Peninsula People Dec 2017

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Volume XXII, Issue 5

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 3


Volume XXII, Issue 5<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong><br />

P A L O S V E R D E S P E N I N S U L A M O N T H L Y<br />


Photo by Tony LaBruno<br />

Allen and Charlotte Ginsberg<br />

at the Heritage House.<br />


20<br />

Biden time<br />

by Kevin Cody Former Vice President Joe Biden calls out<br />

President Trump, though not by name, during his Distinguished<br />

Speaker Series talk about “a battle for the soul of the<br />

nation.”<br />

28 Happy Hour wine<br />

by Richard Foss <strong>Peninsula</strong> winemakers Kristin and<br />

Stephen Jolley started with a name for their wine, then made<br />

a wine to fit the name.<br />

44<br />

50<br />

78<br />

Heritage House<br />

by Stephanie Cartozian Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg acquired<br />

the historic Portuguese Point Gatehouse to preserve it<br />

for future generations.<br />

Bayer works wonders<br />

by Robb Fulcher Dr. Arnold Bayer earns “Legend” honors<br />

at LA BioMed for his work in understanding deadly, ever morphing<br />

bacteria.<br />

Harvey Kushner: An appreciation<br />

by Brian Gillogly Pioneer think tank CEO Harvey Kushner<br />

is remembered as a pioneering woman’s advocate.<br />


10 Prep Sports Kick-Off Party<br />

14 Providence Little Company thanks Priscilla<br />

18 Biden meets Torrance Memorial supporters<br />

26 Land Conservancy Garden to Table dinner<br />

34 Lunada Harvest Festival<br />

38 Chamber Citizen of the Year dinner<br />

40 Big night for Little Sisters of the Poor<br />

48 Palos Verdes Senior Fashions<br />

51 LA BioMed Legends dinner<br />


41 <strong>Peninsula</strong> Gift Guide<br />

49 <strong>Peninsula</strong> calendar<br />

81 Home services<br />

Correction: Last month’s <strong>Peninsula</strong> magazine incorrectly identified the<br />

founder of CASSY (Counseling and Support Services for Youth). Liz<br />

Schoeben’s correct title is MFT.<br />

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6 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

PVPHS Athletic Booster Club<br />

Panthers Kick-Off Party<br />

The annual 27th All Sports Kick-Off Party, hosted by Mark and Rosa<br />

Easton of Rolling Hills Estates included parents, coaches, students<br />

and fans. Along with Mexican fare provided by the South Bay’s Taco<br />

Man, there was a no host bar and performances by the PVPHS band,<br />

0drill team and cheerleading squads. The club seeks to raise $250,000<br />

each year year for coaching assistants, and maintenance of the softball<br />

and track fields, tennis courts and pool. Premier Bank of Palos Verdes<br />

was the signature sponsor.<br />

1. Delores Scott, Mark and Rosa Easton<br />

and Ceci Watts.<br />

2. Brent Kuykendall, Julia Rosas,<br />

Randy Hata and Wendell Yoshida.<br />


3. David Young, Chris Duffy and Paula<br />

Borstel.<br />

4. Mike Hoeger, Kurt Barcerilla and<br />

Barb DeWitt.<br />

5. <strong>Peninsula</strong> High Band members and<br />

cheerleaders.<br />

6. Mexican fare prepared by Taco<br />

Man.<br />

7. Dave Ward, Tama and Chad<br />

Somers.<br />

8. Alyssa Bowers.<br />

9. Jacqueline Chui.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

Considering A Major Remodeling Project?<br />


Enjoy The Remodeling Process From Concept to Completion<br />

Get inspired at our state-of-the-art Design Center in El Segundo.<br />

It’s the perfect place to see an array of ideas for your home.<br />

Visit Our<br />

Design Center<br />

2001 E. Mariposa Ave., El Segundo<br />

For information on upcoming seminars and events:

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

$20 Million Donation Gala<br />

Largest in history for Providence<br />

Priscilla Hunt and her late husband Donald G. Hunt gave a transformational<br />

donation to the Providence Little Company of Mary Medical<br />

Center earlier this year. The recent gala at Terranea was organized<br />

to thank the Hunt family and the hospital’s other supporters. The<br />

Hunts’ generosity has gone toward the $35 million Cardiovascular Center<br />

of Excellence Campaign. In appreciation, the hospital’s Heritage<br />

Tower will be renamed the Donald and Priscilla Hunt Tower.<br />

1. Priscilla Hunt, niece Mara Stone<br />

and Bob Stone.<br />

2. Marlene Young, Shintia Lynch and<br />

Marshall Varon.<br />

3. Priscilla Hunt with Dr. Leilani and<br />

Edwin Raquel.<br />

4. Dave and Natalie Muckley.<br />

5. Jim and Joanne Hunter.<br />

6. Rachel and Dr. Ghatan Bijan, Anne<br />

and Pat Lemaire.<br />

7. Stacy Caras-Tempereau, Lynn<br />


Watson, Joan Caras and Jacqueline<br />

Glass.<br />

8. Shelley Joyce, Emily Martin and<br />

Maddie Sanfilippo.<br />

9. Judy and Dr. Ron Ruby and Flora<br />

Hsieh.<br />

10. Edwin Raquel, Priscilla Hunt and<br />

Dr. Leilani Raquel.<br />

11. Sonia Dhoot and Dr. Jashdeep<br />

Dhoot, Sarah Villalobos and Alex<br />

Lemus.<br />

2 3<br />

1<br />

4 5<br />

6 7<br />

8<br />

10<br />

9 11<br />

14 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 15

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />


visits Manhattan, Redondo<br />

T<br />

orrance Memorial supporters had the opportunity to<br />

meet personally with former Vice President Joseph<br />

Biden during a reception at Shade Hotel in Manhattan<br />

Beach on Tuesday, October 24. Following the reception, Biden<br />

addressed Distinguished Speaker Series subscribers at the Redondo<br />

Beach Performing Arts Center. (Related story page 20.)<br />

1<br />

2<br />


1. David and Barbara<br />

Bentley.<br />

2. MaryJo and Jerome<br />

Unatin, M.D.<br />

3. Lori Muncherian and<br />

Patricia Turpanjian.<br />

4. Carol and Karl McMillen<br />

with Joe Biden.<br />

5. Patricia Sacks, M.D., Joe<br />

Biden, Fern Tamkin.<br />

6. Monica and Sam Sim.<br />

7. Laura Schenasi,<br />

Kathleen Parks, Judy<br />

Gassner, Kim Vallee, Ann<br />

Zimmerman and Jonathan<br />

Beutler.<br />

8. Thyra Endicott, M.D.,<br />

Joe Hohm, Carole Hoffman,<br />

Christine Kim and Brandon<br />

Hohm.<br />

9. Craig and Judy Leach,<br />

Joe Biden and Sally<br />

Eberhard.<br />

10. Kathy Winterhalder,<br />

Sally Eberhard, Craig Leach<br />

and Judy Gassner.<br />

11. Randy and Luke<br />

Dauchot with Joe Biden.<br />

12. Erin Hoffman, Amanda<br />

Murphy, M.D., Keith Murphy<br />

and Ann O’Brien.<br />

3 4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10 11 12<br />

18 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

Former President Joseph Biden<br />

during a reception hosted by<br />

Torrance Memorial Medical Center<br />

at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan<br />

Beach, prior to his Distinguished<br />

Speaker Series speech at the<br />

Redondo Beach<br />

Performing Arts Center.<br />

Photo by Deidre Davidson




Former Vice President Joseph Biden looks to Watergate for answers in the<br />

“battle for the soul of the nation”<br />

by Kevin Cody<br />

Shortly after being elected to represent Delaware in the U.S. Senate in<br />

1972, Joe Biden watched Senator Jesse Helms excoriate fellow Republican<br />

Senator Bob Dole and Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy on the<br />

Senate floor for their support of equal rights for the disabled. Helms contended<br />

it was “confiscatory” to require small businesses to accommodate<br />

handicapped people with ramps and special bathrooms.<br />

“How can Helms be so heartless?” the 30-year-old Biden asked fellow Democrat<br />

Mike Mansfield when the two met in the Senate Leader’s office<br />

later that day.<br />

Mansfield told Biden that in 1963 Helms and his wife Dot saw a photograph<br />

in the Raleigh News of a 14-year-old boy with leg braces. He needed<br />

a home, so the Helms adopted him.<br />

“Do you still think Helms is heartless?” Mansfield asked Biden.<br />

“It’s always appropriate to question another man’s judgment, but it’s<br />

never appropriate to question his motives,” Mansfield advised the young<br />

Senator.<br />

“I felt like a fool,” Biden said, after relating the story during his October<br />

24 Distinguished Speaker talk at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center.<br />

“Because when you question a man’s motive,” Biden explained, “when<br />

you say they’re acting out of greed, that they’re in the pocket of an interest<br />

group, it’s awfully hard to reach consensus. It’s awfully hard reaching<br />

across the table to shake that person’s hands.”<br />

The former vice-president used the story to illustrate why he believes the<br />

national political system is broken and how to fix it.<br />

Without once blaming President Donald Trump by name during his hour,<br />

20 minute talk, Biden relentlessly pointed to the President as both cause<br />

and consequence for what he alternately referred to as “phony nationalism”<br />

or “phony populism.”<br />

“The nature of work has ‘all changed, changed utterly,’” he said, quoting<br />

from William Butler Yeats’ poem about the 1916 Irish Uprising against their<br />

British overlords.<br />

He traced the change to globalization and computerization.<br />

“It makes a fertile field for demagogues to fish in,” he said.<br />

“There used to be a basic bargain that if you contribute to an enterprise<br />

you share in the profits. Between 1948 and 1978, productivity increased 92<br />

percent and wages increased 92 percent. Since then productivity has increased<br />

another 69 percent, but wages have increased just eight percent.<br />

“Why?<br />

“The immigrants took our jobs. We spend too much money coddling the<br />

Blacks. It’s always ‘the other.’”<br />

“I never thought I’d see Neo-Nazis marching in our historical cities, carrying<br />

swastikas and chanting the same anti-Semitic bile we saw in Germany<br />

in the 1930s. Then to hear some elected leaders drawing moral equivalences<br />

between these people and other protesters…” he said, not finishing the sentence.<br />

He trusted his audience to remember Trump’s statements, following<br />

the Unite the Right Charlottesville protests in August, that "there is blame<br />

on both sides."<br />

Biden proposed a three pronged attack for winning what he called “a battle<br />

for the soul of the nation.”<br />

First, “We need to talk to each other again and drop the idea that the opposition<br />

is the enemy.” The suggestion elicited the strongest applause of the<br />

evening.<br />

“When I got to the Senate, the Vietnam War was tearing the country apart.<br />

The women’s movement was viewed as radical and environmentalism was<br />

an attack on corporate America. We had segregationist senators like Strom<br />

Thurmond and Sam Irwin.<br />

“But as divided as we were, we got things done because we knew one<br />

another.<br />

“Senator Helms and I had profound political differences. He was constantly<br />

saying, ‘We’ve never lost a war and we’ve never won a treaty.’ But<br />

as Chairman and Ranking Member of the Foreign Relations Committee, we<br />

passed some of the most significant legislation of the last 40 years.<br />

“How many senators and congressmen today have a friendship with a<br />

member of the opposite party?”<br />

“I’m still in contact with Republican leaders. But I never let anyone know<br />

who they are because it would hurt them if it was known they were consulting<br />

with me.<br />

“I went up to the Hill during my vice presidency and looked in on the<br />

senate dining room, where guests are allowed. It was full. I looked in on<br />

the dining room across the hall, where only senators are allowed. It used<br />

to have tables where opposing senators sat across from one another and<br />

worked out their differences over lunch, one on one. The room was empty.<br />

The tables have been replaced by lounges,” he said.<br />

“We need to deal with nationalism,” Biden said in introducing his second<br />

strategy. “We’ve seen it before in our country and in other countries we<br />

thought were sound democracies.”<br />

He recalled the 1968 presidential bid of American Independent Party candidate<br />

George Wallace. The Alabama governor’s rallying cry was, “Segregation<br />

now. Segregation tomorrow. Segregation forever.” Wallace won five<br />

southern states.<br />

Biden is board chair of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.<br />

Two weeks prior to his Distinguished Speakers talk, he presented Arizona<br />

Senator John McCain with the Center’s Liberty Medal.<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 21

Former Vice President Joseph Biden responds to questions presented by<br />

KNX Radio reporter Charles Feldman. Photo by Deidre Davidson<br />

Biden quoted from McCain’s acceptance speech, during which the Arizona<br />

Senator also pounded Trump without mentioning Trump’s name.<br />

"To abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse<br />

the obligations of international leadership for the sake of some half-baked,<br />

spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats<br />

than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other<br />

tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history,"<br />

Biden read from McCain’s speech.<br />

Biden followed McCain’s quote with an excerpt from a New York Times<br />

column by David Brook, printed two days prior to Biden’s Redondo talk.<br />

“Human beings can be rallied around three things: religion, tribe or<br />

ideals. Donald Trump and the campus multiculturalists want to organize<br />

people by ethnic tribe, which has always been the menacing temptation<br />

throughout our history.”<br />

In a rising voice, Biden said, “We haven’t led the world just by the examples<br />

of our power, but by the power of our example. That is why the<br />

world has repaired to us for the last seven decades. They believe that we<br />

believe what we say in our sacred documents.<br />

“Can you picture,” he asked, almost shouting, “any past American president<br />

taunting a foreign leader with nuclear weapons about his size? Calling<br />

the president of South Korea an appeaser? Threatening China with a trade<br />

war and not appointing an assistant secretary of state for East Asia?”<br />

Returning to a measured tone, he argued, “Every problem we face requires<br />

more than just us. It requires alliances, not just physical alliances,<br />

but alliances of ideals.” And yet, he contended, “U.S. foreign policy is<br />

closed off and clannish, as us versus them.”<br />

Biden again quoted from Brooks’ Sunday column.<br />

“The moral fabric of society is invisible but essential. Some use their<br />

public position to dissolve it so they can have an open space for their selfishness.”<br />

“We can’t let that happen,” Biden said. “We have an obligation to reweave<br />

our values -- honesty, dignity, giving hate no safe harbor, leaving no one<br />

behind -- back into the fabric of our political system.”<br />

Finally, Biden exhorted, “It’s time to stand up for the American story.<br />

We are energy independent. We have the world’s most powerful military.<br />

Our workers are three times more productive than Asia’s. Name a worldchanging<br />

product invented in the last 20 years that was not invented in<br />

the United States.”<br />

“Thanks to our underappreciated President Dwight D. Eisenhower, we<br />

have more research universities than the rest of the world combined..<br />

“After Sputnik, Eisenhower convened a panel to discuss how to reclaim<br />

leadership in science and technology. They said invest in the military-industrial<br />

complex. He said, ‘No, send the money to the universities.’”<br />

“I spent 25 hours in one-on-one conversations with Chinese President<br />

Xi Jinping, with just our translators present,” Biden said, returning to the<br />

theme of international alliances.<br />

“I told him we want China to succeed. He asked why. So you can buy<br />

our products, I told him.”<br />

During a visit to China shortly after the 2008 recession, Biden was pres-<br />

22 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

ent for a talk by Xi in China’s Great Hall. Xi said, “We don’t think America<br />

is finished. We think you will come back. But we want to know if our investment<br />

in American Treasury notes is safe. We are worried about your<br />

rising entitlement costs.”<br />

“I said, ‘President Xi, I saw that the Thursday after America’s financial<br />

rating was downgraded, you bought $10 billion in U.S. Treasury notes. I<br />

know you did that to help us.’ Then, more seriously, I added, ‘Our entitlement<br />

policies can be fixed. But how will you fix your one child policy. By<br />

2020, China will have more retirees than workers. If we can help, let us<br />

know.’”<br />

Biden said Hillary Clinton and the Democrats share in the blame for the<br />

current political breakdown.<br />

“It’s the responsibility of the opposition to offer rational alternatives. We<br />

hear about the angry, uneducated, prejudiced white guys in Pennsylvania,<br />

Ohio, and Wisconsin who voted for Trump. But four years earlier a Black<br />

man won those states. These people aren’t stupid. There are 600,000 middle<br />

class truck drivers in America who don’t know if they will have a job 10<br />

years from now.<br />

“Over the last four years, white males, ages 40 to 49, have had the highest<br />

suicide, divorce and drug abuse rates in the nation, higher than in the ghettos.<br />

It’s the only age group in America with a declining life expectancy.”<br />

“Can anyone tell me from the last election, Hillary’s plan for tax reform,<br />

or college affordability?’<br />

“I know I sound like a conspiracy nut,” he acknowledged, “but I think<br />

there was a method to the [Trump’s] madness. I spoke at 83 events for<br />

Hillary. On my way to Wisconsin, three and a half weeks before the election,<br />

I realized every time a serious issue was raised, it was pushed aside<br />

by extraneous issues.<br />

“Two days prior to the second debate, the Entertainment Tonight tape of<br />

Trump’s groping was leaked. I knew the first question to Trump would be<br />

about his treatment of women. I prayed to God that when Hillary was asked<br />

to respond, she would say something like, ‘We all know who Donald Trump<br />

is. Let me tell you what I’ll do to keep the economy going.’”<br />

Instead, after Trump dismissed the tape as “locker room talk,” Clinton,<br />

in Biden’s opinion, took the bait. “I said starting back in June that he was<br />

not fit to be president and commander in chief.”<br />

Trump quickly counter punched. He accused Clinton of enabling her husband’s<br />

abuse of women.<br />

“If you look at Bill Clinton, mine are words and his was action... There’s<br />

never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that has been so<br />

abusive to women,” Trump said, to devastating effect.<br />

“Harvard did a study of the debates,” Biden said. “Just four percent of the<br />

words related to significant issues.”<br />

“When we engage in gutter language, this demeaning conduct by our<br />

leaders, we pull it all down,” Biden said.<br />

At the end of his talk, Biden turned to history for hope.<br />

“I was there during Watergate. The people who saved the country were<br />

Republicans. Senators Howard Baker, Bill Cohen. Enough Republicans<br />

found their voices.”<br />

In 1974, Nixon resigned after Republican leaders, including Arizona Senator<br />

Barry Goldwater, told him he had lost his party’s support.<br />

“I think you’ll see Republicans begin to realize how close to the edge we<br />

are. Our silence in the face of these things amounts to complicity,” Biden<br />

said.<br />

“The American people, too, are awakening to the danger of phoney nationalism.<br />

There is a real hunger for bipartisanship,” he contended.<br />

Biden told of his mother cautioning him when he was young, “Joey, the<br />

children are listening.”<br />

“Right now” he told his Redondo Beach audience, “the world is listening.”<br />

During the question and answer period Biden was asked, “Do politicians<br />

ever really retire?”<br />

In 2020, when the next presidential election will be held, Biden will be<br />

78 and Trump 74.<br />

“Some do. Some don’t,” he answered. Then he digressed into a discussion<br />

about the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the<br />

University of Pennsylvania. PEN<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 23

550 Silver Spur Rd. Suite 240, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90275

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

PV Land Conservancy<br />

serves up pastoral fare<br />

The Palos Verdes Land Conservancy, in partnership with Terranea<br />

Resort and Whole Foods Market, presented their annual Garden-to-<br />

Table Dining Experience on October 15. Since PVLC’s inception in<br />

1988, they have helped preserve over 1,600 acres of open space and establish<br />

nearly 42 miles of public trails on the preserves. This year’s Pastoral<br />

Dinner highlighted the <strong>Peninsula</strong>’s Mediterranean climate, native<br />

habitat and unique biodiversity. The evening showcased California<br />

handcrafted, organic and sustainable food and wine unique to Palos<br />

Verdes climate. Terri A. Haack, a member of the Conservancy’s President’s<br />

Advisory Council and President of Terranea Resort, told guests,<br />

“Executive Chef Ibarra and the Conservancy team have created a<br />

unique experience that will benefit and support an important cause,<br />

close to all of our hearts -- preserving our natural landscape.”<br />


1. Terri A. Haack, Andrea Vona,<br />

Sharon Ryan and Diana Heffernan-<br />

Schrader.<br />

2. Becky Cool, Janet Grothe, Diana<br />

Bailey and Dr. Cassie Jones.<br />

3. Bruce Biesman-Simons, Charlotte<br />

and Dr. Allen Ginsburg and Dr. Cassie<br />

Jones.<br />

4. Steven Geraghty, Terri A. Haack,<br />

Jacqueline Glass and Jen Roth.<br />

5. Terranea Chef Bernard Ibarra.<br />

6. A Garden-to-Table dining<br />

experience.<br />

7. Kahlil Sabbagh and Ginger Smith.<br />

8. Joe Baker and Alex Perez.<br />

9. Melissa and Jeff Ginsburg.<br />

10. Dr. Cassie Jones and Lou<br />

Enstead.<br />

11. Bill Ailor and Charlotte Ginsburg.<br />

12. Kelly and Art Lucera.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5 6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

11 12<br />

26 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

Wine<br />

for the<br />

millennials<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong>’s Kristin and Stephen Jolley produce a wine aimed at the happy hour generation<br />

by Richard Foss<br />

Some families have been in the wine business for so long they’re said<br />

to have wine in their veins. <strong>Peninsula</strong> winemaker Kristin Jolley is<br />

among them, though her family’s history is less glamorous than most.<br />

“My grandfather was a winemaker in the town of Orléans, near Paris. I<br />

remember my grandma saying, ‘I would never touch that wine, it was so<br />

gross. Your great grandfather would make it in his underwear with his dirty<br />

feet, and all of his friends would get in there to stamp the grapes.’ Nobody<br />

took over the family business, and his wine press is a floral centerpiece in<br />

the town square. So I grew up with the stories, but it was much later on<br />

that I got into wine.”<br />

Kristin and her husband Stephen own Happy Hour Wine Company. The<br />

brand is focused on selling easy drinking wines, which after only two years<br />

are available in 23 states.<br />

Kristin, a Redondo Beach native, studied supply chain management in<br />

college and was working for the Fresh & Easy grocery chain when she had<br />

an epiphany.<br />

“I thought, there’s a happy hour at every bar and restaurant, but there’s<br />

not a brand called happy hour. If there was, you could have happy hour<br />

any time, anywhere. I came home one day and told my Stephen I wanted<br />

to start a wine brand called Happy Hour.”<br />

The trademark had already been registered, but Kristin couldn’t find any<br />

evidence that the owner was doing anything with it.<br />

“The phone number was right there on the trademark website, so I called<br />

him and said, ‘I’m Kristin, and I want to buy your trademark.’ He said he<br />

wasn’t interested in selling it and hung up on me. I called him every month<br />

for a year and a half, and every time our conversations got a little bit longer.<br />

He had a little beer company in Florida that did business there and in New<br />

York. Finally he asked, how old are you? I told him I was in my early 20s,<br />

and he said, ‘I’m 92.’ So I said, you have to sell me this trademark and you<br />

28 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

The Jolleys designed their wine label to evoke the 1950s.<br />

Photos by Brad Jacobson<br />

have to do it now. He said, ‘You have been so persistent and tenacious, I’ll<br />

sell it to you.’ He didn’t have an email address, so we did everything by<br />

snail mail. I would write a document, and he’d want to change one word<br />

and he’d mail it back to me, so what could have taken a couple of days<br />

took six months.”<br />

The precious trademark having been acquired, Kristin and Stephen now<br />

had to figure out what to do with it. Kristin had taken wine classes and<br />

had a good idea of what she wanted. A friend knew a fourth generation<br />

winemaker in the Spanish province of La Mancha. A trip was taken, an<br />

agreement was reached, and they started collaborating to create a red and<br />

a white wine.<br />

“We knew what we wanted the white to taste like, and we worked with<br />

them to make this Chardonnay that was light, crisp, and refreshing. We<br />

didn’t want it heavily oaked because we wanted that citrus-forward aspect,<br />

so it spends a little time in French oak so you get this kiss of vanilla. Our<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 29

Kristin and Stephen Jolley at work in their <strong>Peninsula</strong> home.<br />

red blend we wanted to be smooth<br />

and easy drinking, so we came up<br />

with a Cab, Syrah, and Petite Verdot<br />

blend. Though both are made<br />

in Spain, we’re using varietals that<br />

are popular in the American market,<br />

so we don’t market them as<br />

Spanish wines.”<br />

The wine business was a sideline<br />

for Karen until the sudden closure<br />

of Fresh and Easy presented her<br />

with a stark choice: find another<br />

grocery marketing job or make the<br />

wine business a full time job. She<br />

chose the wine business. Stephen<br />

kept his decade-long career as a<br />

firefighter and worked with his<br />

wife on his days off. Together they<br />

designed the label, which has a<br />

retro look, reminiscent of 1950s’<br />

advertising, which appeals to their<br />

target demographic.<br />

“Our market is millennials, the<br />

ones who are going to happy<br />

hours. We want to have this brand<br />

retail for under $10, to keep it accessible.<br />

You don’t have to have a<br />

sophisticated palate to enjoy<br />

Happy Hour, it’s not a wine snob<br />

wine and we don’t want it to be. It<br />

should be fun, accessible, and easy<br />

to drink. We’re turning America’s<br />

favorite pastime into a brand. We<br />

do events, wine festivals, and inhouse<br />

samplings at Total Wine, and<br />

we’re the house wine at Good Stuff<br />

restaurants.”<br />

Kristin and Stephen have been<br />

piling up the frequent flyer miles<br />

going back and forth to Spain.<br />

“We work with our winemakers<br />

and blend the wines with them to<br />

make sure they are what want them<br />

to be. We started on the business<br />

side but have become involved with<br />

the artisan side, or perhaps it’s better<br />

to say the aesthetic side. We<br />

have been out in the fields, picked<br />

the grapes, and learned everything<br />

we can. We love being involved in<br />

the process from beginning to end.”<br />

Kristin was emphatic in saying<br />

they don’t want or need to have a<br />

product in every category.<br />

“We’re working on a rosé to be<br />

available in spring of next year, and<br />

that will complete our line, for<br />

now. We’re trying to keep this simple.<br />

We’re a small business that is<br />

taking off, and we’re working toward<br />

becoming a household name.<br />

Look at what we have accomplished<br />

already. It has been two<br />

years, and we’re now in 23 states,<br />

working with major retailers like<br />

Von’s and Whole Foods. Both<br />

wines are getting respect from<br />

sommeliers. One at a major restaurant<br />

in Las Vegas tried our white<br />

and told me, ‘If I didn’t know what<br />

this was I’d guess it was a white<br />

Burgundy in the $25 per bottle<br />

range.’ We’re happy with that, getting<br />

respect from professionals for<br />

a wine that was designed to be approachable<br />

and not intimidating.”<br />

Perhaps there is some genetic<br />

disposition to not only loving wine,<br />

but to also love making it. Certainly<br />

Karen has taken the business<br />

far beyond her grandfather’s<br />

dreams. She mentioned she might<br />

someday be interested in starting a<br />

winery in California, but finished<br />

that statement with a dismissive,<br />

“That’s a dream down the road.” PEN<br />

30 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

Chris Adlam<br />

310.493.7216<br />

chrisadlam.com<br />

One of a kind beachfront property. Two exquisite homes on two parcels<br />

totaling over 60,000 square feet. $25,000,000<br />

For full video, visit chrisadlam.com

Chris Adlam<br />

310.493.7216<br />

chrisadlam.com<br />

Spectacular 6 bedroom, custom built home with panoramic ocean,<br />

coastline and Catalina views! Over 7600 square feet,<br />

wine cellar, 4 car garage and more! $6,998,000

Chris Adlam<br />

310.493.7216<br />

chrisadlam.com<br />

Gated estate with approximately 270 feet of bluff top frontage! With unobstructed ocean<br />

and coastline views, this Palos Verdes Estates home has over 7500 square feet, 5 bedrooms,<br />

a 2 room Master Suite, office, wine room, 6 car garage and more! $9,500,000

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Lunada Bay Harvest Festival<br />

Starts off the season<br />

The Lunada Bay Homeowners Association’s annual fall festival in<br />

the Plaza brought out droves of local families. The kids designed<br />

elaborate pumpkins and set them on wheels to race in the competition.<br />

The kiddie carnival included pony rides, a vertical trampoline, kids<br />

crafts and a sizable rock climbing wall. Members Only and Sara Dee<br />

had neighbors dancing in the park.<br />

1. Joy and Bella Noel.<br />


2. Let the Pumpkin Race begin.<br />

3. Rudy and Chloe Delana and their<br />

fairy pumpkin.<br />

4. Araceli Orozco, Alexis White and<br />

Danica King.<br />

5. Sara Dee.<br />

6. Charlie Hunton, Zara Ananth and<br />

Marissa Hayne with their trophy.<br />

7. Ian and Kai Byrne.<br />

8. Pumpkin racers.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

34 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />


Citizen of the Year Honored<br />

Tradition of Philanthropy<br />

The Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Chamber of Commerce hosted its Citizen<br />

of the Year Awards and Dinner on November 1 at Terranea, attended<br />

by a packed audience of business owners and community leaders.<br />

Jackie Crowley, longtime Palos Verdes resident, philanthropist,<br />

Realtor and friend of the hill was the evening’s honoree. Retired Fourth<br />

District County Supervisor Don Knabe was among the guests congratulating<br />

the <strong>2017</strong> Citizen of the Year. Crowley said that service comes<br />

second nature to her and her work is animated by both faith and gratitude.<br />

Other evening honorees were Walk with Sally and Vistas for Children.<br />

To learn more visit www.PalosVerdesChamber.com.<br />

1. Marion Ruth, David and Carole<br />

Diestel.<br />

2. Ann Sidler, Terri Nelson Carpenter<br />

and Cindy Percz.<br />

3. Michele McRae.<br />

4. John and Julie Sanders, Sandra<br />

Sanders, John Jaacks and James<br />

Sanders.<br />

5. Ann Zimmerman and Sacha Ohara.<br />

6. De De Hicks and Sharon Ryan.<br />

7. Chuck and Marylyn Klaus.<br />

8. Jeff Ferris and Susan McRae.<br />

9. Olivia Pucci live entertainment.<br />

10. Shelley Kelly, Eileen Hupp and<br />

Ann Sidler.<br />

11. Eileen Hupp, Jackie Crowley and<br />

Don Knabe.<br />

12. Marion Ruth and Bill Ruth.<br />

13. John and Julie Sanders, Jackie<br />

Crowley, Sandra Sanders and James<br />

Sanders.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5 6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

11 12 13<br />

38 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Elders’ Angels<br />

Little Sisters of the Poor<br />

The Auxiliary of the Little Sisters of the Poor hosted its 20th annual<br />

gala at Doubletree by Hilton in Torrance. Proceeds benefit the Little<br />

Sisters’ work with the elderly in need. The Little Sisters operate a home<br />

for 100 aged in San Pedro, of every ethnic and religious background, and<br />

care for them until their death. Government funding and other benefits<br />

cover only about 40 percent of the home’s costs. The Auxiliary was<br />

founded in 1997 to aid the Little Sisters in their ministry. To learn more<br />

visit littlesistersofthepoorsanpedro.org.<br />


1. Pastor Jim Bevacqua, Joe Gordon, Sally Gallagher, Caragh and Dan O’Brien.<br />

2. Don and Rita Swartz with Sr. Cecilia.<br />

3. Mickey and Ruthann Rodich with Kathy and Joe Gordon.<br />

4. Ed Chang and the Trujillo family.<br />

5. Agnes and Robert Moran with Colleen O’Brien and guest.<br />

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

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<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 41

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A home for the<br />

future<br />

Charlotte’s interest in theatre comes to life here in her living room with<br />

hats she makes by hand from feathers including those from peacocks.

This Mediterranean Revival villa is a gatehouse originally owned by Ruth Harden, sister of Frank Vanderlip, the Father of Palos Verdes.<br />

A <strong>Peninsula</strong> couple purchases an historic home to preserve it for future generations<br />

by Stephanie Cartozian<br />

Charlotte and Allen Ginsburg,<br />

M.D. purchased the<br />

Gatehouse on Portuguese<br />

Point from Michael and Marilyn<br />

Lightman on May 1, 2014. The<br />

Villa’s imposing and storied<br />

wooden gates speak of a time<br />

when prohibition prevailed and<br />

flappers were in fashion. To avoid<br />

detection, bootleggers anchored<br />

their boats in what became known<br />

as Smugglers Cove in front of the<br />

house. There is a rich <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

history here Dr. Ginsburg recalled,<br />

“It’s a place of distinction, we want<br />

to take care of it, nurture it. It takes<br />

a lot of work and vigilance, it doesn’t<br />

just happen, to have beautiful<br />

open space preserved in perpetuity.”<br />

The couple’s acquisition of the<br />

property was motivated by their<br />

goal of maintaining its place in the<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong>’s rich history. In <strong>Dec</strong>ember<br />

of 2014, they worked with the<br />

planning commission to approve<br />

the conversion of 2,690 square feet<br />

of the estate into a non profit that<br />

is to be called the Heritage Castle.<br />

The couple ardently supports the<br />

The writing beneath this 1920s era photo taken at the entrance to the<br />

Portuguese Point Gatehouse, reads, “The morning after Spinsters party.”<br />

Photo courtesy of the Ginsburgs.<br />

Photos by Tony LaBruno<br />

Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy.<br />

Heritage Castle was originally<br />

known as the Harden Estate. It<br />

was designed by architect Gordon<br />

Kaufmann, who also designed oil<br />

tycoon Edward L. Doheny’s Greystone<br />

Manor and the Hoover Dam.<br />

It was built in 1926 for Ruth Vanderlip<br />

and her husband Edward<br />

Walker Harden. Ruth was the sister<br />

of <strong>Peninsula</strong> pioneer Frank Vanderlip.<br />

In 1902, while attending<br />

college and staying with her<br />

brother Frank in New York, Ruth<br />

introduced her brother to Mabel<br />

Narcissa Cox, known to friends as<br />

Clover. Frank and Narcissa became<br />

engaged seven days later.<br />

Frank’s best man was Edward<br />

Harden and Ruth was one of Narcissa’s<br />

five bridesmaids. Frank and<br />

Edward had previously agreed that<br />

whoever married first would have<br />

his honeymoon paid for by the<br />

other. Dutifully, the friends on<br />

both sides of the families drew up<br />

the anticipated costs of the resplendent<br />

honeymoon and published it<br />

in the Aurora Beacon-News. Four<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 45

The Castle dining room table set for the holiday with a special white peacock<br />

print in the background nostalgic of Palos Verdes and its longtime peafowl<br />

population.<br />

months later Ruth and Edward<br />

married. It was a close race to the<br />

altar and remains unknown if Edward<br />

ever actually paid for the Vanderlip<br />

honeymoon.<br />

This Mediterranean Revival villa<br />

originally housed furnishings by the<br />

same artisan who made furniture<br />

for William Randolph Hearst’s Castle<br />

in San Simeon. Its 2.06 acreage<br />

overlooks Abalone Cove. “We have<br />

daily whale, dolphin and sea lion<br />

sightings,” Charlotte said. The Olmsted<br />

Brothers (whose father Frederick<br />

designed New York’s Central<br />

Park) designed the landscaping to<br />

emphasize the environment’s natural<br />

beauty, which includes ocean<br />

pathways, viewing gardens and<br />

lush greenery that seems to stretch<br />

to infinity. The brothers’ genius lay<br />

in producing soothing scenes by<br />

subordinating individual details to<br />

the whole. Charlotte described their<br />

backyard “as a place she goes to<br />

renew her spirit.” The Ginsburgs’<br />

friend and decorator Alex Perez said<br />

that busy as the couple is, they meet<br />

most evenings outside to watch the<br />

sunset and the peacocks. Perez said<br />

that he’ll have ideas on how to create<br />

a look and Charlotte will take it<br />

up a notch to really make a statement.<br />

“Like the bow on the top of<br />

the Christmas tree. I had it extending<br />

out a few inches and she said,<br />

Have it extend out a few feet.”<br />

Heritage Castle was inspired by<br />

the Renaissance era Dovecote<br />

building in Ospitaletto, Italy. These<br />

types of structures have holes for<br />

doves and pigeons to nest in. Italians<br />

would dine on the eggs and<br />

meat from these birds and even fertilize<br />

their fields with the droppings.<br />

Ruth Harden was an ardent conservationist.<br />

Unfortunately, with the<br />

stock market crash in 1929, the<br />

Hardens were unable to complete<br />

their dream estate, which was to<br />

have been a Palos Verdes version of<br />

Hearst Castle. The extensive plans<br />

The backyard patio wading pool is just 18 inches deep. Bistro lights are<br />

hung across the trees and pergolas.<br />

46 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

The Castle’s backyard is adjacent to Abalone Cove and follows the coastline, pictured here at sunset.<br />

hang framed inside the home, along<br />

with several black and white photos<br />

of Ruth and Edward Harden. In<br />

1990, the Rancho de Los Palos<br />

Verdes Historical Society designated<br />

the gatehouse an historical building.<br />

“We purchased this property because<br />

heritage lives here, dreams<br />

were here and people of consequence<br />

tried to do things,” Dr. Ginsburg<br />

said.<br />

Dr. Ginsburg is a retired eye surgeon<br />

and real estate entrepreneur.<br />

Charlotte is a fashion and costume<br />

designer with a background in theatre,<br />

set design and dance. At the<br />

Castle, she keeps a collection of<br />

Broadway show style feathered hats<br />

that she designs and makes by<br />

hand – many with peacock feathers<br />

and all with her signature flair. She<br />

bought the house without her husband<br />

seeing it first. Happily, he<br />

trusted her judgement.<br />

The couple married in 1990 in a<br />

simple ceremony at a city courthouse.<br />

The couple has five children<br />

from previous marriages – Gregory,<br />

Daniel, Jeffrey, Quinn and Charmaine.<br />

Charlotte said of her husband,<br />

“He is a visionary, he is always in<br />

the future.”<br />

A number of movies and television<br />

shows have been filmed at the<br />

Castle, including “It’s a Mad, Mad,<br />

Mad, Mad World.” Palm trees in a<br />

shape of a “W”, where the movie’s<br />

hidden treasure was buried, were<br />

planted for the movie and still stand<br />

today.<br />

“It’s a great challenge to be in a<br />

place where dreams started,” Dr.<br />

Ginsburg said. PEN<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 47

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Seniors<br />

Runway fashionistas<br />

The Doubletree by Hilton was the venue<br />

for this year’s 10th Annual Fall Fashion<br />

Show Fundraiser to benefit the <strong>Peninsula</strong> Seniors.<br />

In the morning, the boutique opened,<br />

followed by lunch and a seasonal fashion<br />

show with member models, including <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

Chamber Citizen of the Year Jackie Crowley.<br />

The fashions were provided by Chicos<br />

and Saga and the jewelry was from Kendra<br />

Scott and Roxanne Lawrence. Contributor<br />

Pam Barrett-Hill, who claimed she never wins<br />

anything was among the lucky raffle winners.<br />

1<br />

2<br />


1. Margie Beierschmitt and Susan Barber.<br />

2. Elaine Clark, Lianne LaReine and Lenore Manlief.<br />

3. Ruth Baumann and Dr. Marion Somers.<br />

4. Barbara Benson, Darlene Sowers, Lee Mason<br />

and Dorothy Piurkowsky.<br />

5. Jackie Crowley, Ruth Baumann and Pam Barrett-<br />

Hill with her winning ticket.<br />

6. Laurie Glover and Gloria Mangano.<br />

7. Linda Cavette.<br />

8. Ginny Skalbania and Pam Barrett-Hill.<br />

9. Darlene Sowers, Linda Cavette, Ruth Baumann<br />

and Melinda Gann.<br />

3 4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

48 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

edlergroup.com<br />


$5,249,000<br />


$1,829,000<br />


$1,749,000<br />


$1,399,000<br />



310.872.4333<br />

CALBRE#01113145<br />



310.283.8790<br />


Staph<br />

buster<br />

Dr. Arnold Bayer on a hike near a small Italian village at the foot of Monte Rosa. Photo courtesy of LA BioMed<br />

LA BioMed ‘Legend’ Dr. Arnold Bayer hunts down deadly, shapeshifting microbes<br />

by Robb Fulcher<br />

For the past several decades, Dr. Arnold Bayer has researched<br />

shapeshifting bacteria in an effort to penetrate their defenses and render<br />

them harmless.<br />

In the course of his work, the Rancho Palos Verdes resident has earned<br />

world renown for furthering our understanding of Staph infections and<br />

other bacterial diseases. He is the co-author of hundreds of scientific papers<br />

and book chapters, and lectures around the world.<br />

LA BioMed CEO Dr. David Meyer used the word “massive” to describe<br />

Bayer’s medical contributions at a dinner this month honoring Bayer and<br />

two of his colleagues as “Legends” in their fields.<br />

Much of Bayer’s work focuses on the Staph bacterium MRSA, which are<br />

infamous for getting inside hospital patients’ bloodstreams following surgery.<br />

Staph also attacks people in the general population, causing skin abscesses,<br />

and systemic infections such as pneumonia, and even death.<br />

The incidence of hospital staph infections has decreased in recent years,<br />

but Bayer said the bacteria continue to change their defenses, forcing fresh<br />

research offensives.<br />

“It’s like plugging one hole in the dyke, and another one springs up,” he<br />

said.<br />

Microbial Darwinism<br />

Even when bacteria have no antibiotics to make them tougher, they still<br />

morph into stronger and stronger versions of themselves, Bayer said.<br />

He pointed to research on bacteria harvested from a cave that was opened<br />

in New Mexico, after it had been sealed shut by a huge rock at least four<br />

million years ago.<br />

“The bacteria had not seen the light of day for millions of years, and they<br />

were already resistant to antibiotics we have today,” Bayer said. “How can<br />

Bayer cont. on page 72<br />

50 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Changing the course of medicine<br />

LA BioMed Legends honored<br />

Three doctors working on the cutting edge of medical research were<br />

honored at the annual LA BioMed Legends dinner at the Torrance<br />

Marriott on November 1. This year’s honorees were Arnold S. Bayer<br />

M.D., Rodney A. White M.D. and Paul C. Fu Sr., PhD. Dr. Bayer, a Palos<br />

Verdes resident, is a Distinguished Professor of Medicine at the David<br />

Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and a faculty member in the Division<br />

of Infectious Diseases at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Live music<br />

was provided by the Nic Schaadt Trio.<br />

1. Dr. Greg Thomas and Dr. Ali<br />

Khoynezhad.<br />

2. Amy Ward.<br />

3. Dr. Scott Filler, Dr. Jack Edwards,<br />

Ashley Han-Bayer and Alex Bayer.<br />

4. Dr. Yo Aelony, Yvonne Liu and Dr.<br />

Herb Webb.<br />

5. Honoree Dr. Arnold Bayer.<br />

6. The Nic Schaadt Trio.<br />


7. Dr. Harriet Kaplan and Dr. David<br />

Heber.<br />

8. Honoree Dr. Paul Fu Sr. and Joan<br />

Fu.<br />

9. Mary Ellen Criley and Dr. J. Michael<br />

Criley, Dr. Jasminka Criley and Stuart<br />

Criley.<br />

10. Dr. David Meyer and honoree Dr.<br />

Rodney White.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5 6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 51

52 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

eventcalendar<br />


Compiled by Teri Marin<br />

You can email your event to our address: penpeople@easyreadernews.com<br />

All submissions must be sent by the 10th of each month prior to event taking place.<br />

The Los Cancioneros Master Chorale Ensemble will perform holiday<br />

songs and carols at the Admiral Risty restaurant during dinner on <strong>Dec</strong>.<br />

14 and at brunch on Sunday, <strong>Dec</strong>. 17. See listings for details.<br />

Saturday, November 18<br />

Beverly Hills National Auditions Winners concert<br />

Three rising stars from the USC Thornton School, violinist Annelle Gregory,<br />

cellist Benjamin Lash and pianist So-Mang Jeagal. First Lutheran Church &<br />

School 2900 W. Carson Street, Torrance (just east of Maple - plenty of free<br />

on-site parking) at 3 p.m. Admission is free. palosverdes.com/ClassicalCrossroads/TheInterludes.htm,<br />

310-316-5575.<br />

Annual Tree Lighting<br />

Celebrate the Holiday Season by welcoming Santa and lighting the Christmas<br />

Tree, at 5 p.m. Music, entertainment, refreshments and giveaways. Promenade<br />

on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>, 550 Deep Valley Dr., Rolling Hills Estate.<br />

Art2Go2 premieres<br />

Art enthusiasts and the general community welcome the second annual<br />

Art2Go event, a dynamic concept for enjoying and buying art. Every wall of<br />

Destination:Art will be filled with over 300 original paintings of all styles and<br />

media created by the 22 studio and gallery artists, as well as the 60 associate<br />

artists. Framers with special prices frames will be on site. 3-7 p.m. Through<br />

Nov. 25. Destination:Art Studios & Gallery, 1815 W. 213th Street, Torrance.<br />

310-742-3192.<br />

El Rayo-X<br />

Master guitarist and string player David Lindley pioneered the infusion of<br />

Americana and roots-rock with world music. 8 p.m. $20 to $42, available at<br />

www.grandannex.org or 310-833-4813 Mon-Fri 9 to 5. Grand Annex, 434<br />

W. 6th St., San Pedro.<br />

Sunday, November 19<br />

Kids Club<br />

Families can dig their way into the past with South Coast Botanic Garden’s<br />

Kids Club. Learn about the Garden’s transformation from an underwater wonder,<br />

to an open pit mine, to a trash dump, and into a beautiful botanic garden.<br />

Hunt for marine fossils in a simulated dig pit, build your own landfill model,<br />

get dirty with soil testing, and start your own flower seedling. 1 - 4 p.m. Free<br />

with garden admission. RSVP highly encouraged. 26300 Crenshaw Blvd.,<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 53



M E D I C A L C E N T E R<br />

William J. Wickwire, M.D.<br />

Certified, American<br />

Board of Dermatology<br />

Neal M. Ammar, M.D.<br />

Certified, American<br />

Board of Dermatology<br />

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat....<br />

310-798-1515<br />

www.beachcitiesderm.com<br />

Redondo Beach —<br />

520 N. Prospect Ave., Suite 302<br />

Palos Verdes —<br />

827 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 101<br />

JoAnn DeFlon<br />

SRES, Palos Verdes Specialist<br />

310.508.3581 call/text<br />

joann.deflon@VistaSIR.com<br />

CalBre #01943409<br />

Achieving the real estate goals of each and every<br />

client is my absolute and utmost priority. All<br />

methods, both local and global that are available<br />

through Sotheby's International Realty will be used to<br />

market your property.<br />

Call me if you are looking to buy or sell in<br />

the next few months.<br />

Each office is independently<br />

Owned and operated<br />

Buy One, Get One<br />

FREE<br />

Two Coolscuplting Devices to Treat Two Areas at Once!<br />

Specialists in Skin Cancer Detection<br />

• Skin Cancer • Mole Removal & Mohs Surgery<br />

• Reconstructive Facial Surgery and Scar Revision<br />

• Acne & Accutane Treatment<br />

• Warts, Rashes and Cysts • Leg Vein Sclerotherapy<br />

• Hair Loss & Propecia • Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane,<br />

Juvederm & Sculptra • Botox and Dysport Injections<br />

• Age Spots & Sun Damage • Laser Surgery<br />

• Microdermabrasion • Glycolic and Chemical Peels<br />

• Ultraviolet B & PUVA • Pediatric Dermatology<br />

South Bay’s<br />

best equipped<br />

Dermatology<br />

Center!<br />

All PPOs Accepted<br />

Evening & Sat.<br />

Appts. Available<br />

Suzy Zimmerman, Agent<br />

Insurance Lic#: OF71296<br />

4010 Palos Verdes Dr N, Suite<br />

103<br />

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

Bus: 310-377-9531<br />

www.zimziminsurance.com<br />

eventcalendar<br />

Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>. Southcoastboatnicgarden.org.<br />

Beauty of Nature Series<br />

Fnal film of the PVP Land Conservancy’s series with a documentary, The Central<br />

Park Effect, that transports the viewer to the dazzling, hidden world of<br />

America’s most famous city park. 4:30 p.m. Tickets $10 online at pvplc.org.<br />

Youth 18 and under free. Warner Grand Theatre, 478 W. 6th St., San Pedro.<br />

Wednesday, November 22<br />

Birding with Wild Birds Unlimited<br />

Explore the birds in nesting season making a home in the George F Canyon.<br />

8:30 a.m. The program is free and all ages welcome. Presented by the Palos<br />

Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy 27305 Palos Verdes Drive East, Rolling<br />

Hills Estates. RSVP at: www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Saturday, November 25<br />

Guided Nature Walk<br />

Visit White Point Nature Preserve and attend a naturalist-guided hike. Enjoy<br />

coastal views and learn more about the plants, animals, restoration area and<br />

more! 9 a.m. Meet at the information kiosk between parking lot and Nature<br />

Center. White Point Nature Preserve, 1600 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro.<br />

For more information call 310-541-7613 or RSVP at: www.pvplc.org, Events<br />

& Activities.<br />

Native Plant Sale<br />

Plants sold on first-come, first-serve basis. Noon-2 p.m. White Point Nature<br />

Preserve, 1600 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro. For more information call 310-<br />

541-7613.<br />

Sunday, November 26<br />

Starbright Holiday Boutique & Music<br />

A festive benefit to support the Asia America Symphony Association & Guild,<br />

Youth Symphony education programs and concerts will be held at a magnificent<br />

oceanfront home from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Youth musicians and professional<br />

artists perform. Unique vendors include inspiring author Deborah Paul,<br />

Renko Original Fashions, Nozomi (jewelry created from Japan’s tsunami) and<br />

more. Reservations (a must) for lunch. Contact AASA 310-377-8977 or Marlene<br />

Okada 310-594-6510 for more information.<br />

That’s when you can count on<br />

State Farm®.<br />

I know life doesn’t come with a schedule.<br />

That’s why at State Farm you can always<br />

count on me for whatever you need –<br />

24/7, 365.<br />



1101198.1 State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL<br />

54 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>



French Mediterranean "One of a Kind" Masterpiece<br />

Providing the perfect backdrop for luxurious living, this French Mediterranean home is a brilliant interpretation of classic<br />

European design making it indeed, a one-of-a-kind! Every detail in this spectacular home has been artfully planned with<br />

extraordinary craftsmanship. The dramatic entry leads to a formal living room and formal dining, gourmet kitchen with Center<br />

Island just waiting for your culinary masterpieces with Viking range, Subzero, and granite counters with wood cabinetry that<br />

has antique finish with crackle. Entertain to your heart’s delight with courtyard dining, barbecue, and salt water pool plus spa.<br />

Custom details include seven inch plank French oak floors, extensive limestone, hand painted tiles, three antique reclaimed<br />

fireplaces and Venetian plaster. This home is truly a work of art and not to be missed.<br />

ASKING $2,849,000<br />


Re/Max Estate Properties<br />

310-977-9711<br />

CalBRE# 01137236<br />

www.pvrealestate.com<br />



“Preparation, turn-key real estate advice,<br />

and the personal touch you expect.”

Kitchen & Bath Remodel<br />

We Custom Build All Cabinets ● Granite Countertops ● Tile<br />

Let us bring your DREAM home to reality!<br />

Call us today for a FREE estimate!<br />

800.383.7794 www.solocustoms.com<br />

Lic. #865132<br />

eventcalendar<br />

Monday, Nov. 27<br />

ACT II auditions<br />

Act II, a support group for Palos<br />

Verdes Performing Arts, is looking<br />

for talented performers to sing in the<br />

upcoming annual variety show to be<br />

held March 9-10, 2018. Auditions<br />

for “Broadway to Hollywood” will<br />

be held at the Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion,<br />

and appointments for both solos<br />

and groups are being taken for times<br />

between 5:30 to 10 p.m. Participants<br />

should choose music from a<br />

popular Broadway or Hollywood<br />

songs to tie in with this year’s theme.<br />

Accompanist will be available. All<br />

proceeds benefit PVPA. For more information<br />

or to make an appointment,<br />

call co-producer Arline Grotz<br />

at 310-377-7746. Norris Pavilion,<br />

501 Indian Peak Road in Rolling<br />

Hills Estates.<br />

Tuesday, Nov. 28<br />

TMMC Holiday Festival<br />

Torrance Memorial Medical Center<br />

hosts its annual Holiday Festival<br />

fundraiser, through <strong>Dec</strong>. 3. More<br />

than 36 themed, decorated trees,<br />

live entertainment, the South Bay’s<br />

largest holiday boutique, opportunity<br />

drawing, children's activities and<br />

food court; $5 general admission.<br />

General Public Hours: today: 1:30-<br />

3:30 p.m.; Wednesday, Nov. 29,<br />

Thursday, Nov. 30 and Saturday,<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>. 2, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Sunday,<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>. 3, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Senior<br />

Days: (free for seniors and those with<br />

limited mobility) Wednesday, Nov.<br />

29 and Thursday, Nov. 30, 10 a.m.<br />

to 2 p.m. Community Service Group<br />

Night: ($2 admission to nonprofit<br />

and community service group members)<br />

Thursday, Nov. 30, 4 to 9 p.m.<br />

In the white tent at Skypark and<br />

Medical Center drives, Torrance.<br />

310-517- 4606 or www.Torrance-<br />

Memorial.org/holidayfestival for<br />

more information.<br />

Friday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 1<br />

Yule Parlor<br />

Welcome the holiday season with<br />

the Neighborhood Church’s annual<br />

event featuring the formal delectable<br />

Yule Tea by the Sea, accompanied<br />

by the popular shops of vintage antiques<br />

and memorabilia, bake shop<br />

with homemade pastries and can-<br />

56 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

dies wrapped for gift giving, and the Yule crafts and homemade arts created<br />

by loving hands. View the treasured hand painted ceilings and walls of the<br />

Mediterranean architecture, and treasured art work of the Church. 10 a.m. -<br />

3 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. $25 per guest per day; $30 if purchased the<br />

day of event. Send your check to: Yule Parlor Neighborhood Church, 415<br />

Paseo del Mar, Palos Verdes Estates. Ticket will be held for pick up at the door.<br />

Nutcracker<br />

Start your holiday season with the annual production of “The Nutcracker”,<br />

presented by <strong>Peninsula</strong> School of Performing Arts. A beautiful blend of professionals,<br />

pre-professionals, adults and young dancers come together to delight<br />

audiences of all ages with this rich rendition of the classical ballet. World<br />

renowned performer Alexander Kalinin as Herr Drosselmeier weaves an enchanted<br />

story through the dreams of a young girl, Clara, and her Nutcracker.<br />

Music by Tchaikovsky and choreography by Tita Boulger, Vera Ninkovic, Marina<br />

Kalinina and Alexander Kalinin. A treat for the entire family. Tickets are<br />

$35 for adults and $25 for Children 17 and under. For tickets contact the<br />

Norris Theater Box Office at 310-544-0403.<br />

12-Step Weekend Retreat<br />

The promises of Recovery are grounded in ever-deepening freedom and finding<br />

balance and serenity in relationships, jobs and family. Join other 12 Step<br />

members for a weekend to ‘pause’, enjoy fellowship, and be renewed by the<br />

wisdom of experience. All seekers and 12 Step pilgrims welcome! 7 p.m. Friday<br />

to 1:30 p.m. Sunday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 3. Cost per person/shared $245. Mary<br />

& Joseph Retreat Center, 5300 Crest Road, Rancho Palos Verdes. Call Marlene<br />

Velazquez at 310-377-4867 x234 for reservations or information.<br />


After practicing law in the<br />

Manhattan and Hermosa Beach area for<br />

over 28 years I'm pleased to announce the<br />

relocation of my offices to Palos Verdes.<br />

Please call for a free consultation.<br />


Attorney At Law<br />

655 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 125<br />

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

(310) 544-2255<br />

Majoneslaw.com<br />

Saturday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 2<br />

Full Moon Hike<br />

At George F Canyon, 27305 Palos Verdes Dr. E., Rolling Hills Estates, with<br />

the Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy. Explore nocturnal sights with<br />

an expert naturalist under a full moon at the George F Canyon Nature Preserve.<br />

Must be age 9 and up. $12 per person. RSVP required at<br />

www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

First Saturday Family Hike<br />

Bring your family and join our naturalist guide to discover habitat, wildlife and<br />

more on an easy hike up the canyon with amazing views of the city. 9 a.m.<br />

Free. All ages welcome. George F Canyon, 27305 Palos Verdes Dr. E., Rolling<br />

Hills Estates. For more information,<br />

contact 310-547-0862 or RSVP<br />

at:www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Outdoor Volunteer Day<br />

At Portuguese Bend Reserve,<br />

Ishibashi trail, Rancho Palos Verdes,<br />

9 a.m. – noon Help restore important<br />

wildlife habitat while looking out<br />

at a beautiful view! Sign up at<br />

pvplc.volunteerhub.com<br />

Advent Day of Prayer<br />

Be renewed in Spirit as we rediscover<br />

the wonders of the Advent<br />

Season. Take time to pause and embrace<br />

the light, the love and the presence<br />

of God with Edith Prendergast,<br />

RSC. Contemplate, journal, and<br />

enter into mindfulness experiences to<br />

nurture your spiritual journey. 9 a.m.<br />

to 3 p.m. Lunch included. $50 ($45<br />

if paid in full by November 24).<br />

Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, 5300<br />

Winner - South Bay's Best Hair Salon <strong>2017</strong>!<br />

The Felix Design Studio team invites you to enjoy your<br />

'best in class' hair experience.<br />

We are thankful for our existing guests and look forward<br />

to welcoming new friends to our family.<br />

550 Deep Valley Dr Suite 133 Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

310-265-9343 | www.felixdesignstudio.com<br />

Open Monday - Saturday<br />

Best of The Beach <strong>2017</strong> Winner<br />

Best Eclectic, American Contemporary<br />

Daily Breeze “2015 South Bay’s Favorite”<br />

American Restaurant & Bar<br />

“ Best New Restaurant”- Richard Foss of Easy Reader<br />

Favorite Soul Food of 2015- Daily Breeze( yeah, we were surprised<br />

too)<br />

Hey! We like to party, especially with YOU! Call us for your next<br />

Occasion. We’ve got a Banquet Room perfect for any celebration<br />

Call 310-378-8119 for details<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 57

eventcalendar<br />

Crest Road, Rancho Palos Verdes. Call Marlene Velazquez at 310-377-4867<br />

x234 for reservations or information.<br />

Victorian Christmas<br />

The Banning Museum will kick off the holidays with its annual Victorian Christmas<br />

Weekend. The Museum grounds are transformed into a Christmas Festival<br />

featuring Victorian period entertainment, walk-thru tours of the decorated Mansion,<br />

blacksmith demonstrations, refreshments, family holiday crafts, a bake<br />

sale, local food vendors, handmade crafts by area artisans, and jolly ol’ St.<br />

Nick will pose for photos with the little ones on an historic carriage. A highlight<br />

of the festivities is a horse-drawn trolley ride to the Drum Barracks Civil War<br />

Museum in Wilmington. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. Banning<br />

Museum, 401 East “M” Street, Wilmington. For more details contact Friends<br />

of Banning Museum at 310-548-2005 or www.thebanningmuseum.org.<br />

Parade of Lights<br />

Parade floats, marching bands, equestrian units, classic cars, drill teams, community<br />

& civic groups . . . and a special appearance by Santa Claus! Silver<br />

Spur Rd. and Deep Valley Dr., then through the Promenade to the Norris Theater.<br />

6-7:30 p.m. Info: 310-372-1577.<br />

Cannery Row Revisited<br />

South Bay Contemporary, SoLA Gallery presents “Cannery Row Revisited”<br />

curated by artist and founder Richard Stephens. Cannery Row Studios had a<br />

20+ year run as an art gallery in Redondo Beach, from 1990 – 2010. The<br />

shows were unique showing local artists. On opening nights, the garage door<br />

would open up and a magnificent eucalyptus tree became a signature element<br />

of the outdoor area. On many a summer night under its canopy, the artists<br />

and supporters gathered for the night. Richard Stephens has selected 25 artists<br />

who have shown regularly at Cannery Row Studios in the past. The exhibition<br />

will include painting, sculpture, photography, video and a display of memo-<br />

58 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

rabilia, plus artist presentations and<br />

a catalog associated with the exhibition.<br />

Through <strong>Dec</strong>. 30. Opening reception<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>. 2, 4 - 7 p.m. Artist<br />

Presentations: <strong>Dec</strong>ember 16,<br />

St. John Fisher Catholic Church<br />

Top of the Hill at Crenshaw and Crest<br />

Christmas Eve, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 24<br />

4:00 pm<br />

6:00 pm<br />

8:00 pm<br />

Midnight<br />

Carols begin at 11:30 pm<br />

Christmas Day, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 25<br />

7:30 am<br />

9:00 am<br />

10:45 am<br />

12:30 pm<br />

Artists participating in the Cannery<br />

Row show include Bob<br />

Mackie (above), Don Adkins,<br />

Allen Bollinger, John Cantu,<br />

Miles Essmiller, Robi Hutas,<br />

Carol Hungerford, Jerry Kotler,<br />

Kenny Koda, Larry Lubow,<br />

Edie Pfeffer, Michael Rich, Jean<br />

Shultz, Barbara St John, Bob<br />

Witte, Pat Woolley.<br />

Please join us!<br />

Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

310-377-5571 www.sjf.org<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 59


• Jumbo Loan To $10 Million<br />

• Conventional Loans with only 1% Down (WHY RENT?)<br />

• FHA up to $636,150<br />

• 5+ Unit Financing<br />

• Construction Loans<br />

• Good Credit/Bad Credit<br />


(BRE: 01275204/MLO: 1153348)<br />

JACKIE COLLINS, Broker<br />

800-653-1022<br />

www.webmortgagefunder.com<br />

609 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 200, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

Natural Beauty Enhancements<br />

• Lash Extensions<br />

• Lash Lifts<br />

• Permanent Makeup<br />

Eyebrow ∙ Lash Enhancement ∙ Lip Blush Tattoos<br />

310-438-0575<br />

Book online: SwoonLashes.com<br />

M e n t i o n A d Fo r A Fr e e G i f t !<br />

R I V I E R A V I L L A G E • 2 1 0 A v e . I , S t e F<br />


Plumbing<br />

Since 1990 • License # 770059, C-36 C-34 C-42<br />

D E P E N D A B L E • P R O F E S S I O N A L • A F F O R D A B L E<br />

w w w . m a t t u c c i p l u m b i n g . c o m<br />


$ 9 8 0<br />

Residential Water Heater<br />

40 gal. installed! ($1080 - 50 gal. also available)<br />

Includes hot & cold water supply lines<br />

Expires <strong>Dec</strong>ember 31, <strong>2017</strong><br />





$ 7 5<br />

Rooter Service - Main Line<br />

Must have clean-out access. Some restrictions may apply.<br />

Expires <strong>Dec</strong>ember 31, <strong>2017</strong><br />

F R E E<br />

E S T I M A T E S<br />

M e n t i o n t h i s a d w h e n<br />

s e t t i n g u p a p p o i n t m e n t .<br />

3 1 0 . 5 4 3 . 2 0 0 1<br />

Thank You<br />

For Your<br />

Vote!<br />

ON CALL<br />

24 HOURS<br />

7 DAYS<br />

60 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong><br />

2013<br />

eventcalendar<br />

4-7 p.m. Additionally, there will be a “Small Works” holiday sale of arts and<br />

crafts Gallery Hours: 1 – 5, Saturdays and by appointment. Contact Peggy<br />

Sivert Zask, Director: 310-429-0973, southbaycontemporary@gmail.com,<br />

www.southbaycontemporary.org. 3718 West Slauson Ave., Los Angeles.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 3<br />

Advent exhibit<br />

Anticipate, expect, and prepare for the Christmas miracle by visiting the Mary<br />

& Joseph Retreat Center’s Nativity exhibit. In addition to displays of nativity<br />

sets from around the world, Advent calendars, Advent wreaths, and other<br />

ways of preparing for the birth of Christ will be on view. This season is really<br />

about the human experience of waiting. School groups, families, prayer<br />

High Caliber Aesthetics<br />

• Bulletproof Brow Design<br />

• Full Face & Body Waxing<br />

• Custom Skin & Body Treatments<br />

• Chemical Peels & Microdermabrasions<br />

310-780-8140<br />

Book online: BouletteBlume.com<br />

groups and individuals are welcome.<br />

Please call to reserve a time<br />

for a tour and program designed to<br />

celebrate this year's exhibit. Admission<br />

is free. Through <strong>Dec</strong>ember 21.<br />

5300 Crest Road, Rancho Palos<br />

Verdes. Call Marlene Velazquez at<br />

310-377-4867 x234 for reservations<br />

or information.<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Symphonic<br />

Winds Holiday Concert<br />

Guest conductor Mr. John Elg will<br />

lead the concert and be joined by<br />

singer Jessica Thomas in a selection<br />

of holiday favorites including White<br />

Christmas, Greensleeves and Bugler’s<br />

Holiday. The concert begins at<br />

3 p.m., at the LOTH RHCC Community<br />

Center, 735 Silver Spur Road,<br />

RHE. Admission $10 for adults; children<br />

12 and under free with adult.<br />

More info at www.pswinds.org.<br />

Holiday’s Long Run<br />

The Long Run blends the lush harmonies<br />

and arrangements from the<br />

vast Eagles songbook with their own<br />

genuine style. And, it’s the Holiday<br />

Show with seasonal tunes, hot cider<br />

and good cheer! 7 p.m. The Grand<br />

Annex, 434 W 6th St San Pedro.<br />

Tickets $20 to $42, available at<br />

www.grandannex.org or 310-833-<br />

4813 Mon-Fri 9 to 5.<br />

Lunch with Santa<br />

The community is invited to have<br />

lunch with Santa. Includes face painting,<br />

crafts, clowns and photos with<br />

Santa (bring your camera). Price includes<br />

a ticket to Torrance Memorial’s<br />

34th annual Holiday Festival,<br />

which features 36 custom-decorated<br />

holiday trees. Tree themes include<br />

“A Season of Superheroes,” “Cirque<br />

de Noel,” “Snoopy and Friends,”<br />

and “Forever Paris.” Shop in the<br />

South Bay’s largest holiday boutique<br />

or in the Children’s Marketplace or<br />

Seniors Marketplace for one-of-akind<br />

stocking stuffer items under $5.

6 Months 0% Interest<br />

for Holiday Procedures<br />

1.310.373.5000<br />

eventcalendar<br />

Sunday, <strong>Dec</strong>. 3, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Torrance Memorial Medical Center,<br />

Richard B. Hoffman, M.D., Health Conference Center, 3315 Medical Center<br />

Drive, Torrance. Cost: $15 per person (minors must be supervised by a paid<br />

adult). Call 310-517- 4728 or visit TorranceMemorial.org/holidayfestival to<br />

purchase tickets or for more information.<br />

Victorian Tea & Carols<br />

Victorian carolers will be singing Christmas favorites a cappella in beautiful<br />

period costumes to harken back to a bygone era of pomp & splendor. Get<br />

into the spirit at this special holiday event! Tea 2 p.m. Concert 3 p.m. Adult<br />

$25, Children 4-12 $18, Children under 4 free. Mary & Joseph Retreat Center,<br />

5300 Crest Road, Rancho Palos Verdes. Call Marlene Velazquez at<br />

310.377.4867 x234 for reservations or information.<br />

Palos Verdes Symphonic Band - Holiday Concert<br />

Come celebrate the season with the Palos Verdes Symphonic Band, who will<br />

present its popular annual Holiday Concert, from 5-7 p.m. indoors in the<br />

Frances Young Hall at the South Coast Botanic Garden. Included will be selections<br />

by Leroy Anderson, Alfred Reed, Percy Grainger, and the ever popular<br />

Night Before Christmas. Rheuben Allen, clarinet soloist, will be accompanied<br />

by the band on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Tickets are $10 (adults)<br />

and free (12 and under) and are available at the door. For further information<br />

you may call the Garden at 310-544-1948, the band at 310-792-8286 or<br />

310-373-2442, or visit www.pvsband.org. 26300 Crenshaw Blvd., Palos<br />

Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />

Repeal Day dinner, drinks, talk<br />

More than 80 years after it was repealed, many misunderstandings about Prohibition,<br />

beginning with when and why it was enacted, persist. Pacific Food<br />

& Beverage Museum (PacFAB) presents a rare opportunity<br />

to experience a culinary evening in the<br />

Roaring Twenties, courtesy of fourth-generation<br />

restaurateur Dustin Trani, chef-owner of J. Trani's<br />

Ristorante. Trani will recreate a five course Italian-<br />

American dinner of the period, paired with cocktails,<br />

in a sequence that demonstrates how<br />

drinking changed before, during, and after the dry<br />

decade. After dinner, author and PacFAB Curator<br />

Richard Foss will present an illustrated talk on how<br />

society, tastes in food and drink, and other aspects<br />

of American culture changed. Costumes encouraged<br />

– prizes awarded! 7 p.m. Dinner is $75 for<br />

National Food & Beverage Foundation and Culinary<br />

Historians of Southern California members,<br />

$85 for non, and includes tax and gratuity. Space<br />

strictly limited, reservations required. 323-813-<br />

1730 or natfab.org. J Trani’s is located at 584<br />

W. Ninth St. San Pedro.<br />

Food writer Richard<br />

Foss, above, will<br />

present a talk on the<br />

misunderstandings of<br />

Prohibition on Repeal<br />

Day, <strong>Dec</strong>. 5, at J<br />

Trani’s Ristorante in<br />

San Pedro.<br />

“Mr. Australia”<br />

New Zealand and Fiji Too!<br />

Your local expert for amazing, personalized<br />

South Pacific travel packages<br />

PVE resident • 16 years experience<br />

100% "A" rating on Angie's List<br />

*Care Credit, Min $200 Purchase<br />

Rick Stone, “Mr. Australia”<br />

310-793-6013<br />

mraustralia@verizon.net<br />

www.MrAustralia.net<br />

62 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

] u<br />

t<br />

Highest Quality at a Fair Price<br />

• Stamping<br />

• Driveways<br />

• Pool <strong>Dec</strong>ks<br />

• BBQ/Firepits<br />

• Patios<br />

• Stonework<br />

• Pavers<br />

• Foundations<br />


Casey Lindahl - Founder & President of Lindahl Concrete Construction, Inc.<br />

310-326-6626 LindahlConcrete.com<br />

Lic.#531387<br />

Showroom Available<br />

eventcalendar<br />

Wednesday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 6<br />

Celebrations Around the World Holiday Showcase<br />

Special needs students from the “Ready, Willing and Able” dance and performing<br />

arts program will performing at the fifth annual Holiday Showcase<br />

and outreach event from 4-5 p.m. at the Norris Theatre. At this year’s show,<br />

titled “Celebrations Around the World” students will dance and sing holiday<br />

songs that are popular in different cultures around the globe. No tickets or<br />

reservations are required, but donations to the program are appreciated.<br />

7570 Norris Center Drive in Rolling Hills Estates. For more information about<br />

the program, contact the Palos Verdes Performing Arts Conservatory at 310-<br />

544-0403, ext. 303.<br />

Friday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 8<br />

Holiday Boutique<br />

The <strong>Peninsula</strong> High Athletic Booster Club hosts a day of fun shopping to support<br />

Pen High programs and clubs. Enjoy musical performances, food and<br />

drink tastings as you shop a variety of fantastic vendors. 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.<br />

Pen High Gym, 27118 Silver Spur Rd., RHE.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 9<br />

Breakfast with Santa<br />

Treat your family to a personal visit with Santa! Enjoy a breakfast provided<br />

by Good Stuff Restaurant and visit with Santa. Bring your camera to take a<br />

family photo. 8:30 to 10 a.m.Tickets: Adults $15, Kids FREE (under 12). Tickets<br />

are available to purchase at Good Stuff Restaurant. Seating is limited.<br />

Promenade on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>, 550 Deep Valley Dr., Rolling Hills Estates (by<br />

the fountain).<br />

64 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

Guided Nature Walk<br />

By Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy at Portuguese Bend Reserve,<br />

Ishibashi trail, Rancho Palos Verdes, 9 a.m. Hike Burma Road to Rattlesnake<br />

Trail. Enjoy views of Altamira Canyon. This is a strenuous walk. Free and open<br />

to the public. For more information, contact 310-541-7613 ext. 201 or sign<br />

up at www.pvplc.org/_events/NatureWalkRSVP.asp.<br />

Outdoor Volunteer Day<br />

Help beautify the native demonstration garden and surrounding habitat at<br />

White Point Nature Preserve, 9 a.m. – noon. Sign up at www.pvplc.volunteerhub.com.<br />

1600 W. Paseo del Mar in San Pedro.<br />

Stories, Songs and More<br />

Share the joy of storytelling with your children and introduce them to the<br />

beauty of the natural surroundings. Your family will enjoy spending time with<br />

retired Children’s Librarian Carla Sedlacek for stories and activities featuring<br />

nature themes, exciting props and songs. Free.1600 W. Paseo del Mar in<br />

San Pedro. RSVP at: www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Year three with Puccini, Beethoven and Bernstein<br />

JMV Singers’ founding director<br />

Joanna Medawar<br />

Nachef, above, will lead holiday<br />

carol singalong following<br />

the choral group’s<br />

performance of Puccini’s<br />

Messa de Gloria Saturday,<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>. 9 at the Norris Theater.<br />

The Joanna Medawar Nachef<br />

Singers are celebrating their third<br />

season with music by the “Three Giants”<br />

of classical music at the Norris<br />

Theater. Tonight’s 7 p.m. performance<br />

features Puccini’s Messa de<br />

Gloria, followed by the choral<br />

group’s traditional holiday carol singalong.<br />

Beethoven and Bernstein will<br />

be featured at performances on April<br />

8 and June 17, 2018. Founding director<br />

Joanna Medawar is recognized<br />

as the first symphony conductor<br />

from the Middle East. She was born<br />

in Lebanon and is now Director of<br />

Choral Activities at El Camino College.<br />

She is also the choir director at<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Community Church. Tickets,<br />

$25-$45, are available at the<br />

Norris Theater box office at 27570<br />

Norris Center Drive, Rolling Hills Estates.<br />

Or by calling the theater at<br />

310-544-0403. Or at<br />

JMNSingers.com.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 10<br />

Tribute to Benny Goodman at the Holidays<br />

Relive the legendary concert that made Benny Goodman the most celebrated<br />

jazz bandleader of his day, at a festive 2 p.m. performance at the Norris Theatre.<br />

Goodman was at the height of his career in 1938 when he and his band,<br />

which included such musicians as Harry James, Gene Krupa, Teddy Wilson,<br />

Lionel Hampton and Count Basie, performed at Carnegie Hall and redefined<br />

popular music. A re-creation of that iconic concert, mixed with some classic<br />

Christmas tunes, features the All Star Benny Goodman Tribute Orchestra with<br />

special guest vocalists Peter Marshall and Polly Podewell, the last female singer<br />

to perform with Goodman and his orchestra. Hosted by singing impressionist<br />

Paul Boland. Tickets are $75-$80 and can be purchased by calling the box<br />

office at 310-544-0403 or online at palosverdesperformingarts.com. 27570<br />

Norris Center Drive in Rolling Hills Estates.

eventcalendar<br />

Tuesday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 12<br />

Beauty and the Beast Auditions<br />

The Palos Verdes Performing Arts Conservatory will hold open auditions on<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember 12-13 at 5 p.m. for a student production of Disney’s “Beauty and<br />

the Beast.” Students ages 10-18 may audition either date, and should come<br />

prepared to sing and dance. Performance dates for the production are weekends,<br />

February 16-25, at the Norris Theatre. Auditions held at the PVPA Conservatory<br />

Studios, 27525 Norris Center Drive in Rolling Hills Estates. For more<br />

information call 310-544-0403 ext. 302, or go to palosverdesperformingarts.com/conservatory.<br />

Wednesday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 13<br />

PV Woman's Club<br />

Meet at 12 at the Rolling Hills Country Club, 27000 Palos Verdes Drive East.<br />

The program will be Clarence Ulrich, formerly of the Drifters, presenting Holiday<br />

songs and music. Cost of the luncheon is $32. For reservations and information<br />

call Beverly Teresinski at 310-378-1349.<br />

Thursday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 14<br />

Dining with notes<br />

By popular demand, the Los Cancioneros Master Chorale Ensemble will return<br />

to The Admiral Risty to perform favorite Christmas and Chanukah melodies<br />

tableside for the enjoyment of dining guests at 6:30 p.m. during the dinner<br />

service. The Admiral Risty 31250 Palos Verdes Drive West, Rancho Palos<br />

Verdes. Reservations recommended, 310-377-0050 or<br />

www.admiralristy.com.<br />

Palos Verdes Ballet's Samantha<br />

Liu as 'Sugar Plum Fairy.'<br />

Saturday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 16<br />

Outdoor Volunteer Day<br />

At Alta Vicente Reserve, 30940<br />

Hawthorne Blvd., Rancho Palos<br />

Verdes, 9 a.m. – noon. Help restore<br />

this unique canyon habitat home to<br />

many threatened and endangered<br />

wildlife species. Sign up at<br />

pvplc.volunteerhub.com.<br />

Magical Nutcracker<br />

A family holiday tradition since<br />

1980, the Palos Verdes Ballet is<br />

thrilled to present its 37th anniversary<br />

Nutcracker season. Directed<br />

by Uta Graf-Apostol this enchanting<br />

ballet classic will be performed at<br />

the Norris Theatre, 27570 Norris<br />

Center Dr., Rolling Hills Estates, for<br />

one weekend only, at 1 p.m. and 5<br />

p.m., Saturday and Sunday. Tickets<br />

are $35 for Adults, $25 for children.<br />

Additional information is<br />

available at www.palosverdesballet.org.<br />

Musical Nutcracker<br />

America’s most spectacular production,<br />

presented by Long Beach Ballet, with full live orchestra. Through <strong>Dec</strong>.<br />

24. At Long Beach Terrace Theater, 300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach. Ticket<br />

Hotline, 1-877-852-3177, www.LongBeachNutcracker.com.<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 67


"Its Like You’re There All Over Again"<br />


eventcalendar<br />

Sunday, <strong>Dec</strong>.17<br />

Musical fare<br />

By popular demand, the Los Cancioneros<br />

Master Chorale Ensemble<br />

will return to The Admiral Risty to<br />

perform favorite Christmas and<br />

Chanukah melodies tableside for the<br />

enjoyment of dining guests at 1 p.m.<br />

during Sunday Brunch. The Admiral<br />

Risty 31250 Palos Verdes Drive<br />

West, Rancho Palos Verdes. Reservations<br />

recommended, 310-377-<br />

0050 or www.admiralristy.com.<br />

Las Posadas<br />

In California, Christmas has been enriched<br />

with many elements from the<br />

Hispanic culture including music,<br />

food, piñatas and the Posada journey.<br />

Join us for a symbolic commemoration<br />

of Las Posadas as Mary and<br />

Joseph search for lodging on their<br />

journey to Bethlehem. We will have<br />

a piñata for the children and refreshments,<br />

4 to 6 p.m. Cost: Adults $5,<br />

children 4-12 $2, children under 4<br />

free. All events are located at the<br />

Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, 5300<br />

Crest Road, Rancho Palos Verdes.<br />

Call Marlene Velazquez at 310-<br />

377-4867 x234 for reservations or<br />

information.<br />

Tuesday, <strong>Dec</strong>. 19<br />

#Selfies with elfies<br />

Post your photos using #Holidaysonthehill<br />

for the chance to win some<br />

amazing giveaways! Through <strong>Dec</strong>.<br />

22. Promenade on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>,<br />

550 Deep Valley Dr., Rolling Hills Estates.<br />

Wed., <strong>Dec</strong>ember 20<br />

Birding Unlimited<br />

Explore the birds making a home in<br />

the restored habitat at the beautiful<br />

White Point Nature Preserve with a<br />

docent from Wild Birds Unlimited.<br />

Binoculars supplied for beginners.<br />

The program is free. All ages welcome.<br />

8:30 a.m. 1600 W. Paseo<br />

del Mar in San Pedro. RSVP at:<br />

www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Dec</strong>. 23<br />

Guided Nature Walk<br />

Visit White Point Nature Preserve<br />

and attend a Naturalist-guided hike.<br />

Enjoy coastal views and learn more<br />

about the plants, animals, restoration<br />

area and more! 9 a.m. 1600 W.<br />

68 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

Paseo del Mar in San Pedro. Meet at the information kiosk between parking<br />

lot and Nature Center. For more information call 310-541-7613 or RSVP at:<br />

www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Native Plant Sale<br />

At White Point Nature Education Center, noon – 2 p.m. Plants sold on firstcome,<br />

first-serve basis. White Point Nature Preserve located at 1600 W. Paseo<br />

del Mar in San Pedro. For more information call 310-541-7613.<br />

Wed. <strong>Dec</strong>ember 27<br />

More Birding Unlimited<br />

At George F Canyon presented by the Palos<br />

Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy, 8:30<br />

a.m. Explore the birds in nesting season making<br />

a home in the canyon. The program is free<br />

and all ages welcome. 27305 Palos Verdes<br />

Drive East, Rolling Hills Estates. RSVP at:<br />

www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Michele Zukovsky. Photo<br />

by Mathews Imaging<br />

Sunday, January 14<br />

COSB welcomes Zukovsky<br />

Chamber Orchestra of the South Bay continues<br />

its <strong>2017</strong>-18 season at the Norris Theatre<br />

at 7:30 p.m. The featured soloist is former Principal<br />

Clarinetist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Michele Zukovsky under the<br />

direction of Frances Steiner. There will be a Preview Talk by Chuck Klaus starting<br />

at 6:45 p.m. Single tickets are $63 available through the Norris Theatre<br />

Box Office, 310-544-0403, ext. 221 or online at www.palosverdesperforming<br />

arts.com. For further information visit www.mycosb.org. PEN<br />


• Are you in or approaching retirement?<br />

• Do you want to stop worrying about your<br />

investment portfolio?<br />

• Do you lose sleep wondering if you may<br />

outlive your nest egg?<br />

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right path financially?<br />

• Do you want to take control of your<br />

finances?<br />

• Do you feel you need a second opinion on<br />

your portfolio?<br />

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the<br />

above questions, you may need to contact<br />

me, to provide you with a personal financial<br />

plan designed to help you take control<br />

of your finances, reduce anxiety and ultimately<br />

achieve your financial goals. There<br />

is no cost or obligation for the initial meeting,<br />

as it is an opportunity for you to learn<br />

more about me, and for me to determine<br />

if I can help you achieve your financial<br />

goals and objectives.<br />

As a fee-only financial planner I will be<br />

compensated solely by my clients, I do not<br />

accept commissions, referral fees, or<br />

compensation from other sources, and I am committed to acting in<br />

your best interest.<br />

Abbas A. Heydari, CFP®<br />

Certified Financial Planner<br />

and Registered Investment Advisor.<br />

Providing Financial Services<br />

in Torrance since 1986<br />

21515 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 1020<br />

Torrance, CA 90503<br />

E-mail: aahfp@Yahoo.com<br />

Web: www.aaheydari.com<br />

Phone: (310)792-2090<br />

70 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

Barney’s Beanery<br />

Here at Barney’s we've got our full newspaper-sized menu available as well as 40 beers<br />

on draft. Daily and weekend specials and a great Happy Hour Mon - Fri, 4pm to 7pm.<br />

ALL DAY Happy Hour on Monday! We offer free wifi and always have the TV's tuned<br />

to numerous sporting events, in case you want to settle in for a long lunch or dinner.<br />

Either way, we are here for you so come on in and enjoy!<br />

100 Fisherman’s Wharf, Suite H, on the Redondo Beach Pier.<br />

(424) 275-4820 www.barneysbeanery.com<br />

Bayer cont. from page 50<br />

that be? The theory is that to survive,<br />

they had to compete with one<br />

another. Bug ‘A’ developed its own<br />

antibiotics to kill bug ‘B’.”<br />

The competition could in some<br />

way mirror bacteria’s struggle<br />

against human-made antibiotics.<br />

“These bacteria are way ahead of<br />

us,” Bayer said.<br />

Bayer and his colleagues at LA<br />

BioMed, located on the Harbor-<br />

UCLA Medical Center campus in<br />

Torrance, carry on a “bench to bedside”<br />

research. The researchers<br />

peer through advanced microscopes<br />

and into test tubes, pore over experimental<br />

models, and study infected<br />

human blood samples and biopsied<br />

tissues.<br />

“My laboratory studies MRSA<br />

from a couple of perspectives…how<br />

the bug is able to adapt to antibiotics<br />

by becoming resistant to them<br />

and, in turn, how our bodies fight<br />

them off,” he said.<br />

Bayer is digging into the workings<br />

of platelets, the cells that help blood<br />

clot, stemming excessive bleeding.<br />

Bayer said it has become clear<br />

platelets play a part in fighting off<br />

harmful bacteria.<br />

“Platelets are like little storage<br />

reservoirs of [natural] antibiotics,<br />

releasing them to kill bacteria,” he<br />

said.<br />

The study of platelet-derived antibiotics<br />

could result in the development<br />

of new artificial antibiotic<br />

treatments, he said. He is performing<br />

these studies in close collaboration<br />

with Professor Michael<br />

Yeaman, chief of molecular medicine<br />

at LA BioMed.<br />

Bayer has served as Associate<br />

Program Director of Infectious Disease,<br />

Vice-Chair of Academic Affairs<br />

and Acting Chief of the<br />

Division of Infectious Diseases at<br />

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.<br />

His research has been funded by<br />

the National Institutes of Health<br />

since 1996.<br />

Bayer has served on the NIAID<br />

National Association for Research<br />

in Staphylococcus aureus, is a charter<br />

committee member of the International<br />

Consortium for the Study<br />

of Infective Endocarditis, and Councilor<br />

in the International Society for<br />

Cardiovascular Infectious Diseases.<br />

When he’s not doing research, or<br />

teaching interns, medical students<br />

and Fellows, he enjoys country<br />

Bayer cont. on page 74<br />

72 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

Bayer cont. from page 72<br />

music, Los Angeles Kings hockey,<br />

and hiking and downhill skiing. He<br />

and his wife Enid have two grown<br />

children, Alex and Alicia, and a 1-<br />

year-old grandchild.<br />

Additional Legends<br />

Also honored as <strong>2017</strong> Legends at<br />

the LA BioMed dinner on November<br />

1 at the Torrance Marriott were<br />

Dr. Rodney White and Dr. Paul C.<br />

Fu.<br />

Meyer said that vascular surgeon<br />

White’s “surgical skills and innovations<br />

have saved thousands of<br />

lives.”<br />

“White developed stents that<br />

have prevented numerous deaths<br />

from aortic aneurysms,” Meyer<br />

said. In addition, while he was a<br />

medical student, White developed<br />

the use of a porous ceramic, made<br />

from ocean coral, as an artificial<br />

bone graft.<br />

Fu developed the standard cholesterol<br />

test – measuring total<br />

serum cholesterol – that has been<br />

in wide use for decades. He also<br />

has contributed to research in<br />

areas ranging from liver disease to<br />

bipolar disorder. PEN<br />

74 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 75

76 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

RHCC names new golf director<br />

Devan Bonebrake has been named Director of Golf Instruction<br />

at the newly renovated Rolling Hills Country Club. Bonebrake<br />

is the owner of Southern California Golf Academy in<br />

Carlsbad. “RHCC Academy has the most advanced technology<br />

of any academy in California,” said Bonebrake,<br />

who was recently named <strong>2017</strong>-18 Golf Digest Best Teachers<br />

in California. “Couple that with RHCC’s new short game<br />

facility and the new, 12-acre driving range and you can’t<br />

help but make people better,” he said. The new David Kidd<br />

designed golf course is scheduled to reopen late this month<br />

after a $75 million renovation that required nearly 2.5 years<br />

to complete. PEN<br />

Vinyl Windows<br />

Replacement and New Construction<br />


AND SAVE BIG $$$<br />


around&about<br />


Lowest Prices Up Front • No Games<br />

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Devan<br />

Bonebrake.<br />

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of RHCCC<br />

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Your clock deserves a gift too.<br />

For this holiday season, I suggest you add one more gift to<br />

your list.<br />

A properly maintained clock not only extends its life indefinitely,<br />

it also insures its accuracy. Your clock has a complex<br />

mechanism of inter-working parts. Yet unfortunately this precious<br />

item does not warn you prior to any major malfunction,<br />

therefore it becomes imperative to maintain and service your<br />

clock regularly. Oil gets old and dry forcing the train of gears<br />

to work twice as hard to accomplish their goal. This results in<br />

damage that drastically shortens the life of a fine timepiece.<br />

Your clock reminds you of it’s presence every time you wind<br />

it, and if its accuracy is not what it used to be, or its chimes are<br />

not as healthy, or maybe it just stops. That means it’s talking<br />

to you, telling you that its endless life is in jeopardy.<br />

• Serving the South<br />

Bay for over 35 years<br />

• Full Service Contractor<br />

• Complete Installation<br />

• New Construction<br />

• Remodeling<br />

• Second Floors<br />

• Additions<br />

• Cabinets<br />

Michel Medawar has been extending the lives of timepieces for<br />

over fifty years as his father did fifty years before. He is the inventor<br />

of the first talking clock in the world. He is a graduate from<br />

Patek Philippe in Geneva, Switzerland, The Theod Wagner clock<br />

Co. in Wiesbaden, Germany, and the Howard Miller Clock Co.<br />

in Zeeland, Michigan. Call him so that he may come to your home<br />

the same day and offer you a free estimate for servicing your clock.<br />

Or bring your wall or mantel clock to our store to see our showroom<br />

and receive the same complimentary diagnosis.<br />

Visit Our<br />

Kitchen &<br />

Bath<br />

Showroom<br />

4203 Spencer St., Torrance, CA 90503<br />

(310)214-5049 • www.pevelers.com<br />

Appointment Recommended<br />

Showroom Hours: Monday Thru Friday 10-5<br />

Closed Saturday and Sunday<br />

License #381992<br />

Open 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday - Saturday<br />

810 Silver Spur Road • Rolling Hills Estates • CA 90274<br />

Call 310.544.0052<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 77

in remembrance<br />

Harvey Kushner remembered<br />

by Brian Gillogly<br />

Pioneer think tank CEO and <strong>Peninsula</strong> resident Harvey Kushner passed<br />

away recently from injuries suffered during a fall.<br />

Kushner was born in Brooklyn in 1930 and raised in Baltimore, where<br />

he attended public schools and earned an undergraduate degree in mechanical<br />

engineering at Johns Hopkins University. He planned to enter the then<br />

new field of bioengineering, but that was before his wife Rose, a medical lab<br />

technician, gave birth to their first son. To support his family, Kushner went<br />

to work at Operation Research (ORI), one of the nation’s first for-profit think<br />

tanks.<br />

While rising rapidly through the management ranks, Kushner resumed<br />

studies in physics and business.<br />

ORI’s projects included Naval systems; NASA’s Nimbus, the first weather<br />

satellite; the Hubble telescope; and a computerized war game to help the<br />

Army Medical Corps, which proved invaluable during the Vietnam War. One<br />

of Kushner’s projects was to study how new sentencing requirements affected<br />

California Superior Courts.<br />

He became ORI’s CEO after leading a then-innovative takeover of the company<br />

through an employee stock ownership plan.<br />

About this time Rose developed breast cancer. She would write several<br />

books on the subject and become a forceful advocate for mammography and<br />

minimally invasive surgical procedures. She was a member of the National<br />

Cancer Advisory Board. After succumbing to cancer in 1990, her husband<br />

took it upon himself to edit updates of her pamphlet, “If you’ve thought about<br />

breast cancer.”<br />

After leaving ORI, Kushner established Kushner Management Planning<br />

Corp., a private government consulting company. He moved to Palos Verdes<br />

in the early 1990s and married Dr. Patricia Sacks, Director of the Vasek &<br />

Anna Maria Polak Breast Diagnostic Center at Torrance Memorial Medical<br />

Center. They shared passions for medicine, travel and the arts. Kushner was<br />

an accomplished artist, violin player and sailor.<br />

In a 2009 profile in <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>People</strong>, Kushner spoke about his deep admiration<br />

for the two women in his life: “What Rose did in 16 years and what<br />

Pat is doing every day is very hands on. You can come home at night and say<br />

I helped somebody, I did something valuable, something important. I’ve done<br />

everything I can to support them. I guess I get as much out of what they accomplish<br />

helping other people as they do.”<br />

In 2010, Kushner became one of the first heart patients to receive an LVAD<br />

(Left Ventricular Assist Device) heart pump as a long-term “destination” device.<br />

(Heart pumps are usually meant to be temporary, until a donor organ<br />

becomes available.) He often credited his extraordinarily long seven years<br />

with an LVAD to his wife Pat’s medical background.<br />

“The key to longevity with an LVAD is sleeping with your doctor,” he liked<br />

to joke.<br />

Kushner is survived by his wife Patricia, sons Gantt and Todd, daughter<br />

Lesley, three grandsons, a granddaughter, and his dog Reo. P<br />

Harvey Kushner.<br />

Photo courtesy<br />

the Kushner<br />

family<br />

78 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>


Spectacular lot in PVE with resort-like grounds. Custom Colonial architecture design exudes elegance and charm. 5BR + Library, 7<br />

Baths, 6,258 square feet, 29,653 SF lot size. Ocean and coastline view.<br />

1409VIAARCO.COM $4,995,000<br />



310.544.7301<br />


BRE# 01729186<br />



LET THE VIEW SPEAK FOR ITSELF! Panoramic queen’s necklace view from Santa Monica, downtown LA,<br />

PV Golf Course to Long Beach. GATED PROPERTY, 6BR, 6.5baths, 9884 SF living area, 48,353 lot size.<br />

North-South facing TENNIS COURT. An aesthetic balance of comfort and design is found in every room of this house.<br />

702VIALACUESTA.COM $8,999,000


5 Beds | 4 Baths | 2,712 SQft | $1,399,000<br />

Selling the Neighborhood<br />

We Live, Work & Play<br />

Anne St. Cyr<br />

310.755.9592<br />

edlergroup.com<br />

Anne.StCyr@vistasir.com<br />

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Scott K. Lynch<br />

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Cell<br />

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www.LynchElectric.us<br />

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Vocal Technician<br />

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Jeannine McDaniel<br />

Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

20 year experience<br />

All Ages<br />

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What we do…<br />

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Painting & more.<br />

Valente Marin<br />

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Thank You South Bay for<br />

50 Years of Patronage!<br />

Residential • Commercial • Industrial<br />

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2013<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 81

310.539.6685 310.884.1870<br />

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WineShoppe<br />

310.539.1055<br />

Northwest Corner of Crenshaw Blvd. & Pacific Coast Hwy.<br />

in Torrance ~ For Information, Call 310.534.0411<br />


84 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>

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