The Haunted Traveler Vol 1 Issue 2


Kick in Halloween with the latest issue of The Haunted Traveler. We opened up and looked for the strangest and the most horrific tales from this universe, bringing them here in a single collection for the readers to get a little twisted. The Haunted Traveler is a horror and science fiction literary anthology that releases twice a year. Published through Weasel Press, the anthology seeks to roam around with the stories you'll never forget. Those dark little tales that are sort of etched in everyone. We love the dark and twisted and we really want to be scared. Check out our website to see when we're open next. The Haunted Traveler is a non-profit, Horror and Science Fiction anthology that accepts a wide variety of art media such as photography, short fiction, creative non-fiction, digital artwork and more.


The Brightness of an EXIT

Sign That Leads to—

J.J. Steinfeld

The strapped-down male being who had been

encased inside the spacecraft hurtling through the

universe for a decade woke from suspended animation,

painfully forcing his eyes to open and seeing the

brightness of an EXIT sign above a portal that leads


To what? To where? He attempts to remember

why he is traveling through space, memory stabbing

like an indefinable torment caused by an unseen

weapon. “Exit” is their language, he thinks. Exit, exit,

exit… He recalls learning that word, and many other

words, in secret, sitting inside their spacecraft unlike

the one he finds himself in now. His teacher was

lovely, lovelier than any woman on his planet, and he

loved her. Loved her more than anything. He told her

that in his language of high-pitched staccato sounds,

a language she knew perfectly, as did many of her

people, the courageous soldiers, she called them in her

language, but the expression on her face told him

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