How to Send a Mail to All Contacts in Gmail Account?


In this pdf document you will learn How to send a mail to all contact in Gmail your Gmail account. and you wide your business in world. For more information read full document.

Do you wish to widen your business or you want to make something special

by letting a large number of people know about it? Yeah! You are certainly

willing to do this in such circumstances. Gmail a well known and widely used

free web-based email service offers you to send the email to all of your

contacts by just in one click. You just need to know how to select all contacts

in “To” section and rest of the work is done by clicking on “Send” button.

However, you can also exclude some of the emails which you don’t want to


Open your preferred browser, go to the Gmail login

page, enter your valid id and password and then click on

“login” button to access your account.

Select the Email or Files you want to forward and then

click on the “Forward” link in the section “Click here or

forward”. it will be the bottom of the Email you select.

You have to click “To” link to open the address book. A

small window will open, then select “My Contact” > “All

contacts”. Your all contacts will be displayed in the list.

Click on the “Select All” if you want to send this email

to all or select individual contact to insert them into the

recipient box if you want to filter.

Now click on “Forward” button, the message will be

sent to all of your contacts.

These are the steps our experts have explained you. Hopefully, you

can easily do this task. But the possibility of error can’t be neglected

as you might hit an obstacle while accomplishing this task in case of

some other additional issue you face with your account. Therefore, in

this case, it is always better to get in touch with the experts. So feel

free to contact our expert via toll-free Gmail Support Number

Canada 1-844-888-3870. They will not only assist you with this

particular issue but also provide you with a well-described solution in

some other similar issue.

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