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December 2017 issue

2 RR 2, 5016 Well. Rd

2 RR 2, 5016 Well. Rd 29, Guelph 519.856.4622 Member of OLTCA & ORCA Licenced by RHRA & MOHLTC Better Quality Better Health T S - D 2017 — V. 42, N. 4

3 The Guelph/Wellington Seniors Association A non-profit organization based at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre Webmaster — Ross Knechtel Directors & Officers Dorothe Fair — President Ken Chupa — Vice-President Jennifer Blackie — Secretary Wendi Hake — Interim Treasurer Judith Carson Doris Thornington Gail Moore Kerry Detlor Jean McClelland Tony Pellizzari Ross Coulter Ross Knechtel Nick Harris The Sentinel Team Carol Croft — Team Leader, Adminstrator, Printer Linda Green — Editor, Printer George Hughes, Ken Pagniez, — Printers George Smith — Delivery Don Hillman — Mentor GWSA Community Support Services Staff Maryanne Wilford — Manager Pat Gage — Administrative Assistant Margaret Iutzi — Move Well Co-ordinator Molly Roberts — Eat Well Co-ordinator Paula Frappier — Outreach Co-ordinator City Staff Wendy Kornelsen — Manager, Volunteers & Senior Services Kerry Schinck — Customer Services Clerk Jocelyn Pedersen — Recreation Co-ordinator — Senior Services Becky MacDonald — Recreation Co-ordinator — Volunteers Jocelynn Desroches — Chef Janice Walls, Brian Treleaven — Assistant Chefs Kim Barton—Facility Maintainer Lorne Wollis — Part-time Cleaner Harvinder Marjara, Farial Hashimi, Mary Loudoun, Juan da Silva — Evening & Weekend Reception Lynne Briggs — Acting Manager, Recreation Services All others working at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre are Volunteers. E S C C A City of Guelph Recreation Facility run in partnership with the Community Services Department of the City of Guelph and the Guelph/ Wellington Seniors Association 683 Woolwich St., Guelph, ON, N1H 3Y8 Tel.: 519-823-1291 / Fax: 519-823-8972 Hours: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm M-F (closed Statutory Holidays) Read The Sentinel on our website, ISSN: 0383 817X President’s Message from Dorothe Fair HAPPY HOLIDAYS and MERRY CHRIST- MAS to everyone!! First let's reflect on another amazing November filled with Special GWSA Events. Nov. 2 was the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. We can never stop saying "THANK YOU" to all the GWSA Volunteers. This was a special evening to recognize the time and energy given every day to make the GWSA an incredible place to enjoy activities and spend time with friends. Did you know that from January 2017 to September 30, the GWSA Volunteers registered 26,500 volunteer hours? An incredible number of dedicated hours of service were provided and a portion of those hours are devoted to helping the City with their programs or in the cafeteria. The Volunteers help more than many of us realize. That's how generous and kind our Volunteers are. I've had quite a few Members suggest the GWSA offer 'mini Member/ Volunteer drop-in' sessions throughout the year where GWSA volunteers can enjoy complimentary coffee and cookies and chat about 'anything'. Tell me what you think about this idea. My card is at the front counter: email me or phone me. Nov. 6: Ken Chupa, GWSA Vice President, and I attended Guelph City Council and presented to the Committee of the Whole. Our title was "The GWSA -WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE DO and HOW WE DO". Our presentation was very well received by City Councillors. I think we've signed up a few more Councillors besides Phil Alt, James Gordon and June Hofland to the GWSA members list. Thank you to the GWSA Members who sat in the gallery for our presentation. It was great moral support. Nov. 10: Our very first special Tribute Event called "The Day Before" took place on Fri., Nov 10th. The Event focused on Honouring our Military Veterans, Active Military and Families touched by any Military Experience. The show featured the Silvertones Choir who sang military songs reflecting the time in history, songs like Battle Hymn of the Republic, Pack Up Your Troubles, The White Cliffs of Dover, The Maple Leaf Forever, and many others. Guest Speaker was Moe Ferris C.D. from the Guelph Legion. Moe gave a touching tribute and our GWSA Members, Madeline Bentley, Derek Cooper and Barbara Webster, also shared their military experiences. I'd like to give special recognition to our GWSA Member June Gionet who made the beautiful Poppy quilt that hangs in our hallway during the month of November. This incredible quilt was hung in the Auditorium for the Show and we thank June very much for giving us permission to add her quilt to the Poppy atmosphere. Our Silvertones singer and resident decorator Betty Wilson- McGhee did an outstanding job with the Auditorium decorations - the Military Tribute. I'd also like to thank the Guelph Legion Poppy Fund for all their support and involvement in presenting this very special show, especially Moe Ferris, Ken Budd and Neil Forbes (PIPER). The Tribute Show was free admission but we did collect donations for the Guelph Legion Poppy fund. Nov. 13 & 14: OACAO Conference (Older Adult Centres of Ontario). (Continued on page 30) NOTE: Disclaimer—The Sentinel and the GWSA do not necessarily agree with or support statements in the Sentinel made by advertisers, or submissions by writers. Do you like what you see here in The Sentinel? Stop by the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre at 683 Woolwich St. to get more! Single issues (or an extra copy) are available at the Front Desk at the cost of $3.00 each + HST. T S - D 2017