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Ferment Issue 20 // Christmas in California

Escape the cold with our sun-drenched beer road trip.

Advertorial BEER

Advertorial BEER PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION & TRAINING It’s a beer school with a world-class difference (DON'T FEAR) When it comes to raising the bar of beer knowledge, we’re passionate about championing the craft and specialty for fans and professionals alike. You’ll be offered an in-depth education in craft beer, delivered by professionals who will train you for the first two levels of the highly acclaimed Cicerone® Certifications - the industry standard which recognises those with the best beer knowledge. WORDS: Mark Dredge BPET level 1 has 16 hours of teaching where you will be prepared for the Cicerone Certified Beer Server exam. You will taste 24 different beers, cover 40 styles and learn about keeping and serving beer as well being able to confidently describe the flavour profile of any beer in an accessible way. BPET level 2 will be launched next year and is an in depth training covering all aspects of beer, from brewing and ingredients to draught systems, food pairing, off-flavours and all 70 styles of beer in the Certified Cicerone® syllabus. 40 hours of expert tuition will help prepare for the exam that sets the standard for beer professionals. These courses tackle essential information, for example teaching the best way to pour beer. Best practice technique ensures correct level of foam so beer aroma and flavour can be enjoyed, while ensuring the absolute minimum amount of waste and the customer getting the quality of pint they deserve! We also train students how to describe flavours so that general terms like ‘hoppy’ or ‘malty’ are avoided and accurate descriptors that can really describe a beer are used. These classes were developed by three stand-out beer professionals. Two of only 13 Master Cicerones® Mirella Amato (also a Doemens® Beer Sommelier) and Rich Higgins, as well as the only Advanced Cicerone in the UK & Beer Academy® Beer Sommelier Jonny Tyson have pooled their wealth of industry experience in designing the BPET program. “Our goal is to bring knowledge to both beer fans and professionals, attracting new consumers to craft and specialty These courses have been launched in partnership with the leading wine and spirits educators in the UK – Local Wine Schools, with locations across the UK. For more information please go to beer. It makes sense for enthusiasts and the hospitality industry alike to explore beer education so that they can embrace the wider world of craft beer. Bars and pubs will benefit from giving their customers a superior experience and enthusiasts can make better and more informed choices on their beer journey” Jonny Tyson- Advanced Cicerone , BPET educator and course co-creator. TESTIMONIALS FROM THE TRADE… JAMES TOLAN - “It has been a really fun and enjoyable way of gaining some in-depth knowledge about lots of aspects of beer. I’ve come out feeling more informed and more engaged when drinking and serving beer.” NICOLA BROWN - “It has been hugely helpful for my job, I manage a bar so learning about different beer styles has been great.” This is about New England IPAs. Those beers which look and taste like boozy juice. Smooth, cloudy, sometimes strong, always fruity, and the must-brew thing in craft beer right now. I’m irrevocably drawn to them. I can’t stop buying them. But I hate myself for ordering them, for not being able to not order them, for the constant thought that ‘maybe this next one will be great,’ when usually, for me, it isn’t. I seem to be stuck on the tropical gravy train and I can’t get off. I’ve chased after the freshest ones. I’m still chasing them. I’ve gone out of my way and out of my budget to get them. I’ve been around New England and around too many old English industrial estates. I’ve sought out the local ones and the latest releases. I’ve had them as fresh as possible. I’ve had some great ones, for sure, but I’ve had too many drain pours that I couldn’t finish. Raw alcohol. Hop soup. Soapy and sickly. Unbalanced, unrefreshing and underwhelming. ‘Troubled by Trub’ is the title of this chapter of my beer life. Those drain pours? Some were only a week old. A week old?! Drink them fresh, I thought. Turns out that was too fresh. Unbelievable, really. All those fruity, flowery hops hadn’t ripened yet, hadn’t budded, hadn’t bloomin’ bloomed. Are we at a place where we need to sell beer to ripen at home? Buy it and drink it as fresh as possible, they say, just not too fresh. But how do you know when they’re fresh enough? When they’ve hit their best freshness? What if it was better yesterday, or what if I’d have waited another day or week or month? Or what if it never even gets fresh? I see these beers on Instagram, see the glasses of thick orange and I think they look amazing, I think they look like a very particular juicy taste and texture, a taste and texture which 63 FERMENT MAGAZINE FERMENT MAGAZINE 64

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