11 months ago

Fah Thai Magazine Jan-Feb 2018


OVERTURES A TASTE OF THAILAND Purple Magic Anything with a butterly pea flower is beautiful consumption with benefits. In Thailand, you’ll find it in vivid blue cocktails or as a deep purple beverage. It’s also what gives an enticing lavender shade to creative sticky rice that partners with mangoes on a dessert menu. Since the old days, the flower has been used widely for strengthening hair and eyebrows, as a natural colourant in food and desserts or as an edible accompaniment with Nam Prik (a chilli paste) meals. Considered an herb or flower – butterfly pea plants are attractive because of their vivid signature colour. It is originally a tropical plant but has been introduced to America, Australia, and Africa. They are very easy to find and grow, making the plant a common sight in one’s home garden in the tropics. The flower is known to come with abundant health benefits, with an important aspect as that of a potent antioxidant. There are many ways to enjoy the use of butterfly pea flowers, and one of the simplest things to do is turn the blue-and-purple flowers into a refreshing drink for everyone. Mild and light in taste, some people may add a bit of lime juice in their butterfly pea drink to make it even more unique and flavourful. As a magical treat, watch how drops of lime transform the natural blue colour into the pinkish-purple blue of a beach sunset. Ingredients • 100g of butterfly pea flowers • 2 cups of clean water • 4 tbsp syrup or • 2 tbsp honey Instructions Wash the butterfly pea flowers and boil them in clean water. With the lid on the pot, leave it for 2 to 3 minutes to steep before taking the flowers out from the pot. Mix the butterfly pea flower tea with syrup or honey, adjusting preferred sweetness. To preserve all the nutrients, do drink it immediately. WORDS SARITA URUPONGSA 28