The Alliance Magazine Winter 2017

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<strong>Alliance</strong><br />

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A YEAR<br />


<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

New infant care<br />

center offers the<br />

essential nurturing<br />

all newborns need<br />




Dear Friends,<br />

Editor: Pam Townsend<br />

Cruelty/Neglect Reports:<br />

202-723-5730, press 1<br />

Cruelty reports accepted 24 hours a day.<br />

Animal-Related Emergencies:<br />

202-576-6664, press 1<br />

Main Number: 202-723-5730<br />

Adoptions (New York Ave.):<br />

202-727-5494<br />

Adoptions (Oglethorpe): Ext. 503<br />

Behavior and Training: Ext. 236<br />

Development: Ext. 315<br />

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Media Inquiries: Ext. 267<br />

Special Events: Ext 323<br />


71 Oglethorpe Street, NW<br />

Washington, DC 20011<br />

Adoption Hours: 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. daily<br />

Closed for adoptions on Mondays.<br />

1201 New York Avenue, NE<br />

Washington, DC 20002<br />

Adoption Hours: 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. daily<br />

Closed for adoptions on Mondays.<br />

Stray animals are accepted<br />

24 hours a day at New York Ave.<br />


Roger Marmet...................Chair<br />

Jay Timmons......................First Vice President<br />

Lisa LaFontaine................President and CEO<br />

Amy Meadows..................Second Vice President<br />

Gwyn Whittaker..............Secretary<br />

Hon. Mary Schapiro......Treasurer<br />

<strong>The</strong>resa Fariello...............Vice President<br />

William Herman..............Vice President<br />

Gregory Riegle.................Vice President<br />

Nina Benton<br />

Steven Bralove<br />

Priscilla Clapp<br />

Pamela DeLoach-Jupiter<br />

Jackie Dobranski, DVM<br />

Louie Dweck<br />

Colleen Girouard<br />

Anissa Grossman<br />

Leslie Harris<br />

William Harrop<br />

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Kenton Keith<br />

Erika Kelton<br />

Betsy Marmet<br />

Matthew Parker, MD<br />

Laird Patterson<br />

Susan Ridge<br />

Robert Rosenfeld<br />

Erica Scherzer<br />

Hon. Carol Schwartz<br />

Lauren Talarico DVM,<br />

DACVIM<br />

Andrew Weinstein<br />

Charles Weir<br />

Jean Whiddon<br />

Drew Willison<br />

Jeff Wilson<br />

Lois Godfrey Wye<br />

When the Washington Humane Society and the Washington Animal<br />

Rescue League decided to join forces, we knew great things would<br />

happen. Given the history and accomplishments of each organization,<br />

how could they not?<br />

As the past year has proved, our optimism was more than justified.<br />

Although we have been a single entity since February 2016, we just<br />

celebrated an anniversary of sorts on October 24 – our first 12 months<br />

as the Humane Rescue <strong>Alliance</strong> (HRA). Our mission reflects the best<br />

of each of our legacy organizations; we are focused on saving lives,<br />

creating families, strengthening our community, and setting a new<br />

standard for animal welfare. Since we announced our new name and<br />

brand, we have achieved many memorable “firsts.”<br />

HRA developed and launched the HOPE (Help Out, Partner, and Engage)<br />

Program, which helps animals by supporting the people who love them. Through this program,<br />

we offer free spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, basic veterinary care, and a variety of free pet<br />

supplies to residents in traditionally underserved areas of the District. For many pet parents, the<br />

program provides a critical lifeline that helps them keep their animals happy, healthy, and at home.<br />

And we’re poised to extend the reach of this effort thanks to the generosity of long-time HRA<br />

volunteer and supporter Carol Melamed, who is matching every gift to the HOPE Program dollar<br />

for dollar up to $100,000.<br />

In January, HRA introduced our Blue Collar Cats program, which was featured in the fall issue of<br />

<strong>Alliance</strong>. This community-based rehoming initiative puts cats unsuited to home life to work doing<br />

what they do best in return for food, shelter, and basic care. So far, 52 cats have found successful<br />

“employment.”<br />

Also, we created the District’s first kitten nursery, which you’ll read about in this issue. Located at<br />

our New York Avenue Adoption Center, this effort allows us to better care for the youngest and<br />

most vulnerable felines who find their way to us by tapping the skills of volunteer foster parents<br />

with experience in bottle feeding. <strong>The</strong>se dedicated volunteers supplement the round-the-clock<br />

care given by staff.<br />

Also in these pages are the stories of two very different dogs. One was the oldest (18 years!) to ever<br />

to pass through our doors and into a loving home. Another became our first to be accepted for<br />

search and rescue training. Although he ultimately proved unsuited for that work, he was adopted<br />

by a great family.<br />

Most recently, we experienced a “first” of which I am very proud – but it is also incredibly bittersweet.<br />

On October 3, the DC Council passed the Standard Care for Animals Amendment Act. This<br />

legislation establishes strong definitions for adequate care for animals, including requirements<br />

involving food, space, shelter, and water. For the first time in the District’s history, it also empowers<br />

our dedicated Animal Control officers by providing them with citation writing authorities and<br />

additional tools to ensure that the animals of our city are protected.<br />

<strong>The</strong> bitter part of this landmark legislation was the heartbreaking death of HRA’s Vice President<br />

of Field Services, Ray Noll, who played a pivotal role in crafting this legislation. He died just a few<br />

days before the amendment became law. For months, Ray worked tirelessly to ensure that the bill<br />

would effectively address the issues of both care and enforcement. <strong>The</strong> passage of “Ray’s Law”<br />

is a testament to his dedication to animals, commitment to serving the community, and his huge<br />

heart. <strong>The</strong> law is a fitting legacy to a man who lived his life as a true champion of animals. He will<br />

forever be a part of HRA, and he is sorely missed.<br />

We are very proud of what the Humane Rescue <strong>Alliance</strong> has accomplished in its first official year<br />

as an organization. But as all of us in animal rescue and welfare know, it’s never enough. So as we<br />

look ahead to 2018, we will recommit ourselves, in Ray’s honor, to learning more, sharing more,<br />

and helping more. We look forward to the continued journey and we invite you to join us on it.<br />


Nurturing the<br />

Most Vulnerable<br />

Kitten Nursery Increases<br />

Survival of Newborns<br />

By Pamela Townsend, Media Coordinator<br />

It may not have baby blue walls, lacy pink curtains, or a<br />

nursery rhyme night light, but a new infant care center offers<br />

the essential nurturing all newborns need. And it’s just for<br />

neonatal kittens…and the occasional canine bottle baby.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Humane Rescue <strong>Alliance</strong> (HRA) established the DC<br />

region’s first shelter “kitten nursery” in May <strong>2017</strong> to meet the<br />

special needs of neonatal orphan kittens. It’s the brainchild<br />

of HRA foster program manager Jennah Billeter, who came<br />

up with the idea after a sudden and large influx of nursing<br />

felines and their kittens, as well as other rescued neonatal<br />

or orphaned kittens, arrived over the course of just a few<br />

short days from a hoarding case at HRA a little over a year<br />

ago. “Many of the moms were in bad shape so we ended<br />

up having 40-plus bottle babies,” Billeter recalls. “Staff just<br />

weren’t able to keep up with caring for all of the kittens while<br />

we searched for fosters and transfer placement, so I invited<br />

volunteer foster parents who knew how to bottle feed to<br />

come in for regular feeding shifts. It worked so well that it<br />

inspired me to establish a formal program for our orphaned<br />

neonatal babies.”<br />

Billeter created a plan for the nursery with volunteer Abby<br />

Meltzer, who since 2015 has fostered more than 100 animals,<br />

mostly litters of kittens and nursing moms. Collaborating<br />

with Billeter, Meltzer was responsible for setting up the<br />

nursery, which currently consists of designated cage space<br />

in the treatment room at the New York Avenue Adoption<br />

Center, although Billeter hopes that someday there will be a<br />

more “official” location.<br />



4 ALLIANCE<br />

“<br />

I invited volunteer<br />

foster parents who<br />

knew how to bottle<br />

feed to come in<br />

for feeding shifts. It<br />

worked so well that<br />

it inspired me to<br />

establish a formal<br />

program for our<br />

orphaned neonatal<br />

babies.<br />

From a physical standpoint, the kittens don’t<br />

require much: formula, bottles, a heat source<br />

(snuggle safes) to keep them warm, and cleaning<br />

supplies. <strong>The</strong> biggest resource requirement,<br />

according to Billeter, is time. “Caring for orphaned<br />

neonates is a round-the-clock job requiring a<br />

special skill set,” she explains.<br />

Interested volunteers complete a three-part<br />

training program to acquire the necessary skills:<br />

a class on how to care for bottle babies, a shelter<br />

and nursery orientation to teach them the ins<br />

and outs of working in a shelter environment,<br />

and a one-on-one feeding shift with a mentor<br />

volunteer. So far, 17 volunteers have completed<br />

all three levels of training and 25 are just waiting<br />

to complete their mentored feeding shift.<br />

Trained volunteers sign up in advance for regular<br />

shifts so that the kittens are fed every two to four<br />

hours throughout the day. Shifts run all day, every<br />

day. During a shift the volunteer also weighs the<br />

kittens, helps them eliminate, monitors cage<br />

heat sources, cleans the cages as necessary, and<br />

makes notes of anything that needs follow up by<br />

the medical care staff. Shelter staff handle these<br />

responsibilities for any shifts that are not covered<br />

by volunteers.<br />

Newborn kittens have extremely fragile immune systems and, sadly,<br />

not all survive despite such dedicated care. Still, the statistics are<br />

impressive. Since May, 127 kittens have been cared for in the nursery<br />

before moving on to HRA foster homes or being transferred to rescue<br />

organizations. Those that were cared for in foster homes then became<br />

some of the more than 500 kittens adopted from HRA this year.<br />

And while activity in the nursery has ended for the year, HRA volunteers<br />

are prepared for the many babies that 2018 is sure to bring.<br />

Editor’s note: If you are interested in volunteering in the kitten nursery—<br />

or in any other capacity—go to humanerescuealliance.org/volunteer to<br />

learn more.<br />


A Fairy Tale Ending for Julep<br />

Senior Sweetheart Finds Her Prince Charming<br />

By Maureen Sosa, Intake Director<br />

Julep was surrendered to the Humane Rescue <strong>Alliance</strong><br />

(HRA) in February after her owner passed away, a relatively<br />

common situation. What made her situation unique was her<br />

age. At 18 years old, Julep was, we believe, the oldest dog<br />

we’ve ever had in our care.<br />

Not surprisingly, Julep became something of a celebrity<br />

among staff and volunteers. “She was really sweet,” says<br />

adoptions counselor Joel Lopez. “She liked to lay on you…<br />

pretty much an oversized lap dog who just wanted lots of<br />

love and attention.”<br />

As an older dog, we knew Julep wouldn’t be as popular<br />

among potential adopters; but all it takes is one. So, in the<br />

hope of finding that one, our communications staff turned<br />

to social media to give her some extra visibility. Thanks to<br />

their efforts, the sweet senior was featured in several news<br />

articles and her story was shared more than 4,000 times on<br />

Facebook. And it paid off.<br />

Enter Wayne Lerch, who lost his beloved 11-year-old<br />

dog Jasmine last December. “I saw a picture of Julep on<br />

Facebook and I had to come see her,” he recalls. Lerch<br />

arrived at HRA’s Oglethorpe Street Adoption Center on his<br />

motorcycle—to prevent any “rash decisions.” He wanted the<br />

excuse to be able to think about it. As soon as he met Julep,<br />

however, he filled out the paperwork and went home to get<br />

his car. And that was that.<br />

To say staff and volunteers were happy would be an<br />

understatement. “It was like Christmas morning,” recalls Geri<br />

Lee, an HRA veterinary technician, who called Julep her<br />

pretty princess. “We’re happy whenever any of our animals<br />

get adopted,” Lee explains, “but it’s sheer joy when an older<br />

one finds a loving home.” And Julep has certainly found that.<br />

“I know she’s not going to be around for very long but that’s<br />

okay,” Lerch said before he and Julep left the shelter. “She<br />

deserves to live out the rest of her life in a loving home with<br />

somebody who’s going to pamper her and make sure that<br />

she enjoys the last bit of life she has.”<br />

Since then, Lerch and Julep—now named Tootie in honor<br />

of Lerch’s grandmother—have definitely been enjoying life.<br />


“Tootie is doing great!” says Lerch enthusiastically. “While<br />

she’s not all that interested in squeaky toys, she loves<br />

playing tug of war and moving one of her beds around the<br />

apartment. I don’t need to a watch to know when it’s 10 p.m.<br />

because she lets me know it’s time for her Greenie.”<br />

And according to Lerch, “the Toots” has become a favorite in<br />

his building. She wants everyone to pet her and will check<br />

everyone’s bags to see if there are any tasty treats she can<br />

steal.<br />

“I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found her,” he says.<br />

“She brings joy to my heart and while I still miss Jasmine<br />

so much, Tootie reminds me that I am a better person for<br />

having her in my life.”<br />

“<br />

We’re happy whenever<br />

any of our animals get<br />

adopted, but it’s sheer joy<br />

when an older one finds a<br />

loving home.<br />

”<br />



<strong>The</strong> Long and Winding<br />

Road to Happiness<br />

One Dog’s Journey from Shelter<br />

Resident to Search and Rescue<br />

Trainee to Beloved Family Member<br />

By Alexandra Dilley, Director of Behavior and Training<br />

Labrador retrievers are popular dogs, and there’s a reason for<br />

that. <strong>The</strong>y tend to be happy, outgoing companions who get<br />

along well with a variety of people and animals. Still, there’s a<br />

wide variety of individual personalities within the breed, and<br />

some of those are not for everyone. Labs tend to mature later<br />

than other dogs, sometimes retaining puppy-like qualities<br />

well into adulthood. If working-line Labs are not properly<br />

trained as puppies or in an environment that provides hours<br />

of exercise and activities, some can overwhelm people with<br />

play-biting, tugging, and jumping.<br />

Bongo was a case in point. This handsome black Lab arrived<br />

at the Humane Rescue <strong>Alliance</strong> (HRA) from a partner shelter<br />

in Miami-Dade County the last week in December 2016. At 11<br />

months old, he was “all puppy”—and a very large one at that.<br />

He was extremely energetic and seemed capable of going<br />

and going and going (think Energizer bunny) before he was<br />

ready to take a break. He also loved his toys, always carrying<br />

one in his mouth or on the lookout for one.<br />

When Bongo first arrived, the Behavior and Training staff was<br />

alerted that he was all teeth and that it was difficult to open<br />


the kennel doors to take him out. When we worked with him, we<br />

saw that he was actually a very sweet dog and that his behavior<br />

came from his need for constant activity and excitement, so we<br />

crossed our fingers that he would get out of the shelter quickly<br />

and made sure to give him as much time out of his kennel with<br />

staff and volunteers as we could.<br />

Despite his friendly nature, Bongo proved to be just too much<br />

dog for potential adopters. And the longer he remained in<br />

the shelter, the more frustrated and mouthy he became. We<br />

could see his potential but realized that adoption through the<br />

traditional channels of the shelter would be extremely difficult.<br />

Yet, because he was so happy to see everyone, we felt strongly<br />

that Bongo would be a great dog if we could find the right<br />

place for him. We got to work, searching for solutions. As we<br />

explored the options and spent time working with him in the<br />

shelter, it occurred to us that the qualities that made Bongo less<br />

attractive to potential adopters were the same qualities that<br />

might make him a good search and rescue dog: namely that he<br />

was toy crazy and would carry his ball everywhere and loved to<br />

play games like tug and fetch.<br />

As we were looking into potential working dog programs, Ann<br />

Brody Cove, a long-time HRA donor,* referred us to the National<br />

Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF). <strong>The</strong> mission of this<br />

non-profit, non-governmental organization based in California<br />

is to strengthen disaster response in America by recruiting<br />

rescued dogs and partnering them with firefighters and other<br />

first responders to find people buried alive in the wreckage of<br />

disasters.<br />

We contacted the foundation, which asked us to submit a video<br />

to assess Bongo’s innate level of interest in toys. He successfully<br />

passed the first round of tests, leading the foundation to arrange<br />

for an assessor from the D.C. Fire Department’s canine unit to<br />

evaluate Bongo off site.<br />

<strong>The</strong> evaluator took Bongo to a rubble pile in the city to see how<br />

he would handle going in and out of tunnels, jumping up on<br />

uneven surfaces in search of a tossed ball. Bongo was fearless<br />

and driven! He stayed focused on the ball, which was dropped<br />

into a pile of rubble, and alert barked when he could not get to<br />

it. He then figured out how to jump into the dark and somewhat<br />

deep hole to retrieve his ball, and pulled against the tension of<br />

his leash to go “save” it. <strong>The</strong> assessor declared Bongo a natural<br />

for search and rescue work, especially considering that he<br />

was younger than most dogs that entered the program. Based<br />

on the glowing report and required medical tests, the SDF<br />

accepted him into their training program.<br />

Once Bongo arrived, he went through a period of settling in and<br />

training before his final exam. Sadly, he was too social to focus<br />

around other dogs—he wanted to go say hi more than anything<br />

else. I was so sad to hear that he didn’t pass, but the SDF<br />

coordinator suggested transferring him to another working dog<br />

program known as the Fetch Foundation in Arizona. <strong>The</strong> Fetch<br />

Foundation works closely with other rescue organizations and<br />

shelters to identify dogs that have the potential to be trained to<br />

become search and service dogs or therapy dogs for veterans<br />



or people with disabilities. <strong>The</strong>y assured me that Bongo<br />

would do well there and would still likely be involved in<br />

search and rescue work, just not with other dogs. Since he<br />

was already in California, it seemed a better option for him<br />

than being shipped back to DC.<br />

Ultimately, despite Bongo excelling at his training, they<br />

found, as we did, that he was a very social guy. As a working<br />

dog he would live a solitary life in a kennel when he wasn’t<br />

working, and they didn’t feel that was the best place for<br />

him because of his affectionate and outgoing character.<br />

So they placed him with the family of a PetSmart executive<br />

who were familiar with his breed and tendencies—and<br />

who adore him! He gets lots of regular training and tons of<br />

exercise from his teenage human “sister” and goes to work<br />

with “mom” several days a week.<br />

This was everything we could have hoped for, for Bongo,<br />

now Sawyer. His family saw the same goofy and loveable<br />

qualities we saw and was willing to put in the time and effort<br />

to make it work. And so many people and organizations<br />

worked together to save him and find him just the right<br />

home, whatever it took. As the Beatles song goes, “<strong>The</strong><br />

long and winding road, that leads to your door will never<br />

disappear, I’ve seen that road before; it always leads me<br />

here.”<br />

________________________________________<br />

*<strong>The</strong> Ann Brody Cove Fund was established to provide low-cost and<br />

free medical care in our Medical Center to families in need of financial<br />

assistance. This service keeps pets in the loving homes where they<br />

belong, while keeping space free in our adoption centers for pets who<br />

are truly homeless.<br />



Tributes listed here were received July 16, <strong>2017</strong> through October 16, <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

Abbey<br />

Penny Pickett<br />

Abby Brandel and Ted Axton<br />

<strong>The</strong> Stokes Group<br />

Abby Quick<br />

Timothy Talley and Roseanne<br />

McAlear<br />

Alice Paul<br />

Katie and Bob Brown<br />

Allison Bailey and Josh Kramer<br />

Casey Shellenberger<br />

Emily Rosenthal and Jon Green<br />

Alysse and Josh<br />

Jon and Naama Crisp<br />

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux and<br />

Sam Taxy<br />

Garons, Michigan DeVeauxs,<br />

and the Wells<br />

Anna Cadwell<br />

Cody<br />

Anna D<br />

Carrie Kendrick<br />

Archie<br />

Karen Van Es<br />

Barbara Meyer<br />

Marion Ballard<br />

Bart<br />

David Baker and Kent Green<br />

Basil and Winston<br />

Joella and Bobby<br />

Lubaszewski<br />

Beau Leau Alfonso Hines<br />

Grace Hines<br />

Bentley and Conan<br />

Jodi Terhorst<br />

Brad<br />

Adrienne and Howard<br />

Hyman<br />

Buster<br />

Margaretta Taylor<br />

Caramel Ughetta<br />

Valerie Ughetta<br />

Catherine Dooling and Bo Shan<br />

Betsy Loikow<br />

Charles Caldwell<br />

Kara Johnson<br />

City Paws Pet’s Staff<br />

Mike Rogers<br />

Courtland Milloy<br />

Virginia Olin<br />

Cristian, Mike, and Maggie<br />

Susan, Beth, and Jacob<br />

Darren Silvis<br />

Deborah Williams<br />

Desperado<br />

Leonard Kaufman<br />

Dimmat, Sonny, Nabir, Magala,<br />

and Elvis<br />

Lois Richards<br />

Duncan T. Sheltie<br />

Melanie Isis<br />

Elizabeth Kiernan<br />

Sylvia Cotter<br />

Emily and Maggie Coyle<br />

Dennis Howard<br />

Emily and Steve<br />

Nina Kayem<br />

Emily Delmotte and Chris Cook<br />

Jess Roach and Matt Klasen<br />

Emma<br />

Bruce Creditor<br />

Emmalee Dolfi<br />

Chris David<br />

Emperor Cosmo von Tuftypaws<br />

Josh and Liza Simmons<br />

Friday of Euclid Manor<br />

Yami Jallow<br />

Gary and Jessica Kline<br />

<strong>The</strong> Stokes Group<br />

Goober<br />

<strong>The</strong> Strains<br />

Gordon Clay Sam Roberson and<br />

Ted Buckley<br />

Gus Bell<br />

Amy Bell<br />

Hanne and Frank Correl<br />

Wally’s Family<br />

Heather Zichal<br />

Hart Research<br />

Hooch<br />

Roxie, Jim, and Daisy Eckhoff<br />

Hubble<br />

Ashley and Goldie Finley<br />

Melanie and Vince<br />

Staten<br />

Ian and Taylor Golden<br />

David and Christine<br />

Pfenninger<br />

Jack Frost<br />

Hanne and Frank Correl<br />

Jackie and Corey<br />

Patricia Corridon<br />

Jacque<br />

Your Coworkers<br />

Suad Wanna<br />

Jasper<br />

Liz Defonce<br />

Jazz, Flozzy, Minnie, Callie, Billie,<br />

and Peter<br />

Cheryl Dunn<br />

Joel Rosenberg and Patsy Yaffee<br />

Marvin and Judith<br />

Waldman<br />

Joey<br />

Donna Wissinger<br />

Jojo<br />

Virginia Jones<br />

Kai Sorathia<br />

Slava Merkin<br />

Kai Sorathia<br />

Aleksandr Ukhorskiy<br />

Kayla and Adam<br />

Walt and Emm Bishop<br />

Kayla, Adam, and Gainy<br />

Sarah Baline<br />

KH-II<br />

Michael Brewer<br />

Lauren Piera Jowell<br />

Rachael Goldfarb<br />

Les McKeown<br />

Nana Efua Mumford<br />

Linda Dourney<br />

Lynn Karcich<br />

Lizzie and Sadie<br />

<strong>The</strong> Quinns<br />

Louie Dweck<br />

Bill Oberdorfer<br />

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Jen Taylor and Bill Maher<br />

Lucy<br />

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Our furry sons<br />

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Pansy and Daisy<br />

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Piper and Ben<br />

Sandra Ducote<br />

Precious Jackson<br />

Crystal Jackson<br />

Princess and Warble<br />

Erika Juba<br />

Punkin’ and Sara<br />

Josephine Conover<br />

Quincy<br />

Adela and Steven<br />

Shapiro<br />

Rachael Kozolup<br />

Anslie Stokes<br />

Radley Emes and Danielle<br />

Germain<br />

<strong>The</strong> Rowes<br />

Richard “Ritty” Pratt<br />

Amy and Tom Donovan<br />

Robin<br />

Tina and Kevin Rhea<br />

Roscoe<br />

Bennet Zelner<br />

Rosie<br />

Jane and Ringo<br />

Huntington<br />

Rosie<br />

Steven and Alexis<br />

Levine<br />

Sadie<br />

Lisa LaFond<br />

Sadie and Sophie<br />

Margaret Leaman<br />

Sally<br />

Donna DeLaCruz<br />

Sam and Raleigh<br />

Margaret Broaddus<br />

Samantha<br />

Colleen B0yrnes<br />

Sandy<br />

Charles and Maureen<br />

Viall<br />

Sarah, Corncob, Nana,<br />

Boobookitty and Bandida<br />

Stevens-Rosenbaum Family<br />

Sashka<br />

Kaara Mehring<br />

Scamp<br />

Senga Howat<br />

Scarlett<br />

Pamela Guha<br />

Shannon Stokes and Princess<br />

Leia<br />

Ingrid Doyle<br />

Shira Carrico-Braun<br />

Nancy Braun<br />

Shira Carrico-Braun<br />

<strong>The</strong> Brown Family<br />

Shoshana Zallman<br />

Mel Shandler<br />

Snowball and Pepper<br />

Lynn Kimmerly<br />

Star<br />

Corinne Henderson<br />

Steve the Dog fka Parrot<br />

Constance Kiggins and Peter<br />

Jaffe<br />

Sweety and Paul<br />

Stefania D’Amico<br />


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Continued<br />

from Page 11<br />

Sydney Wright-Schaner<br />

and Jakob Seidlitz<br />

Robert and Mary Ellen Beall<br />

Adit Chipalkattie<br />

Victoria and Will Hines<br />

Larry and Lillian Reynolds<br />

Amanda Sheff and Keith Froehlich<br />

Jesse Beringer and Nick Dale<br />

Krista Nunez and Matthew Bly<br />

<strong>The</strong> Lamken Family<br />

Sylvia McGreevy<br />

Nancy, Will, Caroline, and<br />

Patrick<br />

Tanya and Mohamed<br />

Susan Remacle<br />

<strong>The</strong> Clowder<br />

Nora Walsh<br />

Tia Andersson<br />

Ella Kauffman<br />

Tracy Krulik<br />

Sylvia and Bart Silver<br />

Trevor and Ernest<br />

Karl Pucher and Nadine Leisz<br />

Violet<br />

Bubbly<br />

Aidan<br />

Team Kildee<br />

Alastor<br />

Team Cheh<br />

Alpha and Omega<br />

Wanda Henderson<br />

Anne Marjorie Lewis<br />

Michele Zavos and Ellen Cull<br />

Anthony Falzone<br />

BB&T Private Advisors<br />

Anthony Udu-gama<br />

Kara Daniels<br />

Rish and Sima Sanghvi<br />

Corinna and Mattia<br />

Zeltsman<br />

Arnie Madsen<br />

Rebecca Bjork<br />

Atticus<br />

Sit-A-Pet<br />

B.J.<br />

Gay Pirozzi<br />

Bailey<br />

Michelle McGrath<br />

Bandit<br />

Lisa Braverman<br />

Barkley<br />

Kristen Nelson<br />

Bauer<br />

John Ganoe<br />

Bella<br />

Phyllis Wiesenfelder<br />

Bella Moore<br />

Ellen Heier<br />

Belle<br />

Faith Rosenbaum<br />

Bette Hansen-Bergeson<br />

Izzy and the Lekakos Family<br />

BING<br />

Lynda Wright<br />

Bizzy<br />

Sarah Buckheit<br />

Bluey<br />

Elizabeth Hobbs<br />

Bonny<br />

Betty James<br />

Buddy, Ginger, and BK<br />

Helen Kay<br />

Buster<br />

Scott Noveck<br />

Button<br />

Greta Davidson<br />

Callie<br />

Dad and Eileen<br />

Candy Hamilton<br />

Amanda Hamilton<br />

Carmen<br />

Melanie and Vince<br />

Staten<br />

Carter “Bubba” Gallagher<br />

Dad, Mom, and Cowboy<br />

Catherine B. Cassell<br />

Jane Johnston<br />

Cecile Utteridge Giffen<br />

Janis Beach<br />

Charley<br />

Bert and Mary Cooper<br />

Chester<br />

Stephanie Resnik<br />

Chloe<br />

Suzana Cado<br />

Chloe and Mr. Dickens<br />

Heather Tyrer<br />

Chloe Griggs<br />

Caroline Lee and Scott<br />

Johnson<br />

Coco<br />

Barbara Diehl<br />

Cooper<br />

Glenn, Susan, and Ace<br />

Cotton<br />

Kenneth and Kari<br />

Minesinger<br />

Daisy<br />

Winnie, Erik, and Karen<br />

Dan Sherm<br />

Alicia Cagnoli<br />

Darla Vanamali<br />

April and Louie Eutsey<br />

Darryl Richard<br />

Richard and Lynn<br />

Loomis<br />

David Meade<br />

Natalie Fielman<br />

Deke Jorss<br />

Scott and Meredith<br />

Jorss<br />

Dorothy Klenert<br />

Jack Jacobson and Dr. Kevin<br />

Semelrath<br />

Dr. Charles McIntosh<br />

Leo and Carol Penne<br />

Eileen Dobrin<br />

Frances Kane<br />

Ernestine <strong>The</strong>resa Smith-Mason<br />

Jane Johnston<br />

Figgy<br />

Tracy Baumgardner<br />

Finnegan<br />

Sally Sullivan<br />

Floppy<br />

Pam, Khloe, and Molly<br />

Fritz<br />

Michele McDonagh<br />

Fudge<br />

Kiersten Stiansen<br />

G. Ester and Sam Pollack<br />

Ilene Pollack and Kenneth<br />

Lightner<br />

Grace Frances Bickley<br />

Jane Johnston<br />

Gracie<br />

Dina Ruden<br />

Gracie<br />

Neidoff-Schmidt Family<br />

Gracie<br />

Lisa, Kevin, and Andy<br />

Gretchen<br />

Susan Strange and Patrick<br />

Parkinson<br />

Harley Saumweber<br />

Hanna and Milo<br />

Harry Truman<br />

Richard Patch<br />

Honeybunny<br />

Joan Kaufman<br />

Isabel<br />

Kathryn Killeen<br />

Jack<br />

Jay Timmons<br />

Java Poats<br />

Mary Poats<br />

Jeanne Ryan<br />

W. Shepherdson Abell<br />

Jon and Amy Belli<br />

David and Cathey Belli<br />

Joyce and Jules Muis-Lowery<br />

Christine Ryan Viola<br />

Jeb Freeman<br />

John and Kathy Rooney<br />

Jessie M Brown<br />

Jane<br />

Johnston<br />

Joni Braunstein Hesch<br />

Randy and Tia Levine<br />

Judith Cecile Utteridge Giffen<br />

Your Friends at IMS<br />

Katherine Yu Coplan<br />

Julie and Don Herr<br />

Keegan<br />

Carlos and Mark<br />

Kildaire<br />

Linda Burnett<br />

Kukula Kapoor Glastris<br />

Michelle Cottle and Chris Orr<br />

Ed Kilgore and Dawn Wilson<br />

R Street Institute<br />

Kuma<br />

Ron and Jeff Wold<br />

Kylie<br />

Glenn, Susan and Ace<br />

Lacy Baby<br />

Gloria White<br />

Leopold<br />

Sit-A-Pet<br />

Lillie Mae Abel Bosse<br />

Jason Forman and Brett Snyder<br />

Lion<br />

Robin Weiss<br />

Lola<br />

<strong>The</strong> Chases<br />

Lola Leah Levy<br />

Joan Eisenstodt and Joel Levy<br />

Louie and Daisy<br />

Robyn Zeiger<br />

Lovejoy<br />

Linda Wagner<br />

Mable<br />

Rhonda and Allan<br />

Solomon<br />

Maddie<br />

Stef and Brad Resnik<br />

Maebe<br />

Megan McKinney<br />

Mando<br />

Diane<br />

Kittower<br />

Marmelade<br />

Delores Bushong<br />

Matthew Kurtz<br />

Jodie and Matt Kamins<br />

Maxine Calhoun<br />

Susan Sawtelle<br />

Milton<br />

Kevin Adler<br />

Molly Demitz<br />

Stephanie and David<br />

Karsten<br />

Mooli<br />

Donna, Andre, Greg, Lia,<br />

Candice, and David<br />

Moose<br />

Don Swope and Dave Reser<br />

Mr. Moss<br />

Barbara and Meow<br />

Howes<br />

Ned<br />

Deena and Mary Pers<br />

Nootsie<br />

Deb Miller<br />

Oona<br />

Robert Powell<br />

Parker Halifax<br />

Lisa Van Arsdale<br />

Partricia Carnahan<br />

Catherine and Richard<br />

Ranger<br />

Penelope<br />

John and Carol Russell<br />

Percy<br />

Farleich Earhart<br />

Peyton<br />

Robyn and Stacey<br />

Zeiger<br />

Piet<br />

Julie Clare<br />

Pimento<br />

Sheila Ward<br />

Rani<br />

Lianne Friedman<br />

Ray Noll<br />

Julie Palais<br />

Rennie<br />

Sit-A-Pet<br />

Rigley<br />

Clifford<br />

Rita Mae<br />

Barbara Peterman<br />

Rocco<br />

Craig and Kathy<br />

Morgan<br />

Rocco Goodwyn<br />

Penny Goodwyn<br />

Ronald McKnight<br />

Peinsetta McKnight<br />

Ronald Steffensen<br />

Michael Beckman<br />

Sam<br />

Jo Ann Ruckel<br />

Saone Crocker<br />

Norman Blumenfeld,<br />

David Karrick, Friends of<br />

Rennie Anderson<br />

Scorpio Flournoy<br />

Linda Flournoy<br />

Scout<br />

Deb Waterman<br />

Scrapple<br />

Courtney Vaudreuil<br />

Scruffy<br />

Christina Fleps<br />

Shelby<br />

Carol Fleming<br />

Sidney<br />

Barbara Bradley<br />

Simon<br />

Mary Kay<br />

Simone<br />

Helen Kramer<br />

Sluggs and Spatz<br />

Simon Carney<br />

Stella Roberts<br />

Lauder and Abigail<br />

Greenway<br />

Stormy<br />

Teal Baker<br />

Sunshine<br />

Sally Dixon<br />

Tae Bennett<br />

Judith Brocksmith<br />

Tim Francis<br />

Larry and Clo Rohter<br />

Tova Bogart<br />

Laura Bogart<br />

Trina Olson Timmons<br />

Greg and Nancy Riegle<br />

Trina Olson Timmons<br />

Ella Smith<br />

Tuff<br />

Peter Shomer<br />

Tupper<br />

Roxane Maywalt<br />

Virginia B. Jones<br />

Jane Johnston<br />

Wally Teich<br />

Dr. Miller, Dr. Antkowiak, Amy,<br />

and the AtlasVet Staff<br />

Whizzer White<br />

Judith McKevitt<br />

William Dunn<br />

Rosemary Janiszewski<br />

William Jenkins<br />

Jane Johnston<br />

Winnie<br />

Ilona Heckman<br />

Yancey Tyler<br />

Mary Tayler<br />



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