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Welcome to issue 3 of Hopulist. This month we feature Duration Brewing, Beer Guerrilla tap room and bottle shop, The Craft Beer Channel, a review of the craft beer year and much more...

eer enthusiasts in the area a chance to fill

their fridges with their favourite brews was

somewhat of a master stroke.

“Growlers are one of our most popular

sellers,” Matt says. “I have even had people

contact me as soon as we’ve updated our

online tap list asking if I can fill them a

growler to pick up the next day. They are

definitely popular and definitely keeping

people talking about the bar.”

The taps also often house craft ciders, just

another example of Matt making sure that

there’s always something people will go

away from the shop thinking ‘that’s my new

favourite drink’.

In his short time in business, Matt

has networked well with breweries and

wholesalers to ensure that the shop is

well stocked with a wide range of thirst

quenchers. Whether its modern classics in

the fields of IPAs or hoppy ales, or Belgian

Trappist beer, Beer Guerrilla has all the bases

covered. The bar is also working well with

local brewer Three Hills, based in a nearby

Northamptonshire village of Woodford.

“I’m on really good terms with Three Hills,

they even helped us create a special Birthday

Juice brew for the shop to celebrate its first

anniversary earlier in 2017,” Matt details.

“The guys over there are really switched

on and are experimenting with some really

unusual, but nearly always amazing flavours

and styles. They are definitely one to watch

in the industry over the next few years.”

Beer Guerrilla has quickly become a firm

favourite in Northampton and it’s just one

example of how, after its initial epicentre, the

craft beer shock wave is now reaching deeper

into the UK and becoming a national trend.

The market continues to snowball and for

one and all, this means just one thing: the

impending end for crap beer. Cheers.



Beer Guerrilla

227 Wellingborough Road


Northamptonshire, UK


É www.beerguerrilla.co.uk

È cheers@beerguerrilla.co.uk

$ @beerguerrilla

! /beerguerrilla227

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