The Haunted Traveler May 2017 Edition


After a brief hiatus, The Haunted Traveler is back to bring you some of the best horror out there. Open up and tread with caution, the next scare is just a page flip away.


ship. Where are they now? Are you all alone?”

At the last question, something seemed to click for

Devran. The blank look faded from her face, giving way

to something primal. Her eyes bulged out of their sockets,

her skin began to shine with sweat, and her hands

visibly shook at her side. She opened her mouth, but no

noise came out.

“Devran, what’s wrong? What’s going on-”

Leif stopped speaking as we all became aware of a

noise from elsewhere in the ship.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

We all turned towards the entrance to the bridge,

absorbing what we just heard.

“Is that-” I started asking, but Khalis interrupted


“Someone’s walking around. Someone else is still

here!” Khalis started towards the doorway, but Leif’s

arm shot out and stopped him in his tracks.

“If someone was still here,” the captain said slowly,

“they should have come to us the minute we boarded.”

“What are you saying Captain?” I asked, my throat


“I’m saying that whoever or whatever we just heard

is probably what killed everyone.”

Khalis’ smile disappeared, and Tallis seemed to

shrink ever so slightly.

“Whatever? What do you mean?” Khalis said. “It’s

gotta be one of the other crew members right? Right?”

His last question was directed at Devran, who was

still frozen in her fear.

“You’ve heard the stories, Khalis,” Tallis said. “You

know about the weird things that happen this far out

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