How to Restore or Upgrade Your Trend Micro Antivirus Software?


Read this pdf, we will tell you how to restore or upgrade your Trend Micro Antivirus software. If you want to know about this then follow these steps. For more information you can call us at Trend Micro Customer Support Australia Helpline Number +61-283173533. Visit our website

How to Restore or Upgrade Your

Trend Micro Antivirus Software

Upgrade your Trend Micro program to the latest version

to get full benefits of the subscription. Because of

various technical errors or minimal maintenance many

of the times the current antivirus needs to be removed

in order to installation the latest version of the program.

This is also a similar case where you need to remove and

reinstall the software.

The reinstallation process of the antivirus is the best way

to solve a lot many problems as well and a quick

solution method as per the Trend Micro Support. Since

the latest version fixes all the non-resolved issues,

therefore, it is the ideal troubleshooting method.

Steps To Restore Trend Micro Antivirus Software:

•Find and get a copy of your serial number.

•Ensure that your meets the criteria. Check the requirement to

upgrade in the official website.

•Uninstall your current antivirus program.

•Download the installer file to proceed.

1. For Maximum Security, the serial number starts with an X.

2. For Internet Security, the serial number starts with a P.

3. For Antivirus+ Security, the serial number starts with an A.


•Now, double click on the installer to run.

•Click Yes after the User Account Control window


•Let the installer extract files needed for the


•Check compatibility and type your serial number

•Click Next.

•Now, read the License Agreement and select Agree and


•The program will take a few minutes to install and

finish the process.

•After the process ends, click Finish.


Now the antivirus is configured again to serve optimum

protection against any cyber or virus threats. After activation,

you will see the main interface of the Security software.

The above mentioned issue is a relatively easier process to resolve

but if in case you face any problem in this process or any other issue

with the antivirus, you can contact Trend Micro Customer Support

Helpline Number +61-283173533. You can also contact us through

mail or live chat. To do that, you will have to visit our website, simply

our executive will solve your issue without any hazard to overcome.

Trend Micro Customer Support


Helpline Number +61-283173533

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