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written and directed by

Daniele Finzi Pasca


FANTASY AND CREATIVITY” - Corriere del Ticino

(For you.)

Dedicated to you, dear Julie

Julie, my wife, believed that we should all build

an inner garden where we may take shelter,

where we may welcome those we love, those

who have lost their way, those whom we

would like to meet in intimate and reserved

surroundings. We will thus tell this story, with a

bench and a garden.

And then there will be the fragility that we all

defend with armour and shields. There will be

the lightness of the memory of her laugh, of

her booklets full of notes and figures, her advice

and her dreams.

Daniele Finzi Pasca

The show

Per te puts on stage the imaginary garden of a brave young woman:

around a bench, a group of friends in suits of armour – artists,

acrobats, musicians – face a battle that, sooner or later, we will all

have to experience. Three months before the premiere of their

show, the interpreters weave in and out through the images carried

by the text, the colors, the music and the wind… that makes leaves,

butterflies, a multitude of objects fly in the air.

Per te is a hymn to life, an intense and unforgettable show dedicated

to Julie Hamelin Finzi, co-founder of Compagnia Finzi Pasca,

deceased in 2016.

Duration: 115 min. + 20 min. intermission

Language: English (original version: Italian)

Set up: 2 day max. + pre-hanging (if necessary)

Persons on tours: 20 max

Genre: theatre and acrobatics, with live music

Public: broad public (starting from 8 years of age)

… I’m a warrior, all I know how to do is fight.

I will die trying to stay standing...

43 performances

27’368 spectators

3 nations

3 languages


November 2016 in Lugano (Switzerland)

Opening show for the celebration of Merida,

American capital of culture 2017

Shortly: in Australia (Brisbane), Italy (Udine and Bergamo),

Switzerland (Lugano), Bogotá (Colombia)


Daniele Finzi Pasca: co-founder, author, director, choreographer, actor

Award Best Foreign Show Mecca 2009 (Canada) for Icaro

Nomination for the Best Lyric Opera at the Golden Mask 2011 (Russia) for Aida

Award Hans Reinhart Ring 2012 (Switzerland), main Swiss award for achievements

in theater

Award as Best Director of Circus Performance 2016 (Russia) for La Verità

Julie Hamelin Finzi (ϯ 14.05.2016): co-founder, creative director, producer

Gemini Award 2005 (Canada) for Nomade

Nomination 2005 as Best Touring Production of the Year Theatre Award (UK) for Rain

Nomination 2006 at Broadway Drama Desk Award (USA) for Rain

Maria Bonzanigo: co-founder, music composer, choreographer

Award Gascon-Roux 2009 (Canada) for the score of Nebbia

Hugo Gargiulo: co-founder, scenographer

Second prize at Premios Nacionales de Literatura 2001 (Uruguay) for the short stories

collection Recuerdos Robados

Antonio Vergamini: co-founder, production advisor

Award as Best Documentary at the International Festival of Documentary d’Abruzzo

2009 (Italy)

Compagnia Finzi Pasca

It is one of the leading independent artistic companies in the world.

Based in Lugano (Switzerland), Compagnia Finzi Pasca is internationally

renowned thanks to its particular artistic signature: the “Theatre of the

Caress”, its own theatrical technique based on the invisible gesture and

the lightness state that moves and dazzles.

In its career, it created 3 Olympic Ceremonies (Turin 2006 and Sochi

2014, both Olympic and Paralympic Games), 2 shows for the Cirque

du Soleil: Luzia in 2016 and Corteo in 2005 (for the latter, 9 million

spectators in a 10-year world tour), 5 lyric operas of which Aida and

Verdi’s Requiem are officially part of the Mariinsky Theatre (Saint

Petersburg) yearly program (moreover: Carmen and Pagliacci at the

Teatro San Carlo in Naples and Love from Afar for the English National

Opera, London). And then: Avudo, a multimedia show that combines

video mapping, lights and water fountains for the city of Montreal

(265,000 spectators in 4 months) and the next Fête des Vignerons

(Winegrowers Festival) in 2019, an event that takes place every 25 years

in Vevey (Switzerland) for 400,000 spectators. Currently, the company

has 5 shows on tour: Per te (2016), Bianco su Bianco (2014), La Verità

(2013), Donka (2010) and Icaro (1991). Other international projects and a

new touring show are in preparation.




theatre that reaches the heart.”, Mexico City (Mexico), 20.06.2017

“And then there’s the wind blowing impetuous, making colors and poetry dance,

offering enchantment and magic.

Per te is a an artwork emotionally engaging (...) it is a show where we laugh and cry,

where we are moved and where we smile.”, Lugano (Switzerland), 03.11.2016

“Per te is - almost paradoxically - a hymn to life, to the amazing power of theatre, fantasy and creativity,

a hymn to the fundamental importance of friendship in the most difficult circumstances of life.”

Corriere del Ticino, Lugano (Switzerland), 04.11.2016

“An expert in changing a simple gesture into something sublime,

Daniele Finzi little by little envelopes the public in this fantastic

story, where we’ll find ourselves with warriors, with his loved ones

and maybe with dreams, lost because of fear.”

La Jornada, Mexico City (Messico), 17.06.2017

“A serene journey that seems like a dream,

where reality and fantasy merge and

the viewer is accompanied from comedy to

reflection.”, Mérida (Mexico), 14.01.2017

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For you I will break my memories into smaller and smaller fragments... And

in this whole of the universe that is blue from afar ...

In this hole where we are all made of the sea...

In this blue hole of the universe we will go back

to confusing and hugging ourselves...

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© 2017

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