hopulist issue 3


Welcome to issue 3 of Hopulist. This month we feature Duration Brewing, Beer Guerrilla tap room and bottle shop, The Craft Beer Channel, a review of the craft beer year and much more...

What have craft

beer, travel

vlogg|ng and

Jam|e Ol|ver all

got |n common?

Answer: The

Craft Beer

Channel. |ts cofounder


Garrett expla|ns

how he turned

a pass|on for

blather|ng about

beer |nto a

weekly YouTube


w|th a rap|dly



Imagine travelling across the globe

with one of your best buddies,

investigating, talking about and

drinking craft beer at every step along

the way. Not only that, but having

a raft of enthusiastic fans eager to

hear your every word on the subject.

That’s the life of Jonny Garrett and

Brad Evans. Back in 2013, they along

with their pal Jim Tanfield decided they

wanted to turn their weekly ‘geeking out’

sessions over craft beer into something

they could share with the world.

“In 2013, we were all working for

JamieOliver.com and every Friday

night we’d hang out drinking and

talking to obsessively geeky levels

about beer,” begins Jonny.

“Then Jamie Oliver founded his

own YouTube channel FoodTube,

which got us thinking that there was

definitely a space for a similar channel

that was based around great beer.

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