StoryMuse 2017 Annual Report

An overview of the first year of StoryMuse, LLC

An overview of the first year of StoryMuse, LLC


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<strong>2017</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


contents<br />

3 Introduction<br />

4 Virginia Tech Residency<br />

5 Trigger Warning<br />

6 Workshops<br />

7 Individual Coaching<br />

8 Other Fun Things<br />

8 The Big Next

olling forward<br />

December <strong>2017</strong><br />

A year. I can’t believe I’m closing out the<br />

*I believe that stories build strength<br />

first year at <strong>StoryMuse</strong>. So glad I finally<br />

through appreciating vulnerability &<br />

responded to my call to be a<br />

authenticity.<br />

professional storyteller & story coach!<br />

*I believe we increase personal<br />

I took this leap a little faster than some<br />

charisma and resilience when we build<br />

might when starting a practice, but I try<br />

empathy through storytelling.<br />

to think of it more as just rolling down<br />

*I believe that most good stories are<br />

the path meant for me. I do call<br />

ultimately about change. If something<br />

<strong>StoryMuse</strong> a practice by the way, rather<br />

doesn’t change, then it wasn’t a story, it<br />

than a business. It's a discipline,<br />

was just an anecdote.<br />

something to be continually refined.<br />

<strong>StoryMuse</strong> in the News<br />

Philosophy<br />

Here are some interviews I did over the<br />

last year where I talk about the Genesis &<br />

Over the year, I’ve developed a<br />

philosophy and a curriculum that has<br />

Revelations I’ve had about <strong>StoryMuse</strong>.<br />

certain foundations, certain principles<br />

Literary Atlanta<br />

that guide my work, including:<br />

North Avenue Lounge

partnerships<br />

Over the course of the 2016-17<br />

“The emotional gravity of such an<br />

academic year, I returned to Virginia<br />

undertaking necessitated an<br />

Tech to lead a storytelling residency<br />

enormous amount of patience, trust-<br />

about Resilience, Remembrance, and<br />

building, care, and commitment–all of<br />

Reflection for the ten-year<br />

which Shannon demonstrated in<br />

observance of the 2007 shooting<br />

spades. Shannon listened deeply to<br />

that happened there.<br />

and honored the needs of<br />

participants and us, the<br />

The residency included three one-<br />

commissioning arts presenter.<br />

week engagements in November,<br />

Consequently, we all seemed to grow<br />

March, and April, each week<br />

through the process Shannon<br />

consisting of workshops, guest<br />

facilitated.<br />

lectures, community meetings, and<br />

~Jon Catherwood-Ginn<br />

public performances. To cap off, I<br />

Associate Director of Programming,<br />

directed a storytelling show, Stories<br />

Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech<br />

of (Be)longing at The Lyric Theatre<br />

Virginia Tech<br />

Stories of [Be]longing:<br />

resiliance. remembrance.<br />

reflection.<br />

This project was funded in part by:<br />

on April 16, <strong>2017</strong>.

Loafing<br />

Creative<br />

Georgia Voice<br />

The<br />

partnerships<br />

What happened to us at Virginia<br />

The night of the show we had a<br />

Tech was a very public, even global<br />

packed 200-person house and more<br />

event, but I wanted to give everyday<br />

than doubled our fundraising goal.<br />

stories about encounters with trauma<br />

“Shannon M. Turner rocks! We could<br />

and violence a place on the stage.<br />

not be more happy about our<br />

collaboration with <strong>StoryMuse</strong> on<br />

Trigger Warning, a benefit for Men<br />

Trigger Warning: A Night of Stories.<br />

Stopping Violence, emerged. On<br />

The event helped introduce Men<br />

Saturday, June 24 at 7 Stages in<br />

Stopping Violence and our work to a<br />

Atlanta, we had 8 storytellers from<br />

broad new community. We are eager<br />

across the metro area. I auditioned<br />

to work with <strong>StoryMuse</strong> again.”<br />

and rehearsed with these folks over<br />

~Ulester Douglas<br />

the course of the spring & early<br />

Executive Director,<br />

summer.<br />

Men Stopping Violence<br />

This project received a private grant<br />

Trigger Warning in the News:<br />

through the Community Foundation<br />

sponsored by C4 Atlanta. This<br />

support paid for my time, stipends for<br />

artists, theatre rental, marketing, etc.<br />

Trigger Warning:<br />

A Night of Stories<br />

of Greater Atlanta and was fiscally

workshops<br />

2016 - 10 Workshops - 88 people served<br />

<strong>2017</strong> - 26 Workshops - 404 people served<br />

Young African Leaders Initiative: Summers 2016, <strong>2017</strong>, and coming again in<br />

2018, I've been in a return engagement as guest lecturer at Georgia State<br />

University’s Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative.<br />

Over the course of 3-4 workshops each summer, I help the fellows explore<br />

Personal Storytelling for Your Professional Brand.<br />

Decatur Writers Studio: Fall <strong>2017</strong> I taught a six-week course called “Storytelling<br />

for Writers” for the Decatur Writers Studio.

individual coaching<br />

11 clients - 33 coaching hours total<br />

"Shannon’s curriculum is world class. Her words have impact, whether she is<br />

telling a story or coaching other passionate individuals. Her dedication to this<br />

art, and to developing this skill in others is commendable! I thoroughly enjoy<br />

working with Shannon. I utilize the art of storytelling in my professional realm to<br />

focus the impact of my words, and in my personal life to process experiences.<br />

These are the real ways in which Shannon M. Turner and <strong>StoryMuse</strong> are<br />

changing our Atlanta community, and the world." ~ Christin Rutz

other<br />

fun<br />

stuff<br />

Cucalorus Festival<br />

National Storytelling<br />

Network Conference<br />

(thanks to many donors<br />

through a successful<br />

GoFundMe campaign)<br />

North Avenue Lounge<br />

Stories on the Edge in partnership with<br />

Alternate ROOTS, ROOTS Weekend<br />

SpaceMuse & Date Muse<br />

Atlanta<br />

StoryMusings Online<br />

Curriculum<br />

the<br />

big<br />

next<br />

I'm cooking up lots of good stuff<br />

for 2018. To start, I will be traveling<br />

the state together with a<br />

photographer, collecting stories<br />

about people with developmental<br />

disabilities for the purposes of advocacy at the state legislature. I'm going to be<br />

offering a workshop with follow-up coaching to Georgia Tech faculty on how to tell<br />

their stories of failure. I'm also beginning work with the Carrie Steele-Pitts Home<br />

serving youth in foster care and returning to the Young African Leaders Initiative.<br />

2018 is looking full and full of possibility. Thanks for all your support!<br />

In community,<br />


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