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<strong>2017</strong> AWARDS<br />


<strong>Awards</strong> Guide<br />


Contents<br />

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Editors Letter<br />

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7<br />

Meet the team<br />

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8 – 17<br />

Judging Criteria<br />

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18 – 21<br />

Discovering the Land of the Kangaroos!<br />

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22 – 25<br />

Top 10 Things in New Zealand<br />

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26 – 27<br />

Vanuatu – The Hidden Gem<br />

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28-63<br />

Introducing the Winners<br />

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64-69<br />

Full Winners List<br />

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<strong>Oceania</strong> is a continent truly like nowhere else on Earth.<br />

It holds more than 3,000 national reserves and 15 World<br />

Heritage sites. A brilliant <strong>com</strong>bination of natural wonders,<br />

fabulous food and wine, culture, history, vibrant cities and<br />

laidback friendly locals<br />

Comprising of 6 regions including Australia, New<br />

Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Polynesia, Melanesia and<br />

Micronesia., <strong>Oceania</strong> is a vast area of island and large<br />

land masses. Its landscapes en<strong>com</strong>pass everything from<br />

tropical beaches to dusty red deserts, with breathaking<br />

forests and mountains in between. It attracts travellers of<br />

all types from adventurers seeking thrills to those looking<br />

for laid back luxury<br />

Katherine Lozell<br />


TEAM<br />

Dennis Mayhew<br />

CEO<br />

Raja Kamran<br />


Katherine Lozell<br />


Marcs Bacera<br />


Craig Alexander<br />


Zoe Watkins<br />


Mark Tierney<br />


Tasmai Dave<br />

Jacqui Irvine<br />

Joseph Wilton<br />


Antoine Jackson<br />

Dave Chen<br />


Stanley Lucas<br />

Brian Anson<br />

Zach Ford<br />

Peter Clement<br />

Lindsay Evans<br />


Ben Chase<br />


Costin Marcel<br />

Sarah Patel<br />



Harry Singh<br />


4 5


Services<br />

Excellence in Service is an important category, as customer service can often<br />

be responsible for having guests return year after year. We look for the hotels<br />

and tour operators that go out of their way to please their guests, those that<br />

provide a personal level of service and take the time to get to know each visitor<br />

so that they might anticipate their every need. This can be something as simple<br />

as a 24-hour concierge desk, a hotel manager who offers a personal greeting<br />

or a tour guide who is happy to create bespoke private tours – but whatever<br />

it is, we are always pleased when we encounter staff that have been trained in<br />

the art of customer satisfaction.<br />

6 7

Style & Design<br />

It is no question that style and design plays a big part in selecting our awards<br />

shortlist. A guest will form an opinion about a hotel as soon as they arrive so<br />

it is important to us that all our winners make those first impressions count.<br />

We’re certainly not partial to a particular period of architecture – but whether<br />

we’re judging a gothic castle or an environmentally friendly lodge, the criteria<br />

remains the same. We consider factors such as architectural features, use of<br />

materials, creation of spaces, décor and the overall feel. We love it when we<br />

find a hotel that tells a story though its design and construction, or offers a<br />

design that is sympathetic to the natural surroundings of its location.<br />

Local Knowlege<br />

Knowledge of the local area is essential for any organization, be it a hotel or<br />

a tour operator. The quality of services takes a great hit when the quality of<br />

this element is not up to the mark. Quite a few of our winners in this category<br />

are because they have displayed excellent knowledge about the surrounding<br />

areas. The criteria for a hotel is slightly lenient <strong>com</strong>pared to a tour operator,<br />

as the latter is expected to have thorough knowledge of the area in order to<br />

provide good services.<br />

8 9

Facilities<br />

Award-winning guest rooms <strong>com</strong>e in all shapes and sizes, but they all have<br />

one thing in <strong>com</strong>mon – a home-away-from-home feel. The <strong>com</strong>fort of the<br />

facilities on offer are of vital importance; we look for luxurious linens, stylish<br />

bathrooms and a coordinated colour scheme that work together to create<br />

a cohesive sense of relaxation. Additional touches, such as <strong>com</strong>plimentary<br />

toiletries, free wi-fi or tea and coffee making facilities are always a bonus in<br />

making us feel wel<strong>com</strong>e. We’re always impressed to find hotel rooms that<br />

embrace technology and offer amenities like tablets or smart thermostat<br />

systems, but this does not always necessarily trump the traditional – four poster<br />

beds, ornate fireplaces or antique furniture can add a touch of decadence to a<br />

hotel stay.<br />

Marketing<br />

In today’s modern age, a hotel or tour operator cannot rely on word of mouth<br />

to get their message out into the world. As social media has be<strong>com</strong>e a vital<br />

part of everyday life, we like to see <strong>com</strong>panies that go the extra mile to engage<br />

with their guests, both past and future. Attractive and informative websites<br />

and engaging and honest content and what we look for when judging a<br />

<strong>com</strong>pany’s use of marketing; how well they display their services, how up-todate<br />

their content is, how well they get their brand message across, and, most<br />

importantly, how well their marketing can tempt us to go and see what they<br />

have to offer for ourselves.<br />

10 11

Diversity<br />

Diversity is one important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration<br />

when in the travel and hospitality industry. It is essential to have staff that has<br />

varying diversity to ensure that the organization can properly connect with<br />

their guests. Diversity is taken into account in terms of gender, nationality as<br />

well as languages spoken among other factors. Not only do we take the diversity<br />

of the staff into account but even that of the facilities and services offered; a<br />

hotel or tour operator providing a better range of services is preferred over<br />

those that do not.<br />

Location<br />

Location is one of the most important factors, but also one of the most subjective,<br />

as the ‘ideal’ is very much determined by the type of visitor and the type of<br />

hotel itself. However, there a few factors we take into consideration when<br />

determining the winners of location-based awards. The first is convenience;<br />

that is, hotels that are easy to travel to. Many of our winners in this category<br />

are in convenient locations, such as adjacent to airports, close to beaches or<br />

found in the heart of easy-to-navigate cities. We are always impressed when<br />

hotels go the extra mile to take the hassle out of traveling and offer such<br />

additional services as airport shuttles or car hire services. However, we’re<br />

always excited to <strong>com</strong>e across a hotel that is, to use a familiar phrase, off-thebeaten-track.<br />

A hotel that can offer something a little different, in terms of<br />

natural surroundings, can make the difference between a good holiday and an<br />

incredible one.<br />

12 13

Customer Reviews<br />

What better way is there to know about an organization than by getting first<br />

hand reviews? Customers are the best judges of any service out there as they<br />

are the ones who experience them and can assess whether they were up to the<br />

mark or not. Considering reviews from hundreds of customers gives us a fair<br />

idea about the general pros and cons of any organization and also gives us<br />

valuable inputs for the other criteria as well.<br />

Industry Knowledge<br />

It is of prime importance that an organization has thorough industry<br />

knowledge. Without knowing the nit-bits of the industry, it is difficult to<br />

flourish and provide services which are a class apart. Before any organization<br />

ventures into the industry, it is essential that they know how the industry is<br />

moving and how they should make changes to their methodologies in order to<br />

remain relevant and also be a top-performing organization.<br />

14 15

Discovering the<br />

Land of the Kangaroos!<br />

The only continent in the world that is both a country and a continent<br />

in itself is Australia. Located down-under, this amazing country has a<br />

lot to offer right from vast deserts to lush rainforests and mega-cities.<br />

With a varied landscape and stunning sights right from the Great Barrier<br />

Reef along the coasts to the Outbacks with their red earth, Australia<br />

is definitely one of the top places in the bucket lists of travelers. Let’s<br />

check out the best of what this country has to offer.<br />

1. Great Barrier Reef<br />

3. Sydney<br />

4. Blue Mountains National Park<br />

6. Daintree National Park<br />

This is definitely the undisputed number 1<br />

attraction of Australia. The biggest reef of the<br />

planet, visible from the outer space is a World<br />

Heritage Site spread across 2300 km with<br />

over 600 islands and thousands of species of<br />

underwater life like sharks, turtles, rays and<br />

tropical fish. You can dive into the deep blue<br />

or simply sit in a glass bottom boat or head<br />

off to underwater viewing stations to get a<br />

view of this beautiful natural wonder.<br />

2. Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park<br />

The Uluru, rising to a height of 348m, is located<br />

in the midst of the national park and this red<br />

rock is one of the most popular attractions<br />

here. The national park is a designated World<br />

Heritage Area and is filled with dome shaped<br />

rocks called Kata Tjuta. Seeing this towering<br />

monolith rise up between the plains is what<br />

draws thousands here.<br />

One of the most beautiful cities in the world,<br />

Sydney’s harbour is easily one of the most<br />

recognizable harbours in the world and the<br />

iconic 85 year old Harbour Bridge is a popular<br />

spot for guided ascent to the top for views of<br />

the city. The marvelous Sydney Opera House,<br />

shaped like huge shells is one of the most<br />

breathtaking buildings in the world and is a<br />

World Heritage Site as well.<br />

The national park is named so for the blue<br />

haze that emanates from the eucalyptus<br />

trees across this 6 hundred thousand<br />

acre land filled with spectacular gorges,<br />

waterfalls and long hiking trails. You can<br />

see the towering Three Sisters or ride on the<br />

Katoomba Scenic Railway and enjoy the<br />

thrilling ride of the steepest railway in the<br />

world.<br />

5. Melbourne<br />

The second largest city in the country is<br />

known for its many theaters, restaurants and<br />

galleries and the European vibes that it gives<br />

off thanks to the Yarra River. This green city<br />

is filled with parks and gardens, the most<br />

popular of which are the Royal Botanic<br />

Gardens. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a<br />

famous destination for international cricket<br />

matches. You can head off to see the<br />

beautiful Dandenong Ranges or go off to the<br />

Mornington Peninsula for a peaceful retreat.<br />

This World Heritage Site is a part of the<br />

Wet Tropics and is one of the most ancient<br />

ecosystems of our planet. The two main parts<br />

of this park are the Mossman Gorge, where<br />

you can see crystal clear water gush through<br />

the rocks and the Cape Tribulation, which is<br />

the part of the park where the forest meets<br />

the white sand beaches and the coral reef.<br />

You can find some unique species like the<br />

Cassowary, Ulysses Butterfly and Bennett’s<br />

Tree Kangaroo here.<br />

16 17

Discovering the<br />

Land of the Kangaroos!<br />

The only continent in the world that is both a country and a continent<br />

in itself is Australia. Located down-under, this amazing country has a<br />

lot to offer right from vast deserts to lush rainforests and mega-cities.<br />

With a varied landscape and stunning sights right from the Great Barrier<br />

Reef along the coasts to the Outbacks with their red earth, Australia<br />

is definitely one of the top places in the bucket lists of travelers. Let’s<br />

check out the best of what this country has to offer.<br />

7. Fraser Island<br />

The largest sand island in the world, Fraser<br />

Island is one of the finest places to visit with its<br />

Seventy Five Mile Beach, where you can see<br />

rusted hulls of shipwrecks. You can visit the<br />

coloured sandstone cliffs of The Cathedrals<br />

or head over inland and explore the crystal<br />

clear freshwater creeks and lakes. You can<br />

find sharks, dolphins and whales around the<br />

island as well.<br />

8. Kakadu National Park<br />

This World Heritage Park is one of the<br />

best wilderness areas of the planet and<br />

is the largest national park in the country.<br />

It en<strong>com</strong>passes monsoon rainforests,<br />

mangroves, rivers, gorges and a plethora of<br />

species of birds and animals. You can explore<br />

this park by air, road or on foot via the vast<br />

network of hiking trails through the park.<br />

9. Great Ocean Road<br />

The Great Ocean road stretches over 300 km<br />

along the southeast coast of the country and<br />

is one of the most scenic drives here. You can<br />

stop over at Torquay for some surfing or head<br />

over to the Campbell National Park, which<br />

has rock formations sculpted by wind and<br />

waves known as the Twelve Apostles, London<br />

Bridge, Arch and Loch Ard Gorge.<br />

10. Broome and Kimberley Region<br />

What was once a thriving market for pearls is<br />

now a booming tourist destination. Broome<br />

is filled with long white sand beaches and<br />

seas with turquoise waters, most popular one<br />

being the Cable Beach. The best attraction<br />

here is the Staircase to the Moon, which is<br />

a phenomenon that happens sometimes<br />

between March and October when the<br />

moonlight gives you an illusion of staircases<br />

leading to the moon! You can also head<br />

over to the Kimberley region to explore the<br />

Horizontal Waterfall, Gibb River Road and the<br />

stunning Mitchell Falls.<br />

With some of the finest attractions to<br />

drive you here, Australia does manage to<br />

impress all. This peaceful country has an<br />

abundance of natural attractions and this<br />

drives thousands of tourists here. The varied<br />

geography of this country is sure to leave you<br />

spellbound.<br />

18 19

Top 10 Things<br />

in New Zealand<br />

New Zealand is a heaven for all nature lovers. With an abundance<br />

of natural beauty with varied terrain right from snowcapped peaks<br />

to hissing springs, travelers can marvel at the stunning sights that the<br />

country has to offer. It is also a hotspot for thrill-seekers and is known<br />

for its adrenaline-fueled sports like skydiving and heli-skiing. Being a<br />

relatively small country, it is easy to self-drive and explore the country<br />

all by ourselves. While there are hundreds of attractions for tourists, here<br />

are the best of the lot.<br />

1. Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound<br />

4. Lake Taupo and Tongariro National Park<br />

6. Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers<br />

Fiordland National Park protects some of<br />

the most stunning sceneries in the country<br />

and is a designated world heritage site.<br />

Many glaciers carved this landscape, which<br />

resulted in famous fjords like Milford Track.<br />

Here, you can explore offshore islands, walk<br />

through rainforests and scale mountains. Sea<br />

kayaking is one of the best ways to see this<br />

region, while a helicopter ride can give a<br />

beautiful aerial view.<br />

2. Bay of Islands<br />

Located near Auckland, this beautiful bay is<br />

filled with more than 144 islands, making it a<br />

heaven for sailing and yachting. It is <strong>com</strong>mon<br />

to find penguins, dolphins and whales in the<br />

waters here and it is a popular fishing spot<br />

as well. Sea kayaking into secluded coves<br />

and rock formations like Hole in the Rock and<br />

Cape Brett is a treat.<br />

3. Queenstown<br />

The adventure capital of the world is right<br />

here on the south island between the shores<br />

of the Lake Wakatipu and snowy peaks of<br />

Remarkables. Known for bungee jumping, jet<br />

boating, paragliding, rock climbing, mountain<br />

biking and other adrenaline filled sports, this<br />

is one place you must visit when heading to<br />

New Zealand.<br />

Located on the North Island, Lake Taupo<br />

is the largest lake in New Zealand and<br />

the Tongariro National Park is known for its<br />

volcanic features and is a designated World<br />

Heritage Site. This is one of the oldest national<br />

parks in the world and is filled with turquoise<br />

lakes, volcanoes and hot springs.<br />

5. Rotorua<br />

This dramatic landscape is a part of the<br />

Pacific Ring of Fire and is one of the most<br />

active geothermal regions in the world. It<br />

is dotted with hissing geysers, boiling mud<br />

pools, volcanic craters and thermal springs;<br />

the very forces which gave birth to this land.<br />

You can explore these wonders of nature or<br />

bathe in the hot springs while learning about<br />

the history of the region. From here, you can<br />

head over to Mt. Ruapehu for skiing or Wai-O-<br />

Tapu to see colorful hot springs.<br />

The <strong>com</strong>plete extreme of the hot springs<br />

are the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers, which<br />

are among the most accessible ones on<br />

the planet. Located in the Westland Tai<br />

Poutini National Park, these rivers of ice flow<br />

from Southern Alps to sea level and can be<br />

explored on foot! You can explore ice caves<br />

and pinnacles at the foot of the glaciers in<br />

guided tours or have an aerial view from<br />

helicopters.<br />

20 21

Top 10 Things<br />

in New Zealand<br />

New Zealand is a heaven for all nature lovers. With an abundance<br />

of natural beauty with varied terrain right from snowcapped peaks<br />

to hissing springs, travelers can marvel at the stunning sights that the<br />

country has to offer. It is also a hotspot for thrill-seekers and is known<br />

for its adrenaline-fueled sports like skydiving and heli-skiing. Being a<br />

relatively small country, it is easy to self-drive and explore the country<br />

all by ourselves. While there are hundreds of attractions for tourists, here<br />

are the best of the lot.<br />

7. Abel Tasman National Park and Coast<br />

Track<br />

The marvelous Abel Tasman Coast Track<br />

in the Abel Tasman National Park is one of<br />

the most scenic walks in New Zealand. This<br />

51 kilometer hike is a sunny one and along<br />

the way, you can indulge in snorkeling,<br />

and bird and dolphin watching activities<br />

or simply kayak your way around. This is a<br />

photographers’ heaven with coastal cliffs<br />

and cool forests with intriguing formations like<br />

the Split Apple Rock. You can camp in rustic<br />

huts, plush lodges or on the campgrounds.<br />

8. Mount Cook National Park<br />

Mount Cook is the highest peak in New<br />

Zealand and is located at the heart of the<br />

Southern Alps. More than 40 percent of this<br />

park is filled with glaciers and the country’s<br />

longest glacier, the Tasman Glacier is also<br />

present within the boundaries of this park,<br />

making it a popular mountaineering spot.<br />

With more than 40 species of birds, this is a<br />

paradise for bird lovers. Mount Cook Village<br />

is a tiny village that serves as the base for<br />

exploration and from here you can head<br />

out for some scenic flights, skiing, hiking or<br />

stargazing.<br />

9. Napier, Hawke’s Bay<br />

The sunny region of Napier in Hawke’s Bay is<br />

famous for its gourmet food and architecture.<br />

Built in the Spanish Mission style and Art Deco<br />

design, the city is worth exploring on foot.<br />

Watching the sea while walking along the<br />

beautiful Marine Parade seafront promenade<br />

is a treat. Napier is also a foodie heaven<br />

and restaurants here specialize in using fresh<br />

ingredients from the farmers’ market. Cape<br />

Kidnappers is a great attraction near the city<br />

for bird lovers.<br />

10. Auckland<br />

This beautiful city with two harbours is the<br />

largest city in New Zealand and also one of<br />

the most populous ones. The 328 meter Sky<br />

Tower gives some spectacular views of the<br />

city skyline and the land surrounding it. With<br />

blonde and black sand beaches as well as<br />

rainforest hiking trails along with picturesque<br />

coves and islands at stone’s throw distance,<br />

this is the perfect city to explore the country.<br />

New Zealand is one of the most picturesque<br />

destinations for tourists in the world and a visit<br />

to these islands is sure to make you want to<br />

return here again. There simply isn’t enough<br />

time to cover these beautiful drops in the<br />

ocean.<br />

22 23

Vanuatu<br />

The Hidden Gem<br />

Located near Australia, Vanuatu is an island nation with a history<br />

going back by hundreds of years. This tiny set of islands is one<br />

of the most untouched islands in the world and still remains<br />

unaffected to a large extent by human interference. Here are<br />

some of the most amazing attractions of Vanuatu.<br />

1. Tanna Island<br />

Rising high above the ground at 361m, Mount<br />

Yasur is an active volcano here. It has been<br />

erupting for continuously for over 3 years<br />

but is still a popular spot for visiting. The Blue<br />

Cave is a magical aqua experience with blue<br />

color of the water reflecting on the cave. The<br />

Giant Banyan Tree here is one of the largest<br />

in the world and it is an experience in itself to<br />

see this natural wonder that is unharmed by<br />

humans.<br />

2. Espiritu Santo Island<br />

This is a popular island known for the<br />

Champagne beach located here and is<br />

famous for its crystal clear waters and white<br />

sands which are one of the best in the region.<br />

It’s a major tourist attraction and attracts<br />

many tourists from Australia. The island also<br />

hosts the beautiful Millenium Cave, which has<br />

a stream flowing through it and requires some<br />

amount of hiking as well.<br />

3. Aore Island<br />

This is one of the most visited islands in<br />

Vanuatu and is a popular destination for<br />

weddings and honeymoons alike. It also<br />

attracts divers from around the world, who<br />

<strong>com</strong>e to explore the exotic reefs around and<br />

famous shipwrecks like SS President Coolidge.<br />

You can also find the only cave and<br />

plantation experience of Vanuatu by walking<br />

on an easy trail; a bat cave is also there.<br />

4. Lelepa Island<br />

One of the larger islands in the country,<br />

Lelepa has a population of only 500 and is<br />

famous for the Fels Cave, which contains<br />

drawings on rocks dating back by 3000 years.<br />

5. Nguna Island<br />

This Island is a popular tourist spot with tours<br />

for diving, turtle tagging, treehouse climbing<br />

and hiking on the extinct volcano Mount<br />

Taputoara. With a population of just over a<br />

thousand people, this is the perfect getaway<br />

location for tourists.<br />

6. Port Vila<br />

The Capital of the nation is a small town with<br />

colorful markets and also has the National<br />

Museum of Vanuatu. It is a famous spot for<br />

diving for coral reefs and shipwrecks like Star<br />

of Russia. The beautiful Mele Bay is a great<br />

sight from the city too. Located near the city<br />

is the Evergreen Cascades Waterfall with its<br />

crystal clear waters, where you can take a<br />

dip as well! Also located nearby is the Blue<br />

Lagoon Swimming Hole, where you can swing<br />

from ropes into the pool!<br />

7. Mystery Island<br />

Mystery Island is an almost untouched island<br />

and has long beaches and opportunities to<br />

snorkel here are plenty and this is what it’s<br />

known for. The tiny island has a small village<br />

and it’s possible to easily miss it thanks to the<br />

size.<br />

Vanuatu may be a tiny speck in the ocean<br />

but it is one of the best places to head to for<br />

discovering yourself and to be one with the<br />

nature. Being one of the very few places left<br />

around the world where human occupation<br />

hasn’t affected the environment, Vanuatu is<br />

definitely a gem for all of us.<br />

24 25



26 27

Australia<br />

The Langham, Sydney<br />

HOTEL<br />

Australia<br />

Emirates One and Only Wolgan Valley<br />

HOTEL<br />



The Langham in Sydney is the definition of luxury. Located near the harbor, each room here is a haven of plush<br />

furnishings and paneled walls, and offers beautiful sights of the Western Harbour and the Sydney Skyline. With<br />

98 rooms at offer right from deluxe rooms to 2 bedroom apartments, guests can select their best suited options,<br />

some even featuring a private terrace! Unique dining experiences are offered here, whether you indulge in<br />

elegant afternoon teas or have some gastronomical tastings in Bistro Remy or Palm Court among their 4 restaurants.<br />

Elegantly designed events can be held here, right from fashion parades to gala dinners. Guests can also<br />

spend a rejuvenating day in the tranquil environment of The Day Spa by Chuan. The more active guests can take<br />

a dip in the swimming pool or even perhaps play a game of tennis!<br />

This ultra-luxury conservation resort in the Greater Blue Mountains is the perfect getaway from the busy city<br />

life. Guests can enjoy magnificent seclusion and marvel at the beauty of Wolgan Valley from the free-standing<br />

villas, which <strong>com</strong>e with a private pool and veranda as well as a garden right in the middle of wilderness. The Wolgan<br />

Dining Room is where you can head off to for some fine cuisine or locally prepared wine by the fireplace.<br />

You can have food served in your villa for a private dinner in the backdrop of the beautiful mountains as well.<br />

The Spa gives pampered serenity and having a massage here with the view of the mountains is bound to relax<br />

you. Fitness centre, tennis courts and a 25-metre swimming pool are available as well for the health-conscious<br />

guests.<br />

The Langham, Sydney<br />

89-113 Kent St,Millers Point, Sydney<br />

NSW 2000, Australia<br />

Tel +61 2 9256 2222<br />

langhamhotels.<strong>com</strong>/en/the-langham/sydney/<br />

Emirates One and Only Wolgan Valley<br />

2600 Wolgan Rd, Wolgan Valley NSW 2790, Australia<br />

Tel +61 2 6350 1800<br />

oneandonlyresorts.<strong>com</strong>/one-and-only-wolgan-valley-australia<br />

28 29

Australia<br />

Longitude 131°<br />

HOTEL<br />

Australia<br />

Eastwood Apartments, Brisbane<br />

HOTEL<br />



Experience the great Australian deserts like never before with Longitude 131°; this luxury basecamp at Uluru-Kata<br />

Tjuta gives you an opportunity to delve into the foundations of the Anangu culture and explore the ancient<br />

land along with stories from traditional custodians. Nestled atop red dunes of the desert, the sixteen tented<br />

pavilions have roof to floor glass windows to give you perfect views of the area and the custom furnishings<br />

provide you a relaxing stay. The Dune House, with its panoramic views is the hub where guests dine with dishes<br />

infused with traditional herbs or have sunset drinks as the sun slips below horizon. The resort also <strong>com</strong>es with<br />

a spa for rejuvenation and relaxation treatments with the use of native beauty products. Luxury in the middle of<br />

nowhere is what is at offer here and exclusive tours around the area give you the exotic desert-feel.<br />

Eastwood Apartments are your home away from home. With some stunning views of the city right from your<br />

balcony, rooftop terrace and the sun deck, which also has a jet pool spa, an al fresco cinema screen, BBQ facility<br />

and garden seating, you can be assured that your stay here is no less than a hotel stay but with a homely feel. All<br />

apartments <strong>com</strong>e with fully equipped kitchen, private laundry and bathroom as well as luxurious bedding along<br />

with caretaker service. Secure parking, free Wi-Fi facility and 24 hour check-in services ensure that you are<br />

at peace at all times and the centralized location gives you access to all shops and restaurants as well as public<br />

transport, which allow you to experience Brisbane as a local; none of which would be possible in a hotel.<br />

Longitude 131°<br />

Yulara Drive, Yulara NT 0872,<br />

Australia<br />

Tel +61 08 8957 7131<br />

longitude131.<strong>com</strong>.au<br />

Eastwood Apartments,<br />

Brisbane<br />

159 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba<br />

QLD 4102, Australia<br />

Tel +61 7 3180 0299<br />

eastwoodbrisbane.<strong>com</strong>.au<br />

30 31

Australia<br />

Ovolo Wooloomooloo, Sydney<br />

HOTEL<br />

Australia<br />

Shangri La Hotel, Sydney<br />

HOTEL<br />



Located near the picturesque Sydney Harbour is Ovolo Wooloomooloo, serving as a bridge between heritage<br />

and modern luxury. Indulge in the very best of luxury that Sydney has to offer right here, with exotic interiors<br />

that are sure to leave your mouth wide open. The stylishly designed Lo Lounge is the place for socializing or<br />

relaxing while enjoying some refreshments throughout the day (and night!) With a facility to sip and munch<br />

away in the <strong>com</strong>fort of your bed, you can be assured of a relaxing experience here. With a quirky exterior finish,<br />

this hotel is definitely bound to catch eyes of all the passers-by. A hotel with such swanky interiors is the perfect<br />

place to host your corporate meetings and private events. The versatile staff of the hotel is always ready to cater<br />

to every requirement to make your stay and event a fruitful affair.<br />

Shangri-La Hotel overlooks the stunning Opera House and this is what you get to see every morning when you<br />

wake up in the rooms here along with the marvelous Harbour Bridge and Sydney skyline. With a staggering 565<br />

luxurious and spacious guestrooms and suites; which are appointed with contemporary furnishings and triple<br />

glazed soundproof windows along with plush duvets and bed linens, you are assured of a <strong>com</strong>fortable stay here.<br />

You can rejuvenate at the CHI, The Spa with treatments inspired by traditional Asian healing philosophies in<br />

luxurious private spa suites. Their expert masseuses are sure to give you very relaxing massages. Tantalizing<br />

cuisines are at your disposal at Café Mix and Altitude Restaurant with harbour views. Sip the finest collections<br />

of wine and cocktails at Blu Bar on 36 and relax at Lobby Lounge while munching on some snacks. The Health<br />

Club also boasts of a gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna.<br />

Ovolo Wooloomooloo, Sydney<br />

6 Cowper Wharf Roadway,<br />

Woolloomooloo NSW 2011, Australia<br />

Tel +61 2 9331 9000<br />

ovolohotels.<strong>com</strong>.au<br />

Shangri La Hotel, Sydney<br />

176 Cumberland St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia<br />

Tel +61 2 9250 6000<br />

shangri-la.<strong>com</strong>/sydney/shangrila/<br />

32 33

Fiji<br />

Royal Davui Island Resort, Lami<br />

HOTEL<br />

Fiji<br />

Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa<br />

HOTEL<br />



Nestled away on a tiny island of Fiji is Royal Davui Island Resort- an adults-only sanctuary offering a different<br />

level of luxury, elegance and privacy. Sixteen private villas on the island with their own private plunge pool, spa<br />

bath, lounge room, sun deck and wet bar along with their excellent services ensure that you get a <strong>com</strong>fortable<br />

stay here. Be spoilt for choice for dining options either in the privacy of your room, at the Banyan Bar and Restaurant<br />

or at the beaches with your loved one. An array of activities ranging from catamarans and sea kayaks to<br />

diving or deep-sea fishing are available for your indulgence. The Davui Spa offers a full range of treatments and<br />

the experienced masseuses here give you relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. With special attention given to<br />

those looking for a romantic hideaway, this is the perfect place for honeymooners and weddings.<br />

Located on the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu, InterContinental Fiji Gold Resort and Spa is located right on the<br />

Natadola Beach, which is voted as one of the best beaches in the world. The hotel boasts some of the largest<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>modations in Fiji with 266 luxurious rooms and suites within the tranquil environment equipped with<br />

daybeds and Cleopatra baths for an amazing stay. An 18-hole Championship Golf Course is available at your<br />

disposal and apart from this, snorkeling, diving and local tours can be arranged. Combining Asian, Eastern and<br />

Western treatments to give you the best possible, Spa InterContinental presents the perfect getaway for Spa<br />

breaks in cabanas. Hydrotherapy sessions and private spa treatments in the luxury of Orchid Room with your<br />

close ones are available as well. An exciting array of dining experiences await your arrival at the signature Fiji<br />

restaurant Navo and other world-class dining options here.<br />

Royal Davui Island<br />

Resort, Lami<br />

Royal Davui Island<br />

Resort, Fiji<br />

Tel +61 2 9365 2648<br />

royaldavuifiji.<strong>com</strong><br />

Intercontinental Fiji Golf<br />

Resort and Spa<br />

Maro Road Natadola Bay,<br />

Natadola, Fiji<br />

Tel +679 673 3300<br />

fiji.intercontinental<br />

34 35

HOTEL<br />

New Zealand<br />

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, Hawke’s Bay<br />


New Zealand<br />

The George, Christchurch<br />


HOTEL<br />

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers is a place to relax in the midst of the picturesque landscape of Hawke’s Bay. Each<br />

suite <strong>com</strong>es with a private balcony with a magnificent view of the farm, golf course and the Pacific Ocean and<br />

is equipped with plush interiors and modern facilities. The Owner’s Cottage is the perfect place for a family or<br />

group of friends to reside, with 4 deluxe bedrooms and a stone fireplace in the living room along with an outdoor<br />

Jacuzzi on the stone terrace among other <strong>com</strong>forts. With a garden in close proximity to the lodge, fresh<br />

vegetables picked from there are used to cook mouthwatering delicacies on a daily basis and guests can also have<br />

wonderful picnics around. A wide range of wines, beer and spirits are available as well. A heated infinity pool,<br />

golf course, spa treatments with forest and ocean views and fully-equipped gym are there for your indulgence.<br />

Located in the heart of Christchurch overlooking Hagley Park and Avon River, this hotel is the only one in the<br />

city to have one-to-one staff to guest ratio, which guarantees their impeccable personalized services. With 53<br />

rooms designed with a stylish eye for detail, <strong>com</strong>plete with luxury amenities, you are guaranteed a luxurious<br />

stay here. All round the clock room services and <strong>com</strong>plimentary access to mountain bikes, guest <strong>com</strong>puters,<br />

gymnasiums, private garden and library ensure that you can make the most out of your stay. Bistro inspired food<br />

is available at 50 Bistro with modern flavors and excellent wines. The stylish interiors <strong>com</strong>plement the outdoor<br />

view perfectly and make this an ideal spot to start your day. The Pescatore offers an exquisite dining experience<br />

and even has a separate private room for an exceptional dining experience.<br />

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers,<br />

Hawke’s Bay<br />

446 Clifton Rd, Te Awanga 4172,<br />

New Zealand<br />

Tel +64 6-875 1900<br />

capekidnappers.<strong>com</strong><br />

The George, Christchurch<br />

50 Park Terrace, Christchurch<br />

Central, Christchurch 8013,<br />

New Zealand<br />

Tel +64 3-379 4560<br />

thegeorge.<strong>com</strong><br />

36 37

New Zealand<br />

The Rees Hotel Luxury Apartments<br />

and Residences<br />

HOTEL<br />

Vanuatu<br />

Ratua Private Island<br />


HOTEL<br />


The Rees Hotel is a five star hotel situated right at the shores of Lake Wakatipu and boasts of a private beach<br />

and wharf. With 60 hotel rooms, 90 apartments and 5 exclusive lakeside residences equipped with plush interiors<br />

and modern amenities, you are sure to enjoy the spoils of <strong>com</strong>fort here. Each residence and hotel room<br />

<strong>com</strong>es with a private balcony to enjoy the splendid views around. The True South Dining Room is the epitome<br />

of sophisticated dining and takes you on a culinary journey through its local delicacies. The hotel has a private<br />

wine cellar with the most <strong>com</strong>prehensive wine collections of Europe and New Zealand and you can enjoy these<br />

at the Bordeau Lounge Bar. Spa treatments are available in the privacy of your own rooms for rejuvenation at<br />

the hands of skilled masseuses. Skiing and yacht hire services are also available.<br />

Ratua Private Island is surrounded by tropical gardens and sandy beaches and offers luxury in the middle of<br />

nowhere. Private villas across the island <strong>com</strong>e in all sizes and have beautifully appointed external day beds and<br />

lounge chairs with views of the stunning bay and lush tropical gardens. Special safari tents are put up at the edge<br />

of the jungle overlooking a white sand beach to give you a luxury camping experience. Personalized dinners are<br />

arranged from locally produced organic ingredients depending on your mood; ranging from casual barbecues<br />

to French-style tablecloth picnics on nearby islands. The lush paradise of Ratua is up for exploration on foot,<br />

mountain bike or horseback. The Sunny Spa is an overwater spa that offers a whole range of treatments from<br />

experienced therapists with view of the serene, infinite sea. Guests can also go for paddle boarding, fishing,<br />

snorkeling, turtle watching and swimming with horses or simply relax at the Yacht club and socialize!<br />

The Rees Hotel Luxury Apartments and Residences<br />

377 Frankton Rd, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand<br />

Tel +64 3-450 1100<br />

therees.co.nz<br />

Ratua Private Island<br />

Boite postale 396, Luganville,<br />

Vanuatu<br />

Tel +678 30020<br />

ratua.<strong>com</strong><br />

38 39

Vanuatu<br />

The Havannah<br />

HOTEL<br />

Vanuatu<br />

Ramada Resort Port Vila<br />

HOTEL<br />



Catering exclusively to adults, The Havannah is a cozy hotel located away from the hustle and bustle of the<br />

city. This family owned business overlooks Efate’s premier white sand beach and has eighteen villas, each of<br />

which has a unique view. Each villa <strong>com</strong>es with luxurious amenities and has its own dining pavilion as well.<br />

With a unique split level infinity edge pool and a watersports hut from where you can head off for snorkeling or<br />

kayaking, you are assured of an amazing experience here. Guests can indulge in some of the finest delicacies<br />

cooked from vegetables, seafood and Vanuatu beef. The Arôm’Essence Day Spa set in a tropical garden offers<br />

full range of rejuvenating body massages using Dermalogica and dead sea salt products. Day tours to different<br />

islands of Vanuatu can be arranged according to your preferences and daily shuttle buses to the city facilitate<br />

easy connectivity.<br />

This newly built full service beachfront resort is nestled on the cliffs of Erakor Lagoon and offers 80 self-contained<br />

apartments with lagoon views. Self-contained suites starting from studio flats to two bedroom apartments<br />

are available with all modern amenities and posh interiors. Guests can dine at the Akiriki Restaurant overlooking<br />

the lagoon and dive into a vast array of <strong>Oceania</strong>n blend of flavors or sip a glass of drinks while relaxing at<br />

lounge bar or while watching their favorite games in the sports bar; a swim-up pool bar is also available. Guests<br />

can also take a dive into the swimming pool or get fit in the fully-equipped gymnasium. Kayaking, snorkeling<br />

and stand-up paddle boarding in the lagoon can also be arranged for your indulgence. Corporates can conduct<br />

meetings in the meeting room while the ballroom is open for private events such as weddings.<br />

The Havannah<br />

Samoa Point, Port<br />

Havannah, Vanuatu<br />

Tel +678 35600<br />

thehavannah.<strong>com</strong><br />

Ramada Resort Port Vila<br />

Paray, Port Vila, Vanuatu<br />

Tel +678 28000<br />

ramadaresort.<strong>com</strong>.vu/en-gb<br />

40 41

Papua New Guinea<br />

Airways Hotel<br />

HOTEL<br />

Papua New Guinea<br />

Grand Papua Hotel<br />

HOTEL<br />



Airways Hotel is nestled in its own botanical gardens and offers world-class ac<strong>com</strong>modation in well-appointed<br />

rooms at a <strong>com</strong>petitive price. With warm timber tones and crisp linen, you are sure to feel at home here. You<br />

will love to dine at the Vue Restaurant and Lounge Bar with its spectacular views of the airport and the mist-clad<br />

peaks of the Owen Stanley ranges. The Bacchus restaurant offers fine dining options while the Havanaba bar<br />

allows you to kick-start your evening in style. The Deli KC is the place to find some of the finest baked breads<br />

and pastas, while the Seven C’s is the where you can go to meet over coffee and enjoy the breeze of the punkah<br />

fans. Guests can unwind in Bliss-The Spa while the health club gives you a chance to sweat it out in the tennis<br />

and squash courts or take a dip in the infinity lap pool.<br />

Grand Papua has the distinction of being the first deluxe hotel opening in Port Moresby. This impressive hotel<br />

<strong>com</strong>prises 161 rooms and suites with modern interiors and gives amazing views of the ocean and the beaches.<br />

Taking service to the next level, free airport shuttle transfers are made available for all the guests. For the ladies,<br />

exclusive ladies floors are added for more safety. The Grand Café serves fresh meals while the Grand Brasserie<br />

features modern flavors paired with wines. You can sit in the Poolside Terrace and munch on some delicacies<br />

by the pool and Jacuzzi. The Grand Spa is an innovative and luxurious wellness center for unwinding, while the<br />

gym and swimming pool are places to head to for some exercises. The Grand Hair Salon is the perfect place for<br />

getting your hair done and giving you the look you wish to have. The hotel also features executive board rooms<br />

and banquet venues for functions and corporate meetings.<br />

Grand Papua Hotel<br />

Mary St, Port Moresby,<br />

Papua New Guinea<br />

Tel +675 304 0000<br />

grandpapuahotel.<strong>com</strong>.pg<br />

Airways Hotel<br />

Jacksons Parade,<br />

7 Mile, Boroko, Port<br />

Moresby 111, Papua<br />

New Guinea<br />

Tel +675 324 5200<br />

airways.<strong>com</strong>.pg<br />

42 43

Samoa<br />

Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort<br />

HOTEL<br />

Solomon Islands<br />

Coral Sea Resort<br />

HOTEL<br />



Sheraton Samoa Beach resort gives unparalleled beachfront ac<strong>com</strong>modation with luxurious amenities. Located<br />

on the western coast of Upolu, this resort offers everything you need for relaxing right from tennis to local entertainment.<br />

With 133 luxurious rooms and suites equipped with the finest amenities with ocean view, you are<br />

assured a cozy stay here. The signature restaurant of the resort, Apolima Fale plays host to finest international<br />

cuisines and hosts the Fia Fia Cultural Show as well. You can sit in the South Pacific Restaurant by the water<br />

and enjoy pleasant tunes by local musicians and end your night on a high with your loved ones in this serene<br />

atmosphere. The hotel also has a spa and a fully equipped fitness center along with a tennis court and facilities<br />

for watersports and diving. It also offers weddings and conference facilities.<br />

Positioned on the ocean front near the Airlie Beach Village, Coral Sea Resort provides quality ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

with full range of facilities and inclusions. The gorgeous interiors of the rooms reflect the outer environment<br />

and the plush amenities ensure epitome of <strong>com</strong>fort. Guests can lay back in The Clipper Restaurant and Lounge<br />

and enjoy al fresco dining all day while sitting by the poolside and taking in the views of the ocean. A romantic<br />

candlelight dinner can be arranged at the oceanfront Gazebo as well. A swimming pool is there for guests to<br />

laze around and a wading pool for children as well. Thrill-seekers can indulge in on-site watersports and those<br />

looking to go into the ocean can do so from the private jetty. Tours to various islands and charter boat and helicopter<br />

rides are made available by the hotel. The hotel is also well-equipped to host destination weddings and<br />

corporate meetings.<br />

Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort<br />

Entrance Road, Mulifanua, Samoa<br />

Tel +685 45611<br />

sheratonsamoaresort.<strong>com</strong><br />

Coral Sea Resort<br />

25 Ocean View Ave, Airlie Beach<br />

QLD 4802, Australia<br />

Tel +61 7 4964 1300<br />

coralsearesort.<strong>com</strong><br />

44 45

Tonga<br />

Tanoa International Dateline Hotel<br />

HOTEL<br />

Australia<br />

Blue Diamond Tours<br />

TOUR<br />



Located on the waterfront of Tonga, Tanoa International Dateline Hotel offers superior ac<strong>com</strong>modation in the<br />

capital with sensational facilities. With 122 well-appointed rooms designed to perfection, guests are guaranteed<br />

a peaceful stay here with the plush furnishings and modern amenities. The Fresh Bar and Grill has an amazing<br />

selection of fresh grills while the Taulanga’u Bar is the perfect spot to sip a freshly made cocktail while watching<br />

magnificent sunsets. A large swimming pool is where guests can head off to for some laps to kick start the day or<br />

work-out in the fully-equipped gymnasium to remain fit. Airport connectivity is made easier for the guests by providing<br />

airport shuttle services. The hotel is prepared to cater to meetings and private events in spectacular indoor<br />

and outdoor venues with experienced staff ready to plan and execute the events to perfection.<br />

Blue Diamond Tours takes you on a ride through the Blue Mountains and provides a magical experience with<br />

the fresh aromas of the region. This all-inclusive trip consists of walk in the rainforest, lunch, Featherdale Wildlife<br />

Park and a water taxi back. The trip allows you to discover a place distant from the hectic city life. You can<br />

roam around the lush green rainforest of the Jamison Valley and take in the beautiful views of the mountains.<br />

These ‘boutique’ tours are crafted to give a more intimate touch and prime luxury with a Mercedes-Benz to take<br />

you around with a group of only 14 people. Friendly guides make sure that you feel at home and have an answer<br />

to every single question of yours. Guests can get breathtaking views from the skyway, railway and cableway and<br />

have a perfect lunch with a 5 option menu. They also provide private tours and hotel pick ups<br />

Tanoa International Dateline Hotel<br />

Vuna Rd, Nuku’alofa, Tonga<br />

Tel +676 23-411<br />

tanoadateline.<strong>com</strong><br />

Blue Diamond Tours<br />

Blue Diamond Tours, Concord NSW<br />

2137, Australia<br />

Tel +61 414 917 317<br />

bluediamondtours.net<br />

46<br />


Australia<br />

BridgeClimb<br />

TOUR<br />

Australia<br />

Wavelength Reef Charters<br />

TOUR<br />



This unique tour <strong>com</strong>pany takes you on the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Every day, prior training is given<br />

with the outdoor gear based on the day’s climate and introduction to the safety and health essentials are taken<br />

care of. Guests can ascend step by step behind the climb leader and take in the marvelous views that Sydney has<br />

to offer along with entertaining stories of the bridge right from its opening. The summit of the bridge at 134m<br />

above sea level allows you an uninterrupted panorama view of the city. A special excursion product is available<br />

for Year 7-8 Science students as well with topics related to studies and the bridge being discussed; probably<br />

something no other tour operator offers! A special psychologist is there to help those who have Acrophobia to<br />

fight their fears. With over 3 million climbers over the years, you can surely trust them with your climb.<br />

Pioneers in reef eco-tourism across Port Douglas, Wavelength Reef Charters have been in the business for<br />

more than 30 years now and provide small personalized snorkeling tours to the Great Barrier Reef with no<br />

more than 48 passengers to give a better experience. Guests get to visit exclusive Wavelength owned reef sites,<br />

be it in shallow lagoon or outer reef. Highly qualified marine biologists work as the crew and provide in-depth<br />

interpretation of the Great Barrier Reef marine life and habitats. With three sites across the day for you to explore,<br />

you can see the underwater world to your heart’s content. A deli-style lunch with beef, falafel and rolls is<br />

provided on the rear deck, where passengers can even socialize. A private charter can be booked all for yourself<br />

with specialized catering options and destinations set according to your preference. Schools are allowed to<br />

charter the vessel for trips as well.<br />

BridgeClimb<br />

3 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW<br />

2000, Australia<br />

Tel +61 2 8274 7777<br />

bridgeclimb.<strong>com</strong><br />

Wavelength Reef Charters<br />

1-5 Wharf St, Port Douglas QLD 4877, Australia<br />

Tel +61 7 4099 5031<br />

wavelength.<strong>com</strong>.au<br />

48 49

Fiji<br />

Talanoa Treks<br />

TOUR<br />

Fiji<br />

Diveaway Fiji<br />

TOUR<br />



Located on the waterfront of Tonga, Tanoa International Dateline Hotel offers superior ac<strong>com</strong>modation in the<br />

capital with sensational facilities. With 122 well-appointed rooms designed to perfection, guests are guaranteed<br />

a peaceful stay here with the plush furnishings and modern amenities. The Fresh Bar and Grill has an amazing<br />

selection of fresh grills while the Taulanga’u Bar is the perfect spot to sip a freshly made cocktail while watching<br />

magnificent sunsets. A large swimming pool is where guests can head off to for some laps to kick start the day or<br />

work-out in the fully-equipped gymnasium to remain fit. Airport connectivity is made easier for the guests by providing<br />

airport shuttle services. The hotel is prepared to cater to meetings and private events in spectacular indoor<br />

and outdoor venues with experienced staff ready to plan and execute the events to perfection.<br />

Looking for diving in the crystal waters of Fiji? Look no further, cause Diveaway Fiji is the only PADI 5 Star<br />

Diving Resort on the Coral Coast in Fiji! With two main diving regions- Midra Passage and Tagaqe; you can<br />

dive into the deep blue and see corals, stingrays and turtles. With diving sites ranging from a few meters from<br />

the coast to the edge of the reef; every difficulty level is available in the tours. From e-learning to advanced<br />

and rescue diver courses, this is where you can learn everything about diving that there is to know. Even pool<br />

lessons are offered to help you get a grasp over diving in an enclosed environment. Moreover, you also get free<br />

transfers to many great resorts close by when you book with them. With a small and friendly local staff, which is<br />

well-experienced in the diving field, you can be assured of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.<br />

Talanoa Treks<br />

22 Ratu Sukuna Road, Suva, Fiji<br />

Tel +679 947 2732<br />

talanoa-treks-fiji.<strong>com</strong><br />

Diveaway Fiji<br />

Coral Coast, Queens Rd, Sigatoka,<br />

Korolevu, Fiji<br />

Tel +679 931 6883<br />

diveawayfiji.<strong>com</strong><br />

50 51

New Zealand<br />

Zealandier Tours<br />

TOUR<br />

New Zealand<br />

Oolala Cruises<br />

TOUR<br />



Zealandier Tours offers fully escorted small group tours of New Zealand, but this is not all, also offered are international<br />

tour packages to Israel, Australia, Venice and Italy. Be it the north island or the southern one, from<br />

the unspoilt 90 mile beach in the north to the Milford Sound in the south, everything is covered in the packages.<br />

You can indulge in the world of Hobbits at Hobbiton or head off to some glowworm caves. You also get a chance<br />

to customize your tours according to your requirements so as to get the most out of them. Special Cruise Ship<br />

visitor tours are arranged so that you can see the beauty of New Zealand before or after your cruise. Apart from<br />

tours, even vehicle rentals right from passenger vehicles to mini-vans are available for those looking to explore<br />

the locations on their own.<br />

Oolala Cruises make you go oo-la-la when traveling with them! This 6 year old <strong>com</strong>pany has ages old foundations<br />

and has served more than 60k tourists. You get a chance to discover the Savala Island of Fiji with exclusive<br />

day cruises, snorkeling tours, kayaking and paddle boarding. Diving enthusiasts can indulge in scuba diving<br />

activities as well. You get a peek into the underwater world from glass bottom boats and can watch baby sharks<br />

as well! All food and drinks are covered for the day so that you can enjoy your trip thoroughly. On this island,<br />

you can even rejuvenate with some relaxing massages. Those wishing to have a private day cruise for the day<br />

can do so with personalization as well. Destination weddings, proposal and honeymoon cruises are available to<br />

make your special day. Even corporates can hire the day cruise for <strong>com</strong>pany staff outing.<br />

Zealandier Tours<br />

12 Lasiandra Pl, Mount Maunganui,<br />

Mt Maunganui 3116, New Zealand<br />

Tel +64 7-575 6425<br />

zealandiertours.<strong>com</strong><br />

Oolala Cruises<br />

Port Denarau Marina, Denarau<br />

Island 00000, Fiji<br />

Tel +679 675 1100<br />

oolalacruises.<strong>com</strong><br />

52 53

New Zealand<br />

The Helicopter Line West Coast<br />

TOUR<br />

Vanuatu<br />

Eco tours<br />

TOUR<br />



This leading helicopter operating <strong>com</strong>pany of New Zealand is more than 30 years old and with a fleet of AS350<br />

Squirrels; you are guaranteed some thrilling views of the country from up above. Many of the inaccessible regions<br />

of the country can be visited when traveling with their trained staff, which is specialized in the alpine<br />

terrain. Be it the great Mount Cook or the untamed glaciers of the west coast, there is no spot that cannot be<br />

accessed by these adventurous trips. The exhilarating experience of hiking on the Tasman and Franz Josef<br />

glaciers is also available. Helicopter picnics, wine tours and conferences can be arranged on special requests.<br />

For those looking to explore the wilderness through hunting, fishing, snowshoeing or skiing, Helicopter Line<br />

is the place to go. Charters of the helicopters with personalized itineraries or hill-top destination weddings can<br />

be arranged as well.<br />

If you’re looking to discover Vanuatu off the beaten tracks, Eco Tours is where you should head to. With four<br />

main tours of walking, cycling, kayaking and trekking of half day duration and same prices, you can head out<br />

to explore the REAL Vanuatu. The group sizes are kept limited for providing a more personalized service and<br />

everyone’s interest is taken into account. The tours are specially made to suit all abilities and with a staff that<br />

is actively involved with people of Vanuatu since 22 years, you are guaranteed the very best of service. Apart<br />

from this, bike rentals are also provided with free pick-up/delivery to all hotels in Port Vila. You can also go for<br />

special Tennis and Cultural tours. School tours for kids for a long term stay can also be arranged to give a taste<br />

of the life of Vanuatu school kids, while achieving your educational goals. Completely personalized a-la carte<br />

tours can be arranged too.<br />

The Helicopter Line West Coast<br />

Main South Road SH6, Franz Josef, Westland<br />

National Park 7856 New Zealand<br />

Tel +64 3-752 0767<br />

helicopter.co.nz<br />

Eco tours<br />

Nambatri, Port Vila, Efate 60, Vanuatu<br />

Tel +678 540 3506<br />

govanuatu.<strong>com</strong>/eco-tours<br />

54 55

Vanuatu<br />

Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks<br />

TOUR<br />

Vanuatu<br />

Adventure Quad Tours<br />

TOUR<br />



Soar through the canopy of the Vanuatu jungle or over the grand canyons while marveling the views of the Mele<br />

Bay. This great fun activity is suitable for all ages and rain or shine, ziplining goes on. With over six ziplines of<br />

more than 1km over the jungle, experience the buzz of the forest or wobble across the suspension bridge and fly<br />

across a canyon and over a waterfall! Trek for more than a kilometer to reach the site in Big Zip Trek Tour and<br />

experience a huge rush when crossing 300 meter gravity canyon. Have adrenaline gushing through your veins<br />

when you start the tour with a 15 minute helicopter ride up the jungle before you reach the ziplining site. For<br />

those who are interested in the forest, relaxing jungle walks are available for exploring the beauty of Vanuatu<br />

for free! Free pickup facility is also available for participants.<br />

Explore the lush islands of Vanuatu in the most unique manner possible- Quad bikes! Ride along un-spoilt<br />

coastline, secluded beaches and through traditional villages. Their award winning guides are professional and<br />

friendly and make you want to return back to the tours. Guests can ride through the muddy regions to reach<br />

the Grand Cascade and head off to the Turtle Bay to swim with 100 year old turtles. You can relax on the white<br />

sandy beaches and munch on some mouth-watering Vanuatu beef brunch or can also head off for an exclusive<br />

Port Vila tour off the tracks and then venture into the blue sea on Zegos! They also have special tours for those<br />

guests who have arrived in cruise ships and are short on time. They walk the extra mile by offering free pick up<br />

and drop off services to all hotels across Port Vila.<br />

Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks<br />

The Summit Gardens | Devils Point Road,<br />

Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu<br />

Tel +678 555 0423<br />

vanuatujunglezipline.<strong>com</strong><br />

Adventure Quad Tours<br />

Teoma Road Tassiriki, Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu<br />

Tel +678 774 2442<br />

adventurequadtours.<strong>com</strong><br />

56 57

Papua New Guinea<br />

Kabaira Dive<br />

TOUR<br />

Samoa<br />

Samoa Scenic<br />

TOUR<br />



Kabaira Dive is where you get a variety of exclusive and personalized ventures both out of water and underwater.<br />

Tailor-made packages are available for individuals and groups for relaxing or adventure, and history or culture.<br />

Tours for scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphin watching, harbor cruising, cruise ships and fishing charters<br />

are available on a daily basis and hotel transfers can be arranged as well. The PADI trained diving crew provides<br />

the most professional service and gives the guests an opportunity to have unique, personal tours. You can visit<br />

historical ship and plane wrecks underwater or explore the reef and sea mounts. From white sandy beaches on<br />

remote uninhabited islands to the shipwrecks speaking of history of WWII, all exploration spots are covered.<br />

Thrill-seekers can head to an erupting volcano or head on to some watersports too. Day trips are also offered to<br />

passengers from visiting cruise ships.<br />

Samoa Scenic aims to provide an enriching experience to tourists in the Samoan way. With more than 45 years<br />

of experience as a tour operator, they are among the best in the country and their expert multilingual guides and<br />

modern air conditioned coaches ensure that you have a memorable time. Both full and half-day tours are offered<br />

across Upolu and Saval’l; be it a peaceful lunch by the beach or a long tour across villages and coasts. Apart<br />

from these, specialized tours tailored to requirements or interests can be arranged according to your budget<br />

and specifications. Few tours are also offered for those visitors who have <strong>com</strong>e by cruises and these cover major<br />

attractions of the region. Guests can also head out to American Samoa for a day or more with them. With proven<br />

safety records, guests can even book exclusive transfer services to airport, wharf, casino and hotels with them.<br />

Kabaira Dive<br />

Kokopo-Rabaul Road Vunagam<br />

Estate, Rabaul, New Britain Island<br />

611 Papua New Guinea<br />

Tel +675 7955 8258<br />

facebook.<strong>com</strong>/diveandtoursrabaul/<br />

Samoa Scenic<br />

Apia, Upolu 669, Samoa<br />

Tel +685 26981 /<br />

+685 7526 982<br />

samoascenic.<strong>com</strong><br />

58 59

Solomon Islands<br />

Dive Munda<br />

TOUR<br />

Tonga<br />

Tongan Expeditions<br />

TOUR<br />



Diving in and around Munda is a very special thing with some of the best diving sites in the world. Spectacular<br />

walls which drop off to over 600 meters and grey, blacktip and whitetip reef sharks are what you get to see<br />

here. Dive Munda is an SSI authorized partner and gives you high caliber of training to give you the perfect<br />

diving experience. Right from Try Diving to Diving Instructor course, every single level of teaching is available<br />

here. They can also arrange freediving for you with their partners and also offer SSI Basic Freediving Program.<br />

Special trips are also open to the Secret Solomons or Honiara for durations longer than 4 days aboard their<br />

liveaboard and hotels! Guests can also take Solomon Airlines Dive Packages, which include staying, diving and<br />

flying. With more than 25 years of experience, you can be assured of a terrific diving experience when touring<br />

with them.<br />

Tongan Expeditions gives you one of the most unique opportunities ever – to swim with whales! This once in<br />

a lifetime experience can be indulged in from July to October and you can actually swim close to a Humpback<br />

Whale and see these majestic creatures up-close! Guests can indulge in some beautiful dives into the blue with<br />

the only PADI 5 Star Resort of the Kingdom, Tongan Expeditions. Some spectacular diving sites like Pelagic<br />

Pinnacle and Split Rock are waiting to be explored. From e-Learning to rescue diver courses, all difficulty levels<br />

of coaching are available here. In the pristine waters of the Kingdom of Tonga, there is no other place that you<br />

can get experiences like the ones that Tongan Expeditions offer; from tiny fishes to the largest animals on the<br />

earth, you can see everything here and experience undersea life like never before.<br />

Dive Munda<br />

Agnes Gateway Hotel, Munda,<br />

Solomon Islands 0000<br />

Tel +677 62156<br />

mundadive.<strong>com</strong><br />

Tongan Expeditions<br />

Puataukanave International Hotel,<br />

Neiafu, Vava’u Tonga<br />

Tel +676 70-292<br />

tonganexpeditions.<strong>com</strong><br />

60 61

FULL<br />


LIST<br />

62 63

Fiji<br />

Vanuatu<br />

HOTEL &<br />



Grand Pacific Hotel, Suva<br />

Hotel<br />

Royal Davui Island Resort,Lami<br />

Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Nanuku, Pacific Harbour<br />

Boutique Hotel<br />

Ramada Resort Port Vila<br />

Hotel & Resturant<br />

Iririki Island Resort & Spa<br />

Hotel & Spa<br />

The Havannah<br />

Stylish Hotel<br />

Sheraton Tokoriki Island Resort & Spa<br />

Hotel & Restaurant<br />

Ratua Private Island<br />

Unique Luxury Hotel<br />

Australia<br />

The Langham, Sydney<br />

Hotel<br />

Grand Hyatt, Melbourne<br />

Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley<br />

Boutique Hotel<br />

Plantinum Apartments, Melbourne<br />

Apartments<br />

Lizard Island Resort<br />

Unique Luxury Hotel<br />

Crown Metropol, Melbourne<br />

Hotel & Restaurant<br />

Shangri La Hotel, Sydney<br />

Hotel & Spa<br />

Longitude 131<br />

Country Hotel<br />

Sheraton Melbourne Hotel<br />

Modern Hotel<br />

Primus Hotel, Sydney<br />

Business Hotel<br />

Pullman Sydney Airport<br />

Airport Hotel<br />

Luxury Waterfront Home, Gold Coast<br />

Guest House<br />

Ovolo Wooloomooloo, Sydney<br />

Stylish Hotel<br />

Crown Towers, Melbourne<br />

City Hotel<br />

The Richardson Hotel & Spa, Perth<br />

Family Hotel<br />

Swissotel, Sydney<br />

Classic Hotel<br />

Park Hyatt, Sydney<br />

Elegant Hotel<br />

Vue Apartments, Trinity Beach<br />

Sea View Apartments<br />

Eastwood Apartments, Brisbane<br />

Self Catering Apartments<br />

Quay West Suites, Melbourne<br />

Stylish Apartments<br />

Intercontinenetal Fiji Golf Resort & Spa<br />

Hotel & Spa<br />

New Zealand<br />

InterContinental, Wellington<br />

Hotel<br />

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers,<br />

Hawke’s Bay<br />

Award for Excellence in Service<br />

The George, Christchurch<br />

Boutique Hotel<br />

Stamford Plaza, Auckland<br />

Hotel & Restaurant<br />

SKYCITY Grand Hotel, Auckland<br />

Hotel & Spa<br />

The Rees Hotel & Luxyry Apartments,<br />

Queenstown<br />

Sea View Apartments<br />

Papua New Guinea<br />

Grand Papua Hotel<br />

Hotel<br />

Crowne Plaza Port Moresby<br />

Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Airways Hotel<br />

Hotel & Restaurant<br />

Samoa<br />

Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort<br />

Hotel & Restaurant<br />

Taumeasina Island Resort<br />

Hotel & Spa<br />

Solomon Islands<br />

Coral Sea Resort<br />

Hotel<br />

Tonga<br />

Tanoa International Dateline Hotel<br />

Hotel<br />

64 65



The Helicopter Line West Coast<br />

Adventure Company<br />

Vanuatu<br />

Samoa<br />

Samoa Scenic<br />

Tour Company<br />

Australia<br />

Blue Diamond Tours<br />

Tour Company<br />

The Adventure Company Australia<br />

Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Fiji<br />

Talanoa Treks<br />

Tour Company<br />

Sigatoka River Safari<br />

Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Eco tours<br />

Tour Company<br />

Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks<br />

Unique Tour Company<br />

Caverns & Caves<br />

Adventure Cmpany<br />

South Pacific Cruises<br />

Charter Company<br />

Papua New Guinea<br />

Solomon Islands<br />

Dive Munda<br />

Tour Company<br />

Tonga<br />

Tongan Expeditions<br />

Tour Company<br />

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys<br />

Cultural Tour Company<br />

Diveaway Fiji<br />

Diving Company<br />

Reeftours Milne Bay<br />

Tour Company<br />

BridgeClimb<br />

Unique Tour Company<br />

Rosie Holidays Fiji<br />

Charter Company<br />

Kabaira Dive<br />

Diving Compny<br />

Bunyip Tours<br />

Adventure Company<br />

Gourmet Getaway Tours<br />

Culinary Tour Company<br />

Ocean Rafting<br />

Watersports Company<br />

The Private Tour Guide<br />

Tailor Made Tour Company<br />

Down Under Cruise & Dive<br />

Diving Company<br />

New Zealand<br />

Zealandier Tours<br />

Tour Company<br />

Off-Road Cave Safari<br />

Award for Excellence in Service<br />

Paihia Dive<br />

Diving Company<br />

Oolala Cruises<br />

Charter Company<br />

Wavelength Reef Charters<br />

Charter Company<br />

66 67


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