The Haunted Traveler Vol 1 Issue 2


Kick in Halloween with the latest issue of The Haunted Traveler. We opened up and looked for the strangest and the most horrific tales from this universe, bringing them here in a single collection for the readers to get a little twisted. The Haunted Traveler is a horror and science fiction literary anthology that releases twice a year. Published through Weasel Press, the anthology seeks to roam around with the stories you'll never forget. Those dark little tales that are sort of etched in everyone. We love the dark and twisted and we really want to be scared. Check out our website to see when we're open next. The Haunted Traveler is a non-profit, Horror and Science Fiction anthology that accepts a wide variety of art media such as photography, short fiction, creative non-fiction, digital artwork and more.

weakly gestured with one arm for her to elaborate and

grunted at the pain the simple movement caused. Dr.

Lynch flinched in sympathy as Emily returned to the

room and went about giving him his pain medication.

“Now, as Emily told you, you have a dislocated jaw,

but that is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve also got

a severe concussion, a broken nose, stiches in gashes

in your lips and cheek, bruised ribs, and a sprained

hand in addition to your black eyes.” The 22-year old

allowed himself to drift as the pain medication took

effect, trying to figure out how things had possibly

gone so bad.


Benny had considered Tom his best friend for

as long as he could remember. They had lived in the

same neighborhood, gone to the same schools, been

in the same classes, and had the same interests. For

many years they were inseparable, but Benny could

still recall the day that comic books and trading cards

had turned into something neither of them could have


Tom had celebrated his 12th birthday and

nearly all of the guests had gone home. He tugged his

closest friend aside and whispered eagerly, “I’ve got

something to show you. Meet me by the old oak tree

at midnight.”

Benny had nodded in agreement and headed

home, waiting for his mother to fall asleep before

grabbing a flashlight and sneaking out of the house. A

heavily wooded area that both Benny and Tom knew

like the backs of their hands surrounded the neighborhood

they called home. Benny made his way through


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