Join in fun interactive

singing sessions featuring both festive classics

and songs about the toys. Saturdays 2, 9 and 16

December from 12 noon.

Christmas Colour, Listen and Rest Adults wishing

to relax and unwind can book this great evening

of music and creativity. Thursday, 7 December


Ensemble Perpetuo Takes participants on a

journey through the museum performing a

beautiful repertoire from Janáček and Mozart to

Debussy. Wednesday, 20 December (£10-12).

Make Some Noise Days When you’re ready

to get out of the house after Christmas, join

musicians, artists and performers for an audio

walk, interactive shows and instrument-making.

Wednesday 27 – Friday 29 December. Free.

Animals and Children in the East End 1840-1919

On 18 January archivist Gary Haines gives an

evening talk (£5-7).

Full details of all the exhibitions and events can be

found at

V&A Museum of Childhood, Cambridge Heath Road

London, E2 9PA.





OR CALL O20 3474 5049


5 Amhurst Road, Hackney, London E8 1LL





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