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Top​ ​7​ ​Resources​ ​With​ ​The​ ​Most

Professional​ ​Capstone​ ​Paper​ ​Examples

A capstone paper is a product generated for a capstone project. Let us first see

what a capstone project is. If a student wants to pursue an independent research

on a particular problem of their choice, then they undergo a two-semester

process. Then with the guidance of their mentors, they produce a relevant paper

which has some relevant information about the topic and gives us a deep

understanding about it. This whole process is known as a capstone project and

the paper generated is known as a capstone paper. There are many capstone

paper​ ​examples​ ​available.

A​ ​Capstone​ ​Project

A capstone project showcases the interdisciplinary knowledge of the students

regarding the objective of core learning. It comes under a capstone course which

serves as a culminating and integrative experience in the field of education. A

capstone​ ​project​ ​consists​ ​of​ ​following​ ​components:-

● A​ ​relevant​ ​and​ ​sufficient​ ​capstone​ ​project​ ​proposal

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