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Who We Are

We’ve very proud that in 2017,

The Vegas Voice received a total

of 8 state & federal awards for

our publication; including the

Nevada Press Association’s “Best

Investigative Story” and its

“Freedom of the Press Award” for

upholding the principles of the

First Amendment and protecting

the public’s right in exposing

the Clark County guardianship


Dan Roberts

Ray Sarbacker

Debbie Landry

Rana Goodman

Evan Davis

Sam Wagmeister

Stu Cooper

Rich Natole

Ary Mirochnik

Michael Roberts

Lou Lozitsky

Bill Caserta

Crystal Sarbacker

Victoria Seaman

Jim Valkenburg

Beverly Washburn

Devon Wickens

Vicki Wentz

James White

Yes, I’m Sure

By: Dan Roberts / Publisher

You have to stop saying it.”

That harsh statement from our political

editor “woke me up.” I mean literally woke me up.

Besides her position with The Vegas Voice, Rana Goodman is also my

PILL (Partner in Love & Life). And after 5 years, I know that one of her

“wonderful” traits is starting a serious conversation when we retire for

the night.

I, on the other hand, can get into bed and fall soundly asleep before my

head hits the pillow. Hence her latest claim that there are times I don’t

“listen to her.”

“What did you say?” I mumbled. “Let’s discuss tomorrow since


As expected, when tomorrow arrived, there was my Rana “laying-inwait”

and (more than eager) to continue the discussion.

Unfortunately for her, my Ladylove (once again) forgot my Number 1

rule: No conversations before my morning coffee. And, yes, I eventually

apologized when I simply waved her off when pointing to my empty cup.

Rana impatiently stared and glared at yours truly until I swallowed

that last sip and then it was off to the races. “You can’t tell people that

if they fill out the new guardianship forms, they will never be taken.

You never know what the future holds.”

Obviously, I cannot predict the future and should never say “never.”

But this is what I know:

1. The new guardianship law (SB 229) providing the “Official

Preference” form with Nevada Secretary of State lockbox provisions went

into effect on January 1 st .

2. The private guardianship industry (featuring “poster child” April

Parks) has been decimated due to The Vegas Voice 3-year pursuit of

guardianship reform. When Rana started our investigation, there were

nearly two dozen private guardians pursuing wards/victims in Clark

County. Now there are only 2. You think that was a coincidence?

Additionally, Ms. Parks still “resides” in the Big House and will likely

remain behind bars for the rest of her life.

“But Rana, you want to know why I can make that unconditional

statement? It’s because you won’t let them.”

I caught her off-guard with that statement and she allowed me to

continue. I reminded her that under the new Ward’s Bill of Rights, any

one taken has the absolute right to have a “senior advocate” and/or a

“person of natural affection” to appear in guardianship court and argue

on their behalf. “Can you imagine what you would do to them if

someone needed your help?”

Now while my Rana is not a lawyer (although she watches a lot of

Judge Judy) I’ve seen her go after attorneys, judges, bureaucrats and state

officials who tried to stop her Don(na) Quixote never-ending quest for

guardianship justice.

No kidding, it would be worthwhile to be “taken” solely to watch

and see her in action. Let’s just say, it’s not a pretty sight and I strongly

doubt that any current (or future) private or public guardian would try

something sinister (or that suicidal) to anyone who correctly fills out the

new guardianship form.

Rana and I, along with our Vegas Voice family will have all

guardianship information and forms this month when we make our

presentations (see page 7). For those who have not yet RSVP, don’t get

shut-out. Seats are going fast.

And if you want to see Rana get on her soapbox, be sure to ask her

about those ambulance-chasing, despicable, shyster lawyers charging a

fee for the documents that we’re giving out for free.

“So, you see Rana, with the Guardian Gladiator still around, the

world is a much safer place.”

She just smiled – and poured my second cup of coffee. Hopefully, I’ll

fall asleep tonight without any interruptions.










TO $2.50 OFF. EXPIRES 01/31/2018. VOICE

Start the new year off on a

health kick with us!


By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox

With the new year, we will be turning several

new pages in where we see our senior

advocacy going. These changes

hopefully will allow seniors in need of a safer, happier

place if they need assistance of any kind.

I started to tell you about our Elder Hub concept

in another column, let me tell you more now. With

the help of some of our volunteers, we will soon begin

collecting information to begin listings for our “4 Rs” -

“Resources, Review, Referrals & References.”

In the past, we have been contacted on a regular basis for

referrals to care facilities, attorneys, assisted living communities,

group homes and such. Our idea and plan is to have a team of our

volunteers check out all senior facilities - including cleanliness, care,

costs and treatment of residents, etc. and make up a referral directory.

Since we don’t charge or accepts payment from these places, we intend

to rate them much like “Consumer Reports.” We DO however have a “dog

in the fight.” We want seniors treated well, not over medicated, and living

in facilities they want to be in - not where they MUST be.

A year ago, I wrote about my visit to a senior care facility. I was

impressed by, not only the attentive care they gave their residents, but also

the kind and thoughtful little things the staff did to make some of them

feel they were not alone.


Our Advocacy Goals for 2018

January 2018

For example, I was told that when residents did not receive mail from

anyone, the management sends them cards and notes, so they didn’t feel

left out when other residents received mail from friends and family. I

think everyone can agree that little kindness goes a long way,

especially to a lonely, elderly person.

Another initiative we are pursuing in guardianship

reform is “supported decision making” (SDM) as

an alternative to guardianship. This is something that

was passed into law in Texas in 2015 and is being

discussed by several judges with whom I served on the

guardianship commission.

Supported Decision Making is quite complex, but

basically the court agrees to allow a person who may have

some dementia, or need help with some things, to agree to having

a person of THEIR choosing as a helper with important decisions. Things

such as banking, buying items above a certain amount, etc. – all instead

of guardianship.

The person remains in their own home, runs their own life and their

support person is of their choosing, not the courts. This is quite different

from having a guardian and they keep their dignity!

I will have more information at our Guardianship seminars and in

future columns.

New Guardianship Lockbox in January

By: Rana Goodman / Political Editor

In April 2016, after expressing my outrage with the “red tape,”

Publisher Dan and I took matters into our own hands. I was

beyond frustrated that a simple idea of using the Secretary of State

lockbox to store and record seniors’ guardianship preferences could

not be accomplished until the next Nevada legislature convened and

passed the necessary legislation.

We formed our own Vegas Voice/Nevada Association to Stop

Guardian & Elder Abuse lockbox to make sure that no one that took

the time to record their guardianship preferences would be “taken” by

private guardians, or the courts.

Over 1,000 people heeded our suggestion, and despite snide remarks

from certain ambulance-chasing attorneys, NOT ONE person who sent

in the form was ever touched by this scandal.

Fast forward 19 months. The GOOD NEWS is that the Nevada

legislature passed the required law (effective January 1, 2018) to use

the Secretary of State lockbox protections. And there is NO CHARGE for

this protection.

The (semi) BAD NEWS is that you MUST prepare a new

guardianship form to do this. To fully comply with the new law and

avoid any complications, our temporary lockbox program will

come to an end in January. All copies will be shredded

and destroyed.

To get everyone the latest information and to fully guarantee that

you will never ever be a part of this sordid scandal, we’ll be holding our

2018 guardianship seminars (see next page) in January. We hope to see

everyone at one of our seminars!



* Sun City Aliante

Tuesday, Jan. 9, @ (10 am)

* Sun City MacDonald Ranch

Wednesday, Jan.10, (10 am)

Sponsored by NV Senate candidate

Byron Brooks

* Siena

Thursday, Jan. 11, @ (10 am)

Sponsored by NV Senator

Becky Harris

* Sun City Summerlin

Desert Vista Center

Monday, Jan. 15, (10 am)

Sponsored by NV Assemblyman

Jim Marchant & Congressional candidate

Victoria Seaman

Solera @ Anthem

Wednesday, Jan. 24, (10 am)

* Sun City Anthem

(Independence Center)

Wednesday, Jan.10, (6:30 pm)

NOTE: Revised Date


Sponsored by the SCA Havurah Club















For more information and to RSVP,

Contact The Vegas Voice at: 702/251-4441 or



. How come people

will order a triple

cheeseburger, large fries and a

diet coke?

2. An opera is the only place where a man gets stabbed and

instead of bleeding, he sings.

3. Old age is when your legs buckle, and your belt doesn’t.

4. A quarrel between a husband and a wife is like cutting

water with a sword.

5. Marty’s Definition (Part I) “Lovers Leap” – the distance

between twin beds.

6. Marty’s Definition (Part II) “Falsies” – hidden persuaders.

7. A strip hotel received a reservation from a guest who wrote:

“Please reserve a room where I can put up with my wife!”

8. My friend Fred told me his mother never breast fed him;

she only liked him as a friend.

9. Long dresses don’t bother me. I’ve got great memory.

10. Bill: “My wife’s a twin.” Bob: “How do you tell them

apart?” Bill: “Her brother’s taller.”

Bonus: Bill: “I do everything my wife tells me.” Bob: “You

mean that if she told you to jump off the Empire State building,

you would?” Bill: “Not again.”


January 2018

Marty’s Top Ten

By: Marty Allen / Hello Dere

For over the past decade, Marty Allen has performed with his on

and off stage singing partner Karon Kate Blackwell.

You Gotta Laugh

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs

New Year Diet: Last month I was at Costco

buying a large bag of dog food for my pet,

Buster. I was in the check-out line when a woman

behind me asked if I had a dog.

I told her “No, I didn't have a dog, I was starting

the ‘Purina Diet’ again. I added that I probably shouldn’t, because I

ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I

awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of my orifices

and IVs in both arms.

I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet. The way that it works is to

load your jacket pockets with Purina Nuggets and simply eat one or two

every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete, so it works,

and I was going to try it again.

Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care, because the dog

food poisoned me. I told her no, I stopped to pee on a fire hydrant and a

car hit me.

A great, big Bill Blurb thank you to Renee Riendeau for her


Married Four Times: The local news station was interviewing an

80-year-old lady because she had just gotten married for the fourth time.

The interviewer asked her questions about her life, what it felt like to

be marrying again at 80, and then about her new husband's occupation.

"He's a funeral director," she answered. "Interesting," the newsman

thought. He then asked her if she wouldn't mind telling him a little about

her first three husbands and what they did for a living.

After a short time, a smile came to her face and she answered proudly,

explaining that she had first married a banker when she was in her 20s,

then a circus ringmaster in her 40s, a preacher in her 60s, and now, in

her 80s - a funeral director.

The interviewer looked at her, quite astonished, and asked why she had

married four men with such diverse careers.

She smiled and explained, (Wait for it...) "I married one for the

money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go."

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at:



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Grammy Nominations for Clint Holmes

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

Clint Holmes’ 2 ½ year effort to bring his

latest CD, Rendezvous, to life paid off with

two Grammy Award nominations. The works

being honored are a pair of songs from George Gershwin’s Porgy and

Bess, “I Loves You Porgy/There’s a Boat That’s Leavin’ Soon for New

York” and “Every Time We Say Goodbye” composed by Cole Porter.

Grammy winner Dee Bridgewater joined Holmes on the Porgy and

Bess songs which were recorded over two nights at New York’s Blue Note.

The recording is backed by the Count Basie Band.

The CD includes Holmes’ own composition, “At the Rendezvous,”

a song that pays tribute to the blues and jazz joint where his father

introduced him to the music that would later help guide his career.

The project took flight after meeting Grammy award winning record

producer Gregg Fields. “I was singing a tune here and there,” Holmes

says, “with Fields doing drums.” Fields, who drummed for Count Basie as

a teen, suggested to Holmes, “We should do an album together.”

Holmes chose songs for the CD that reflected his life. He grew up in

musically-rich Buffalo, New York, which has given Las Vegas a treasure

trove of talent, including the Scintas. He is the son of a rich musical

family - an African-American jazz musician father and his mother, a

classically trained British opera singer.

Las Vegas has provided a rich resume for Holmes. Among his

residencies are six years at Harrah’s with musical director Bill Fayne,

recurring performances at The Smith Center’s intimate Myron’s Cabaret

Jazz, musical retrospectives at both the Palazzo and Golden Nugget and a

tribute to Ray Charles at the Venetian.

His coast-to-coast stints include the jazz clubs and cabarets that dot

New York City, the Hollywood Bowl and an occasional cruise ship.

When his touring schedule permits, Holmes often drops in to the

Bootlegger Bistro for open microphone Mondays hosted by his wife, Kelly

Clinton Holmes and to Kelly’s Wednesday night lounge shows at the

Tuscany Casino. His CDs are available at

People & Places Update

November’s People and Places column focused on Brenda

Hebert, a hard-working local singer who has become a

familiar presence at area senior communities. Each month, Hebert,

(who doesn’t have a car) lugs nearly 50 pounds of sound equipment

on her two-bus, 90-minute journey to Boulder City, donating her

time to entertain the residents at the Nevada Veterans Home.

For Hebert, it’s a labor of love because the Veteran’s home has no

entertainment budget. An appreciative reader sent The Vegas Voice

a “Happy Holidays” check which was presented to Hebert by Linda

Gelinger (right), Administrator at the Veterans home.

“Just the Facts, Ma’am”

By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories

thought this month I'd write about Jack Webb

I and my experience working on Dragnet.

The year was 1954 and I was cast as a little girl who

lives with her grandfather and gets robbed. Rather than the grandfather

going to the police, I do.

It was an episode called "The Big Pair." Interestingly, every episode

was titled The Big "something or other" and yet the TV audience never

actually saw the name of the episode. They would just see the word

"Dragnet" on their screen.

Jack Webb was the director of this episode and he was as nice as he

could be. So was Ben Alexander who played Sgt Friday’s sidekick, Officer

Frank Smith.

Working on that show was a dream come true for me. I also learned

that each episode was based on an actual case from the Los Angeles Police


My name in the episode was Ruthie Snyder - although I don't know

what the real name of the little girl from that case was. As I am sure all TV

viewers remembered, the show always advised in the beginning that "The

names were changed to protect the innocent."

What was fascinating to me at the time was when I arrived on the set; I

saw a contraption that I had never seen before. It was on wheels and was

a teleprompter!

Because Jack Webb worked so hard every day, he really didn't want to

bother with having to memorize his dialogue each day, so he read from

the teleprompter, which of course was out of the cameras range. This is

why Jack Webb had such a choppy, unemotional delivery of his lines - but

it worked for his character and he became famous for his delivery of "Just

the facts ma'am."

Jack died of a

heart attack in 1982

at age 62 while he

was in the midst

of negotiating a

new Dragnet series.

He was given full

police honors

and his badge –

number 714, was

retired by the police


Until next time,

remember: "Those

who bring sunshine

to the lives of others

cannot keep it from




Introducing Brilliant, the newest

interactive experience at the Neon

Museum. Craig Winslow’s revolutionary

art form uses sight and sound to

transport you through time and bring long

dormant signs back to life. If all this seems

hard to picture, that’s because it is. You

literally have to see it to believe it.



$23 • $15 Nevada residents, active military,

veterans, students and seniors


January 2018

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@ Check out her awesome, new website: www.




Saturday, 2/17 Sun City MacDonald Ranch

Wednesday 2/21 Sun City Summerlin

Saturday 2/24 Solera @ Anthem


Friday 3/9 Sun City Aliante


Saturday 4/7 Solera @ Anthem

Sunday, 4/15 Silverton Hotel (3 PM)


Friday 5/11 Sun City Aliante

Saturday 5/12 Sun City MacDonald Ranch

Wednesday 5/23 Sun City Summerlin


Sunday 6/24 Silverton Hotel (3 PM)




Sunday 8/19 Silverton Hotel (3 PM)


Wednesday 9/19 Sun City Summerlin

Saturday 9/29 Solera @ Anthem


Wednesday 10/10 Sun City Summerlin

Friday 10/12 Sun City Aliante

Saturday 10/20 Sun City MacDonald Ranch


Saturday 12/15 Sun City MacDonald Ranch

NOTE: All shows 7 pm unless indicated


January 2018

You want to know what The Vegas Voice is

doing about entertaining you in 2018? Ask

no more.

We’re about to overload you with shows all over town. And that means

there is no reason for you not to see at least a half a dozen of our shows.

As you may recall, we were doing monthly variety shows at the Silverton.

This year, we will be doing four Extravaganzas that will knock your socks

off in April, June, August and December.

The Vegas Voice is also committed to bring “Strip” shows and great

performers to all “Age-Qualified Communities.” Our goal will be to provide

extraordinary professional entertainment right to your clubhouse – at

more than reasonable prices and without any hassle - like hotel resort

fees, drink minimums, parking charges, driving at night, etc

Our fantastic shows will be in your communities all over the Valley.

Shows at Sun City MacDonald Ranch, Solera at Anthem, Sun City

Summerlin’s Starbright Theatre and Sun City Aliante. We have also

been invited to put some shows together for the Siena community in


I must admit that the reason we are being invited to continue and

expand our entertainment program in all these communities is because

we have been bringing the very best performers and performances that

this city, no, the entire country has to offer.

Let’s just start with Bill Fayne’s rendition of Classic Broadway, to

his extraordinary production of Cole Porter. Then there’s Broadway

performers such as Randall Keith, Bruce Ewing, Kevan Patriquin,

Philip Fortenberry and others that will be gracing the stages in

intimate settings. They have been performing before sold out crowds

ranging from 200 to

400 guests with warm

and friendly “meet &

greets” afterwards.

The first show will

be February 17 th at

Sun City MacDonald

Ranch and all are

welcome. For more

information, go to

my web site: www.


com or www.

You can also call

Dianne at The Vegas

Voice hotline for

tickets: 702/755-7399.

Our 2018 Entertainment


By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor

We start the year with shows from

Bill Fayne

You can read Evan’s entertainment blog and sign up to receive

his free email weekly Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.

com. Email him at:




Music From...













Bill F ayne

& Friends


ClssicBwayBothtmplate.indd 1


702 755-3799


Sun City




Wed. Feb. 21st,


Desert Vista, and

Mountain Shadows

Community Centers.


Tickets: $20.

Doors: 6:30 pm • Show: 7pm.

Available at

Solera at



Feb. 24th,




12/20/17 2:28 PM



Sometimes My Friends, You Just Know

By: Vicki Wentz / Vicki’s Voice

went to the mountains with friends last

I month and got there just in time to see the

snow - ten frickin’ inches of it! And, with the

wind blowing so hard, you got snow in nooks and

crannies you didn’t even know you owned.

I may have mentioned a few...or two thousand...times that I love the

snow. Snow is beautiful and soft and you can sled and make snow angels,

and then you have a perfect excuse for hot chocolate and s’mores, and no

one will think you’re a greedy, self-indulgent underachiever...whereas if

you just turn the air-conditioner to “Frozen”, put on snow gear and play

your winter-weather exercise videos, folks aren’t quite as understanding

when you slip six marshmallows onto your shish-kebab fork in front of

the fire - not that I’ve ever done that.

But, while we were in the mountains, my friends wanted to do a little

more in the snow than I did. “Let’s face it,” they said, “You can only build

so many snowmen before the slopes are calling.”

“What are you talking about?” I replied. “I’ve never gotten a call from a

January 2018

slope in my life. And further, if a slope ever did call me, I’d hang up!”

You know how there are some things you just understand about

yourself? Instinctively, I mean? Like, when someone first explained

camping to me, I knew instantly that it would not be my cup of tea...ever.

Well, skiing is one of those not-my-cup-of-tea things.

I realized this very early, because by age six, I had fallen from the

monkey bars at kindergarten (breaking my arm) and skated into a

corner with an open folding chair, which closed on - and cut off - the

end of my middle finger. At that point, I understood somewhere in my

subconscious that this would be my life.

So, at age six, I pictured myself standing on two highly slippery pieces

of wood at the top of a very steep mountain, and somehow, I just knew

it would not end well. And, still today, the image of me standing on two

waxed tongue depressors on the crest of a mountain, looking waaaay

down across that crystalline slope at that gorgeous sparkling snow. I

mean, wow...just makes me want to fall to my knees, roll over and play


Yes, I can picture myself huddled down as small as possible, covered with

snow at the summit, as skiers slalom & mogul all over me (obviously not

up on the skiing lingo), aware of the sun slowly sinking, the air turning

frigid as darkness settles in.

And then I can picture me ever-so-slowly drawing my frozen cell phone

with two frozen fingers from my frozen pocket, punching 911, and putting

it excruciatingly to my frozen ear to whisper frozenly, “Help!”

Now that’s a vision I can conjure. Sure, that way I might lose a toe, but

if I attempt to go down that snowy hillside on anything but a stretcher,

let’s just say there will be consequences that I am not inclined to pursue.

On the other hand, while my friends hit the slopes, spending wads of

money on skis, lift tickets - and eventually months of physical therapy, I

spend cheerful, contented hours in the lodge by the fire, sipping mugs of

hot cocoa.

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North

Carolina. Readers may contact her - and order her new children’s

book! - by visiting her website at

Cocktail Cabaret is Stylish Upbeat Throwback

By: Dianne Davis / That’s Entertainment

Cocktail Cabaret takes you away from the

hustle bustle of daytime in Las Vegas and

entertains with an upbeat high power musical

experience in the intimate setting of Cleopatra's

Barge in Caesar's Palace. Four polished performers together and in

various combinations take you through many standards, and a few

new lyrical selections in this vintage Vegas Broadway-Cabaret-style live

musical review.

From “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” sung by Maren Wade costumed

in a tight sexy red dress to the comedic punctuations and stylish song

interpretations by the multi-talented Eric Jordan Young who also keeps

things flowing as the MC, the show moves at a fast pace.

Daniel Emmet may look like a fresh-faced college kid, but his velvet

voice will win you over as he belts out “I Can't Life Without You” in

English and later switches to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” in Italian.

Hey, everything sounds sexy in Italian, doesn't it?

Niki Sclera brings her stylish renditions to the party as the fast paced 70

minutes fly by and she leaves you wanting more. Her version of “Diamonds

are Forever” is a showstopper. Add the talents of award winning pianist

Philip Fortenberry and Musical Director Keith Thompson and you are

guaranteed a top-notch production.

The 140-seat venue presents some challenges, but the four fill the room

with their talent as they move through the tight spaces in the barge. You'll

Red Rock Pointe Retirement Resort

Las Vegas’ New All-Inclusive Resort-Style

Independent Living Community

Your new luxury lifestyle at Red Rock Pointe means all services and amenities are

included for one monthly price. Our apartment homes include open layouts,

large rooms, walk-in closets, full kitchens and more.

As a Charter Resident, you receive top

priority for selecting your apartment layout

and location. Some other benefits include:

• Pack-Move-Unpack package valued up to $1,000

• New washer and dryer in your apartment home

• Complimentary garage for six months

• Two guest suite certificates

• Special pre-opening invitations

Call for more information: 702-330-3896

hear “Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine.”

I can't help loving the four Broadway caliber singers – no; enlarge that

to entertainers backed by four musicians in a classy show reminiscent of

the bygone Vintage Vegas days. The ladies appear in one beautiful dress

after another and even the guys have several wardrobe changes.

The 5:00 pm starting time allows you to sit back and relax over a

cocktail (or two) as you enjoy quality entertainment, then continue on

to indulge in all that Vegas has to offer in the way of dining, shopping, or

playing your favorite slots or table games. But before you hit the tables,

you'll already be a winner for having enjoyed Cocktail Cabaret. The show

plays Wednesday through Saturday evenings.

In addition to The Vegas Voice, Dianne Davis is a reporter for Sun

City Anthem TV (SCA-TV) specializing in entertainment and is a

columnist for

4445 S. Grand Canyon Drive • Las Vegas, NV 89147 •

Courtesy of Killer Imaging


Winter Condition

By: Mike Landry / Golf Fore Ever

have to chuckle about “winter conditions”

I when in mid-December I played in a short

sleeve shirt. The east coast golfers aren’t as

fortunate as we are, which, is probably why we

live here.

But let’s face it, the weather will soon turn colder, and we need to

prepare for that. In case you’re not aware, a cold golf ball does not

compress as much as in summer and will not fly as far. The problem with

that is we come up short of the target.

I found that by taking an additional club to compensate for the loss of

distance, I am more likely to hit the green.

I’m also delighted each year when my wife stuffs my Christmas stocking

with “hand warmers.” I use them during cold mornings in January.

I place one in each pocket which keeps my fingers warm between shots

and warms up my spare golf ball at the same time. I tee up a warm golf

ball and my friends are amazed when I outdrive them.

I hope these two tips will help you as it has me. See you on the links!

Mike Landry resides in Sun City MacDonald Ranch and is a member

of both the Nevada State Seniors Golf Club and Winterwood Men’s

Group. He can be reached at:

Henderson Citizen Engagement Survey

The City of Henderson recently invited

residents to share their priorities by

participating in a citizen engagement survey

that will be used in prioritizing city services

and identifying key issues of importance to the


The survey, which was available online and in

Henderson Mayor

Debra March

hard copy, was conducted between November 15 - December 17. Results

will be used in crafting the city’s 2018 strategic plan which serves as a

blueprint for decision making about city resources and services.

“The citizen engagement survey is a tool that helps us determine

priorities for the future of our community. We invited residents to take a

few minutes to identify what issues and city services are most important

to them and their families. The survey was quick and easy, and the

information collected will guide us in making important decisions and

help us to maintain our status as a premier community and a great place

to call home,” said Mayor Debra March.

In addition to the input provided by residents through the citizen

survey, development of the 2018 strategic plan update will also include the

perspective of City employees on long term challenges and opportunities,

along with requirements associated with the City’s “Henderson

Strong” comprehensive plan and other land use plans.

In addition, the update will look at advances in technology that

have the potential to make the City’s operations more efficient and cost

effective, while also promoting increased safety and sustainability.

The strategic planning process is slated to begin this month and is

expected to be completed by March. Once finalized, the plan will be

available to the public through the City’s website: www.cityofhenderson.



The world’s No. 1 touring ABBA tribute concert





Southwest Rotary Satellite Group

Southwest Rotary Club of Las Vegas, one of the oldest in the

valley, is always looking for ways of getting additional women

and men involved in Rotary.

Sun City Anthem is perfect for starting a satellite group. There are

many people living in the area who have previously been involved

in Rotary (or other service organizations) and would like to be

involved again in some capacity.

Needless to say,

we also enjoy the

social aspects. As a

satellite group, the

goal is to meet

twice a month

for a happy hour type meeting.

The various club

projects as well as

potential opportunities will be explored in an informal

setting in our area.

Our plan is to have our first get together in the later part of March

or April. Anyone interested is invited to attend. You do not need to be a

Rotary member to join us.

If you are interested or would like additional information, please

contact Cliff Silverstein at



Sponsored by


Recording live in Las Vegas



Groups can save up to 15% off regularly priced tickets, plus save on fees. Call 702.749.2348 or email


January 2018

702.749.2000 | TTY: 800.326.6868 or dial 711 | 361 Symphony Park Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89106 |


Our 2009 Queen

By: Charlie Christy / Executive Director

- Ms. Senior Nevada

January finds Ms Senior

Nevada spotlighting our

2009 Queen, Margo Young. Margo originally hailed

from England and 51 years ago, she made her dream

come true by immigrating to the United States.

Prior to coming to Las Vegas in 1966, she performed

and danced for four years in Paris, France. She moved to California in

1971 to further her career in movies and TV commercials, returning to

Nevada as a featured dancer in the Follies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel.

Margo is the director of the Aliante Sun City Steppers, a senior dance

group she formed twelve years ago. The troupe, some 18 active dancers,

perform at senior communities, assisted living centers and charity events.

They are also the opening number for our Nevada State Pageant to be

held at South Point Casino in August. This will be our 33 rd year.

When she’s not dancing, Margo enjoys cooking, aerobics or any other

form of exercise to keep the mind and body active. Married with one

daughter, three grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren, this busy

lady always finds time to help others.

Ms Senior Nevada is open to all Nevada ladies who have reached the

“age of elegance” (60 years or better). If you’d like to join our group of

active seniors, meet some of these interesting women and become part of

a group that believe in service to our community call me: 702/809-5881.

Hollywood Magic!

As a little girl I thought the smell of

turpentine and oil paint, which filled

Crystal Czerkas- every room in my house, was a

Sarbacker normal condition. My Dad, the artist known

as Czerkas, spent every extra hour at his easel at home. He

was fully committed to drawing, sketching, and painting, and

my little brothers and I learned to be quiet and stay out of his

studio when he was working at home. It was a little bit frustrating,

but there were some benefits...My Dad’s dream was to

one day work in the art department of a major motion picture

studio in Hollywood. And he accomplished that by the time I

was in the third grade. Quickly any sacrifices I had to make

around the house disappeared, because occasionally we were

invited to lunch at the commissary or take a studio tour. In

those days, the public was not allowed “on the lot”, and family

members were

only permitted

for special events.

Even though I

was a very young

girl, I knew how

special it was to

pull up to the

guard’s station

and be waved

through the studio gates.

In those days - the fifties and sixties - Universal Studios,

where my Dad worked, always threw a huge Christmas party

for all its employees and their families. It was mandatory that

their stars under contract would have to attend and mingle

with all the other staff. I still have vivid recollections of Jeff

Chandler and Ann Blythe standing in line with us for a lavish

buffet lunch followed by a special Jimmy Durante performance.

The festivities went on all day and ended with a walk through

a street of sound stages where tables were covered with toys

and gifts for all the children. In my childish memories this was

a very important event. But for my Dad, the real significance

of his work at the Studios came from a chance meeting with

Ruby Levitt, an Academy Award winning set designer, who

was so impressed by his paintings she started using them as

backdrops in several movies. Ruby displayed his work in her

office and once when Rock Hudson came for a meeting he was

so taken by my Dad’s work, he purchased a painting for his

private art collection. Other celebrities purchased paintings by

my Dad, but this was real Hollywood magic.

Laughter Enhances Spirituality

By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

A day without laughter is a day

wasted.” - Nicolas Chamfort.

We already know that laughter is the best

medicine! But can it really be that your spiritual connection is just

a chuckle away?

Most religions agree! Ask any good spiritual leader, (from the likes

of Joel Osteen who starts his sermons with something funny, the Dali

Lama that wears a perpetual smile when not giggling, or the worldwide

Laughter Yoga movement) and they’ll tell you that laughter is what

sparks receptiveness and a sense of connection with others.

Baal Shem Tov (founder of the Chasidic movement), in his profound

observation of psychology and spirituality explained, “Humor is

that thing that ushers a person’s mind from a place of constricted

consciousness to a place of expanded consciousness.” Viktor Frankl

noted that, “More than anything else in the human make-up, laughter

can afford an aloofness and an ability to rise above any situation, if

only for a few seconds!”

Turns out that it’s during those few seconds, when we let our guard

down, a window opens to let spirituality enter.

Science and spirituality have been finding a common ground in

the arena of energy dynamics. It is undeniable that to enhance one’s

spirituality, physical well-being, mental-health, or to make any change

in one’s life, a person must first become aware of what heightens their



perception above their normal state of consciousness.

Although different for each person, since it’s dependent on the

individual’s sense of appreciation of this life force, awareness and focus,

it ultimately redirects them to a more fulfilling and enriched life.

It is easy to find fun and enjoyable things to do that will lift and

inspire us, broaden our senses and access our spiritual awareness.

Although laughing with others is always more powerful than when you

are alone, don’t let that stop you from seeking out the things that put

a smile on your heart - watch a funny movie, play with a pet, stomp

in the rain, or better yet... double the benefits by gifting someone else

with a chuckle.

To learn more about Ali, spiritual consultations, coaching, classes,

workshops, and readings, call, give her a call: 702/373-9081.



Experience quality assisted living in our

beautiful, newly remodeled community.

• Senior-centered activities and wellness programs

• Restaurant-style dining

• Transportation

• Housekeeping and laundry services



The paintings shown here are by Crystal’s Dad, the award

winning artist Victor Czerkas, the only known private student of

the great Russian impressionist, Nicolai Fechin. Want more info?

We’d be delighted to arrange a private showing...

Call 702.369.6964

to schedule a

personal tour.

2205 East Harmon Avenue • Las Vegas, NV 89119



January 2018


His Distiinctive Slip-Note Style

By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments

Many consider Floyd Cramer to be the

most important pianist in country music


He was one of the creators of the Nashville Sound with Chet Atkins

and Boots Randolph in The Masters Festival of Music. He became one

of the busiest studio musicians in country music; playing piano for Elvis

Presley, Patsy Cline, Eddy Arnold, and Perry Como. He played piano on at

least 25% of the 50s and 60s best sellers.

Cramer’s slip-note technique harkens back to the old-time country

fiddle players, who added excitement to their music by sliding into the

proper note of a melody from a half-step, also called a grace note. It and

his light touch added emotional coloration to his melodies and became

known as "the Floyd Cramer Style."

His record, Last Date, with the first notes using this distinctive slip note

sound, went No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop music chart. It sold over

one million copies in 1960. The number one song that year was Elvis

Pressley's Are You Lonesome Tonight. Ironically, on that song and on

Presley's Heartbreak Hotel, Cramer was the pianist.

Cramer was raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, but grew up in the small

town of Huttig, Arkansas. At age 5, his parents bought him a piano. His

main interest was Gospel music. After high school, he worked as a pianist

for the radio show Louisiana Hayride.

He moved to Nashville, and began working day and night doing

NEUROPATHY HURTS-But it doesn’t have to!

Do you suffer from:

• Sharp prickling or electrical-like

tingling pain in the hands and feet

• Numbness/burning pain

• Sciatic pain

• Neuropathy from Diabetes, Chemo

or Chronic Spinal Nerve pressure

• Difficulty sleeping due to leg and

foot discomfort

IF THIS DESCRIBES YOU, then you may be a candidate for an

amazing new treatment. St. Rose Integrative Medical Center

delivers a breakthrough medical treatment for neuropathy sufferers.

Patients experience an 87% reduction in symptoms. * Our staff is

passionate about the help they provide and our patients are excited

about the results they’re getting. Many patients often report being

pain free for the first time in years – Imagine that for yourself!

New treatment offers an 87% reduction in symptoms. *


Take the first step towards changing your life.

Call now for your FREE consultation.



10561 Jeffreys St., Ste. 100 Henderson, NV 89052


St. Rose Integrative

Medical Center

*87% reduction in symptoms is based on an April 2012 published medical study. Offices following these protocols have seen similar results.

Results may vary depending on age, condition, treatment compliance, genetics, diagnosis and other factors. Not all patients are candidates for

treatment or are accepted for care. This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease. We are working to

help relieve the symptoms of neuropathy and other types of inflammatory neuropathic pain conditions.

recording sessions.

He recorded Are

You Lonesome

Tonight at 4:00 a.m.

Cramer remained

strictly a session

player, and for a

time, was virtually

unknown outside

the music industry.

Two of his

popular recordings

are: San Antonio

Rose and On

the Rebound.

Altogether, Cramer

released 50+


Cramer was

inducted into the

Country Music

Hall of Fame, Rock

and Roll Hall of Fame, and Louisiana Hall of Fame. His recording of

Last Date was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. His final major

piece was a version of the theme of the television series Dallas.

Cramer, a quiet, humble man was most happy when with his family. He

died of lung cancer on New Year's Eve, 1997 at age 64. He left behind his

wife, Mary, two daughters and four grandchildren.

His musical legacy lives on in his grandson, Jason Floyd Coleman, who

played with his grandfather several times on TV and concerts. Jason made

his first appearance at age 17 for the Grand Ole Opry, playing with the slip

note style, reminiscent of his grandad's first performance there, in Please

Help Me I'm Falling. He also performed in his grandad's induction

ceremony into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2003.

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She reports about

music on Alive! You can contact her at www.


Novembert 2017

TR_AD_171106_VegasVoice_THUR.11.16_3.5x4.625.indd 1

11/8/17 1:04 PM



2018 Goals

By: Victoria Seaman / Victoria’s Corner

It’s never too late for a New Year’s Resolution!

The best research indicates that days that

mark the passage of time—from one year to

another, for instance, or birthdays are better times to try to initiate a

change in your life or take on a new task. That’s why resolutions are so

popular around this time of year.

Committing to be a life-long learner can enrich the quality of your life

tremendously; whether you resolve to read more books, learn a new skill

or otherwise set to work developing your own knowledge.

Trying to spend more time outdoors is one of my resolutions in 2018,

and I hope that you’ll join me in doing that. You don’t need any other

reason than Nevada is home to beautiful vistas and amazing wildlife to

get outside and start exploring. New research is showing that time spent

in the wild, or on a hiking trail benefits us far more than just exercise.

Fostering a connection with nature seems to be central to a healthy way

of living.

I hope that you’ll spend 2018 hop scotching across Nevada to see the

state. In addition to the very popular and well known Red Rock and Lake

Mead Parks, Spring Mountain Ranch, Valley of Fire and Pahranagat

Valley National Wildlife Refuge are all within a 90-minute drive.

Just two hours driving takes you closer to Cathedral Gorge and Kershaw

Ryan State Parks, both located in Lincoln County. For a landscape closer

to Mars, try Death Valley National Park, just two hours away, though

located in California.

Whatever you decide to do this year, make good on your commitment.

Make 2018 the best year for you yet!

Victoria Seaman is a former Nevada Assemblywoman,

businesswoman and currently a Realtor in Las Vegas. You can

contact Victoria at:

January 2018

Your Car at Your Fingertips

By: BJ Killeen / Down the Road

While technology is a cornerstone of new

vehicles, it’s still a daunting task for

seniors to learn how it all works. Manufacturers

are doing their best to make these technologies effortless because they

are the stepping stone to autonomous vehicles. But in the interim,

customers still have to use them.

One way manufacturers are helping to make it easier is via smartphone

apps. Once you purchase a new vehicle, you can download the app for

your brand.

Using the app, you can do a variety of functions - such as mark your

local dealership, call for roadside assistance, and even get messages

directly from the manufacturer. You can drop a pin for location to mark

a parking spot, talk to a concierge to help you with questions or concerns,

and in some apps, find parking locations and even fuel prices at gas


In addition, most luxury vehicles are starting to offer (either standard

or optional) an internal modem that works like a GPS locator. The

modem is available in a handful of non-luxury vehicles as well, and is

designed to talk to the app on your phone.

As you can imagine, this opens up an entirely new level of information;

such as how much fuel your vehicle has, where it’s located at the

moment, oil level and more. In addition, with the modem on board, you

can remotely lock and unlock your vehicle from anywhere, as well as

remotely start it.

Just think how great it would be to park your car at the mall on a

115-degree day, and then be able to remote start it from inside the

restaurant at the mall as you finish your lunch, and then get to your car

and it’s already cooled down. This is just one of the great benefits of this


Lincoln’s app, called The Lincoln Way, even allows you to schedule

pickup and delivery service, and brings you a loaner vehicle, also all

through the app. Soon you’ll be able to pay for dealer services through

the app and more.

Technology should make our lives easier, and with these new apps, they


BJ Killeen has been an automotive journalist for over 30 years.

She welcomes all questions and inquiries, and can be reached at

Compliment, Insult or Harassment?

By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / 60s to 60

In July 2013 I wrote about how one goes from

the age of compliments and dog whistles at

construction sites to maturity. How we measure

ourselves now is very different.

Growing up in the city, a whistle was a good barometer and harmless.

Our role models were Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and sexy, sexy, sexy.

Fast forward and things have gotten out of control. It’s pretty


I too was a victim of sexual harassment in the mid-70s on the job. My

employment was threatened but I didn’t give in. The incident was noticed

by the president of the company and he apologized and said I wouldn’t

be fired.

Looking back, why would I be fired? I didn’t do anything. I didn’t

bother to see if I had recourse and life went on.

Where do we draw the line? And when a woman takes money to keep

quiet, she is responsible for using the incident to gain something. Coming

back later doesn’t work for me unless she gives back the money.

But, in her defense, options were limited, and the support was not there.

So, at what point would a woman of the 60s and 70s been given credibility

when the power was on the other side?

I am not including serial offenders and predators, but I do have

concerns that pretty soon no man will be able to compliment a woman

in the workplace without the risk of being reported. And not all women

are innocent either!

Accountability has to go both ways. I made my choice in the 70s and in

2018, I can’t go back and change that decision. Today we have different

guidelines for the behaviors when years ago we accepted “boys being

boys” and no one did anything - unless there was physical & sexual abuse


Does that make it right then and wrong now? Again, of course not, but

how we measured offensiveness was different. We wore mini-skirts and

“come & get me” boots so if a man wanted to make an advance, he might

go to that little dog whistle moment even at work.

And we smiled.

Women have come a long way in 40 years and this will take some time

to sort out. I commend those standing and making their voices heard. I

also condemn the ones who see it as an opportunity to have 15 minutes

of fame by lying.

I have great respect for those who endured mistreatment and lost

opportunities. Perhaps our children and grandchildren will also learn to

respect each other - no matter what sex they are.

Adrea Nairne-Barrera writes of celebrations, observations &

complaints of life in the 60s to being in your 60s.

HopeLink’s 4th Annual Flagship Fundraising Event

Please consider sponsoring this event and

joining us for an evening of art, artists and artisans!

An interactive evening abundant with live performance art,

artists, photographs, and special guests plus live and silent auctions.

Complimentary appetizers will be provided by local restaurants.

All proceeds of the evening will benefit individuals, families and

seniors in need and served by HopeLink of Southern Nevada.

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

5 - 9 pm

Henderson Convention Center

200 S. Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015

178 Westminster Way, Henderson, NV 89015







January 2018

Questions & Answers

By: Jim Valkenburg / Insurance Insight

start the new year ans wering your questions.

I QUESTION: I’m a renter and I’ve heard

that renter’s insurance is expensive. Is that true?

ANSWER: No, it’s not. There are at least two good ways to view how much

coverage to get on a renter’s policy.

The better way is to insure your personal belongings for what it would cost

to buy all of them again – in other words, “new for old” without a deduction

for depreciation. It doesn’t matter that, for example, your living room set is


If it was destroyed, you’d have to buy a new one. You should always buy

your renter’s policy with replacement coverage so for every item you replace,

you will be able to replace it with a new item of “like, kind and quality.”

The other way to insure is to at least purchase sufficient coverage to start

over again – even if the amount would not replace everything. For example,

if it would cost you $60,000 to re-buy your entire house/apartment of

belongings, your agent can give you a rate for that amount.

However, you can also get a rate for $30,000 if that would get you the basics

you need again. The minimum amount to cover your property is typically


You’d be amazed how affordable the premium can be. One caveat: if items

are destroyed and you elect not to repurchase them, you will only get the

depreciated value.

QUESTION: Can an insurance company cancel

my homeowner’s insurance during the policy term?

ANSWER: This normally doesn’t happen, but there are some reasons

insurance companies need to cancel. Some examples are:

(1) Non-payment of premium;

(2) Material misrepresentation/fraud;

(3) Conviction of a crime arising out of acts increasing the hazard insured

against. (Like a meth lab in your garage!);

(4) Discovery of willful or reckless acts or omissions by the insured which

increases the hazard. (For example, not getting a known gas leak fixed);

(5) Physical changes in the property which result in the property becoming

uninsurable. (Examples would be homes that are vacant which increases

the exposure to vandalism, or home looks like a “hoarder” is occupying the

premises, i.e., appliances out in the open creating an “attractive nuisance”).

Have a question? Contact me at The Vegas Voice.

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance executive. He

and his wife owned and operated their own insurance agency for over

16 years. His primary purpose is to give out real information that can

be used to make intelligent insurance decisions.



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Complete Tub or

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The Travel Company Designed Especially for Active Seniors!

Collette’s 8 Day Luxury in French Canada! July 20-27, 2018

Montreal, Quebec City,

Charlevoix & Montebello

And the stunning Le Centre Sheraton Montreal!

This brand new Collette Vacation is being offered for

the first time and features Montreal, Quebec City and

more. Plus you’ll enjoy the best of the best with two night

stays in each of three elegant Fairmont Hotels and the

famous Le Centre Sheraton Montreal, too. Tres Bien!

Our French Canadian Group Tour includes Round

Trip Air from Las Vegas plus transfers to and from

McCarran Airport!

Early Bird Special, Book Now & Save $100 pp.

featuring 3 historic luxury hotels:

Fairmont Chateau

Frontenac Quebec,

Fairmont Le Manoir

Richelieu, &

Fairmont Le Chateau


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July 20-27, 2018!


With any of these 14 stress free getaways!

They’re Collette “Spotlight” Vacations to one

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London, 7 days • Paris, 7 days

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Venice in Winter, 7 days • Madrid, 8 days

Barcelona, 7 days • New York City, 5 days

New York City Holiday, 5 days

Washington, D.C., 6 days

San Antonio, 5 days

San Antonio Holiday, 5 days

New Orleans, 5 days

Or you could visit Western Canada this year to please

yourself and your budget!

Calgary’s metropolitan skyline has all the excitement of a sophisticated city, tempered by

its own style and personality.

Did you know...

Alberta’s West Edmonton Mall

is the largest mall in North


With over 800 shops and services it

has something for everyone, and spans

almost 48 city blocks.

The Calgary Stampede,

July 6 - July 15, is called

“The Greatest Outdoor Show

On Earth”.

For over 100 years the Stampede has

been delighting Calgary visitors and

locals alike, with parades, rodeo events,

exhibits, stage shows, fireworks and

competitions for over $1,000,000 in


Stephen Avenue

The heart of Calgary’s downtown area.

It’s the city’s only pedestrian mall, and

a great place to dine and dance away a

summer evening.

And there’s so much more!

Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park is so beautiful, the fish practically jump on your

line so they can get a better look.

We offer escorted tours

hosted by Collette Vacations

and Globus tours as well as

independent trips tailored to

your personal likes, budget,

and schedule. So whether you

want an extended visit or a

quick getaway, make 2018

the year you really discover

Right now is the perfect time to

plan a fabulous Canadian vacation!

Western Canada is filled year

round with spectacular sights and

experiences, and with an exchange

rate of $.70 USD to the Canadian

dollar, you can really stretch your

vacation budget. Plus, there’s

spectacular mountain scenery in

the beautiful Canadian National

Parks. And, there are also stunning

metropolitan areas offering art

festivals, concerts, Shakespearean

outdoor performances, restaurant

tours and lots more.

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2 August 2017



November 2017

1 18VVACsprdTmplte.indd 2-3 12/12/17 12:15 AM



New Device Stops a Cold Before it Starts

By: Doug Cornell / To Your Health

New research shows you can stop a

cold in its tracks if you take one

simple step with a new device when you

first feel a cold coming on.

Colds start when cold viruses get in your nose. Viruses

multiply fast. If you don’t stop them early, they spread in

your airways and cause misery.

But scientists have found a quick way to kill a virus —

touch it with copper. Researchers at labs and universities

worldwide all agree — copper is “antimicrobial.” It kills microbes,

such as viruses and bacteria, just by touch.

That’s why ancient Greeks and Egyptians used copper

to purify water and heal wounds. That’s why Hippocrates,

the “father of modern medicine”, used copper to heal skin

ulcers, and why Civil War doctors used it to prevent infection

of battlefield wounds. They

didn’t know about viruses and

bacteria, but now we do.

Researchers say microbe

cells have a tiny internal electric

charge across the membrane surrounding

the cell. The high conductance

of copper short-circuits

this charge and pops holes in the

membrane. This immediately

stops the microbe from reproducing

and destroys it in seconds.

Tests by the Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA) show

that copper surfaces kill germs that get on them. That way the

next person to touch that surface does not spread the germ.

As a result of this new knowledge, some hospitals switched

to copper for “touch surfaces”, like faucets, bedrails, and

doorknobs. This cut the spread of MRSA and other illnesses

in those hospitals by over half, and saved lives.

The strong scientific evidence gave inventor Doug Cornell

an idea. When he felt a cold coming on he fashioned a

smooth copper probe and rubbed it gently in his nose for 60


“It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold went away completely.”

It worked again every time he felt a cold coming

on. He reports he has never had a cold since.

He asked relatives and friends to try it. They said it worked

for them, too, every time. So he patented CopperZap and

put it on the market.

Soon hundreds of people had tried it and given feedback.

Nearly 100 percent said the copper stops their colds if used

within 3 hours after the first sign. Even up to 2 days, if they

still get the cold it is milder than usual and they feel better.

Users wrote things like, “It stopped my cold right away,”

and “Is it supposed to work that fast?”

January 2018

“What a wonderful thing,” wrote Physician’s Assistant

Julie. “Now I have this little magic wand, no more colds for


Pat McAllister, age 70, received one as a gift and called it

“one of the best presents ever. This little jewel really works.”

Many users say they have completely stopped getting colds.

People often use CopperZap for prevention, before cold

signs appear. Karen Gauci, who flies often for her job, used

to get colds after crowded flights. Though skeptical, she tried

it several times a day on travel days for 2 months. “Sixteen

flights and not a sniffle!” she exclaimed.

Business owner Rosaleen says when people are sick

around her she uses CopperZap morning and night. “It saved

me last holidays,” she said. “The kids had colds going round

and round, but not me.”

Some users say it also helps with sinuses. Attorney

Donna Blight had a 2-day sinus

headache. When her Copper-

Zap arrived, she tried it. “I am

shocked!” she said. “My head

cleared, no more headache, no

more congestion.”

One man had suffered seasonal

sinus problems for years. It

was so bad it ruined family vacations

and even dinners out with

friends. His wife Judy bought

CopperZaps for both of them.

He was so skeptical he said, “Oh

New research: Copper stops colds if used early.

Judy, you are such a whack job!”

But he finally tried it and, to his surprise, the copper cleared

up his sinuses right away. Judy and their daughter both said,

“It has changed our lives!”

Some users say copper stops nighttime stuffiness, too, if

they use it just before bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve

had in years.”

Some users have reported success in stopping cold sores

at the first sign of a tingle in the lip. One family reports it has

worked to eliminate warts as well.

The handle is sculptured to fit the hand and finely textured

to improve contact. Tests show it kills germs on fingers to

help you stay well and not spread illness to your family.

Copper may even help stop flu if used early and for several

days. In a lab test, scientists placed 25 million live flu

viruses on a CopperZap. No viruses were found alive soon


The EPA says the natural color change of copper does not

reduce its ability to kill germs.

CopperZap is made in the U.S. of pure copper. It carries

a 90-day full money back guarantee and is available for

$49.95 at or toll-free 1-888-411-6114.

(paid advertisement)

Big Plans for 2018

By: Stu Cooper / Happy Destinations

As I write my first 2018 article, I am in the

throes of all the preparations for our Phat

Pack cruise at the end of this month. We have

close to 200 people participating in this cruise and, at one point or

another, I have been the group’s bus dispatcher, maître d, show

director and all-

around chief cook,

bottle washer and


It's a big job

because I want this

to be a memorable

cruise for every

Vegas Voyager going

on this cruise. To say the least,

we are starting off with a BANG

for 2018. It will be hard to top the PHAT

PACK cruise. But try we must!

If you have been following our schedule,

you can see that we have at least three more

"Bus to the Boat" cruises coming up. We are offering what I

call the “Big Three Itineraries in 2018” - an Alaska cruise in September,

a coastal California cruise in October and a Hawaiian Island cruise in

December. All are on Princess Cruise Lines and include the round-trip

bus transportation.

Apr. 22-29, 2018

7 Night European Cruise,

from Barcelona

Sardinia, Naples, Rome, Florence, Marseille

Inside Cabin $810 pp, /Balcony $1295 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability and

includes the cruise and all port charges, taxes and fees. Airfare

to Barcelona is additional.

Carnival Horizon

Jun. 13-21, 2018

8 Night Caribbean Cruise

from NYC

San Juan, Amber Cove, DR

Grand Turk

Inside Cabin $1,066 pp,

Balcony $1,500 pp

I also want to announce our great Northern Pacific Coast cruise on

Royal Caribbean, sailing at the end of September from Seattle. The price

for that cruise starts at a little under $1,200 per person.

The cruise includes round-trip air fare from Las Vegas to Seattle.


Price based on double occupancy, subject to

availability and includes the cruise and

all port charges, taxes and fees.

Airfare to NYC additional.

cruise the Washington, Oregon and northern

California coast with the highlight

being an overnight port call in San


Also, stand by for some major

announcements for some new

and exciting additions to our 2018

calendar. And we are looking

at some international

destinations that might

be appealing to all.

We’ve learned what

our Vegas Voyagers like

and want to join travel with

musical entertainment. Stand by and we hope to have an

announcement shortly with a couple of new musical cruise


As we look forward to 2018, Sharon and I want to thank all of you who

have participated in Vegas Voyager groups in 2017. We can't believe we

have been doing these trips for close to fifteen years. Time does truly fly by.



Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com


Exploring Yuma - The Other Arizona

By: Kathy Manney / Around Our World

Located on the borders of Mexico and

California, Yuma bills itself the “other”

Arizona. The desert divisions here are stark and

striking. With more than 90% of the time being

sunny, Yuma also bills itself “America’s city with the most sunshine.”

Yuma is best known for its historic Territorial Prison which once held

the most dangerous men and women in the territory. Yes women - of

the more than 3,000 prisoners formerly detained here, twenty-nine were


Built in 1876, the prison was operational for thirty-three-years. Despite

a notorious reputation, it was a model institution for its time.

Visiting the Yuma Territorial Prison is an out of the ordinary experience.

It embraces an impressive amount of southwestern heritage.

A romantic evening cruise on the Colorado River is a pleasant ending

to a Yuma trip. At Fisher’s Landing, board a 50-foot paddle wheel boat

for an enchanting 3-hour dinner cruise. Upon embarking, the setting

sun brightly gilds the water and the rich red sunset dropping behind the

mountains is most breathtaking.

When returning home on Highway 95, be sure to stop in Quartzsite, a

rock hound’s paradise since the 1960s. Like Yuma, Quartzsite is a Mecca

to millions of visitors each year - most of whom are senior citizens who

converge here during the winter.

During this time of the year, vendors spring up to sell everything

imaginable - from honey to auto parts, creating one of the world's largest

open-air flea markets.

First-rate winter weather, averaging 80 to 85-degrees, is no doubt

why this area has become a sizeable retiree Mecca. Retirees arrive and

occupy this corner of Arizona every year, mostly during January and

February. Thousands upon thousands of RV’ers live between Quartzite

and Yuma and until you see for yourself, you can’t believe how many

reside temporarily in this far-flung western desert.

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an

Adventure Diva. Her “Must See” travel journeys continue - always

with enthusiasm.

Worth the Extra Money

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez / Timeless Beauty

Most of you know from my previous

columns and recommendations, I am

pretty much a drugstore type of beauty shopper.

I generally don’t find most cosmetics or other

beauty products to be worth the extra dough, but once in a while, you

discover a product so good it turns out to be worth the money!

Even with our beautiful desert winter, between running the heater at

home and the cold air outside, your skin can still quickly dry out. And

when it gets dry, it can also become itchy and flakey and suddenly you’re

willing to spend a little more.

Several months ago, my daughter gave me a jar of body cream called

Ultra Rich Body by L'Occitane. From the first time I tried it, I knew it was

different than most anything I have found. It’s 25% Shea Butter, smells

wonderful and is extra thick and creamy.

By my usual standards, this cream is expensive. It’s about $40 for the

7ounce jar, but a little goes a long way. It also absorbs well right after the

shower and will last you the day once applied.




Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com

“Trans Atlantic Adventures”


15 NIGHTS - APRIL 5-20, 2018


Ponta Delgada, Azores, Cork,

Dublin, Waterdord, Ireland,



2,579* pp

January 2018


14 NIGHTS - MAY 6-20, 2018


Key West, La Palma, Tenerife,

Canary Islands, Malaga &

Barcelona Spain


1,953* pp

*Prices are per person based on double occupancy, subject to availability

and include the cruise, all port charges, taxes and fees and round trip air transportation


13 NIGHTS - OCT. 18-31, 2018


Barcelona, Cartagena, Malaga,

Spain, Nassau, Bahamas


2,064* pp

I especially like it for the crepe paper looking skin on my arms and

hands, legs and feet. Your skin feels soft for hours and even through hand

washing there remains a nice base. I also apply it at night before bed and

love how my skin feels when I wake up.

This is also an important time to remind everyone about the importance

of buying authentic products when it comes to beauty products. In this

case for example, purchase at one of the many L’Occitane stores in the

mall (including Fashion Square in Vegas), or directly from the company


Beauty products that are much cheaper and seem too good to be true

when not sold directly by the manufacturing company are very likely

knock-offs. And for anything that you may be applying to your body, it’s

important to not expose yourself to any outside chemicals that may be

floating around a non-regulated knock-off version!

Additionally, when you buy direct from L’Occitane they are very

generous with samples of their many fabulous products! I'm just now

testing some others to see if they are worth the extra money. Even for a

frugal girl like me, this one’s worth every penny!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at or

through her website



Hello, Grandpa

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action

The new year brings new opportunities

and new and familiar scams! This

month I remind you of one of the most

heinous and despicable scams zeroing in on vulnerable seniors

– a personal phone call from a “forgotten grandson.”

This is what occurred and how I handled it. The call: “Hi

Grandpa! This is Alex your forgotten grandson calling from

Orlando. I had a serious car accident, spent the last few days in

the hospital and need your financial help so I can get home. You

need to wire me $500. . .”

My response: “I’m so glad you called! Please keep talking so

that my phone tracing system can pinpoint your location! The

FBI asked me to help catch criminals like you and they need

you to keep talking for another 2 minutes! So, stay on the line

– OK?”

The result – a loud click, and the phone line became silent!

Trust me; this system works, and it applies to any and all similar

types of scams you can expect to hear. If it happens to you, at

least you have some information on what to do and not get

sucked in to a criminal scam!

Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He served as Chair of the City of Henderson’s Senior

Advisory Commission. He can be reached at:

January 2018

Beware of Impersonators

By: Dr. Victoria Boyd / Hempworx

With heightened interest and influx of

CBD products in the marketplace, it is

important to understand some of the terminology

that is a clue to determining quality. At first, I was clueless but quickly

realized all things named CBD are not made equal and some are

actually impersonators.

I did research and discovered a wide range of differences. So here

is the CliffNote version and I’ll break it down into two categories -

manufacturing and contents.

Manufacturing: There are several variables to rate quality of the

manufacturing process which include, growing conditions, facilities,

and extraction. The oil should be made with certified organically

grown plants and processed in FDA approved conditions.

Don’t confuse this with FDA drug approval which many people try

to argue. CBD does not require FDA approval because it is not a drug.

However, FDA approved facilities means the conditions meet strict

standards to ensure consistency and purity.

The best oil is extracted via a CO2 vacuum process which uses pressure

within a few hours to extract the oil. Beware if the name says tincture.

Tincture means it was soaked in alcohol for months to extract the

compounds, raising the potential for contamination, and lowering the


Contents: The highest quality CBD oil contains the whole plant. Many

products are made from just the Hemp seeds, however to get full spectrum

benefits, (meaning all of the chemical properties are present) the whole

plant must be used.

You want your product to be a pure extract and should not contain

more than two ingredients, the oil and perhaps a flavor extract. It should

be labeled PCR (Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich) Hemp Oil and not as an


I’ve seen products with up to five different additives such coconut or

olive oil. This means it is diluted and you are paying for less CBD and

potency (meaning you have to use more) and not getting the full benefits.

Finally let’s talk about potency. Generally, the oil is manufactured in a

500mg or 750mg potency. This means within that 3ml bottle the potency

varies by 250mg.

What you need to know is like other supplements, more doesn’t equal

better. Your body has a tolerance or usage level, which means the overage,

will be filtered out – not used.

For products visit:

As an author and trainer Dr. Victoria Boyd loves sharing

knowledge in diverse areas such as nonprofit development

and research on the medical benefits of CBD as an affiliate of

Hempworx. Email her at:

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”


Teeth Whitening

By: James J. White, D.D.S. / Your Dentist

If you think your smile has seen better days,

your tooth color may be to blame. Few things

will age you faster than a dingy grin.

Fortunately, modern cosmetic dentistry methods do exist to rid you of

those stains. For anyone considering teeth whitening in Las Vegas, here is

some information.

What Will Tooth Whitening Do for Me? In addition to removing

discoloration and stains, the tooth whitening process can lighten your

teeth by several shades. The degree to which this works however, will vary

according to your individual tooth structure.

Natural teeth will never be white as snow, and the color of yours will

vary in proportion to two factors: the quality of the enamel, and the

darkness of the dentin underneath it. Despite a person’s best efforts, teeth

will normally darken as the years go by. The most frequent causative

elements are: tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine or colas, and inadequate

dental care.

Aging is another common culprit. Enamel naturally thins as the years

wear on, and as it does, it can't help but reveal the darkening dentin

beneath it.

There are sometimes cases for which the whitening procedure will not

work at all. Discolored roots exposed by gums that have receded will never

whiten. The same is true of porcelain or ceramic crowns and veneers.

Preparing for Teeth Whitening: Prior to any whitening treatment,

it's important to resolve all existing dental problems. Cavities, if left

unattended will allow the gel solution to reach and potentially damage

astering the art/science of dentistry takes

experience, extensive post-graduate education,

and a passion for the art of dentistry.

We offer:

• Implants

• Cosmetic crowns/bridges

• Turbyfill dentures

• Bridges on implants to replace dentures with

permanent teeth (what a concept!)

• Restorative care

• Experienced registered dental hygienists

• TMJ problems

• A full service office

Today’s senior dentistry is amazing!

CALL for a complimentary consultation.

Learn more about Dr. White at:

the insides of your teeth. A thorough cleaning is also in order to remove

any substances that have built up on your teeth.

Treatment begins with the application of a protective substance to

shield your gums. Your teeth will then be coated with a gel that contains

hydrogen peroxide in some form. The use of a laser or specialized light

will activate this product and speed up the bleaching process.

For teeth that have undergone root canal, a different procedure is

needed. Stains on non-living teeth are internal in origin, and targeting

them directly will entail placing a whitening agent inside the tooth,

covering it up with a temporary filling and leaving it in place for several


Each in-office session will last between 30-90 minutes. The number of

visits involved will vary in accordance with the severity of your stains, the

method used and the shade of white you desire.

Risks and Caveats: The whitening of your teeth is not likely to cause

you any serious difficulties. The most common side effects of this popular

cosmetic dentistry procedure consist of temporarily sensitive teeth or

minor irritation of the gums, each of which should fade in a short time.

If you are in search of effective teeth whitening, do not hesitate to

contact me. Learn how modern techniques can help you achieve the

dazzling smile of your dreams.

Actual patient

James J. White DDS

1140 Town Center Drive, # 170, Las Vegas, NV 89144

702/562-8833 • 702/562-7910 Fax


Peripheral Neuropathy:

When Your Feet Hurt

By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

Many individuals, especially when they

get older, notice a tingling, numbness

or pain in their feet. Sometimes the pain can get so bad it makes life

unbearable. This is called peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy can have many causes, including diabetes,

chemotherapy and heart problems. Diabetes is the most common cause.

Like most pain syndromes, the person suffering from peripheral

neuropathy just wants relief from the pain. And like all medical problems,

to effectively treat the condition, one must first understand the problem.

Pain is always caused by nerves. Nerves require a great deal of resources

from the blood every second to function properly.

Think of your blood vessels like pipes carrying blood. In longstanding

diabetes, the excess sugar in the blood begins to coat the vessels walls

and obstruct their flow. Because the flow is obstructed, the nerves do not

receive the nourishment they need and become irritated.

Partial obstruction of blood flow to the nerves translates to tingling

and pain. Full obstruction causes numbness, and if extended, can cause

cell death.

Let’s use an analogy. Everyone has had their legs “go to sleep.” What

you have done is obstructed the blood flow.

As the blood begins to flow, you get the pins and needles sensation. This

is similar to peripheral neuropathy - only the sensation is more intense

and constant over time.

It is important to note that it is not obstruction of the larger blood

vessels that causes the peripheral neuropathy, but rather the small vessels.

If a doctor tells you your vessels are clear, he/she is talking about the large


The body has 60,000 miles of blood vessels in it. Most of this length is

from the very small vessels and these are the ones affected here.

Treatment of peripheral neuropathy can be difficult, but is possible.

The smaller blood vessels need to be opened to increase flow to the nerves.

While there may be various ways to do this, electroacupuncture and

Chinese herbal medicine is one way to improve the condition and

decrease the pain overtime.

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or


January 2018

Another Year is Here

By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

January is here and I’m a year older. Yep,

turned 73 this year. How did that happen?

New Year’s Resolutions have arrived!

I don’t do the resolutions part, as they just don’t work for me! I make

GOALS, not resolutions!

One of my goals is to do more brainwork. My goal for January is to

work on the short-term memory. I’m finding that I need to write notes to

myself - little stuff, just to remember my busy schedule.

Working at The Smith Center, teaching my Zumba classes, (as well as

some dance classes) and my volunteer work at St. Rose and AARP keeps

me pretty busy! I do find that writing my notes helps me to remember.

There are days however, that I just close my eyes, and mentally figure

out what my busy day will have ahead for me. Then I check my notes to

see how close I came to remembering!

One thing I’ve noticed recently is forgetting that my cell phone is on

the counter when charging. I’ve actually gotten in my car, driven down

the street and realized that my cell phone is not with me! Yikes!

Naturally, I go back home. I literally put a note above where I hang

my car keys: “REMEMBER PHONE” - so now I have my cell phone in my

hands before I drive away! It sure helps.

Do whatever you can to help remember all the short-term events that

you have on your busy schedule - whether it be notes or whatever helps.

As we grow older, the length of time our short-term memory can store

information becomes shorter. This makes us more likely to have trouble

keeping up with certain tasks.

It also gives our brains less time to successfully move new information

to long-term memory; making us more likely to forget details of recent

events. Memory lapses and cognitive decline are a normal part of aging,

but not a debilitating one.


Mary Richard was crowned Ms. Senior Nevada 2006, was first

runner-up for Ms. Senior America 2006 and is a life-time dancer.

Mary can be reached at

New Technology at CES to Help Your Eyes & Your Brain

By: Jan Fair / A No-Brainer Minute


he Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in town (January 9-12). It promises to be

a spectacle of the latest tech trends from robots to self-driving cars, from drones to

body and brain health body gizmos. Last year the exhibits were mind boggling … and eye opening.

With my media pass in hand, I attended a 2-day pre-conference including the “unveiling” of new products.

EyeQue won an “Innovation Award” and really caught my eye. (Sorry. Cornea wording. I apologEYES!)




Do You Know Your EyeQue?

This inexpensive Personal Vision

Tracker tests your vision using your

smartphone and it gives measurements

that form an eyeglass prescription.

Jan Fair is a writer, consultant & public speaker who has published over 40 books including

the No-Brainer Brain Games series. Please check out her website at

Tuesdays 10-11AM

Mental Minutes


1. In one minute, name

words and phrases

associated with eyes.

2. Make an alphabetical list.

Apple of my eye,

black eye, …

zealously bat your eyes.

A No-Brainer Pick

Check out this vision helper at

Learn about the conference at

“Listening to The Vegas Voice

And anytime on:

Emmy award winning

actress /producer

Kira Reed Lorsch

Rob Garrett

Your Hosts:

Rich Natole


Jon Lindquist

“The Announcer”

Singer Comedian Entertainer



Clarence Gilvard

John Pate

Sheree Wilson

Frankie Scinta

Author, Former Pro


Ted DiBiase

Tom Dreesen


I’ve Been Shot!

By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

Every veteran remembers standing in the

long lines to get clothing issued, dog tags

punched, scalp-peeling haircuts, and the most

memorable of all - shots! Boot camp training routines came to a

halt and off we marched in the direction of the dispensary with all

those medics placing bets on how many would pass out from being

stabbed…over and over again.

Well, it seems there’s more to the story, and the painful injections

weren’t the end of it.

Sometime in the late 1950s, someone came up with an invention to

speed up that process. It was a new device that delivered lightning-fast

inoculations: the jet injector, or air gun was introduced to get all those

military people in and out faster.

Looking somewhat like an electric drill, it transformed the process into

a factory assembly line. However, there was a problem: A sore arm is not

all some service members received.

Veterans have long been warned that they are more at risk for Hepatitis

C (HCV) than any other group, but were not always certain why. One

reason comes from a report from the Centers for Disease Control.

It stated: “Jet injectors that use the same nozzle for consecutive

injections without intervening sterilization were used in mass vaccination

campaigns from the 1950s through the 1990s. However, these were

found to be unsafe because of the possibility of blood-borne pathogen

transmission and should not be used.”

Apparently, the recoil caused the air gun to retain blood from the

previous patient in line, and bingo…the next person got some of the

other’s guy’s blood! If that person was ill, the next recruit may have been


In recent years, there has been speculation about the relationship

between Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and immunization with jet

injectors. Although there has never been a documented case of Hepatitis

C transmitted by a jet injector, it is biologically plausible.

Here’s a recommendation for you if you served during these times and

got inoculated in this fashion. Get the Test! Many of the symptoms of HCV

are mild or non-existent so don’t get ambushed.

The list of risk factors for Hepatitis C is lengthy. The VA will test any

eligible enrolled veteran who believes he or she may have been exposed

to Hepatitis C. They will also provide treatment for those who test positive.

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.


January 2018


Laura Harbison


Seniors Real Estate Specialist ® (SRES)

Accredited Buyer Representative ® (ABR)

Graduate, REALTOR ® Institute (GRI)

Equator Platform Platinum Certification

Equator Short Sale Agent Certification

Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)

Advanced Evaluations Certification

At Home With Diversity (AHWD)

Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR)

NVS Institute BPO Certification

Five Star BPO Designation

Certified Distressed Property Expert ® (CDPE)

Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist



Thinking of Selling Your Home?

No matter what your reasons are for selling, the process of preparing a home for sale can take some time. So, here's

how to start:

1. Take an Unbiased Look at Your Home...

Your home looks great to you, but a buyer wants to see it since he and his family will be living in it. Consider what's

called "curb appeal;" does it need cleaning or painting? Does the driveway need repair? Is the landscaping attractive?

Try to use your most critical eye.

Then, walk inside and size up the interior as though you are seeing it for the first time. Imagine what your real estate

agent might say about each room. Look into cabinets, open doors, check out the bathroom, etc.

2. Dispose of the Clutter!

Before putting your home on the market, get rid of clutter -- closets, kitchen cabinets, drawers, bath vanities, and

shelves -- everywhere. This is not the time to be sentimental! Excess furniture and fixtures need to go too! Potential

buyers are put off by clutter, and most of us have way more than we need. Too much "stuff" makes the home feel

smaller than it actually is.

Then, have a great moving sale with all the stuff you've collected and use the money for paint and other materials you

need for repair projects.

3. Clean, Clean, Clean!

After you've cleared out the clutter, it's time to deep clean. Have the carpets cleaned, scour the bathrooms, go over the

laundry room, scour out the cabinets, wash the windows & window coverings, and kitchen appliances. Don't forget the

exterior of the home! Clean everything.

4. Get More for Your Home: Some Repairs Pay Off

Check the roof, touch up all the paint, repair the screens, and make your entry area really sparkle. Check your

landscape irrigation, and trim, mow, edge and get rid of sick or dying plants. Fix the grout in the bathrooms and on tile

floors, adjust any doors that need it, fix any scratches on the walls, and be sure to fix any plumbing problems.

After location, the most important feature to a buyer is a well maintained home. Many flaws can be overlooked if the

buyer knows he can move in without a lot of trouble and expense.

5. Show your home in it's "Best Light"

Even if it's bright daylight, open the blinds and turn on the lights. Also, open all the interior doors to make the home

appear roomier. Remove your pets -- they may be cute, but can be distracting, and they (or their litter pan) may

contribute unwanted smells... Light, bright, clean, and fresh smelling is the goal!

6. Know the Market

Before you put your home on the market, check out the competition: homes with similar prices and in similar

neighborhoods. Your real estate professional can help you identify your competition so that you are making informed

decisions to stay competitive in the marketplace.

You don't have to go out and buy new furniture just to look like a gorgeous new model home in a new development --

what you want is the feel of a new model -- clean, uncluttered, and fresh. That is a recipe for success!

Call Laura Today!



Broker/Owner, Realty Executives Southern Nevada Properties

770 Coronado Center Drive, Ste. 100

Henderson, NV 89052

Office: 702-777-1234

Featured Homes of the Month

Popular Pembroke Model on Premium .36 Acre Cul-De-

Sac Lot with Sweeping Views of the Las Vegas Strip,

City, and Mountains

Spacious Back Yard with Sparkling Pool & Spa 6

Bedrooms, 6.5 Baths, 3 Car Garage

5756 Sqft of Living Space

Island Kitchen with Granite Counters, Stainless Steel

Appliances, R/O System, Huge W/I Pantry, Breakfast

Bar, and Nook

Gorgeous Independence Floorplan on the Golf

Course! City Lights, Golf Course and Mountain

Views on Premium .18 Acre Lot

3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

1,917 Sqft of Living Space

Master Suite features Bay Window, Walk-In

Closet, Linen Storage, Dual Sinks, Garden Tub &

Separate Shower

Upgraded 2 Story Meadow Glen Floorplan on

Premium .20 Acre Lot!

City Lights and Mountain Views!

Approximately 3848 Sqft of Living Space

4 Bedrooms plus Bonus Room, 3.5 Baths, 3 Car Garage

Kitchen boasts Granite Counters w/ Full Backsplash,

Walk-In Pantry, Cabinets w/ Pull-Out Shelves, Pot

Shelves, Breakfast Bar, Nook, and Stainless Steel



January 2018


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