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Yassine Marine Services


Company Profile V12 January 2018

Training Services, Maritime Services, Aviation Services, Shipping Services.


Yassine Marine Services


Company Profile

Yassine Marine Services RAK – UAE.

YMS Ariana (Regional Head office)

YMS Sfax Centre (Mariners & Logistics Administration).

YMS Sfax Training Centre.

OSRA – Tunisia

HeliMed Services - Tunisia

YMS - Ariana Regional Head Office

Certified ISO 14001 & ISO 9001

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Yassine Marine Services

YMS Provide niche services focused on the Maritime and Oil and Gas industry developed in sync

with the industry best practices and legal obligation within \Tunisia and as applicable for

international clients.

The YMS list of Key Services includes the following:

YMS Shipping

Supply and Logistics



HSE Training including



Off Shore Oil & Gas (OPITO) & (JOIFF)

On Shore Oil & Gas (OPITO) & (JOIFF)

Telematics - Cost effective Leading edge IOGP compliant

Quality Systems Implementation and Monitoring

Maritime Services

Aviation Services – Offshore & Onshore (HeliMed Services)

Yassine Marine Service management listen to our clients to deliver bespoke services and training to

compliment the Internationally approved services and training which are delivered by the experienced and

competent YMS staff.

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Yassine Marine Shipping

YMS Shipping Agency provides marine asset management for the offshore market.

Our expertise is rooted in a rich marine legacy and our global network ensures we are

perfectly poised to manage your offshore and marine assets all over the world.

YMS provide full life services to fixed and floating assets anywhere you need us.

Logistics Management of FPSO's, oil rigs, drill ships, gas and offshore industry

Yassine Marine Shipping has vast experience in the specialized oil, gas and offshore industry.

Yassine Marine Shipping are well positioned in all Tunisian ports, with our head office in Tunis.

With our vast experience in the logistical management of FPSO's, oil rigs, drill ships,

crane/accommodation barges and supply vessels, we are proud to have achieved the recognition of

being known as the preferred professional logistical management team in Tunisia, Nth Africa and

the Western Mediterranean.

YMS services include:

Ships Agency

Worldwide Travel & Offshore Training

Crew Logistics & Management

Offshore Supplies and Logistics

Special Projects

Bunker Brokers

Warehousing, Clearing and Forwarding

Clearing & Forwarding

Assets cared for:

Anchor-Handling Vessels

Platform Supply Vessels

Offshore-Support Vessels

Floating Storage and Offloading Vessels (FSOs)

Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessels

Cable-Laying Vessels

Subsea Construction Vessels

Pipe-Laying Vessels

Diving Supply Vessel

Accommodation Work Barges

Accommodation vessels, Flotels

Drilling Jack up rigs, Drillships

Heavy lift and Offshore Construction Vessels

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Services provided:

Marine operations management

Manpower for Rigs / FPSOs / FSOs / OSVs / Construction



Travel & Logistics

White collar / Yard / Commissioning manpower

Asset inspection & acquisition

Support services for hook-up and Installation

Sea-going technical / repair squads

Underwater repair and maintenance

Security assessments and plan development - Conversion

and asset life extension

Management systems / safety cases / HAZOPs

Training solutions

Catering and hospitality

Agency and husbandry

Insurance and loss prevention

'End of asset life’ management

Warehousing, Clearing & Forwarding

With the diversity of the global economy where suppliers and customers are often thousands of km's

apart, and with the ever increasing changes to Rules and Regulations executing and fulfilling orders

are becoming ever increasingly difficult. Due to these challenges and changes, Yassine Marine Shipping

provides a complete Logistics Package, including warehousing and distribution throughout your network,

global or local with the systems and people to meet the most demanding customer service requirements.

Yassine Marine Warehouse offers a variety of professional logistics services including:

Warehouse Storage – including undercover and open warehousing

Bonded Facilities

International Forwarding

Customs Clearing



Fragile Care

Hazardous Cargo

FCL and Break Bulk Transport

Rigging & Crane Hire

Container Packing & Unpacking

Tracking and Tracing

Stock inventory and status reporting

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Offshore Supplies & Logistics

This department handles all material requests worldwide.

Vast knowledge in this field ensures quick reference to requested supplies and local supplier. Best prices

and delivery methods are negotiated and fed back to the client.

Our offered supplies and services include, but are not limited to:

Bunkers and Lube oil

Approved fabrication of offshore steel structures

Electrical supplies

Equipment hire

Fresh produce and provisions

Gas Cylinder refilling

General Engineering works

General Workshop Consumables

Hardware and consumables


PPE Equipment

Sourcing 3rd party technicians & contractors


Welding consumables

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Yassine Marine Services

International Standards of

Safety Training

Yassine Marine Services (YMS) design and conduct specialized; client focused training

and education programs and associated services in Nth Africa and the Mediterranean

In all locations we are committed to delivering quality and

World class service to our clients.

YMS Tunisia offers a diverse range of world class competency based training courses

to meet the safety needs of the oil and gas industry and vocational training in both

upstream and downstream applications, maintaining world class standards Focused on

the Nth Africa and Mediterranean region and developing further vocational training to

assist and ensure all delegates are in line with the global standards required within the

Maritime and Oil & Gas industry enabling them to be the first choice of employers


• Yassine Marine Services is certified STCW by the Tunisian Ministry of Transport and

the Libyan Maritime and Ports Authority.

• Yassine Marine Services is accredited by OPITO

• Yassine Marine Services is accredited by JOIFF

• Yassine Marine Services is accredited by or member of the following:

YMS is certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 in Consultation,

Maritime Agency, and Training in the Marine and Oil & Gas Field.

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YMS Training Services

YMS your premier provider for a diverse range of Maritime, Vocational and Oil & Gas

industry training services,

YMS ensure a safe and competent operating environment in the potentially hazardous oil and gas

industry, including Government & private sectors. All training courses and services can be

customized to meet the specific standards and requirements of our clients, focusing on required

content and learning outcomes to achieve internationally accredited training including STCW

2010, OPITO, or your in house training objectives.

YMS - Total approach to Emergency Response

Complete range of training and services prepares your greatest asset, your employees and

organisation to comprehensively deal with all elements of emergencies that may arise at sea or

in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry.

YMS are experts in writing and developing emergency response plans, training personnel in

skills and competencies to respond to likely emergencies, managing the emergency from the

Board Room down, YMS provides a total approach to emergency mitigation… from

response to recovery.

Courses conducted include:

First Aid & Emergency Medical Training

JOIFF Foundation Courses, Fire Safety & Fire Fighting Courses

STCW 2010 Maritime Training

O&G Offshore Safety Training including


Health & Safety Training Courses

Vocational courses for both upstream and downstream applications

Oil Filed IOGP Compliant Driver Training

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Offshore Safety


The leading provider of international standard offshore safety training courses

for personnel working in the maritime and offshore oil and gas industry,

including Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) and Sea Survival

courses to prepare offshore workers for the possibility of a helicopter ditching

over water.

YMS Training facility includes a fixed HUET simulator, Heli winch, TEMPSC

lifeboat and 3m deep swimming pool for all life raft and water survival training


Course topics include;


BOSIET including EBS and TBOSIET

JOIFF Fire Team Member and Fire Team Leader.

Basic Offshore Sea Survival

Helicopter Landing Officer (UK CAA VHF Certification)

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YMS are leaders in the field of Fire Safety and Fire Fighting Training. Member of The

Institute of Fire Engineers & JOIFF and accredited by JOIFF to deliver Industrial Fire

Fighting including JOIFF Foundation Courses.

Providing specialist live fire training facilities to incorporate extensive practical fire

scenarios with background theory and discussions to ensure that trainees are as prepared as

possible for the fires they may encounter.

Course topics include:

• JOIFF Basic Firefighting - Self Rescue

• JOIFF Industrial Fire Warden

• STCW 2010 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

• STCW 2010 Advanced Fire Fighting

• JOIFF Industrial or Aviation Fire Fighting Level 1 (FTM) and 2 (FTL)

• JOIFF Emergency Fire Team Leader and Member

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First Aid & Emergency Medical Training

YMS provide and conduct training up to Advanced Diploma of Paramedical Science,

deploying qualified and experienced Doctors and Instructors.

YMS courses provide practical lifesaving skills that help personnel respond to medical

emergencies in the office and on the worksite.

Course topics include:

CPR & Basic Life Support

Defibrillation & Oxygen therapy

Emergency Care Responder

Pre hospital emergency care & paramedic / ambulance officer training

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Health & Safety Training

YMS Health & Safety Courses are designed to meet international standards, and are

continually revised to meet the latest Approved Codes of Practice in a range of


All courses can be designed to specifically build a practical understanding of how to

apply safe working practices in your workplace.

Course topics include:

Defensive Driving – IOGP Industry Guidelines

JOIFF Work safely at heights

Scaffolding – Basic – Intermediate – Advanced – Scaffolding Inspector

JOIFF Hazard identification/management

JOIFF Confined Space Planning, Entry & Rescue

Training Centre Facilities:

YMS Training Centre features practical training facilities and equipment, classrooms and

trainee amenities to ensure a safe, world-class training experience.

The Training Facility is a world-class training facility including an indoor 3.5m deep

training pool, HUET simulator and all equipment and facilities to conduct marine and

offshore oil & gas safety training courses.

The Lifeboat Training Facility located indoors includes TEMPSC lifeboat and

muster platform to simulate emergency muster and facility abandonment


The Live Fire Training Facility includes facilities for fire extinguisher, self-rescue and hose

reel training on a range of classes of fire, plus an extensive smokehouse for Self Contained

Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Self-Rescue training.

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YMS Training Courses

001 STCW

STCW BST & Refresher

Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

Refresher Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques

Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting

Refresher Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

Personal Survival Techniques

Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques

Elementary First Aid

STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness


Proficiency in Designated Security Duties

Proficiency as Ships Security Officer

Company Security Officer (CSO)

Proficiency in Medical First Aid

Proficiency in Medical Care

Updated Proficiency in Medical Care

Automated External Defibrillation

Advanced Fire Fighting (STCW)

Refresher Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting

Command and Control Firefighting

Entry into Enclosed Spaces

Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than Fast Rescue Boats)

Refresher Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than Fast Rescue Boats)

Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats

Refresher Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats

Provision of facilities for Sea Survival & Fire Fighting

Basic Oil & Chemical Tanker Familiarisation

Advanced Oil Tanker

Advanced Gas Tanker

Advanced Chemical Tanker

Engine Resource Management

Bridge Resource Management

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YMS Training Courses. cont.

002 OPITO (Approved)








Gas Tester Level 1, 2, & 3 (CBT) (OPITO)

003 Aviation



004 F i r e

Fire Extinguisher Familiarisation

Basic Fire Fighting

JOIFF Industrial Fire Warden

JOIFF Wear & Operate SCBA …. Search and Rescue Advanced Fire Fighting Level 1(FTM)

J O I F F Advanced Fire Fighting Level 2 (FTL)

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YMS Training Courses cont.

005 Height and Confined Space

J O I F F Work safely at heights Confined Space Planning Confined Space Entry &

Confined Space Rescue

Scaffolding Inspection – Basic – Intermediate - Advanced

Scaffolding Inspection (Responsible Person)

J O I F F Rescue from Height – Vertical Rescue

006 HSE

Gas Testing Levels 1, 2 & 3


J O I F F H2s including Cascade Systems

Permit to Work

J O I F F Hazard Identification & Management

Accident Investigation

Workplace Safety Awareness

Safety Observer in the Work place

J O I F F ATEX Introduction


HACCP - Health & Hygiene

007 First Aid - EFR

Primary Care First Aid Responder

Emergency Response Team

008 Defensive Driving (IOGP)

Defensive Driving Light Vehicle

Defensive Driving Light Vehicle (Professional Driver)

Off-road/Desert 4x4

Off-road/Desert 4x4 (Slip Faces)

Heavy Vehicle (Straight Truck) Heavy Vehicle (Articulated)

Heavy Vehicle (6x6 - 8x8 - Desert & Dune Driving)

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YMS Training Courses cont.

009 Mechanical Lifting Operations

Rigging, Slinging & Banksman

Rigging, Slinging & Banksman (Offshore)

Crane Operator Offshore Level 2 (Offshore)

Crane Operator Offshore Level 2 Refresher

Crane Operator Offshore Level 3 (Offshore)

Crane Operator Offshore Level 3 Refresher

Mobile Crane Operator

Gantry Crane Operator

Truck mounted crane Operator ( HIAB)

Fork Truck Counterbalance

Fork Truck Side Lift

010 Aviation

J O I F F Helideck Fire Team Member

J O I F F Helideck Fire Team Leader

J O I F F Heliport Fire Team Member

J O I F F Heliport Fire Team Leader

J O I F F Aviation Fire Fighting and Rescue

011 Oil Spill Response (UK SPILL Approved)

OSR First Responder Sorbents

OSR Sorbents & Equipment

IMO Level 1 Oil Spill on site Supervisor

IMO Level 2 Oil Spill Response Manager

IMO Level 3 Incident Commander

Oil Spill Incident Manager

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Yassine Marine Services:

OPITO & JOIFF Accreditation & Approvals




Member &


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Yassine Marine Services:

Maritime Services

Yassine Marine Services (YMS) provide specialized, client focused resources, support

vessels and associated services within Nth Africa and the Mediterranean.

Yassine Marine provides vessels as agents for established professional companies and YMS

has acquired its own vessels to deploy from Tunisia under Tunisian Flag in partnership with

MARIDIVE Tunisia. Always available, always contactable, 365 days a year 24/7

YMS fleet selection is diversified and we can ensure that our clients will receive the

very best available resources operated safely and professionally by YMS experienced

Captains and crews.

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Yassine Marine Services:


Yassine Marine Services (YMS) are proud to announce availability in 2018 Heli Med

Aviation services which YMS can provide specialty aviation services. HeliMed is a

JV between YMS and Gulf Helicopters

YMS can provide both fixed wing and rotor craft to you requirements and budget.

Aerial Services

- Imagery & mapping AW 109

- Disaster relief

- Search & rescue

- Maritime patrol

- Climate/environmental assessments

- Agricultural & mineral assessments

Specialty Aviation Services

- Rotary/fixed wing operations

- Specialized aircrew training

- Maintenance & logistics


- Passenger Charter

- Emergency Medevac services and charter

- Air Cargo Charter

- Aircraft Management

- Remote Fuel Supply

- Emergency Preparedness


New AW 169’s are planned for inclusion in 2018

BELL 412

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Yassine Marine Services:


Yassine Marine Services (YMS) are proud to be approved Navman Wireless

Platinum Partners with Restrata - OBI Telematics based in Dubai

YMS offers a portfolio of solutions and services to address today’s need for increased asset

visibility. YMS integrates best of breed technologies that cover the full spectrum of Location

Based Services (LBS) and cutting edge sensor fusion, linked to the rapidly expanding Internet of

Things (IoT) connecting people, property and equipment.

Our innovative managed solutions, packaged under the banner of Situational Awareness &

Telematics ‘SA&T’, offers customers the ability to embrace the very latest in technological

advancements. Implementing the right technology for your business will increase operational

capabilities, whilst ensuring considerable cost savings through improvements in safety, security

and efficiency


SecureLocate is the flagship tracking and monitoring technology integrating a vast array of

sensors including more than 3000 different tracking, camera, and triggering & cueing devices to

date. The application provides clients with a real-time tracking, alerting and asset management

suite for any static or mobile asset deployed globally.

The goal of SecureLocate is to protect people, property and equipment, enhance decision

support while reducing operational costs for an organization. Our ability to render immediate

threat updates, provide secure two-way communications, fused with available open and crowd

sourced data feeds together with SecureLocate’s TM In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)

enable safe journey management and enhancing.

SecureLocate has an unrivalled track record of successfully providing tracking & monitoring

services to government and commercial clients in the world’s most challenging environments.

The products and solutions we have supplied to these organistaions have produced significant

business and operational benefits by providing real time visibility and control of their mobile and

static assets allowing for timely decisions

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YMS - OBI Telematics

OBI Telematics is the YMS solution that houses our premium telematics capability.

OBI Telematics is a global leader in providing technology and solutions that enable the

effective oversight and management of fleets, plant and personnel. YMS is the

platinum partner of OBI with Navman Wireless within the Middle East & Africa

region. Navman is a global leader in fleet telematics servicing more than 500,000

premium connections for vehicles globally.

The Navman technology platform offers a robust capability for data analytics and

reporting allowing fleet managers both on land and offshore to get the very best

performance from their people and equipment maximizing a return on investment from

the technology that is well proven and usually achieved in a few months.

Fleet operator and equipment intelligence

Equip your business with data to reduce risk and drive action:

DIRECTOR for fleet intelligence

Oil Field IOGP Compliant

40,000 businesses around the world rely on Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR for the

smart management of fleets of any size. Built on a flexible infrastructure that integrates

seamlessly with other business systems, DIRECTOR gathers the vast information that

is continuously being generated by your vehicles, turns it into actionable data, and puts

real-time insight in the hands of your drivers, dispatchers, and decision-makers. The

result is a highly connected and compliant workforce making conscious, moment-tomoment

decisions that lead to exceptional customer service and commercial success

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The Management and Team of Yassine Marine Services are at your disposal to provide services

at any time. Should you require further clarification or explanation in detail please do not

hesitate to contact the management directly.

We sincerely hope that you find the professional services available from Yassine Marine Services

and its affiliates of benefit to you requirements.

Further Information is available on the YMS web site http://www.y-marineservices.com/


Captain Taoufik Zrida

General Manager

Yassine Marine Services

YMS Corporate Office - Tunis:

89 Av Habib Bourguiba

B 1-5 Ariana Palace

Ariana, 2080


Tel : 216 71 709 688 / 71 709 636

Fax: 216 71 710 565/ 74 224 777

YMS Maritime & Administration - Sfax:

10 Rue Mongi Bali,

Immeuble Rekik, Apt.N°4

Sfax, 3000


Tél : 216 74211112

Fax : 216 74224777

YMS Training Centre - Sfax:

Route Menzel Chaker Km 20


Tél/Fax : 216 74447510

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