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Christmas 2017

East End Vernacular

East End Vernacular LoveEast is proud to collaborate with Spitalfields Life to present the final part of an exclusive preview of East End Vernacular East End inspiration In this final selection from the newly-published book East End Vernacular: Artists who painted London’s East End streets in the 20th century, The Gentle Author introduces the work of Pearl Binder, Alfred Daniels and Dan Jones. tptp A scene by Pearl Binder tptp The Gramophone Man by Alfred Daniels 14 LOVEEAST

East End Vernacular tptp Brick Lane by Dan Jones Pearl Binder came from Salford and stayed in the last hayloft in Whitechapel for six years in the thirties, capturing the world she discovered in atmospheric lithographs which were published as illustrations to The Real East End by Thomas Burke in 1932. Dan Jones is Pearl Binder’s son. He has lived in Cable Street since 1967 and has painted a series of large-scale pictures illustrating public events in the East End over recent decades. This painting shows an anti-fascist march in 1977. Alfred Daniels was born in Bow in 1924 and, although his family moved to Chiswick in 1945, he continued to paint East End scenes from memory throughout his life. This man wheeling a gramophone through Petticoat Lane was one of his favourite subjects. Copies of East End Vernacular can be ordered from spitalfieldslife. com for £25 LOVEEAST DECEMBER 2017 – JANUARY 2018 15

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