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Fah Thai Magazine Nov/Dec 2017

“FAH THAI” is the in-flight magazine of Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited and is edited and published by MPMI Group Ltd.


HAPPENINGS THAILAND PHUKET / KRABI / TRANG SPOTLIGHT By the Seas of Sikao Sikao, the northwest district of Trang province boasts of gorgeous seashores and a national park. It’s the go-to beach destination for locals, and Sikao serves as the spot where most visitors come as a hop-off point to Trang or nearby islands at the main piers of Pak Meng. But the main treat is also the pristine Haad Chao Mai National Park that covers the entire shoreline area of more than 144,000 rai (or 57,000 acres). The long stretch of white beaches are open to the public and as an unexpected sight, see content cattle as they graze. Make plans to spend the day at the national park and bring your own picnic basket and enjoy the beach. Also nearby is Kantang - the former main district of Trang where most of the province’s trading and commerce happened, thanks to its seaport. Now Kantang is a popular one-day trip for those interested in seeing the glorious past of the old port and its gorgeous and historic train station. When it’s time to dine, sample the district’s famous eateries. These seafood restaurants have been dishing up meals to diners for the longest time and is worth a visit. C M Y CM KRABI WELCOMING STRIPES Throughout the month of November, Krabi province welcomes the start of this year’s tourism season, following the end of the monsoon rains. Traditional boats locally known as “Hua Tong (high bow)” gets adorned with stripes of colourful jersey fabrics. This longstanding fishermen tradition marks an HISTORIC HERBAL SHOP In Phuket Old Town, the main street of Thalang is still the place that’s best to observe Phuket’s rich legacy in action. Many descendants of settled Phuket families still live here, hence the street is dubbed as a living museum. At Nguan Choon Tong, one can see the original centuries-old Chinese herbal medicine shop still selling an array of traditional Chinese prescribed cures and more. Entering into the shop, one is met with the perfume of aromatic herbs. Open daily (except Sundays): 8am - 5pm T: +66 (0) 76 215 901 MY CY CMY K auspicious moment for these handcrafted wood boats commonly used by local seamen to transfer tourists in and out of the shores as they explore Krabi’s magnificent islands. The unique shape and uplifted bow design on the hua thong boat lets it withstand the high waves of the Andaman Sea. Be on the lookout for the boat, as it’s a common sight around Krabi, Trang and Phuket. Krabi alone has about 3,000 of the distinctive high-bowed boats in operation. Anyone interested in immersing in the local boating tradition can choose to hire a hua thong next time a venture to island hop comes to mind. 106