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Modernising the

Modernising the Logistics Ecosystem: TRUKKIN An investment banker turned technology evangelist, Janardan Dalmia aka JD is on a mission to transform logistics industry. As CEO of Trukkin, JD is tasked with the mammoth responsibility of leading young, energetic and passionate team on to the next revolution in technology & logistics. Prior to Trukkin, JD was honing his corporate finance experience working with and advising on some of the very high profile M&A transactions over a decade at Barclays and Bank of America in Dubai and New York. JANARDAN DALMIA, Partner / CEO, Trukkin What are some of the challenges that manufacturers are facing in today’s era and how is Trukkin playing a role in alleviating those challenges? More with less approach. Today, manufacturers are looking for ways by which they can optimize costs i.e, to achieve best quality production and distribution at the lowest cost, to be able to compete in the market. The logistics ecosystem, lacks a modern strategy especially from the commercial transport point of view. Across GCC, there is a road network and the distribution happens through the land transport. Absence of modern technology and professional service is causing inefficiencies in the business. Trukkin, with an aim to reinvent and rebuild logistics ecosystem on the foundations of technology, delivers top notch professional services to the companies as well to the transporters, providing faster delivery, consistent and reliable system and transparent platform to the truckers and customers. What are some of the current technological trends existing in the manufacturing industry and how do you inject those trends into the effective solutions you offer? Technology as an enabler. There is a need for modern technologies in today’s logistics market. I believe the aim of technology is not to disrupt something, but to make a system much more efficient. Our goal is to use existing technology or develop technologies to improve the operational experience of both the shippers and the transporters through creating transparency and visibility for them and generating more real time data. We implement data analytics to help companies or transporters make real-time data-driven decisions. What were the key elements that stimulated the conception of Trukkin? Can you give us a quick snapshot of the company’s history and its evolution over the years? Bridging the gap. The idea of was incubated in the beginning of 2016 while I was in Saudi Arabia with my partner. We began brainstorming and realized that today’s commercial transport is very much old school and they have been 42 Intelligent SME December 2017 Interview 43

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