Your Handmade Home Magazine December 2017


This issue is packed with holiday design and decor, and an interview with Linda Phan from Property Brothers - Drew's Honeymoon House

Do you have any holiday family traditions that you would like to share

with our readers?

Drew and I have started the tradition of making our holiday cards a fun

themed photoshoot! Last year, we pulled together a vintage Hawaiian

postcard look. For this year’s I’m feeling the cosmic vibes – so whatever

we choose will be out of this world!

What is your funniest holiday family story?

The time I used one of my sisters as a human ramp while snowboarding.

I wasn’t an experienced boarder (and I’m sure I’ve only gotten worse

over the years!) but for some reason felt ambitious and decided to tackle

a black diamond hill. She went ahead of me and as I flew down the slope

at full speed, I recognized her coat and hat, this figure stumbling and

trying to get back on its feet. I then realized I was going way too fast and

yelled ‘Get out of the way!!!! I. CAN’T. STOP!’ By the time she saw what

was coming her way, it was too late – I pummeled into her, using her as

my human ramp. Our gloves, hats, goggles flew everywhere and we were

both seeing stars. We slid on our bums the rest of the way down…

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

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