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10 december 2017_final

10 december

DL-SW-01/4087/15-17 Regd. No. RN 36834/80 BULLETIN December 2017 I.S.S.N: 2348 – 1137 Vol. 37, No. 7 - December, 2017 MONTHLY BULLETIN POSTED NEW DELHI, P.S.O. News and Features Agency in English and Hindi Price Rs - 10/- News From Non - Aligned World What’s New ? Indonesia-Tunisia bilateral relations NAM and human security Non-Aligned Movement’s efforts to curb increasing worldwide hunger Poverty Reduction strategy in NAM Member States NAM calls for comprehensive approach towards the issue of missiles NAM highlights the significance of UNCLOS Illiteracy a hurdle in development NAM attaches importance to promoting cultural diversity Website : (1)

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