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12 Twinkling with

12 Twinkling with festive spirit, The Snowman has transported children into the wintery wonderland of a boy and his magical snowman for a record-breaking 20 consecutive years in London’s West End at The Peacock. With a magical mix of exquisite dancing and live music, friendship is kindled as the two embark on a starry-skied adventure to the North Pole. THE LADY FROM THE SEA Donmar Warehouse One doesn’t expect sunshine and flowers from Ibsen, but Elinor Cook’s persuasive new version successfully transports the Norwegian playwright’s 1888 portrayal of marital angst and female constraint from the monochromatic icy fjords to the vibrant colours of the Caribbean in the 1950’s. It works surprisingly well. Here, Nikki Amuka-Bird’s unhappy Ellida (a lighthouse keeper’s daughter) longs for the freedom of the sea. Her body may be liberated by her compulsive daily swim, but her marriage to a considerate older man (Finbar Lynch’s Doctor Wangel) can’t erase the memory of the sailor her teenage self promised to wait for years ago. The death of the couple’s baby son has exacerbated her sense of purposeless and distanced her further from the spouse whose daughters from his first marriage (Ellie Bamber’s stroppy teenage Hilde and Helena Wilson’s clever, kinder Bolette – both excellent) still fill the house with flowers to commemorate their late mother’s birthday. Tom Scutt’s bright design adds a large fish tank – a watery enclosure reflecting the protective but suffocating environment Wangel provides which denies Ellida the freedom to choose. Bolette, too, is torn – between duty to her father and her longing for the education abroad offered by her former teacher. With its heavy symbolism, this isn’t usually the most accessible of plays, but (at the performance I saw) a large school party was completely caught up in Kwame Kwei-Armah’s lucid and sensitively directed production – a welldeserved compliment which augurs well for his tenure as the new artistic director of the Young Vic when he takes over next year. Louise Kingsley The Lady From the Sea will run at the Donmar Warehouse until 1 December. t h i s i s l o n d o n m a g a z i n e • t h i s i s l o n d o n o n l i n e

Art for Love Christmas Festival Devonshire Square 1-19 December World-Class Artistic Performances, organised and curated by the Devonshire Square Artistic Events Team to support The Connection – London's busiest homeless charity Performances take place in the historic surroundings of Devonshire Square Western Courtyard, which will be decorated with a ‘Giving Tree’ dedicated to The Connection Charity and an artistic installation of golden ‘twilight trees’ created by British artist Susie Reid Thomas

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