The Haunted Traveler May 2017 Edition


After a brief hiatus, The Haunted Traveler is back to bring you some of the best horror out there. Open up and tread with caution, the next scare is just a page flip away.

grabbed him, pulling him straight into the darkness

and leaving Lief alone. He turned towards where Tallis

had disappeared, blaster ready as he scanned for

movement. Something detached itself from the darkness

and stepped into view of the lightbeam, except

whatever it was had stepped behind a stack of cargo

boxes that obstructed my view. Lief, however, could

see it. His grip on his gun almost seemed to slip for a

moment, and confusion covered his face.

“No,” he said in disbelief. “It can’t be.”

The light from the ball on the floor vanished, and

there was the sound of movement and flashes from

Lief’s gun before the screaming came again, as did more

silent tears down my face. Then it was done, just as

quickly as it began. The silence returned, and I lay on

the floor, too deep in shock to react.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

My heart froze in my throat.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

I scrambled for the console, opening the door back

into my own ship as I dragged Devran in and sealed the

airlock. I started the emergency disengagement protocol,

and looked up right as the docking locks released.

The ship slowly began moving away, the dark airlock

still visible.

I forced myself to turn away and looked at Devran.

“You need to tell me what happened Devran, now.

Who was it?” She looked up, the shock seeming to

have faded a bit.

“We all knew him so well. Everyone did. He was so


“He? Normal? What are you talking about?” I was


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