What to Do When HP Printer Is Showing Offline on Mac?


Is your Hp Printer showing offline on mac? then this PDF is for you with Hp Printer Support Number. Read it out and fix your issue. if still, you need help then visit Hp Printer Helpline Australia at- http://hp.printersupportaustralia.com/ or call Directly Hp Printer Helpline Number +61-283173389.

ong>Whatong> ong>toong> ong>Doong> ong>Whenong> ong>HPong> ong>Printerong> ong>Isong>

ong>Showingong> ong>Offlineong> on Mac?

ong>Offlineong> status of a printer indicates that there is a lack of communication network between the

system and the machine. A good connection is needed for better result, whether it’s via USB

cable or via a network. There may be any reason for this cause but ong>toong> solve this problem is not a

difficult task at all.

If you are also experiencing the same issue with your ong>HPong> machine, then reading this blog will

help you ong>toong> fix this problem. Well, no gadget on this earth is made flawless, so many users face

difficulty while printing

Read the given instructions and get rid of this problem.

1. First of all, you have ong>toong> check the connection between the printing machine and the

Mac. The offline condition is when; there is miscommunication between the printer and

the system.

2. If you have USB ong>Printerong> connections then disconnect the USB cable and then reconnect it

ong>toong> the Mac.

3. Turn off the printer and wait for some seconds. Also, unplug the USB cable connected ong>toong>

the printer.

4. Now, turn on the machine and it will start printing pages with a noise. Wait for some

minutes ong>toong> become the machine idle and silent before moving ahead.

5. Reconnect the USB cable ong>toong> the ong>HPong> machine. Confirm the connection if secure and let it

finish before continuing.

6. Now, try ong>toong> print if ong>HPong> machine works better then song>toong>p troubleshooting and if not

continue ong>toong> the next step.

7. Ensure that the printer is connected ong>toong> the printer.

8. Reset the ong>HPong> machine :

Ensure that ong>HPong> machine is idle and not making any noise.

Now, turn on the printer and disconnect the power cord.

Next, you have ong>toong> unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

After waiting for some seconds, plug it back and reconnect the power cord.

Turn on the machine and try ong>toong> print a test page.

9. If the above method does not work then remove the multiple printers from the printer



Search for Print on your Mac and click Print & Fax or similar option ong>toong> this name

and find the name of your ong>HPong> machine from the available list.

10. Remove the existing print queue and set your printer as default.

ong>Doong> not connect your machine ong>toong> a guest or host network.

Ensure that multitasking is supported.

I hope after following these instructions, your problem will be resolved. If not, then give us a call

at ong>HPong> ong>Printerong> Support Number Australia @ +61-283173389 ong>toong> talk ong>toong> our experts. Our team

consists of highly qualified engineers, who help the cusong>toong>mers ong>toong> solve technical issues. You can

freely discuss your query with our executives and once our technicians understand your

problem, we assist you with a proper resolution. Our talented technicians are very quick in

correcting the errors. So, don’t be late and move ong>toong>wards us for best support.


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