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at the lake

One of the most

beautiful wine villages

in the world.

Kaltern and its lake.

Some believe that Kaltern is located right

next to Lake Kaltern and, while that’s true

to a certain extent, the village does not rest

upon its shore. The village is a four-kilometre-drive

away from the lake. A blissful

landscape connects the two: fruit orchards,

vineyards, with the odd house popping up

now and again. Nature thrives as far as the

eye can see. Pretty paths crisscross the

landscape, even the famous South Tyrolean

Wine Road.

Kaltern at the lake 2 | 3

A market square and an outdoor theatre.

The heart of the village. Locals and tourists

alike meet here for a chit-chat, to order an

espresso or a glass of wine when they’ve

got time to spare. The square is often used

as an outdoor stage to host events: parties,

wine tasting events, farmer markets, and

live music. Going for a stroll, enjoying life,

shopping. The market square in Kaltern has

that same vibe experienced in a large theatre:

why not step in?

Kaltern at the lake 4 | 5

The perfect village for gourmets.

Kaltern wouldn’t be Kaltern without its

wine. And the locals wouldn’t be the same

either. Wine is at the heart of our and your

happiness, the perfect ingredient for great

dishes and the spice of life. The local cuisine

masterfully mixes the hearty flavours from

the Alps with the lightness and simplicity

of Mediterranean dishes. You’ll be spoilt for

choice, so tuck in!

Kaltern at the lake 6 | 7

The Lake Stage Performances.

Unique across all South Tyrol.

And as if the natural scenario was not

enough, the moon peaks from behind

the stage, travelling across the nightly

canopy. Unbelievable, a bit kitsch, we

admit it, magical nevertheless. Get ready

to experience this and much more upon

receiving an invitation to the Lake Stage

Performances in Kaltern. The stage appears

to tower directly above the lake, the aweinspiring

architecture of the pool and a

calendar packed with events contribute to

making the Stage Performances one of the

highlights of the South Tyrolean summer.

Kaltern at the lake 8 | 9

Holidays. For you. For your family.

Recharge your batteries, wind down, and

enjoy the ride. Spending your holidays in

Kaltern means: enjoying some “me time’.

Rediscover yourself on the footpaths, below

the shade of a tree, on the deck on the lake,

while eating delicious ice cream. Whatever

warms the cockles of your heart. Open your

eyes to our world, take everything in to make

every single minute worth your time, for

every day to mean something.

Kaltern at the lake 10 | 11

A slice of heaven on Earth.

For centuries, mankind has shaped and taken

care of the Oltradige. The Ice Age came and

went, and left a unique landscape in its wake.

For the locals, the Oltradige represents life,

while our guests experience it as a stunning

backdrop to their holiday. Yet we’re all united

by that feeling of being part of a stunningly

beautiful slice of heaven on earth.

Kaltern at the lake

12 | 13

p. 16 — THE LAKE

Emerald green, refreshing, blissful. Lake

Kaltern is there for everyone: big and

small, fitness freaks or couch potatoes,

flora and fauna.


A glimpse of life in the village, its centre,

and neighbourhoods. With a great tip.

p. 24 — HOME OF THE


Wine, an ever-recurring element.

And other tasty suggestions.

Welcome to Kaltern!

Located in South Tyrol’s southern

region, in the north of Italy: an area

where both souls meet. And Italy

is well represented: olive groves,

cypresses, sultry summers. As is South

Tyrol: mountain summits, pines, and

forests bursting with mushrooms.

Come and meet us! Pictures, stories,

and plenty of Kaltern impressions

await you on these pages: let’s start

with our lake. How we coexist with it,

share it with flora and fauna, its

remarkably stunning corners, and

what goes on in winter. Time for a

coffee. As our gaze wanders over the

market square in the centre of the

village, we muse about life here, with

plenty of neighbourhoods with their

own traits. Let’s stand up for Lake

Kaltern and its wonderful presence.

At the same time, let us enjoy

what gardens, forests, fruit groves

and vineyards offer. Diving into

nature. Climbing, walking brooding

over something, biking, cycling,

playing, admiring. We admire

culture. What people built and continue

to build; how they sing, make

music, paint, how they shape the

landscape and leave their mark on the

land. Behold, a tiny kaleidoscope

of Kaltern! And yes: we want to get

to know you better, too. Come to

Kaltern, one of the most beautiful

wine villages in the world.



Kaltern films.



What to do out and about throughout the

year. But only if you really want to.


Shaped by mankind: art and culture in our

wine village.


If you have any questions for us,

simply stop by the Tourism Office Kaltern:

Phone +39 0471 963 169

or contact us online or send us an email:




Kaltern at the lake 14 | 15

Water, parasols, boats, green

everywhere in a landscape

shimmering between the

alpine and the exotic: this is

Lake Kaltern

The lake

in its


Our lake, our great treasure!

A veritable pearl in our crown: nestled

comfortably in a reclining hollow,

with the forest on one side, the vineyards

on the other side, and the fruit

groves peeking up from yet another.

Lake Kaltern and its irresistible

siren call: who would even think about

visiting Kaltern and not spend some

time at the lake? Everyone does. Because:

it’s a friendly lake. A lake with

a soft spot for people, flora, and fauna,

to be used as a living space, playground,

and gym. Sharing is

caring: the southern shore belongs

to the flora and fauna, the northern

shore to the lake-goers, while the

water belongs to everyone. And that

nearly all-year round. It can also be

enchanting during winter, when the

ice covers the lake and water plants

make the prettiest of pictures.

Kaltern at the lake 16 | 17

The lake is always there. Even if you can’t see

it right now. You have a feeling it’s there, you

feel it. It makes air lighter, it sparkles through

the cover of the forest, it calls to us. It isn’t

big, nor is it deep. What an advantage! Lake

Kaltern warms up already in spring to pleasant

bathing temperatures and maintains them

well into autumn.

Summer at Lake Kaltern:

mum, dad, big and small

children – fun for everyone.

Enjoying the good life at the beach cafe

Lake Kaltern and the swimming pool Lido

Enjoying the lake and some “me time’.

There are four swimming infrastructures to

satisfy the demands of all shore-goers and

one of them, the Lido, has been awarded an

architectural prize and features a whirlpool,

an underground cave, a kiosk, and the lawn

for sunbathing, for peace and quiet, fun, and

people-watching. And obviously you can hire

pedal-boats, rowing boats, and surf equipment.

The sailing club is just a hop, skip, and

jump away, and the lake’s neighbours also

partake in the fun, with birds swooping above

you and the other lake’s inhabitants dozing in

the reeds.

Then it’s time to head back to the shore by

circling the lake. You can walk, run, cycle,

and even push the pram – you won’t regret it.

You can find virtually

everything, and we

mean it, that makes

us who we are surrounding

the lake: the

mountains, the village

and its neighbourhoods,

the vineyards,

orchards, forests, and

stately homes.

“You can find virtually

everything, and we

mean it, that makes

us who we are around

Lake Kaltern.”


LAKE POOLS & LIDO — On the northern shore of the lake

there are four public pools with affiliated restaurant and

boat rental.

BIOTOPE — 250 bird species nest here throughout the year,

and around 30 dragonfly species live all-year round in the

protected area. You can find 14 information boards scattered

around the circular lake path packed with interesting titbits

about this area.

LEUCHTENBURG — The ruin Leuchtenburg was originally the

home of the Lords of Rottenburg and goes as far back as the

13th century. Today, only the ruins remain, with a beautiful

view over the Lake Kaltern, the South Tyrolean Wine Road and

the Etsch Valley.

Kaltern at the lake

Summer at Lake Kaltern:

mum, dad and the kids –

a natural habitat for

numerous animals.

18 | 19

Vineyards on the right,

vineyards on the left.

The view seeps on 3 of the

14 churches in Kaltern.



and now

Guesthouses, bars, churches, local

authority, bank: this is the centre of

our little world, right on the square.

The square is a bustling place, our

stage, our catwalk. Everyday life

and that unique holiday feeling

mingle, locals and guests bump into

each other: a stage for countless events.

The newly arrived gravitate inexplicably

towards the market square.

A quick glance reveals the gurgling

village fountain, tired mountain bikers

resting on the benches, aperitifs being

served at the cafes, the air is alive with

the promise of the following holiday

days yet to come. Watch the everyday

life on the market square play itself

out, with nothing to do, you could

simply watch and stare. But no, no you

can’t, because there’s plenty to discover

in the alleyways surrounding

the square!

Kaltern at the lake 20 | 21

The meeting spot is the fountain, where


Follow the church bell towers. There are

at least as many church towers as there are

neighbourhoods in Kaltern. Every part of

the village has at least one. And each of them

stands out for their different “personality’

(Just ask the people who live here!). They

couldn’t be more different, like day and night:

one may be located above the village, say in

S. Antonio near the Mendel Cable Car, or in

Pianizza di Sopra middle in the vineyards or

further away in Castelvecchio. Or if they’re

down below, in S. Giuseppe al Lago or halfway

there in Villa di Mezzo.

New perspectives:

Kaltern once without its lake.

What’s left is the wine!

The market square as a festive square …

The area isn’t exactly small and the paths are

entwined: another proof that many former

independent villages came together to build

a strong community. And what about the altitude?

It’s quite the sportive feat on foot and by

bike, it becomes slightly less taxing with the


… where the music cannot be missed.


MARKET DAY — The farmer’s market trundles into the market

square of Kaltern on Tuesday morning, and on Saturdays as

well during springtime and autumn. Vegetable, fruit, eggs,

herbs, cheese, flowers, honey, juices, wine and a lot more goes

onto the stalls!

THE MARKET SQUARE FOUNTAIN — The ideal meeting spot.

If only stone could talk, the stories it would tell! It once lay

dry as a bone, another time it was rippling with wine. You

can find out more in the “Kaltern Gestern Heute’, the book

analysing 100 years of tourism at Lake Kaltern (available only

in German).

CHRISTMAS IN KALTERN — Christmas is when the wine

village wears its most festive garb and offers a festive

programme and special moments.

A historic path? On the one hand, it certainly

is! This beautiful area has been home

to settlements for some time, and exquisite

wine also grows here, fruit and vegetables

thrive and the forests are bursting with wild

game and other animals. On the other hand,

it isn’t that historical. Allow us to explain:

luckily enough, the Ice Age missed Kaltern

by a hair’s breadth, as the glaciers shifted the

course of the river to

the other side of the

valley, thus keeping

the attention of migratory

people away from

us. Peace and quiet

for centuries – and

not much has changed


“Head behind the

church, and rest next to

the immovable giant

redwood close to the wall

and look down at the lake.

Pure bliss.”

It’s time for an aperitif!

A good glass of white

wine, some appetizers,

Mediterranean and alpine at

the same time. Time seems

to stand still.

Kaltern at the lake 22 | 23

The Kalterersee just before

the wine harvest in a vineyard

looking towards the lake

itself. The grapes are nearly

ripe and the harvest marks

the start of their “second life”

as wine

Home of the



The lake, Lake Kaltern! But also the

Kalterersee wine. Both “Kalterns”

have a role here: you swim in the

Lake Kaltern, while you savour a good

glass of Kalterersee wine! Both

are an integral part of the village life.

Every local carries the lake and local

wine with them. The Kalterersee

wine is pressed from a local autochthonous

grape variety, the Vernatsch.

After consistent high-quality work,

we’re proud about this special red

wine you can only find here. Fresh,

fruity, light and simple, served slightly

chilled and it goes well with a South

Tyrolean snack such as Speck as well

as pizza and pasta. We’re also

proud about the other excellent wines

in Kaltern, regardless if red or white.


Kaltern at the lake 24 | 25

Observe how our grapes grow — for

example, during a vineyard tour.

Years-long efforts around the Kalterersee

wine are finally bearing fruit: locals value

their “own” wine, of course, as do wine experts

from far and wide who’ve had a pleasant

surprise upon sipping a chalice. A success

that will go down in history for Kaltern wine.

Wine producers stand out for their unique

self-commitment: they’ve developed a Kalterersee

charter containing criteria ruling on

quality, the typicality of the wines, vineyards,

varieties and harvests, as well as cultivation

methods, the launch of sales, and procedures

for awarding seals of quality.

Vintage! When grapes

begin their journey

towards the bottle.

Admire, walk about, and complete a taster

course at the South Tyrol Wine Academy.

Indulging in the Kalterersee wine

A foodie paradise around Lake Kaltern


We locals live hand in hand with wine, be it

directly or indirectly. When the fresh leaves

set the vineyards alight during spring; when

we all worry about the summer weather or

have to wait, patiently for the right time to

harvest. Wine production marks the rhythm

of our life.

Which is why there are so many events on

wine: celebrations, tasting sessions, award

ceremonies. And where there’s wine, there’s

also food. All celebrations include dishes

from local cuisine which, like everything

in our area, happily combines Alpine and

Mediterranean elements. Dumplings with

mozzarella, crunchy

“Schüttelbrot” bread

with pasta, Speck with

gorgonzola, farming

traditions mixed with

recipes from southern


“ What you do in

Kaltern isn’t important:

sooner or later, wine

will always take centre


wein.kaltern — wein.kaltern is an initiative standing for high

quality and traditional wine culture which are part of the

local industry in Kaltern. The goal is to create and secure the

rightful place in the collective imagination of our local wine.

You can recognise members by the lettering ‘wein.kaltern’ or

by the ‘red point’.

THE WINE ROAD — forms a figure of eight with a crossroads

at the Weinhaus on the market square and will lead you across

the vineyards surrounding Kaltern. You’ll discover the historic

names of the vineyards as well as the diversity of the local,

thriving wine economy.

THE VINEYARDS — The Kaltern vineyards stretch between

200 and 600 m altitude. Red grape varieties, which need the

warmer temperatures, grow around Lake Kaltern, while white

grape varieties thrive at higher altitudes which favour the

development of their pleasant, fruity and fresh acidity.

Kaltern at the lake

The taste of our region

enclosed in a glass! Fruity,

fresh, elegant. 26 | 27

The most beautiful gym in

the world! It motivates you to

break new records! Dedicated

while having fun!

Fresh air,

water, and


Take in as much as you want! Train

surrounded by a heavenly backdrop

on summit excursions, running paths

across the vineyards or on mountain

bike trails. Or simply chill out during

excursions, bike tours, or hours spent

on the tennis court. And make the

most of your time to try something

new: an e-bike ride, golfing, a visit

to the adventure park. And leave

enough time for some “me time” in

the shade of a beach cafe, on the deckchair

below the apple tree or on the

lake shore next to the forest. You’re

welcome: Kaltern offers holiday fun

for everyone. Enjoy nature!

Kaltern at the lake 28 | 29

Discover Kaltern out and about! On the

bicycle for example. Various bike paths

depart from Kaltern in all directions: head to

the centre of Bolzano, across the borders of

South Tyrol to Trento, to Merano and return

to Kaltern across the Passo delle Palade and

Mendel Pass.

Open air is the key!

In Kaltern spring begins

earlier than anywhere else.

And with it the cycling


The whole day long on your bike.

It’s fun. And makes you thirsty!

Discovering numerous activities around

Lake Kaltern.

To the Mendel Pass, to new

high-altitude flights


GOLFCLUB DOLOMITI — Just a 30 minutes’ drive to the

18 hole course in Sarnonico up and over Passo Mendel.

Great landscape, spectacular views.

THE MENDEL CABLE CAR — The Mendel Cable Car boasts

an incline of 64% and is the brainchild of Swiss engineer,

Emil Strub. Opened in 1903 the Mendel Cable Car was the

first manned electric Cable Car in Tyrol, and the steepest and

longest continuous Cable Car railway in Europe.

HIKING — You simply cannot visit Kaltern and not go for a

hike: we have the best conditions for it. The Tourism Office

offers plenty of excursions in its weekly programme, from

short jaunts to all-day tours.

FOUR-WHEEL HIKES — with prams or wheelchairs: fresh air

is good for everyone! Tried and tested routes for people with

special needs.

Kaltern is a biking paradise in its own right:

the surroundings and the weather are ideal.

The cycling season lasts a good eight months

from April to November. Bike-friendly businesses

with special services for bikers abound;

a bike guide will be at your disposal to take

you on different tours, an e-bike rental service

at the Tourism Office, a bike App with road

books and GPS, and guided bike excursions.

The proof is in the pudding: Kaltern has been

the interim target of the TOUR and BIKE

Transalp for some time now.

Or simply head on foot, easy and quickly (all

you need is a pair of good shoes and walking

poles). Walk at your own pace, following

your heartbeat, looking at the fresh, green

leaves hanging from the vineyards, to the soft

moose, to the deep blue autumnal sky. Or to

the mesmerising lake: regardless of where you

are in Kaltern, you’re constantly looking for

it, and see it from a hundred different points

of view. Find your

way, pace, the right

balance between body

and soul, between your

fellow travellers, man

and nature.

„Take a front row on the

Mendel Cable Car heading

down to the valley for a

unique glimpse of twelve

minutes from heaven

to paradise down below.“

Outlooks, insights, views!

Find yourself while

wandering through Kaltern.

Kaltern at the lake 30 | 31

After a mountain tour,

a cycling excursion or a

fulfilled day: enjoy a welldeserved

relaxing moment

in Kaltern’s village centre.



and culture

You could also say: terroir. (A word

which connotes people living in an

area where wine thrives.) We have to

thank a fortunate coincidence that our

region lies off the radar – and could

therefore be developed into a unique

terroir. Everything which thrives

here is the fruit of the terroir: wine

takes centre stage, followed by all

other products in our vegetable patch

– fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

And don’t forget the people, who

are also part of this cycle: how we

live, what we think, how we work.

Even our ideas, our art, our passions.

Everything which belongs to the

Kaltern terroir: land, climate,

weather, atmosphere. Terroir is

identifiable with culture.

Kaltern at the lake 32 | 33

The glaciers have receded. The area, which

will become Kaltern and its neighbourhoods,

is covered with extensive mixed woodland.

People settle, plant the vineyards, villages

grow together, and Kaltern is born. The wine

thrives, tourism picks up, Kaltern becomes


Attentive look, loving

attention, careful hands:

this is our quality assurance

during grape harvest.

Indulge your senses: polenta from Kaltern.

Many stately homes are built in the Oltradige

architectural style, which is unique in the

world. The building tradition continues today

with a remarkable presence of modern buildings

which have attracted international attention.

You can visit all of them, although some

of them only from the outside. Two architectural

guides will lead you on a tour in the footsteps

of the “Ancient buildings in Kaltern” or

discovering the “New buildings in Kaltern”.

The Oltradige architectural style:

a 400-years-old building tradition

Wine presses, drink and carrying

containers, wine casks, cellar accessories

and a decorative wine garden is what

guests can admire in the South Tyrol Wine

Museum, narrating the lively history of

viniculture in South Tyrol



— shapes the image of Kaltern. Highlights: merlons, oriels,

framed arch windows and door frames. French windows with

a central column, archways, loggias, flight of stairs, and inner


GALLERIES IN KALTERN — Artists from all over Europe

show their works in the “GefängnisLeCarceri” and the

“Hochparterre-Salotto” galleries.

SOUTH TYROLEAN WINE ACADEMY — The beating heart of

wine culture in Kaltern. The programme is developed based

on the slogan “Experiencing wine culture” and is ideal for

both beginners and experts.

“TÖRGGELEN” & CO — Our cuisine mixes plenty of

influences: farming traditions, desserts from Austria, recipes

from the Mediterranean. And now, a welcome return to the

menus: original Kaltern polenta. And of course, don’t miss out

on the autumnal “Törggelen” wine and chestnut tradition!

Kaltern at the lake

Art and culture in Kaltern — nearly obviously

an accompanying tune for a wine village like

ours! The Lake Stage Performances at Lake

Kaltern which come up trumps: the lake, the

Leuchtenburg ruin, a starry night, summer

heat, and great fun provide the perfect background

for a special event. Or visit Kaltern

during autumn for the Pop Festival with a

great programme of select musicians. The

live concerts on the market square, exhibitions

in the two village

galleries, the cinema

in the former train

station. Our cultural

programme: small,

refined, and smart.

A balm for the soul,

fuel for conversation.

„Our cultural programme:

small, refined, and

smart. A balm for the soul,

fuel for conversation.

A holiday to remember.“

Time moves on: you’ll find

beautiful examples of new

architectural buildings

in Kaltern such as the


34 | 35

Only in Kaltern.




Kaltern 101: a lake and biotope,

vineyards and stately buildings, a castle

and plenty of church towers, the Mendel

ridge, cafes and restaurants. There’s

no excuse: walking, hiking, cycling,

pushing prams, everyone

can walk around the lake however

they please.




The reed belt at the southern side of the lake

is protected biotope. It offers numerous

animals resting and nesting places. Around

250 different bird species are counted every

year. You can find 14 information boards

scattered around the circular lake path and

a didactic biotope with a footbridge.



A special hiking tip. The path is a bit

adventurous, however wooden steps

and bridges are safely secured and

can be trod on with children, too. The

Rastenbach ravine on the peace path

trail symbolises the virtue of courage.




The ruin was originally the

home of the Lords of Rottenburg

and goes as far back as the

13th century. Today, only the

ruins remain, with a beautiful

view over the Lake Kaltern, the

South Tyrolean Wine Road and

the Etsch Valley.



A meeting spot for amateurs and

professional athletes alike. There

they can play football, ice hockey,

tennis, badminton, bowling, boccia,

athletics, beach volley, and enjoy a

‘keep-fit’ trail. The Adventure Park

offers plenty of trails. Seven of them

are especially dedicated to children.


The Wine Road forms a figure of

eight and will lead you across the

vineyards surrounding Kaltern. You

can read the historical names of the

vineyards on white plaques which

are placed in the ground. Moreover,

interesting information about wine is

displayed at four resting points.


The pool was based on a design developed in 2002

by ‘the next ENTERprise – architects’, making

the Lido a unique space comprising a sport and

leisure area, a children’s pool, sundeck area, a

whirlpool, a playground, restaurant, bar, and a

wheelchair-friendly access ramp.


The valley is mesmerisingly beautiful

in spring, which blossoms here before

anywhere else: a sea of spring snowflakes,

snowdrops, liveworts blooms

across the area. It is located on the

Monte di Mezzo mountain between

Monticolo and Lake Kaltern and is

part of many hiking routes.


The Mendel Cable Car was opened

in 1903 (and has been renovated

many times since then), has a 64%

incline and a beautiful view across

the Oltradige, overcoming more than

854 maltitude in just 12 minutes. A

popular slip road for excursions on

the Mendel Pass and ridge.







Wine presses, drink and

carrying containers,

juicers, and a scenic

garden recount the

history and significance

of wine for Kaltern.

The museum also

offers an extensive

event calendar, and is

family-friendly, too.








The heart of the village and its

neighbourhoods with its banks,

shops, the church, the Tourism

Office, the stage of many events

and markets. There are plenty of

cafes and restaurants around

the square, its fountain, and


Kaltern is bursting with plenty

of beautiful locations, squares,

nooks and crannies! On this

page you’ll find some of the

unmissable spots!

Have fun discovering Kaltern

and its neighbourhoods!


A must-see especially during hot

summer days. The Ice Caves are

formed by imposing, rocky formations

fallen off the mountain cliffs.

In the nooks and crannies below the

massive rock formations, it is so cold

even at the height of summer, that ice

forms. Plants thrive here which would

normally only grow in alpine regions




The Romans used the path crossing

the Mendel Pass, as did the Franconians

and Empress Sissi. The road has

15 hairpin bends, open all year round,

and connects Kaltern with the Val di

Non. Today it’s also a beloved spot for

cycling, as well as for cycling and car





The Wine Road

ca. 20 km

Circular trail around Lake Kaltern

ca. 7.5 km

Castelvecchio – Rastenbach gorge – Lake Kaltern 5 km

Ice Caves

ca. 4 km

Spring valley

ca. 6 km

Mendel Pass – Penegal

ca. 8 km


Village – Lake Kaltern – village

Circular biking trail on Monte di Mezzo


Kaltern – Bolzano – Kaltern

Kaltern – Mendel Pass

Scenic tour

Kaltern – Lake Monticolo – Kaltern

Kaltern at the lake 36 | 37

ca. 17 km

ca. 36 km

ca. 30 km

ca. 12 km

ca. 30 km

ca. 18 km


Further information: www.kaltern.com

































Lake Kaltern/

Kalterer See













Holiday Shuttle –

Bus connections with Germany

Baden-Württemberg – South Tyrol

All year round at a price of € 165 return trip, includes

shuttle service to/from the vacation location. Saturdays

from Stuttgart/Ulm, Sundays return from Südtirols


› Information & reservations Südtirol Tours, T. +49 71 95 78 84,


By airplane

Airport Verona/Villafranca (140 km), Innsbruck

(110 km). You can get to South Tyrol quickly and

conveniently by bus transfers from the Milan Malpensa,

Bergamo, Verona and Munich airports. For example,

Munich-South Tyrol from € 55 six times a day.

› Time tables, information and booking on www.altoadigebus.com and


By car

From the north (Brennero): motorway A22, exit

Bolzano Sud, take the Wine Road towards Kaltern.

From the south: motorway A22, exit Egna-Ora-Termeno,

take the Wine Road towards Kaltern.

From Arlberg/Landeck: Take the Passo Resia to

Merano, then take the highway in the direction of

Bolzano, exit on the Wine Road towards Kaltern.

By train

On the Munich-Innsbruck-Verona line to Bolzano,

where all trains stop. Bus station is very close to the

train station, where buses go to all villages in Bolzano’s

surrounding area.

› Information at www.bahn.de, www.ferroviedellostato.it or www.sii.bz.it
























Spittal an


der Drau





Cortina d’Ampezzo



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Mobilcard, museumobil Card,

bikemobil Card and the WinePass

With the mobilcard, you have access to any public transportation

in South Tyrol, as well as the Mendel Cable Car.

The museumobil Card includes entrance to all regional

museums in South Tyrol and the bikemobil Card includes

the usage of a rental bike for a day. With the WinePass

you can participate at an attractive wine programme

along the South Tyrolean Wine Road (discounted price,

-50 %), it allows to make full use of the South Tyrol’s

Integrated Public Transport network and allows free

entrance in most museums in South Tyrol (available in

partner businesses).

› Information at www.mobilcard.info and www.suedtiroler-weinstrasse.it


Publishing house: Tourismusverein Kaltern am See

Concept, graphic design: hoeretzeder grafische

gestlatung, Scheffan/Triol

Copy: Barbara v Hartungen, Kurt Höretzeder,

Sandra Herrnhofer

Translation: by Brain International in persons of

Geoffrey Barclay and Benjamin Barclay

Photos: Helmuth Rier/Castelrotto, Tiberio Sorvillo,

Sabine Jackson-Jellasitz/Perugia, Archiv,

Klaus Peterlin www.allesfoto.com, Manuela Tessaro/

Bozen, Südtiroler Marketing Gesellschaft/Alex Filz

Illustrations: Blagovesta Bakardjieva

Printers: Athesia, Bozen

The publishing house accepts no liability arising from

printing errors, mistakes and changes.

© 12.2017

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Kaltern at the lake

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