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Spring Programme 2018


Where learning and practice meet.

Spring 2018


But is it Art?, Samantha Taylor, See

page 11.


Ambiguous #2, Jenny Brock

Looking back at 2017, Bath Artists’

Studios has had an eventful 20th Year.

Among our achievements we have

continued to grow our relationships

with both of Bath’s Universities, the

Royal United Hospital and developed

a partnership with Town Hall Arts in

Trowbridge. Celebrations of our 20th

Anniversary culminated in September with

one of our most successful Open Studio

weekends. We have also welcomed

new members, and our artists continue

to successfully show and sell their work

locally, nationally and internationally.

So what may we look forward to in 2018?

To begin with, we will be looking to build

on the successes of the past twelve

months. Again we welcome into our

midst two recent graduates of Bath Spa

University as our artists in residence. BAS

artists will also be collaborating with artists

from Kapos Art through the auspices of

the Bath Kaposvar Twinning Association.

As always we have a comprehensive

selection of classes and workshops for

all abilities and ages, including some new

additions to our offer. Later in the Spring

we will also be launching Assembly! Our

free subscription scheme (see page 8).

For readers wishing to be kept informed

of our exhibitions, events and activities,

please register your interest at




This season Bath Artists’ Studios welcomes five artists - two artists in

residence and three permanent members. Representing sculpture,

film, painting, print and installation. Our new members reflect the

diversity of art practice within our community.

Will Wilford

‘Primarily a painter; I make abstract works that interrogate themes of time and

labour, and the aesthetic of labour intensiveness. Repetitive gestures produced

systematically make up abstract and temporal surfaces that act as archives for

time and labour. With each gesture representative of theories of marking and

storing time in painting; gestures or ‘moments’ are indicative of the time spent

on their production. The rhythms created through the marks are interrupted with

marks of a contrasting style. The conversation between the layers of paint, or lack

thereof, produces a kind of spatial disjunction; tensions born of this lack of harmony

contribute to the aura of the artworks. This systematic way of making a painting is

counterbalanced by a more intuitive approach to colour choice and rhythm when

painting the gestures. The fact that they are paintings and imbued with traces of the

human hand is important to me as this helps to highlight the human nature of labour

and repetition.’



IMAGE: Angel Greenham

ABOVE: Will Wilford, 100x110cm, Oil on canvas, 2017

Russell Bell- Artist in residence

‘Trust in the universe. Trust in government. Believe in Art. Believe in family. Believe

in yourself. Believe in some kind of divinity who loves you. Russell’s work is

focused on the issue of belief. This is partly expressed through the filmed exploits

of a trinity of personas, Dark Matters, Mr Blue and Gorilla Graham. Each Persona

has a characteristic response to the world. Through them it’s his intention to

explore “belief and absurdities of belief” and related themes of meaning and

meaninglessness, knowing and unknowing, nonsense, and nihilism. Russell’s ideas

are primarily sketched out through the mediums of film and painting.’

Angel Greenham

Angel Greenham studied at Bath School of

Art & Design on a Masters in Fine Art between

2015 - 2017. Whilst on this programme

she took part in many exhibitions including;

The Future Can’t Wait, at Black Swan Arts,

Fringe Arts Bath Festival and SomePlace at

Centrespace, Bristol. Angel also took part in

a residency at Walcot Chapel, exploring light

and transforming the ceiling and the walls of

the chapel with an explosion of colour.

Her sculptures are an exploration of fantasy,

creating environments that encourage the

viewer to escape the realms of modern life

and enter into a new space . Her work is

simply crafted and often playful, and she

uses a range of methods to realise her work

including; performance, drawing and video.

Alice Cardhall- Artist in residence

‘Having just finished my undergraduate degree

in Fine Art, I join Bath Artists’ Studios to continue

the development of my installation based

practice. A need to explore the possibilities

of printmaking when removed from traditional

styles of presentation guides me to create work

which inhabits a physical space. By twisting

and suspending scrolls of printed paper I create

sculptural forms designed to be seen from

multiple angles and non traditional viewpoints.

Using this shift between overall sculptural

presence and closer two dimensional markmaking,

I aim to encourage an interaction with

the work as an object rather than flat imagery.

Repetition has always been key to my work.

Beginning with lino and wood I overlay and

catalogue prints into grids of visual information,

taking the time to navigate the joys and

inconsistencies of hand printing.’


Zoe Woolley

Born in 1982, Zoë Woolley grew up in the local hills of the Chew Valley. She

received her BA from Central Saint Martins in 2005 and her MA from the New York

Academy of Art in 2013. She completed diplomas in metalwork, ceramics and

massage whilst living and working in London before her move to America. She

has exhibited in Italy, the UK and USA. Zoë attended a residency in Carrara, Italy

following the Merit Award from the New York Academy of Art and has received the

Prince of Wales Scholarship, the Walter & Michael Lantz Prize, and the Edward

Fenno Hoffman Prize from The National Competition for Figurative Sculpture,

USA. She lives and works in Bath.




IMAGE: Angel Greenham

Assembly! is a free

subscription scheme at

Bath Artists’ Studios,

building a community of like

minded people who want to

support art,

design and creativity in


Assembly! will be launched in

Spring 2018 to coincide with

the culmination of Bath Artists’

Studios 20th Anniversary.

Benefits to Assembly!

subscribers will include: Our

seasonal brochure sent to you

by e-mail and invitations to our

exhibitions and events. We

will also introduce an online

community and programme of

special events.

Assembly! is FREE and it’s

easy to register. Just complete

your details and return to the

address overleaf or e-mail us at

Registration Details






Suggestions: If you have any suggestions for events or activities

you would like us to include, please write them below.

Assembly! Bath Artists’ Studios, The Old Malthouse,

Comfortable Place, Upper Bristol Road, Bath, BA1 3AJ.

Tel: 01225 482 480.


IMAGE: Shall We Stay Here, Grow Old (Detail), James Thornton


Friday 26th January – Sunday

11th February: 12.00-5.00pm

Opening Evening Thursday

25th January: 6.00-8.00pm

A group of figures react to an

unseen work of art, displaying

a variety of emotions; curiosity,

fascination, bewilderment, even

hostility. It is up to us, the viewer

to recreate the invisible work in

our minds eye, and depending

upon its nature, our perception

of the character of the sculpted

gallery goers changes.


Friday 16th – Tuesday 27th February: 12.00-5.00pm

Opening Evening: Thursday 15th February 6.00-8.00pm

The influence of the landscape, in particular of childhood, has continued to shape

James’s visual and audio practice - manifesting itself through a Romantic sensibility

whilst exploring our notions of home, and how we identify with this.

He is a painter who is exploring the expectations, limitations, and ways of presenting

the medium that has opened pathways to investigate objects, sound, an emphasis

on materials, and the gallery space itself.

He studied at Bath School of Art & Design for a BA in Fine Art and is currently

studying for an MA in Fine Art. James has exhibited throughout the South West

having recently shown at Bruton Art Factory and Centrespace in Bristol, whilst

continuing to record, document and perform audio work.

Centred on the completed

figure group and accompanied

by preparatory drawings and

documentary photos, the body of

work in this exhibition is the result

of a project by one of Bath Artists’

Studios longest standing classes

led by sculptor Sue Larner.

The group aim to use this

exhibition as a springboard from

which to secure the eventual

realisation of the piece as a

permanent work for a public

space in Bath.

IMAGE: Fabric for Sale

(Detail), IMAGE: But Sarah is it Art?, Wimperis Samantha Taylor


12 13

landscapes of imagination: paintings by jenny brock

Friday 9th – Tuesday 27th March 12.00-5.00pm

Opening Evening Thursday 8th March 6.00-8.00pm

‘My practice works in the domain of painting and always

involves semi-abstract or surreal elements, so that

my work is ambiguous and aims to be a personal and

engaging experience. My paintings evoke half-imagined

landscapes and otherworldly vistas. The Romantic

tradition heavily inspires my work; Turner’s expressive

layering and depth, and Friedrich’s sublime atmospheres.

However, I combine old and new by including more

contemporary creative elements, such as vivid colours

and spontaneous mark-making, for example dripping

paint and creasing the canvas. This playful approach is

integral to my work’s finished appearance and creates

a relationship between process and representation; the

idea of coaxing an image out of the results of exploration

is fascinating to me.’


10m x 7m Workshop/Teaching Room

£10.50ph or £73.50 for 8hr day.

Our large and popular teaching room

can accommodate classes of up to

40 people. Hiring the space includes

access to easels, boards, tables,

lighting, sink and changing room. You

will also have access to our ‘Common

Room’ for breaks and refreshments.

Publicly accessible classes are eligible

for complimentary promotion via our

website and social media channels.


Gallery | Teaching Room | SCULPTURE ROOM | STUDIOS


3m x 3m enclosed workshop space

£5.25ph, £21pd, £52.50pw,


As an extension to our Teaching

Room and Gallery facilities, this

newly developed space comprises

an area suitable for casting, wet or

construction based sculpture. Hire of

this space includes access to sink and

draining/drying areas.


5m x 2.5m Studio Space

24 hr access for booking

Price on Enquiry

The Roper Studio is a newly opened

5m x 2.5m workspace adjacent to The

Roper Gallery. For the majority of the

year the studio will be home to our

programme of residencies. However

it will also be available for hire to artists

and community groups wishing to

undertake special projects or make

work in conjunction with booking an


Left: Pupils at work during a Sculpture class in

The Teaching Room

14 13

IMAGE: Jenny Brock


For all enquiries for booking facilities at BAS please contact:

The Roper Gallery

6m x 8m Exhibition Space

24hr access for booking

£194.25pw £52.50pd/£157.50pw £31.50pd

The Roper Gallery is a spacious and well lit ‘white cube’ gallery ideal as a venue for

solo, joint or group exhibitions. The gallery provides an opportunity to exhibit your

work in a relaxed and friendly environment. The venue is also suitable for events,

workshops and talks or seminars.

Weekly bookings are typically from Wednesdays to Tuesdays. This will include

complimentary promotion of your event via our website, social media channels and

internal communications.

For all enquiries for booking facilities at BAS please contact:


£12.60 pm per sq meter

A community of 60 professional artists and makers, our building offers a studios in

a wide range of sizes over two floors. 3D work is accommodated in our ground

floor and warehouse spaces while 2D work is located in our first floor studios.

Spaces become vacant on a regular basis and we always welcome applications

from new artists interested in taking a studio.


For all enquiries and applying for a studio space at BAS please contact:

IMAGE: Ryszard Sliwka

16 17

Throughout the year Bath Artists’ Studios has a 3 termly programme

of classes and workshops in our large and well equipped teaching

room. If you would like to book a place on a class, please contact

the class tutor. Contact details for all tutors can be found in the

directory that follows this section.

If you are a tutor and have an idea for a class, the Teaching Room is

available for as little as £10.60ph, so we’d love to hear from you. Please

contact: or call 01225 482 480


18 17


Drawing From Life

8th January – 19th March (Half-Term

12th February)

10.00am – 1.00pm or 2.00pm –


£220 full course (not including


Intensive drawing classes for those

keen to learn. The course is aimed

towards those who are looking

to establish a firm and intelligent

foundation for a lifetime of creative


Tutors: Saied Dai and Charlotte


Life Drawing and Painting


8th January – 19th March (Half-Term

12th February)

7.00pm – 9.30pm

£12.50 per class (not including


An informative class aimed at

improving drawing skills as well as

exploring various mediums. Tuition

available. For beginners to fully

fledged artists wishing to work in a

supportive, friendly atmosphere.

Tutor: Charlotte Edge


Long Pose Class

9th January – 20th March (Half -Term

13th February)


£11.00 per class (not including


This is an untutored friendly life

drawing class. The life model holds

the one pose for the whole session

and is heavily lit. This is a drop in

class and all abilities are welcome.

Tutor: Sue Larner

Life Drawing for all Levels

9th January – 20th March (Half Term

13th February) 2.00pm-4.30pm

£165 full course – or pro rata after

start of term (materials included

except paper).

This class is suitable for all abilities

and provides a friendly environment

which supports and encourages

absolute beginners, creatively

challenges those who want to

improve their drawing and gives

a framework for artists who want

to further their creative practice.

Individual attention is given to assess

each student’s needs and provide

them with the appropriate level of


Tutor: Felicity Bowers

Teen After School Art Club

(Ages 11-14)

9th January - 20th March (Half Term

13th February)

4.00pm – 5.00pm

19 18

£60 full term (including


Art classes for older children interested

in extending their creative studies.

Students will cover a number of

mediums- clay, textiles, print, painting

etc, to give the pupils a chance to

develop a range of creative skills.

Tutor: Funky Art House

Children’s After School Art

Club (Ages 7-11)

9th January - 20th March (Half Term

13th February)

5.30pm - 6.30pm

£60 full term (including materials)

Each term pupils will have the

opportunity to explore a different

area of art and design. Artistic topics

include drawing, painting, textiles, clay,

paper-crafts, illustration, architecture,

animation, print and more. Pupils

will learn new skills, investigate a

number of artists and designers

work and creative professions and

document their creations in their own

sketchbook. Students will also get the

chance to visit art exhibitions, enter

competitions and exhibit their work in


Tutor: Funky Art House

Life Drawing

9th January – 20th March (Half -Term

13th February)


£200 for whole course (limited

concessions available)

A highly structured drawing class

using the life model as inspiration. We

will use many exercises and materials

to discover mark making, perspective,

form, composition, and tone. Each

week we will tackle new aspects of

drawing the human form to help each

student build their own individual

practice as an artist. This class will

benefit beginners as well as practicing

artists. Materials will be available to

buy in class.

Tutor: Sue Larner


Creativity Through

Watercolour and Mixed


10th January – 21st March (Half-Term

14th February)


£132 (not including materials)

This is a course enabling people to

develop in their own unique way.

Initially the craft and techniques of

watercolours and then of mixed media

(combining watercolour with gouache

and acrylic, also charcoal and pastels)

will be taught and demonstrated to

show their descriptive and expressive

potential. (Oil painting techniques are

also taught).

20 19

Nature is experienced in the

details of growth patterns as

well as through landscape. Natural

forms echo our own psychological

processes and they also provide the

starting point for imaginative themes,

thus linking the inner and outer


Tutor: Michael Chaitow

Life Sculpture

10th January – 21st March (Half Term

14th February)


£160 + £15 materials

The life model holds one pose for 3-4

weeks. Clay, direct ciment fondu and

wire are used to discover the human

form in three dimensions. We will also

tackle the portrait head, the relief and

casting. Beginners welcome.

Tutor Sue Larner


10th January – 21st March (Half Term

14th February)


£120 + £16 materials

This is a group led untutored

sculpture class for experienced

sculptors wanting to experiment using

the human form as a starting point.

Tutor: Sue Larner


21 20

The Art of Portraiture

11th January – 22nd March (Half-

Term 15th February)

10.00am – 1.00pm

£150 (not including materials)

A structured course in the art of

portraiture working from the model,

progressing from drawing (structure

and proportion) through to full

painting. Emphasis will be given to

the progression from drawing through

to painting in stages using traditional

laying and glazing techniques.

Tutor: Michael Chaitow

Conceptual Drawing

18th January – 22nd February

6.00pm - 8.00pm

£120 (basic materials supplied)

This course, catering for students of

all abilities, offers the opportunity to

experiment with conceptual drawing

techniques. You will explore a diverse

range of mark making processes and

gain an insight into artists who work

within this field of artistic practice.

Tutor: Fay Stevens

Children’s After School Art

Club (Ages 7-11)

11th January - 22nd March (Half Term

15th February)

5.30pm - 6.30pm

£60 full term (including materials)

Each term pupils will have the

opportunity to explore a different

area of art and design. Artistic

topics include drawing, painting,

textiles, clay, paper-crafts, illustration,

architecture, animation, print and

more. Pupils will learn new skills,

investigate a number of artists

and designers work and creative

professions and document their

creations in their own sketchbook.

Students will also get the chance to

visit art exhibitions, enter competitions

and exhibit their work in showcases.

Tutor: Funky Art House.


Life Drawing Workshop

Saturday 3rd February

10.30am – 4.30pm

£41 (inclusive of materials except paper)

A whole day of drawing with a variety of lengths of poses, including a longer

pose for the majority of the day, giving the opportunity to paint. I offer a range of

exercises and games designed to develop eye to hand coordination and enhance

the process of seeing. There is also the opportunity to make some longer and

more considered drawings. A wide range of materials included, plus paper at a

small charge. Bring your own canvas or board if painting.

Tutor: Felicity Bowers

Conceptual Drawing: Charcoal

Saturday 24th February

11.00am – 4.00pm

£80.00 (inclusive of materials)

This day school, catering for students of all abilities, offers the opportunity to

explore the intriguing practice of conceptual drawing using charcoal. You will

explore a diverse range of mark making processes and gain an insight into artists

who work within this field of artistic practice.

Tutor: Fay Stevens

Life Drawing and Monoprinting Workshop

Saturday 10th March


£43 (inclusive of materials except paper)

An introduction to the painterly technique of monoprinting, working from the life

model for inspiration. All materials will be provided. Any level of experience

22 21

in either drawing or printmaking welcome.

Tutor: Felicity Bowers

Conceptual Drawing: Kinetic

Saturday 24th March


£80 (Inclusive of materials)

This day school, catering for students of all abilities, offers the opportunity to

explore the intriguing practice of conceptual kinetic drawing. You will explore a

diverse range of mark making processes and gain an insight into artists who work

within this field of artistic practice.

Tutor: Fay Stevens

Children’s Saturday Art Club

Throughout the year, Funky Art House runs a wide selection of classes for children

and young people. Exploring different areas of art and design, including drawing

painting, textiles, clay, paper-crafts, illustration, architecture, animation, print and

more, classes are tailored to suit three different age groups: 7-11, 11-14, 14-

17. Full details of the complete range of courses offered by Funky Art House are

available at

Tutor: Funky Art House

Inspired By Vincent

5 Monthly Sunday Workshops

10am – 3 pm

£45 per person inclusive of materials

Sarah Wimperis, the only English artist -animator on the film “Loving Vincent” will

be holding one day workshops at Bath Artists’ Studios. Sarah has exhibited with

the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, The Discerning Eye, the RI and the

RWS as well as numerous solo shows. She is a professional artist and illustrator

( Using the style and techniques of van Gogh and a

different medium each month Sarah will do a demonstration painting or drawing

then you will have the chance to create your own work. This workshop will allow

you to experience working with materials that may be new to you as well as

gaining an understanding of the techniques used by the “father of modern art”

All materials will be provided with an opportunity to purchase your own after the


14/01/18- Acrylics

11/02/18 - Oils

18/03/18 – Pen & Ink


15/04/18 - Watercolour

13/05/18 – Gouache

Tutor: Sarah Wimperis

Half Term and easter Holidays

Children’s and Teen School Holiday Workshops

Keep the kids and teens entertained over the holidays by exploring a variety of

arts and crafts in a real artists’ studio centre. Pupils will learn about local and

historical artists and take inspiration from these to produce their own unique

pieces of art. A great way to spend the holidays having fun, making new friends

and learning new creative skills. Teen Art Club covers more advanced artistic

techniques and projects.

February Half Term Workshops

13th February - 14th February

9.30am - 3.30pm

£35 per day (materials included)

Easter Holiday Workshops

26th March - 29th March


£35 per day (materials included)

Tutor: Funky Art House


Lorna Bode - Creative Ceramics:

hand building, slabbing and coiling

techniques. 1-2-1 and small group


07717 137 039

Felicity Bowers

01225 313 301

07752 879 184

Michael Chaitow

01225 938 958

07773 244 272

Saied Dai and Charlotte Sorapure

01225 858 267

07876 703 473

Charlotte Edge

07910 018 751

Funky Art House- Children’s and teen

art classes – after school, Saturday and

holiday courses.

07737 615 152

Sue Larner

01225 835 131

Trevor Lillistone- Ceramics: individual

throwing tuition

07941 716 860

Fay Stevens

07909 868 265

Sarah Wimperis

07823 7096027

23 24

25 24

Mary-Jane Evans- Ceramics tuition.

One to one tuition and small groups in

my own studio. Larger groups catered

for in our School Room. All types

of hand-building taught. Portfolio

sessions for students wanting to build

up their 3D work. All ages and abilities.

Prices and dates on request.

07984 645 380

Bath Artists’ Studios

The Old Malt House

Comfortable Place

Upper Bristol Road

Bath, BA1 3AJ

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter


General Enquiries:

01225 482 480

Both the Gallery and Teaching Room

are available for hire.

All booking enquiries:

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Studio images courtesy of Peter Stone


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