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Fah Thai Magazine Nov/Dec 2017

“FAH THAI” is the in-flight magazine of Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited and is edited and published by MPMI Group Ltd.


HAPPENINGS THAILAND SAMUI SPOTLIGHT Everyday I Juggle Idyllic Samui has gotten more playful as the circus comes to town. This one’s a unique and exciting addition to the island that’s already vibrant with recreational offerings. Learn a different kind of performance art with Samui Circus Studio – a contemporary school for fire shows and circus performance. Founded by well-known performer and juggler Poppy Sanman, holiday-goers who would love to try their hand at performing or get as close to a circus experience as possible can sign up for courses. The place also offers tailored classes and services with choices of activities ranging from learning circus, dance, and fire show routines to martial arts. Whether you’re a first-timer or looking for engaging activity during a family holiday – the school with its certified reputation and professional team of entertainment experts will teach you a trick or two! RIDE LIKE THE WIND Fly high with the unforgettable experience of indoor skydiving. EasyFly Koh Samui, Thailand’s popular operator of fast ride EasyKart has opened a sister branch to offer a different kind of action. The recreational activity involves a wild ride into a wind tunnel and gets you floating high. There’s no airplane jump and no parachute needed, all it takes is for thrill seekers to join in the fun at EasyFly’s facility in Chaweng Lake. Prepare to experience a real free fall sensation within a vertical wind tunnel, where the air moves upwards at approximately 200km/h. NATURE’S TOUCH Nestled among the pristine nature of Samui, the Tamarind Springs Forest Spa is known for its dedicated day spa. With a debut in 1997, the spa is now recognised worldwide for superb pampering spa programmes and a method to channel the peaceful rhythm of nature. Their unique treatment and holistic approach aims at de-stressing the body and rejuvenation that’s in tune with the serenity that nature brings. Some of Tamarind Springs Forest Spa’s acclaimed programmes include the Forest Spa Herbal Steam Saunas with a unique sauna room built into a natural rock cave, together with the refreshing presence of rock plunge pools. Tamarind Springs Forest Spa also offers accommodations equally relaxing with their tropical-style villas, healthy restaurant with a spectacular view, and yoga classes and retreats., +66 (0) 80 569 6654 100