The Green Platform Chapter One

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The Green And

Red Platforms

EVERY morning and indeed many times throughout each day, you

and I, often totally unaware, make a decision to use either the Green

or Red Platforms.

You might well ask – what is the Green Platform? Or what is

the Red Platform? They are terms that can on one hand show how

imprisoned we are to our own limiting thoughts; on the other hand

they can show you how to change and utterly transform your life

for the better.

How do they work? First let’s look at the Red Platform, the

negative, self-sabotaging platform.

Every day over 50,000 thoughts go through your head. Most of

these – 40,000 or 80 per cent – are negative. It means that for every

one time we have a positive Green Platform thought, there are four

occasions when we land on the Red Platform in negative mode.

So why do we see Red and why do we get on the Red Platform?

Every time we decide to blame or complain or start telling a

victim story such as: “It always happens to me” – we are on the

Red Platform. That means most people spend 80 per cent of their

time on the Red Platform, thinking negative thoughts day after day.

Normally 95 per cent of the thoughts we have today are the same

as the thoughts we had yesterday.

The ABCs of the Red Platform

The ABCs of the Red Platform are Anger, Blame and Complain.

When we are in this state, we use words like “you” or “they” or “he”

or “she” to blame outside forces for our life circumstances.

Underneath this platform, there is a tank of fuel called fear. When

we are born we land on the Green Platform and all we have in our

Green Platform tank is love. As we grow up we gradually learn all



about fear and fill our Red Platform tank with it. If we look for a

personality or a figure emerging out of this tank of fear and living

on the Red Platform, we find the Ego.

The Ego

We’ve all heard of him (or her). We say people have big Egos as if

they are proud of themselves. But in reality the Ego is a sham. It

is a false self who works night and day – if you let him or her – to

undermine your state of happiness. The Ego’s main weapons are

fear, anxiety and doubt.

The Ego works his or her socks off to keep us away from joy

and happiness in the present moment – the now. Like Dracula’s

inability to live in the light, the Ego cannot live in the present. It

stalks your mind by reminding you of how stupid, clumsy,

inappropriate you were in the past and fuels your thoughts with

fear anxiety and worries about what is down the line waiting for

you in the future.

So as a shadow cannot live in sunshine and darkness cannot

live in a room when I turn on the light, the Ego cannot live in the

present moment. Once we become aware of that and bring

awareness to the present moment, we have a great weapon to

undermine the power of the Ego, reclaim our lives and get back

on the Green Platform.

That key word – awareness – dismantles the power of the Ego

and gets us on the Green Platform. The real you lives on this

powerful positive platform while the Ego lives on the Red Platform

feeding on fear, anxiety and doubt.

The key is to become awake, aware and alert.

We become aware by activating our “Inner Observer”, our

“Alert Watcher”, our “Witnessing Consciousness”. In a word you

must become your own “Noticer.” If you manage that, it means you

will be able to notice the shenanigans and manipulations of the Ego

as it strives to keep you from your joy and happiness in this

present moment.



The Ego allows us to think that we can be happy – but only

somewhere way down the line. It never, ever will help or enable

you to be happy in the here and now.

The Ego is a very important player in all our lives. And if we

don’t wake up and realise the damage it is doing to us on an hourly,

daily and weekly basis, he (we’ll call him “he” for handiness sake)

will continue to be the orchestrator of our worries, fears, sadness

and real suffering.

Like all forces of darkness, the Ego is manipulative, clever and

persuasive, particularly if you don’t stand up to him by the simple

act of bringing awareness to recognise his underhand activities.

The Ego invites you to step onto the Red Platform by reminding

you of the mess you made in work yesterday or the way your

boyfriend or girlfriend is fed up with your behaviour. Once the Ego

gets you on the Red Platform, he has you snared.

Expertly, he will then go to work by filling your past with

shame, anger or guilt. He is equally happy to project you into the

future where he will highlight your areas of worry, fear and

anxiety about financial problems or personal relationships or

whatever area he perceives to be a weakness in your attitude.

Imagine you are driving to work or on the train or on the bus

or maybe you are just in the kitchen and this invisible hand of

unhappiness is prompting you to bring resistance and nonacceptance

to your life as it is now.

Before you know it, the Ego has you making up imaginary fights

with your boss, your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or

partner. Once you’re on that Red Platform, he is winning and knows

his job will be easy for the rest of the day. The Ego is one of the few

who is happy when he sees Red. He is at his happiest when you are

at your unhappiest.

He will prompt you with whispers of: “My boss is always

picking on me,” or: “I do everything around here,” and without your

knowing it, you are winding yourself up at a rate of knots. Tense,

unhappy, wearing a scowl on your face. He is a grievance looking



for a cause and too often we unwittingly help him find that cause.

The Ego is your deadliest foe in life – the enemy within. If you

can understand that and then become aware of the Ego’s negative

influence on your life, this is the first serious breakthrough.

There is an old African proverb that says: “If there is no

enemy on the inside, the enemy on the outside doesn’t matter.”

I found it groundbreaking the first time, many years ago,

when I was made aware of what prompts so many of my thoughts

and negative attitude in the course of any given day.

In the intervening period, I have had the need every day to stop

and realise that the Ego is still there, trying to coax and cajole me

onto his home base – The Red Platform.

And, of course, sometimes he still wins. But at this stage I’m

catching him more quickly now. The one thing we know for sure

is that awareness is power. Often when I find myself slipping into

victim mode about something, the simple thought clicks into my

mind: “This is the Ego trying to fool me.”

I can then jump from Red Platform to Green Platform literally

by thinking that one thought. Bringing the light of awareness to

the darkness of the Ego’s behaviour.

A little miracle occurs in your life every time you realise that.

Once we decide to put up our hand and say: “Enough. I will

decide how I will live my life today,” we get a power into our life that

is simply amazing.

Like all miracles, it is just a simple change in attitude that brings

a massive change in how we can enjoy our lives. Each one of us must

reclaim our own lives by being aware of what makes us unhappy

(the Ego’s agenda) and learn how to be happy and in control of our

own destiny.

Here is another little sentence that packs a real punch if we are

to truly reclaim our lives.

The best way to understand life is to accept it.

To be one with life. Once you see the value of acceptance then

you apply what I call the PAN formula … acceptance plus Positive



Action Now. Acceptance without positive action could easily

degenerate into indifference or apathy. So in a time of adversity,

step one is acceptance.

It is as it is.

You cannot argue with reality or you will lose – 100 per cent of

the time. We love to use the words “should” or “shouldn’t” in a way

that challenges reality.

“I should be getting that job,” or “This shouldn’t be happening

to me.”

But it is as it is.

Step two is a powerful question that implies action: “Of a list

of 100 items, what is the one thing I can do now to make this

situation better? What is the one thing I can do to improve it?”

Then do it.

If it is a fine day, smile and enjoy the sunshine. If it is a rainy

morning when you look out, it should not mean that you believe

everything that happens you will be gloomy for the rest of the day.

We are like that. We say: “What a dreadful day. And I feel terrible

as well.”

What’s dreadful is the toxic little story we are telling ourselves

in our heads about the day. Now, tell me, if you write that headline

for your day ahead, do you think you have any chance of having a

fun-loving and happy time?

Highly unlikely.

That’s the Ego at work. You open the curtains or pull the blinds

and instantly it makes up a story about the day.

“That’s a dreadful day.”

This is a toxic influence that we must eradicate from our

systems. If we don’t, we can’t find the bliss of living on the Green

Platform on a day-in, day-out basis.

The three shadows of the Ego are then, next, and more.

“When I lose weight, then I’ll be happy.”

But not now. Never now. Losing weight is not the key to

happiness – happiness is the key to losing weight.



When I get this or that, then I’ll be happy.

Then … next week.

Next June.

Next year.

But never now.

Or “more.” When I get more time off, more pay, more holidays…

then I’ll be happy.

But not now.

The Ego is quite literally that fearful thought that happiness

is not and never will be in the present moment. If today you

could just bring the power of awareness to your life, the Ego will

disappear like a shadow in sunshine.

The only place we will ever live is in the present moment. We

live in a continual present and if you are enlightened enough to

realise that and say: “Right now I have no problem,” then you are

going to have much more joy in your life than someone who looks

around corners.

You are becoming an empowered person. You are breaking free

from that reactive prison of the Red Platform and landing on the

proactive Green Platform with 10 of the most powerful words in

the English language, no word more than two letters: “If it is to be,

it is up to me.”

You have discovered responsibility. The ability to choose

your response. You’ll discover on the Green Platform that the

happiest people do not have the best of everything; they just make

the best of everything. On the Green Platform you realise that

life is not about getting what you want but rather wanting what

you get. This is the major difference between success and

happiness. Success is getting what you want. Happiness is

wanting what you get.

Then taking positive action that will transform your life

situation. The ultimate gift of the Green Platform is to be able to

live life as if we didn’t have an Ego.



The ABCs of the Green Platform

That brings us to the ABCs of the Green Platform: Awareness.

Belief. And Commitment.

We have now come to understand that awareness is activating

your “Inner Observer” where you become the “Noticer” in your life.

You observe what’s going on in your mind without judgement. With

judgement your Ego is back in control. Your “Noticer” should

never be the “Judgemental Noticer”, but the “Compassionate

Noticer”. Compassion that does not include you is not compassion.

Belief and the power to break limiting beliefs. Whether you

believe you can or you can’t, either way you are usually right as

Henry Ford reminded us years ago.

Commitment is to do what I say I’ll do long after the mood that

I said it in is past. It’s about a steely discipline. It’s about keeping

your word to yourself. As Thomas Huxley said many years ago:

“Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel

like it or not.”

Underneath the Green Platform is the field of all possibilities.

That’s where we find a new and a great and a wonderful world. It

is a joyful place of creativity and inspiration where you contribute

and make a difference in the lives of people.

The ‘Real You’ on the Green Platform says: “How can I serve

others and add value to their lives?” The ‘False You,’ the Ego on

the Red Platform says: “What’s in it for me?”

On the Green Platform you contribute to relationships and the

other person leaves you happier and more energised. You see each

relationship as an assignment. You are an energy transformer.

People on the Red Platform contaminate relationships. They

suck your vital energy with their complaining, whining and

blaming. They are energy vampires.

When you make a choice you change the future. Decisions shape

destiny. The choices you make, make you. It all comes down to a

choice. One of your greatest hidden gifts is your power to choose

which platform you want to land on and live on, no matter what



happens in your life. How come we spend so much time on the Red

Platform? Part of the reason is that we spend a huge amount of our

time on automatic, reacting to events, but not really consciously

choosing our response.


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