The Haunted Traveler Vol 1 Issue 2


Kick in Halloween with the latest issue of The Haunted Traveler. We opened up and looked for the strangest and the most horrific tales from this universe, bringing them here in a single collection for the readers to get a little twisted. The Haunted Traveler is a horror and science fiction literary anthology that releases twice a year. Published through Weasel Press, the anthology seeks to roam around with the stories you'll never forget. Those dark little tales that are sort of etched in everyone. We love the dark and twisted and we really want to be scared. Check out our website to see when we're open next. The Haunted Traveler is a non-profit, Horror and Science Fiction anthology that accepts a wide variety of art media such as photography, short fiction, creative non-fiction, digital artwork and more.


chewed and sucked, devoured by the gaping maw residing

in his fundament. Bubbles and burbles, gurgles

and gaggings, Boyle rode atop them all, jarred only by

the occasional scrape of anal incisor on bone.

His mind soared in an ecstasy of satiated bliss

that no drug could ever hope to replicate, his pleasure

swelling, filling his head, the office, the world until

Sandra’s screams popped its burgeoning splendour

and he returned to skinny reality with a sickening

thud, no longer the hedonistic astronaut floating on the

boundary of a tactile nirvana but a thin man sitting on

a charnel mound of half digested offal.

Bitch, he thought as the itch returned. She

fainted as he rose, bending over to show her his new

feral smile. He contemplated squatting on her face,

eating that indignant pout, those judging eyes, but why

settle for such meagre fare when a banquet awaited

him in the Day Room.

He shuffled out into the corridor leaving a

bloody slime trail as he went. He was so hungry; he

felt he would never be full.

I will eat until I explode, he thought, pushing

open the Day Room doors, staring greedily at the corpulent

bounty laid on before him; I get it now, I really


In the heavy silence the sound of one of Bob’s

eyes, and half his lower intestine, slapping out onto

the floor as it was regurgitated by Boyle’s anal mouth

set his stomach rumbling. ‘That’s right my dear,’ he

said, shivering a little in anticipation. ‘Make a little

room for dessert.’

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