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CIO & LEADER-November 2017 (1)

Monica Menghini,

Monica Menghini, Dassault Systèmes Interview “We talk about Industry 4.0 and automation now,which was already invented 30 years ago" –Monica Menghini, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Dassault Systèmes to the CFO. This is an approach that radically changes because transformation becomes directly proportional to cost. You cannot develop and execute transformation thinking and, at the same time, worry about cost. That is impossible. Innovation can be frugal and therefore, it doesn’t cost anything or it can be an enormous investment over the counter and you cannot treat transformation and procurement the same way. For instance, if the CDO is a person with real power, he sits with the executive committee, can speak his mind, and can really recommend what needs to be done and then rest of the executive committee needs to take a decision after listening to him. He will be the most powerful guy in the world because every single board in the world, and every single executive in a company , is looking for experienced professionals in the field of technology and digitalization. With the changing ecosystem that you just described, where does Dassault Systèmes see the opportunity from an Indian manufacturing perspective? For small manufacturers, in terms of providing a solution, we do have a sales steam that is deeply focused on adddressing their needs. We treat these companies in the same way as we treat like a giant such as Tata or Mahindra. They are aware of our diverse portfolio. Then, there are exploratory or discovery projects. We have over 43 fabrication labs in India and we are opening or collaborating with the governments and several national researchers. Whether it is for space or for transportation and mobility, and sometimes, it is for new types of industries. Take for instance,biotech space, we are as much involved in creating a tissue which gives that energy to embryos. At this time, the small manufacturer is at a critical space because the majority of the mainstream companies are either investigating whether they want to become a giant or they want to stay where they are. India, at the moment, is the best place to be and being in between if you want, they have the same access as the big clients in solutions and support or even partnership. If I count our strategic partnerships around the world, you will find that there are many small manufacturers who are partners as compared to the big manufacturing gains of the industry November 2017 | CIO&LEADER 5

THE DEMOCRATIZATION OF DIGITAL PAYMENT Demonetization did not push up, let alone initiate digital payments. But it managed to spread it significantly. It is now for the consumer businesses to make innovative use of the new regime By Shyamanuja Das

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