The Haunted Traveler Vol 1 Issue 2


Kick in Halloween with the latest issue of The Haunted Traveler. We opened up and looked for the strangest and the most horrific tales from this universe, bringing them here in a single collection for the readers to get a little twisted. The Haunted Traveler is a horror and science fiction literary anthology that releases twice a year. Published through Weasel Press, the anthology seeks to roam around with the stories you'll never forget. Those dark little tales that are sort of etched in everyone. We love the dark and twisted and we really want to be scared. Check out our website to see when we're open next. The Haunted Traveler is a non-profit, Horror and Science Fiction anthology that accepts a wide variety of art media such as photography, short fiction, creative non-fiction, digital artwork and more.


terror and dope, a wide-eyed witness to every rotting

crease and crevice in Mr Hedges decaying face.

A huge dry flake of skin floated down from

his mottled brow. She just knew it was going to land

in her mouth; and then she felt it land. She tasted it.

She wanted to be sick. She needed to vomit, her body

was already in spasm but could she risk being sick?

What if she choked? Somebody would have to help

her if she were sick. Surely, he’d have to stop if she

were sick! Mr Hedges snapped her mouth shut and

squeezed her nose with a deft pinch.

Creaking like the decks of an old boat he

turned away from her. He stiffly picked another instrument

from the trolley and then swung laboriously back

with the groan of aging ropes.

Evelyn squeezed her lips tight together but

again the fingers forced her mouth open and crept

inside. A large metal cylinder flashed before her,

shifting in size and shape as it moved closer. Evelyn’s

weeping eyes managed to focus for a moment. It was a

thick metal needle screwed into a syringe. The galvanised

scorpion stung her pallet twice. At last the dead

hands loosened their grip.

The corpse stood before her, fixed to the spot,

its jaw open upon its withered chest, the hands pinned

stiffly to its side, motionless, it’s dead eyes staring

back into its own skull. The tiny grey crown of Jane’s

head bobbed into view above the corpse’s right shoulder

and then disappeared below it. Evelyn heard an

odd mechanical whirr, as if a dry wheeled treadle were

being forced into life and then Jane’s head appeared

again and the whirring grew louder and faster and then

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