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LIVE Magazine Issue #265 December 2017

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(Filmmaker’s Gallery

(Filmmaker’s Gallery story continued from page 27) Paul and I immediately came on board for 3 episodes in 2015 as Executive Producer and Co-Producer. I was also Co-writer. PB: If you look close enough you will see us in the film as cameos or should I say ‘waiters’, so look close and you might see us! LC: So now you are in Palm Springs and with your Filmmakers Gallery you are producing film events with the Palm Springs Cultural Center at The Camelot. I love this! So tell us about the big event Dec. 8 at The Camelot. SR: It is a screening of ‘The Sound of Music’ and our special guest is Kym Karath who played the youngest of the Von Trapp children, ‘Gretl’. The screening is Friday Dec. 8th at The Camelot benefitting Kym’s charity, The Aurelia Foundation. PB: And how we met Kym was interesting. We got invited to a dinner party at Charmian Carr’s house who played ‘Liesl’ in ‘The Sound of Music’. It was a great dinner party and Kym was another guest and we just hit it off. So from there to here, our first Palm Springs Cultural event, ‘The screening of The Sound of Music’ with Kym Karath evolved. LC: I am looking forward to this amazing event you have created. I could not thank you guys enough for bringing this kind of film experience to Palm Springs. There is a hungry Palm Springs market for just this kind of event. Kym Karath ‘Gretl Von Trapp’ PAUL BELSITO

STEVEN ROCHE Photos by Gregg Felsen 29

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