The Haunted Traveler May 2017 Edition


After a brief hiatus, The Haunted Traveler is back to bring you some of the best horror out there. Open up and tread with caution, the next scare is just a page flip away.

some lining the walls and others forming a loose square

in the middle. Some had bedding on them, others were

bare; most of the used ones were towards the middle.

“Looks like this is where the crew was staying,” I

said as we approached the bunks, picking up the sheets

and looking around.

There’s close to 30 bunks with bedding, so they

all must have stayed in here.” Leif continued through

the bunks and towards the lavatory door on the right.

“Apart from the captain, and however many officers

were aboard.”

I got down on my knees to look under the bunks

closest to the floor. “It doesn’t appear that they kept

any personal affects in here, so they must all be in the

closet,” I said, my voice slightly muffled by the bunk. I

heard a door slide open, and peaked back up to see Leif

entering the restroom.

“Any sign of anyone?” I asked as I pulled myself up

off the floor.

“Nothing.” Leif came back out, closing the door behind

him. “Check the other lavatory, I’m going to check

the closet.”

I walked over, lightbeam in front of me as I opened

the door. It was a standard bathroom; a few stalls and

two sinks with mirrors above. I examined each of the

stalls cautiously, but found nothing out of the ordinary.

I began walking out to the main room when I almost

slipped on something wet. Once I gained my balance,

I pointed the light towards my feet and found the

ground was covered in some sort of liquid, too thick to

be water. I bent down to get a closer look, but stopped

when something dripped on my check. I quickly wiped


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