Slipstream - January 2018


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

BK: So what would be your ultimate


DT: That’s easy! That would be

a base model 993. It’s the last aircooled

made, and it’s often considered

to be the best one ever made,

well, best air-cooled.

The author and the “Apprentice” (Photo by Landon Stogner)

BK: And I know there is another?

DT: There is, I’ve always wanted

a Cayman. So Erica, my girlfriend,

and I talked and she said go for it.

I managed to save for the past year

and figured I would sell the Boxster

to help pay for it. Well in August I

found the black 2007.

BK: But you still have the Boxster?

DT: I do (laughing); Erica said I

should just keep it.

BK: Wow, so some might call you

an “enthusiast!” Bill Orr has defined

our Porsche owners as: one,

you’re an owner; two, you’re Derrick;

and three, you’re a collector.

Any more than that, you’re crazy!

So there you have it once again.

Had we not gone to the Heights,

had we not taken the time to stop

and chat, we would have missed out

on our club’s future. Derrick not

only attends every Mavs & Mochas

but has become one of the most active

volunteers at many events, even

attending our monthly board meetings.

Matter of fact, many attending

the Founders Day Celebration at

Texas Harley-Davidson would have

been greeted by him at the reception

desk. Derrick is the true meaning

of “Driving Friendships!”


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