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The first edition of our online magazine for Carers in Croydon. Contains useful information for those that are caring for others, discount codes from local businesses and help guides ans stories from those in the caring community.

We Provide Home Care, Live in Care and Respite Care

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We’re By Your Side

Chairman’s Message

Plaudits and Brickbats

Before we comment on the above may we wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY, peaceful

and prosperous New Year. We hope all your wishes are fulfilled.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters and volunteers for all they have done.

Unfortunately, as will be seen from the following, the plaudits received, apart from ourselves, but they include

the Mental Health Teams (in both the North and South of Croydon), MENCAP and MIND- (all of whom have good

reports from users and Carers although, like us, they are underfunded) cannot be given to the provision of services

offered by Social Services etc.

Now for the BRICKBATS

It came as no surprise to us that Croydon Children's Services in general did not receive a good report from Ofsted:

our surprise was that all the services did not come up to standard. For the past 2/3 years we have watched a

steady deterioration in provision, to the point that we feel we must put it on record.

Many more people are wanting help with Benefits appeals. Frequently they do not have a copy of their original

application, which makes our work difficult. To any of you who are applying for benefits please retain a copy of

your application and any and all documentation.

Some, when applying for assessments, are being advised by their social worker not to bother because they will

not be needy enough for help. Our advice is to insist on having an assessment and to remind your social worker

that Croydon Council has a statutory obligation to provide you with one. There are delays in this as there are in

the following:-

Aids and appliances, in particular wheelchairs where we have had cases of delays of 8 to 12 weeks.

We are endeavouring to do something to alleviate this: if you have or know anyone who has a wheelchair and

have no use for it please consider donating it to us so that it can be passed on to someone who needs it.

In the near future we intend to put a form online to enable carers to self assess (and send the results to us).

Unfortunately this does not guarantee that Social Services will be able to provide the services required.

In general more people are approaching us with more complex problems which are failing to be addressed

and solved by the proper authorities. This applies to all areas of care, education, housing, violence etc. from

many people are upset by the level of help being provided.

In our view this is not just a local problem but Croydon does appear to be worse than others.

We have dealt with cases involving a number of other authorities/providers (i.e. London Boroughs and in Kent,

West Sussex and Surrey) frequently also involving Croydon. Councils would be better served if they revisited Joint

Working and Funding. They are currently wasteful and spending money in the wrong places. Some are failing to

meet their statutory obligations, as cited earlier in this editorial.

Some time ago, after a lengthy process, we reached an agreement with Croydon University Hospital which

would have obviated many of these problems. Our original proposal (which was agreed) went far beyond "carers",

building on the original Community Care Plan. This took over 30 months during which there was a change of

senior staff. We eventually received a contract (after further lengthy time and discussion) which we agreed in the

hope that it could be amended to include our further proposals. We were informed in August 2015 that they would

advise a date for the official signing.

We are still waiting.

Ray Greenway

Chairman, Carer to Carer Croydon Carers Ltd

Norbury Hall

Residential Care Home

Our services:

Norbury Hall offers Residential, Dementia, Convalescence, End of Life

(Palliative) and Respite care. Our team offer a high standard of dedicated,

person-centered care and support 24-hours a day. Our dedicated

activities and well-being team ensure our residents have stimulating

and holistic activities on a daily basis. We have in house services such as

Aromatherapy massage, music therapy, GP Services and a Library to

name a few.

Choice, Dignity, Privacy and Respect

at Our the heart values: of everything we do.

At the heart of everything we do we promote our core values of choice,

dignity, respect and security. We fully understand that as we get older it is

vital that we maintain our independence and live empowered fulilled lives.

This is why we invest in our staff and our facilities to ensure we are

providing the absolute best holistic care packages to our residents.

Our values:

Our services:

Norbury Hall offers Residential, Dementia, Convalescence, End of Life

(Palliative) and Respite care. Our team offer a high standard of dedicated,

person-centered care and support 24-hours a day. Our dedicated

activities and well-being team ensure our residents have stimulating

and holistic activities on a daily basis. We have in house services such as

Aromatherapy massage, music therapy, GP Services and a Library to

name a few.

At the Our heart values: of everything we do we promote our core values of choice,

dignity, Our values:

At the respect heart and of everything security. We we do fully we understand promote our that core values as we get of choice, older it is

vital that At dignity, the we heart respect maintain of everything and our security. independence we We do fully we understand promote live our that empowered core as values get older of fulilled choice, it is lives.

This is vital dignity, why that respect we maintain invest and security. in our our independence We staff fully understand our live facilities empowered that as to get fulilled ensure older lives. it we is are

providing vital This that is the why we absolute maintain we invest our best in independence our holistic staff and care and our live facilities packages empowered to ensure to fulilled our we residents.

lives. are

This providing is why the we absolute invest in best our holistic staff and care our packages facilities to ensure our residents. we are

providing the absolute best holistic care packages to our residents.

We Are a Team of Passionate Carers

and Health Professionals.

We Are a Team of Passionate Carers

Our history: We Are a Team of Passionate Carers

We Are Team of Passionate Carers

and and Health Professionals.

and Health Professionals.

Norbury Hall is a Grade II listed English Heritage Home dating back to the

18th Century. We have been a Care Home since 1952 and more recently,

over the last decade, we have had the privileged of being selected for many

research programmes by prestigious organisations and charities. For

example, St. Christopher’s Hospice to develop end of life care in care homes

and we are a member of the Sustainability Initiative for End of Life Care in

Care Homes.

Our history: Our history:




Hall is a Grade II listed English Heritage Home dating back to Norbury 18th Norbury Hall Century. Hall is a is Grade We a Grade have II been II listed listed a Care English English Home Heritage Heritage since 1952 Home Home and dating more dating back recently, back to theto the

18th Century. over 18th the Century. last We decade, We have have been we been have a a Care had the Home privileged since 1952 of 1952 being and and selected more more recently, for recently, many

over the research over last the decade, last programmes we we have by prestigious had the organisations privileged of of and being charities. selected For for many for many

research example, research programmes St. Christopher’s by by prestigious Hospice to organisations develop end of and life and care charities. in care Forhomes

example, example, and we St. are Christopher’s St. a member of Hospice the Sustainability to develop Initiative end end of for of life life End care care of in Life care in Care care homes inhomes

and Care we Homes. are a member of the Sustainability Initiative for End of Life Care in

and we are a member of the Sustainability Initiative for End of Life Care in

Care Homes.

Care Homes.

Norbury Hall Residential Care Home

Norbury Hall Residential Care Home

Norbury Hall Park T: 020 8764 9164

Norbury 55 Craignish Hall Avenue Park F: T: 020 8679 8764 9636 9164

Norbury, 55 Craignish London Avenue F:

020 8679 9636

Norbury Hall Residential Care Home

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Norbury Like

SW16 Hall us


on Park T: 020

Facebook @NorburyHallResidentialCareHome

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T: 020 8764 9164

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Norbury Hall Residential Care Home

Norbury Hall Park

55 Craignish Avenue

Norbury, London

SW16 4RW

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Being a Carer to Support Carers

By Catherine Reid

I became a carer for my son Jack, who is now 12 years old, when he was diagnosed with high

functioning ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) when he was 3 years old.

Prior to my son's diagnosis I knew of carers in a different capacity. My late father was a care worker

for Merton Council which gave me an insight into how extreme the pressures on carers can be even

in paid employment, so much so, that he suffered a fatal heart attack fifteen years ago, aged 59.

For a long time, I did not recognise myself as a 'carer' as Jack is my son. I did not have a choice but

to deal with the rough and the smooth. I always associated carers with people who looked after the

elderly or disabled but not children like Jack. Jack is at times like any other 12 year old boy, but

unfortunately you can never tell when his behaviour will change.

When I started my 'journey' I began to research how to help my son this is when I was first in

contact with Croydon Carers who supported me through this period even though I did not live in the

Croydon locality which was very good of them. As my place of work is based in Croydon at Day Lewis

Pharmacy Support Office it was during this time I started to think how Day Lewis could help support


I have met with so many people in different walks of life that are carers through Croydon Carers. So

many of them do not recognise the need for them to ensure they are healthy. Some even look to

the person they care for and compare their quality of health to that of their own.

Carers often do not look after their health, only the health of those in their care. Many carers feel

perpetually tired and stressed out and would love to have someone they can talk to. As we all know

Carers play a vital role in the collection, monitoring and administration of medicines for people they

care for, this is when with assistance from my

colleagues, we put together the Day Lewis

"Supporting People Who Care" service which is

designed to look after the health of carers and take a

little weight off their shoulders. This entitles all carers

to 30% of healthcare and toiletry products,

free advice on health, free daily medicine deliveries

and free annual free vaccinations.

Being a carer has always been very close to my

heart and therefore it has always been important

to me to be with a company who shares my

values on caring for people. Having worked at

Day Lewis Pharmacy for 16 years, it makes me

proud to know they still support this local charity.

Day Lewis Charity Fun Day

In 2013, as part of Day Lewis' commitment to the

community, we established the annual charity fun

day in which all its pharmacy, support office and

warehouse teams are invited to participate.

Croydon Carers Centre is one of the nominated

charities to receive our sponsorship by our

Support Office for 2017. In keeping with tradition

the annual charity event is concluded with the

kind generosity of the family owners 'KC&JC

Foundation' matching

all that was raised by the company pound for


This year we raised a total of £2688.53.

We hope that our charitable donation helps aiding

the magnificent work of Croydon Carers Centre

providing valued advice and support to carers.

Nanny M's Mobility has been established for 4 years now and has been helping people ever since we opened our doors to

the public in 2013! We as a family opened Nanny M's in honor of our late Grandmother Marjorie. Respected & loved by all.

Nanny M was a pillar of the local community. By naming the shop in her image we are always reminded of this and is

reflected in our customer service.

Meet David, He's one of our friendly Mobility advisers

What do you like most about working at Nanny M's?

"I like coming to work, meeting new and interesting people. No day is ever

the same. I like helping people with their enquiries and feel like I'm

making a real difference."

If you come to our showroom you can be sure to receive a warm

welcome. No need to rush, take your time and let one of the friendly

family members guide you through any enquiry you may have.

Can't get out of the house? Don't worry we can pick you up, Free of

Charge & drop you home with No Obligations. Prefer seeing items in the

comfort of your own home? We have you covered with our FREE Home


Meet Lee, he's our friendly Engineer

"The service I provide is of finest quality. Nowhere else will you receive a warm welcome and a top-class Service than at

Nanny M's. We're not afraid to go the extra mile."

As a family run mobility firm we would like to take this opportunity to make the public and surrounding companies aware

of us and the services we can offer. When you next consider your arrangements for mobility services, we would welcome

you and help you with anything and everything that you wish.

We specialise in all aspects of mobility. Small or big equipment available including the first class Stair lifts by Acorn,

sponsored by Tv's Dr Hilary Jones, Mobility insurance, Finance packages, Home Nursing Aids, bathroom adaptions, Mobility

scooters, Power chairs, Rollators, travel wheel chairs, Car adaptions, Rise & recliners and so much more.

Nanny M's offer full servicing facilities on all powered mobility products.

Our top of the range powered mobility products come with a 12 month warranty and can be delivered all over the UK,

Ireland and Europe, with the best prices guaranteed! We deal with only the best.

If you would like any more information please don't hesitate to contact us, see our website for customer reviews and even


Contact one of friendly family members today on 01883 818 729, alternatively see our website

We’re By Your Side

By We’re By Your Side




A Carer is anyone who CARES, unpaid, for a disabled child, a sibling, an elderly parent or another

family member, a good friend or neighbour who due to illness, disability or mental health problems

is unable and cannot cope without their CARERS support.

In CROYDON one in eight of the adult population is a CARER, totalling over 33,000 CARERS in

the Croydon Borough alone. These are parents supporting their child who may have been born

with a disability, or developed a serious illness. For some it's very sudden: someone you love has

been taken ill, or had an accident.

For others caring creeps up unnoticed: Your elderly parents can't manage on their own any longer

maybe through Alzheimer's or Dementia. Your partner, brother sister or friends health gets

gradually worse and you then become a Carer literally overnight. A Carer could also be a young

person looking after a relative, who is struggling to cope and who may not be aware of the support

that is available. Since 2015 we have received around 44,000 enquiries at the Centre, this will give

you some idea what a vital role we play within the Community.

Being a CARER has a huge impact on our lives, it can be frightening, very lonely, you can feel

isolated and unable to cope. Many carers don't know how or where to get help, we need to reach

out and help those Carers who are not on our mailing list, this is around 20,000 people both young

and old, struggling to cope on their own.

We want to be there when they need us most.

We are the listening ear, the voice to communicate, the shoulder to cry on, the arms when a

hug is needed, with the wisdom to guide them, and the heart because we care.

We at Croydon Carers are here to help make life better for CARERS

Our dedicated team of volunteers are often Carers themselves, so they know first-hand all the

obstacles a carer faces.

They will listen and offer expert advice, make them aware of what entitlements are available and

help them to get them, discuss support groups and counselling that can help them, as every carer's

needs are different. We at Croydon Carers do Care, we are there so they don't need to feel alone

and bewildered anymore.

0203 598 5127

Off the Record services in


Counselling - Free and confidential counselling to

young people aged 14-25 who live, work or study in


Online Support - Free online counselling and

workshops for young people aged 14-25.

Refugee & Asylum Seeker Service - A specialist mental

health service supporting young people aged 11-25

who are refugees, asylum seekers or forced migrants.

Young Carers Service - Free help, support and

information for young people aged 7-25 who live,

work or study in Croydon and are caring for a family


We offer

Advice, Information

and Directories


Careers and Study

Carers Wanted

Carers, Family

and Parenting


(and Support)

Carers are doing a great job at caring for their loved ones. If

Debt or Money Advice

and Welfare Advice

Support Worker?

• Up to 28 days paid holiday

Domestic Violence Support

Drugs and Alcohol

Hearing Voices



Medical and Health Advice

Mental Health

Online Help


(FGM, Honour Based)

CAREMARK Croydon aims to deliver the highest quality of care to all those that need care and wish

to stay in their own homes. We treat our clients with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance

their rights and dignity by supporting them to live their life they want. What one of our client’s

family member said: “I remember, to this day, the first contact I made with Caremark Croydon to

deliver care to my Mother. From the first call, I’ve had a professional and concerned approach to

quite difficult care. Their ability to involve (but not pester) the family keeps us informed and gives a

great peace of mind” MM (client family member) .

All our care staff are of the highest level, experienced and have undergone rigorous background

checks and specialist training to ensure the best possible care is always delivered. It takes a special

sort of person to be a Caremark Care Assistant and we are proud to have over 80 professional and

trusted individuals on our team. “To work for Caremark Croydon has been to join a family. The

relationship between management and staff goes beyond the workplace and support is given

whenever needed. Care in the client home is never without stress but the level of supervision and

contactable support makes a real difference to the working day” D P (care & support worker) .

Should you want to be part of this successful team please

call us on 0203 598 5127

write to us

Carers Wanted

Carers are doing a great job at caring for their loved ones. If you

Support Worker?

• Up to 28 days paid holiday

0203 598 5127



Croydon Social Services have responsibility for organising and providing a wide range of services,

with the emphasis on supporting people in their own homes, and on supporting their carers.

The services include

Advice and support from social workers, occupational therapists on all aspects of physical

disability or physical frailty, dementia or acquired brain injury.

• Day care

• Help with personal aids and equipment for the home and adaptations to your home

• Home care

• Respite for carers

• Residential and nursing home care (this is not self-funded) in conjunction with the

independent sector.


Assessments by Adults Services are conducted in order to determine a person's need, and to

decide what services can be provided. When you contact the Adults Service Help desk, an initial

assessment is completed to find out if you meet the Adults Services guidelines, or eligibility

criteria, which is used to decide who is most in need. It is important, therefore, that when you first

contact the Help Desk you do not minimise and difficulties you are experiencing or feel embarrassed

to describe your situation fully.

In order to make their decision about the services they provide, Adults Services will probably only

have the information that you give them about yourself and the person you care for.

After the initial assessment, a further assessment may be carried out to look at your needs in

more detail. This will be completed in a face-to-face interview with a member of Adults Services

staff, or someone authorised to do so and again, it is important to describe your difficulties as

fully as possible.

Both the person you care for, and you as the carer, are entitled to ask for an assessment of your needs.

The assessment of the person you care for will often be very important to you, as the services they

receive may affect how well you cope. The person you care for may want to involve you in their own

assessment, and this can be helpful, particularly if they find it difficult to express their needs.

There is a charge for most services provided by Adults Services.

Where charges apply, a Financial Assessment will also be carried out.

Right at Home is a home care provider (care agency) covering Croydon

and surrounding areas, our ethos is to raise the standards of Home care.

We are registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC) who regulate

the services we provide to you, our clients (service users).

Right at Home meet your needs by delivering high quality person-centred

care supporting you (and your family) to enable you to continue living at

home for as long as it is safe to do so. We carefully select our right carers

– those who are caring, have empathy, reliability and want to communicate

with our clients. We in turn, train and support our carers to deliver the

highest quality care possible.

The CQC recently did an inspection of Right at Home services and we are

pleased to say their report published in Nov 2017 said our service is

extremely Responsive and very Caring, they gave us an Outstanding rating

for Responsive and Good for Safe, Effective, Well-led and Caring.

We are the only domiciliary home care provider (care agency) in the

Croydon area to get an Outstanding CQC rating in 2017.

We would like to thank our team at Right at Home and our clients for

making this happen and look forward to further improving our standard of

care in the future.

To find out more about us please contact us:



To read our CQC report

See our advertisement on the inside front cover

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