2018 Canadian Sport Fishing Gear Guide

The Canadian Sport Fishing Gear Guide is committed to printing quality content with a focus on new and innovative products entering the market in 2019. The Guide features both Fresh and Saltwater products that fit our unique Canadian Market.

The Canadian Sport Fishing Gear Guide is committed to printing quality content with a focus on new and innovative products entering the market in 2019. The Guide features both Fresh and Saltwater products that fit our unique Canadian Market.


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BEST Rods & Reels for <strong>2018</strong><br />



150+<br />



TOP<br />

TECH<br />


& LAND<br />


RECORD<br />



& TACKLE<br />





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How to Use the <strong>Gear</strong> <strong>Guide</strong> 4<br />

Selecting the Right Rod 6<br />

Reel Basics for Spinning 24<br />

How to Maintain Your Rod & Reel 29<br />

Reel Basics for Baitcast 30<br />

Salt Water Fly <strong>Fishing</strong> 44<br />

RODS<br />

Casting 8<br />

Spinning 12<br />

Fly 16<br />

Specialty 19<br />

REELS<br />

Spinning 26<br />

Casting 32<br />

Trolling 36<br />

Fly 38<br />


Apps & Maps 20<br />

Fly Tackle & Accessories 41<br />

Bait & Accessories 46<br />

Tackle & Accessories 50<br />


Safety <strong>Gear</strong> 45<br />

Bags & Accessories 52<br />

Clothes & Accessories 54<br />

OUT & ABOUT<br />

Tech & Accessories 22<br />

Boat Accessories 56<br />

Kayaks & More 60<br />

Camping Accessories 62<br />

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HOW TO USE<br />


When I travel, I fish — and I enjoy it with whatever gear is available. I was in the Adriatic Sea<br />

this summer with a hook, five metres of line and some bread, catching panfish in the dark (didn’t<br />

even have a stick like when I was a kid). Shortly after I was drift fishing the reefs off the coast of<br />

Florida with crappy rental gear. Yesterday (October 14th, 2017) was our Winter <strong>Fishing</strong> Derby in<br />

Kelowna,BC, where we trolled for rainbow on Okanagan Lake with our own top-of-the-line gear<br />

and boat. Regardless of the gear, I had a smile every time.<br />

I’m a gear head, I always have been. I want to enjoy my<br />

hobbies and sports to the max with whatever little time I<br />

have left stumbling around this planet, and that means<br />

finding the equipment to take my game to the next level.<br />

This guide is designed to help you choose the next step up<br />

for you, whether you’re ready to trade up from hook and<br />

string or upgrade from hand-me-down rental gear.<br />

This year’s bumper crop of innovations, from clothing<br />

to coolers, tech to tackle, will make your fishing trips more<br />

successful and more enjoyable than ever before. When it<br />

comes right down to it, more enjoyable is more successful.<br />

No single publication could cover every angling product<br />

currently for sale, and if it did, the great, new, innova-<br />

tive products would be hidden amongst the poor quality,<br />

doesn’t last, doesn’t-work-and-never-will equipment. Our<br />

goal in producing the guide was to show you the best of<br />

what’s coming for <strong>2018</strong>, as well as some of the best sellers<br />

of 2017.<br />


You’ll occasionally see ‘Best of ICAST’ in a description.<br />

ICAST is the International Convention of Allied <strong>Sport</strong>fishing<br />

Trades (by the American <strong>Sport</strong>fishing Association). You’ll<br />

also see Best of IFTD – International Fly Tackle Dealer<br />

Show (by the American Fly<strong>Fishing</strong> Trade Association). The<br />

combined annual trade-only conventions of these two orga-<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 4 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

nizations represent the premier showcase<br />

for the latest innovations in fishing<br />

gear, accessories and apparel in<br />

North America. It is a trade-only show,<br />

which means that you as a consumer<br />

can’t attend. So we go for you.<br />

Each year, buyers and media representatives<br />

like us, compare thousands<br />

of products from hundreds of<br />

companies in 26 categories, which<br />

have been entered into the New<br />

Product Showcase based on their level<br />

of usefulness, innovation, execution,<br />

and workmanship.<br />


While Canada long ago adopted the<br />

metric system, the US has not, and as<br />

a result, much of our use of the imperial<br />

system remains entrenched in our<br />

fishing culture. Rather than provide<br />

metric equivalents that none of us<br />

use, we have kept the old imperial<br />

units where they are in normal use.<br />


Many products had not been released<br />

as we wrote this gear guide, so often<br />

all the suppliers had to give were<br />

manufacturer’s suggested list prices<br />

(MSRP) in USD, as they were waiting<br />

to see where the dollar was when<br />

<strong>Canadian</strong> retailers had to pay for their<br />

orders. Wherever possible, the MSRP<br />

is listed in <strong>Canadian</strong> dollars (CAD).<br />


We haven’t listed every piece of fishing-related<br />

equipment for sale in<br />

2017. Some of it is too poorly built to<br />

be worth mentioning. Much of it you<br />

are already familiar with. If you are<br />

new to fishing, you should be looking<br />

at the new for <strong>2018</strong> gear anyway, as<br />

it incorporates the latest technologies.<br />

We’ve also kept it to gear that you<br />

can use to fish <strong>Canadian</strong> waters and<br />

species. So you won’t find your favourite<br />

tarpon or marlin bait here.<br />


We were tempted to list the warranty<br />

for each model, which typically range<br />

from one-year to lifetime transferrable,<br />

but no warranty covers the<br />

physical damage you do to the equipment<br />

– just the rather ambiguous<br />

‘manufacturer’s defects.’ The true test<br />

of a warranty is not in the fine print,<br />

but in the application of it – you say it<br />

broke, and they replace it.<br />

From personal experience, I can<br />

tell you it doesn’t matter if you buy<br />

new gear, clothing, or tech this year.<br />

It’s not important if you fish with<br />

a stick and some string, or top-ofthe-line<br />

equipment. It doesn’t matter<br />

where you are in the world. The only<br />

thing that counts is that you enjoy<br />

it, and take yourself fishing as often<br />

as you can. We hope this guide helps<br />

you do that – on the water, or from<br />

your couch.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 5 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Rods<br />

GEAR GUIDE <strong>2018</strong><br />




The core element in your fishing equipment is your rod. In the ‘How to<br />

Use the <strong>Guide</strong>’ section we described fishing with just bread, a hook and<br />

some line, with the next evolutionary step – a stick.<br />

As lures, baits and techniques have<br />

evolved, so have manufacturers’ rod<br />

design. They have fine-tuned their rods<br />

to give the angler the advantage over<br />

the fish when you choose the right<br />

‘stick’. The correct rod allows you to<br />

cast more accurately, work the baits<br />

better, detect more strikes and set the<br />

hook to land your catch.<br />

Step one in choosing the right rod<br />

starts with knowing what kind of fish<br />

you are most often after, which will<br />

help decide which technique you’ll be<br />

using and ultimately lead to the type of<br />

rod and action you want.<br />

The two most dominant rods are<br />

either spinning or baitcast. Spinning<br />

rods mount the reel under the handle<br />

and baitcast are seated on top. These<br />

are two different casting techniques.<br />

Your decision on fish and fishing technique<br />

will decide your reel, and now<br />

you can select your rod.<br />

Most fishing enthusiasts start out<br />

with a 6’6” to 7’ medium rod as these<br />

rods will work with most techniques<br />

and lure types.<br />

Building a fishing rod involves design<br />

comprises. You can build a rod that<br />

will never break – think solid steel pipe<br />

– but it would be too heavy to cast with<br />

all day, and it wouldn’t be sensitive<br />

enough to let you know when you had<br />

a bite. A great rod is strong but responsive,<br />

sensitive and durable. A good<br />

rod won’t instantly make you a great<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 6 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

angler, but a poor one will certainly<br />

hinder you, and could cause you<br />

enough grief and expense that it will<br />

turn you off one of Canada’s greatest<br />

pastimes.<br />

An honest, knowledgeable local<br />

retailer can help tell you the most<br />

popular techniques for the fish in the<br />

region. But it helps to understand the<br />

language he or she is about to speak.<br />


Action – describes how the rod bends<br />

when pressure is applied at the tip. A<br />

fast action rod bends in the top third<br />

and a slow action rod starts bending in<br />

the bottom third. How easily it bends<br />

depends on the type of fish for which<br />

the rod is designed. For instance, a<br />

fast action fly rod will bend much<br />

lower and more easily than a fast action<br />

offshore rod. For the most part,<br />

the nature of the flex is determined by<br />

the taper of the rod – how the diameter<br />

decreases from handle to tip.<br />

The weight of the lures you’ll be<br />

fishing with helps choose the action.<br />

Lighter lures work with faster action<br />

rods storing kinetic energy easily. Bass<br />

rods are typically fast action. This<br />

helps in setting the hook, as the rod<br />

stops flexing quickly as it reaches the<br />

stiffer part of the blank sooner. They<br />

work best where short to medium casting<br />

distances are involved, using single<br />

hooks in worm and jig fishing.<br />

For longer casts, medium to medium-fast<br />

rods are used in conjunction<br />

with treble hooks like topwater lures,<br />

crankbaits, or spinner baits. The<br />

slower action makes it less likely that<br />

you’ll tear the hook out of that stronger<br />

fish you’re after.<br />

Power – describes the strength of the<br />

rod. As in, its lifting power, rated from<br />

extra-heavy to ultra-light. Describing<br />

the power of a rod depends on the<br />

type of rod you’re discussing. A heavy<br />

bass rod might be limited to a 25 lb<br />

line while a heavy offshore rod might<br />

be rated for 80 lb line. As you may<br />

have already guessed, the line weight<br />

should match the rod power. With a<br />

heavy line on a light rod you could<br />

snap the rod, and with a light line on<br />

a heavy power rod you could snap the<br />

line. Matching the rod and line will<br />

help you to work within the limits of<br />

the equipment to land your prize.<br />

Responsiveness – is the rods ability<br />

to flex under load and then release<br />

the stored energy. A light, highly<br />

responsive rod will allow you to more<br />

accurately cast on a low trajectory<br />

when you want to land your bait lightly<br />

and perhaps need to land close to an<br />

obstruction.<br />

Graphite – is a material used to build<br />

everything from fishing rods to waterskis.<br />

Like most materials there are<br />

significant differences in the quality of<br />

the graphite and how well it is used. It<br />

costs a lot more, and requires a great<br />

deal of expertise to build a light, responsive<br />

and durable rod. Conversely,<br />

a cheap rod can be built from graphite<br />

- but be heavy and brittle.<br />

Graphite often comes with a rating<br />

i.e. IM6 or IM7, etc. Unfortunately,<br />

it isn’t an industry standard so the<br />

quality of IM6 graphite can vary from<br />

one manufacturer to another. You can<br />

count on it to compare rods within a<br />

rod manufacturers lineup where you<br />

can expect an IM8 will be better (more<br />

sensitive/responsive) than an IM7.<br />

Other manufacturers use a ‘ton’<br />

rating, i.e. 30 ton or 40 ton (40 being<br />

more sensitive/responsive). Unfortunately<br />

this is also not an industry<br />

standard so you can’t accurately<br />

equate a ‘ton’ rating with an ‘IM’ rating.<br />

Modulus refers to the stiffness of<br />

the graphite, but because so many<br />

other factors influence the quality<br />

of the graphite, a higher modulus<br />

doesn’t mean a better quality rod. In<br />

general, the higher the number, the<br />

stronger the rod will be for its weight<br />

– but also the more brittle it becomes.<br />

In some cases a stiffer rod is detrimental,<br />

as you wouldn’t want a stiff<br />

rod for light line techniques.<br />

Fibreglass – is known by anyone<br />

born after 1940, but like many modern<br />

materials ‘glass’ has changed and<br />

evolved over the decades and in some<br />

instances in fishing rods, has been<br />

combined with graphite to produce<br />

some stellar rods. Although heavier<br />

than graphite, glass has a solid reputation<br />

with many anglers looking for a<br />

medium to slow action rod that is very<br />

durable. For instance, you’ll find them<br />

in rods for heavier fish, and in boat<br />

rods that don’t require casting.<br />

<strong>Guide</strong>s – most are composed of an<br />

outer metal ring, and the best are lined<br />

or coated with a reduced friction inner<br />

ring. Friction causes heat, and heat<br />

breaks down line. Low friction also<br />

translates into longer casts. The best<br />

guides are also lightweight and durable.<br />

Rods with more guides will bend<br />

truer to the rods design, and typically<br />

cast better than those with fewer.<br />

Materials include Alconite, whose<br />

base material is aluminum oxide, and<br />

it is an improvement over Hardloy (another<br />

aluminum oxide derivative). SiC<br />

stands for silicon carbide, which along<br />

with titanium carbide and Zirconium<br />

are a few of the higher end materials<br />

as they reduce friction and heat to a<br />

minimum. Some of the best guides are<br />

made of nickel-titanium alloy, which<br />

spring back into place even when bent<br />

back, require no plating, and cannot<br />

corrode.<br />

Handles and knobs – are often made<br />

from cork, an age-old material chosen<br />

because it is lightweight and provides<br />

good grip even when it’s wet. About<br />

50% of the world’s cork comes from<br />

Portugal, and like graphite there is<br />

no universal grading system. One<br />

mans ‘Flor’ is another mans ‘AAAA’ is<br />

another’s ‘AAA’ and another’s CG1. All<br />

you can expect is that the best cork<br />

is found on the most expensive rods.<br />

EVA foam is the other material most<br />

often found in handles and is more<br />

durable than cork.<br />

Reel seat – holds the reel onto the<br />

rod, and if the reel comes loose, the<br />

trophy fish of your lifetime could be<br />

lost. The reel is where the torque<br />

generated in the fight is applied to<br />

the rod. The cheapest reel seats could<br />

have cardboard inside, and/or use<br />

metal that rusts. It is best to spend a<br />

few dollars more on a trusted name<br />

brand, and avoid the deal that seems<br />

too good to be true, because it is.<br />

Now that you are armed with the lingo,<br />

peruse the pages of this guide to see<br />

what’s new in rods, the prices, and get<br />

ready for your best season ever.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 7 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Under<br />

$<br />

100<br />

Find the right casting rod to meet your fishing standards.<br />

Lew’s Tournament Performance TP1 Speed Stick<br />

Known to be lightweight, strong and sensitive, the IM8 graphite blank in this series gets skeletal graphite reel seats, split grip<br />

Dri-Tac handles by Winn Grip and 8 + tip American Tackle Microwave <strong>Guide</strong>s. It’s a solid feeling rod that provides better than<br />

average sensitivity and durability at this price point. The Bladed Jig in a 6’11” and the Inshore (with blue Winn Grip handle) 7’0”<br />

Soft Plastic and Top Water are the newest additions. Nine one-piece models from 5’9” to 7’6”, designed for 6-65 lb test, 1/8<br />

– 1 1/2 oz lures, with moderate to fast action and medium-light to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $100 USD lews.com<br />

13 <strong>Fishing</strong> One3 Fate Black<br />

Green is the new black, and whether you love or hate the colour after you buy it, take<br />

comfort in the fact that is was voted Best Freshwater Rod at ICAST 2017. Starting<br />

with Japanese 30 ton Tory graphite blanks matched to Evolve soft touch seamless<br />

reel seats, the design crew and pro staff at 13 <strong>Fishing</strong> have developed a line of<br />

sensitive yet strong rods with very crisp action at an affordable price. Seven models<br />

from 6’7” to 7’6”, designed for 6-25 lb test, ¼-1 ½ oz lures, with fast to extra<br />

fast action and medium to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $100 USD 13fishing.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

200<br />

Abu Garcia Veritas Toro Casting Rod<br />

Hungering for a weapon to use against muskie, pike and any other large, hard<br />

pulling targets? The Veritas Toro blank has been upgraded to 30 ton graphite, a<br />

new reel seat (without last years exposed threads) and a freshly designed hook<br />

keeper to make this a smart choice. It’s also tricked out with stainless steel guides<br />

with zirconium inserts and a high density EVA grip. Three fast action models<br />

from 7’9” to 8’6”, designed for 25-100 lb test, 1-16 oz lures, with mediumheavy<br />

to extra-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $150-$200 USD Fish.shimano.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 8 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

200<br />

Denali Kovert LT Casting<br />

Denali has been tinkering with these to produce a more sensitive and 25% lighter series of rods. You should suffer less fatigue, giving more casts in the day<br />

and hopefully more fish in the boat. The rods feature IM8 graphite blanks, a lightweight skeletal reel seat, EVA handles and a stabilized hardwood fore grip to<br />

transfer the feel of the rod into your hand. 11 models from 6’9” to 7’11”, designed for 8-30 lb test, 3/8-2 oz lures, with moderate to extra fast action<br />

and medium to extra heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $150 Denalirods.com<br />

Lew’s Custom Plus Casting<br />

If you’ve enjoyed a lower price point series of Lew’s Speed Stick, but it’s time to up your angling game, Lew’s has a new rod for you. The Custom Plus blank is<br />

a multilayered, multidirectional HM60 graphite blank using Lew’s Power Core construction. Take what you liked about your old Speed Stick and triple it – stronger,<br />

and lighter with more sensitivity. The reliable skeletal reel seat and Winn Grip Dri-Tac grip remains the same, but the guides are upgraded to stainless<br />

steel frames with titanium inserts numbering 8-11+ tip depending on the model. 11 models from 5’9” to 7’11”, designed for 6-65 lb test, 1/8-3 oz lures,<br />

with moderate-fast to fast action and medium-light to extra-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $150 - $180 USD lews.com<br />

Phenix Feather Casting Rods<br />

In creating these new rods, Phenix was looking to produce the lightest, most sensitive rods in the industry. The blank is engineered from 36 and 40 ton carbon fibre<br />

using Phenix proprietary Nanolite resins. Essex T-Ring Premium Carbide <strong>Guide</strong>s, Phenix own carbon fibre reel seat, and a cork/EVA grip - with smart looking carbon<br />

accents - complete the rod. Seven models from 6’9” to 7’7”, designed for 4-25 lb test, 1/8-2 oz lures, with fast to extra fast action and light to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $140-$170 USD phenixrods.com<br />

Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Rod<br />

Faster tapers for <strong>2018</strong> create a rod with better tip action for enhanced sensitivity, and a more powerful butt for improved hook setting force. A carbon fibre<br />

wrap on the handle adds strength to the HSX64 high modulus graphite blank (in either 36 ton for more durability, or 40 ton for improved sensitivity) and sports<br />

a Fuji skeletal reel seat and Kigan aluminum oxide guides. The Kigan glides are uniquely designed slightly larger than a micro glide but smaller than a regular<br />

glide, which Quantum says is the best design for glide performance. Ten one-piece models are available in lengths of 6’10” to 7’10”, 9 to 11 + tip<br />

guides, for line weights of 8-30 lbs, lures of 1/4 to 2 oz, with fast or extra fast action, and medium to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $149 Quantumfishing.com<br />

Quantum Vapor PT Casting Rod<br />

While we’re not huge fans of the look, the value is hard to deny in this new for <strong>2018</strong> series of rods. They are designed with a fast tapered HSX60 Toray graphite<br />

for good sensitivity and enough strength to pull fish from the cover. The series is finished off with premium cork handles, Kigan® aluminum oxide guides,<br />

and a one-piece ACS style reel seat. Nine models from 6’10” to 7’10”, designed for 8-30 lb test, 1/4-2 oz lures, with fast to extra-fast action and<br />

medium-light to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $130 USD quantumfishing.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 9 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

300<br />

13 <strong>Fishing</strong> Muse Black<br />

The extensive Muse Black series offers a high-end<br />

stick at an affordable price. Blanks are engineered<br />

from a 36 ton Poly-Vector Graphite, which makes<br />

them very strong but still lightweight. The airfoil<br />

carbon reel seat is comfortable and transmits<br />

movement from the tip directly to the palm of<br />

your hand through the high density EVA foam grip.<br />

Finally, to reduce friction and improve your casting<br />

distance, the Muse gets ALPS zirconia guides and<br />

a SiC tip. A huge range allows you to personalize<br />

your choice with 15 models from 6’3” to 7’11”,<br />

designed for 6-25 lb test, 1/4-2 oz lures, with<br />

moderate to extra-fast action and medium-light<br />

to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $175 - $215 USD 13fishing.com<br />

Tatula Elite<br />

Signature Series<br />

This new line of rods<br />

from Daiwa almost defies<br />

description. All the rods<br />

have two things in common.<br />

They are designed to<br />

catch bass, and they are<br />

designed by Daiwa pros.<br />

Each rod in the series is<br />

designed by a particular<br />

pro (Randy Howell, Brent<br />

Ehrler, Ish Monroe,<br />

Takahiro Omori, Andy Montgomery, Seth Feider<br />

and Cody Meyer) to catch bass using a particular<br />

technique. X45 bias construction – where layers of<br />

graphite are laid at 45 degree angles – keep the<br />

blank from twisting, and make it stronger while<br />

still retaining sensitivity. Most rods were built from<br />

Nanoplus Super Volume Fiber blanks while the<br />

crankbait rods used GLATECH fiberglass / graphite<br />

construction for a slower reacting blank. Pros<br />

chose either Daiwa AGS carbon framed glides, or<br />

Fuji Alconite guides and Daiwa custom reel seats or<br />

Fuji reel seats. If you’re looking for the ultimate rod<br />

to catch bass with a certain technique, then gentlemen<br />

choose your weapon. These one-piece rods<br />

run the gamut from 6’9” to 8’, 8-55 lb line weight,<br />

3/16-2 oz lures, medium to extra fast action,<br />

and medium-light to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $280-$300 USD daiwa.com<br />

St. Croix Legend Glass Rods<br />

Graphite blanks are all the rage across virtually all<br />

spectrums of rod design, however the new S-glass<br />

blanks using Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) tooling<br />

technology from St. Croix have been described as<br />

a crankbait fisherman’s dream. You don’t have to<br />

be using crankbaits, just any lure that works well<br />

with a moderate action rod. Your choice of four<br />

moderate action models from 6’10” to 7’11”,<br />

designed for 8-25 lb test, 1/4 – 1 3/8 oz lures,<br />

with medium to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $240 - $250 USD<br />

stcroixrods.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 10 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

400<br />

St. Croix Legend Tournament Inshore Casting Rods<br />

This tough enough for saltwater fishing rod took the award for Best<br />

Saltwater Rod at ICAST 2017. Building it for both strength and durability,<br />

St. Croix engineers started with a high-modulus/high-strain SCIV graphite<br />

with their Fortified Resin System (FRS), added a Fuji Palm Trigger Seat (PST)<br />

blank-touch reel seat lined up with Kigan Master Hand Zero Tangle guides<br />

with slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings and titanium frames to beat back the<br />

effects of saltwater. Perfect for the serious weekend angler or the committed<br />

tournament angler moving up through the ranks. Three fast action models<br />

for your arsenal from 7’0” – 8’0”, designed for 8-40 lb test, 3/8 – 3 oz<br />

lures, with medium to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $280 - $340 USD stcroixrods.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

700<br />

G. Loomis Conquest<br />

Mag Bass<br />

All I want for Christmas is a new rod …<br />

this new rod. Two of the heavyweights<br />

in the industry joined forces to engineer<br />

this new rod, G. Loomis and Shimano.<br />

How could this happen? Shimano bought<br />

G. Loomis. Twist in the graphite was<br />

eliminated using Shimano’s Spiral-X<br />

technology – improving casting distance<br />

and accuracy. They also increased the<br />

rod strength to help set your hook and<br />

fight the fish all the way to the boat. The<br />

blanks are built in Shimano’s Japanese<br />

factory then shipped to G. Loomis in the<br />

USA to be finished. The rods also feature<br />

Fuji Torzite guides and custom reel seats.<br />

Sensitivity is further enhanced through<br />

using a blank-through-handle construction<br />

(just what it sounds like), the handles<br />

being full cork. Eight fast action models<br />

from 6’6” to 7’6”, designed for 8-25 lb<br />

test, ¼ - 1 1/4 oz lures, with mediumheavy<br />

to extra-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $650 - $675 USD<br />

gloomis.com<br />

G. Loomis GLX Casting<br />

The self-proclaimed cornerstone of the product line for 20 years, the GLX has been redesigned for<br />

<strong>2018</strong> to be even lighter than before while retaining its legendary power. The GLX received a new<br />

proprietary reel seat, split grip handle (although Mag bass and Spin Jig rods have full cork grips),<br />

Fuji K-frame and SiC guides. Some tapers are also new, increasing the sensitivity even further than<br />

before. 11 models from 6’8” to 7’5”, designed for 10-25 lb test, 1/8 - 1 oz lures, with fast to<br />

extra-fast action and medium to extra heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $420-$465 USD Gloomis.com<br />

St. Croix Legend X Casting Rods<br />

This new freshwater series combines the super high-modulus SCVI graphite with FRS in the lower<br />

section for max strength and high-modulus/high-strain SCV graphite with FRS and carbon-matte scrim<br />

for durability, strength, and sensitivity. All engineered with St. Croix exemplary technology including;<br />

Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) tooling technology, Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) blank design, and<br />

Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART).The blank then gets Fuji Torzite titanium frame guides, a Fuji<br />

PTS blank-touch reel seat with built-in hood, a Kigan titanium hook-keeper all of which you can slip in<br />

the included protective rod sack.Ten models from 6’8” to 8’8”, designed for 10-80 lb test, 3/16 –<br />

11 ½ oz lures, with moderate-fast to extra-fast action and medium to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $390 - 420 USD stcroixrods.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 11 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Choose dependable spinning rods that let you cast farther than you ever imagined.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 12 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM<br />


Under<br />

$<br />

100<br />

13 <strong>Fishing</strong> One3 Fate Black<br />

Green is the new black, and regardless of if you love or hate the<br />

colour after you buy it, take comfort in the fact that is was voted<br />

Best Freshwater Rod at ICAST 2017. Speaking of comfort, the 3A<br />

Portuguese cork handles fit nicely in your grip and the tangle free<br />

glides with Zirconia inserts make for stress free casts. Starting with<br />

Japanese 30 ton Tory graphite blanks matched to Evolve soft touch<br />

seamless reel seats, the design crew and pro staff at 13 <strong>Fishing</strong> have<br />

developed a line of sensitive yet strong rods with very crisp action<br />

at an affordable price. Four fast action models from 6’7” to 7’1”,<br />

designed for 4-14 lb test, 1/8 - 3/4 oz lures, with medium to<br />

medium-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $100 USD 13fishing.com<br />

Lew’s Tournament Performance<br />

TP1 Speed Stick<br />

Known to be lightweight, strong and sensitive,<br />

the IM8 graphite blank in this series gets skeletal<br />

graphite reel seats, split grip Dri-Tac handles by<br />

Winn Grip, and 8 + tip American Tackle Microwave<br />

<strong>Guide</strong>s. It’s a solid feeling rod that provides better<br />

than average sensitivity and durability at this price<br />

point. The Dock Sniper in a 6’11” and the Inshore<br />

(with blue Winn Grip handle) 7’0” Soft Plastic and<br />

Top Water are the newest additions Eight onepiece<br />

models from 6’6” to 7’0”, designed for<br />

4-15 lb test, 1/16 - 3/4 oz lures, with moderatefast<br />

to extra-fast action and medium-light to<br />

medium-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $100 USD lews.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

200<br />

Lew’s TP1 Float ‘n Fly<br />

The Speed Stick two-piece Float ‘n Fly is engineered for anglers looking for a big stick. The IM8 graphite blank gets the same skeletal<br />

graphite reel seats, split grip Dri-Tac handles by Winn Grip, and 8 + tip American Tackle Microwave <strong>Guide</strong>s as the other rods<br />

in the Tournament Performance series. Choose from two models either 8’0” or 9’’0”, designed for 4-10 lb test, 1/16 - 3/8 oz<br />

lures, with fast action and medium-light power.<br />

MSRP: $120 USD lews.com<br />

Denali Kovert LT Spinning<br />

Denali has been tinkering with these to produce a more sensitive and 25% lighter series of rods. You should suffer less fatigue, giving more<br />

casts in the day and hopefully more fish in the boat. The rods feature IM8 graphite blanks, a lightweight skeletal reel seat, EVA handles,<br />

and a stabilized hardwood fore grip to transfer the feel of the rod into your hand. Four models from 6’10” to 7’6”, designed for 6-15 lb<br />

test, 1/8 - 5/8 oz lures, with moderate to moderate-fast action and medium to medium-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $150 Denalirods.com<br />

Phenix Feather Spinning Rods<br />

In creating this new rod, Phenix was looking to produce the lightest, most sensitive rods in the industry. The blank is engineered<br />

from 36 and 40 ton carbon fibre using Phenix proprietary Nanolite resins. Essex T-Ring Premium Carbide <strong>Guide</strong>s, Phenix own carbon<br />

fibre reel seat and cork/EVA grip - with smart looking carbon accents - complete the rod. Five models from 6’9” to 7’1”,<br />

designed for 4-20 lb test, 1/8 - 1 3/4 oz lures, with fast to extra-fast action and light to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $140-$170 USD phenixrods.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 13 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

200<br />

13 <strong>Fishing</strong> Muse Black Spinning<br />

The extensive Muse Black series offers a high-end<br />

stick at an affordable price. Blanks are engineered<br />

from a 36 ton Poly-Vector Graphite which makes<br />

them very strong but still lightweight. The airfoil<br />

carbon reel seat is comfortable and transmits<br />

movement from the tip directly to the palm of<br />

your hand through the high density EVA foam grip.<br />

Finally, to reduce friction and improve your casting<br />

distance, the Muse gets ALPS zirconia guides and<br />

a SiC tip. Choose from four fast action models<br />

from 6’7”to 7’2”, designed for 6-17 lb test, 1/8<br />

- 3/4 oz lures, and medium-light to mediumheavy<br />

power.<br />

MSRP: $175 - $195 13fishing.com<br />

Fenwick Elite Tech<br />

Inshore Spinning<br />

Built for the rigors of saltwater, big fish angling,<br />

these rods are built with a high modulus blank<br />

topped with Fenwick’s Hidden Handle Reel Seat<br />

and finished with Kigan tangle free stainless steel<br />

guides. Get hold of it through the AAA full cork<br />

handle and TAC fighting butt. Nine models from<br />

6’6” to 7’6”, designed for 4-50 lb test, 1/8 - 5 oz<br />

lures, with moderate to extra-fast action and<br />

medium-light to extra-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $150 - $200 USD fenwickfishing.com<br />

Quantum Vapor PT Spinning Rod<br />

While we’re not huge fans of the look, the value<br />

is hard to deny in this new for <strong>2018</strong> series of rods.<br />

They are designed with a fast tapered HSX60 Toray<br />

graphite for good sensitivity, with enough strength<br />

to pull fish from the cover. The series is finished<br />

off with premium cork handles, Kigan® aluminum<br />

oxide guides, and a one-piece ACS style reel seat.<br />

Six extra-fast action models from 6’3” to 7’4”,<br />

designed for 6 - 14 lb test, 1/8 – 3/4 oz lures,<br />

with medium-light to medium-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $130 USD quantumfishing.com<br />

Lew’s Custom Plus Inshore Spinning<br />

If you’ve previously enjoyed a lower price point series of Lew’s<br />

Speed Stick, but it’s time to up your angling game, Lew’s has a new<br />

rod for you. The Custom Plus blank is a multilayered, multidirectional<br />

HM60 graphite blank using Lew’s Power Core construction. Take what you liked<br />

about your old Speed Stick and triple it – stronger, lighter with more sensitivity.<br />

The reliable skeletal reel seat and Winn Grip Dri-Tac grip remains the same<br />

but the guides are upgraded to stainless steel frames with titanium inserts<br />

numbering 8-11+ tip depending on the model. Two 7’0” moderate-fast action<br />

models, designed for either 8-14 or 8-20 lb test, 1/16 - 3/8, or 1/16 - 5/8 oz<br />

lures, with medium-light or medium power, all respectively.<br />

MSRP: $150 USD lews.com<br />

Quantum Smoke S3 Spinning Rod<br />

Faster tapers for <strong>2018</strong> create a rod with better tip action for enhanced<br />

sensitivity, and a more powerful butt for improved hook setting force. A<br />

carbon fibre wrap on the handle adds strength to the HSX64 high modulus<br />

graphite blank (in either 36 ton for more durability, or 40 ton for improved<br />

sensitivity), and it sports a Fuji skeletal reel seat and Kigan aluminum oxide<br />

guides. The Kigan glides are uniquely designed to be slightly larger than<br />

a micro glide but smaller than a regular glide, which Quantum says is the<br />

best design for glide performance. Six one-piece models are available<br />

in lengths of 6’3” to 7’4”, 9 to 10 + tip guides, for line weights of 6-14<br />

lbs, lures of 1/16 to 3/8 oz, with extra-fast action, and medium-light to<br />

medium-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $149 Quantumfishing.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 14 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

300<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

400<br />

Tatula Elite Signature Series<br />

This new line of rods from Daiwa almost defies description. All the rods have two things in common. They are designed to catch bass, and<br />

they are designed by Daiwa pros. Each rod in the series is designed by a particular pro (Randy Howell, Brent Ehrler, Seth Feider and Cody<br />

Meyer) to catch bass using a particular technique. X45 bias construction – where layers of graphite are laid at 45 degree angles – keep the<br />

blank from twisting, and make it stronger while still retaining sensitivity. Most rods were built from Nanoplus Super Volume Fiber blanks<br />

while the crankbait rods used GLATECH fiberglass/graphite construction for a slower reacting blank. Pros chose either Daiwa AGS carbon<br />

framed guides, or Fuji Alconite guides and Daiwa custom reel seats or Fuji reel seats. If you’re looking for the ultimate rod to catch bass<br />

with a certain technique, gentlemen choose your weapon. These one piece rods run the gamut from 7’0” to 7’6”, 4-14 lb line weight,<br />

1/16-3/4 oz, fast to extra-fast action, and medium-light to medium-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $280-$300 USD daiwa.com<br />

St. Croix Legend Tournament Inshore Spinning Rods<br />

This tough enough for saltwater fishing took the ICAST award for Best Saltwater Rod<br />

at ICAST 2017. Building it for both strength and durability, St.Croix engineers started<br />

with a high-modulus/high-strain SCIV graphite with FRS, added a Fuji TVS blank-touch<br />

reel seat lined up with Kigan Master Hand Zero Tangle guides with slim, strong aluminum-oxide<br />

rings and titanium frames to beat back the effects of saltwater. Perfect for the<br />

serious weekend angler or the committed tournament angler moving up through the ranks.<br />

Seven fast action models for your arsenal from 7’0” – 8’0”, designed for 6-40 lb<br />

test, 1/8 – 1 1/4 oz lures, with medium to medium-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $280 - $340 USD stcroixrods.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

700<br />

G. Loomis Conquest<br />

Spin Jig<br />

When Shimano bought G. Loomis it<br />

allowed two of the heavyweights<br />

in the industry to share technology.<br />

One of these children is the Conquest<br />

Spin Jig. Twist of the graphite blank<br />

was eliminated using Shimano’s<br />

Spiral-X technology – improving casting<br />

distance and accuracy. They also<br />

increased the rod strength to help set<br />

your hook and fight the fish all the<br />

way to the boat. The blanks are built<br />

in Shimano’s Japanese factory then<br />

shipped to G. Loomis in the USA to<br />

be finished. The rods also feature Fuji<br />

Torzite guides and custom reel seats.<br />

Sensitivity is further enhanced through<br />

the use of blank-through-handle construction<br />

(just what it sounds like), the<br />

split-grip handles are made of cork.<br />

Four fast action models from 6’6”<br />

to 7’6”, designed for 6-15 lb test, 1/8 – 5/8 oz<br />

lures, with medium to medium-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $650 - $675 USD gloomis.com<br />

G. Loomis GLX Spinning<br />

The self-proclaimed cornerstone of<br />

the product line for 20 years, the<br />

GLX has been redesigned for <strong>2018</strong><br />

to be even lighter than before while<br />

retaining its legendary power. The<br />

GLX received a new proprietary reel<br />

seat, split grip handle, Fuji K-frame<br />

and SiC guides. Some tapers are<br />

also new, increasing the sensitivity<br />

even further than before. Seventeen<br />

models from 6’0” to 7’5”,<br />

designed for 4-25 lb test, 1/16 – 1<br />

oz lures, with fast to extra-fast<br />

action and light to heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $405-$450 USD<br />

Gloomis.com<br />

St. Croix Legend X<br />

Spinning Rods<br />

The new freshwater series combines<br />

the super high-modulus<br />

SCVI graphite with FRS in the<br />

lower section for maximum<br />

strength, with high-modulus/<br />

high-strain SCV graphite with<br />

FRS and carbon-matte scrim<br />

for durability, strength, and<br />

sensitivity. All engineered with<br />

St. Croix’s exemplary science<br />

including Integrated Poly Curve<br />

(IPC) tooling technology, Taper<br />

Enhancement Technology (TET)<br />

blank design, and Advanced<br />

Reinforcing Technology (ART).<br />

The blank then gets Fuji Torzite<br />

titanium frame guides, a Fuji PTS<br />

blank-touch reel seat with builtin<br />

hood, and a Kigan titanium<br />

hook-keeper, all of which you<br />

can slip in the included protective<br />

rod sack. Five models from<br />

6’8” to 7’0”, designed for 6-14<br />

lb test, 1/8 – 3/4 oz lures, with<br />

fast to extra-fast action and<br />

medium-light to mediumheavy<br />

power.<br />

MSRP: $400 - $410 USD<br />

stcroixrods.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 15 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

FLY RODS<br />

Find your perfect fly rod<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

300<br />

Echo Dry<br />

This affordable, versatile rod is designed specifically to catch trout<br />

on a dry fly, casting in the 7.5 to 15 m (25-50 ft) zone with a normal<br />

fly line. Essentially, this rod is optimized for the cast you most often<br />

use. The graphite blank gets a stainless stripper guide with low<br />

friction ceramic insert, chrome snake guides and an aluminum and<br />

woven graphite reel seat, which you can tuck into the accompanying<br />

twist-top rod sock. Available in five 9’0”, medium-fast action<br />

models, 2 – 6 rod weight, weighing 2.9 – 3.3 oz<br />

MSRP: $230 echoflyfishing.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 16 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

400<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

600<br />

Sage Foundation Fly Rod<br />

The foundation of this fast action series of rods is a high-performance<br />

Graphite IIIe blank, which provides good casting power and control. A cork<br />

handle, ceramic stripper guide, hard chrome snake guides and tip-top finish<br />

the rod above a black anodized up-locking reel seat.<br />

Five 9’0” rods come in a 31” tube, in rod line weights of 4-8, weighing 2<br />

7/8 – 3 3/16 oz with fighting butts on 7 & 8 rod line weights.<br />

MSRP: $325 sageflyfish.com<br />

Winston Kairos<br />

This is a new multipurpose series of freshwater, saltwater, and<br />

spey rods. The blanks are 100% graphite with an impact-resistant<br />

clear coat. A black, anodized aluminum reel seat is followed<br />

by a chrome nanolite stripper guide, then chrome-plated<br />

snake guides, which you can tuck into the grey, embroidered<br />

Cordura tube.Twelve fast action models, 8’0” to 12’3” long,<br />

in 3 – 10 rod weight.<br />

MSRP: $475 USD – single hand rod<br />

MSRP: $575 USD – double hand rod (6,7 wt)<br />

Winstonrods.com<br />

G. Loomis IMX-Pro<br />

Let’s start by saying that this rod took the ‘Best Fly Rod’ award at the 2017 IFTD. Although we loved the top-of-the-line Asquith introduced at IFTD 2016,<br />

the sticker shock left us gasping for air. The IMX-Pro series of rods are each specifically designed for a particular purpose, but there are some common<br />

threads. By replacing graphite with a proprietary material, Conduit Core Technology is G. Loomis’ way of maintaining strength in the bottom section<br />

of rod without increasing the weight. The result is a better-balanced, lighter weight rod that reduces your fatigue for improved time on the water. Fuji<br />

chrome stripping guides, single-foot snake guides, ported custom reel seats, with micro full-wells grips and hook keepers in the 4–6 weight rods, and<br />

standard full-wells grips and fighting butts (7–8 weights), plus an included Cordura rod tube round out the other features of the line.The line-up looks like<br />

this: Two fast action, 8’10”, one-piece streamer rods in 7 & 8 rod weights. Eight fast action, four piece rods, from 8’6” – 10’0” in length, in<br />

rod weights of 4 – 8. Five medium-fast, 11’11”, four piece shortspey in rod weights of 3 -7.<br />

MSRP: $500-$575 USD Gloomis.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 17 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

800<br />

Winston Nimbus<br />

Winston calls them ‘The Best 100% graphite fly rods out there for every angling situation out there.’<br />

Using the same multi modulus graphite as their other Boron rods, along with versatile mid-tip flex tapers,<br />

this fast action rod is smooth casting, with a combination of both power and finesse. Offered in a full<br />

range of freshwater, saltwater, and spey models, Nimbus rods are finished in a beautiful Big Sky Blue<br />

colour (which makes sense they are built in Montana). You’ll find Chrome nanolite stripper guides, light<br />

wire snake guides, and a reel seat of white anodized aluminum with burled wood insert on 3wt. thru 5wt.<br />

While the 6wt. through 10wt. get chrome nanolite stripper guides, chrome plated snake guides, and a<br />

Titanium anodized aluminum reel seat with the Winston signature logo. The cork used in the handles is the<br />

same top quality that is used in their flagship rods like the Winston BIIx and Air.<br />

Twelve fast action models, 7’6” to 9’0”, 3 – 10 rod weight.<br />

MSRP: $650 – single hand rod<br />

MSRP: $750 – double hand rod (6,7,8 wt)<br />

Winstonrods.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

900<br />

Orvis H3 Rod<br />

If Orvis is to be believed, this is the most accurate fly rod in the history of mankind, and so far the reviews<br />

support their claim. This rod will make even an amateur angler better the way that shaped skis changed<br />

skiing in the 1990’s. The increased accuracy is a function of the reduced vertical and horizontal frequency<br />

at the tip, at the end of the casting stroke – in layman’s terms - less line wobble. The blank is completed<br />

with type III anodized aluminum reel seat, SiC titanium stripping guides, REC recoil snake guides, Rod outfit<br />

includes rod, reel, line, backing and aluminum rod tube. Four 4-pc, 9’0”, models are available, line<br />

weight 5-8 lbs, choose F (finesse) for moderate action and D (distance) for heavier weight flies.<br />

MSRP: $850 - $900 USD Orvis.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

1000<br />

Sage Salt HD<br />

The SALT HD is another series of purpose<br />

built fly rods. The genie in this<br />

bottle is KonneticHD Technology, which<br />

is the sum of proprietary graphite/<br />

resin composite and high density fibre<br />

positioning. The result is a blank that<br />

reduces vibration for improved accuracy,<br />

and improves the strength and stiffness<br />

to weight ratio, so you have a light,<br />

high energy rod. These rods also feature<br />

oversized hard chromed snake guides<br />

and tip-top, heavy-duty up-locking anodized<br />

aluminum reel seat and a full-wells<br />

cork handle. Jerry Siem, Sage chief rod<br />

designer says “With that in mind, each<br />

rod in this family was designed specifically<br />

for a purpose - allowing for quick<br />

shots and even quicker second shots<br />

yet having the pulling power and ability<br />

to perform delicate presentations when<br />

needed.” We say – with this rod you’ll<br />

always be ready when the fish of a lifetime<br />

appears.<br />

Ten models from 8’6”-9’0”, 6-16 rod<br />

line weight, weighing 3 3/4 to 6 5/8 oz<br />

MSRP: $950 Sageflyfish.com<br />

Scott Fly Rods G Series<br />

The original G series kicked off in 1976, but construction techniques in this year’s<br />

iteration has little in common with the other classic, other than in name. These<br />

medium action fly rods have a hollow internal ferrule to make them more flexible,<br />

stronger, and more than 20% lighter. Their fibre and resin systems create<br />

stronger bonds between the fibres, while multi-modulus layups produce a rod<br />

that loads and unloads smoothly, which in conjunction with new multi-slope<br />

tapers create a rod that both bends deeply, remains stable and generates<br />

higher line speeds. The blanks get titanium guide frames with silicon<br />

carbide (SiC) rings and Snake brand guides. Twelve medium action,<br />

four-pc models range from 7’7” to 9’0”, 2-6 wt line, with two<br />

styles of grips.<br />

MSRP: $845 Scottflyrod.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 18 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Islander Mooching Rod<br />

Ready for a rod as rugged as the <strong>Canadian</strong> Pacific Northwest? This glass<br />

rod with a parabolic flex comes with titanium carbide stainless steel guides,<br />

anodized aluminum reel seat with cushioned hoods, sculpted butt cap, woven<br />

graphite reargrip, cork foregrip with a durable non-skid cover, all of which is<br />

assembled in Canada. One model in a 10’6” length, weighing 16 oz, holding<br />

a line weight of 15 – 30 lb.<br />

MSRP: $530 CAD<br />

Islander.com<br />

Penn International VI<br />

A perfect match to the Penn International reels, this series of off-shore trolling<br />

rods is designed to take the pressure off the angler and put it on the<br />

fish where it belongs. On these glass rods you’ll find Aftco® Roller <strong>Guide</strong>s,<br />

Fuji ring guides, Stuart® Aluminum Butts and reel seats, or slick butts with<br />

aluminum gimbals. EVA foregrips maximize grip against hard pulling fish<br />

and improve comfort for those long battles. Six models from 6’0” to 6’6”,<br />

designed for 20-80 lb test, with moderate to fast action and mediumlight<br />

to extra-heavy power.<br />

MSRP: $280 - $600 USD pennfishing.com<br />

Rivers Inlet <strong>Sport</strong>sman’s Club<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 19 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

APPS & MAPS<br />

Here are some of the hottest fishing-related mobile apps on the market right now.<br />

FishTales<br />

Designed for iOS devices, FishTales allows you to record your fishing history with as much information as<br />

you need to create a comprehensive data base for future reference. You can log what lure/bait you used,<br />

the date, time, water temperature, the GPS location of each catch, even the phase of the moon. After logging<br />

your information, “Quick Pick” allows you to select any body of water that you’ve fished on, while the<br />

Map button will display all your catches on highlighted pins. When you tap the pin, it will show the type of<br />

fish you caught and the lure you used to catch it (if entered). The app also has the “Virtual Tackle Box” that<br />

lets you record all of your favourite lures. Just take a picture of the lure, describe it, and the app will keep<br />

track of every fish you caught with each lure.<br />

Price: $4 USD www.generallyboredsoftware.com<br />

Aqua Map Canada<br />

From British Columbia to the Great Lakes and<br />

beyond, The Aqua Map Canada App from GEC s.r.l<br />

offers a full range of <strong>Canadian</strong> nautical charts from<br />

The <strong>Canadian</strong> Hydrographic Service (CHS). After<br />

the initial purchase of the app, you can simply<br />

download the desired chart on your smart device at<br />

no additional cost then access it at a later date to<br />

navigate your route. The charts offer every detail<br />

required for precise navigation including depth<br />

contours, spot soundings, buoys, beacons, sea floor<br />

information, obstructions, and rocks, to name just<br />

a few. The app also allows you to store unlimited<br />

tracks and markers, and measure distances. You<br />

can even share tracks, markers and images.<br />

Price: $20.99 www.globalaquamaps.com<br />

IGFA Mobile App<br />

While geared for competitive offshore sport fishermen, the International Game Fish Association (IGFA)<br />

Mobile App is loaded with many features every sports fisherman will enjoy. It allows you to quickly access<br />

angling world records, identify your species, plan your trips, and log your catches. Available in two versions,<br />

the Mobile and Mobile Lite, the app automatically updates real-time records. If you think you landed<br />

a record-setter, simply take a photo, enter the details and save it under “My Catches.” You can also share<br />

the details via email or Facebook. Additionally, you`ll like the “Species ID,” which is a database of species<br />

complete with ID descriptions, habitat information, geographic distribution, and anatomy. You can also log<br />

upcoming fishing trips, find IGFA tournaments, and locate IGFA weigh stations.<br />

MSRP: $8.99 USD<br />

Price: IGFA Mobile: $11.99 USD IGFA Mobile Lite: Free www.igfa.org<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 20 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Page 1 2<br />

Victoria<br />

Page 18<br />

Page 10<br />

Page 80<br />



Page 84<br />

Nanaimo<br />

Page 91<br />





DUNCAN<br />

SIDNEY<br />

Page 120<br />

Page 1 0<br />

Page 14<br />

Sidney<br />

Page 31<br />

Page 90<br />

Page 92<br />

Page 108<br />

Page 96<br />

Galiano<br />

Page 34<br />

Page 18<br />

Page 98<br />

Page 30<br />







Page 35<br />

Gibsons<br />

Keats Is.<br />

Page 40<br />


Page 17<br />

Cha nel<br />


Page 46<br />



Page 78<br />




Page 74<br />

Sea tle<br />

Page 48<br />

Page 38<br />

Page 19<br />

Rami lies<br />

Cha nel<br />

Page 43<br />


Page 4<br />

Toll<br />

Free<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> BC App<br />

The free <strong>Fishing</strong>BC app has a range of features<br />

exclusively for BC-based saltwater anglers – or visitors<br />

who want to fish the Pacific Coast. Launched<br />

by the <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Institute of BC, some functions<br />

include current regulations (including information<br />

on species, boundary maps, conservation areas, closures<br />

or contamination alerts), the Personal Catch<br />

Log and Species Identification for salmon and other<br />

game fish in BC’s tidal waters. You can also upload<br />

and store your BC fishing license. The <strong>Fishing</strong>BC<br />

app is available for iOS or Android devices.<br />

Price: Free www.fishingbcapp.ca<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> Points<br />

With the wealth of features and functions, the free<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> Points app can be used by anglers before,<br />

during and even after a fishing trip. In addition<br />

to enabling you to save your fishing locations,<br />

hotspots, and waypoints, you can record trolling<br />

paths and trotlines. You can even find saved locations<br />

with its GPS tool. <strong>Fishing</strong> Points also relays<br />

current weather conditions with hourly forecasts,<br />

and tide prediction charts. With its featured solunar<br />

data, you can find sunrise and sunset times; moonrise<br />

and moonset times; and sun and moon phases.<br />

Rounding out some of its key features is the <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

Log and image sharing. <strong>Fishing</strong> Points is compatible<br />

for iOS and Android devices.<br />

MSRP: $5-$10 USD<br />

www.fishingpointsapp.com/en<br />

iFish<br />

This app is available at the App Store or Google<br />

Play and is <strong>Canadian</strong>-friendly with many fishing<br />

resources in British Columbia, Alberta,<br />

Saskatchewan and Ontario. With individual apps for<br />

each province (or U.S. state), the app is designed<br />

for novice or seasoned anglers, and provides<br />

detailed information on nearby lakes with real time<br />

data to include weather conditions, and optimal<br />

fishing times. It also allows you to review and mark<br />

your favourite hot spots, record your catches and<br />

learn various tips or techniques. It`s also ideal to<br />

plan trips out of province or in the U.S.<br />

Price: $5.49 - $6.99 CAD<br />

Bundle packages: $13.99 – 20.99 CAD<br />

www.appsforanglers.com<br />


N<br />

N<br />

20ϒ E. Variation<br />


Use official <strong>Canadian</strong> Hydrographic Charts<br />

DEPTH in meters, distance in nautical miles.<br />

The government has a to l free<br />

number you can ca l to report<br />

dangerous goods spi l. 1-800-<br />

663-3456<br />

20ϒ E. Variation<br />


ISLAND<br />

D17<br />

D14<br />

S anich Inlet<br />


D1<br />

Nan ose Harbour<br />

D12<br />

Cowichan Bay<br />

D4<br />

D2<br />

Ladysmith<br />

D6<br />

C8<br />

Thormanby Is.<br />

D3<br />

Gabriola Pa sage<br />

D5<br />

Porlier Pa s<br />

Page 93<br />

Maple Bay D7<br />

D9<br />

Salt Spring Is.<br />

D15<br />

Page 19<br />

Haro Strait<br />

D16<br />

Discovery Island<br />

WG<br />

AREA<br />


PENDER IS.<br />

D13<br />


SIDNEY IS.<br />


VALDES IS.<br />


D10<br />

Pender Is.<br />

C9<br />

Strait of Georgia<br />

MAYNE IS.<br />

C5<br />

Gambier Is.<br />

C7<br />

Pender Harbour<br />

D8<br />

Active Pa s<br />

D11<br />

Page 109<br />

Saturna Is.<br />


C10<br />

LULU IS.<br />

Gibsons<br />

C13<br />

C4<br />

Thornbrough<br />

C11<br />

Page 36<br />

Bowen Is.<br />

Vancouver Harbour<br />

BOWEN IS.<br />


C16<br />

Fraser River<br />

C18<br />

North of Pender Harbour<br />

& Nanaimo<br />

C2<br />

Page 13<br />

N. Gambier Is.<br />

USA<br />

C17A<br />

C17<br />

ANVIL IS.<br />

C12<br />

Qu en Charlo te Cha nel<br />

North Puget Sound<br />

C6<br />

C1<br />

Page 12<br />

Squamish Harbour<br />

C14<br />

Vancouver Harbour<br />

HOW TO USE OUR CHARTS The area covered in SunCruiser magazine is broken down into chartlets identified<br />

by letters. The page of the blow up for each chartlet is also provided. On the chart pages, the numbers in the black circles identify places of interest, hazards,<br />

shoreline features and more. These are explained in the text opposite each chart. We used the one minute lines of latitude and longitude on the chart pages to create<br />

a unique grid system that can be used for a multitude of purposes. A l grid squares are numbered in sequence. Use the grid system to identify your favourite beaches,<br />

bays or fishing spots. It’s also valuable in emergencies when having to communicate your location to search and rescue officials.<br />

C3<br />

Page 16<br />

Anvil Is.<br />

C15<br />

Indian Arm<br />

Continued on<br />

PAGE 30<br />

CHART C7<br />


N<br />

N<br />

20ϒ E. Variation<br />

NOT TO BE<br />

USED FOR<br />


20ϒ E. Variation<br />

Use official<br />

<strong>Canadian</strong><br />

Hydrographic<br />

Charts<br />

A. Secret Cove Marina – A great place to stop for a l your marine needs.<br />

1. Reception Point – A grassy point from which a drying spit marked by a light extends<br />

240 m (800 ft) south.<br />

2. Merry Island – The south part of Merry and Franklin Island is marked with a south<br />

cardinal buoy. Merry Island is marked with a light and fog horn. Divers may find<br />

the wrecks of the “Salvage Chief,” the “Linda-K” and “Carla-N.” Mr. Merry was a<br />

wealthy iron master and the owner of the racehorse Thormanby.<br />

3. Halfmoon Bay – Public wharf at Priestland Cove a the head of the bay with southerly<br />

exposure. Booming grounds east of the government wharf. Anchorage behind the<br />

drying rocks.<br />

4. Welcome Passage – Busy passage for boaters traveling the Sunshine Coast. Be<br />

careful of Fraser and Egerton Rock a the southeast end, close to South Thormanby<br />

Island.<br />

5. Square Bay – Great fishing bay. Brooks Cove (near by) is beautiful.<br />

6. Thormanby Island – Named after the race horse Thormanby, winner of the Derby in<br />

1860. Sheltered anchorage from south and west winds along the eastern shore.<br />

7. Lemberg Point – Several bays here but watch fo rocks. Get close to shore to anchor.<br />

The sma l bay to the northeast offers limited anchorage.<br />

Continued on<br />

PAGE 34<br />

CHART C9<br />

ecretove<br />

Marina<br />

Mooraetoreeoc<br />

<br />

8. Pirate Rock – A port hand day beacon. Divers wi l find<br />

an abundance of sea life and very impressive rock<br />

formations here. Bertha Island to the west is almost<br />

treeless.<br />

9. Do not try to pass between North and South Thormanby<br />

Islands, unless on foot. Buccaneer Bay Provincial<br />

Marine Park has the beautiful and sandy Gi l Beach.<br />

Named after the racehorse Buccaneer who raced in<br />

1860 and won the Royal Hunt Cup. A port hand day<br />

mark at the entrance to Water Bay. Vaucroft Beach<br />

has a public wharf with room for several boats;<br />

beautiful beach to the south. Be careful of Tattenham<br />

Ledge when entering Buccaneer Bay between Oaks<br />

Point and Surrey Islands.<br />

10. Epsom Point – Named for the town of Epsom in<br />

the county of Surrey, England in 1860, by Captain<br />

Richards. Marked by a flashing light. Stay west of the<br />

light as it is extremely shallow.<br />

11. Tattenham Ledge – Named by Captain Richards in<br />

1860 for a famous corner in the Epsom horse racing<br />

course. Do not venture between the port hand light<br />

buoy and Derby Point as it marks a sha low reef.<br />

12. Smuggler Cove Marine Park – A spectacular park but<br />

watch for the starboard hand day mark and drying<br />

rocks when entering the cove. Stay close to Isle Capri<br />

shore. The largest island in the centre of the park is<br />

private. Tying stern lines to shore is a good idea, great<br />

way to meet fe low boaters.<br />

13. Secret Cove – Starboard hand day mark on a drying<br />

rock when entering the cove. Keep the marker and<br />

Jack Tolmie Island to starboard as you enter. There is<br />

a five knot speed limit in the cove.<br />

14. Wood Bay – Offers anchorage and shelter from southeast<br />

and northwest winds. Good place for divers;<br />

minimal currents.<br />

15. The bay to north of McNaughton Point has a number<br />

of drying rocks.<br />

16. Harness Island – Behind the island you wi l find<br />

several mooring buoys.<br />

17. Whitestone Islands – Comprised of a large island with<br />

2 smaller islets and many drying rocks.<br />

<br />

66A<br />

OPEN APRIL 1st<br />


imevernitMoorae<br />

aceait<br />

Marineeroceries<br />

roceiars<br />

iortorecearts<br />

erec<br />

www.secretcovemarina.com<br />

Box 1118 - 5411 Secret Cove Rd • Secret Cove BC • V0N 3A0<br />


SunCruiser Digital and Print Boating <strong>Guide</strong>s<br />

SunCruiser Boating <strong>Guide</strong>s provide charts with hundreds of points of<br />

interest, bottom contours, hazards as well as attractions and events.<br />

Currently available for parts of British Columbia’s West Coast, Shuswap<br />

and Okanagan regions.<br />

MSRP: $3-$6 CAD Suncruisermedia.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 21 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Powermania Turbo M-V2<br />

There have been significant advances in battery chargers<br />

recently to help maintain and restore depleted batteries,<br />

especially batteries that are ignored for months – like<br />

marine batteries. The Turbo M-V2 is the next generation<br />

in Turbo M chargers and is lighter and runs cooler than<br />

previous iterations. Like the ME series, it’s a shockresistant,<br />

compact, waterproof unit designed to recharge<br />

12V batteries - even when the AC power is weak (down<br />

to 90V) – as in poor shore power, even when the battery<br />

is completely depleted. They have specific settings<br />

for different battery types, can allocate more charge to<br />

weaker batteries in multi-battery systems, and are fully<br />

automated so you don’t have to be concerned with overcharging.<br />

The M-V2 differs from the ME in that it shows<br />

individual charge status and has individual DC output<br />

warning lights, so you know the status of your batteries<br />

before you get on the water. Available for single- to<br />

quad-bank battery configurations and 12-40 amps.<br />

MSRP: $150-$450 USD<br />

www.powermaniausa.com<br />

Aqua-Vu HD7i High-Definition<br />

Underwater Viewing System<br />

In many ways, underwater sight fishing or video<br />

fishing as it’s being called, has morphed into a<br />

sport all its own. Anglers in Canada and beyond<br />

increasingly realize that watching fish react underwater<br />

isn’t just a ton of fun, it’s also incredibly<br />

instructive in terms of making fish bite. The Aqua-<br />

Vu HD7i camera system displays rich, colourful<br />

underwater video in 720p on a dynamic, waterproof<br />

IP67 seven-inch LCD. The system includes 23 m<br />

(75 ft) of rugged cable and adjustable IR Lighting.<br />

Aqua-Vu’s modular XD Camera Housing with Quick<br />

Attachment System features exclusive compatibility<br />

with Aqua-Vu XD accessories.<br />

MSRP: $600 USD Aquavu.com<br />

Garmin VIRB 360 Action Camera<br />

This is a rugged, waterproof 360-degree camera<br />

with up to 5.7k/30fps resolution and 4K spherical<br />

stabilization so you get smooth video. It can get up<br />

to 15-megapixel resolution images and captures<br />

audio with four built-in microphones. The built-in<br />

sensors provide G-Metrix data so you can overlay<br />

the video with GPS, barometer, accelerometer<br />

and other data, and the camera can connect to a<br />

Garmin chartplotter to stream the video — where<br />

anglers can start and stop recording from the chartplotter<br />

or take photo screenshots, plus view battery<br />

life or change video settings. The camera can<br />

also be operated by voice command to start and<br />

stop recordings and take photos. Editing is also<br />

a breeze with the free, easy-to-use VIRB Mobile<br />

app and VIRB Edit desktop software. You can edit,<br />

stabilize, share and add data overlays to videos.<br />

MSRP: $1,100 CAD Garmin.com<br />

Garmin quatix 5<br />

Built on their fenix platform, this multisport marine smartwatch gets you connected to your boat via<br />

compatible Garmin chartplotters and other devices that stream data to your quatix 5 Sapphire watch,<br />

including speed, depth, temperature and wind. Advanced autopilot control and remote waypoint marking<br />

features allow you to access a GHC 20 autopilot control unit to change heading, turn and steer the<br />

boat. You can also control your on-board entertainment system with the built-in FUSION-Link Lite app<br />

to control connected StereoActive products as well as other ANT-enabled stereo models. It has built-in<br />

Wifi, GPS and a wrist-based heart rate monitor, will collect data on many different water sports activities<br />

like paddleboarding and canoeing. It also has fitness training features that include training statistics<br />

and activity profiles for multiple sports/activities such as running, biking, swimming, hiking and golfing.<br />

MSRP: $850 USD<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 22 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Humminbird’s SOLIX 15 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS<br />

Winner of the Best Electronics Product at ICAST 2017, the SOLIX 15 SI features a large 15.4”<br />

touchscreen display with LED backlight, CHIRP-ing MEGA Side Imaging, MEGA Down Imaging and 2D<br />

sonar, resulting in the clearest, sharpest underwater views anglers have ever seen. It includes GPS chart<br />

plotting, built-in Bluetooth (shows you the calls you missed and your text messages), Ethernet networking<br />

capabilities, AutoChart Live creates customized maps with depth, vegetation and bottom hardness mapping,<br />

and unit cover. In addition to the industry standard of 455kHz side imaging, providing 244 m (800<br />

ft) of side to side coverage, and down imaging to a depth of 122 m (400 ft), the Solix uses additional 1.2<br />

MHz for clearer side imaging for 76 m (250 ft) of side to side coverage, and down imaging to a depth of<br />

38 m (125 ft). Optional 50 kHz transducers are available for extreme deep water.<br />

MSRP: $3,500 humminbird.com<br />

Raymarine Axiom Pro<br />

For the serious offshore angler, Axiom Pro is available with a 1 kW, high-powered CHIRP<br />

sonar and Raymarine’s built-in, advanced, RealVision 3D sonar. The new Axiom Pro line is<br />

available in 9-, 12- and 16-inch display sizes, and each model is available with Raymarine’s<br />

exclusive RealVision 3D sonar. “Raymarine’s combination of Axiom Pro’s RealVision<br />

3D sonar and built-in 1kW CHIRP sonar is a game-changer,” said Grégoire Outters, Vice<br />

President and General Manager of FLIR Maritime. “Axiom Pro provides serious offshore<br />

anglers and boaters with larger display sizes, deep water CHIRP sonar performance and the<br />

flexibility of HybridTouch control for an exceptional, all-in-one navigation experience.”<br />

MSRP from: $2,550 Raymarine.com<br />

Larry Alert<br />

The Larry Alert is a small portable device that packs big piece of mind when it comes to<br />

securing items and areas that are hard to protect like a bike, 4x4, pick-up with tools and<br />

gear in the bed, or an RV/tent campsite. Packed into this device are a microwave (radar)<br />

motion sensor, camera with flash, and a speaker. Download the Larry Alert app to your<br />

smart phone and you can remotely control and access the device. There are no monthly<br />

fees. Just turn the Larry Alert on, select the size of the area you need to cover (small,<br />

medium or large) from your phone, point the Larry Alert at the area you want to cover, and<br />

arm the device. If it detects motion in your protected area it sounds an alarm, then takes<br />

and records either a single image or a set of 15 to the included 8Gb microSD card. If you are<br />

within roughly 120 m (400’) it notifies you immediately using its embedded WiFi technology.<br />

You can check the photo to see if it was someone suspicious or just a stray dog, then you<br />

can stream a voice message. You can mount the rugged weatherproof unit via the included<br />

suction cup to any smooth surface like a window, or via a strap to a nearby tree or post,<br />

securing it with the included flexible cable lock.<br />

MSRP: $150 USD Larryalert.com<br />

Thermo-WADE <br />

Changes in water temperature may act as a signal for aquatic insects to emerge, prompting fish<br />

feeding. Imagine knowing when and where to be when this happens. The Thermo-WADE combines<br />

the features of a collapsible wading staff with a temperature sensor that provides you with critical<br />

real-time water temperature at the bottom as well as air temperature. An angler can record and hold<br />

water and air temperatures against time and date for up to ten readings at a time at the touch of a<br />

button. Visibility is optimal through the use of back LED lighting for dusk and night fishing, and temperature<br />

change alerts for pre-set temperature ranges notify you immediately of optimal conditions.<br />

Given all the factors that affect water temperature like time of day, season, snowmelt, latitude, elevation,<br />

water depth, shade and sun; pinpointing the correct water temperature can greatly increase the<br />

number of strikes on your line. Start building the profile of the waters of your favourite strike zones.<br />

MSRP: Approximately $217 CAD with <strong>Gear</strong> Keeper wading retractor<br />

thermowade.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 23 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Reels<br />

GEAR GUIDE <strong>2018</strong><br />




Spinning reels are the most versatile reels in fishing, and so they are also the most widely used.<br />

They work for artificial lures as well as live bait and can be especially useful for light tackle and bait.<br />

The ‘open’ design of the reel means<br />

it can dry out and is less likely to<br />

rust and corrode. It also reduces<br />

the friction on the line allowing you to<br />

cast further with lighter weights and<br />

lengthens the life of your line. These<br />

reels are often used to catch crappie,<br />

perch, and walleye, but there are versions<br />

out there for big game saltwater<br />

fishing as well.<br />

Let’s go over the reel parts so<br />

when you read and shop, you’ll have<br />

an understanding of what you’re being<br />

told and why it’s essential.<br />


The housing is referred to as the ‘reel<br />

body', and it is typically made of graphite<br />

or aluminum, or a combination.<br />

Which is better? Graphite is lighter,<br />

but aluminum is stronger and has less<br />

flex. Less flex can equate to greater<br />

durability as all the moving parts<br />

inside stay aligned and last longer. But<br />

aluminum is also more susceptible to<br />

corrosion where graphite is not.<br />

You’ll also see aluminum parts described<br />

as either cast, forged or billet.<br />

Billet is cut from a block of aluminum,<br />

forged aluminum is pressed, pounded<br />

or squeezed under great pressure, and<br />

cast is aluminum heated to liquid,<br />

and poured into a form. Billet and<br />

forged are stronger than cast. In large<br />

quantities, cast is cheaper to make, so<br />

you often find billet from the smaller<br />

manufacturers in the higher end reels.<br />


As we said earlier, choose the right<br />

tool for the job starting with the fish.<br />

If walleye and smallmouth bass are<br />

your primary targets, you’ll be using<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 24 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

around a six to eight-pound test so<br />

you need a medium-sized reel.<br />

Part of the reels specs often display<br />

the capacity in type of line, length<br />

in yards and line weight in oz, i.e.<br />

Monofilament capacity - 110/6, which<br />

means the reel will hold 110 yards<br />

of 6 lb monofilament line. This is the<br />

middle spec, which means you can<br />

also safely use a 4 or 8 lb line.<br />

SPOOLS<br />

These are easily overlooked given all<br />

the other factors you are considering<br />

when purchasing your gear. But the<br />

spool doesn’t just hold the line; it also<br />

has a role in your casting distance.<br />

Like the reel body, spools are typically<br />

made from graphite or aluminum,<br />

and the same guidelines apply<br />

– graphite is lighter, but aluminum is<br />

stronger and more durable.<br />

Long cast spools are shallower and<br />

more elongated than the traditional<br />

dimension of spools. The theory is<br />

that with less friction on the line you<br />

can cast farther.<br />

Deep, V-shaped or skirted spools<br />

can take longer or heavier line, while<br />

shallow spools are easier to cast because<br />

the line comes off more easily.<br />


The spool on a spinning reel is fixed,<br />

and the bail rotates around the spool,<br />

winding your line on to the reel. When<br />

we talk about spinning reels, the gear<br />

ratio refers to the number of times<br />

the bail spins around the spool with<br />

a single turn of the handle. A 6:1<br />

ratio or higher is considered fast, 4:1<br />

slow. How fast a gear ratio you’ll need<br />

depends on the fish you are after, and<br />

the bait you will be presenting.<br />


Also called the Recovery Rate, this is<br />

typically given in inches and is the<br />

measurement of how much line is<br />

wound on to the spool with each turn<br />

of the handle. The abbreviation in the<br />

guide is IPT (inches per turn). It differs<br />

from gear ratio in that the size of<br />

the spool (and size of the handle) will<br />

change the retrieval rate between two<br />

reels that have the same gear ratio.<br />


In everyday life outside fishing, drag<br />

is a bad thing, ‘it’s a drag.’ But in<br />

fishing, it helps keep your hook set<br />

and helps tire out your fish. A poor<br />

quality drag means lost fish and broken<br />

lines.<br />

You’ll see two types of drag present<br />

on spinning reels – front and rear.<br />

A rear drag means you’ll be able to<br />

adjust it while you have a fish on the<br />

line, however, front drag systems are<br />

more reliable. Regardless of the type<br />

of drag, you should be able to pull out<br />

the line smoothly at any tension. As<br />

with most parts of the reel, exposure<br />

to moisture is inevitable and detrimental.<br />

Sealed drag systems keep<br />

moisture out, making them not only<br />

last longer but also reduce line slippage.<br />


Hopefully, you already know what ball<br />

bearings are. In general, more ball<br />

bearings mean a smoother action,<br />

which results in a stronger more durable<br />

reel. However, ball bearings also<br />

come in different qualities, engineered<br />

to higher or lower standards. A high<br />

quality four ball bearing (the minimum<br />

you should accept) system will<br />

last longer than a cheap 6- to 8-bearing<br />

system.<br />

Sometimes you’ll see bearing count<br />

listed as 8+1 or 12+1. The ‘+1’ refers<br />

to the bearing of the anti-reverse in<br />

the bail.<br />

Other reels use bushings instead<br />

of bearings. Bushings provide fewer<br />

moving parts and are less likely to<br />

suffer from the effects of corrosion,<br />

but they wear faster and because they<br />

are cheaper to produce, end up in<br />

cheaper reels.<br />

When shopping for reels based on<br />

bearings, look for stainless steel and<br />

sealed – anything that resists corrosion.<br />

Remember, a well-maintained<br />

bearing system is the one that will be<br />

smooth and reliable the longest.<br />


Find the handle that feels natural<br />

and comfortable in your hand and<br />

that you are getting the right- or lefthanded<br />

reel to suit you. Knobs should<br />

be easy to ‘find’ without looking down<br />

and provide you with good grip when<br />

your hands are sweaty or wet.<br />

We recommend yours is an anti-reverse<br />

handle so that the handle does<br />

spin in the opposite direction when<br />

your fish takes off, providing you with<br />

a good hook set and then allowing the<br />

drag to slow your fish down rather<br />

than back reeling.<br />

In summary, pick up the reel and<br />

work the parts. There should be no<br />

wobble or play; everything should<br />

move smoothly and precisely.<br />

Get the best reel you can afford,<br />

for the angling style you’ll use most,<br />

matching it to your rod and tackle.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 25 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Under<br />

$<br />

100<br />

Okuma Epixor XT<br />

The Epixor XT spinning reel series is new for <strong>2018</strong> and features graphite side plates and<br />

rotors, the company’s tough C-40X long-strain carbon fibre construction, and what Okuma<br />

calls a Torsion Control Armor frame, which all combine to offer one solid spinning reel. The<br />

XT`s slow oscillation helps with better line lay, while metal handle designs and machined<br />

aluminum two-tone anodized spools with LCS lips – that help reduce wind knots – are<br />

other features. The reels are available in 20, 30, and 40 sizes, each offering a 7+1 bearing<br />

system, a gear ratio of 5.0:1, and between 11 to 19 pounds of drag.<br />

MSRP: $70 USD www.okumafishingusa.com<br />

Pflueger President<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Pflueger President has all of the impressive features as the 2017<br />

series – such as the 10-bearing system, graphite body and rotor, and aluminum<br />

braid-ready spool – yet there are two significant improvements this<br />

year. The first change you’ll like is the sealed drag knob on top of the spool<br />

to increase durability, while the company also introduced slower oscillation<br />

for better line lay and to minimize line tangles. All five models in<br />

the series have 5.2:1 gear ratios, range in weight from 5.90 to 11.50<br />

ounces, have a retrieval weight from 20.7 to 31.9 inches, and offer a<br />

maximum drag rate from 6.0 to 12 pounds.<br />

MSRP: From $50 – $60 USD www.pfluegerfishing.com<br />

Quantum Drive<br />

Casual anglers will appreciate the new Quantum Drive, not only for its<br />

affordable price tag, but for the solid construction and series of features. For<br />

instance, the Drive features the company`s Reel Engine Design (RED) system<br />

where the graphite body to build the Drive is in one gear box, offering a stable<br />

base for the drive gear and shaft, which in turn, provides a sturdy, solid body.<br />

The Drive is available in 5, 10, 20 and 30 reel sizes and a variety of combos<br />

are available with eight different IM7 graphite rods in lengths ranging<br />

from 5'6" to 7'0" feet.<br />

MSRP: Approximately $60 USD (with combo packages)<br />

www.quantumfishing.com<br />

Shimano Sedona F1<br />

This is an entry level spinning reel that almost any angler will love. It has recovery<br />

rate of 26 inches per crank, a mono line capacity of 110 yards (six-pound test) plus<br />

a maximum drag rate of seven pounds. In addition to the Shimano G Free Body,<br />

which shifts the reel’s centre of gravity closer to the rod, the HAGNE gear system –<br />

that’s cold-forged for added strength –provides optimum smoothness and reliability.<br />

Another Shimano specialty is the Propulsion Line Management that’s geared to<br />

deliver longer casts, so you have a better chance of reaching that sweet spot. It’s<br />

also designed to reduce annoying backlashing and wind knots.<br />

MSRP: From $70 USD fish.shimano.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 26 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

200<br />

Daiwa BG 2500<br />

Daiwa’s line of BG spinning reels consists of a handful of models including the<br />

BG2500. Like the rest of the BG series, the 2500 has a machined aluminum body<br />

and cover, plus a black anodized finish to ensure strength and longevity. The<br />

2500 is just as impressive inside thanks to its Digi<strong>Gear</strong> system, which increases<br />

gear contact points for smoother operation, provides extended gear life, and<br />

delivers increased torque. The 2500 also houses Daiwa’s Dynamic Cut Aluminum<br />

ABS Spool (that’s braided-line-ready) and the ATD waterproof drag system to<br />

add durability. Other features include a machined aluminum screw-in handle, an<br />

infinite anti-reverse system and light weight of 8.5 ounces.<br />

MSRP Price: $100 - $130 USD www.daiwa.com<br />

Okuma Coronado CDX<br />

New styling and features are the key highlights of the <strong>2018</strong> Coronado CDX bait<br />

feeding reels. Part of the new profile includes recessed exterior components<br />

such as a refined trip bait feeding switch for ease of use (and to prevent from<br />

knocking out of gear) and a more recessed rear drag. The Coronado spins on a<br />

4+1 HPB bearing system and its slow oscillation system allows optimum line lay.<br />

Other unique features include the Dual Force Drag System (DFD) that can offer<br />

between 27 to 36 pounds of stopping power, a machined-aluminum screw-in<br />

handle, heavy duty solid aluminum bail wire, and two-tone anodized spool with<br />

a LCS lip design to help reduce line twist. Four models are available in 55, 60,<br />

65, and 80 reel sizes.<br />

MSRP: $100-$120 USD www.okumafishingusa.com<br />

PENN Conflict II<br />

With a mandate to launch a new spinning reel every year, Penn delivered with its<br />

next-generation Conflict II for <strong>2018</strong>, which is claimed to be the lightest reel from<br />

the company to date. In fact, it weighs 20 percent less than the first-generation<br />

series thanks to the high-strength, lightweight graphite body and rotor, while<br />

further toughness is provided by its CNC-machined aluminum gear system and<br />

an eight stainless steel bearing system. Another key feature on the Conflict II is<br />

the Leveline System, which offers slow oscillation to provide better line lay on retrieval,<br />

further casting capabilities and the ability to reduce wind knots. Six sizes<br />

are available in the Conflict II series that offer a maximum drag between<br />

10 to 20 pounds.<br />

MSRP: $150 – $200 USD www.pennfishing.com<br />

Quantum Smoke S3 Inshore<br />

Quantum’s new Smoke S3 Inshore is the saltwater version in the <strong>2018</strong> Smoke S3<br />

series and like the rest of the line, it’s built with the company’s all-aluminum unibody<br />

construction that keeps all the gears and key components in precise alignment<br />

for a smoother, more durable reel. <strong>Gear</strong>ed for saltwater with an anti-corrosion<br />

PT 11-bearing system, the Inshore has a weight of 8.3 ounces, maximum<br />

drag of 20 pounds and fast 6.0:1 gear ratio. The reel is available in 25, 30, 40,<br />

and 50 reel sizes, offering many options for different line capacities.<br />

MSRP: $180 USD www.quantumfishing.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 27 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

200<br />

Quantum Vapor<br />

Those familiar with Quantum’s Vapor bait casting reels won`t be disappointed<br />

with this <strong>2018</strong> spinning reel version. Good looks combine with<br />

functionality and sturdiness thanks to Quantum`s Reel Engine Design system<br />

(RED), the 6.0:1 gear ratio and new DuraLock clutch system, which features<br />

more rollers than previous clutches for fast-acting hook-sets. Other features<br />

include Vapor’s Performance tuned nickel titanium bail wire to resist wear or<br />

bending, plus its ceramic, carbon fiber CSC drag system that’s designed to<br />

provide smooth operation and heat resistance. The Vapor is available in<br />

15, 25, 30 and 40 reel sizes.<br />

MSRP: $140 USD www.quantumfishing.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

300<br />

Daiwa Ballistic LT Series<br />

If you’re looking for a strong spinning reel, this new series from Daiwa<br />

should do the trick. Once you learn that they feature Daiwa's light – yet<br />

tough – Zaion housing, along with the company’s machined A7075<br />

Aircraft Grade Aluminum DIGIGEAR system, you know you have a winner<br />

in your hand. In fact, Daiwa backs its light-weight claim as models range<br />

from just 5.8 to 11.1 ounces. All models also employ a seven-bearing system,<br />

while recovery rates range from 25.5 to 34.5 inches and the maximum<br />

drag ratings range from 11 to 26.4 pounds. For added durability, the<br />

LT series feature MAGSEALED to reduce water and debris from traveling<br />

down the shaft.<br />

MSRP: $239 - $250 USD www.daiwa.com<br />

Shimano Stradic FK<br />

Five spinning reels comprise the new Stradic FK series and no matter which one<br />

you choose you’ll appreciate the range of Shimano exclusives. In addition to<br />

models ranging from 6.9 to 11.3 ounces, all of the series’ spinning reels are built<br />

with the company’s HAGANE gear system as well as X-Ship technology that`s<br />

designed to eliminate friction between the spool shaft and the gear for improved<br />

casting performance with lighter lures or baits. The Stradic FK series also adds<br />

Shimano’s Propulsion Line Management System featuring a new spool lip design,<br />

which delivers longer casting distances with the ability to prevent backlashes<br />

and wind knots. Models in the series include the STC5000XGFK, ST4000XGFK,<br />

STC3000HGFK, ST2500HGFK, and ST1000HGFK.<br />

MSRP: From $280 CAD fish.shimano.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 28 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM<br />

Penn Slammer III HS 6500/8500 HS<br />

The Slammer III is back again for <strong>2018</strong>, this time with two new high<br />

speed versions designed for a hard core surf angler or those really serious<br />

about catching large game fish. With many of the same highlights<br />

as the Slammer III series introduced in 2016, the 6500 HS has a recovery<br />

rate of 48 inches and the 8500 HS has a recovery rate of 50 inches.<br />

When it comes to stopping power, the 6500 has a maximum drag rating<br />

of an impressive 40 pounds while the 8500 has a whopping drag rate of<br />

50 pounds. For corrosion protection in the saltwater environment, you'll<br />

be happy to learn that both spinning reels are backed by an IPX6 sealing,<br />

which resists against saltwater spray.<br />

MSRP: From $300 USD www.pennfishing.com

Under<br />

$<br />

800<br />

Shimano Exsence<br />

The Shimano Exsence is loaded with a range of flagship Shimano technologies<br />

with top-of-the-line performance all-around. Designed for serious<br />

enthusiasts in a light weight package, the Exsence features Micro Module<br />

gear teeth, HAGANE <strong>Gear</strong>ing, plus the company’s signature MGL Rotor,<br />

which combine to provide seamless engagement and rotation. In addition,<br />

the Exsence is built to withstand corrosion thanks to the Shimano S A-RB,<br />

and X-protect systems. No matter what type of line you prefer, the Exsence<br />

is equipped with a one-piece bail and an advanced drag system for smooth<br />

line release. Two models are available – the EXSC3000MHG and the<br />

EXS4000MXG – each offering an 11+1 bearing system.<br />

MSRP: $540 - $550 USD fish.shimano.com<br />




OK, you have invested your time in<br />

choosing that perfect rod and reel<br />

combo, and you want to make sure it<br />

becomes a family heirloom, right? That<br />

can happen; I still have an old corkhandled<br />

fiberglass rod from my great<br />

uncle. In this article, I am going to go<br />

over three easy steps to ensure that<br />

your rod and reel stay in great condition<br />

year after year!<br />


This might seem like a no-brainer,<br />

especially if you are fishing salt water.<br />

However, many of us finish our trips<br />

with a haphazard cleaning of the gear.<br />

Depending on the frequency of use or<br />

storage conditions this can be the most<br />

important part of maintaining your rod<br />

and reel.<br />

Contrary to popular belief it is not<br />

good to completely submerse the<br />

rod and reel in water after use!<br />

I love to fish bass on the East Coast<br />

lakes, and I have a buddy who will<br />

dunk his rod and reel in the lake each<br />

time we finish a good session. At this<br />

point we smile at each other; I have<br />

spent many hours on the water trying<br />

to explain that when he completely<br />

submerses the reel, water will enter<br />

the compartments and cause issues.<br />

Beyond that, even if the lake water<br />

looks clear and clean, there are microsediments<br />

inherent to any natural<br />

water source floating around, waiting<br />

to enter those sensitive inner workings<br />

of your reel. Sometimes (especially by<br />

our launch ramp, where he always<br />

dunks the reel) I know there is even<br />

a small amount of gas or oil from old<br />

outboards. Let’s talk about how to<br />

clean your rod and reel properly.<br />

THE ROD<br />

You may think a simple rinse might be<br />

all you need to maintain your rod, but<br />

a little attention will not only extend<br />

the life of your rod but improve your<br />

fishing. Besides, you probably want<br />

to spend more time outdoors and less<br />

time fixing equipment.<br />

The line guides of your reel can become<br />

nicked or scratched, and this can<br />

contribute to a line break when landing<br />

a big fish. Examine the eyes with a<br />

magnifying glass. If you note a groove<br />

or scratch, use fine-grained sandpaper<br />

to smooth out the inner ring of the<br />

guide. A bit of paint will ensure your<br />

guides do not rust and this will remove<br />

one simple cause of line breakage.<br />

Clean the entire rod with warm,<br />

soapy water (a vinegar solution will<br />

work as well) and rinse with clean,<br />

fresh water. Allow the rod to thoroughly<br />

dry before storing properly.<br />

THE REEL<br />

A reel is a very complex piece of modern<br />

machinery and can be intimidating<br />

to a novice angler when taken<br />

apart. If you are not familiar with<br />

removing and replacing parts on your<br />

reel, head to a local tackle shop or<br />

ask an experienced friend for some<br />

guidance the first time you service<br />

your reel.<br />

Continued on page 43<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 29 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Reels<br />

GEAR GUIDE <strong>2018</strong><br />



Casting reels are often used by more experienced anglers because of their accuracy. You can<br />

drop your lure exactly where you want it, or stop it from getting snagged if it’s headed where you<br />

don’t. They require more time to learn to use properly and may cause you some frustration while<br />

you learn, but the reward is a greater number of angling opportunities, which means more good<br />

times and more fish.<br />

Your first reel may have been<br />

a Spincaster. The little coffee<br />

grinder that mounts above a casting<br />

rod and is often sold in low-priced<br />

combos. The enclosed reel prevents<br />

line snarling and backlash, common to<br />

bait casters. But as a result of the size<br />

of the spool, they typically suffer from<br />

low gear ratios preventing a quick line<br />

retrieval necessary for some fast lures<br />

like inline spinners, spinner baits, and<br />

buzz baits.<br />

A baitcaster on the other hand also<br />

referred to as a ‘casting reel,’ is a reel<br />

with a rotating spool that sits above<br />

a rod with a trigger handle. You’ll see<br />

them in the traditional round shape,<br />

which typically holds more line and<br />

heavier line, making them great for<br />

tossing larger baits for larger fish – like<br />

pike, muskie, steelhead, and salmon.<br />

However, recent advances in low profile<br />

designs have taken some of this advantage<br />

away.<br />

Low profile reels are the most popular<br />

and have a ‘squashed’ look. They<br />

were designed to make the reel more<br />

comfortable than traditional round<br />

designs, and easier to palm the reel,<br />

which is a way of holding a baitcaster.<br />

You put the side plate in the palm of<br />

your hand with the trigger of the rod<br />

in between your middle and ring finger<br />

and reel with the other hand.<br />

Both round and low profile reels<br />

can come in both right- and left-handed<br />

models so make sure you get the<br />

one you need.<br />

One reason that baitcast reels are<br />

a favourite is the design allows you to<br />

brake the line mid-flight to more accurately<br />

land your bait, allowing almost<br />

pinpoint accuracy (with practice) to get<br />

close to obstructions that some fish<br />

love. It doesn’t cast as far as a spinning<br />

reel with light bait, however, it is<br />

also less prone to birdnesting and is<br />

typically reserved for heavier line and<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 30 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

heavier bait.<br />

While the learning curve may be<br />

a little steeper than spinning reels,<br />

there are presentations and techniques<br />

to use heavier weight line (usually 8<br />

lb and higher) that you can employ,<br />

which make them indispensable when<br />

throwing big jigs or large crankbaits.<br />


<strong>Gear</strong> ratio is the number of revolutions<br />

the spool makes with every turn of the<br />

handle and contributes to how fast<br />

you can reel in line. The spool in a reel<br />

with a gear ratio of 6.6:1 will rotate 6.6<br />

times with every complete rotation of<br />

the handle. 6.6:1 is a mid-range gear<br />

ratio. The most important reason to<br />

select a particular gear ratio is the type<br />

of bait or lure you’ll be using. A 7.1:1<br />

is best for a spinnerbait or buzzbait,<br />

however, a ratio of 5.4:1 will present a<br />

crankbait to your quarry more effectively.<br />

You are starting to see why some<br />

anglers have a quiver of equipment<br />

to make them more successful, more<br />

often.<br />


These adjust the speed at which line<br />

leaves your reel during a cast by applying<br />

drag to the reel. Without a braking<br />

system, the resulting backlash – line<br />

leaving the reel faster than it can leave<br />

the rod – will create a tangled ‘bird’s<br />

nest’ of line just in front of your reel.<br />

Different types include centrifugal and<br />

magnetic, and some reels have both.<br />

As long as they are adjusted properly,<br />

both work well. If your wallet is too fat<br />

to carry, there are even digital braking<br />

systems available.<br />


These are either aluminum or graphite;<br />

aluminum is more durable and typically<br />

less expensive, while graphite is<br />

lighter and costs more. There’s always<br />

an exception to a rule, and in this case,<br />

it’s the forged aluminum frames found<br />

in high-end reels.<br />


It’s not quantity; it’s quality - look for<br />

words like stainless steel, shielded and<br />

sealed. The goal is to keep the elements<br />

causing corrosion out.<br />

SPOOLS — Most baitcast reels are<br />

sold with an aluminum spool. Like the<br />

reel frames, high-end spools are from<br />

forged or machined aluminum, whereas<br />

cheaper reels are die-cast. Often<br />

spools have holes drilled through them<br />

to make them lighter, which makes<br />

them easier to stop and start spinning.<br />


Part of the reels specs often display<br />

the line capacity in length in yards and<br />

line weight in oz, i.e. Monofilament<br />

capacity - 110/6, which means the reel<br />

will hold 110 yards of 6 lb monofilament<br />

line. We’ve often included the<br />

capacity in braid as braided line has a<br />

smaller diameter so you get more line<br />

on the reel. Anglers after bass, walleye<br />

or panfish don’t need to be concerned<br />

with line capacity, even in a low profile<br />

reel. However, if northern pike, muskie,<br />

steelhead or salmon are on the menu,<br />

you’ll need a heavier line, and more<br />

line when they start on a long run.<br />

HANDLE<br />

You’ll see the term ‘over-sized’ handle<br />

on some reels. The main goal is to increase<br />

the leverage (power) of the reel,<br />

so they make the most sense when you<br />

are after larger fish. Knobs should be<br />

easy to ‘find’ without looking down and<br />

provide you with good grip when your<br />

hands are sweaty or wet. The size and<br />

shape are a matter of personal preference,<br />

so get what feels good.<br />


Once you have found your reel, take<br />

the time to understand all its features,<br />

especially those related to adjusting<br />

the spool. Rather than ‘read the<br />

manual as a last resort,’ read it before<br />

you get your reel wet. Aside from helping<br />

you get the most from your angling<br />

experience, it will also detail the care<br />

and maintenance of your reel.<br />

An expensive reel won’t make you<br />

a better angler; sometimes a better reel<br />

needs a better operator. But practice<br />

will make you a better angler so go<br />

fishing, a lot.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 31 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />


$<br />

100<br />

Lew’s Laser XL<br />

This new conventional caster is a meaty little hitter at an affordable price. It<br />

is on the heavy side, but that’s because Lew’s has made the choice to build<br />

a durable price point reel rather than using cheaper lighter weight materials<br />

just to make the specs look good. You get anodized aluminum spool, frame,<br />

and side plates, and a brass main gear and crankshaft. Line control comes<br />

courtesy a carbon fibre drag system, centrifugal braking system with a 100mm<br />

handle that lets you tackle big fish at a small price. One model available in<br />

right hand retrieve weighing 11.9 oz, with 3+1 bearings, holding 330/20<br />

mono, with a max drag of 15 lbs, gear ratio of 4.2:1 for a retrieval rate<br />

of 18.7 IPT.<br />

MSRP: $70 lews.com<br />

Abu Garcia Revo X<br />

Now improved with a longer handle to generate more power, this bare bones<br />

edition of the Revo line provides a lower price point, quality reel, and many of the<br />

same specs as the higher end versions – like gear ratios and retrieval rates. It’s<br />

a good value proposition if you are getting into your first baitcasting reel, or it’s<br />

time to renew but it’s not your primary reel, or you just don’t get a chance to fish<br />

as often as you would like. Three models are available in right or left hand<br />

retrieve weighing 7.4 oz, with 7+1 bearings, 175/10 mono – 100/50 braid,<br />

and max drag 18 lbs, gear ratios of 5.4:1 – 7.3:1, retrieval rates of 22 to 30<br />

IPT respectively.<br />

MSRP: $100 USD abugarcia.com<br />

Quantum Nova Casting Reel<br />

In the never-ending quest for an affordable, yet durable and good performing reel,<br />

Quantum releases the Nova in <strong>2018</strong>. You get an aluminum frame, large EVA knobs<br />

and an internal centrifugal cast control. Cost is controlled by offering this reel in<br />

just two versions, both are right hand retrieve with 5+1 bearings, 18 lb max drag<br />

and continuous reverse. Then choose between either 6.2:1 or 6.3:1 gear ratio, 21<br />

or 29 IPT, 9.7 or 11.9 oz and 90/14 mono - 160/30 braid or 200/20 mono - 480/30<br />

braid respectively.<br />

MSRP: $80 USD Quantumfishing.com<br />

Shimano Caenan 150A<br />

One of the great things about technology is the trickle down effect. The continual<br />

development of newer/better features in upper end models means that many great<br />

features end up in more affordable models. Like Shimano’s High Efficiency <strong>Gear</strong>ing<br />

(HEG) found in the new Caenan. By increasing the size of the drive and pinion gear,<br />

as well as the frame, this model packs a solid punch of leverage and power. The<br />

Variable Brake System (VBS) and Stable Spool Design (S3D) complete an all ‘round<br />

reel, ready to smoothly cast and retrieve a variety of lures and baits. Two models<br />

are available weighing 7.2 oz, with 4+1 bearings, 12/110 – 14/90 mono, max<br />

drag of 11 lb, a gear ratio of 6.3:1 in right or left hand retrieve, or a right hand<br />

with a gear ratio of 7.2:1 and retrieval rate of 26-30 IPT respectively.<br />

MSRP: $120 CAD Fish.shimano.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 32 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

200<br />

13 <strong>Fishing</strong> Concept Z<br />

Just so you are aware, we didn’t make an error in the specs below. There are no traditional ball<br />

bearings in this reel. Although reels with no bearings have been manufactured in the past, this<br />

is the first high performance reel, which according to pro-staffer Gene Jensen of Flukemaster<br />

YouTube fame, will cast 1/3 farther than similar reels. Using high-tech polymer Concept Zero<br />

Bearings (CZB), essentially a polymer disk, the Concept Z is able to maintain its peak casting<br />

ability – never suffering from creaking or corrosion. If you own a different Concept reel you’ll be<br />

able to buy these polymer disks and replace your bearings with them. Add 13 <strong>Fishing</strong>’s Bulldog<br />

drag system, Japanese Hamai cut gears, Ocean Armor saltwater protection process, six-way<br />

centrifugal braking system, dead stop anti-reverse, arrowhead line guide, EVA knobs and you<br />

have one comfortable, lightweight, quiet, effortless and controllable casting reel, literally at<br />

your fingertips. Three models are available, all weighing 6.1 oz, with no ball bearings,<br />

12/135 mono line capacity, max drag of 22 lbs, your choice of gear ratio of 6.1:1, 7.3:1 or<br />

8.1:1. Unless you need left hand retrieve in which case your only choice is 7.3:1<br />

MSRP: $200 USD 13fishing.com<br />

Abu Garcia Revo STX<br />

The new Revo STX reel has many of the performance and durability features of the higher<br />

end Revo Premier reels, including durability features like the X2-Craftic frame for corrosion<br />

resistance and Eversilk coated pinion shaft designed to reduce friction, which increases<br />

wear resistance. Performance features like the Power stack carbon matrix drag system<br />

and the IVCB-6L (Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake) system, which allows you to adjust<br />

for different baits and fine-tune to get the max cast distance. Three models are available<br />

weighing 7.3 oz, with 10+1 bearings, holding 175/10 to 100/15 mono or 190/20<br />

to 100/50 braid, and max drag of 24 lbs. Choose from right or left hand retrieve with<br />

gear ratio of 6.75:1 or 7.3:1 and retrieval rates of 27 or 30 IPT respectively, or right<br />

hand only high speed (HS) model with 8.0:1 gear ratio, and a retrieval rate of 33 IPT.<br />

MSRP: $200 Abugarcia.com<br />

Daiwa Tatula SV TW<br />

Improved for <strong>2018</strong> and described by Daiwa as their ‘ultimate finesse long casting reel’, this<br />

reel incorporates the company's proven T-wing system (TWS). The large ‘T’ portion lets line<br />

flow freely during the cast for minimal friction, and the narrow aperture guides your line during<br />

retrieval for even distribution across the spool. The SV concept denotes a material applied<br />

to the induct rotor, which is exposed when it rotates at high speed, then the spool slows the<br />

rotor, moves back towards the magnetic field which brakes the spool depending on the weight<br />

of the lure. Three models are available in either left or right hand retrieval, weighing<br />

7.2 oz, 7+1 bearings, with a max drag of 13.2, holding 100/14 – 90/16 mono. Choose<br />

from 6.3:1, 7.3:1, or 8.1:1 gear ratios for 25.7, 29.4, 32.8 IPT respectively.<br />

MSRP: $200 USD Daiwa.com<br />

Lew’s Mach Crush Speed Spool<br />

Even competitive anglers can appreciate this feature packed reel. Fine-tuning<br />

comes from the quick release side plate allowing access to the external Multi<br />

Setting Brake (MSB) Dual cast control system. Durability and lightweight is<br />

ensured through the implementation of a graphite frame and side plates,<br />

aluminum 32mm spool, carbon fibre drag system, and an anodized aluminum<br />

handle with over-sized Winn Dri-Tac knobs. For folks like us, the external lube<br />

port is a welcome feature. One model in either right or left hand retrieve<br />

weighing 7.3 oz, with 9 + 1 bearings, 110/12 mono, and max drag 20 lbs,<br />

a gear ratio of 7.5:1 for a retrieval rate of 30 IPT.<br />

MSRP: $160 USD lews.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 33 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

200<br />

Quantum Smoke S3<br />

The S3 is designed for anglers looking for more line, so it’s constructed<br />

with a 35.5 mm spool. It’s engineered for longer casts and faster pick-up.<br />

Quantum says it’s the best they’ve ever built. There are 16 new technologies<br />

in the reel. It’s still a low profile baitcaster but has an oversized<br />

handle and grips, a line memo feature allows you set the line weight on<br />

the reel, and the all-new ACS 4.0 cast control system makes it easier to<br />

adjust for perfect casting. Throw your bait as hard as you want with no<br />

backlash and no overrun. A lower start-up inertia when you bomb a cast<br />

means you’ll throw the bait farther than with a smaller spool. Available<br />

in seven models of left or right hand retrieve, weighing 6.9 oz, with 10+1<br />

bearings, 170/12 mono – 210/30 braid, and max drag 25 lbs. Models<br />

range in gear ratios of 5.1:1 to 8.1:1, retrieval rates of 27 to 36 IPT.<br />

MSRP: $169 USD quantumfishing.com<br />

Quantum Tour S3<br />

With many of the same features and benefits of the Smoke S3, the Tour S3 is just<br />

one step up. The 95mm oversized handle is now carbon fibre, sapphire jeweled spool<br />

tension washers make for virtually frictionless spool action to maximize your cast, and<br />

the weight is reduced by 0.4 oz. Engineered for the angler targeting big bass, or out<br />

in harsh saltwater conditions. Four models available in right or left hand retrieve<br />

weighing 6.5 oz, with 10+1 bearings, 170/12 mono – 210/30 braid, and max drag<br />

25 lbs, your choice of either gear ratio of 6.1:1 or 7.3:1, retrieval rates of 27 or<br />

32 IPT respectively.<br />

MSRP: $200 USD Quantumfishing.com<br />

Shimano Curado 200 K<br />

Winner of the Best Freshwater Reel at ICAST 2017, this is another solid<br />

member of the Curado family and will also work well for saltwater anglers.<br />

Pocketing this reel gets you Shimano’s MicroModule <strong>Gear</strong>ing, SVS Infinity<br />

Braking system, and X-ship technology for a smooth casting, tuneable, long<br />

lasting workhorse.Three models available in left and right hand retrieve,<br />

weighing in at 7.6 oz, with 6+1 bearings, holding 14/110 mono, max<br />

drag of 11 lbs, in your choice of 6.2:1, 7.4:1 or 8.5:1 gear ratios for<br />

retrieval rates of 26, 31, 36 IPT.<br />

MSRP: $180 Fish.shimano.com<br />

Shimano Curado 70<br />

Shimano has been kicking around the successful Curado nameplate for 25 years, and<br />

this new version is sure to please anglers looking to flip, cast and pitch light lures.<br />

Shimano faithful will recognize the smooth delivery of X-Ship technology, the lightweight<br />

but rigid Hagane body, the SVS Infinity Brake System and S3D Stable Spool<br />

Design for uniform spool control to help land bass, walleye and trout. Two right or<br />

left hand retrieve models available weighing 6.5 oz, with 5+1 bearings, 10/105<br />

– 14/70 mono and max drag 10 lbs, your choice of either gear ratio of 7.2:1 or<br />

8.2:1, retrieval rates of 28 or 32 IPT respectively.<br />

MSRP: $200 Fish.shimano.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 34 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

300<br />

Abu Garcia Revo Premier Low Profile<br />

Welcome to the fourth generation, and top of line of the Revo series of reels. All the<br />

key performance features of the Revo STX are here, with enhancements to produce<br />

a lighter weight, more durable, slightly better performing reel. These advancements<br />

include the ten stainless HPCR bearings, carbon side plates and carbon handle.<br />

Two models are available weighing 6.17 oz , with 10+1 bearings, holding<br />

175/10 to 100/15 mono or 190/20 to 100/50 braid, and max drag 24 lbs. Choose<br />

from right or left hand retrieve with gear ratio of 6.75:1 and 27 IPT or right<br />

hand only with 7.3:1, and a retrieval rate of 30 IPT.<br />

MSRP: $300 abugarcia.com<br />

Team Lew’s HyperMag Speed Spool SLP Series<br />

As the name suggests, the Hypermag is built on Lew’s Super Low Profile Platform and is<br />

the lightest in their baitcast line. Strength, rigidity and low weight are achieved through<br />

the use of a one piece magnesium frame and C45 carbon sideplates. Smooth line control<br />

courtesy the anti-reverse clutch, double-shielded stainless bearing, aluminum drag star<br />

and 32 mm aircraft-grade drilled and chamfered Duralumin U-shaped spool. Two models<br />

available in right or left hand retrieve weighing a mere 5.4 oz, with 10+1 bearings,<br />

#/# mono – 110/12 braid, and max drag # lbs, your choice of either gear ratio of<br />

7.5:1 or 8.3:1, retrieval rates of 30 or 33 IPT respectively.<br />

MSRP: $300 USD lews.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

400<br />

Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reel<br />

New for <strong>2018</strong>, the flagship drag reel for Okuma is designed for big fish angling.<br />

Constructed from forged machine cut aluminum frame, sideplates and spool, makes<br />

it extremely durable and lightweight. A large dropdown gearbox puts large cranking<br />

power in your hands to generate a ton of torque. Other quality components include<br />

an anodized swept aluminum handle, 4 + 1 corrosion resistant bearings, dual antireverse<br />

(mechanical and roller bearing) and a self-lubricating gear system. Two righthand<br />

retrieve models are available in weighing 19 - 19.2 oz, with 4+1 bearings,<br />

320/25 up to 185/40 mono or 495/50 up to 475/65 braid, max drag 22 lbs, and<br />

gear ratio of 6.2:1, for a retrieval rate of 46 IPT.<br />

MSRP: $320 USD Okumafishing.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 35 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Under<br />

$<br />

100<br />

Daiwa M-ONE UTD<br />

Mooching, or drift-fishing, for salmon is one of the best and most popular ways<br />

of catching fish on Canada’s West Coast, and the M-One UTD mooching reel from<br />

Daiwa® is one of the most affordable. The UTD Carbon drag is smooth and fadefree,<br />

with a one-way design that lets you easily wind line regardless of drag setting.<br />

The stainless palming flange on the spool gives you added control of large fish, and<br />

the reel is switchable from right to left hand retrieve. One model holding 14/850 –<br />

30/350 mono, with a 1:1 gear ratio providing a retrieval rate of 17.2 IPT.<br />

MSRP: $80 USD Daiwa.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

200<br />

Okuma Cold Water Wire Line Star Drag Reel<br />

Designed specifically to hold up to the demands of braided and wire line fishing,<br />

these reels are constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight<br />

materials and have a powerful drag and heavy-duty machine-cut brass gears.<br />

Utilizing Okuma’s Mechanical Stabilizing System (MSS - which ties the spool<br />

shaft, pinion gear, pinion gear bearing, drive shaft and main gear together<br />

with a single support system), stainless steel ball bearings, and a self-lubricating<br />

design, ensure that these reels run smooth. The largest diameter high<br />

speed 553LS has no reel counter. Three right hand models are available<br />

with 3 bearings, weighing 20.1 – 30.7 oz, max drag of 20-22, gear ratios<br />

of 6.2:1 - 4:7.1 for retrieval rates of 35 to 40.7 IPT respectively.<br />

MSRP: $115 - $145 Okumafishing.com<br />

Penn Squall Level Wind<br />

This reel is the improved successor to the GT reel. Penn has added an Infinite Anti Reverse<br />

bearing, Line Capacity Rings, their Versa-Handle, and a machined brass main gear, which<br />

mates to a high strength stainless steel pinion gear. All models use the HT-100 drag system<br />

to give you the full range of drag adjustments and the reel uses a lever drag adjustment<br />

mechanism that is easy to handle in the middle of fighting a fish. It is corrosion<br />

resistant and good for fresh- or saltwater. Only one model incorporates a line counter, the<br />

SQL20LWLC and only two models are available in left hand retrieve. Four models (differentiated<br />

by spool size) are available, all with 2+1 bearings, weighing 16.2 – 20.9 oz,<br />

max drag of 15-20 lb, from 415/17 – 285/60 mono or 580/20 – 665/100 braid, in ratios<br />

of 4.0:1 to 4.9:1 and retrieval rates of 28 – 35 IPT.<br />

MSRP: $120 - $150 USD Pennfishing.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 36 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

300<br />

Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2 Speed<br />

These reels feature a full metal body, stainless steel main and pinion gear, Dura-Drag washers<br />

greased with Duralube for a ‘wet’ system, and a double dog ratchet anti-reverse. A push or<br />

pull gets you into high or low range so you can change retrieval rates while you’re fighting the<br />

fish. The 20 & 30 size models are available in left or right hand retrieve. Models numbers correspond<br />

to the mid-size filament mono spool capacity and the ‘N’ refers to a narrow spool.<br />

Five models are available with 4+1 stainless bearings, weighing 15.6 – 27.3 oz, holding<br />

330/20 – 480/40 mono and 200/20 - 735/100 braid, max drag of 20 – 40 lb, gear ratios<br />

6.1:1/2.8:1 to 5.0:1/2.5:1 for retrieval rates of 31/14 to 42/21 IPT respectively.<br />

MSRP: $250 - $300 Pennfishing.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

600<br />

Abu Garcia Diplomat Mooching Reel<br />

This Large arbor spool design has a fully machined frame and<br />

spool with a hard anodized finish to beat back the corrosive elements<br />

in the environment. It has an On/Off anti-reverse switch<br />

for quick depth adjustments and a Power Disk drag system<br />

for smooth drag performance without line creep. One model<br />

weighing 17.6 oz, with 2 bearings, 1:1 gear ratio, 350/30<br />

mono line capacity.<br />

MSRP: $349 Abugarcia.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

400<br />

Penn International VISX<br />

The sixth generation of a reel that’s been around for 50 years is now lighter and quieter and<br />

offered in both gold and silver colours. These are machined aircraft grade aluminum creating<br />

incredibly strong light reels. VISX models are open at the top so you can get your finger on<br />

the line, built for braided lines, with a stronger drag. Changes for <strong>2018</strong> include beefier reel<br />

lugs, the two-speed gearing is now switchable with a button push and there is an adjustable<br />

strike position. Five models of bombproof, five bearing, right hand retrieve reels, cover<br />

a huge range - weigh 32-63 oz, 1510/10 mono – 575/60 mono or 985/40 - 815/200 braid,<br />

40-60 lb max drag, gear ratios of 5.1:1-3.5:1 and retrieval rates of 40 or 41 IPT.<br />

MSRP: $550-$700 USD Pennfishing.com<br />

Islander TR3<br />

The heart of the TR3 is the all-new drag system made from ultra-high performance fluoropolymer<br />

disks, which are sandwiched between alternating layers of stainless steel.<br />

The result is silky smooth performance, zero start-up inertia and more than enough<br />

power to stop the hardest fighting chinook. Add a fully sealed disk drag, corrosionfree<br />

ceramic bearings, ported paddle handles, and the fact that it's attached to a CNC<br />

machined aluminum reel and you have a silky, smooth, durable reel that you can be<br />

proud of, and enjoy for years. Each is polished to a mirrored finish, made in Canada,<br />

and comes with an‘unlimited - no questions asked’ lifetime warranty.<br />

MSRP: $900 CAD Islander.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 37 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Under<br />

$<br />

100<br />

Redington i.D Reel<br />

Looking at the i.D. reel, you see a sturdy cast aluminum construction,<br />

smooth rulon disc drag and a large arbor for fast line retrieval. The softtouch,<br />

twin-molded, dual-density handle offers good grip and control.<br />

But the heavily promoted feature is the flat back, which allows you to<br />

customize your reel with 34 different decal options with graphics ranging<br />

from your favourite food to your favourite fish. Three models are<br />

available weighing 5.7, 6.0 or 6.7 oz, holding 3/4, 5/6 or 7/8/9 corresponding<br />

line weights of 75/20, 100/20, 200/20.<br />

MSRP: $90 USD or $110 pre-spooled redington.com<br />

Echo Bravo Seal Drag Fly Reel<br />

At the time of writing, this reel was low on details as well as price. Echo<br />

introduced this new for <strong>2018</strong> reel at IFTD 2017. The extra-large arbor reel<br />

features their new saltwater-certified Pit Stop drag system, allowing toolfree<br />

access to the reel’s carbon fibre disc drag system, so “you can keep<br />

salt where it belongs: on the rim of a margarita glass”. Tool-free access also<br />

allows you to easily switch from left- to right- hand retrieve. While the sample<br />

reels and images from IFTD are machined aluminum, the production versions<br />

will be die-cast. Available in three models 7/9, 8/10, and 10/12.<br />

MSRP: $140 Echoflyfishing.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

200<br />

Pflueger Supreme QRS Fly Reel<br />

QRS stands for “Quick Release Spool,” a fly reel that offers an interchangeable large arbor<br />

cassette spool featuring a unique line identification system. That’s one reason it won Best<br />

Fly Reel at ICAST 2017. The polycarbonate cassettes are secured in a spool carrier by an<br />

advanced locking system enclosed by a full stainless steel and 6061 alloy construction. Each<br />

reel comes with two large, and two medium arbor cassette cartridges that allow each model<br />

to accommodate up to four different line weights. Four models with a 1.1:1 gear ratio<br />

available with reel sizes 2-12, weighing 5.6-10.30, fly line capacities of WF2+60 to<br />

WF12 + 275.<br />

MSRP: $150 USD Pfleugerfishing.com<br />

Ross Reels Evolution R<br />

The shape of the ultra-large arbor spool forces the even winding of the line across the face<br />

of the spool in this lightweight, durable, rigid reel. The new drag is a fully sealed, 16-disc<br />

system of bonded fluorocarbon polymer and stainless steel that delivers smooth power<br />

with a wide range of brake adjustment, and some of the highest drag pressure in a fly reel.<br />

Control of this skeletal appearing reel is by the canvas phenolic handle and the frame-integrated<br />

drag knob, which provides a solid grip, and allows you to easily adjust the settings<br />

even while wearing gloves. Available in four sizes for line weights of 3-8, weighing<br />

4.34 – 4.48 oz, with arbors of 3.425’ x 0.975’ to 4.025’ x 0.975” (diameter x width) holding<br />

WF3+90 to WF8+160<br />

MSRP: $455 - $495 USD Rossreels.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

500<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 38 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM



Learn more and see our latest SPOT Products<br />

at FindMeSPOT.ca/BC<strong>Gear</strong><strong>Guide</strong><br />

The SPOT product family offers peace of mind beyond the<br />

boundaries of cellular. Whether you want to check in, alert<br />

emergency responders of your GPS location, or monitor your<br />

prized possessions, SPOT uses 100% satellite technology to<br />

keep you connected to the people and things that matters most.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 39 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Under<br />

$<br />

500<br />

Sage Spectrum Max Fly Reels<br />

This reel is the heavy-duty edition of the Spectrum line-up and features a super rigid frameto-spool<br />

connection, a widened palming rim, a large/vented arbor for high retrieve rate, and<br />

their One Revolution Drag Knob with 40 detented drag settings for adjustable and repeatable<br />

drag resolution. It is engineered from machined 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with their Core<br />

Collection’s unique porting pattern and spoke aesthetic. The corrosion resistance comes in the<br />

form of a hard anodized finish. It is conveniently designed with a quick-change spool mechanism<br />

and easy left- to right- hand retrieval conversion.<br />

Five models to choose for line weights of 5 – 12, weighing 5 ½ - 9 3/8 oz, 200/20 – 300/30<br />

line capacity, with diameters of 3 11/16” – 4 11/16” and a widths of 1 5/16” – 1 111/16”<br />

MSRP: $450 Sageflyfish.com<br />

Under<br />

$<br />

1300<br />

Abel – Super Series Reel<br />

For <strong>2018</strong>, the Super Series reel is re-invented into a new line of lighter weight sizes that feature a<br />

quick-change spool system. Available since 1999, there are things that haven’t changed. The reel<br />

continues to have a super-smooth, infinitely adjustable cork drag system married to a strong aluminum<br />

frame and a large arbor spool for increased line retrieval speed. The reel frame, spool, drag knob and<br />

foot are made of 6061-T651 cold-finished aerospace-grade aluminum but the proven drag system is<br />

what makes the Super Series equally at home on the trout stream, or open ocean. Set it light enough<br />

to protect the finest tippet, or crank it down to slow down the toughest Bluefin. Available in seven<br />

large arbor sizes from 4 to 12W, weighing 5.92 – 10.06 oz, with (diameter x width) from 3.3” x<br />

0.8 ” to 4.7” x 1.25”, holding 4 -105/20 to 12 - 415/20<br />

MSRP: $600 – $1,000 USD Abelreels.com<br />

Hatch Gen 2 Finatic 5 Plus Large Arbor<br />

The new Generation 2 Finatic fly reel is an update from the original Finatic. Several performance<br />

and aesthetic improvements include a new nine window frame design, non-reflective mist finish,<br />

non-stick cranks, concave frame design for additional weight relief, and Teflon lip seals for more<br />

protection against the elements. They’re also keeping Mother Nature at bay (and you reeling for<br />

years) with an Ultraflon sleeve that covers the aluminum shaft and separates it from the aluminum<br />

crank handle. Great features that have been continued include a super-strong machined<br />

reel seat, hook guard, and a Multi-disc drag, which uses a cassette made of Rulon and precision<br />

stamped stainless steel. Three models in several colours are available weighing 6.5 oz, in<br />

5-7 line weight, diameter of 3.625”, width of 0.9375” with large and mid arbor spools.<br />

MSRP: $600 Hatchoutdoors.com<br />

Nautilus Reels - GTX Salt Water Reel<br />

Winner of this year’s 2017 ICAST/IFTD Best Saltwater Reel Award, the new GTX from<br />

Nautilus is lightweight, and machined with their Giga spool design for strength, maximum line<br />

pickup, and fast line drying to prevent corrosion when stored. The brake is a brand new design<br />

and features a new pressure spring that is sandwiched between two aluminum discs that rotate<br />

in unison, which applies even pressure to the drag surfaces. The new dual drag surface features<br />

an oversized carbon fibre disc on one side and a cork/Kevlar®/carbon fibre hybrid on the other.<br />

The cork acts as a compression material to ensure a smooth drag transition while the carbon fibre<br />

delivers the smoothness for which Nautilus is known. The new Kevlar® mid-layer provides additional<br />

rigidity to the drag surface, spreads the pressure more evenly, insulates any heat generated<br />

by friction, and dampens vibrations for a very smooth drag. The GTX “is built to put the brakes<br />

on the fastest and strongest fish on the planet”. One model available weighing 8.7 oz, with a<br />

max drag of 25 lb, having a 5” diameter reel that is 1.1” wide, and holds 500/60 braid.<br />

MSRP: $1,300. Available in Black or Silver. Nautilusreels.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 40 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

FLY TACKLE &<br />


Monic Fly Lines<br />

There are two ways to talk about fly lines - the science and the performance. Monic fly lines deserve both<br />

discussions. From a conservation standpoint, Monic fly lines stand apart as there are no harmful chemicals<br />

used in the lines. If you care about having plenty of fish for yourself, your kids, and your grandkids – this is<br />

important. But science is a waste of time unless it positively impacts your fishing, and we were fortunate<br />

enough to get our hands on Monic’s Impact WF-6-F to see if the science resulted in improved performance.<br />

Monic boasts that their lines are low stretch. So we looked for long, accurate casts and positive hook<br />

sets – and we found them. We also found the lines were quick to pick up and cast, which we believe was<br />

also due their excellent buoyancy. They are all-temperature lines, which is especially important in Canada,<br />

as temperatures can vary dramatically within days, and the lower and upper temperature limit for activity<br />

of your catch can be a difference of 18°C (65°F). With the Monic Impact we could confidently fish with<br />

one line, changing location and elevation without a noticeable temperature sensitivity. The lines are some<br />

of the highest floating available and we found our dry fly leaders got a good long float and mends casted<br />

across the water were more effective. As mentioned earlier, the lines were quick to pick up and cast. We<br />

look forward to testing the durability, abrasion resistance and line memory of Monic Impact (tough job as<br />

they say), and expect to be as pleased as we were with the other performance features so far. After all,<br />

there is some serious science behind the angling engineers that built these lines.<br />

Impact Line Specs<br />

Tip – 1'<br />

Front Taper – 5’<br />

Belly – 25’<br />

Rear Taper – 5’<br />

Running Taper – 54’<br />

Total Length – 90’/27.5M<br />

Available in weight forward floating 3-12<br />

Available in weight forward intermediate 6-12<br />

MSRP: $80 Monic.com<br />

Fair Flies Composite<br />

Brushes<br />

Acclaimed for its fly tying materials,<br />

Fair Flies’ new composite<br />

brushes consist of up to five different<br />

materials on a stainless-steel<br />

wire. You can use them to make<br />

homemade jigs, spinnerbaits, and<br />

other types of baits. The ‘Fair’ in<br />

the name comes from its fair trade<br />

practices. They help raise funds<br />

that bring jobs into areas that need<br />

living wage income. So far they<br />

have worked in Kenya, and Nepal<br />

and have visions for Southeast<br />

Asian countries like Myanmar,<br />

Bangladesh, South Korea,<br />

Cambodia, and more. Fair Flies<br />

aims to have over 100 different<br />

coloured brushes available. You<br />

can also buy their completed flies.<br />

MSRP: $15 fairflies.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 41 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Flymen Fly <strong>Fishing</strong> Company<br />

Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug<br />

This little fella popped home with the Best Freshwater Fly award at the<br />

2017 International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) show. The large front cup is designed to<br />

create big pops with big splashes. It’s made of tough EVA closed-cell foam so it won’t<br />

take on any water while repeatedly triggering hits by predatory fish. A thin coat of flexible<br />

epoxy finishes off the Bass Bug keeping it lightweight and easy casting.<br />

MSRP: $5.75 USD flymenfishingcompany.com<br />

RIO’s InTouch Scandi 3D<br />

This is a shooting head so you need to connect it to a shooting line, and on the front end you can put on<br />

sinking versa leaders if you need a bit of extra depth. This is also a Scandinavian-style shooting head that<br />

seamlessly integrates three different densities along the length of the single head for ultimate depth and<br />

fly control. It can easily cut through the wind and current to allow the fly to swing deep without snagging<br />

the bottom when the current slows. Built around RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore, the heads provide<br />

enhanced sensitivity, faster hook sets, and total control when fighting fish. There are three different density<br />

combinations available.The floating/hover/intermediate head (F/H/I) is ideal for swinging flies in the top 30<br />

to 90 cm (11-35 in) of the water column. The floating back portion makes mending and pickups easy, while<br />

the hover mid-section and intermediate tip keeps the fly at the ideal depth for summer steelhead, salmon,<br />

and easy flows.The hover/intermediate/sink 3 head (H/I/S3) is a better choice for deeper presentations<br />

or heavier currents with the fly swinging 60 to 150 cm (23-59) below the surface. The hover back section<br />

allows for easy casting and line control, while the intermediate mid-section and sink three tip ensures the<br />

fly swings deeper – ideal for faster currents or cooler water temperatures.The intermediate/sink 3/sink 5<br />

head (I/S3/S5) gets the fly down deep and fast and is a great winter steelhead or back end salmon line. The<br />

fast sinking front section allows the fly to swing between one and three metres in depth, yet the graduated<br />

density allows for outstanding line control and easy casting.<br />

MSRP $60 USD Rioproducts.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 42 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Vedavoo Rod Holder<br />

‘Hands free’ has come to fly fishing with this<br />

simple, belt-worn holster for fly rods. Just drop<br />

the butt of your rod through the webbing loop, and<br />

buckle the strap over the cork to secure your rod<br />

(tip up!). It’s great for both fresh- and saltwater<br />

anglers who wants a place to secure a rod out<br />

of the way while re-rigging, or for those who are<br />

working with two rods… one for streamers and<br />

another for dries.<br />

MSRP $25 USD Vedavoo.com<br />

Continued from page 29<br />

Never use gasoline or petroleumbased<br />

products to clean your reel.<br />

This can damage sensitive plastic<br />

parts. I prefer warm, soapy water;<br />

natural products like Simple Green<br />

can work well too. Be sure you only<br />

use a cloth or fibre brush to clean the<br />

inner workings of your reel. A good<br />

rule of thumb when dealing with the<br />

sensitive parts of your reel is to never<br />

touch metal to metal; a wire brush<br />

can throw off the delicately balanced<br />

parts to the point that your reel will no<br />

longer function correctly. I like to use<br />

an old toothbrush with a small head to<br />

reach inside.<br />

Remember to remove the spool of<br />

fishing line before starting to service<br />

your reel. The soapy water will remove<br />

the grease or oil from the reel, so once<br />

you are finished, allow the rod and<br />

reel to dry and head straight for STEP<br />

TWO.<br />


There are many great products on the<br />

market to lubricate your reel after you<br />

have thoroughly cleaned it. I prefer<br />

grease, although it does require a bit<br />

more attention to detail to make sure<br />

you have properly covered the gears. I<br />

find using a toothpick works very well<br />

to reach inside to all of the teeth of<br />

the many gears your fishing reel will<br />

contain.<br />

Insider tip: If you are using oil to lubricate<br />

your fishing reel, start from the<br />

bottom of the gears and work your way<br />

up. This way you do not accidentally<br />

apply too much and can adequately<br />

lubricate the reel. Be sure to work the<br />

grease or oil into your reel by turning<br />

until you feel the action glide “like<br />

new.” It should feel natural and without<br />

friction.<br />


Depending on your reel, the bearings<br />

might come sealed from the factory<br />

or accessible to service. Again, if you<br />

are unfamiliar with servicing bearings<br />

find a reputable source to guide you<br />

through the first time. Once I have the<br />

bearings free, I clean them with lighter<br />

fluid (be sure to remove all lighter fluid<br />

after to prevent damaging those plastic<br />

parts inside your reel) and then grease<br />

them carefully.<br />


A properly stored rod and reel should<br />

never be exposed to dust, salt, or humidity.<br />

These factors can contribute to<br />

the corrosion of the metals and destroy<br />

the careful work you have done in Steps<br />

One and Two. So be mindful of where<br />

you are storing your rod and reel.<br />

Storing your rod and reel in the<br />

travel tube is not a good option.<br />

These tubes are most likely sealed and<br />

can hold in moisture, again contributing<br />

to the break down of your reel’s<br />

components.<br />

You should always store your rod<br />

and reel with the drag loosened, the<br />

reel hanging down, and out of the elements.<br />

If you decide to use your basement<br />

or garage be sure the area is free<br />

from dust, or salt from ice removal, or<br />

winds from a saltwater source.<br />

Never store your rod with tension;<br />

I like to remove any tackle and secure<br />

the line to the spool to ensure there is<br />

nothing that can bend the rod from the<br />

natural position.<br />

With these three easy steps, you<br />

can make sure your rod and reel are<br />

functioning perfectly for years to come.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 43 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM




Salt water fly fishing offers some<br />

things the same and some things<br />

new for those who have already<br />

learned the art of freshwater fly fishing.<br />

The biggest difference is that the<br />

angler is now casting to much larger<br />

fish that are living in much bigger<br />

water. Eight or nine-weight rods with<br />

larger capacity reels are needed to<br />

cast to and fight black sea-bass up<br />

to five pounds, pink salmon to ninepounds<br />

and coho salmon sometimes<br />

over 9 kg (20 lb). The large line capacity<br />

is really needed where one might<br />

even hook a large chum salmon or<br />

chinook salmon, which will test every<br />

facet of both equipment and angler<br />

talent.<br />

There are fly fishing purists out<br />

there who couldn’t even imagine<br />

catching any type of fish with anything<br />

except an artificial fly. That’s<br />

definitely not me, nor is it most<br />

anglers who just enjoy trying a little<br />

fly fishing on a saltwater trip. Most of<br />

us will put a few good sized chinook<br />

salmon and some halibut and ling<br />

cod into the boat using conventional<br />

gear before we ask our guide about fly<br />

fishing.<br />

That’s what happened to me. I<br />

enjoyed a great morning of fishing and<br />

catching at Langara Island in Haida<br />

Gwaii. At lunch, I asked the lodge<br />

manager about fly fishing and he<br />

graciously loaned me his own nineweight<br />

outfit and a handful of flies<br />

and sent me south to Bruin Cove. I<br />

ran the boat up onto a kelp bed, tied<br />

a green and white Clouser fly onto the<br />

15-pound test leader and cast up the<br />

passing current letting the fly sink<br />

until it was down current and then<br />

started jerkily retrieving the line back<br />

in. After just a few pulls I got a hit and<br />

sank the barbless hook into a nice<br />

black sea bass. After twelve similar<br />

casts, I had caught and released eight<br />

fun fish; six sea bass and two small<br />

coho salmon - approximately 2 kg (4-5<br />

lb). The next morning, I retained two<br />

chinook salmon in the low twenties<br />

caught on conventional gear and then<br />

reached for the fly rod. It took me another<br />

two hours and a couple hundred<br />

casts however, I ended up boating a<br />

4.5 to 5.4 kg (10 -12lb) coho salmon<br />

caught on a fly. I really enjoyed fighting<br />

them on the much lighter gear. I<br />

was hooked on saltwater fly fishing.<br />

Since that first experience, I bought<br />

a quality eight-weight fly outfit. But,<br />

don’t get me wrong. I’m still not a<br />

purist. The saltwater resort trips are<br />

expensive and my family loves to eat<br />

fish. I still let the guides put me on<br />

to fish for my freezer and only then<br />

do I reach for the fly outfit. I’ve been<br />

skunked many times while casting<br />

flies but I’ve also extended my overall<br />

enjoyment of fishing by packing the fly<br />

outfit with me.<br />

HERE’S A FEW THINGS I’ve learned<br />

along the way that might help you. Fly<br />

casting to salmon always means that<br />

your fly should imitate herring, anchovies<br />

and sometimes, needlefish. In<br />

freshwater, it’s necessary to match the<br />

hatch of insects and in saltwater, it’s<br />

necessary to match the size and depth<br />

of the baitfish the salmon are feeding<br />

on. I now carry about 100 flies with me;<br />

everything from small Clousers to giant<br />

polar bear hair flies and all of them in<br />

a huge variety of colours. Presentation<br />

tactics vary greatly from place to place.<br />

At Rivers Inlet I’ve done well casting<br />

small herring imitations using my dry<br />

line, right in or very near to kelp beds.<br />

At Tasu, Haida Gwaii, I accidentally<br />

discovered that allowing my #6 sinking<br />

line all the way out and letting it sink<br />

straight beneath the boat, then mending<br />

it back up with long fast pulls eventually<br />

took several dozen beautiful coho<br />

salmon. The salmon seemed to get excited<br />

by a baitfish imitation that looked<br />

like it was trying to escape. Off Tofino,<br />

the ticket for numerous hookups was<br />

a two-inch Clouser fly worked 2.5 to 3<br />

metres (8-10-ft) down. Remember that<br />

you’re fishing in very corrosive saltwater.<br />

Rinse all parts of your flies and your<br />

fly outfits with fresh water immediately<br />

after every outing.<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> is always fun, but adding<br />

some fly fishing to your saltwater trip<br />

might just completely blow your mind.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 44 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


ACR Rapid Ditch Bag (Large)<br />

The ACR Rapid Ditch Bag is a buoyant survival gear<br />

bag designed to keep all your safety gear organized<br />

and at the ready in the event you have to abandon<br />

ship. It can store up to 11.3 kg (25 lb) of gear and<br />

features water-resistant fabric, corrosion-resistant<br />

zippers, and new reflective material to further help<br />

being spotted by search and rescue teams. Another<br />

ideal feature is its innovative shoulder strap, which<br />

transforms into two, four-foot safety harnesses that<br />

clip to life jackets and keep everyone connected in<br />

the water. It’s made of 600 Denier Polyester with a<br />

210 denier polyester interior, measures 73.6 x 25.4<br />

x 37 cm (29 x 10 x 14.5 in) and comes with a oneyear<br />

limited warranty.<br />

Retail Price: $153 USD www.acrartex.com<br />

Wave Barrier Inflatable<br />

The Wave Barrier Inflatable from Salus Marine<br />

is a lightweight, comfortable and low-profile PFD<br />

designed for active boaters and anglers. Made<br />

of 500 Denier Cordura Nylon, some key safety<br />

features include a 16 kg (35lb) buoyant cell, lifting<br />

handle, whistle and 3M Marine reflective piping to<br />

increase visibility in the water. The PFD also has a<br />

Flex-Wing design for an improved flotation angle<br />

and an effective wave barrier to prevent water from<br />

channeling into the airways. The PFD’s tall neck<br />

design and Neoprene comfort collar offers support<br />

to the head and neck while a manual back-up,<br />

oral inflator, safety harness and D-ring are other<br />

features.<br />

MSRP: Manual: $ 180 CAD;<br />

Automatic: $230 CAD<br />

www.salusmarine.com<br />

Water Safety Throw<br />

With its aerodynamic design and easily deployable<br />

rope, the Water Safety Throw is designed to<br />

quickly come to the aid when a crew member has<br />

fallen overboard. With its aerodynamic design, the<br />

Water Safety Throw can easily be tossed in windy<br />

conditions and is brightly coloured for easier visibility.<br />

It comes standard with 15 m (50ft), floating<br />

polypropylene woven rope that has a 400 kg (900lb)<br />

breaking strength. There’s also a quick release plug<br />

to prevent the rope from being deployed unintentionally.<br />

Once the Water Safety Throw is delivered<br />

to the victim, the integrated handle is easy to grip<br />

for the victim to return safely to the boat.<br />

MSRP: $35 CAD www.fox40world.com<br />

Vesper Marine<br />

deckWatch<br />

Vesper Marine`s series of<br />

smartAIS transponders now<br />

provide even more safety<br />

on the water with its new<br />

deckWatch app compatible<br />

with Android Wear 2 devices. Honoured with an<br />

Innovation Award at the 2017 IBEX show in the<br />

Safety Equipment category, the app relays data<br />

from the WatchMate XB-8000 or the WatchMate<br />

Vision transponders and immediately alerts you in<br />

the event of a potential collision, anchor drag, or if<br />

someone falls overboard. In each instance alarms<br />

are sounded on your smart watch and updated<br />

bearings and ranges are displayed. The app also<br />

provides depth, wind, speed, headings, SOG, and<br />

COG. The app is free and is available on Google<br />

Play.<br />

MSRP: $800 (WatchMate XB-8000 smartAIS<br />

transponder)/ $1,250 (WatchMate Vision<br />

smartAIS transponder)<br />

www2.vespermarine.com<br />

Marine 300<br />

Ideal for day trips, the Marine 300 from Adventure<br />

Medical Kits comes equipped with a good supply<br />

of first aid items for when emergencies take place<br />

on the water. The kit measures 21 x 14 x 11 cm<br />

(8.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 in), and all contents are contained<br />

in waterproof bags. Some of the pertinent items<br />

include an irrigation syringe and wound closure<br />

strips, an array of medications for pain, inflammation,<br />

and common allergies, plus a heat reflective<br />

blanket that can reflect 90 percent of radiated body<br />

heat. There’s also bandage scissors, precision forceps,<br />

and an instant cold pack to manage swelling<br />

of fractures and sprains. What`s more, there are a<br />

series of wraps and bandages to immobilize fractures.<br />

The bag weighs 560 gm (1 lb) and can treat<br />

up to six people.<br />

MSRP: $64 USD<br />

www.adventuremedicalkits.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 45 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Lighthouse Lures Mega Bite Max Shad 6 oz Swim Baits<br />

Pro angler Andrew Luch says, “If you enjoy bottom fishing with consistent action, get<br />

down to your local tackle shop and give the new Mega Bite Max Shad 6 oz swim baits by<br />

Lighthouse Lures a swim. This past season I had the opportunity to sample these baits.<br />

Every time I put them on for clients they caught a wide variety of species Ling Cod, Quill<br />

Back, Yellow eye even Halibut.” The action drives any predatory fish crazy. The Max<br />

shads are equipped with two laser sharp hooks, and come pre-scented. Tactics for fishing<br />

these swim baits are fairly easy, find a drop off, significant depth change, pinnacle or<br />

rock pile, and work it. Staying straight up and down with your line is the key. Luch likes<br />

to drop them to bottom, reel them up 3.5 – 6m (5-20 ft) then drop them back down, and<br />

repeat, maintaining control and tightness of your line at all times. He exclaims, “It’s a<br />

rush when you feel the Max shad dropping to bottom then get absolutely crushed by a<br />

fish. I use them in depths anywhere from 6 to 66m (20-220ft) depending on tidal speed.<br />

These swim baits are a lot of fun to use on light rods and reels, and are a must have if<br />

you enjoy targeting bottom fish.”<br />

www.lighthouselures.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 46 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Product Name: Pee Wee Wiggle Hoochie<br />

Anglers in BC and the Yukon region have been spoiled in recent years as the kokanee craze has shifted<br />

from California, through the Northwest and across the border. This amazing fishery offers an abundance<br />

of opportunities for kokanee anglers and Mack’s Lure, located in Washington state, has spent endless<br />

hours field-testing these waters to develop the most effective kokanee lures on the market—and<br />

we’re excited to announce that they’re here. Ask any angler who has fished the Pee Wee Wiggle<br />

Hoochie and they’ll tell you it’s the next big thing.<br />

Fitted with a unique crankbait-style bill, a 1.5” high UV<br />

squid body and two sharp hooks, this lure, available<br />

in a dozen irresistible colors, has an incredible look<br />

and action. Looking for something more dynamic? The<br />

Wiggle Hoochie Bill, which gives this lure a darting,<br />

back-and-forth action, is also available as a high UV<br />

component. Troll these products with a Sling Blade<br />

for deadly results.<br />

MSRP: $4.69 USD MacksLure.com<br />

Berkley Juke<br />

This synthetic bait was<br />

designed to mimic the wooden<br />

hand-carved baits of yesteryear.<br />

The balanced design<br />

should throw straight and be<br />

ready to run right out of the<br />

package without tuning. The<br />

bill creates a darting action, working hand-in-hand with the flat profile and rattles to attract hungry predators.<br />

Pick from 18 different colours.<br />

MSRP: $8 USD berkley-fishing.com<br />

Using the Max Shad<br />

Sweet Georgia Brown they<br />

hooked into a monster 35<br />

lb Lingcod.<br />

13 <strong>Fishing</strong> Superior Soft Baits<br />

How can you refuse a helping of Donkey Sauce?<br />

Apparently fish can’t, which is why this concoction<br />

is infused in 13 <strong>Fishing</strong>’s Superior Soft Baits that<br />

mimic tiny bugs and crustaceans. Anglers looking<br />

to catch trout, snook or redfish near docks will find<br />

they need to refine their finesse presentation - but<br />

they will be rewarded. Seven baits in ten different<br />

colours with delicious sounding names like Panfish<br />

Crouton and Coconut Crab range from 23 to 43 millimeters.<br />

MSRP: $5 USD for a 6-pack 13fishing.com<br />

The Original See-Through Spinner Blade<br />

Lightweight, transparent spinner blades that walleye cannot resist<br />

10 sizes & 80 color patterns<br />

724-884-3977<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 47 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Northland Glo-Shot Spoon<br />

Northland’s version of the ‘Fatal Attraction’ story<br />

incorporates their Glo-Shot sticks, which add colour<br />

to their fluttering spoons. Three sizes are designed<br />

to entice predators like crappies, perch, walleyes,<br />

pike and lake trout to strike — especially in low<br />

light/low visibility conditions. “It comes in a rainbow<br />

of colours that include flashy metallic, optically<br />

brightened UV and traditional glow options,” says<br />

pro-staffer Tony Roach. “Plus, a handy removal tool<br />

included with each spoon makes it easy to change<br />

Glo-Shot Sticks from red to chartreuse and green,<br />

allowing anglers to tailor colours to match conditions<br />

and mood of the fish.” Glo-Shot Spoons are<br />

available in 1/16-, 1/8- and 1/4-ounce weights,<br />

with red treble hooks in #12, #10 and #8 sizes,<br />

respectively.<br />

Glo-Shot Spoons MSRP: $7 USD<br />

Glo-Shot Sticks MSRP: $2.40 USD<br />

northlandtackle.com<br />

Wilderness Systems Thrive Baitwell (9)<br />

Ideal for kayaks where space is always tight, the portable Thrive Baitwell is<br />

designed to fit most sit-on-top kayaks to keep your bait or catch fresh. The<br />

baitwell operates from a unique flexible hose system that draws water from<br />

the scupper in the rear tankwell, while a pump simplifies the input/output<br />

cycle. Powered by its reliable, compact lithium battery (that’s chargeable by<br />

USB), the baitwell has strong rubber latches to secure its spring-loaded lid<br />

and is easily transported with carrying handles. Three rod holders also come<br />

standard to easily switch from baiting to fishing.<br />

MSRP: $382 CAD www.wildernesssystems.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 48 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

LiveTarget Hollow Body Mullet<br />

ICAST ‘Best of Show’ winner, this lure features a swimming action that<br />

easily lets you ‘walk-the-dog’ or just twitch it across the surface to create<br />

that attractive bubble trail. The hollow body snag-proof design lets you fish<br />

through floating grass and under docks. Choose from three colours in three<br />

sizes - 3 3/4 inches (3/8 oz), 4 1/2 inches (1/2 oz), and 5 3/8 inches (5/8 oz).<br />

MSRP: $13.50 - $14.50 livetargetlures.com<br />

Dutch Fork Custom Plastic See-Through Spinner Blades<br />

What happens when you combine an experienced, professional walleye angler with diplomas<br />

in art and fine arts? You get a unique selection of spinner blades tried, tested and true<br />

to catch fish. The plastic blades are half the weight of metal, and the opaque nature of the<br />

plastic means you can see the bead pattern, and the enhanced UV, right through the blade.<br />

They will spin at 0.4 mph and will stop and reverse direction on their own to generate<br />

more strikes. With over 90 colour patterns, and a choice of smooth or hammered finish, in<br />

sizes from #2 to #12, there is sure to be a design perfectly aligned with your technique.<br />

MSRP: $4.90 - $5 USD dutchforkcustomlures.com<br />

LiveTarget BaitBall Spinner Rig<br />

The BaitBall Spinner Rig mimics a small cluster of fleeing bait fish using three teaser<br />

fish, a single spin blade for flash in the centre, and a segregated target fish armed<br />

with a single black nickel hook. The interchange system allows you to change both the<br />

teaser fish and target fish. Choose from eight colours in different frames and weights.<br />

MSRP: is $13.50 - $15.50 USD livetargetlures.com<br />

SHAD<br />


Savage <strong>Gear</strong> 3D Bat<br />

Bass, pike and muskie are reaction hunters and<br />

will strike virtually anything that makes a sound or<br />

motion on or near the surface. 4” and 5” versions<br />

of this 3D scanned bat made from ABS make a<br />

side-to-side walking action and have a high pitched<br />

rattle built-in. Get yours in grey, brown or black.<br />

MSRP: $20 - $25 USD savagegear-usa.com<br />

Great for Lingcod,<br />

Halibut & all types<br />

of Rockfish<br />

6oz 170 grams<br />




Visit us online at www.lighthouseslures.com<br />

@lighthouselures www.facebook.com/lighthouselures<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 49 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

TACKLE &<br />


Walton’s Thumb<br />

Fisherman’s Multi Tool<br />

Returning from the 70’s is this handy nine<br />

function multi-tool that’s small enough<br />

to hang off your vest by its lanyard ring.<br />

It includes a pincer, cutter, crimper, split<br />

shot remover, knife, screwdriver, split ring<br />

remover, scissor, and hook eye cleaner/<br />

knot pick.<br />

MSRP: $40 Waltonsthumb.com<br />

Cajun Tough Gator Green<br />

If you loved this last year, you’ll love it 11% more<br />

– because it is that much tougher. Grab it off the<br />

shelf in ¼# and filler spool sizes, from 330 to 1850<br />

yds, 4 to 50 lb test, in diameters of .008 to .03<br />

respectively.<br />

MSRP: $6 – $8 Quantumfishing.com<br />

J-Braid x 4<br />

Following on the heels of J-Braidx8, comes<br />

J-Braidx4. As you may expect, the new J-Braid is<br />

engineered from four strands of Ultra Dyneema<br />

fibre instead of eight, creating a smaller diameter<br />

line that is still strong and abrasion resistant, but<br />

now allows you to get more line on your spool. The<br />

four braid line is also stiffer than the x8, which will<br />

help reduce wind knots for those casting with lures<br />

or plugs. The coarseness will reduce knot slippage<br />

and improve abrasion resistance for working around<br />

structures. Choose from three colours (Fluorescent<br />

Yellow, Dark Green or Island Blue) in 6 – 80 lb test<br />

and 150 to 3000 yd lengths.<br />

MSRP: $11-$200 USD Daiwa.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 50 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Bubba Blade Sculpin Pocket Knife<br />

This new flip knife is a 9.5 cm (3.75”) high carbon<br />

stainless steel blade that could replace your filet<br />

knife if you’ve left it at home. The Tanto style blade<br />

folds into the textured G-10 handle, has a flipper<br />

for one-handed opening, pocket clip and naturally a<br />

liner lock safety mechanism.<br />

MSRP: $50 Bubbablade.com<br />

Buck Knives 550 Selector 2.0<br />

What’s old is new again. The original Selector,<br />

introduced in 1990, was discontinued but is back<br />

in a new and improved version. The knife comes<br />

with three interchangeable blades (drop point, drop<br />

point serrated and gutting) and a sheath. Blades<br />

are of 420HC steel for good edge retention, corrosion<br />

resistance, and easy sharpening. They are also<br />

heat-treated by Buck’s patented heat-treat process.<br />

The mid-lock back design allows for simple and<br />

safe blade change-out.<br />

MSRP: $90 USD Buckknives.com<br />

Zoneloc Hooks<br />

The shape of the fishing hook has been virtually unchanged since man<br />

first looked into the water with a grumbly tummy. We went from bone<br />

to steel, then laser- and chemically sharpened, and then … nothing.<br />

Zoneloc, and a number of pros, say the new shape is a revolutionary<br />

change that increases an angler’s hook-up ratio and improves fish<br />

retention. The initial section below the barb gets the fish to the main<br />

bend more quickly, while protecting the fish from the barb, then the<br />

offset main bend keeps the fish there.<br />

MSRP: $2-$7 USD Zoneloc.com<br />

Reel Steady Rod Stabilizer<br />

This handy (pun intended) device attaches easily<br />

in minutes to any fishing rod for extra stability.<br />

Built from ABS with stainless steel fasteners, the<br />

goal - they say - is to “fight the fish, not the gear”.<br />

Essentially the Reel Steady provides your hand<br />

(and subsequently your arm) with extra support and<br />

leverage to control the rod, reducing fatigue and<br />

maintaining your own personal power through a<br />

long fight, or just a long but great day, angling.<br />

MSRP: $35 USD www.getreelsteady.com<br />

Beckman <strong>Fishing</strong> Nets<br />

This series of nets is designed for strength, light<br />

weight and a small storage profile. Each net offers<br />

your choice of a 4’ or 6’ handle, or adjustable<br />

4’ - 7’ or 6’ - 9’ handle. The treated net bags are<br />

made from heat-sealed knotless nylon and dipped<br />

into an exclusive Beckman coating for tangle-free<br />

performance and flat bottom to reduce stress<br />

on the fish prior to release. The standard Multi-<br />

Species and Super Big Fish Net are crafted with<br />

knotted nylon mesh. The handles and hoops are<br />

constructed of drawn aluminum and the one-piece<br />

yoke comes with a lifetime warranty. There are nets<br />

designed for every style of fish you’re after.<br />

MSRP: various<br />

issuu.com/ocaster/docs/beckman_catalog<br />

Beckmanfishingnets.com<br />


3731 Moncton Street Richmond<br />

(800) 895-4327<br />


1380 Alberni Highway Parksville<br />

(250) 248-6953<br />


141 George Hills Way Prince Rupert<br />

(250) 627-1770<br />

· Recreational Anglers<br />

· Commercial · Lodges · <strong>Guide</strong>s<br />

www.pacificnetandtwine.com | sales@pacificnetandtwine.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 51 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

BAGS &<br />


Yeti Panga Dry Duffel<br />

The Panga Dry Duffel from YETI, which earned top honours at ICAST 2017 in the Best<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> Accessory category, is 100 percent waterproof, completely submersible and<br />

designed to keep your gear bone dry. Some of the impressive features on the Panga include<br />

a high-density nylon ThickSkin Shell exterior, a U Dock at the end of the HydroShield Zipper,<br />

and an EVA moulded bottom. Six QuickGrab Lash Points let you haul your gear the way you want and two<br />

interior mesh pockets provide added space for keys, electronics, and other valuables. The Panga is available<br />

in three models, the 50, 75, and 100.<br />

MSRP: Panga 50: $389.52; Panga 75: $454.44; Panga 100: $519.36 CAD http://intl.yeti.com/<br />

Orion Coolers<br />

Some of you may have heard of Eric Jackson, the<br />

engineer and paddler behind Jackson Kayaks, some<br />

of the toughest rotomolded whitewater kayaks in<br />

the world, as well as paddleboards, and kayaks<br />

for other recreational uses including fishing. When<br />

the opportunity arose to design and build coolers<br />

to the same ‘build it like it’s your own’ standards,<br />

he and his company developed Orion coolers. We<br />

were so impressed with them at the ICAST fishing<br />

show in Orlando, we walked away with the handy<br />

25-litre size (they are available up to 85 litres).<br />

This rugged, bear-resistant cooler was designed<br />

for outdoor travel use with six tie-down points, low<br />

profile camming latches, comfortable (and removable) carry handles, and bottle openers at all four corners.<br />

YakAttack tracks are built-in to the sides so you can attach a variety of RAM accessories like rod, cup or<br />

paddle holders to make it very versatile while strapped onto your kayak or quad. The lid has a layer of EVA<br />

foam, so it’s comfortable to sit on, and secure and safe enough to stand on. Two inches of insulation provide<br />

incredible insulation against heat. We had food in the cooler, in the car, on a 35°C (95°F) hot, humid<br />

Florida afternoon for four hours – and the cooler was ‘real’ cool.<br />

MSRP: $419 www.orioncoolers.com<br />

Cuda Tackle Center<br />

Scrambling around for a knife, pliers, or other tools<br />

when a fish is on your line or flopping around your<br />

boat is something no fisherman desires. The Cuda<br />

Tackle Center is all-new for <strong>2018</strong> and provides a<br />

great, easy means to keep all of your tools within<br />

arm’s reach. Designed to fit snug in most onboard<br />

cup holders, this sport fishermen’s friend has a featured<br />

turning ring at the base to lock it securely into<br />

place, while containment rods and a net cover prevent<br />

tools from falling out in rough water. Ideal for<br />

smaller bass or fishing boats, tenders, or kayaks,<br />

the tackle centre can fit knives or other tools up to<br />

seven inches and is easily washable after use.<br />

MSRP: $57.49 USD www.cudabrand.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 52 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Daiwa Tactical Backpack<br />

Daiwa Corporation made honours at ICAST 2017<br />

with its <strong>2018</strong> Tactical Backpack after earning the<br />

Best Tackle Management Product Award. Tough<br />

and ready for the outdoors, the backpack is made<br />

with a ridged non-collapsible frame, double-reinforced<br />

stitching and #10 Delran corrosion-resistant<br />

zippers. A key highlight is what Daiwa calls its 3 Box<br />

Stack System, which is easily accessible from a zippered<br />

side pocket, providing ample space for all of<br />

your lures. For smaller essentials, the backpack has<br />

a designated Sunglass Case Holder, Plier Holder, and<br />

Velcro attachment area. To bring along more cumbersome<br />

gear, the backpack also offers larger pockets,<br />

as well as a Leader Wheel for two spools.<br />

MSRP: $ 150 (USD) www.daiwa.com<br />

DIBY by Icon Coolers<br />

The new ICON DIBY (Dry Ice Bin and You) is designed<br />

to keep beverages, bait, and dry goods colder for longer<br />

periods. Designed for the company’s line of coolers<br />

(as well as many other brand makes and models)<br />

the DIBY was created to provide better control over<br />

cooling processes by using dry ice. It can maintain<br />

temperatures between 0.5°C to 4°C (33°F to 39°F)<br />

in Fridge Mode for more than 48 hours and temperatures<br />

between -11°C to -4.5°C (12°F to 24°F) in<br />

Freezer Mode for more than 24 hours. To use, place<br />

the DIBY just below the cooler cover, insert the dry<br />

ice in the featured sleeve, and close the lid. If you<br />

require freezer temperatures, place the dry ice in the<br />

DIBY without the sleeve. The system also features a<br />

cutting board lid and can be used as a bait tray or a<br />

dry goods bin. The ICON DIBY currently fits the ICON<br />

50 and ICON 75 with plans to introduce larger sizes<br />

for larger models of its coolers this year.<br />

MSRP: $74.39 CDN www.iconcoolers.com<br />

Gill North America<br />

Race Dry Bag Series<br />

When it comes to activities on the water, having a<br />

tough, solid and reliable bag to haul all your gear<br />

is essential. Long known for its clothing and accessories<br />

for the rugged offshore environment, Gill<br />

North America offers its Race Dry Bag series featuring<br />

a Velcro fastening, a roll-down closure and<br />

welded seams – making it 100 percent waterproof.<br />

Other key features include a wide opening for easy<br />

access, four handy external D ring attachments,<br />

reinforced handles, a non-slip, padded shoulder<br />

strap and waterproof I.D. pocket. The Race Dry<br />

Bags are available in 30-litre (RS119) or 60-litre<br />

(RS14) capacities and come in white or graphite.<br />

MSRP: RS 14 - $100; RS119 - $70- CAD<br />

canada.gillna.com<br />

Pelican Elite Soft<br />

Cooler Collection<br />

In addition to its series of practically anything-proof<br />

cases, Pelican Products offers its new Elite 48-Can<br />

Soft Cooler for <strong>2018</strong>. A step up from its existing 12-<br />

and 24-can soft coolers, according to Pelican, this<br />

latest entry is “a convenient alternative to many<br />

larger, bulkier and heavier hard-sided coolers on<br />

the market.” Large enough to bring along a bevy of<br />

refreshments and snacks, the cooler weighs a mere<br />

3.6 kg (8 lb). Other features include a 100 percent<br />

watertight, leak-proof, wide-mouth TIZIP zipper, an<br />

840-denier double-coated thermos-plastic urethane<br />

hi-grade exterior, plus a compression-molded lid<br />

and base. The cooler also houses a PVC-free interior<br />

material with an FDA-approved food grade, plus<br />

an anti-mildew and anti-odour liner. It’s available in<br />

black or grey.<br />

MSRP: $410 CAD www.pelican.com<br />

Savage <strong>Gear</strong> Sling<br />

Shoulder Bag<br />

The Sling Shoulder Bag from Savage <strong>Gear</strong>’s new<br />

line of Lure Luggage is practical and easy to use<br />

when you need equipment on the fly. Lightweight<br />

and compact, this is a bag you can simply “sling”<br />

over your shoulder. It measures 20 x 30.5 x 17.5 cm<br />

(7.8 x 12 x 6.9 in), has a large main compartment<br />

that comes with five practical zip-lock-style bags.<br />

More convenience is provided by a front pocket that<br />

opens out to a Velcro attached lure tray to quickly<br />

access lures, hooks, or other tackle. The nylon-head<br />

zippers are saltwater- and corrosion-resistant and<br />

there’s also an attached cup holder, pair of D-rings,<br />

and rod/fishnet holder. The Sling Shoulder Bag is<br />

made using 600D Non-rib fabric and comes with<br />

ergonomic padded handles and straps.<br />

MSRP: $44 USD savage-gear.com<br />

Simms Dry Creek Duffel<br />

The Dry Creek Duffel has a lightweight of a little<br />

more than 227g (46 oz) empty, 100-litre capacity and<br />

a double-sided 420D TPU-coated nylon construction,<br />

making it easy and practical to haul all of your gear<br />

to your fishing location. Other notable features you’ll<br />

like include a top (dual) lockable zipper for easier use<br />

of the roll top, an exterior zippered pocket, and what<br />

the company calls a bathtub padded interior lining to<br />

ensure your gear remains secure and dry. It also has<br />

Hypalon strap attachments to secure rod tubes, plus<br />

handy adjustable, padded handles that pull doubleduty<br />

as shoulder straps.<br />

MSRP: $220 USD www.simmsfishing.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 53 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Frogg Toggs’ PRYM1 Series Pilot II Jacket and Pilot II <strong>Guide</strong> Bib<br />

Frogg Toggs was also honoured at ICAST 2017 for its PRYM1 Series Pilot II Jacket and Pilot II<br />

<strong>Guide</strong> Bibs in the Best Lifestyle Apparel Category. With the new PRYM1 camo pattern, the Prym1<br />

Series Pilot II Jacket is lightweight and features the new C-Pilot Liner to offer protection in all four-seasons.<br />

Some other features include a vented, removable hood, 100 percent waterproof seams, a waterproof<br />

zipper and splash-resistant #10 chest zipper. It also has a Teflon water-repellant coating and hand warmer<br />

pockets. The Pilot II <strong>Guide</strong> Bibs are also impressive. Among many features, you’ll like the 100 percent<br />

waterproof seams, full front zipper, Comfort-Stretch suspenders (with locking buckles), and zip-to-knee side<br />

zippers, to easily take them on and off.<br />

MSRP: Prym1 Jacket: $180 USD; Prym1 Bib: $160 USD www.froggtoggs.com<br />

Wiley X Kryptek Polarized<br />

Sunglasses<br />

As soon as you put the Wiley X on, you can sense<br />

that you see better – the view is sharp and crisp,<br />

your eyes are relaxed. This is critical if you are<br />

going to spend hours on the water wearing your<br />

shades. I knew right away I could wear the Wiley<br />

X all day without strain or fatigue. Our demo pair<br />

was the Omega in the Kryptek Neptune frame with<br />

the polarized green mirror lens. The Omega frame<br />

fits comfortably and provides great coverage from<br />

all angles. The polarized mirrored emerald green<br />

lenses are perfect for long sunny or bright overcast<br />

days on the water. They meet High Velocity and<br />

High Mass Impact Standards, which means frames<br />

and lenses must withstand the impact of a .25<br />

inch diameter steel ball fired at 150 fps (ANSI) or<br />

.15 projectiles fired at 640-660 fps (spectacle VO<br />

Ballistic), making them the choice for military and<br />

law enforcement personnel. This doesn’t make<br />

them scratch proof, but Wiley X includes a zippered<br />

hard case, leash cord, and microfiber cleaning cloth<br />

to help you keep them immaculate.<br />

MSRP: $140 Wileyx.com<br />

Rheos Polarized<br />

Floating Sunglasses<br />

Sunglasses that don’t float made me a lot of money.<br />

I owned a sporting goods store for over a decade.<br />

Dozens of guys and gals would come in every<br />

season to buy a new pair of shades because they<br />

leaned over, jumped in, or the shades fell overboard<br />

in another fashion. The Rheos shades are lightweight,<br />

stylish, comfortable, polarized, affordable,<br />

and they float. Six styles and twelve lens colours means everyone finds a great fit and a suitable degree<br />

of light intensity and colour shade. We ordered the Anhingas in a Gunmetal frame with Rose lenses, Bahia<br />

in Gunmetal with Emerald and Eddies in Tortoise with Dark Copper. All three had rubber nosepieces and<br />

temple pads to reduce slippage when you sweat. The mirrored lenses were darkest, and both the Bahias<br />

and Eddies had holes in the frame tips to securely attach eyeglass strings if you so desire. We love the fit,<br />

style and buoyancy of these shades. Wear prescription glasses? No problem. Contact Rheos to get floating<br />

RX glasses (there is an additional cost).<br />

MSRP: $50 Rheosgear.com<br />

Anissa Reed Design<br />

WILD about salmon<br />

Make no bones about it, these bones spell WILD.<br />

Clothing from Anissa Reed Designs celebrate<br />

Canada’s wild salmon with her signature WILD<br />

salmon bones graphic. Go for the ‘Born to Be’ or the<br />

west coast’s favourite ‘Backbone of the BC Coast’.<br />

For those with a sense of humour you might prefer<br />

her ‘Shut The Fish Up’ design or maybe it’s a perfect<br />

gift for that certain someone. The designs are available in men’s short- and long sleeve tee’s, and hoodies.<br />

You can also get that budding angler dressed in WILD infant and toddler tie-dyes.<br />

MSRP: $22 - $59.95 Anissareed.com<br />

HUK Performance <strong>Fishing</strong> HUK Attack<br />

The Attack line of footwear was the top winner in the<br />

Best Footwear Category at ICAST 2017 for its overall<br />

functionality, traction and durability. Lightweight in design<br />

and created exclusively for fishing, the Huk Attack series has<br />

many features including the GripX Wet Traction Non-Marking<br />

Outsole, which allows you to manage slippery decks, as well as the Fuzetek Upper Support Cage to offer<br />

overall support and functionality. You’ll also appreciate the company’s Performance Lacing. The Huk Attack<br />

is available in a variety of colours.<br />

www.hukgear.com Retail Price $85 USD<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 54 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Costa Del Mar Sunrise Mirror Lens<br />

When it comes to eye wear for the water, Costa Del<br />

Mar`s new Sunrise Mirror Lens will certainly meet<br />

your needs as it’s ideal for low light, changing light<br />

conditions, and sight casting applications. The lens allows a 30 percent<br />

light transmission (while maintaining 99 percent polarization efficiency) and has<br />

the company’s 580 technology to give your eyes 100 percent UV-protection. Another<br />

highlight is the polarization film that`s applied on both sides of the lens to reduce<br />

the presence of yellow light (to help eliminate glare), while green, red, and blue<br />

hues are enhanced for greater clarity and contrast. The lens is scratch-resistant,<br />

prescription-ready and currently available in limited frames, including the company`s<br />

FanTail, Tuna Alley, Blackfin, Isabela, Corbina, Fisch and Motu styles.<br />

MSRP: From approximately $237 CAD www.costadelmar.com<br />

Berkley Coated Grip Gloves<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> gloves are an essential part of fishing<br />

and if you don’t yet own a pair, perhaps this is<br />

the time to start looking as they offer many<br />

benefits whether you fish from shore or the<br />

open water. To offset the challenge of landing<br />

slippery, active fish, opt for Berkely’s Coated<br />

Grip Gloves. Available for men and women, the<br />

gloves feature a heavy-duty, textured-grip design,<br />

and can handle a variety of species and sizes. They<br />

are also designed to protect your hands and may even<br />

serve for added grip when handling anchor or boat lines,<br />

and other wet equipment.<br />

MSRP: $4 CAD www.berkley-fishing.com<br />

MEC Synergy Jacket and Alpine Ally Jacket<br />

Whenever you hear GORE-TEX mentioned in the same sentence with outdoor clothing, you know you can’t go wrong.<br />

The Synergy Jacket from MEC is lightweight, breathable, and made of 70-denier nylon with a GORE-TEX PTFE<br />

laminate. It also has a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. The jacket’s fully seam-taped construction is designed<br />

to keep water – and blasting wind gusts – out, while the water-resistant front zip is glued in place for durability.<br />

What`s more, the underarm vents allow the jacket to breathe, while two chest pockets have water-resistant zippers<br />

with zipper garages. For lighter weather conditions, MEC offers its more economical Alpine Ally Jacket. Designed<br />

for the ever-changing weather in coastal climates, one of the key highlights is the 3-layer Pertex Shield+, which is<br />

treated to resist against water. It’s also taped through the seams for full waterproof protection. Further, the main,<br />

front zipper is backed with a storm flap and additional underarm zippers allow the jacket to breathe easier. It has a<br />

clean, stitch-free construction with articulated elbows to provide easier movement.<br />

Retail Pricing Alpine Ally Jacket: $275 CAD Synergy Jacket: $375 CAD www.mec.ca<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> T-Shirts<br />


Simms Contender<br />

Insulated Jacket<br />

Since weather for fishing doesn`t<br />

always go as a planned – especially<br />

in the cooler months –<br />

Simms new Contender Insulated<br />

Jacket combines the company`s<br />

waterproof and insulation technologies<br />

to keep you protected<br />

from rain and inclement weather.<br />

The Contender features<br />

a two-layer GORE-TEX shell<br />

and to keep extra warm, it’s lined with Simm`s PrimaLoft Gold<br />

Insulation. It also comes with YKK water-resistant zippers, two zippered<br />

chest pockets, an adjustable Storm Hood and watertight Shingle Cuffs<br />

for additional protection. If you need head-to-toe protection in even<br />

more intense weather, opt for the available Contender Insulated Bib<br />

featuring the same material and technology.<br />

MSRP: $600 CAD www.simmsfishing.com<br />

Sperry 7 Seas Knit<br />

Sperry’s 7 Seas Knit footwear is designed for the rigours of the marine environment.<br />

For starters, you’ll appreciate what the company calls the Intense<br />

Vent construction that uses a water-repelling mesh that<br />

dries quickly and will keep your feet dry in a variety of<br />

conditions. They also have a breathable midsole, plus<br />

a non-marking, rubber outsole featuring the company’s<br />

Razor-Cut Wave-Siping to provide optimum traction no<br />

matter how wet your deck gets. The 7 Seas Knit incorporates<br />

Terrain Traction Pods for more grip on land and the<br />

360-degree lacing system provides a secure fit.<br />

MSRP: $90 USDwww.sperry.com<br />

www.AnissaReed.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 55 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

BOAT<br />


Hobie H-Crate Jr.<br />

The H-Crate Jr. is the latest addition to this series, and while compact compared to the larger H-Crate, it’s<br />

big on space, especially when you need it. The H-Crate Jr. fits in the tank well (or behind the seat) of most<br />

kayaks and offers ample space to keep gear, tackle or outdoor clothing organized. Weighing a little more<br />

than 2.29 kg (5.05 lb), the H-Crate Jr.’s carrying handles make it easy to install or remove. Some notable<br />

features include four built-in rod holders with shock cord retainers, heavy-duty industrial straps, and skid<br />

pads to provide a secure grip to your kayak. What`s more, the grid walls have a molded-hole pattern to<br />

attach additional rod holders and a durable soft cover snaps into place to protect your gear. The H-Crate<br />

Jr.`s outer dimensions are 36 x 36 x 33 cm (14.14 x 14.14 x 13 in) and the interior dimensions measure 29 x<br />

29 x 33 cm (11.40 x 11.40 x 13 in).<br />

MSRP: $132.00 USD www.hobie.com<br />

Marinco IP67 LED Stainless Steel Spotlight Marinco’s new IP67 LED Stainless Steel<br />

Spotlight is ideal for those offshore fishermen who regularly fish on early, dark mornings or in the evening<br />

when additional illumination is required. The IP67 rated light offers an 8.3-amp spotlight, 7.5-amp floodlight<br />

and an impressive 165,000 CP spot light output. Constructed with a 316 stainless steel base, the IP67<br />

measures 25.4 x 12 x 21 cm (10 x 4 ¾ x 8 ¼ in), operates on 12 volts, and has 350 degrees horizontal and<br />

60 degrees vertical two-speed movement. Further highlights include its seven-inch, 12 LED array and can<br />

be easily controlled from the helm or from the wireless remote.<br />

MSRP: $600 USD www.marinco.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 56 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Power-Pole Charge<br />

Marine Power Station<br />

A winner of an Innovation Award at the 2017 IBEX<br />

show, The Power-Pole CHARGE Marine Power Station<br />

from JL Marine Systems is a new, bi-directional<br />

marine battery charging and power management station.<br />

Created to transfer power from the cranking battery<br />

to auxiliary batteries and keep them balanced and<br />

charged, the system provides ample power to safely<br />

run trolling motors or marine electronics without worrying<br />

about battery levels. The Power-Pole CHARGE,<br />

which is for fishing boats with up to three trolling<br />

motor batteries and one 12V main cranking battery,<br />

offers 500 watts and up to 40 amps of charging power to the cranking battery, and 25 amps to auxiliary<br />

batteries. The Power-Pole CHARGE can also receive power from 120V shore power outlets and balance all<br />

three batteries while automatically charging the main cranking battery.<br />

MSRP: $1,295 USD www.power-pole.com<br />

Minn Kota Portable Digital Battery Chargers<br />

Introduced at ICAST 2017, Minn Kota’s two new Portable Digital Battery<br />

Chargers are single-bank charging systems with built-in digital<br />

microprocessors to automatically monitor temperature<br />

compensation and prevent damage from under- or overcharging<br />

your marine batteries. The chargers operate by<br />

sensing the outside temperature and automatically adjust<br />

the charge profile. This ensures faster, more precise charges,<br />

extended battery life, maximum power for cranking and improved cycle<br />

life for marine electronics. The chargers also sense when the battery has<br />

achieved full power and shut-off automatically when the charge is complete.<br />

They offer five or ten amps of total output and work on flooded/wet-cell, maintenancefree,<br />

and AGM batteries.<br />

MSRP: 5 AMP MK-105PD: $60 USD; 10 AMP MK-110PD: $85 USD MinnKotaMotors.com<br />

Angler’s Pal AP-MT<br />

Multi Mount<br />

Whether you require a smaller fish finder at the<br />

stern of a sport yacht or a second unit at the<br />

bow of a bass boat, the AP-MT Multi Mounts<br />

are designed to place your marine electronics<br />

where you need them. Built of stainless steel and<br />

aluminum, the series includes five models including<br />

the MT-4, MT-8, MT-10, MT-14, and MT-17,<br />

which range from four to 17 inches. For further<br />

convenience, they can be adjusted to nearly any<br />

position thanks to the universal ball locking device<br />

with a select position locking knob. For a secure<br />

fit, the mounts require an allen wrench to easily<br />

remove or attach your equipment for security or<br />

storage.<br />

MSRP: $95 - $110 (USD) www.anglerspal.com<br />

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater<br />

With an output of 4,000 or 9,000 BTUs, these propane-based heaters are ideal for sportsmen who enjoy<br />

fishing early or late in the season when temperatures unexpectedly drop. A one-pound propane tank<br />

can provide three to six hours of heating time. Or, for those overnight excursions, simply hook it up to a<br />

20-pound tank (with the optional hose connector) to achieve 48 to 110 hours of heat. When it comes to<br />

safety, the heater shuts off automatically if it tips over. Compact and easy to transport, the heater measures<br />

38 x 34 x 19.5 cm (15 x 13.4 x 7.7 in). Other highlights include a piezo-electric spark igniter for easy<br />

starting and the heater can heat up to 21 sq m (225 sq ft).<br />

MSRP: $139 CAD www.mrheater.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 57 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Scepter Neptune 6-Gallon Portable Gas Can<br />

Portable gas cans aren’t the most glamorous of boating products, but they sure do come in handy when you have<br />

less gas (or diesel) than you need to get home. Like many of Scepter Marine’s gas and jerry cans, its 6-Gallon (22.7<br />

litres) Neptune Gas Can is ISO- and CSA certified, built using tough, non-corrosive, high-density polyethylene for<br />

durability, is UV-stabilized, and features a manual vented cap. It also has ¼-inch NPT fuel pick-up. Measuring 52.5<br />

x 33 x 28 cm (20.7 x 13 x 11 in), the 6-gallon gas can is easy to stow in a variety of locations so you can load up<br />

with spare fuel to meet the capacity of your boat’s fuel tank(s).<br />

MSRP: $57 CAD www.sceptermarine.com<br />

Shurhold One Bucket System<br />

The One Bucket System from Shurhold Industries is an ideal cleaning solution and storage system when<br />

it comes to cleaning your boat. In addition to its five-gallon capacity, the bucket comes with a snap-on<br />

secure lid/padded seat combo, the Bucket Grate to elevate cleaning products from dirty water, and the<br />

Bucket Caddy, which organizes your cleaning tools or chemicals. It also comes with a centre handle for<br />

easy removal from the bucket. The One Bucket System can also serve as a trash can, bait bucket, an ice<br />

bucket, or storage for other tools and boat gear. A bucket base is also available.<br />

MSRP: $18 – $129 USD www.shurhold.com<br />

Scotty Bait Board<br />

This accessory tray is must-have item for active<br />

anglers. It’s designed to fit any of the company’s<br />

existing post mounts, measures 24 x 31 x 4.4 cm<br />

(9.5 x 12.25 x 1.75 in), and provides a spacious,<br />

designated area to cut bait, rig lines and prep lures.<br />

It also creates a convenient space to keep pliers,<br />

knives or other tools. Slotted holes around the three<br />

sides of the tray allows you to stow smaller items<br />

such as lures or to rig any one of Scotty’s designated<br />

mounts for cameras, fish finders, and cup<br />

holders. The board can also be easily be elevated<br />

with the Scotty Rod Holder Extender such as the<br />

No. 429 <strong>Gear</strong>-Head Mount Extender.<br />

MSRP: $ $29 CAD www.scotty.com<br />

Trolling Motor<br />

Prop Covers<br />

Sometimes the simplest boating products<br />

are the ones you never think about. Once<br />

your trolling motor is raised on the bow<br />

or stern, take extra measures to protect<br />

the prop and your boat with the Trolling<br />

Prop Covers from Taylor Made Products.<br />

Designed for two- or three-bladed props<br />

for select motors from Minn Kota and<br />

Motor<strong>Guide</strong>, the covers are available in<br />

two sizes, two colours and come with a<br />

one-year warranty. The covers are available<br />

for the Safari, Machete III, Power<br />

Prop from Motor<strong>Guide</strong>, while they are compatible for the MKP-6, MKP-7, MKP-8, and<br />

MKP-24 from Minn Kota.<br />

MSRP: $20 - $25 USD www.taylormadeproducts.com<br />

T-H Marine Molded Rod Racks<br />

Rod racks are just one the several features that are commonly used on<br />

any given outing, and it’s never a bad idea to add more as you increase<br />

rods with different reels and tackle. T-H Marine’s one-piece Molded<br />

Rod Racks are available in two- or three-rod capacities, are constructed<br />

of one-piece poly for durability, and are UV-stabilized to resist fading.<br />

Further convenience is provided by the featured knife, pliers and lure<br />

slots. They come in black or white.<br />

www.thmarine.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 58 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM




Don’t let transporting your gear distract you from enjoying the great<br />

outdoors. WeatherTech ® has you covered with our DigitalFit ® FloorLiner <br />

and rear Cargo Liner, providing complete floor and cargo area protection<br />

from anything you can throw, spill or drop on it. And with a limited lifetime<br />

warranty, it’s guaranteed to outlast any adventure.<br />

WeatherTech.ca<br />

888.905.6287<br />

© 2017 WeatherTech Canada<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 59 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Pelican <strong>Sport</strong> Swivel Rod Holder/ARGO 100 Angler Kayak<br />

The Swivel Rod Holder from Pelican <strong>Sport</strong> is a great piece of gear that can accommodate spinning<br />

or bait casting reels, offers vertical and 360-degree horizontal adjustments, and features a latching<br />

ring to secure your rod. Mounting hardware is also included. Pelican <strong>Sport</strong> also offers a line of<br />

Kayaks for beginner or seasoned paddlers alike. If you’re new to the wide world of kayaking, perhaps<br />

consider the Pelican <strong>Sport</strong> ARGO 100 Angler, designed for novice-to-intermediate paddlers. It’s built<br />

on an easy-to-handle twin-arched multi chine hull and some features include adjustable footrests, an<br />

adjustable padded backrest with a seat cushion, plus swivel- and flush-mounted rod holders. There`s<br />

also a front storage compartment and a tank well featuring bungees to secure your fishing gear.<br />

Reliability is backed by the company’s RAM-X construction, a multi-layer UV-protected material that<br />

offers high impact-resistance.<br />

MSRP (Pelican <strong>Sport</strong> Swivel Rod Holder): $25 CAD<br />

MSRP (ARGO 100 Angler): $450 CAD www.pelicansport.com<br />

Plano Molding V-Crate<br />

Exclusively for kayak fishing, the V-Crate from Plano<br />

Molding is designed to be placed behind your seat<br />

and features three compartments that offer safe<br />

and convenient storage. Two storage compartments<br />

are located on both sides, each offering the<br />

capacity for a pair of StowAway utility boxes and<br />

are secured in place with rubber straps. These<br />

storage compartments can also attach rod holders<br />

and other accessories. In the middle section of<br />

the V-Crate is the larger, main storage area (that’s<br />

hinged to lift open), allowing you to store clothes,<br />

food, extra gear or other items. It also has a waterproof<br />

compartment. The V-Crate can fit most kayaks<br />

and comes standard with four StowAway boxes.<br />

Suggested MSRP: $120 USD<br />

www.planomolding.com<br />

Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler<br />

The Escape 12 Angler is no doubt designed for fishing with its abundant features<br />

and designs. Based off the company`s popular Escape 12, the Angler has a length<br />

of 3.66 m (12 ft), width of 78 cm (30.7 in) and maximum displacement of 136 kg<br />

(300 lb). The sit-on-top design is complemented with four, flush-mounted rod holders,<br />

one swivel rod holder and an anchor trolley system. If the front deck hatch<br />

(with a dual density hatch cover) or the rear deck storage (with shock cords) isn’t<br />

enough space for gear, the Angler is milk crate-ready for additional belongings.<br />

Rubber handles are also featured for easier transport on land while the Pilot<br />

Rudder System helps with navigating. It comes with a five-year warranty.<br />

MSRP: $1,004.43 USD (Amazon) www.riotkayaks.com<br />

Native Watercraft Slayer 12 XC<br />

The Slayer 12 XC from Native Watercraft has a<br />

length of 3.7 m (12’2”) and a wide beam of 92.7<br />

cm (36.5 in) to provide stability, maneuverability<br />

as well as control, whether you want to fish in<br />

shallow water or head out to open water. With a<br />

weight capacity of 227 kg (500 lbs) the Slayer is<br />

offered with a wide selection of gear – and space<br />

– to include a power pole with a micro anchor<br />

mount, under seat tackle storage, a bow hatch, two<br />

flush-mounted rod holders, and an electronics pod.<br />

Comfort is provided by what the company calls a<br />

multi-adjustable Hi/Lo first class seating, while its<br />

clean deck helps you avoid clutter or obstructions<br />

when fishing. When it comes time to paddle to your<br />

fishing spot, simply flip a lever to drop a directional<br />

skeg that`s designed to provide optimum tracking.<br />

MSRP: $1,500 USD www.nativewatercraft.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 60 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

Bote Rover<br />

Honoured as Best Product in the Boat Accessories Category and<br />

Overall Best of Show at ICAST 2017, the Rover is part paddleboard, part<br />

skiff and has a series of versatile features. The Rover is highlighted with<br />

its versatile Rac Receiver System, which includes the Grab Rac, Tackle Rac,<br />

Bucket Rac and the Moto Rac, allowing you to set up the Rover in many<br />

configurations. It also has a Wheel Rac for easy transport. The most notable<br />

feature is the Moto Rac that mounts a small outboard engine (with a maximum<br />

rating of 6 hp). You can also use the Rover as a conventional paddle board<br />

(when needed) and there’s even designated paddle storage. It’s constructed of<br />

the company’s new Honeycore construction featuring advanced composites to<br />

provide strength, reliability, and solid ride.<br />

Approximate MSRP: $4,400 CAD<br />

www.boteboard.com<br />

Delta Kayaks 12 AR<br />

Delta Kayaks of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, offers the 12 AR for <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

It has a length of 3.66 m (12 ft), width of 67.3 cm (26.5 in) and exclusive<br />

Fusion Hull Design with a displacement hull (incorporated with a catamaran-style<br />

hull) to provide smooth travels, optimum handling and stability.<br />

The 12 AR is designed for beginners or seasoned paddlers and with its<br />

lightweight of a mere 19 kg (42 lb) it’s easy to transport – even if your fishing<br />

adventures lead you to rural backcountry lakes. A new feature on the 12<br />

AR is its large Recreational Cockpit that offers easy entry, while the seat<br />

can be adjusted forward or backwards. It can also be raised up or down.<br />

Two enclosed, sealed hatches, comfortable toggle handles, and variety of<br />

stylish colours are available including the new colour option, azure blue.<br />

MSRP: $ $1,450 CAD www.deltakayaks.com<br />

Jackson Kayaks Cruise FD<br />

The new Cruise FD from Jackson Kayaks features the<br />

company’s unique Flex Drive System, which allows<br />

you to pedal forward or reverse and adjust the blade<br />

pitch for personal pedaling preferences. It`s utilized<br />

with the flip of a lever and is protected by an articulating<br />

daggerboard that helps you control the FD in<br />

windy conditions. Also expect to see an interchangeable<br />

electric motor-driven head on the FD in <strong>2018</strong>. If<br />

you need more control simply use the Dual Rudder<br />

Control system for when negotiating tight spaces.The<br />

Ergo seat has 3D breathable, mesh, improved lumbar<br />

support and is mounted on a track system to adjust<br />

fore or aft. The 3.6 m (11’, 10”) Cruise FD has ample<br />

storage space in the newly improved forward hatch,<br />

a day hatch at the stern, rear tankwell, and the mesh<br />

pouch in the seat back.<br />

MSRP: $2,200 USD www.jacksonjayaks.com<br />

Ocean Kayaks Malibu Pedal<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Malibu Pedal features what the company<br />

calls its advanced PDL Drive System, which according<br />

to the company, is capable of reaching speeds<br />

of up to 8.9 kph (5.5 mph) with its efficient 10.3:1<br />

gear ratio. Ideal for many environments, a useful<br />

highlight for anglers is the fact that the PDL System<br />

conveniently tips up in docking position for fishing<br />

in shallow water. The pedals on the Malibu are padded<br />

for comfort and added grip, and the PDL drive<br />

console offers dry storage with its 15.25 cm (6 in)<br />

hatch. What’s more is the pet-friendly bow tankwell,<br />

three cup holders, stern jump seat, plus the<br />

bow and stern carrying handles. It’s constructed of a<br />

single layer of polyethylene, has a length of 3.66 m<br />

(12 ft), width of 87.6 cm (34.5“), and an approximate<br />

weight of 45.4 kg (100 lb).<br />

Suggested MSRP: $2,200 USD<br />

www.oceankayak.com<br />

Seaward Kayaks <strong>Guide</strong> 17<br />

After extensive research and development with<br />

input from professional guides, Seaward Kayaks’<br />

new <strong>Guide</strong> 17 features a rockered, semi V-hull,<br />

length of 5.2 m (17 ft), and width of 58.4 cm (23 in)<br />

to combine speed with optimum maneuverability<br />

for touring paddlers. Some highlights of the <strong>Guide</strong><br />

17 include 85 litres of storage in the bow, 73 litres<br />

of storage in the stern hatch, plus another 41 litres<br />

of space in the rear day-hatch. There’s even a forward<br />

day hatch with a knee tube. It also features<br />

the company’s Safe-Hatch System, which offers<br />

three layers of storage protection for your gear.<br />

Other highlights include the safety grab loops (forward<br />

and stern), painter/tow line, the smart track<br />

footrests, plus the mid-ship skeg to ensure tracking.<br />

When it comes to comfort, the anatomicallymolded,<br />

padded seat has an adjustable backrest to<br />

raise or lower the seat back. You can also adjust its<br />

angle forward or backwards.<br />

MSRP: $4,195 CAD www.seawardkayaks.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 61 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM


Cabela’s West Wind Dome Tent<br />

This windproof, waterproof tent comes in 4-, 6-, and 8-man models, but we chose the 6-man version of<br />

this tent as it allows you to stand up inside the tent but still only weighs 9.7 kg. Key features also include<br />

loops, pockets, and a gear loft to keep everything off the floor. Your gear stays dry, as the West Wind is<br />

designed with a 1500mm waterproof rating. It has a vestibule where you can dump your outerwear before<br />

getting into the main tent where it is cozy and clean. Great window and door ventilation with a fine mesh<br />

screen keeps the bugs out – anyone who has camped and fished in Manitoba or Northern Ontario knows<br />

how critical this is. And it is rugged and easy to set-up. 100% nylon taffeta construction, colour-coded<br />

clips, shock-cord fibreglass poles, good guy lines, stakes and a carry bag are additional highlights. All in<br />

all, a well designed three-season tent for the <strong>Canadian</strong> outdoors.<br />

MSRP: $350 CAD Cabelas.ca<br />

Filletmaker<br />

This fillet board will not only help you keep more meat on your fillets and make clean up easier, it doubles as a<br />

serving tray. The angled raised surface of the main cutting area allows you to hold your fillet knife flat, so you<br />

keep more meat on your fillet while the surrounding trough catches scales and waste from the draining grooves<br />

in the cutting board and the scraps you scrape into it. The Filletmaker keeps everything off the counter, and is<br />

stable enough that you can work with it on your lap. When you’re finished, take your finished fillets from the<br />

deep pocket, grab the Filletmaker by the lipped edge and dump the carcasses and waste directly into the trash.<br />

Flip the Filletmaker over and the reverse side makes a deep serving tray for snacks or the perfect cutting board.<br />

The lightweight and rugged rotomolded construction makes it an angler’s perfect travelling companion.<br />

Large is 82L x 61W x 8.25H cm (32.25” x 24” x 3.25”) and 3.6 kg (8lb)<br />

Small is 58L x 44W x 8.25H cm (22.75 x 17.36 x 3.25”) and 1.8 kg (4lb).<br />

MSRP: Small $30 USD and large $50 USD Filletmaker.com<br />

WeatherTech Cargo Liners<br />

WeatherTech Cargo Liners are custom fit, laser measured, trunk mats designed to protect your vehicle’s<br />

cargo area while hauling your fishing gear and outdoor equipment. The raised outer edges contain spills,<br />

dirt and mud while its skid-resistant surface helps prevent cargo from shifting. They are available for cars,<br />

minivans and SUVs in black, tan, cocoa or grey. An optional roll-out bumper protector is available for some<br />

applications. The liners are manufactured in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty.<br />

MSRP: from $140 CAD www.weathertech.ca<br />

Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle<br />

Turn any grill into a flat cooktop in seconds. Fry up breakfast, lunch or dinner on the Camp Chef® Deluxe<br />

Fry Griddle. It features restaurant-style high sides and a convenient grease drain, as well as a heat diffuser<br />

plate that distributes heat across the griddle’s surface to reduce “hot spots”. It’s pre-seasoned so you can<br />

start using it right away. Dimensions: 35.5 cm x 40.6 cm (14” x 16”)<br />

MSRP: $70 Cabelas.com<br />

HydraPak Full-Force 2 L<br />

The design of the HydraPak Full-Force 2L is a hyrdation system that just makes sense. Not only does it have<br />

a bite tube to draw water, it also has a squeeze bulb so you can use the reservoir to clean wounds, hands,<br />

camp utensils, or fill your dog’s water dish (or another friend's cup). It excels over other systems because<br />

maintenance is so easy. The reservoir top is wide enough that it fills in seconds and large enough that you<br />

can pull it inside-out for easy cleaning – even throw it in the dishwater. The components of the drink tube<br />

are easy to disassemble for a thorough cleaning and it has a leak-proof quick disconnect so the reservoir<br />

is simple to remove, refill and reconnect. We chose the Full-Force version as it’s made of heavyweight<br />

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) with welded seams – that means military grade durability. The TPU material<br />

also means it can be frozen, or filled with hot fluids up to 60°C (140°F). It’s our tested, tried and true choice<br />

for hiking, fishing, boating, wheeling, and camping in the <strong>Canadian</strong> wilderness, lakes, and mountains.<br />

MSRP: $48 USD Hydrapak.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 62 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

CANADA’S<br />










800.525.8737 | MACKSLURE.COM<br />

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 63 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

<strong>2018</strong> GEAR GUIDE / 64 / SUNCRUISERMEDIA.COM

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