2017 Georgia Nurses Association Yearbook

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Looking Back...Moving Forward

“Taking Care

of the

WHOLE Nurse”


January 2017

A Look Back at 2017

• Retained new Branding and Public Relations firm - Impact Branding Consulting who

revitalized the GNA Brand and Mantra... New Mantra

“Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

• A Day at the Capitol

• Launched the new Saturday Munch and Learn seminars

• Established Partnership Perks with Mutual of Omaha

February 2017

• Launched the new Power Network Connection

• Established Partnership Perks with Jon Ric International Spa

March 2017

• Launched the new Young Professional Nurses group

• GNA facilitates the recognition for Georgia to be a Nurse Licensure Compact State

April 2017

• Spring Family Expo - with 100 attendees

• Established Partnership Perks with Domino’s Pizza

May 2017

• Celebrated National Nurses Week with several initiatives and sponsors

• Established Partnership Perks with Allstate Roadside Assist

June 2017

• GNA obtained status as Accredited Approver for Continuing Education

July 2017

• First Annual Book bag Drive - Distributed 125 book bags

August 2017

• Hired two new staff members

October 2017

• GNA Membership Assembly and installation of the new Board of Directors

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


2 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

About the Georgia Nurses Association

GNA’s Mission & Vision Statement:

Nurses shaping the future of professional nursing for a healthier Georgia.

GNA’s Scope:

Founded more than a century ago for the purpose of uniting our profession. GNA is the state’s largest

professional nursing association for registered nurses (RN’s) in all practice settings. GNA has provided

enormous support to advance the profession on a whole and to nurses as individuals.

Because the health care industry is in a constant state of change, nurses must speak with a collective voice.

GNA is positioned to advocate for nurses, while nurses advocate for their patients. Linked together, we can

ensure nursing agenda’s are heard in every arena.

The new GNA Brand Promise:

Taking care of the WHOLE Nurse

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


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Providence Health

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compassion, collaboration, respect and

courage. For you and for our patients.

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4 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

Presidents of the

Georgia Nurses Association

Mrs. Agnes C. Hartridge Augusta 1907-1908

Miss Mary B. Wilson Augusta 1909

Mrs. Agnes C. Hartridge Augusta 1910

Mrs. Eva S. Tupman Atlanta 1911-1912

Mrs. Agnes C. Hartridge Augusta 1913-1914

Miss Ada Finley Savannah 1915

Mrs. Alberta D. Williamson Atlanta 1916

Miss Carrie Ransom Americus 1917

Miss Henrietta Meyers Savannah 1918-1919

Miss Louise Hazelhurst Macon 1920

Mrs. Virginia G. Morris Marietta 1921

Miss Jane Van de Vrede Atlanta 1922

Mrs. Mae M. Jones Milledgeville 1923

Miss Jean Harrell Atlanta 1924-1925

Miss Lucy Hall Savannah 1926-1927

Miss Annie Bess Feebeck Atlanta 1928-1929

Miss Lucia Massee Cuthbert 1930-1931

Miss Alice F. Stewart Augusta 1932-1933

Mrs. Dorothy H. Treakle Savannah 1934-1935

Mrs. Paul Farkas Albany 1936-1937

Miss. Shirley Hamrick Cedartown 1938-1939

Miss Freida Grefe Savannah 1940-1943

Miss Lillian O. Nelson Atlanta 1944-1945

Mrs. Olive Barbin Augusta 1946-1947

Miss Dana Hudson Atlanta 1948-1953

Mrs. Laura W. Fitzsimmons Augusta 1954-1955

Mrs. Olive Barbin Augusta 1956-1959

LaVerne Johnson Savannah 1959-1963

Olive Barbin Augusta 1963-1967

Alda Ditchfield Decatur 1967-1971

Kathryn Suggs Chance Atlanta 1971-1975

Betty Golden Augusta 1975-1979

Carol Rittenhouse Lithonia 1979-1981

Mary Long Atlanta 1981-1985

Linda McSwain Atlanta 1985-1989

Charlotte Warren Atlanta 1989-1993

Donna Waddell Dahlonega 1993-1996

Chris Samuelson Augusta 1996-1999

Debbie Hatmaker Athens 1999-2002

Myra Carmon Marietta 2002-2004

Linda Easterly Kathleen 2004-2007

Cindy Balkstra Dahlonega 2007-2009

Fran Beall Bogart 2009-2011

Sheila Warren Hahira 2011-2013

Rebecca Wheeler Atlanta 2013-2014

Aimee Manion Marietta 2014-2017

Judith Malachowski Gordon 2017 -

Executive Directors

of the Georgia Nurses


1926 – 1931 Jane Van de Vrede

1935 – 1947 Durice Dickerson Hanson

1947 Ruth Babin

1947 – ? Mildred B. Pryse

? – 1968 Elizabeth Dixon

1968 – 1972 Katherine Pope

1973 – 1975 Barbara Dowl

1975 Joan Naylor

1976 – 1979 Mary Lou Keener

1980 – 1983 Diane Dillon

1983 – 1985 Carolyn Holt

1985 Donna Waddell

1985 – 1993 Susan Williamson

1994 – 1996 Mary Mallison

1997 – 1999 Karen Pakkala

1999 – 2000 Marcia Noble (interim)

2000 – 2016 Debbie Bartlett, CAE

2016 – 2017 Marcus Downs

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


6 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

Annual/Biennial Meetings of the

Georgia Nurses Association

1907 Savannah

1908 Atlanta

1909 Augusta

1910 Atlanta

1911 Macon

1912 Savannah

1913 Augusta

1914 Atlanta

1915 Savannah

1916 Macon

1917 Americus

1918 Valdosta

1919 Atlanta

1920 Augusta

1921 Savannah

1922 Macon

1923 Atlanta

1924 Athens

1925 Augusta

1926 Savannah

1927 Macon

1928 Columbus

1929 Rome

1930 Atlanta

1931 Savannah

1932 Albany

1933 Augusta

1934 Athens

1935 Macon

1936 Columbus

1937 Rome

1938 Atlanta

1939 Savannah

1940 Albany

1941 Gainesville

1942 Augusta

1943 Atlanta

1944 Atlanta

1945 Atlanta

1946 Macon

1947 Savannah

1948 Albany

1949 Columbus

1950 Augusta

1951 Atlanta

1952 Macon

1953 Gainesville

1954 Griffin

1955 Augusta

1956 Valdosta

1957 Savannah

1958 Columbus

1959 Atlanta

1960 Macon

1961 Jekyll Island

1962 Atlanta

1963 Augusta

1964 Jekyll Island

1965 Savannah

1966 Athens

1967 Columbus

1968 Rome

1969 Atlanta

1970 Albany

1971 Macon

1972 Augusta

1973 Atlanta

1974 Savannah

1975 Pine Mountain

1976 Valdosta

1977 Rome

1978 Atlanta

1979 Albany

1980 Jekyll Island

1981 Gainesville

1982 Savannah

1983 Atlanta

1984 Pine Mountain

1985 Athens

1986 Hilton Head, SC

1987 Macon

1988 Columbus

1989 Macon

1990 Jekyll Island

1991 Gainesville

1992 Columbus

1993 Jekyll Island

1994 Gainesville

1995 Columbus

1996 Augusta

1997 Savannah

1998 Atlanta

1999 Columbus

2000 Athens

2001 Jekyll Island

2002 Augusta

2003 Macon

2004 Athens

2005 Columbus

2007 Savannah

2009 Athens

2011 Atlanta

2013 Augusta

2015 Columbus

2017 Atlanta

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”



Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS)

is one of the nation’s largest and most

respected Healthcare management

companies, operating through its

subsidiaries’ acute care Hospitals,

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UHS is currently recruiting for

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By-The-Sea Hospital, which is a

Psychiatric and addictive disease

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SSBTS offers shift differentials, a full

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*Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, preferred, we also welcome new Grads.

*Licensed to practice as a RN in Georgia. *1-2 years Behavioral Health experience, preferred

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8 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

Legislative Priorities 2018

Nurses Working to Increase Access to Care

GNA will encourage the creation of a tax credit for taxpayers who are licensed physicians, advanced practice

registered nurses, or physician assistants who provide uncompensated community based preceptorship

training to medical students, advanced practice registered nurse students or physician assistant students.

Nurse’s Duty to Relieve Suffering

Rural patients often need medical care for which they lack access. With careful study, prudent examination,

and partnership with vested stakeholders, the GNA will work to ensure that patients have unencumbered

access to care and that nurses have the freedom to assist and relieve suffering based on their training.

Support Nurses

The GNA hosts the Peer Assistance Program which assists nursing professionals who have struggled with

substance abuse. GNA will work to ensure that funding is provided to this program to ensure that our

professionals receive the assistance they need to return to service.

Established to Care,

Created to Relive Suffering…


The Georgia Nurses Association is the leading advocate for nurses in the state – with an emphasis on

legislative and continuing education and professional development for its professionals.

GNA was founded in 1907. Our membership is comprised of practicing nursing professionals (minimally

licensed at the RN level) and academicians who prepare Georgia’s nurses to care for patients.

GNA’s mission is to help shape the future of professional nursing for a healthier Georgia.

GNA’s promise to the 155,000 licensed professionals in Georgia is to provide opportunities for growth through

energizing experiences, empowering insight and essential resources.

Contact the Georgia Nurses Association

Wendi Clifton, GNA Lobbyist, wendiclifton@icloud.com

Cindy Shephard, GNA Lobbyist, Cindy1shepherd@aol.com

Tim Davis, Director of Membership, tim.davis@georgianurses.org, 404-325-5536

3032 Briarcliff Rd, Atlanta Ga 30329 • 404-325-5536 • www.georgianurses.org

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”





10 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

GNA Board of Directors

Biennial Report 2015-2017


Aimee Manion, DNP, RN-BC, NEA-BC



Presented data and pertinent information on GNA strategic plan and vision, nursing shortage and access

to care, leadership, and health policy to GNA chapters and other nursing associations

Worked with the GNA CEO to implement leadership training for the board provided by ANA staff

Representing GNA at nursing and non-nursing association meetings

Chaired GNA board meetings, GNA executive committee meetings and GNA Personnel Committee


Served on the GNF board of trustees

Served as the chair of the Selection Committee for the GNA/GNF Chief Operating Officer

Appointed to the Senate Study Committee on Barriers to Georgians’ Access to Adequate Healthcare

Served as ex-officio member of the GNA finance committee

● Attended GNA Lobby Day – February 4, 2016; January 12, 2017

Attended and actively participated in the 2016 ANA Leadership Summit

● Attended ANA Lobby Day 2015 and 2016

Attended and actively participated in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 ANA Membership Assembly

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


12 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

GNA Board of Directors

Biennial Report 2015-2017


Judith M. Malachowski, PhD, RN, CNE Ret.



Presented information (both formal and informal) on GNA, nursing, leadership development, and health

policy to GNA chapters, nursing faculty, graduate and undergraduate nursing students, the nursing

student association, and at other events

Served on the GNF scholarship committee with Wanda Jones and Rachel Myers

Participated in the Committee on Legislation

Served as member of the GNA Finance Committee

● Attended GNA Lobby Day – February 4, 2016; January 12, 2017

● Attended the ANA president/president-elect immersion course – 2015

Attended the 2016 and 2017 ANA Membership Assembly

Participated in GNA board meetings, GNA executive committee meetings, and other meetings as called

● Represented GNA at the Capitol Memorial for Georgia Southern nursing students – 2016

Participated in meetings and activities of my local GNA Chapter – Old Capitol Chapter

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


Sick or Well, there is no place like home.

A licensed provider of quality home health care in Middle Georgia since 1979

Normal business hours are

8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday-

Friday. RN’s take a rotational

weekend call.

Come work for a company that offers competitive salary,

paid days off, paid holidays, cafeteria style insurance

and 401(k) retirement plan.

GSW School of Nursing


RN to BSN Program (Online)

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Nursing Educator

Nursing Leadership/Management

Nursing Informatics

Family Practitioner

Nationally accredited by CCNE

For over 60 years, the Georgia Southwestern

State University School of Nursing has provided

quality education to future nurses throughout

the Southeast. This remains true today as more

and more healthcare professionals earn their

undergraduate and graduate degrees from GSW.



Three Rivers currently serves 35 counties

out of offices located in

• Cochran

• Dublin

• Eastman

• Evans

• Helena

To learn more about Three Rivers or

to apply online visit www.123rivers.com

Archbold Medical Center is an

Equal Opportunity Employer

Now Recruiting Experienced Nurses

• Relocation assistance


• Positions available

on a variety of units/


• Recruitment incentives

for full-time positions

• Competitive salary

• Excellent benefits

• Full-time/PRN

• Macon

• Milledgeville

• Vidalia

• Warner Robins

Nurse/Professional Recruiter:

ceceleschi@archbold.org • 229.227.5048

14 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

GNA Board of Directors

Biennial Report 2015-2017


Jill E. Williams, RN, MSN, MCSM



It has been my honor to have served as the GNA Treasurer for the last two years. This has been a very busy

and eventful year.

We have changed CEO’s – not once but twice, from Debbie Hackman to Marcus Downs

We have also changed Accountants – from Nelson Pagan to Octavia Conner – Say Yes to Profits. The

company specializes in nonprofit organizations. Octavia has been attending board meetings and given the

GNA Board a new way to look at Finances. She reported at the last board meeting on September 9th, 2017

that GNA Finances are looking good and we are in the black.

Due to personal and professional happenings in my life over these last couple of years, Finance Committee

meetings were held on an irregular basis. The GNF Treasurer and the GNA Treasurer did meet with the

new accountant and go over the Financials and how items needed to be categorized.

I have also served on the GNA Growth and Development Fund Committee. This committee continues to

look at Chapter grant applications and continues to approve applications as funds allow.

GNA membership continues to grow. This is a trend which needs to continue. GNA still offers reduced

rates for state only membership, new graduates and those in school. Membership is a key to strength as an


Thank you for allowing me to serve as Treasurer. May GNA continue to grow and prosper in the future.

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


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The BSN is accredited by the

Commission on Collegiate Nursing

Education, http:// www.aacn.nche.

edu/ccne- accreditation.

16 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

GNA Board of Directors

Biennial Report 2015-2017

Director Membership Development Report

Mary Watson, MHR, BSN, RN

OFFICE OR POSITION ON THE BOARD: Director Membership Development Report


Facilitated and participated in all Membership Development Committee meetings

Facilitated and participated in all quarterly Growth and Development Fund Committee and awarded

grants to several chapters for special projects, operation and reviewed outcomes reports. Generated

open dialogue for chapters to discuss successful and not so successful activities

● Attended and participated as Keynote Speaker at Georgia Association of Nursing Student (2015)

Attended GNA Board of Directors Meetings

Participated and voted to approve assistance to Nurse in Georgia Nurses Association Intervention Program

(GNA IP) Provided education to GNA chapters, GNA members and Georgia Nurses

Served as American Nurses Association (GNA) Representative June 15-16, 2016 (Center for Disease

Control and Prevention (CDC) Botulism Workshop. In this role, I actively provided input on clinical

modalities and treatment modalities with efforts for the new updated publish version

Participated in Continuing Education Committee. GNA awarded as CEU site. Attended and participated in

Continuing Education seminar: Expanding Your Skills and Making a Difference in Continuing Nursing

Education. Assisted attendees during group discussion

● Attended United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses 2nd Annual State Conference Sept 21-23, 2016.

Exhibitor for GNA with positive outcomes added new GNA members

Attended and participated 2015 and 2016 GNA Legislative Day held at State Capitol spoke to senators, and

legislators “Enhanced Nurse License Compact.” Governor Deal signed the NLC on May 8, 2017

Attended and participated in Munch and Learn session and Young Professionals Network over fifty


Attended and participated in GNA First Easter Egg Hunt family day for GNA and non GNA members

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


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American Renal Associates

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Opportunities for dialysis nurses in Augusta,

Athens and Macon areas.

Email resume to Becky

at rjames@americanrenal.com

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health

& Developmental Disabilities has nursing

opportunities at our various hospitals in Atlanta,

Augusta, Milledgeville, Columbus, Savannah

and field offices. The nature of these jobs can

vary from Psychiatric Nursing to Skilled Nursing;

from hospital-based to field-based.

Check us out at www.dbhddjobs.com or scan

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Nursing openings.

At DBHDD, our vision is to

ensure easy access to highquality

care that leads to a life

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for the people we serve.

18 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

Director for Legislation and Public Policy

Richard Lamphier

OFFICE OR POSITION ON THE BOARD: Director for Legislation and Public Policy


● Attended GNA Legislative day 2015, 2016

GNA Board of Directors

Biennial Report 2015-2017

Presented and participated at GNA Legislative boot camp

Testified at multiple Senate and House subcommittee and committee hearings

Attended GNLC meetings, ANA legislative conference calls, CAPRN conference calls and legislative study


Passed the Enhanced Compact Licensure agreement

● Developed Legislative Priorities for 2016, 2017

Help Legislative committee conference calls

Attended 90% of GNA Board meetings and conference calls

Met with Secretary of State Kemp to discuss Georgia Board of Nursing issues

Present 2018 Legislative Priorities to Membership Assembly

Continue Legislative workshops

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


20 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

GNA Board of Directors

Biennial Report 2015-2017

Director for Nursing Practice and Advocacy

Sherry Sims

OFFICE OR POSITION ON THE BOARD: Director for Nursing Practice and Advocacy


Participated in legislative committee for Georgia becoming a Compact State

Building a relationship with the Georgia Board of Nurses for the Georgia Nurses Association Peer

Assistance Program

Georgia Peer Assistant program is working with Affinity ehealth for all documentation to be kept in a

confidential file

Served on the state committee of the Georgia Nurses Peer Assistance Program

Continued support of the Georgia Nurses Peer Assistance Program

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


Nursing Career Opportunities at MUSC Health

MUSC Health was named by U.S. News & World Report for the

third year in a row as the number one hospital in South Carolina

The Medical University of South Carolina

has an immediate need for talented

Nurse Managers and Registered

Nurses in a variety of areas including

the Operating Room, ICUs, Ambulatory,

Radiology, Procedural, Med/Surg, and

Mental Health areas!

We offer the following:

- Competitive Compensation and

Benefits Package

- Generous tuition assistance

- Nursing Clinical Ladder

- Relocation Assistance

- Hiring Incentive Bonus for select positions

- A wonderful opportunity to work in a fast paced

academic environment in beautiful Charleston,

South Carolina


Medical University of South Carolina

Medical Center Human Resources



Promoting Workplace Diversity

EOE M/F/Disabled/Vet

The Magnet Recognition Program ® , ANCC Magnet Recognition ® , Magnet ® names and logos are registered trademarks of the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Journey to Magnet Excellence ® and National Magnet Conference ® are trademarks of the American Nurses Credentialing Center. All rights reserved.

22 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

GNA Board of Directors

Biennial Report 2015-2017

APRN Director

Suzanne Staebler

OFFICE OR POSITION ON THE BOARD: APRN Director (October 2015- current)


BOARD (2015-2017):

Involvement in changing the GA political landscape and APRN practice

ú With the help of the GNA lobbying team and Marcus Downes, the former CEO, I am now known to

many of the players in the arena of influence for APRNs (MAG, AHEC, APRN organizations in the

state, etc.) and the legislators of influence within healthcare. I have worked alongside the President of

UAPRN and the other state level APRN associations to bring synergy of our activities and “voice.”

I have been traveling the state with other nursing leaders to establish and maintain relationships with

those running for office and those currently in office

I actively participate in the Legislative Committee activities when able and mentor other GNA leaders and


APRN Representation at Primary Care Provider Summits hosted by AHEC

BON Support for APRN issues

Participation in GNLC APRN Advisory task force

ú The Task Force facilitates education, communication and networking with the goal of implementing

IOM recommendation 1: Remove Scope of Practice Barriers through working in synergy with APRN

and other nursing organizations in the state

Leadership of GA APRN Roundtable

ú The purpose of this group is to create a shared vision for a unified voice for APRN advocacy and a

collective policy agenda with consistent messaging to be utilized by member associations across the

state. The participants include UAPRN, AANP, Georgia Chapter of NAPNAP and ACNM, GANA and

the APRN Committee of the BON (Leaders from APRN Associations, representing all four roles (NP,

CNS, CNM and CRNA) and populations, were invited to participate)

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


Biennial Report of Activities 2015-2017

Athens area Chapter of GNA

Fran Beall, RN, ANP-BC

OFFICE OR POSITION ON THE BOARD: Athens area Chapter of Georgia Nurses Association,

Chapter Chair

I am new to the role of Chapter Chair of the Athens Area Chapter of GNA, having assumed this position from

outgoing Chair Frank Thornburg on September 18, 2017.

The Athens Chapter has struggled with many of the same problems which both the state organization and

other chapters are familiar, I am sure: how to recruit and retain new members; how to increase attendance at

our meetings; and how to remain relevant and provide services the members say they want, in an environment

which now functions largely online.

To that end, the Chapter Board did an online needs assessment of our members. 86% of our respondents

wanted our chapter to continue. What stood out most in the responses however, was the disconnect between

what our members say they want, and what they are willing to do to receive those benefits. For example, in

answer to the question, What services/activities would you like to receive?” 95% wanted CE programs, 79%

wanted networking opportunities, 58% wanted community service opportunities, and 37% wanted social

events. Yet, attendance at those activities when they are presented is not indicative of members’ stated

preferences, and it is difficult to find volunteers to serve as Chapter officers and on committees to plan events.

The Board will continue to brainstorm ways to attract new members, and to make meetings accessible to all

of our members by looking at innovative ways to schedule meeting places and times, as well as making use of

newer ways to utilize technology for meetings.

Chapter Programs and Activities:

● December 2015: Paige Cummings, E.D. of the Athens Nurses Clinic for the Homeless spoke on The Clinic’s

history (founded in 1991 by the GNA Athens Chapter) and the clinic’s move to it’s new location on North


February 2016: Understanding Venous Disease and Treatment Options presented by Gannon Goodson of

Medtronics at George’s Low Country Table

April 18, 2016: “Emory Healthcare’s Experience with Ebola: the Nurse Perspective” presented by the

Emory Ebola Team at Piedmont ARMC

May 17, 2016: Collaborated with ONS to get Leukemia and Lymphoma Society CE Presentation,

“Psychosocial Distress Assessment: Bridging Between Nursing and Social Work” at the Griffin Dubose

Healing Lodge on the ARMC campus

August 15, 2016: “Understanding Venous Disease and Treatment Options: a Discussion of the NIH

CREDENCE Trial” by Dr. Eric Avelar at St. Mary’s Hospital

November 21, 2016: Pulmonary Hypertension Sue Gammill

24 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

February 27, 2017: “Medical Marijuana” Dr. David Bradford, PhD. Status of laws, research evidence, and

economic impact of marijuana use in the US at Piedmont ARMC.

August 14, 2017: “Can we Survive As an Organization” at Piedmont ARMC. Member discussion of the

Needs Assessment survey done by the Board

November 1, 2017, The Athens Chapter of GNA sponsored the movie “Designing Hope,” a film about

Hospice, at the Athens-Clarke County Library Auditorium. The movie was open to the public.

Our Facebook page:


Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


GNA Board of Directors

Biennial Report 2015-2017

GNF President

Catherine J. Futch, MN, RN, MN, FACHE, NEA-BC, CHC

OFFICE OR POSITION ON THE BOARD: President, Georgia Nurses Foundation


BOARD (2015-2017):

The Georgia Nurses Foundation (GNF) is the charitable and philanthropic arm of GNA with the goal of

supporting GNA and its work to foster the welfare and well-being of nurses and promote and advance the

nursing profession, thereby enhancing the health of the public. The 2015-2017 term has been one of growth

and ongoing activity for GNF related to structures and activities to support and promote nurses in Georgia.

Specific activities/outcomes have included the following:

Continued financial gain as a portion of funds received from the nurse specialty license plate has allowed

GNF to support needs of GNA

Under the direction of Joanne Butler, RN, MN we are focusing on specific activities devoted to raising

funds for GNA and GNF. Beginning in 2017, her work will culminate in the creation of an annual golf

tournament and fun walk each of which will produce income for GNF and thus allow it to achieve its

mission to support GNA

Georgia Barkers, RN, PHD is now and will continue to be involved in two aspects of nursing education.

First, she has been instrumental in GNA again being prepared to offer continuing education credits for

accepted educational programs. Second, she has also been instrumental in presenting and now planning

for continuing education programs to be offered at GNA and perhaps, in the future, via other venues

GNF will again announce at this Membership Assembly the awarding of funded scholarships to selected


Several members of GNA/GNF participated in a series of presentations centered around the impaired

nurse, detection of symptoms and available treatment options. Without fail, the audience at each of these

sessions expressed their appreciation for the information provided to them and their commitment to do

their part to assure support for the care and treatment of nurses who are impaired. Each understood the

importance of not losing another nurse to drug or alcohol addiction

Under the direction of Debra Curry, MSN and three colleagues work is going forward to develop a variety

of educational options to address issues related to bullying in the workplace. This group is reviewing

findings and recommendations of research already done on bullying in the workplace (including academia,

clinical practice, and leadership) to build a body of knowledge directed towards sharing proven methods to

alleviate bullying in the nursing workplace

The Foundation continues to work towards achieving new initiatives that will benefit nurses in Georgia and

will continue to provide new funding sources to support both GNA and GNF.

26 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

GNA Board of Directors

Biennial Report 2015-2017

GNA/GNF Scholarship Committee


MEMBERS: Dr. Judy Malachowski

Dr. Rachel Myers


The Scholarship committee met early in 2016 to review the scholarship awards given by GNA and GNF. We

revised the verbiage for the requirements for all of the awards. Also, we placed the application process on the

website so everything would be done electronically. The scoring sheet for all the awards were also revised to

allow for a more consistent form of scoring for the different types of scholarships.

The Katherine Pope, Annie Lou Overton and Katherine Chance scholarships will be awarded annually to

qualified nursing candidates.

It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Malachowski and Dr. Myers on this process and hopefully those who

volunteer to be on the scholarship committee will have an easier task of awarding the scholarships.

The following are the 2017 awardees:

Katherine Pope (Two recipients as there was a tie)

Sophia Smith

Sarah Kim

Katherine Chance

Hope Meushaw

Congratulations to these recipients who will each receive a $1000.00 scholarship.


Wanda Jones, FNP-BC

Chair of Scholarship Committee

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”



28 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


Time Frame: 2016-present

GNA Consultant Report

Biennial Report 2015-2017

CE Consultant

Kathy Hammond, MS, BSN, RN, BSHE, RDN, LD

Georgia Nurses Association – Approver is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the

American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Accreditation has been granted for

two years, from June 26, 2017 to November 30, 2019 per the Commission.

Major work completed since accredited:

To date, Georgia Nurses Association Continuing Education Review Committee (CERC) has one

organization, Ethica, as an approved provider status. Two more organizations are interested in becoming

approved providers

To date, Georgia Nurses Association Continuing Education Review Committee has approved 9 Individual

Activity (IA) Applications and 2 IA Applications submitted

To date, Georgia Nurses Association Continuing Education Review Committee held one Continuing

Nursing Education Seminar: Expanding Your Skills and Making a Difference In Continuing Nursing

Education. This educational activity was a blended learning activity with 5.9 nursing contact hours. An

online self-directed component was developed with a live presentation on October 20, 2017. There were

27 participants. Summary Evaluation was 97% Excellent; 3% Good

Fall Newsletter from the CERC due out in November

● CERC Committee meetings held in June, July, August, September and October. Currently, there are 10

Nurse Peer Reviewers (volunteer) of which 6 are new members completing final stages of orientation with

Nurse Peer Review Leader (NPRL) and seasoned Nurse Peer Reviewers

Three CERC Members attended the annual ANCC Continuing Education Seminar held in New Orleans in


Uploaded Approved Provider and Individual Activity Templates along with directions and guidelines to the

GNA website

Applications are electronically submitted at this time

Updated and revised ANCC templates have been issued by ANCC and will upload the newer versions to


Accreditation policy and procedures established

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


Annual needs assessment will be conducted during November/December

Accreditation status announcement placed in the Georgia Nurses Association Newspaper sent out to

members and announced on the GNA website

● Change in Nurse Peer Review Leader (NPRL) from Kathy Hammond to Lynn Rhyne effective October 23,


CERC lost its administrative support (Shan) and NPRL is now responsible for that support until replaced

NPRL has directed GNA Accountant to separate CE money taken in from the “miscellaneous” bucket

that money has been going to and to further delineate CE directed money with 3 specific line items: (1)

Individual Activity Applications, (2)Approved Provider Applications, and (3)Seminars/Conferences held

by the CERC—waiting on this data—

30 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

GNA Consultant Report

Biennial Report 2015-2017

Branding Strategist & Nurse Consultant

Natasha Davis, RN-BSN, MBA-M, CEME, CSMA

CONTRACT POSITION: Branding Strategist & Nurse Consultant

Time Frame: December 2016 to present

• The rebranded GNA and new mantra “Taking care of the WHOLE Nurse...” has been well received and

fully embraced by the nursing community...

• The outreach campaigns were well received and embraced by the nursing community and the non-nursing

community. Official activity initiated January 31st 2017.

a) Spring Family Expo with 100 plus attendees

b) Saturday Munch & Learn Seminars (hosted monthly)

c) Young Professional Nurses Network Group (hosted monthly)

d) GNA Power Connection Networking (hosted monthly)

e) Inaugural GNA Book bag Drive with a distribution of 200 book bags K through 12th grade

• Improved social marketing and social engagement from less than 1% to greater than 80%

• Procured & continue to manage several Corporate Sponsors/Partners:

a) Mutual of Omaha

b) Jon Ric International Spa

c) Domino’s Pizza

d) Allstate Roadside Assist

e) Grand Canyon University

f) Indiana Wesleyan University

• The GNA - Georgia Nurses newspaper was successfully rebranded as a resource tool. Inclusion

of additional articles focused on Real Estate, New trends, Nurse Entrepreneurship and Financial

management were incorporated. Members have expressed excitement about the new layout and new

information. Communicates the new GNA mantra.

• Significant accounting gaps and discrepancies identified. Financial forensic audit completed. Facilitated

the on-boarding a new accounting firm - Say Yes To Profits, LLC. Financial audit revealed mismanagement

of finances and bookkeeping and reconciliation discrepancies.

a) Annual savings on accounting services amounting to $51,846

b) Instant profit margin increase from negative 25% to a positive (Accountant report to detail numbers)

c) Reduction of financial waste via duplicity of vendor services

d) Creation of a new streamlined process for financial management

e) Facilitated the overall improvement of the financial position of GNA and successfully increased the

Profit Enhancer Index Score to 85%

• Public Relations Campaign: GNA received strong media recognition and support via 106 Live Radio, Kiss

104.1 FM and BizLynks TV with live interviews. Post interview links and embed codes provided to GNA for

ongoing promotional marketing provided.

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


a) The Press Release campaign with distribution was effective for publicity & continues to have positive


• Facilitated the meeting with Atlanta Journal Constitution and positioned the CEO Marcus Downs as a

Judge for the annual Nurses Celebration event. GNA recognized as a supporting partner at the 2017 Nurses

Celebration Event.

• Procured and Facilitated meetings for Group Membership opportunities

a) Grady Memorial Hospital

b) Emory Hospital

c) Gwinnett Technical College

• Secured two new hires to fill the Administrative Assistant position and the Director of Communications

role. Procured staffing through the Dekalb County Workforce Program. Deferred payroll expenses for

8 weeks through the program for the Administrative Assistant position. New staff members secured

are Mrs. Charlotte Baez-Diaz, Director of Communications and Mrs. Monica Dennis, Administrative

Assistant. Supported the CEO, Marcus Downs and staff during role realignment and transition. Improved

productivity and efficiency of daily operations

• Developed and launched the Press campaign for the approved Continuing Nurse Education status. Initial

press release distributed to media and PSA’s were completed on 104.1 Kiss FM, 107.5 FM and 106 Live


• Created several new non-membership subscription revenue sources for GNA

• Successfully increased membership by 5%+ this quarter. Current membership as of August 31, 2017 is


• Per the request of Mr. Marcus Downs a new janitorial service was procured creating a $150 per month


• Per the request of the Board, a new IT Company was procured creating a $3,000 savings on new server

installation and a $100 per month savings for ongoing maintenance

32 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

GNA Consultant Report

Biennial Report 2015-2017

Accountant Consultant

Octavia Conner

CONTRACT POSITION: Accountant and Financial Officer

Time Frame: March 2017 to present (Reporting 2017 Finances)

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


34 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”




We all know a special nurse who makes a difference! Honor a nurse who has touched your life as a friend, a caregiver,

a mentor, an exemplary clinician, or an outstanding teacher. Now is your opportunity to tell them “thank you.”

The Georgia Nurses Foundation (GNF) has the perfect thank you with its “Honor a Nurse” program which tells

the honorees that they are appreciated for their quality of care, knowledge, and contributions to the profession.

Your contribution of at least $35.00 will honor your special nurse through the support of programs and services

of the Georgia Nurses Foundation. Your honoree will receive a special acknowledgement letter in addition to

a public acknowledgement through our quarterly publication, Georgia Nursing, which is distributed to more

than 100,000 registered nurses and nursing students throughout Georgia. The acknowledgement will state the

name of the donor and the honoree’s accomplishment, but will not include the amount of the donation.

Let someone know they make a difference by completing the form below and returning it to the following


Georgia Nurses Foundation

3032 Briarcliff Road, NE

Atlanta, GA 30329

FAX: (404) 325-0407


(Please make checks payable to Georgia Nurses Foundation.)

I would like to Honor a Nurse:

Honoree: Name:_____________________________ Email:_____________________________


State/City:________________________________________ Zip:_________________


Donor:_____________________________ Email:_____________________________


State/City:________________________________________ Zip:_________________

Amount of Gift:_______________

MasterCard/Visa #:____________________________________ Exp Date:__________________

Name on Card:_________________________________________________________________

My company will match my gift? _____YES (Please list employer and address below.) _____ NO



36 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”



INSTRUCTIONS: Please fill out this form and submit. The purpose of this form is to give the GNA Board an

introduction to you to enable their volunteer appointment process. This form may also be completed online

here: http://www.georgianurses.org/?page=VolunteerInterest

1. Volunteer’s full name and up to four credentials:_____________________________________

2. Volunteer Positions of Interest:



Responsible for the review/revision of association bylaws & policies.

Meetings scheduled as needed.


Responsible for the oversight of the association’s budget

development and finances. Monthly meetings via teleconference.


Responsible for tabulating and reporting the ballot results to the

biennial Membership Assembly.


Responsible for writing the history of Georgia Nurses Association

during the current term which will be approved at the Membership


____Intervention Program (GNA-IP) Coordinate services for drug & alcohol dependent nurses.

____GN-PAC Board of Trustees Serve on the GNA Political Action Committee Board of Trustees

____GNF Board of Trustees

Serve on the Georgia Nurses Foundation Board of Trustees


These Committees are created as needed. You will be contacted when committees are initiated.

____Nursing Practice & Advocacy ad

hoc committees

____Legislation & Public Policy ad

hoc committees/activities

(includes the Committee on

Legislation and other groups to assist

the legislative work/activities)

____Leadership Development ad

hoc committees

Assist the Director of Nursing Practice & Advocacy. Meetings are

scheduled as needed based on the charge to a particular committee.

Assist the Director of Legislation/Public Policy to develop a

legislative program, propose changes annually to the GNA

legislative platform and assist in the implementation of various

legislative activities. Meetings are scheduled as needed based on

the charge to a particular committee. The Committee on Legislation

meets 1-2 times per month via teleconference during the January-

April legislative session.

Assist the Director of Leadership Development in establishing a

program to promote leadership within the association. Meetings are

scheduled as needed based on the charge to a particular committee.

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”


____Georgia Association of

Nursing Students (GANS)

GNA liaison to the state GANS

____Georgia Association for

Nursing Education (GANE)


The meeting schedule is determined by the GANS Board; however,

it has historically been monthly. The GNA liaison often acts in

the capacity of mentor/advisor, communicating with the National

Student Nurses Association (NSNA). GANS Liaison is expected

to be familiar with the current work of GNA and share that with

GANS; know the GNA Strategic Plan and the GNA Legislative

Priorities; making the connection for the students about the

importance of GNA’s work and becoming active with GNA once

they have their RN license. The Liaison is expected to make

frequent reports to the GNA Board.

Serve as the GNA liaison to GANE. The meeting schedule is

determined by the GANE Board. Regular reporting is expected back

to the GNA Board.

3. Other volunteer Interests:________________________________________________

4. Contact Information:

Cell Phone:_____________________________


Home Address:______________________________________________________________

5. Current membership: □ Full (ANA/GNA) □ State (GNA Only)

6. Major clinical, teaching, practice or research area:_________________________________

7. Education: (Enter highest degree earned)___________________________________________

8. Current Employer:__________________________________

Current title/position:__________________________________

Brief description of responsibilities and work setting:_______________________________________


9. Have you ever served at the GNA state level? □ Yes □ No

If yes, please list office and years served:________________________________________________


10. Have you served at the Chapter level? □ Yes □ No

If yes, please list office and years served:________________________________________________


11. Have you served in other associations (e.g., specialty nursing organizations, state or

national associations)? □ Yes □ No

If yes, please list office and years served:________________________________________________


38 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

12. Involvement in community, state, or national health care concerns:

(Provide specific information)




13. Certification

I understand that GNA policy requires that no officer or director of the Board or appointed Committee

Member shall serve concurrently as an officer or director of a board of another association or body if such

participation might result in conflict of interest to GNA or the individual as determined by the Board. I also

understand that I may be requested to provide the GNA Board of Directors with additional information.

I authorize GNA to include my name, home address, cell phone, and e-mail address on rosters if elected/


I certify that my signature below indicates that, if elected or appointed, I promise to fulfill all accountabilities

and assignments as called for by Bylaws, Policies, and Strategic Plan of the Association.

Further, I certify that my signature below indicates my consent to serve, if elected or appointed, and that, in

accordance with the above referenced GNA policy, I do not hold membership on a board of directors or other

governing body of any other organization which could result in a conflict of interest.

I certify that the information on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Nominee’s Signature:_________________________________ Date:_________________

Please mail, fax, email or hand-deliver this form to: Georgia Nurses Association

Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”




The Georgia Nurses Foundation (GNF) special nurse

license plate is now available at Georgia tag offices. Each

nurse plate sold results in revenue generated for GNF,

which will be used for nursing scholarships and workforce

planning and development to meet future needs. Show

your support for the nursing profession by purchasing a

special nurses license plate today! Get details at


40 Looking Back...Moving Forward “Taking Care of the WHOLE Nurse”

We are dedicated to developing and

supporting your career with more

opportunities for advancement.

We are dedicated to developing and supporting your

career with more opportunities for advancement.

Registered Nurses

• Work one-on-one with patients

• Work for a company with

Registered Nurses

• Work one-on-one with patients

• Work for a company with a team approach

a • Enjoy team a better approach work/life balance

• Enjoy a better work/life balance

Call us today at


(855.563.2846) or visit


Call us today at

We are dedicated to developing and supporting your

career with more opportunities for advancement.


Registered Nurses

• Work one-on-one with patients

• Work for a company with a team approach

• Enjoy a better work/life balance

(855.563.2846) or visit


Call us today at


(855.563.2846) or visit


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