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News From Non -Aligned

News From Non -Aligned World sustainable development for the benefit of present and future generations. 7) Equitable access to a rich and diversified range of cultural expressions from all over the world and access of cultures to the means of expressions and dissemination constitute important elements for enhancing cultural diversity and encouraging mutual understanding. 8) When States adopt measures to support the diversity of cultural expressions; they should seek to promote, in an appropriate manner, openness to other cultures of the world. NAM recognises the importance of respect and understanding for religious and cultural diversity throughout the world, of choosing negotiations over confrontation and of working together and not against each other. The Movement firmly believes that such values holds the key to almost all of multilateral objectives. Indonesia-Tunisia bilateral...... and Tunisian business actors in trade, investment, development and tourism. During his recent visit to Tunisia, the Indonesian Foreign Minister Marsudi paid a courtesy call to the Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed and during the meet economic cooperation was the focus of discussion. The two nations also cooperate in the field of capacity building and technical cooperation. Indonesia has Poverty Reduction strategy...... health, education, water and sanitation systems, along with social protection systems. This has enabled poor and excluded groups to acquire rights and voice earlier in the development trajectory, with no need to wait for the benefits of economic growth to trickle down. Good governance Contd.....from Page 8 conducted 11 technical cooperation programs, followed by 34 participants from Tunisia in various fields such as water management , micro-financing , democracy, election management, anti-corruption and good governance. Indonesia has invited participants from Tunisia to participate in the Indonesia Technical Cooperation Program for 2018 including in agriculture, SMEs, maritime and fisheries, family planning and democracy. Contd.....from Page 11 through transparency and access to information, use of information, decentralization, participatory governance reforms and communication technologies, mass registration drives, anti-corruption measures and ensuring access to justice and a free media. Empowerment from below Empowerment can be achieved through protest and organization by people living in poverty. Governments should focus on creating an enabling institutional environment for empowerment, for example The key role of the State is to respond positively to such pressures (and not attempt to suppress them). NAM highlights the significance...... nautical mile (nm), extending the rights of Vietnam to the sea, not just confined to the right to fishing rights, but also other sovereign rights and jurisdiction. Contd.....from Page 13 Zone, thus contributing to the development and consolidation of the practice of States, which later on became an important institution of the UNCLOS. With this Declaration, Vietnam together with Kenya, Myanmar, Cuba, Yemen, Dominique, Guatemala, India, Pakistan, Mexico and Seychelles were the pioneering states in developing the concept of Exclusive Economic NAM thus regards UNCLOS as a significant instrument of international law and also highlights its importance for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity. December, 2017 (16)

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